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  2. I got a very similiar email from amw. I waited the 2+ weeks to watch the show with NO mention of JDP murders. It’s a generic email.

    • i seen something on the web page it will play sat i just looked at the link that was on here

    • i cant find it i will watch is sat like i allways do so it will be sat go to amwjdpkilling see if it give u something
      im sorry i shouls have put the site on paper

    • hey go to the top of the page and kilckon contacts then on the right side kiick media-national and in the box kilck AMW the first one and there it is sorry took so long i have to take off my mom and i get on when she is sleeping

  3. Honestly, I don’t if AMW can really offer any help at this point with what little information that’s been released to them by the Sheriff and Task Force. There are no suspects or persons of interest for the public to be on the lookout for.

    My personal opinion is that the killer/killer(s) are local, or at least reside in a nearby parish, and the odds are low that someone in another state would be able to provide clues leading to the perpetrator(s).

    • well who can we get to help out? the LE isnt letting anyone know anything…

      • It would have to be a news station like CNN (although they have already done stuff) or 48 hours and people like that to help. AMV only helps if there is a person of interest. And I agree with G8, this killer(s) is local.

    • I am playing catch up on reading and posting since I have been so dang busy lately but G8 I think the only thing that would benefit from AMW right now would be people may be more comfortable t to send anonymous tips in to a AMW that to local LE. It is sad but it is soooo true… No trust in local LE.

      • Curious 1….As I posted earlier on Thread #34, a local LE officer would be the one to receive all tips. In this case, the sheriff is in charge.

        • LOL Ketchum lol I guess I didnt catch up enough did I… Thanks for that information…

    • G8trgirl… are absolutely right. I explained in one of my earlier posts, how they work. Thank you for the video info on Thread #34 in answer to my Necole question. However, that is the Kirk Menard video taken June of 2009. But, g8trgirl, if you relook at the first part of it, you will see Necole’s body language showing her turn slightly sideways going into a door. Look very closely. Her family knows for sure if she went in the door(if they hired him) ,but he is unable to make that public due to client confidentiality.
      The newscast that I am referrring to was after her body was discovered and the news video showed where it was found and reported that she was last seen on Doyle Street and showed a STREET SIGN that read, N. Doyle. I am going to call KPLC-TV to find out since her body was sent to the Lake Charles coroner. Thank you G8trgirl.

  4. Can we send the Govenor a message just like we did with AMW? I think if we all team up and start sending everyone emails on the same week.. every day.. for a week..someone will get the message sooner or later..
    I know a week sounds like alot but if we can get answers then it will all be worth it.. Send all of the news crews, talkshow hosts, you name it we send it.. just to try to get HELP!!!! Someone is out there to help us.. we just have to find the right person.

  5. you would think that if the whole parish is asking for help they can somehow over ride the regulations and lementations and all the red tape…. just to HELP us get answers

  6. I have 2 questions,the first who was the guy that killed his family in the eighties,I can not remember his name.And does anyone know why they stopped having the Regatta in Lake Arthur?The man I am asking about was also from Lake Arthur.I think he was a Perry but not sure.

  7. Not relevant to the murders.

  8. Does anyone know?

  9. I remember that it was solved,just trying to remember his first name.

  10. if i remember right.. was it Michael perry??? i am not 100% but the name sounds right.. that is a distant family member that went to jail for it.. and i think it is the name my family talks about

  11. Thank You Lemon for replying.

  12. Thanks Country Girl.

  13. Welcome.. and I just talked to someone in the family, and they said it is Michael perry..

  14. Your Welcome

  15. If you guys are having a festival or fair this weekend be careful you can bet the murderer will be walking amongst the crowd looking.

    • we sure wont be there

      • i am afraid the city will lose alot of money this weekend with the fair. no one will go and the one that will go will only be for troulbe watch when it comes night time nothing but trouble always is and the cops r eating somewhere r flirting with the little girls.

  16. I wonder if the cops are watching the cemetaries where these girls are buried? They say sometimes the killer will go the graves of their victims.Sometimes putting things on the graves that he may have took from them.I know it sounds crazy,but you are dealing with a crazy person.I wonder if the cops thought about that.That is how they caught a serial killer in Pennsylvania.Just a thought.

  17. They also should put a woman undercover cop on the streets at night to see if the killer takes the bait.And I am not talking about and informant either I am talking undercover.It may take awhile but its better than doing nothing.

    • KitKat1636 I am not sure what Discussion board it was on, but a few back they were talking about a Shelia.. and also look at the top left at possible related Cases…

  18. I have babies that would love nothing more than to go to the Fair.. but I am surely not going to show up and put them in danger. I don’t care if that part is a rumor. I refuse to put my babies in the middle of something like that. I have a BBQ Pit and a swingset.. they will not know the difference.. they are still young.

  19. O.K. Lemon I see what your saying.So this sheila died in the hospital?

  20. Yes she died in the hospital right after having lunch… she was there for a minor procedure resulting from her injuries in the beating… That is what I have read here in previous threads…

  21. G8trgirl…..I am elated!!!!! I just talked to a Chris @KPLC-TV news and was informed that it was reported in their newscast on August 26, 2009 that “The most recent victim, Necole Guillory ,was last seen getting into a vehicle on NORTH Doyle and a video showed a street sign that read N.Doyle!
    As I said before, after meeting you, I will explain the absolute importance of this, or
    Out of curiosity, are your initials DM?

    • P.S. I forgot to say that Chris at KPLC-TV says that she doubts if the newcast is still posted since it is over a month.

      • G8, thank you for approving my many links. I was trying to grab them after I found then because many are no longer on the tv stations.

        Next time I will send them to you so you can post them 🙂

    • Email me LOL…… can’t torture me til the 17th….I’ll go mad between now and then 😀

      (no DM in my initials by the way)

      • Great! Meanwhile I will be going mad trying to figure it out! Lol

      • G8trgirl…..Did you ask me to e-mail you? If so, I don’t know your address. Not to tantalize you, but, the info will “blow your mind!!!!!” And, yet, you won’t be surprised.

        • P.S…..Now is it VERY IMPORTANT to know the EXACT date that Brittney Gary returned to Jennings from her 4-month stay in Texas as I have previously asked. It is extremely important. Thank you.

          • Wow! Now I’m all ears and anxiety! Lol! I know that Brittney Gary’s aunt reads and posts here. If she hasn’t been here recently, Brittany Jones- whitnei’s sister, I think is in contact with her. GOD, why can’t you just tell us! Lol- okay nevermind! I understand. I hope its good!

        • Ketch… email me you can click on one of the “Contact Me” buttons at the top of the page on either the right or left side.

  22. Today I saw Dugas by Superfoods with a young female…possible next victim?

  23. I found this while trying to figure out what Ketchum is onto, I had not seen all of the videos here.

    • Thank you for rerunning the video. I hope you saw the body language as I described earlier.
      I really would like to meet Whitnei DuBois’ little girl. I hope she will be at the Memorial. I would also like to meet all of the family members, but a family member of Brittney Gary in particular. Does anyone know who their spokesperson is?

  24. Well i meant to post a link, LOL!

  25. i have been reading this blog and others recently and noticed that there is an overwhelming amount of anti le posts. it saddens me to see that the public has lost confidence in their police and sheriff’s office over this case. i know that the officers assigned to these cases take them very seriously and are working dilligently to bring these cases to conclusion. i hear the outcry for the “FBI” to come in and take over the case. i ask that you consider the fact that the feds are not from here, don’t know anybody here, don’t know the area and dont’ have the street sources as local officers. this puts them at a great disadvantage. they currently are working hand in hand with highly trained local officers who have the knowledge of the jennings area. the feds are providing resources such as crime lab access, computer programs and profiling. to continue to say that this case needs to be taken away from local law enforcement is a mis-informed statement. this is a very complicated case requiring tons of man hours and an endless amount of forensic evidence collection. i understand peoples frustration, eight dead women is unacceptable but bashing the investigators wont make them solve the case any faster. the rumors that circulate through the community are also quite damaging to the investigation. investigators must follow up on each one of these rumors, so as to eliminate each person from the suspect pool which is ever growing. i recently heard the rumor that the killer was going to be at the parish fair and would make himself known there. when you think about it, where would this come from, only the killer would know this if it were true and why would he tell anyone this. it makes no sense. so please stay positive and focus on the issues at hand, its whats best for the case and for the families of the victims. thanks yardman

    • Come on yardman, you’ve got to respond. You put your post out there you get response and yet you have not responded in a long, long time. What’s up with that? Thank ahlou.

    • yardman ~

      I think people lost confidence quite a while ago from the sound of it. I realize there are plenty of rumors and innuendos going around but, even you would have to admit things like a member of the task force stealing evidence (even though we have yet to hear of formal charges against her) on a case that involved a previous murder suspect is not a big confidence booster for the public. Also, the activity that is allowed to continue day in and day out at that Andrews Street house when citizen after citizen has reported it and from the sound of it……LE is already well aware of the situation but there is no stop put to it. That doesn’t help with public perception and confidence. There’s several other incidents that are questionable as well and have been discussed in the past and I won’t go into them again. I don’t think people in JDP are mistrustful of every person that’s in LE in the parish; they realize there are plenty of good, honest people that respect the position they hold and are truly interested in the well being of the communities and residents. On the other hand though, there is a great deal of skepticism, genuine concern and a certain degree of understandable fear. There are a lot of unsolved murders in JDP right now, primarily Jennings, and it is frightening that in a town of only 11,000 residents LE is having a great deal of difficulty solving them.

  26. Yardman, I can understand where you seem to be coming from and yes people are talking. Over and over we hear rumor yet from time to time we hear what starts as rumor only to be proven almost all true. I’m not bashing just hoping LE would think of a way that would just talk with the citizens. Something like ‘we know our citizens are concerned and although we can’t provide you information or new information please know we are as concerned as everyone and will continue until we solve hopefully in the near future. Saying nothing by LE only makes it worse, jmho. Hearing/reading certain things about what is or is not happening is also a minus for LE. Maybe consider hiring a PR because what is going on now is not working and just making the good LE look bad. Again mho.

    Now about the fair I’ve been reading and hearing stuff all I can think of this is 2009 the murders started in 2005 (after the time of the fair I believe) but in 06, 07, 08 there were fairs and there were bodies. What is so different this time, I don’t understand. I would think the fair would be a time to relax some but that’s just me besides I feel the local economy will be helped.

  27. Yardman, it seems you may be involved with LE so here is another suggestion, take this site and post a little something postive. It would be word of mouth and if you keep choosing this one there must be something here that hold your interest. Tell us something other than about rumors. Most of us know when we here something it is not official so until then it is rumor.

    I’ll take another example a person yesterday was complaining about rumor of Paula Guillory, ok, it was she was moving to Texas – that could be called rumor otoh what she was said to have done was in the news. The news was apparently given by LE so is it news or rumor. But from then to now not a peep about it so what do you propose or tell people to do – don’t talk about it because LE is not talking about – I don’t think it will work. Explain.

    • AHLOU i could have not said it better myself.VERY WELL you care to explain yardman.

  28. What kind of festival are yall having this weekend?

    • Parish fair, yearly event.

      • I think it was called the Oil and Gas festival when I was growing up. I could be wrong. It’s been a long time.

        • LOL, that means I’m older than dirt. We would walk to the Parish fair and have fun on the way there then were told over the years about a boogy man so at dusk there would be that special house or houses we would fear passing. I miss those days. We all spread the RUMOR that someone jumped out but NOT one of us could ever describe, just run and hollow around certain houses.

          • I’m 38.

          • Popeye, you are a BABY. Enjoy the older rumors. BTW we had lots of fun and no fear in Jennings.

          • I tell you what Popeye and Ahlou. I’m 32, and even I can remember Jennings being a safe place. We used to ride our bikes to the fairgrounds on the sunday before the fair and watch the trucks come in. And we would watch them setup. We also could walk all over town and it wasn’t “sleazy” or “unsafe”. It was just what we as kids could do! Ride our bikes to Rocket and get ice cream. Play tennis at the city courts. Ride our bikes to Franklin park and play. Now I would NEVER let my kids do the same! I can ride down the road and have to WAIT for people to finish drug deals before I can proceed to take my kids to school. Why? Because they KNOW THAT NO ONE WILL DO ANYTHING. There is a big, attention seeking loser of a woman that used to dispatch (I’m not sure what she does now) but her loser daughters hang out with the drug dealing men- because like their mother they have no self respect or love. This 50 something year old woman would leak to her dtr’s so they could warn their friends. Can you imagine? Oh, wait, let me clarify! I didn’t witness these conversations between mother and dtr’s so it is only hearsay! GIVE ME A BREAK! Nothing surprises me about this attention/man hungry woman! Basing it only on instinct, I would bet my paycheck that its true, and I’m no gambler!

          • I remember walking, biking and skateboarding those same streets.

          • I remember worrying if an errant thought entered my head towards mischief. Back then folks knew who you were and would call your parents or grandparents and let them know exactly what you were doing.

          • Popeye, is that when if your parents heard you did something wrong you would be in big trouble from the person(s) who saw and the big mouths who told. OFGS the child would be in BIG trouble. Looking back they were showing love and that is why we are here now and not …..

          • Yes, me too! Isn’t it crazy what Jennings has become? Jennings is the kind of place that you move to to escape the very bullshit that we are putting up with now. I kind of feel sorry for popeye. Defending so adamately LE’s position. Popeye you may feel that if we could see things thru your eyes we would see what you mean. It is the same with us, well me for sure. I live on the “southside” of town. Maybe if you could see things through my eyes you would see what I mean and why I feel the way I do. There are criminals on both sides of the law- just like there are GOOD people on both sides of the law and this town. Maybe we can just agree to disagree. I have loat most of my faith in the system here. And you know what? They SHOULD work at proving me wrong. I’m a voter and a taxpayer and they are MY PUBLIC SERVANTS. Like it or not- they answer to the public. Yes its a tough job but they chose it. Their character will show in this trying time. That’s the breaks….in over your heads? Then SEEK MORE HELP! PERIOD! This will not be forgotten. The best thing that could come out of this is that the public becomes more aware and involved and takes their community back by demonstrating voting power! That’s not just personal attacks on certain public offices that’s also issues and laws that are placed on the ballot.

    • We are having our parish fair it starts tomorrow and will end on sat. night the 10th The parade for the fair is Friday morning. Also the fair grounds is not far from Andrew St. so i am sure there will be some action going on at that house.

      here you can read about the fair

  29. TY, watch over us. No one is asking for LE to tell every detail of their work but saying nothing just make people very suspicious…and I don’t know how/why would they expect people would not talk about this subject. I wish yardman would explain.

  30. Is Paula Guillory related to the last murder victim?

    • its terry guillory thats kin to brittany,paulas kin by marriage

    • Paula and Terrie took care of Necole at one time… When Necole need a shower and a hot meal she would go to Paula’s house…

  31. has anyone heard if it was true about some girl running away from a guy today and taking to hospital i get the test this morning just wondering

    • I don’t know of the message, have not heard a word but that does not mean it didn’t happen. Give it a awhile. Yardman may be able to tell if it’s rumor or truth.

  32. That rumor was going around this morning about the girl running away from a guy. They didn’t say anything about it on the news tonight. Maybe it was just that…a rumor. Cousin of necole, just wondering but why did she go to paula for food and a bath? Where were her parents?

    • they lived in Lake Arthur…. Paula was rigth there in Jennings closer to her… But Paula had helped her Out for like the past 8 or 9 years.. Necole use to live with Paula and Terrie…

  33. YARDMAN…..I have no doubt that the local LE officers are doing their best. However, if you ARE in LE, then you know that police departments are quasi-military and officers do as they are told and cannot talk to the media or discuss the cases with anyone. Shit rolls down hill. Therefore, you cannot blame the families and/or the community for their skepticism, frustration, and fears. Thank you. I do believe that you care.

  34. I believe we all care in our own way or we wouldn’t be here. We just have different ways of showing we care, that’s all. As for the Parish Fair, I certainly wouldn’t send kids there alone without adult supervision at all times. LE I’m sure will be out in full force during the fair, but they can’t be everywhere. So I think everyone that goes to the fair definitely need to be vigilant! Better safe than sorry.

  35. G8trgirl…..Did you get my message via email a moment ago?

    • No….it didn’t come through. It’s Try again okay.

      I did receive a little one line email from you. Not sure what the problem is….I am receiving emails from other people okay. You can also try this email address

      • G8…..Would you believe that I am having a problem opening my email on my labtop tonight. I will have to email you tomorrow from my other computer. I am really disappointed because I wanted to hear from you tonight!

        • G8……Did the one line email you receive have a phone # to call? If it did, that is me.

  36. In memory of all 8 victims…


    Fly in the arms
    Of Jesus
    You’re in Heaven now
    God’s going to protect you

    No one going to hurt
    You anymore
    Your with all the other angels now
    God’s going to punish

    The person who hurt you
    Don’t you worry
    About your family
    They will be strong

    Your always
    Going to be
    In their hearts
    Your memory will live on forever

    • that was beautiful cousin… and it makes me sad b/c i think about the holidays approaching and these girls will not be there with their families.. all are in my prayers.

    • To Necoles cousin, I have pictures of necole and crystal when they were 10. they were best freinds at that time. I have spoken with her mom and dad about pictures, and will be going by tommorow to pick them up. Thanks for trying to help.

  37. That is pretty Necole’s cousin. I hope you are feeling better tonight. You sounded out of sorts this morning. I know you all must be going thru a tough time and we really do understand. Praying that someday you all will have resolution and the killer will be caught and justice will finally be sought for the girls.

  38. COUSINOFNECOLE……What a beautiful poem! Please keep the faith. My credo is “If God brings you to it, He will see you through it..”

  39. Can anyone contact a member of Brittany Gary’s family and find out the EXACT date that she returned to Jennings from her 4-month stay in Texas. It is somewhat imperative that I get his information.
    Thank you kindly.

  40. i can try im her cousion im going to town i will go talk to him but i dont know if yhey will say anything why u need to know that plz tell me why u need to know ok

    • I’m so sorry that I can’t right now but I can on the 17th at the memorial in private. However, I need that information now. Is there any way I can reach you for that and other pertinent details I need?
      Thank you.

    • I just found out that it was five (5) days she was reported missing which would make it Thursday, October 30, 2008. It this correct?

      • CORRECTION…..Five days BEFORE

        • That’s a lie. She was seen at the Days Inn during the summer time. She stated that she just arrived in town 5 days before Brittany went missing. Speak to someone at the Days Inn, they’ll tell you that she’s been in town.

          • Lonesome Dove…..WHO?I was informed by a reliable source that Brittney returned to Jennings five (5) Days BEFORE she was REPORTED missing. Are you saying this is incorrect.

          • Lonesome Dove…….WHO? I was informed by a VERY RELIABLE SOURCE that BRITTNEY returned to Jennings five (5) days BEFORE she was REPORTED missing. Are you saying this in incorrect?

  41. I’ve been reading but have not been posting. But this has gotten too far out of hand. My husband reads with me and advised me against posting but I couldn’t resist the temptation.

    Ketchup or whatever wants to solve these murders but what if the murderer confesses, do you think something will be done? LE has had confessions from persons in jail and didn’t consider them credible. They’ve had witnesses come foward with information that LE never followed up or considered credible. My husband works in LE in Crowley and he’s always told me it was the prosecuting attorney that determines credibility not LE. What if you do find information and turn it over to LE, will it be considered credible or will you put yourself out there, give the information only to find that LE will not follow up. You can go to the media but LE will dispute it and give a thousand reasons why its not believeable. Ricky Edwards seems to think that he is invincible and is above the FBI power. My husband says that he could be charged with malfeasance in office but Edwards believes he is above that as well. Let’s face it. We’re at the mercy of local LE. So what, you find information, perhaps the killer, then what? Turn it over, expose yourself only to be told to go home? Some LE officers are trying very hard to solve this case but others don’t give a damn. We need to stop being a guillible parish and stop believing that a miracle will be performed tomorrow, as once been promised by LE. Acadia is not giving everything they know to JDPLE and I know that first hand. Why? They do not want evidence to disappear as it is known to happen. They appear to work closely with JDP but don’t agree with the way the investigation is being handled.

    You can have faith, you can pray, you can call and write to everyone on the moon but while this investigation trend continues in the direction it is going don’t expect an easy and fast solution. It won’t happen, not in JDP. According to my husband, the FBI is only an asset and the other agencies are only assets to the investigation but in the end Edwards leads and runs them all. So what, you find out who the killer is and turn it over, what happens next? Try it and find out. You can go to other agencies but your concerns will be turned into the local officials, the very same people you are trying complain against. I’ve heard a rumor…and notice I specified that it was a rumor, that a person confessed while in jail, but yet, he is out, was not taken seriously and is walking amongst us today.

    You really think that its a coincidence that Frankie Richard gets out of jail for serious crimes? How gullible is that to believe that statement? You think that after 8 bodies they have no evidence? Are we really that gullbile and naive? Ketchup, PI’s, and whoever else can bring the killer to LE and I can almost promise they will be turned away as not credible or won’t be believed. It’s simple. Action speaks louder than words and in essence with the silence of the sheriff and LE we aren’t witnessing any actions or words. Think about it and let’s stop being so gullible. Until this investigation turns into around into something that we can actually see and hear, don’t hold your breath. I hate to be negative and I am not a negative person. But can’t help but be negative because LE in your parish is negativity. They have nothing, doesn’t appear they want anything, criminals and sources (even former suspects) are being protected and gets out of jail for rape and theft. What are we going to think? Do what you all have to do but with the current task force, sheriff, LE, don’t hold your breath for anything positive. Some of the families are guillible enough to believe LE. I know because my husband tells me everything about what is going on in Acadia Parish and they speak to several family members. So Ketchup, PI’s, laymen, whoever, find the killer, bring them to LE on a silver platter with lettuce around it and watch what happens. May surprise you but it won’t surprise me.

    • Thank you for responding, but most of what you said is reiterating what I have already said before! And, you and your husband are right, BUT, I know that God is the one in charge here and can work miracles. He hears the communities prayers and will answer them in His way and in His time. You never know. The sheriff is only a man.

    • your so right…you said a mouth full on that one! i couldnt have said it better myself!

  42. OMG lonesome dove where have you been.thats the same thing that goes threw my mind every day .I think every person on this blog is doing every thing possible to get to the bottom of the murders.WE will not stop until someone higher then LE comes to our town and takes over.THEN we will continue to help until justice is done.

    • Nicely put………….Someone higher that the LE is already there so don’t anyone give up. Keep on doing what you are doing. He works in mysterious ways. P.S…..Please don’t think I am one of those “holier than thou, bible thumping, hypercritical do gooders. I am not. But, I KNOW HE has the power. These murders WILL BE SOLVED!

      • I’m not holy either and I don’t think that I’m better than anyone else. Every “dog” has their day as they say but while I believe that patience is virtue this is a matter of life and death and more attention needs to be dedicated by LE to this case. I have a strong belief in God but “faith without works is dead” and until we get some works amongst ourselves then our faith is not going to work as biblically speaking. I’ve been having faith since the death of Necole and I’ve prayed and I’ve said the Novena several times but where is the works and then where is the faith? I’m tired of being negative but nobody is your community is working together and Acadia is working on Necole but only giving JDP a little of what they know not everything. They may tell JDP different but its not happening.

    • I hate to be negative again but don’t hold your breath. Find the killer and take him to the task force and see if you’re turned away. Let’s call that an experiment. Science would be my favorite subject in school so try that and come back on here and tell me what happened when you turned the killer over to LE or the task force.

      • L-Dove, your observations and passion are very well taken. As Kechum states, you’re pointing out (very effectively) what many of us have tried to point out. I’ll go one step further; LE is actually trying to PREVENT the identification and capture of the killer(s). It seems impossible, I know, but we have to face the truth. This parish has a network of corruption/drug dealing/murder/extortion going back for generations and I don’t see any effort at getting it stopped. The FBI, unfortunately, has shown in the past that they will allow criminal activity in this parish without bringing corrupted officials to justice. That is nothing but evidence of high reaching corruption. This is actually public record. I agree that the prime murder suspect’s release right before the last murder was accomplished by a concerted effort on the part of many in JDP offices. Why else was the woman not prosecuted, like many JDP officials who have been proven to committed crimes in the past were not prosecuted? The caring and deep effort toward solving the more than fifteen unsolved murders in JDP is exemplified by the fact that our sheriff is going to California on a wine tasting tour with six other local couples in the midst of our worst criminal period. Not to say that he isn’t entitled to vacation time, but, he refuses public statements, will not acknowledge the victim’s families, refuses and opposes both outside media and outside assistance, refuses to accept witness statements and confessions, protects officers’ criminal activities, etc., all with the assistance and blessing of our DA. The task force is made up, largely, of misfits and proven criminals. What can we expect? The murders fueled by the flourishing local drug industry have been overlooked for years and I don’t see why things would change now. Local citizens have allowed it and have voted to continue it. As long as a member of a prominent family is not implicated or can be isolated from notice, we will see no more action and these murders will be forgotten just as they have for well over thirty years. There are very real facts and accusations contained in the past posts appearing on this site. Many should prompt an investigation by federal authorities, but, we don’t see any FBI or higher state enforcement activity at all regarding resolving our corruption issues. That makes them a part of the problem! This defines us as a third world system of corrupt government such as Mexico, Indonesia, Columbia, the list could go on. What have we allowed in JDP? Look around at the wealth and ask, who could be complicate in masterminding a drug empire? Is it the guy standing on the street selling crack? Hardly. They are selling drugs openly and without remorse, since they have little to fear from their accomplices in LE. When we begin to see arrests of police and officials, of industry leaders, of successful local business leaders, etc., I will believe that an effort is being made. Let’s see what goes at after the next election cycles. We can anticipate our futures on the day following the next election. If the same families are placed in power, we don’t have a chance. If there is extreme change in the selection process, we may have hope.

  43. G8trgirl………If you got my one-liner, please respond to IT, Thanx

    • I did get it and have responded twice…..hopefully you received the second reply.

    • ketchum23 – I have a family member of Brittney that wants to talk to you about Brittney do you have a number that they can call you and ya’ll can talk??? you can email it to me or a way for them to contact you

  44. on thread #13 there is mention of someone named Rooster….could anyone tell me who this is? It was posted by anonymous on May 1st.

  45. Is this Ricky Edwards nick Name? Rooster? What about Big Mac? Stimey? Boss Hogg ? Connie ? Katie ? Ricardo (Tiger) who are these ?
    Anonymous posted these names on her post from thread # 13 on May 2nd. Can anyone help with who they are?

  46. dont know about the rest of that gang but ricky daigle is aka rooster he owns phillips 66 @ hwy 26 and plaquemine.

  47. Sorry the names I’m asking about are from thread # 17 not # 13 ….my mistake.

  48. Does anyone here know of rumors about F. Richard’s alleged past with regard to performing “deeds” for organized crime figures in return for pay, protection and other favors? This may be a good place to start looking – looking back, not forward. This was posted by SilenceDogood on May 21st on thread #19.
    Would anyone have any info to share about this?
    Anyone remember anything about this?

    • nothing about FR surprise me or anyone else. i know he use to pay cops off when he ran his whores houses in crowley. but that was along time ago.

    • I remember Silence Dogood’s posts here and elsewhere. A friend of mine has a load of postings saved from this site and others. I also understand that there was more than one Silence Dogood posting on different sites and at different times. My friend lets me read the old posts and he has been looking at the data regularly to try and assemble facts on police and official corruption. Here’s some of the stuff from those files: F. Richard is supposed to have been affiliated with the people north of Lafayette who own at least one strip club there, near the old horse track. One was called the galloping jugs that served as a front for prostitution. F. Richard is related by marriage to Mike Conner, who used to be the Lake Arthur Chief Of Police. He and Conner grew up together. Richard was given the management of a strip club near Lake Arthur as part of repayment for jobs performed for the folks who have strip clubs and prostitutes in Lafayette and who had money to launder. Mike Conner used to keep in close contact with Richard when the strip club was in JDP. Richard had a nephew of M. Conner living with him during that time. Conner had tried once to kill his father and was put in a home or resort with some priests as a very young man where one post says he was indoctrinated into unpriestly practices. I think that this is just conjecture although Conner was known to live with an openly gay judge while having very regular visits to gay clubs in Lafayette, New Orleans and Houston. The judge was known to associate with the same group of people that Richard used to hang out with, the people with the strip clubs and also with some of that same type from Houston. Also, Ted Gary, who was another very very very close associate of Conner and F.Richard were known to visit the strip club owners from Lafayette. I don’t know any of the truth to these stories but they were spoken and written about quite a bit in the past and F. Richard’s name always came up in relation to the Lafayette bunch, to Mike Conner and to Ted Gary who served time for his involvement with cocaine evidence taken from the JDP Sheriff’s Office. Many people other than the Do Good wrote about these things, so, it was probably pretty well known. Also, Mr. T. Scoper, from Lake Arthur, who was a prime suspect in the Butch Sonnier murder (still unsolved and cocaine related), was a relative of Conner, who gave plenty of assistance and support to Scoper before he was granted immunity from a murder conviction by the local JDP authorities. Scoper has a sister who also shot and killed someone and was never prosecuted. The murder charge was dismissed on a technicality. It seems that knowing something about one person, such as F. Richard is not valuable until you compare the network of relationships and events involving several others. It creates a lineage to other people, events and officials. The name of the person who financed the strip club in JDP is on one of the posts of this site but it isn’t available at present. F. Richard’s father was supposed to have been a manager of a small trucking office on Hwy. 90 west of Jennings many years ago. It was leased by ACME Trucking. I don’t know the significance but that was in a post also.

      • Thanks for all the info Ignite.
        I didn’t know that T.Scoper was related to Mike Conner.
        The one who financed the club was posted earlier on here as Ronnie Babari
        The business & liquor license & Lease agreement were in Shawn Labauve’s name
        What is his father’s name?

      • ignite T.Scopers sister was Diane Scoper she shot rosabott she claim it was an accident.THATs a bunch of bull.

        • To read the whole document go to and type in Diane Scoper. The case is listed as George Speight, Coroner v. George Speight

          In the early morning of October 7, 1981, Miss Bott was found dead by her roommate, Diane Scoper. After investigation by the defendant and deputies of Jefferson Davis Parish, defendant issued and filed a certificate of death as required by LSA-R.S. 33:1561

          Decedent was alone at the time the fatal gunshot wound was inflicted between 12:45 a.m. and 3:04 a.m. of the date mentioned. The decedent and Miss Scoper had just returned from the lounge that Miss Scoper ran or managed. The decedent and Miss Scoper had been together that evening along with the decedent’s mother, step-father, step-sister, and other persons, and there was some indication that Miss Scoper and the decedent had had an argument earlier in the evening. There was also some evidence, namely testimony by the plaintiff and decedent’s mother, Irene Benoit, that decedent was unhappy with her live-in relationship with Miss Scoper and was perhaps contemplating a move from the residence.

  49. sorry will watch my potty mouth lol

  50. can anyone please post what was in the newspaper today…i live way out of town and cant just jump up and go get a paper….thanks!!!

  51. Police forces struggle to stay staffed JDN 6 Oct 09
    Welsh Police Department loses three officers. Assistant chife Mike Ogea and two other officers turned in letters of resignations.

    JPC Lassiter currently trying to fill four positions. One open position due to person went to sherriff department.

    Lake Arthur is in good shape.

    Elton ‘consolidation could be our only option’. That is with JDPSO. Employee with 17 years went to Coushatta PD – for money and benefits.
    PC Chad Carrier said EPD only offers “a breeding ground for corrupt officers.”

    • Welsh has a police department that is made up of Jennings PD rejects. I remember Mr. Ogea from years ago. He was a SO deputy. Lake Arthur is in good shape? Wow, things must have changed a lot.

      • I should have mentioned before that when Mr. Ogea was a deputy was a time before R. Edwards took office. Shortly after Edwards was elected, he systematically got rid of all of the experienced and honest officers. They were replaced with his old high school buddies, offshore oilfield workers, piano players and carpenters. Some good and honest men who had given their lives to law enforcement as a serious devotion were let go to make room for yes men. Some of you might recall that twenty-one officers were let go and replaced. It was in the paper more than once. Edwards blamed it on fiscal reasons. That was at least fifteen years ago and I’m still trying to figure out how firing a bus load of experienced officers and replacing them with local, inexperienced yahoos can solve a fiscal concern. The problem with JDP is that officials can say whatever they want and we have simply accepted it without question. This has perpetrated corruption and incompetence until we have the situation today – deputies frequenting crack houses and catching STDs from prostitutes, stealing evidence from crime scenes, causing the release of prime murder suspects, not processing crime cases so that criminals are released to prey upon citizens, deputies buying and contaminating crime scenes to let suspects bond out, etc. There is a long list of what happens to society when we don’t oppose officials’ wrongful actions. We can’t allow these people to continue pulling the wool over our eyes and we cannot go on presuming that they are trying to solve these murder cases. I believe that LE is not making efforts to solve the cases but that they are purposely screwing these cases up. We know that they’ve ignored witnesses and evidence, saying that certain witnesses are not credible for one reason or another. Local LE is openly afraid of outside entities working on the cases because they cannot control all case criteria. What kind of organization does this? I hope I’m wrong in this but it seems that no one can be incompetent enough to have rouge deputies and the sheriff himself making fools of the SO during a sensitive time such as this.

  52. I’ve read Crowley on this thread and remembered I had seen Crowley on another site. Also had heard one of the young women was pregnant and saw read it on the other site.

  53. I forgot to say rumors. Dose anyone know where is AZELLIA PARK/THE LOOP? From post 25 on the other site..

    • There is an Azalia Park in Lafayette also known as The Zip. There is a Loop St in The Zip. I don’t know of such an area in Jennings.

  54. well if the guy lives in crowley dont you think you should let law enforcement know oh i forgot it doesnt pay to tell them anything an i read that on the site from above

  55. Jennings Task Force Comprised of many Agencies
    Posted: Oct 7, 2009 11:40 AM
    Jennings and Jefferson Davis Parish is hurting and grieving the deaths of 8 women since 2005.

    • Thanks Alou– That is basically the story in todays Daily news.Notice in the last paragraph Edwards says NOT to report any info to any third party only to the task force. Wonder who he is referring to maybe K Menard LOL!!

      • They can say what they want but I will still report anything I know to K Menard because I know how they operate.

  56. YVW ea568. I noticed that and more but I’m still glad something was said. I will address yardman after we finish eating.

  57. ok i have been reading alot of these blogs i mean all day long he what i have to ask and hopefully some one can answer me. it was said that Frankie Richard toke 5 DNA test to prove he did not do the killing. but if there was DNA on any of these girls would they have caught the killer or killers. if there is no dna than what do a DNA on Frankie. please someone help me understand this. i will read more i might have other ? to ask.

    • I remember reading that rant from F Richards when he claimed he was given 5 DNA tests. If that is the case it probably means the killer has indeed left DNA on one or more victums or at the scene, which I have believed from the start.
      As there has been no arrest of any suspect (s), it probably means no one tested has matched the DNA.
      Todays newspaper article states that LE thinks that there is one killer. Im not totally convinced of that. Feel there might be one killer but with an accomplice, perhaps a woman?

  58. I just watch the channel 10 news and Ricky Edwards is so full of himself makes me sick

    • ITILII what did he have to say this time

      • same chit over and over again. nothing that we already did not know. i will try and find the web site for u to watch

  59. its it something that RE would put something in the paper today and yesterday he was more or less telling everyone to mine there on dam busness. but the heat is getting to him now that everyone is calling and amaily everyone one for help.

  60. The link to the story on Channel 10

  61. Nicki Oglesby Soileau sent a message to the members of Justice for Jefferson Davis.

    Subject: My candid conversation with Sheriff Ricky Edwards about AMW, these murders and the media

    This is lengthy but I cannot ask you sincerely enough to PLEASE READ EVERY WORD!!!

    As you know, it was our task, on Monday October 5, to make a plea to
    America’s Most Wanted for coverage of these serial murders. The results of our effort is still a bit unclear, but here is what I know so far:

    -Each of us received a conf. email acknowledging receipt of our messages to AMW

    -I know that some of us (perhaps everyone) received a very generic “Dear Viewer” email containing an AMW link to “Jennings, La Serial Body Dumper”

    -I, personally, received an email that began with “Dear Nicki” and it included some ambiguous statements, I believe, pertaining to Sheriff Edwards cooperation with AMW. I was not willing to speculate or draw conclusions until I got ALL of the facts. So…..

    -I emailed a reply to AMW asking for clarification and asking them to reconsider our plea for coverage. I have received no response, as of yet.

    -After this, I placed a call to Sheriff Edwards. Sheriff Edwards did return that call and after an almost hour long conversation, I was still lacking much of the clarification I was seeking.

    Here is a play by play of my conversation with Sheriff Ricky Edwards:

    1- I informed Mr. Edwards of the email I received from AMW. I asked Mr. Edwards if AMW’s attempts to correspond with him had failed.
    —-HIS RESPONSE: “You need to get your facts straight and make sure that you get them. I would do that by contacting America’s Most Wanted. I would do that by contacting the producers who’s in charge of that. Her name is Jenna Naranjo. And I would suggest that you contact her.”

    2- I stated to Mr. Edwards that I was contacting HIM to get his side of the story and I asked Mr. Edwards, again, if he was corresponding with AMW and other media outlets AND if so, would his department be willing to work WITH these news outlets in getting more information out to the public.
    —-HIS RESPONSE: “I have worked with America’s Most Wanted. CNN has called me; I’ve had all of them call me. Do you think I can say you can’t come to Jeff Davis Parish? Do you think I have that authority?”

    **Note** Mr. Edwards did finally state that he had actually spoken to someone at America’s Most Wanted, minutes before our conversation, but did not state the nature or content of that conversation.

    3- In an effort to establish a relationship with his department, I informed Mr. Edwards that the purpose of our group, and likely that of the entire community, was to aid and assist law enforcement and local officials in bringing this killer/killers to justice before more lives were lost.
    —-HIS RESPONSE: “There are tons of stuff that are goin on and behind the scenes with all of these little groups and so forth. I mean, we read ’em, we got copies of everything. I mean, that’s a part of an investigation, but it stirs up more innuendo, more insinuation and it’s actually hurting the case. You guys are actually hurting the case!”

    4- Mr. Edwards, then, posed a question to me.
    —-HIS QUESTION: “One of the things I really don’t understand is, is how, what other resources do think that we need that the national press is going to give us?”
    —-MY RESPONSE: “I changes alot, Sheriff Edwards! It changes the community’s perception of these women. It can also give people another oulet because they may not always feel comfortable talking to the cops. This may be the only other option for progress that we have.”

    5- Mr. Edwards further explained his view (and, by proxy, the sheriff office’s policy) on cooperating with media oulets wishing to do in depth investigative stories on these murders.
    —-HIS STATEMENT: “You don’t even can imagine the press being in here, that it would take the resources that we have currently in placeto stop what they’re doin and to constantly feed the media frenzy. The worst thing that can happen. You can check any case. You can check it out and see that that’s what’s gonna happen. And, and that’s what’s happening. And, and, and it is…and please Nicki, I would never tell you what to do. It ain’t my place, but, but a tremendous, tremendous hindrance. And, and, and so be it. If that’s what happens, that’s what’s gonna happen, but you talk about a service to these young ladies, uh, I, I, I respectfully disagree with you. I, I, just respectfully disagree with you on that. It’s going to be a nightmare. It’s going to be the biggest nightmare that you can even imagine…for us, and that’s fine. I mean, uh, we’re gonna live through it and we’re gonna continue doin it. We’re goin to. You can bank on that. You can bank on that.”

    6- I, then decided to take the conversation in a different direction. I asked Mr. Edwards if he would be willing to meet us and the community for a public question and answer forum in order to allow each side, the community and the local officials, to exchange views, positions and ideas.
    (Mr. Edwards responded before I could even complete the entire question)
    —-HIS RESPONSE: “It’ll never happen. That will never happen. That’s not even my wishes. That’s never gonna happen. We will never in the…we can’t. You gotta understand that. In a, in a, uh, a, in a investigation.”

    7- I made a second plea to Mr. Edwards to, at least, agree to meet with the community even if it was only to reassure us of his department’s dilegence in this investigation.
    —-HIS RESPONSE: “Absolutely not. That will never happen.”

    8- Mr. Edwards also made this statement to me. “You probably don’t even know what we’re doing [in this investigation].”
    —-MY RESPONSE: A very loud and matter of fact…”Then tell us!”
    —-HIS RESPONSE: “Well, you know,…I can’t.”

    9- Mr. Edwards further explained that our proposed community meeting or any interaction with the media would be unproductive because he would be misquoted and his words would be turned around.

    He then added this statement concerning the media. ” The media, if they were helpful, would quit listening to [community groups and websites] that are totally off the wall and they have absolutely no clue, but who do they go to and who do they sit there and listen to and who do they put on the air?”

    To which, I carefully responded that the reason for this is that the community groups are the only ones who will actually offer any information to the media. I also tossed Mr. Edwards a rhetorical question…”Who do we [the community, the people] go to?” The media needs info and they aren’t getting it, perhaps where they should be getting it, they turn to the community. It is usually the case that law enforcement agencies are our source of information and an entity that helps a community feel safe and confident in trying times. As things stand…”Who do we turn to?”

    10- Feeling emotionally exhausted and defeated, I made a final plea to Mr. Edwards. I asked Mr. Edwards. I ask if he would AT THE VERY LEAST, go in front of a camera, perhaps every couple of months, and reassure this community that his office and other local officials were diligently working on solving these murders and that this case was of HIGH priority. Upon this request, Mr. Edwards hesitated so, with no other option, I asked if he needed some time to think on it.
    —-HIS RESPONSE: ” Yeah, please.”

    OK, there it is! Each of you must form your own opinion from here. I made a promise to myself when I started this group that I would not see this group turn into a rumor mill. My job and my responsibilty to all of you is, simply, to convey the information I receive in an unbiased, responsible manner.

    I do believe, from what I have learned over the last 24 hours, that Mr. Edwards has been contacted by AMW and that he DID respond to AMW. I do not know the nature or content of that correspondence.

    I was interviewed by The Jennings Daily News this morning. I provided them with the information I have and as I understand it, The Jennings Daily News also received an email from AMW, in which they state, AMW is in the process of considering doing a story on these murders!

    We got their attention! They heard us! It may happen and it may not, but at least we are having some impact for the good of our cause! We cannot stop or become discouraged! We must let this strengthen our resolve! We have to persevere, even if it’s with baby steps, believing that the voice of justice for Jefferson Davis will be heard!

  62. Is anyone surprised by the comments by the sheriffs in the interview? I believe he is referring to this forum in this comment! “There are tons of stuff that are goin on and behind the scenes with all of these ‘LITTLE GROUPS’ and so forth. I mean, we read ‘em, we got copies of everything. I mean, that’s a part of an investigation, but it stirs up more innuendo, more insinuation and it’s actually hurting the case. You guys are actually hurting the case!

    • not surprised at all look who its coming from sounded like he didnt know what to say so he had to blame it on somebody .

    • That’s part of intimidation is what it is

  63. im sorry i dont see how it can possibly be hurting the case, this forum contains info that has mostly been known for awhile and LE has also known it for awhile its not like we are throwing them nuggets and they are wasting time chasing it. i think he feels overpowered by this blog b/c we are not doing anything wrong therefore he cannot stop it. we are coming together sharing what we know and doing some puzzle piecing. whats wrong with that. remember guys the P.I.s that came on commended us for doing so..

  64. So does that mean we are all suspects cuz we are members of this “LITTLE GROUP” and post on here on this forum? Hell, I’m just a housewife and momma of 6 and grandma of 7. what do I know about drug dealers and prostitues? Notta – that’s what. I just care about the girls that have been murdered and their families and wanna see justice done, that’s all! But I am seriously now considering dropping out of this forum, cease fire, and justice for jeff davis cuz of these threatening words from the sheriff. Heck who wants to be parts of these “LITTLE GROUPS” that are under suspect? I sure wouldn’t want to say something that could be taken the wrong way! So much for bullying from the local LE huh? What ever happened to freedom of speech? This is still America the last time I looked!

    • he hates that we r getting things done and we r feeding them info. that they dont want to hear about cause they know they r getting in awhole lot of trouble starting from the top to the bottom. man when this is gonna be all over with the daily news better get ready to be making papers cause they will go like hot cakes it will all be about the LE and killings. i will spend my 50 cents on that one o wait might be my luck and be on a sunday and it will cost me $1 omg. well sorry i just had to throw that in

  65. please hang in there curvy we want you with us till this is over and i pray that it will be soon..

  66. You know what they say curvy we have to stick together threw thick an thin.pleas dont leave us now

  67. Well I have heard enough. First of all, about that interview or whatver between Nicki Soileau and Sheriff Edwards, I have one question: What was that? LOL!
    Secondly, curvycat you do what you wish, that is your right! I will NOT stop participating and informing myself, because that is MY RIGHT! (This is not directed to u curvy). the last time I checked- this is AMERICA! Yes, as someone mentioned earlier, it may appear that we have been handled similarly to a third world country- BUT WE ARE NOT! By uniting together and discussing our theories, concerns and opinions- we are not hurting the case! I don’t care who said what!
    Not only am I familiar with the constitution- I have at one time DEFENDED it! Sorry- but I won’t be intimidated by anyone for participating in discussions with my neighbors. I agree that something is hurting this case- and I’m sticking around to find out what that is! Are we infuriating the killer? Well then he/she/THEY will have to execute mass murders- because we have formed a united front. WE WANT TO AID LAW ENFORCEMENT! Why are we considered the enemy? If we were calling LE constantly and reporting “off the wall” information- pulling them away from productivity- that’s one thing, but we ARE NOT! We are seeking answers- and since we cannot get them from officials- AT THIS TIME- then we are seeking out other avenues, and if that means EACHOTHER, then so be it!

    • Unbiased what you say is true, but I can tell you that anything that is suspect in participating or active in the solving of these murders, or even going against the grain of what this parish feels you should be doing will be met with repercussions. I have found this out the hard way. Civil Rights? HA!! Mine were violated from the word go, and I am hitting a brick wall in fighting for them. Get a lawyer? No one wants to come here in this parish and do anything! (Plus you are looking at a whole lot of money no one here has,unless you sell drugs) Call and complain? You are setting yourself up for more of the same. Angry? Yes I am! But I am not going to stop, I will continue, even tho it’s getting where I’m scared of stepping out of my house, and by the time it’s over, well, I may be posting from a jail cell on trumped up charges, or worse

      • believe me it isn’t just jeff davis parish. i have experience this same crap in acadia parish just yesterdday(not dealing with this case). yep they are all the same. i have come to this conclusion, if you ask for help after you have tried everything, you will indeed be punished and made out to be the fall guy.

  68. I have debated all afternoon whether to leave the forum completely or just read the forum and not comment anymore. This is the PITS!

  69. wait i read his statements again and he called us off the wall, then he made a comment about “who they put on air”? well now what is that supposed to mean? hmm!

  70. RE needs to realize that the public is not so scared anymore as they are PISSED!! we’ve given them lots of time to figure this whole thing out but weve seen suspects turned loose, theft of evidence by LE itself with no consequences, a vehicle of suspicion bought sold, cleaned up real nice, and taken across the country. what the hell does he expect? oh yeah lets all sit tight and shut the “F” UP!!

  71. I have never responded well to any form of intimidation. I don’t think anyone likes to be told they aren’t allowed to do something especially when you are over 21 and aren’t breaking any laws and live in the U.S. This group has been answering more questions and produced more ideas than any other agency. We have not made this into a “pissing” contest. All we want are answers.These victims deserve that much. LE should have come out 4 years ago and opened this wide open for help. Let’s hope no MORE lives will be shed….

  72. Who was it that said there are strength in numbers? I can’t remember but this is America.

  73. you know i think thats crazy well why cant he go on the air an let his parish know that they are on top of things he cant even do that it sounds like he called all of us out i can go on the news an say who i think it is LE he cant even go on the air an defend his officers so hmmmmmmmmmm cause he dont have a clue are like i said before they covering something up why cant he let the people of his parish no something are why cant that man they call the da go on the air i am so mad right now i could spit fire

  74. and hey dont forget, we already know they are spending alot of time on that parish computer reading the blogs and printing everything out, some even have the nerve to comment and all this is done on public funded time…but we are supposed to be intimidated by him saying so? pplleeaassee!!! an investigation is being done on this? why?? somebody please explain

    • but if I read correct didn’t the sheriff or someone come on here and post and was busted

  75. sorry im getting too worked up over this, gotta get off for awhile

  76. Maybe we should see about how to get him out of that office and find someone who takes that office serious, who will talk with the public. We sure don’t want someone who is afraid to talk to the public. How do you go about doing that? I have heard of places doing that when they thought there elected official was not doing what they were elected to do.

    • dont we pass a pition around and get so many people to sign it and what in the hell does the mayor have to say about all of this he should be speaking also dont yall think

      • Maybe we need to do that get a petition started maybe if we start with one and they all will fall. We need to start this parish on a clean slate, time for some new and fresh faces.

  77. Ok the video I watched on CNN said the cases were not linked and now their linked so that means we have a serial killer so why won’t he admit it. Here we go around in circles again wish he would make up his mind

    • if he had a mind he could but sounds like he dont i am watching crimal minds and omg if we had people like that here the killing would be solve.

    • do you have a link to the video?

  78. okay i couldnt stay away, yes itilii, ive asked the ? about the mayor before.. never hear nothing from him i guess b/c all of this is up to the sherriff. but funny thing about the article in jdn they are losing manpower. why are they abandoning ship? is the stuff getting deep? too much pressure? i tell you what, it dont look good!!

  79. I believe you are all correct. And I am wondering how these “little groups” could be hurting these cases. Certainly we know LE is reading what we say on here. Are we that important to them? What are they looking for on here? Do they think the killer is reading or participating on these forums? Well I for one wouldn’t recognize the killer if I saw him in person. So how can they tell by reading these forums?

  80. Maybe we need to do that get a petition started maybe if we start with one and they all will fall. We need to start this parish on a clean slate new and improved officials don’t want anything that is like what we have in there now

  81. i hope i was clear in my previous post that i was supporting “law enforcement’s” work on this case. in no way is that to be taken as support of the sheriff. i think nikki was brilliant in her interview with the sheriff, and it was quite wise to record the interview, as it appears she did.
    i understand the doubt and distrust that stems from the paula guillory incident, once again, the sheriff’s choice for the task force, but please don’t let that be a reflection on all the members.
    the incident with the andrew street house should also be taken into account, the police department did a bust on the house behind the andrew st. house sometimes last month, this is the supplier to the dugas crack house. although not enough drugs were found to arrest the occupant something was done. dugas himself has been checked several times but never any drugs found on him, because he smokes it all, he’s a crack head.
    i agree with most posts here that le can and should be doing more but that decision comes from the top.

    • okay so the stuff was not in his possession what about a drug screen anyone injured on their job is obligated to submit to one why not that rascal? im not drug savvy but would crack show up in the urinary system or hair strands?

  82. So if it comes from the top then it is time to get the top out since the top is not doing what he was elected to do

  83. By who they put on the air (on TV), he meant kM and Mike Dubois I believe that’s who our sheriff meant!

  84. Y’all give’em hell

    • Who can do that if RE will not? We need someone because RE is to afraid to talk to the media, he needs to just give up his seat so someone who can and will speak to the media and speak to the public.

  85. well thats the problem they dont want the media’s involvement…why? why? why? i live in a large city and everyday i start my morning with the news and theres always something reported and no rest till it is solved. then we get results.. b/c local LE doesnt sit and wait for it to escalate. they are on it.. so i figure that is where more outside forces would be of the most benefit.

  86. I have been sitting here hour after hour after hour, day after day pouring over every blog article, tv segment, interview etc. I have been making common links between victims. Everything concerning their deaths, has been factored in. Each day I learn more. Someday, something is going to click in. If not for me, someone else. It;s gonna happen. This is just a big puzzle and we’re all putting the pieces together. It will happen, let’s just talk it out. It will click in for someone. It will happen!!!!

  87. I do believe with Nicki’s interview LE thought they could upset us and yea, they managed to do so. Don’t you all think they’re reading everything we’re saying right now and basking in what they’re done. That is why I have not decided for sure to quit commenting. I think that would be giving them one victory for sure. However, I have to wonder if they’re trying to read between the lines at everything we say on here. So I haven,t done anything wrong, but I do worry too!

    • hell no curvy, they have no reason to bask in nothing b/c they have not stopped us, it only ads fuel to our fire. we have the right to do this and we will continue to do this… if we stop then they can bask.. i mean come on arent they there to protect and serve the public. so why would they turn on us for wanting justice? that would not make sense..

  88. Yes it will happen when we get officials who do what they were elected to do. If not then we need to find new one’s. I can not understand why RE will not talk to the public and not the media what is the big deal with talking with them, you would think he would want to talk to the media and the public and have the input of both, imagine where this case would be if he just talked to the public. Wonder what would happen if we had a new Sheriff in town what would happen with this case. Something to think on

  89. And they are copying all we say and saving it? For what? Are they saving it for evidence later on? What are they planning to do with what we say on here? Call us all in for questioning? Gimme a break, LOL!!!

  90. They get there idea from this blog, when we say things they go and check that out, we give them leads they love that we do there work for them

  91. The Sheriff admitted that it is one person relater to all cases. From this I assume evidence has come in. In past interviews he said they were waiting on evidence to link the cases. Given those words- one can believe there is now evidence from the labs. This is great news of which I would pay most attention. Evidence is what the DA has to have to prosecute- no questions asked- that is the way it is. LE has apparently been processing stuff through its labs to be stating publicly htat they believe there is one culprit.

    Forget what was said about the blog- keep on keeping on- just as you expect LE to do.

    Too much media in town at once could very well cause LE no choice but to put more men on the streets, and less on the actual case. There does not have to be a media blitz–allowing the case to be made more national will happen soon by what others have already done. Kodiak, Rebecca, g8, Justice, and others. We already have multiple PI’s on the case. Too much to be greatful for at this moment than to be worried about RE taking a poke at the blog.

    It should be soon that the sheriff calls ‘it’ a serial killer. The first step – evidence wise- has now occurred.

    I do think it helps greatly to write local congressmen, representatives, and the legislature, along with the Governor. I sent him a couple of emails in the past, and that is when more attention seems to play out.
    Afterall, the Governor appointed the Task Force.
    It is those here that have power over the Laws, enforcement thereof – to be keeping others on their toes- not ‘just’ the media.

  92. they can read between any lines they choose, we are all law abiding citizens that take this cause serious. yes now and then we get some flako on here trying to put their 2cnts in only to stir up trouble for us but we can tell those bad apples and pick and toss out. but for the most part we have great people on here.

  93. Yea well hell I am pissed off too. Because I have only been here since august and never for once have I thought I was doing anything wrong or hurting the case. I have learned so many things on here and now look at these murders with fresh eyes. I do not understand either why he won’t go on the air occassionally and give us an update of what’s going on and what they’re doing or the progress they’re making. Surely he can do this without giving any important info away pertaining to the murders. So then what’s the problem with keeping us informed every now and then?

  94. It just hit me like a ton of bricks… It’s not that the Sheriff won’t go on tv or any interview show maybe he really CAN’T. There are those people who freeze when they have to do any kind of public speaking. If this is the case, maybe someone else, a community relations person could give updates. What do you think??

    • naw i dont think he would freeze up he has gone in the spotlight several times, hell he used to call the bingo games at the kc hall b4 he was sherriff.. just thought i would throw that in..

  95. observer- im with you on that one, if there is evidence that is GREAT NEWS but my question is if he is holding evidence why cant he just say that? if he would he could make everyone feel alittle more at ease. i dont see how it would hurt the case it would show that the wheels are turning and the dope deals on the street corners would probably dwindle b/c it would prove that our LE is capable getting a handle on things.. maybe im not following the situation carefully enough so please tell me how that would hurt..

  96. Nope I don’t believe its that cuz he’s given plenty of interviews in the past. I worked in the news media and had to interview him on numerous occassions so I don’t believe its that either. I believe he just won’t because he truly believes it would hurt the case. I just don’t see how a little update now and then could do that. We know he can’t give away details. We just need to know that progress is being made and something is being done to catch this killer/killers, that’s all.

  97. Well, I DID give him the benefit of the doubt. By the way I have some swamp land any buyers? LOL

  98. Too funny psychic, lol!

  99. Well glad to hear things are toning down in here with serial psychic’s swamp land for sale comment, lol!

  100. Thank you so much curvycat !!

  101. Did anybody hear about another body being found near 1126 and Farm Supply Road?

  102. the landowners

  103. oh my god!

  104. And when was this body supposedly found lonesome? Never heard about that.

  105. was it a body found or a car accident?

  106. Where is 1126 and Farm Supply Rd. located?

    • off 1126 going to lake arther to the right in the curvs we go fishin down ther and yes im am scared to gofishing i found a hammer there a year ago

      • i got word last night that they find another body also but did not hear anything on the news this morning about it so it might just be a rumor. i watch 10 and 7 and 5am and 6am



        • ITILII…….There WAS an body found yesterday at that location,. It is drug-related but no foul play is suspected. She is from Houston and we will all hear about it after her next of kin is notified.

  107. Well god help if there is another body this parish can not handle another one and if there is another one if we go past 8 then it will be high time to take action on our public official’s that we elected into office enough is enough they do not want to do anything they want to sit on there A** then we the public will let them do that at there house and not in the office they were elected to do. it is TIME FOR A CHANGE.

  108. Register to vote. Anybody who writes their Representative or Senator that is not registered to vote is not heard. These guys cush jobs are decided on by voters. If you are not registered they do not care about your opinion.

    The Sheriff does not want any national media. The national media spotlight actually does not do anything to help solve a crime. What it does is bring pressure on the Sheriff to solve the crime. If the media exposure gets large enough it also brings pressure to the Governor, Senators, etc. They, in turn, bring pressure to the Sheriff. Of course he doesn’t want any media.

    If you are not registered to vote, go register, then make your voice heard at the polls.

  109. Question:

    If the Sheriff is voted into to Office, Can he be removed before his term is up?

    Aslo, What would it take to have a Sheriff removed?

  110. Ugh,,,,, I caught my typo AFTER I already hit Submit… Sorry… Meant *Also*


  112. Doe anyone know Wayne Lopez from Lake Arther? Read this.

  113. ok i got a test saying that they find a girl in a girl off of farm supply road. anyone heard anything about it. i know it was never on news but with our LE it would not be on now if it is true. just wanted to let yall know what is being said.

  114. ok another test mess. it was a car from texas plates on it. and it came from someone that delivers newspapers they would not let them pass to deliver the paper so it might be true that there is another girl dead dont know if it is from a wreck or not.

    • were was this at

      • The location that is discussed is very near the location where the two Istre brothers were murdered and is very close to the location where Loretta Chaisson’s body was found. It is also very near the location where a murdered Texas man’s body was discovered eight months to a year ago and is quite close to the Keystone Road location where another of the eight most recent females’ bodies was found (forgive me, I don’t remember which woman was discovered on Keystone Road). This could simply be a coincidence but it is a mighty strange coincidence to have five murders and one additional death (undetermined) in a very very small proximity.

  115. As I read these things , I want to tell everyone that
    the Lord is still in control and everyone needs to
    pray and ask Him to help all of us . We need to get
    our country back from satan, this starts with me and
    you. I beleve if we pray and live like we should God will
    show us what to do. 2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people
    which are called by my name, shall humble themselves and pray and seek my face, and turn from
    their wicked ways, then will I hear from hraven, and
    will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.
    My prayer- Our Father in heaven thank you for your love
    and grace, please send your Holy Spirit and comfort
    these familys and help find the person responable
    and may your will be done. please forgive me of my
    sin I ask in Jesus name.

    • amen, amen and amen!


  116. Wrecks are even suspicious in our parish.

    • was not a wreck it was drug related they find some on her but what is someone doing from texas there and how would he even find how to get there. ummmmmmmmm makes u think. remember my child came home from school and said that there would be 2 more deaths this fair weekend and a shooting at fair so guest what i am staying my little butt home and be save

  117. The interview with RE. Most people talk better on the phone then they do in person. The interview, if it is quoted to his exact words, ouch. If I was RE, I wouldn’t want to go on tv either. The answers/sentences was horrible. Another thing he sure did studder a lot.

    @ I tell it like it is…someone delivering papers was not able to go through and they deliver papers? What paper they work for? Jennings Daily News delivers in the afternoon huh? Now, American Press delivers in the early mornings. Regarding your last post about “someone doing from texas…” is that the information from today you are talking about or something from a while back?

    • i dont know if it was the jennings paper or lake charles paper all i no is that they would not let the paper lady threw but from the time i got my first test message last night i am thinking that maybe it is jennings daily news it is true i was in town and heard about it at the doctor office also

  118. about this fair thing, people are refusing to go because of the fear of the killer being there.. please remember, the murders began years ago and it seems like this would not be the killers first trip to the fair. if this killer(s) has outsmarted LE as mentioned before, they would not be stupid enough to make themselves known publicly.. please dont spoil it for the kids they look forward to the fair and wait patiently all year long. just keep them close to you which is common practice anyway right?

  119. well lets not get all worked up i heard this last night too but i didnt post about it because its probably a rumor the fair is in town an i done heard all kinda shit is suppose to happen i dont believe it thats just rumors.everyone should know how some people are you give them an inch they make it a mile its done went from a tex platl an a drug deal to a body come on lets keep it real guys an -girls- lets not go on everything we hear if that was the case i would of posted it last night when i heard it my phone has not stop ringing people telling me they found another body are they got a truck an it was for the killer it got stuck on the side of the road an they left it there come on now i know better than this i know the media hasnt been all that great but i think it would be breaking news if this where true

  120. what did they say god i hope this isnt true

  121. What?!?! What did it say on the radio?

    • They said they found a woman near Roanoke…didn’t catch the street name. Said they sent her to Calcasieu Parish Coroners Office. They haven’t released her name and said they didn’t expect foul play. It was on KYKZ 96

  122. well the news will be coming on in a few so we will see if it is true

  123. Just signing in this morning….OMG____what did you hear?????

    If the killer thinks they are closing in—he may have acted out in response…whatz up
    is there another- this don’t sound good….

  124. We were typing at the same time!!!!
    I see your post.

    How can they already determine if there is foul play….ya don’t just find bodies without foul play..duh

  125. Maybe the killer is from Texas and has to travel thru LA. occassionally.And on these occasions maybe he decides to kill.Maybe he was a resident of Jennings long ago.

  126. Just a theory.

  127. Now would be the time to email others –CNN, Nancy Grace, Governor with a vengeance…….I don’t see how, but I do hope it is not related…OMG

    you all must be on the edge of your seats, pissed, and all the mixed emotions in the world.

    I am so sorry, related or not. It is time for the Governor to act…

  128. Don’t you all remember the party that the men from Texas came in and abruptly admitted they could come to Jennings and take out families and get away with it….one concerning a Sheriff’s Election….That is what comes to my mind

    • i remember reading about this! That’s what I thought also.

    • this is the first i hear of men from texas coming here and saying they could kill here and get away with it when did this take place

    • I read that post recently from the records. This statement was made during a victory party of an opponent, following Ricky Edward’s election. The three black men went to the party to gloat over Edwards having won the election and made that statement in front of several people. The three had just left Edwards’ party. They (at least some of them) were from Houston and said that they could do whatever they wanted in Jeff Davis Parish and that if they took out a family, nothing would be done. One man said that they were protected. One of the women there began crying and got physically sick at the statement. Others just watched in shock till the men left. I recall that one of the people present was taking their license plate number down as they left. Notice that there is quite a lot of late night Texas traffic to Jennings, Welsh and Lake Arthur and the travelers don’t look like boy scouts.

  129. A missind Texas woman found dead in Jeff Davis.KPLC

  130. Someone locally could have brought (bought) a truck from Texas too…who knows

    There were a couple of girls Killed in Alexandria area that purchased drugs from Texas too-

  131. There will be more coverage at noon.

  132. Possibility of State Lines crossed—the Feds will have to get involved in this one—no choice….


    For the body they found…

  134. Maybe, she was in her own truck, got in a wreck and was killed…….that would be a simple case without foul play….but they still need to determine why she was here.

    It will be interesting to see how this plays out. I do hope it was not murder.–however that can be.

    Sure is strange for her to be found in JDP

    • well i was told it was drug related and why would someone from texas be way out there by herself

  135. well now im furious cause how they gona so send the body to cpco when they think hes covering something up i just dont understand when kritian was murdered her an tracy where supposse to have been involved with some black male from houston that had beat them up tracy an kristian cause kristia had robbed him while tracy was doing her deed for the dope an suppossebly about a week later frankie an his boys from lafayette beat him up down a gravel road for what he had done to tracy an kristian then kristin is found murdered so what the hell maybe they are from out of state an this is a card to let them know something an i not just saying this on hearsay i know this for a fact came right out of tracy mouth

    • sounds like she needs to talk to someone but not our LE and than let them put her in a protected place if she knows than omg please let her tell her story

    • Who thinks who is covering something up? Can you be more specific?

      • i am replying back to what baffel had written about FR and tracee and kristen sounds like Tracee knows alot

  136. Why would a person from Texas be found in the SAME general area as the other murdered ladies were found. Why didn’t she go on the Elton side of the highway.

  137. Victim’s name is Stefanie McKenzie from Humble, TX. She was reported missing Tuesday Oct. 6th.

  138. Who told ya it was drug related?

    She could possibly be a transporter to the wrong parish!

  139. She was last seen in the 21000 block of Spring Creek Estates, Humble, TX around 2:30 a.m. on Oct. 6.

  140. I tell yall what you should do.Put up a billboard on the side if the interstate upon arriving to the Jennings area,with all of the murdered victims pictures.Reading,can you help us find a killer.I bet that would light a fire under your sheriffs ass.And he cant stop you from doing that.

    • The sheriff especially can’t stop you while he’s sipping wine in California with his friends. By the way, KITKAT, that would take an exceptionally big fire. Sorry, I just had to add that.

  141. And I know someone with a billboard company.

  142. Good idea?orBad idea?

    • I think it’s a great idea. It’s been mentioned before to do that, but no one has acted on it!

    • Great Idea….good warning to visitors too!

    • dam good idea maybe have somekind of fun raiser to have it put up i know i would help

      • I saw Ernestine’s picture on a billboard in Lake Charles last night. It was on 2-10 near Hwy 14.

  143. you can bet —all those PI’s are all over this one, looking up the background she has and any relation to area….they have the equipment to do so!!!!
    They can find out if she frequented the area often by checking possible credit cards, they will have lots of questions for the family of the deceased…..FBI should be talking to them now….it has to be..if they are doing their jobs. You can’t just think oh, she drove here and died.

    Who said they found drugs, what kind and how much??

    • dont know what kind or how much that is the talk at the doctors office this morning sorry that is all i know


    She had been reported to be a danger to herself—was reported on Houston Crimestoppers too.

    • Observer, I was hoping brother-in-law would tell us if she knew anyone from around here.

  145. Does anyone recognize her from the photo shown on the link Observer posted?

    Seems very odd she would be in this area unless she knew someone around. Shaking my head – it makes no sense from Humble to Jennings.

    • thank you ahlou! my thoughts exactly!!

    • I know ahlou……..the coincidence of the area she was found in is mind boggling. What are the odds? I’ve driven those roads in that area and it’s very confusing if you’re not familiar with them. This woman drove from Humble, TX to JDP (where’s there’s a rash of murders) to commit suicide?? WTH?

  146. Here’s a map to give you an idea of the area Stephanie McKenzie was found. The marker on David Road is approximate since we don’t know where on David she was found.

    • Thanks for the map G8. All so close…something smells very stinky when looking at the locations.

      • G8…Thanks for map. F.Y.I. She would have to have taken quite a few of them. Or, she could have shot up on crystal meth or smoked it in a light bulb. Question:
        What would she know about Jennings unless she was transporting for someone, born there or has relatives there. Jennings, one would think, is the LAST place a female would be coming to. Why would she go to THAT particular area in the first place? No, G8. I don’t believe she would pick that area to commit suicide! It will probably come out later or, is being withheld pending autopsy, that she is Victim #9.
        P.S. If she OD’d elsewhere, someone drove her there.
        This is one way that the killer(s) could be thumbing his nose at LE.

        • U know u r so right omg so right. if u r driving from texas to here and u r od on med. how in the hell can u drive with so much med. in your system i agree someone drove her there. and i was told there was something around her mouth like some kind of drug powder or something i dont know so yep she might just be victem number 9

  147. This is just absolutely beyond ridiculous! I have no words… mind is racing! What about jurisdiction, etc? Any opinions on what could happen next? Regardless of relation to the other murders…

  148. another pic of her and the vehicle

  149. Ahlou, you right. I’m pondering and maybe she knew of someone who supplies in this area and knows of this situation as a get back. hmmm silence, I think, did say at one time it comes from the big suppliers

    • Brownie, I’m also wondering what part of Texas was it that Brittney and TG were in. There must be something that brought her here.

      I just waiting for the sheriff to explain no connection. It’s alread being said no foul play but what the heck brought her here.

      God knows so many families in pain with so many in such a small area.

  150. When it rains it pours for old ricky huh? wow!

  151. i dont believe this is happening first some men come from texas in a black suburban to a campaign winning but show up at the wrong one then they start saying the things that tey said about coming over here an could kill a family an get away with it then tracy an kristian are involved with a black male from houston an kristian gets murdered then brittany comes back from texas an she is murdered now a girl from tx is found in jeff davis parish an its not supposse to be foul play come on you guys lets have a rally at the parade sat something sounds fishy to me what does everyone think i just cant stand it no more this is driven me nuts for us as a community to sit back an watch this go on under our noses for this long lets make a change. may god bless everyone here

    • This is truely sad! Somebody know what happen to those ladies. If you look at Richard (Butch) Sonnier name on the Possibly Related Cases September 21,2009 it was posted, some names were mention but no one was charged. The name of the Chief of Police in Lake Arthur was even mention this was in 93. I think the Police is involved and if I’m wrong, Lord forgive me. Someone is holding information.I hurt for those young women’s family and for my own. Butch was my nephew and we are still hurting. Now it’s 2009 and young people are still being murdered and thrown out like trash. In 93 I prayed for someone to be arrested for the murder of Richard(Butch) and I am still praying and have added those ladies families to my prays. I will not stop searching. Jennings, pull together and get your town back, have that rally. My prayers are with you all. God be with us all.

  152. G8trgirl…….Are you on now?

  153. yes she does look familier but i cant remember from where

    • What I noticed from the description she is short as were most of the others. A little heavy but may not be that heavy now and she have a tattoo. I think many of the others had tattoos.

  154. Posted on site of link above:
    I thought I would reach out to her family, for they had already posted on the Houston Fox news site- linked above…….

    Observer posted:
    please join others at, we are very concerned for your loved one that was found in the area. There have been many unsolved murders in the exact area you sister-n-law was found, and without intrudung into your lives, we would like your help clarifying if her case could be related or not.

    We have all been shocked by the idea of another body being found in the area. We hope very much so that her case is unrelated, and that she is not number nine on a list of eight women already found dumped in the area.

    Again, we are truly sorry for your loss, and please don’t feel the need to rush, for we understand the loss of a family is hard enough on a family- than to have us dwelling into your lives.

    Forgive me if I am invading your privacy, but we ask only out of concern and to have facts- not rumors spread out of not knowing.
    Today, 12:56:27 PM

    • While reading your post all I felt were chills. You said it exactly as we are all thinking. I sure hope they will join us.

    • Did you post it at the craigslist site? Maybe send them the link to that map I just posted that show’s proximity to where Loretta and Brittney were founds. Also maybe the link to the map that shows all body locations.

      Okay….reread and noticed you said the Hou Fox News site……still maybe post the map links there.

      • No I did not—have been out and going out again…will check on you all and stories later tonight, but will have you all on my mind as I have all day.

  155. I have to say your little town is really F—ed UP!

  156. No more comments I give up

  157. well i have alot to say but ready for it to be public

  158. g8 are you here if so pleasr e-mail me

  159. where is everybody at

  160. what do you think about all this i am so disgusted girl

  161. well i give up on this i just dont know anymore no one is responding to me about doin a rally at the parade

    • you know we all want to rally at the parade but i think some people are scare to show there faces cause no one know what will happen, if it is a inside job or not hell i am all for it

      • yeah you right about not wanting to show our faces cause no one knows what could happen next

  162. well i am lost for words now. i am confuse about it all. i still say we need new people in office and soon. all i know is that i am not taking my kids to the fair cause of what is been said and this came from someone reliable it was said that doing the fair something or someone will get blow up and than the killer will turn himself in so now it is just wait and see what happens at the fair

  163. well i heard the same thing but it was just supposse to be they where gona find another body an something about a gang comin to town i dont know anymore bought to get off here a while cause i am furious with all this krap

    • Looks like it was a false alarm after all. Doesn’t seem like it’s connected.

      • Thanks for that link Paul. What a freakin coincidence she would drive all the way to JDP and kill herself near where some of the girl’s were found. Blows my mind!!!

        • ok it says that she left a note saying she was gonna hurt herself….my questions is…why JDP? there are some many places between houston and JDP that she could have picked….why the same area as the others? this is just blowing my mind……related or not..why JDP?

      • KODIAK…..Thanks for this latest info. However, it still seems to be too coincidental that she chose to commit sucide in a rural area between where two homicide victims previously were found. I will wait to hear, IF, we ever hear ,the autopsy results to see if ANY other drugs are found in her system besides he prescription drugs as recently reported!

  164. I just sit here utterly amazed at LE perception. They can tell by just looking at the body of the Texas lady that it was a drug related death. They also surmised that it is not related to the other murders AND last but not least ,they don’t think it’s a HOMICIDE….AND ALL BY LOOKING !!!! Now rewind here… The last 4 years they have done autopsies, interviewed tons of people, done forensic work on the victims clothing, body fluid etc, searched the ares where the bodies were found, AND YET THE VICTIMS DEATHS ARE RULED UNDETERMINED….Please explain this to me……

  165. BY the way there are still a few loose threads that the murders (yes, I said murder(s) need to worry about. and it’s my guess they’ll be coming forward really soon. The puzzle pieces are falling into place, we can’t stop now. Everyone is putting this together….Stay strong we refuse to let them win!!

  166. what i dont understand is how in the world did she find her way to farm supply road. people from out of town would not know how to get there must less out of state i for one did not know where it was for the longest time and i am from jennings.

  167. I have been told that the victims’ families have not been told ANTHING AT ALL! Can this be true? I don’t want to appear to be naive, but in most states, the families are at least told something! Even a little bit of information of body condition can come from the funeral director who prepares the body and is getting paid by family. Every tidbit of info helps!

    • i say LE is cover something up they dont want any more heat on them than they already have. i feel sorry for the family in texas i really do but how did LE find out that she wrote a note before she left home. ummm i dont know what to believe anymore.

      • Todays Daily News-Drug bust in Welsh by LSP served warrant were assisted by Welsh PD, the # to call to report drug activity (337) 491-2903 they do assist local LE.Maybe they could help shut down the drug houses in Jennings!!

        • well its about time they start busting drug dealers in welsh

        • When I was a young man, I remember that all the drugs came from Jennings into the neighboring towns. Then, the SO would have drug raids and bust the people in Welsh and Elton, only to place a newspaper add as soon a bust occurred outside of Jennings. It finally got down to a few beginning to squeal on their suppliers in Jennings law enforcement before they began to concentrate on spreading the charges a little more equitably.

      • They would have found out from Texas LE who would have been told by her family.

      • ITILII…….I was referring to (I’m sorry to say), our eight (8) Jennings victims’ families. I was informed by one of the family members that they have been told ABSOLUTELY NOTHING AT ALL since the bodies were discovered. If this is true, it is UNBELIEVABLE AND APPALLING! The “not knowing anything at all” can drive one crazy!

    • on fox news houston—her sister-n-law spoke up…not saying much but noted relation. The family knows of her death.

      who tells you that the LE is not releasing any other details to the family?

      Anyone can write a note or be made to write a note.
      Feds still have to investigate- in my opinion

  168. Thats the problem they bust them to turn around and let them right out on the streets again.

    • They sure don’t bust any on Southside Jennings ,it goes on in broad daylight on the street and in backyards.

  169. ok, they said she left a note saying she would harm herself… if they did not notify her family yet…(from what I was reading) how do they know she left a note? Just wondering.. this blows my mind.. OMG!! I just got on for the first time and am catching up..

  170. There are TOO many coincidences about the death of the Texas woman. I just can’t buy that this was a RANDOM place wher she JUST decided to drive from Texas to kill herself. Here again we have DRUGS. the common thread of the murders. One of the victims returned from Texas only to be murdered a few days later. Could they have known each other?

  171. Seems that does need to be thoroughly looked into….thoroughly.

    I do think once they are able—-the family may help clear things up or get actively involved with the eight murders….the family should know if more then depression was a driving force in her murder

  172. Ketchum23, Did you ever find out about where in Texas Brittney Gary was returning from? What would the proximity be from the Texas lady who was recently found? Could they be related by blood? marriage? You see where I going don’t you?
    I am wondering if any of the other victims happened to know “Texas” ? Someone on this blog said she looked so familiar….Any thoughts???

    • look for lilbitt sister in here she wants to talk to u

    • No I don’t see where you are going with this so could you kindly explain. By tthe way I’m Brittney Gary’s sister and in no way shape or form are we related to your so called ‘Texas’.

  173. I’m Brittney Gary’s sister. My cousin called me and told me someone was asking about my sister and I wanna know why. My email is

    • lilbit, I was not the person asking for specific info. First off let me tell you my/our heart goes out to you and your family.

      Now that I think of it I do have a question – do you recognize or know the lady today? I’m sure if you did you would already have said so but I’m just asking, thanks in advance.

  174. Since you all have quit posting (after 4:00PM) and I can’t hear from G8trgirl, I guess I will quit for a while too. When I post later this pm, I might profile the killer(s) from the information I have thus far.

    • You didn’t get my email???

      Also, Brittney’s sister posted her email address for you.

      • what is your email so she can talk to you g8

        • Click on the “Contact Me” button at the top of the page (it’s on both sides).

          I don’t like posting my email address here because spammers get hold of it.

    • so u dont want to find out any thing on lilbit

    • Ketchum, you have asked over and over and yet today BG’s sister and relative tried to get your attention since at least 4:12. You now at 4:55 talk about quit posting. I find that rather odd although I don’t have anything to do with it but you was the one who kept asking and now.

    • What do you need to know ketchum23- about Brittney Gary, and can you say why you need this information?

      • One of the things I needed answered was already answered by one of her relatives and that was that noone in the search party or at the scene, other than LE, saw her body. Only her mother and brother saw her at the funeral home. My second and third very important questions are: #2) Did she know anyone in the N. Doyle Street to Main Street near Nezpique area, and # 3) where would you guess she would be from the time she left the Family Dollar Store at 5:30PM on Sunday, November 2, 2008 until approximately 4-5:00AM on Monday, November 3, 2008?
        I would appreciate any and all information and/or speculations. Thanx

        • isnt andrew st the road that runs from super foods, to yhe health unit??? and isnt doyle from andrews to main.. running into andrews??? just wondering.. if so she bought her minutes for her phone. if she was walking, did she walk down that rd? maybe.. and this is a big mabe.. she was picked up on that rd.. OR there is a talk of a certain house in that area right???? just food for thought.. i am not the smartest, but that is what is coming to my mind.. Do you see what i am trying to get to????

          • Wood street runs to Main st. Doyle does not. Wood intersects Andrew.

          • Yes Andrew runs from S. Food to Health Unit and Ddoyle is directly east of Andrew they are paralell to each orher. Seems like I read in some media that Brittany had gone to a friends on Andrew to return a jacket. Wonder if it was the Andrew St. house mentioned here so often??

          • thank you i was wondering if i had my streets right…

        • First of all u are wrong about LE being the only one who saw her body at the crime scene. I don’t know who u get your information from but it is so incorrect. Secondly My mother and brother weren’t the only ones who saw her at thr funeral home. Neither will I tell you who saw her. I would like to know why in tha hell you want to know all of this information and why you are asking all of these questions because it’s none of your damn business and you have no right to ponder in that area of our lives. Can u tell us who killed her? Can you help us find out anything? I think not seeing that they have not been brought to justice and yet another woman is dead. So excuse my strong emotions but my friend you need to stay in your place. Consider yourself corrected and leave it at that.

      • yes why u need to know lilbits sister is in the dark so why u need it plz tell me im her couson

      • tell us are u a cop and you knows who it is doing the killing

    • “I might profile the killer(s) from the information I have thus far.” When I see might I it is maybe or maybe not. Will it happen?

  175. As much as everyone has been asking about Brittney Gary, no one has commented on her reply.

    • yes that is sad it was her sister she didnt know adout the blob till i talk to her today she put her email on here to fo they can gey in touch with her i wish they would they in the dark on everything so plz some one send her something g8 and ketchum plz she ask and she will be a happy girl

  176. I will be back in pm hours too…..

  177. Ok, So, I just keep coming up to the same question in my head.. why that spot? why drive from TX and overdose in THAT spot??? where there were other people found in the area. they have so many roads from texas to 1126… WHY THAT ROAD? It just does not make any since.. My mind is baffled with this question..

    • Lemon i feel the same way.Why that spot to me you would have to know that area

    • my mind is baffled too…

    • I don’t get it either. There’s a million different places that woman could have driven off to.

      • ok, so someone up at the top said, they are not thinking that it is related.. um.. they were all known for drugs, Brittney went to Tx for a while.. did they meet up with each other, did theymeet someone over there, or did they become friends there.. and be introduced to the WRONG person over her/there.. either which way.. You have to look at all of the possibilities before you assume they are not related.. I feel for all of these families that are going threw this.. I just hope that they catch this person(s).. You are all in my prayers.. Come on lets get this together..

        Just because they were on drugs does not mean that they are not human.. there are lots of people that CAN and Do change there lives around.. give them a chance.. they were all so young, there lives were just starting. it just breaks my heart to think that someone is killing people, and why are they killing these women? It takes a very cold hearted person to take a life.. one that we were given to make a difference in the world, no matter what difference you/they make, you have touched the heart of so many people. God Bless all of these families, and these women who were MURDERED!

        • I believe that the sheriff pointed in the direction of the Lufkin area when Brittney went missing, that and Houston. Perhaps a family member will correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s what I remember.

        • Once again I am going to let you all know that my sister Brittney didn’t know the woman that was found who u all refer to as “Texas”. She lived with me in Texas and I think I know better than anyone else u can ask. None of us knew that woman.

          • u tell the girl i know she is not talking to me i told her i give her my phone number

    • and who found her r did some one call it in

  178. The more I think of this the more I can only believe there is much more to the story of why that spot in JDP of all places between Humble, TX and Jennings, LA. I just hope the family members visit here and let us know something.

  179. I feel that if we could get ahold to the family of this last girl that was found yesterday.Then i think we could find out if the girl knew any of the girls here.Then maybe just maybe we could put a few more pieces to the puzzle together.WHAT DO YALL THINK

    • Observer posted a great message for them on the Houston news. It is on this thread what he/she posted.

      I would add not only if they knew any of the girls I would want to know if they know anyone from around here or the surrounding towns.

  180. Changing the subject a bit. Last month Brownie told us of a person abducted, maybe it was attempted then nothing. A few days ago ITILII told of another. I had asked about the one last month and was told she had falstly claimed rape before. Today in JDN there is an article I’ve taken info from. I’m wondering if it is the same person.

    The woman who had been taken to the hospital said to have been injured running from her abductors. JDN today, JPDD Danny Semmes askingg for assistance. On last Friday at 3:30 a.m., she busted various windows around town to get police’s attention. Final destination was City Court/JPD building where she busted glass to gain entry. She broke the glass to city court it’s on video showing her running through the building trying to open the doors to the pd. Went to the pd rear door and entered the office carrying a knife. Bleeding from injuries she sustained breading the glass door.

    They took the knife then brought her to the hospital. Semmes said she initially said her reason for breaking into various building around town was to elude “three black males” who were trying to abduct her.

    She broke glass at Jeff Davis Bank, Kilroy’s Furniture Store, a van parked at a church and eventually City Court entrance. Her initial statement was three black males – two she knew, had attempted to abduct her on the west end of Jennings. Semmes said article of clothing she was wearing was found on West Division and Clara Street.

    Yesterday she recanted her statement now saying she did not know for sure who attempted to abduct her. She still maintains someone did but she doesn’t know for sure who attempted to abduct her.

    Semmes said the case is complicated the victim admitted to being high on crack when the alleged incident occurred. Some of the evidence found and some of the video contradicts her statements. Asking for anyone who saw anything suspicious between 3-4 am last Friday to call 337-275-9002.

  181. G8trgirl………Sorry about that. I DID get your e-mail and I’m waiting for your answer. Thanx

  182. Ketchum23 Ok are you saying you need this information to profile the killer/killers? Ok Do you know Dr.Maurice Goodman? he has checked this case out, there are several Highly recognized profilers and several professors who have looked at this case and have gave there thought on the profile of the killer / killers what could you have any different that these highly educated people have not already said about this case? What can you being to the plate that these men and woman have not? You are real demanding of everyone answer your question and you are so secretive with us we all come here to tell each other our thoughts our opinion and you come here and demand us to tell you this but don’t care to share your thoughts or reason to why you need this info. So please tell us and we will all be very glad to share with you what we know unless maybe you are LE hmmm…..

    • SOUTHERNBELL……I am sorry you are so bitter towards me. You do not know me.Out of respect, I am waiting to hear from Friend (5:04PM) and Cajunmom03(5:23PM) and/or ANYONE who can answer my query of 5:55PM. You don’t know “what I can bring to the plate” that , and I quote , “the highly edcuated people have already said about the case.” To my knowledge, the eight (8) cases are STILL unsolved with all of the hight-powered experts you profess to hear from! Again, you don’t know me and at the moment, I have to calm myself down so I can remain concentrated on my efforts to help.
      Those of you who have been positive with me, thank you.
      P.S. Ms. SOUTHERN BELL……You can be assured that I am NOT La. LE. If I was, no of you would be wondering what the heck is going on.

  183. Ketchum23 We are waiting for your profile. I know you will come up with something good!!! Please don’t keep us in suspense!!!

    • Thank you for your confidence. I am trying to calm myself down at the moment. SouthernBell ticked me off. Again, does anyone have an answer and/or can speculate to my second and third question from post at 5:55PM?

  184. Lemon You are right about the families deserving our respect, prayers, and closure. Of course, it would help me personally, to nail these S. O. B.’s and watch them fry, but that’s just me. I need more Christian something or ruther…..

  185. Ketchum23 I’ve been holding my breath waiting for your profile. Please hurry I’ve passed out 12 times already……LOL

    • SERIALPSYHIC……You are so funny and your comment is helping me calm down because I am making too many typo mistakes, thanks to Southernbell’s negatively to me. gHowevr,I am gettin my info/profile together and will post it shortly. Thanx

  186. and some one said that they will find 2 girls and now look they found 1 one to go that is sad the cop need to get up and do something

  187. How did this depressed young Houston woman find her way to an obscure road in Jeff Davis Parish? It doesn’t make sense to me. What does make sense is she found her way to Jennings looking for help with drugs and she would have had a prior connection. People from big cities don’t go to small towns for drugs unless your sources are known to you. Too risky. She knew someone in Jennings.

  188. ketchum did you see the response i posted to your 1,2,3 question?? I am just wondering if it makes any since to you.. and if you understand what I am saying my thoughts are…

  189. Ketchum23 If it’s O.K. with you I’d like to call you ” CATCH ‘ Em”23 Why? I think anyone who is working so hard to solve these murders has MY respect ! I can’t wait to hear what you have figured out !!!

  190. Does anyone here recall the human remains that were found in this very same vicinity of Farm Supply Road several months ago. I remember that it had to do with a stolen van and/or a hitchhiker and a man from India or a mideastern country. My memory is sketchy but a Texas man was, as I recall, involved. The event took place near the location where the Istre brothers were murdered. The remains were found by a local person who called the SO. The SO didn’t respond, claiming that the remains were from animals, but, when it was finally investigated, they turned out to be human. Texas authorities finally pieced it together adn it had to do with a Houston (?) man. Unfortunately, I can barely remember any details from it as it didn’t seem to be relevant at the time. I am wondering if anyone here remembers any details on this. ?????

    • Hmmmmm……I think I recall what you’re talking about. I’ll see if I can dig that info up.

      • G8, he was from overseas. I don’t remember what country but his father searched for a long time. I believe someone confessed or was captured for that. I’m sorry I forgot as well but it wasn’t that long ago. Maybe a couple of years I know it was between 05 and 08.

    • IGNITE……I remember an East Indian young man who was a jewelry salesman coming from California in his van, who picked up a hitchhiker convict in Houston. They were last seen at a WalMart store off of Hwy #171 @ approx. 4:00AM. His van was later found in Florida being driven by the convict and the young man was missing for a few years. Every year, his father came to the U.S. and paid for searches for his son’s body but to no avail for a while. The father related that in his country (?) they must have a body, so he continued to search. Finally, a couple of years ago, his son’s bones were found but I don’t recall exactly where, nor, do I know if this is the case you are referring to.
      Gotta finish my info/profile now……..Thanx

      • That’s the case – Thanks.

      • the mans name was ran mesinka, he was an israli citizen and was in the us selling jewelry, a bone was brought into jdso and warren gary identified it as an animal bone when it was brought into le. the killer is now in jail, he was caught in fla in mesinka’s van

    • Ignite,what I remember is an Isreali man was abducted from a Wal mart in Lake Charles he was beaten to death and his van was missing. If I remember correctly it was some time later they finally recovered his remains on the outskirts of Jennings. Also remember his Father came from Isreal to bring his remains back home.Very Sad.

  191. KETCHUM: U want speculation? I have some for you! You asked if she knew someone from n doyle to main st near nezpique area- I don’t know. But I know on WEST nezpique on the corner of craig there was a yellow crack/whore house for a long time. Many of these girls were seen there at some time or another. I know I personally saw Kristen there (victim 3) several times- as a matter of fact kristen was last seen only a block away from that hellhole (corner of clara and craig). To answer number 3- if I were to speculate- I’d say she coulda been at the yellow house that nite……

    • WITHHOPE……Thank you. That tidbit of info is a huge help to me. It answers another question I had. Thank you!

    • UNBIASED…..Thank you, Thank you…..Thank you.. .More (possible)pieces of the puzzle is coming together.

    • yes and that location was frequented by FR lots of times his ass would get outa jail and be standing in front of that house just a smiling at the folks passing on the street..

      • i just wish there was someone in the LE that people could trust and they would beleive in what we r telling them and maybe it would all be solve by now. there has to be at least one good one out of them all and if he can not do it by himself and we all know he cant but he can get help from a higher place someone out there has to listen and believe what is being said in here someone

  192. Brittney was last seen heading to the house that they were staying at. So she was seen heading south she was going home after leaving the Family Dollar store in Jennings she just bought he some minutes for her cell phone. The house she was staying at is the man that own the recycle place in Jennings.

    • That is incorrect. She was last seen walking eastbound on Placquemine St. She NEVER made it back home. That is why her mother reported her missing.

      • yeah we know this I never said she made it home she went home south that is where the house is we walked that street many times looking she was seen last going south. I had only stated that she was GOING home HEADED home. I know her mom and I know that she reported her missing I was living here when this all went on. You asked for information i gave you this to help you out with whatever it is you are doing. I just wanted to help that is all.

      • Ketchum, this is Brittney’s mom. I’m sorry but you are incorrect once again. She wasn’t seen walking down placquemine. If u have informatio that she was seen walking down that road you need to contact the task force because they have Brittney last seen headed from the dollar store in the direction of
        Andrew Street. If u have any more questions please feel free to ask me. No one can answer your questions like I can. Being you cllaim to be some type of profiler, you really should have the correct information while dealing ith cases of this severity. Once again, please feel free to ask me questions concerning my daughter. Do understand that you and I need to meet face to face to discuss these things. After all it wouldn’t be smart to splatter information all over this blog, right? Aren’t we looking for a serial killer? If that’s the case I’m sure he reads this on a daily basis. Have a blessed day.

        • Theresa?

        • please teresa stay here and chat with the rest of us. we sure could use your input, i cannot tell you how sorry i am for what happened to your baby, i know it must be very difficult. ive tried putting myself in the shoes of the victims families, but i know that im not even coming close to how it must feel.. teresa please know that we are all here for the same reason. to seek justice. just know that we care and are there for you. may god bless you!

        • Ms. Gary, my heart goes out to you and your family – you see I’ve walked in those shoes for years. I want to say you have gained my respect today. No matter what when it comes to your child you always find the way to be there. I know your family members let you know of this blog but you have gained my respect. I know if you can find the person you will never not stop trying. Thank you and your family for posting here today. I know they’ve been here awhile but parying and hoping you will come back over and over. We are here hoping something will bring attention and a end to the finding the sob that took away your child.

  193. I’m wondering if the lady today could have known FR or his family. I remember when the news hit about pills it was said his mother went to Texas for years getting pills. What part of Texas was never said.

    • ahlou-These so-called pain clinics are in Beaumont & Houston , I would think that the F. Richard bunch would go to Beaumont for their pills.

      • Thanks ea, about now my mind is racing. I cannot believe that lady found this area without knowing something of the area or people, maybe person.

      • The whole family would go from the mom, brothers, sisters, cousin, and if one of there kid were old enough they would go also had sad of a family

    • HOUSTON TEXAS is the spot for the major connect

    • I was thinking the same thing about the girl knowing someone from here. Could be FR & crew.
      With the going get the pills in TX could be they are going to Houston…..which ever place is easiest to get them. But then again Beaumont isn’t that far from Houston. Or maybe they go to both places? Where ever the connection is.

  194. Recovered
    Apr 17, 2008
    Remains Of Missing Israeli Tourist
    On April 12, 2008, Shimon Mesika, working side-by-side with law enforcement officials and volunteers, began searching a farming area southwest of Jennings, Louisiana. Five days later, one of the searchers found a human bone in the area. All the search teams began concentrating on that area, and by the next day, police say they recovered two-thirds of a human body, including the skull. Shimon had always said that he wouldn’t stop searching until he found his son. And he meant it. DNA tests confirmed that the bones found in Louisiana belonged to Shimon’s son. The remains were finally sent home to Israel. On May 18, 2008 – five years after Ran Mesika was murdered – Shimon held a funeral in Ran’s hometown of Herzliya and gave his son a proper burial. Jonathan Vernier is scheduled to be sentenced on August 8, 2008 and faces a life sentence in federal prison.

    here is a link to the whole story

    • Thanx……I was going from memory.

    • Thanks so much for finding that concerned. I have got my hands full right now….lol.

    • Thanks for the details. It bothered me because I couldn’t remember anything except the location and the foreign status. Quite an interesting, but sad story.

    • Now, that’s how cases are solved. It’s encouraging to know that competent investigators can prevail in seemingly hopeless cases. Thank you, concerned.

  195. I hope everyone has a safe weekend for the fair. It’s ashame that people want to mess up things for the littles ones.

  196. SOUTHERNBELL…….I think I have your number now. You are probable a part of the Jennings Task Force to be so knowledgable of Dr. Goodman, profilers and professors who have contrbuted to the murder cases. If they contributed so much, why don’t the families know more that they do. Only someone assigned by LE to monitor this post (as reported earlier) would have responded to me like you did. Thanx for letting me know who and what you are!

  197. P.S.,,,,,SOUTHERNBELL…..Do you know who John Douglas and Robert Ressler is? Also, can you tell me what your “high-powered” educated profilers told the families and the community since I don’t know anything and cannot “bring anything to the plate.”
    Shame on you. Word of Advice: Never judge a book by its cover……You don’t know me.

    • Do you not listen to what has been said on the news and on this blog NO ONE IS TELLING THE FAMILIES AND THE PUBLIC ANYTHING this is why we have the blog this is why the familes and the public are reaching to the national news media. thought you would have figured that out by at least reading some of the past threads of this blog and at least look at some of the local news media….

    • Okay —so one thing I know is that 4-5 FBI Profilers from Quatico-May O’Toole, Robert Tunkel, Jennifer, Possibly Jeff Mthvin from the BR office, came to Jennings in November and gave their profile which is listed on the sight. Lots of could be this and could be that- not naroowing down the list, but giving possible characteristics to the perp.
      They would be slightly related to the John Douglas type. O’toole since retired. You could be her, but you come across as male. If you are amongst those types, why would you give time to ‘anger’ due to Southern Bell’s comments?

      I too have been wondering the same as her, why are you so secretative, yet demanding? That would remind me very much of O’Toole!!!

      She stomped her feet on my floors being demanding.

      • Meant the profile the FBI from Quantico made is listed on this site- blog. It was provided after November 2008

    • It would be nice if you do have something constructive to add, and are actually putting peices together so to speak. What direction are you thinking ???? Cartel or local Druggie? LE or not?

      I do understand why LE cannot give all the info they gather out to the public, but it would be better PR if they would provide updates more regularly.

  198. That is what we all have been saying for some time. That LE is NOT talking to the families they are NOT talking to the public. No I am not even near being LE LOL you have me so wrong LOL I know about Dr. Goodman wow I have the internet and you can look up several things on it amazing hmmm….anyone can find that information out if they just look. So you do not have my number by a long shot

    • And you do not even know me. You are so much very wrong about me. Take your own advice and do not judge by the cover.

  199. not trying to bash LE or anything but im just wondering with everything going on are the cops patrolling these back roads of jeff davis parish? Every time that i am in town all i see are cop cars riding back and forth through town. i am just wondering if they are staking out any of the body dumping sites or potential sites? in my opinion with 8 bodies turning up on back roads and such you would think that they would be more aware of suspicious vehicles parked down rural roads such as the one the young lady was found dead in. i dont know how long she had been parked there but she had to be there at least long enough for the “pills” she took to kick in and kill her (if that is really what happened).

    ofcourse i know that the cops have to patrol in town but i would think that they could afford to send at least one or 2 patrol cars out patrolling back roads and such for suspicious activity.

    • That’d be RE’s guys that need to patrol the backroads outside of town. JPD doesn’t have the jurisdiction.

    • From the curve to Racca looking west you can see very bright lights and red lights going. It is about the same area in the night where the lights were for Brittney except more north looking toward Roanoke.

      • I passed out that way- I see what you’re talking about ahlou. But I was too chicken to go closer…lol

        • lol unbiased, I wasn’t going any closer either so we were both chicken….lol

          You know there are always two big lights in that area when they found Brittney looking to the south that is where the search lights were. It was a very short distance from last night and much brighter with more red lights.

      • Do you mean this is happening now—the red and bright lights?

    • they r scare to go down back roads by themselfs they r just out of pre-k most of them anyway dont like the dark, r they want to be in a parking lot flirting with the girls

      • well they need to get over being scared they should have known what they signed up for TO PROTECT AND SERVE! yeah i’ve sure witnessed the visiting and flirting in the parking lots.

  200. Catfight, details at 10. Can’t we all just drink some cocoa and relax? I’ll bring the cocoa.

    • catfight what r u talking about popeye and yes i want a cup of cocoa with toast please lol

    • Popeye and I tell it like it is. This is for u. If it was ur daughter, sister, cousin, or friend; would u still want a cup of cocoa and a slice of toast? Glad u think this is a game…………. pitiful how people of this society think and feelon the trageties of other peoples lifes. I will pray for you and your thoughts.

      • The cocoa was a peace offering for the two ladies arguing, southernbell and ketchum. Nothing more, nothing less. The same for the cat fight comment.

  201. ok might be silly question but what does RE stand for?

  202. Ketchum23 whats your problem?

  203. never mind my question lol i totally knew that just must of had a brain fart for a minute there!


    An Angel is what she is to me
    That’s what she was truly meant to be
    As her time on earth has past
    Her memory will always last

    She was put to the ultimate test
    Now it’s time for her to rest
    So as she goes
    Heaven only knows

    That she was more
    Than you or me
    Because an Angel is what
    She was truly meant to be

    • you come up with the heart touching poems cousinofnecole. not saying anything bad it just hurts my heart and think of all the young ladies that was taken from us.

    • How very beautiful and thoughtful of you. You write very well 🙂

  205. SERIALPYSCHIC, ET AL……First of all, I do not live in Jennings. In gathering information from som of you all, websites and local concerned citizenry, I’m giving you my profile based on the abovementioned info and my knowledge. Afterwhich, I will follow-up with the “why”info. It is my sincere hope that I can help in some way to bring justice for “our” victims’ families.
    I believe that there are two(2)killers. A dominant male with a subservient female accomplic e who does what he tells her to do because she is afraid of him.
    Drugs are definitely involved, how extensive, I really don’t know but would assume very much so because of the killings.
    The offender(s) is either a local, was born & raised there or nearby, and knows the areas very very well.
    He is NOT as smart as some may think because he hasn’t been caught, but because someone with forensic knowledge has told him HOW and WHAT to doto avoid getting caught.
    He has access to a truck, van or some such vehicle to transport the body AND he also has access to a car.
    Drugwise, whomever is calling the shots ,if their operation is big enough, could have this male & female killing & disposing of the bodies for him.
    The killer(s) has access of a rural farm area, probably away from Jennings proper, with a barn or a type of building where he(they) kill the victim (particularly the ones found on solid ground) and not in water, burn or bury their chothes, but may keep an item from each.
    With the exception of Ernestine Patterson & Muggy Brown, they were (most likely) .all killed by asphyxia.
    He did not use a knife or gun because had he used either, the skeletal remains would have reflected projectile (bullet) or stab wounds to the bones. In some states,LE officers have been trained to render one unconscious aka: the sleeper hold which stops the blood flow in the left and right carotid arteries on each side of the neck, but leaves the hyoid bone (located by the larynx in the neck under the chin) intact.
    Victim #l)-Loretta Lynn Chaisson, Vicgtim #2)Ernestine Daniels Patterson, and Victim #3)Kristen Gary Lopez were all found in canals. The killer(s) knew or was told that water quicklydestroys forensic evidence The bodies are sometimes so bloated that you cannot tell if they are male or female.

    • I agree with you all the way.I do belive that the killer(s)or from here i dont know why i just have this gut feeling.I guess its the areas that the girls were found.KETCHUM WE NEED SOMEONE LIKE YOU IN OFFICE.

    • These days, anyone that watches a lot of TV- crime shows, forensics and such- could figure out that water, bleach and acid get rid of evidence. Anyone that had a particular interest in science or the medical field. THings like that can be found on the internet also.

      Why do you think they are actually- told- how to get rid of evidence? Do you think they are just not that intelligent- so they have to be told or that they are being instructed so many are involved?

      • OBSERVER…….Do you really think that a killer would search the internet on how to get rid of vicims at yearly intervals. I would like to know where to start. Where would you look? How to get right of evidence? I am not trying to be facetious, I really don’t know. I only go by information, evidence and common sense. Do you think that such info from the Internet can be put to play in reality of eight (8) murders and still not be caught?
        Thanx for responding though.

    • They must keep shoes!!!

      • Hey observer!!!!! I wonder what size shoes the women wore!!!! I wonder if anyone remembers what shoes they had on and where the shoes are now…….

  206. wow!!! very interesting!!! gives us alot to chew on.. thanks ketchum!!

  207. A couple of questions Ketchum. If no knife was used, how were Patterson and Brown’s throats slit?
    Do you feel a member of LE or a “highly placed elected official” is calling the shots in these murders?
    Do you feel these are murders commited to protect a drug rings top players?

    • Before I continue, reread what I wrote. I said with the EXCEPTION of Patterson & Brown (slit throats).

    • “With the exception of Ernestine Patterson & Muggy Brown”


      The Killer(s) was either incarcerated or gone from the area between the Patterson and Lopez murders (lapse of a year and nine months and between DuBois and Brown (one year and several days).
      With the possibleEXCEPTION of the “canal murders” AND Muggy Brown, these unfortunate victims were killed and kept elsewhere until an advanced state of decomposition set in to make it harder for LE to determine cause of deaths. That is why I asked earlier if an entomologi st was called in at all for the victims found on a dirt ground. They are experts who study insects which immediately feed on/i dead bodies and they usually can come very close to when the victim died and how long they laid in that spot. They may also consult with a botanist who studies plant life with may be found near or under the body.
      #l)Chaisson, #3)Lopez, and #4)poor little DuBois were reported to have “high levels of alchohol and drugs in their bodies”. Well, it was reported that they all used drugs. Whoopee Do. I will never believe that they consumed such high levels themselves. Sure, an amount of drugs will slow them down but I believe that they were held down and hard liquor was forced down their throats which could cause what is known as “gag asphyxia” due to such massive injestion, especially if the ethanol (alcohol) level exceeds 0.40 as I posted earlier. Even with decomposition present, toxicology will reveal amounts.
      It was reported that Whitnei DuBois had visited houses on Gallup and McKinley Streets the night of May 10, 2007 and just TWO DAYS later was discovered in the middle of a rural road, naked and decomposed beyond recognition! In fact, with the EXCEPTION of Muggy Brown, ALL were badly decomposed!! Now we come to Muggy. I was told by several people that she had a reputation of being a fighter. If this is true, she would have put up a hell of a fight and would have some DNA on her hands. Did LE “bag”(tie a brown paper bag on to preserve any evidence) her hands. I was told several months ago that she had been wearing a white top and when there was blood on it, had turned to pink due to her being doused with bleach! No one drives around with bleach in their vehicles. This was a premeditated murder and Muggy was caugt unawares (probably from behind). The M.E. can tell if that is so and if the killer cut left to right or right to left.Was there much blood at the scene. It makes a difference. Nicole Simpson received numerous stab wounds and bled out. Her killer, and we all know who he is , laid her on her stomach, pulled her head back and slit her throat, almost decapitating her. Before I can comment further on her murder, I would need to know crime scene or autopsy information. Families can ask the funeral directors ,that they paid, for info on the condition of the bodies without them seeing for themselves. Then again, to save them the pain of knowing details, the director can lie to them. Did she have an open casket is something I would like to know? I was told that she was scared and wanted to leave town. Her body was discovered on May 27 or 28th, 2008 only HOURS after leaving her grandmother’s house and voicing her fears. She was Brittney Gary’s best friend..I wonder if Muggy talked to her before she was killed? Either way, Muggy’s murder was quick. The killer(s) had no time to dispose of her the same way as the others. If she “went for bad”, she know something that scared her and got her killed. Most likely, info on the earlier homicides.
      Do you all want me to continue or wait until tomorrow?

      • It is my understanding that Muggy Brown was in the front seat of a car with other people, was smoking pot laced with a chemical and that when she seemed to pass out, her hair was grabbed and her throat was by the back seat passenger directly behind her. It was said that this was a planned murder and that she was invited along, just so that she could be eliminated. It was stated to me and also posted on the blog that a witness, present during the murder, went to the SO and frantically described the event that she had just witnessed, only to be turned away and told that she is not a credible witness because she was smoking dope with the people at the time of the murder. I find it beyond remarkable that this would have taken place this way and that even our SO would have turned a direct witness away, but, this is what was reported. How does this description of events fit into the other facts and profile criteria of the case?

        • Sorry – Typo in my post: “her throat was “cut” by the back seat passenger ……………..”

        • Really? I would love to know the name of the witness, but that is not of importance. Is this girl being watched with friends/family now? I mean is she accompanied with someone every minute? I hope so.

          I never heard this detail that you typed above: “was smoking pot laced with a chemical and that when she seemed to pass out, her hair was grabbed and her throat was by the back seat passenger directly behind her”

          Maybe I just missed it.

        • wow very interesting ignite! im wondering how many others were in the car when this happened and i would think that anyone who witnessed this would be on the “list” to be the next victim. i would think the killer would want to eliminated anyone who could turn them in.

  208. I could buy some of that! I alternate between thinking its the same people killing them all to thinking its different people killing them at different times. But I always have believed they were all killed by the same “organization”. I do believe its some hicknasty billybob types. Hicknasty billybob type with a drug problem, a hate for women, and a lazy assed need to stay in the drug/bullying game as to avoid any real productivity in life that would require regular bathing, normal social interaction, an ability to speak properly and a full set of teeth- I’m just sayin’…..I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL THEY CATCH THOSE RESPONSIBLE and I wish that they would drag them through town and humiliate them, as was done to Jesus Christ. I also fantacize that all of the citizens would be able to stone or at least spit on their asses!!! And I’m referring to ALL involved- not just the idiots that were used for the dirty work. At the end of this parade- the family members would get some time alone with them- even if it is just to personally forgive them…just my thoughts. I know this is not the way the world works, but its a fantasy that is inspiration to continue the search. And to the family members…I know that i/we can never understand just how personal this is for you and I know that we don’t want justice as bad as you all do…but know this- we want it pretty damn close to as bad as you do!!!!!

  209. I believe one of the biggest problems to the investigation is that LE does not know of, nor have an actual crime scene. They do not know the actual location that most of the murders occurred.

  210. this is true also observer, the barn/building concept is real good but ive often thought of houssiere’s park or someplace like that where they can get way out of view and anyone seeing them going in would not be suspicious.. although there are new homes there now.

  211. Good evening everyone. I’m just coming in from LC and trying to catch up on everything. And what I’m understanding is some girl missing from Humble, tx just happened to pull off the interstate at roanoke and overdoed on prescription drugs in her vehicle? Now ya’ll, how rediculous does that sound, huh? Hmmmmm, You can bet there’s a lot more to that story. Oh but let’s not start any rumors so our good sheriff doesn’t accuse us of hurting the case! Yah, right…

  212. Ketchum23 You did an absolutely outstanding job with your profile!!!! By the way I DO know who John Douglas and Robert Ressler are. and a few others tossed in for good measure. It was me on thread 31 (Sept.14) who told the bloggers that Dr. Godwin was indeed on the case. Up until that time only LE had that knowledge. Dr. Godwin told me, himself. He had real reservations as to, IF, (LE) were even using what he was/is sending them. I have also been doing research on this case. I had started writing a book on serial killers since I worked with them for almost a decade, then became interested in this case. The main drug routes run thru Jefferson Parish, Alexandria, Lake Charles La Fayette, to name a few. This is very important to your profile. Anyway “Catch ‘ em” you did good!!!

  213. Oh and by the way we passed thru Jennings and the Parish Fair seems to be going really strong, lots of cars and people with little kids waiting to cross the street to get to the fairgrounds. I guess having a killer loose hasn’t scared too many folks away, from attending the fair.

  214. Ignite, Something you said has been in my mind. You mentioned 3 black men that went to a political party and were boasting that they wer “untouchable”, they could do what ever they wanted, to who ever they wanted ,without having to worry. They scared people so much, that when they left SOMEONE WROTE DOWN THEIR LICENSE PLATE!! Could you find out WHO that was? AND what was the LICENSE PLATE NUMBER from that TEXAS CAR???? I really think this could be important. Thank you….

    • Serial, you are so right. The license plate number is extraordinarily important. That is the one thing that I’m trying to acquire, but, even finding out who the person is who wrote it down has proven to be a task. I did learn that the event took place at Arnold Benoit’s post election party in downtown Jennings. The party was held somewhere near the Jennings Daily News office. Yes, I’d like to have that plate number also. These people (yes, plural, including our local corruption kings) will mess up eventually and the network will tumble.

  215. would u know on the news at 10 on channel 7 they talk about jennings but only on the robbery of the drug store last week not the girl they find. go figure the Le wants there share in the med.

  216. o wait it is on now

  217. she die of a over dose on med. RE said. but how does he know that if she is in lake charles for a artopis to see how she die

  218. And also I wanted to say that I saw a billboard on McNeese LC that has a pic of Necole Guillory with a reward of (I think) $85,000 on it. Now why can’t we have one of those billboards along the interstate between LC and Lafayette? It caught my eye, so maybe it’ll catch someone’s eye that knows something about these crimes.

    • Where did you see that… I never herd about it… And wondering who is putting up the 85,000 cause I promise you her family cant afford that….

  219. ok i have to say this one again before i go to bed. i still say FR and Tracee has alot to do with all these killings. and why is billy conner still lock up and not out like his mom, sister, and frankie. someone knows something. so Frankie or anyone in your family reading this please stop and tell what u did and get it over with let these family have some kind of closure.

  220. Yea I heard kplc say that the sheriff says it has nothing to do with the other 8 cases. That is just one strange story!

  221. wow ketchum you came up with all that on your own….You see what you have said has already been said by several people on this blog and other blogs. you came up with nothing new, I however love some of the copy and past of some of your profile that was top notch. But really if you took your time on the blog and read it all which i am sure you did, everything that you have said on your profile well that has all been said on here so you see the ones that may have just gotten on here and may have been on here for a few months well they may not know what is all in the post from the start and i have been on the blog since the very start of it and all that you have said has been on here so please let us all know are you a serial killer profiler is that what we are to believe hmmm really

    • I’m sorry to say that I have NOT read all of the posts on this blog yet. As I stated earlier, it is based on info from different websites, Jennings citizenry, etc. I’m sorry that you feel that I am duplicating what you already know. I was not finished yet, but I will be since you all know all of this already. BUT, did you know why I asked my last questions about Brittney, Necole and N. Doyle Streets?

      P.S. Please refer me to the blogs and posts that reflects the technical information of each body. That would also be very helpful to me. Thank you LOL

      • P.S. If you check Thread #34, you will see that I said I was new to the blog. I have only been here for about a week. No, I am not a serial killer profiler……BUT, I DO know how to profile along with other things……thank you very much! LOL

  222. not to be mean but i have to agree with angel4one. while any input is appreciated, i dont feel like u told us anything that wasnt already known or thought of before. i kinda feel like you led on to have some big news to share but from what i read u havent told us anything that we hadnt thought of on our own or could of thought of. im not trying to give u a hard time or anything so please dont be offended. i guess i was just hoping to hear something that everyone else may have missed or some big news u might have discovered that could lead to an end to this case but in my opinion it was pretty much just the same ol stuff.

    • Sorry you feel that way.. I know of a family member who is appreciative, but thanks for responding. I, nor ANYONE ELSE, other the sheriff , can give any of you “Big News” or any news to solve these murders.

    • I agree as well with angel4one and concerned. Everything she said was known before or thought of.

  223. Ketchum23 Thank you for all the time and dedication you have put into your profile. I for one, always learn from a fresh view point. As I stated before you did an excellent job. The bloggers, as well as the families, appreciate all efforts that are being put forth to solve this mystery. Keep on sleuthing and soon ypu’ll surely “catch ’em”….

  224. Necole’s cousin- the billboard is on Mcneese st. In LC. I don’t remember exactly but I thought I saw it said $85,000.

  225. Necole’s cousin- it was the type of billboard that flashes stuff across it and it may have shown all the girls pics, like one at a time, one after the other. We were driving by and all I caught was a glimpse of Necole. And I really didn’t get to read it. Just the reward was up lit up in big numbers. So I don’t know who paid for it. I wish I could have gotten a better look at it.

  226. like i said any input is appreciated. i didnt say ur info wasnt. i just felt like some of ur previous post sounded like u had discovered something. and i sorry but yes someone can give us all big news.someone out there knows something or knows someone who knows something so sorry in my opinion the sheriff is not the only one who can give us info to solve these murders. if that was the case then what would the point of this blog be?

  227. SERIALPYSCHIC….Thank you so much for your kind response. I will look up your post on Thread#32 for Sept 14th. When you said you “worked with “them” for over a decade, do you mean what I think you mean? I saw a few of John Wayne Gacy’s unclaimed victims. He really liked Robert Ressler and I think he left him a painting before he was excuted, didn’t he? I think that we may have a lot to talk about sometime,

    • P.S. My typo again……I mean Thread #31.

      • TO ALL OF YOU…….I have been typing for an hour on my final recap and would you believe, I accidentally erased it all. I must be too tired. I was also telling what new info I had that I hadn’t heard of before, but then again, what do I know? Maybe you all have. Anyway, I’ll redo and finish it tomorrow. I have been working on this blog since ll:00AM today and all of this week. I have not got anything done. For the past weeks,I have spent a lot of time preparing charts, maps and a large murder board. lol

  228. Ketchum- I think you’re brilliant! I am extremely appreciative and am honored to see your work! You say you aren’t a serial killer profiler but you did a pretty darn good job! I am a criminal justice major-and I have so much to learn and can only dream of reaching your level of quick wit! I would love to work with you sometime. To the rest of you:how ungrateful of you! This person is obviously a professional! And to give so much of her time pro bono, well that is just remarkable. Being that she is not the killer, nor local LE, then how could she give a major lead? I’m appauled! I have read for quite some time, but I’ve never been compelled to post until now. Thanks Ketchum

  229. Ketchum23, I don’t give out compliments without cause or they would be valueless. You deserve any compliment you get from me. As far as John Wayne Gacy is concerned, Ressler treated him with respect, and as a human being. This is why he opened up to Ressler. The biggest problem I had working with the S.K.’s was that I got to know them too well and entered their heads, (They loved me in their own way) and I thought JUST like them. I could get in their heads. But that’s another story. Keep on your profile and follow up on the 3 black men. You do realize you have described to a “T’ a certain local man in town. You may not make the connection but I’m sure HE has, so please be careful, it’s no longer a game.

    • SERIALPSYCHIC…..Thank you so very much for the compliment. John Douglas is one of my idols. He was the “father of profiling” technology and I learned to apply his techniques. I love his book “Mindhunter” for which the movie, “Silence of the Lambs” was based on his ability. To me, he is brilliant!

      • I am tired. The movie I meant to say is the one starring William Petersen. Wasn’t it called “Mindhunter” and the other movie based on him was “Red Dragon” starring Edward Norton?

  230. Kwtchum12 There is a saying that sums up the circumstances in which we are dealing, it’s called “linkage blindness” have you heard of it???

  231. I’m familiar with the term…I disagree…

  232. student for justice Do you feel that there has been total cooperation between agencies? Or were you answering another question???

  233. Not so much that, I thought you meant it in the definition that the murders are happening over a more widespread area and people are MISSING the link. The murders are happening only in one jurasdiction and that’s Jeff Davis Parish. With the exception of Necole. And I find it was determined quickly her link… far as all of the agencies working/not working together- I don’t feel the public gets enough info to determine whether or not that’s the case.

  234. student 4justice The inability to link a series of crimes as coined by Dr. Steven Egger (a world famous serial killer researcher) who said that nearly total lack of sharing or coordinating, of investigative information, and the lack of sharing and the lack of adequate networking by law enforcement agencies is called LINKAGE BLINDNESS” This inability to share, causes the failure in solving cases that could br solved. In Jeff Davis Parish they want to solve the case themselves, without bringing in help. That’s what I meant by linkage blindness. Iam enjoying your posts student4 justice. I’m sure you will bring alot to this blog!!!

    • There was a classic case of “linkage blindness” with the Baton Rouge serial killer, Derrick Todd Lee. The Zachary PD had notified the the task force that had been assembled for that case about their strong suspicions of Lee being involved in two murders there…… Connie Warner and Randi Mebruer…….that information was totally overlooked (ignored) by the task force and, had it not been, would have brought swifter closure and earlier capture of Lee.

      Wanted to add that Maurice Godwin had profiled the DTL serial killer case and was basically snubbed. He had honed in on a relatively small and compact area near LSU. DTL technically resided in St. Francisville I believe BUT as it turned out…..had a girlfriend that lived within Godwin’s “target zone”.

      • G8trgirl……Glad to know that. I started to attempt to get involved with those cases after the Denay young lady from Lafayette was murdered. That was when I knew the killer as a black man. I did start a file and tried to contact the antlque dealer’s mother, I just can’t recall her name right now, I am tired, but I never did.
        Vert interesting to know and yet so sad because is a lot of cases, some homicides can be prevented. I hate to think of all of the murderers who are still out there. God forbid…….

    • You are so absolutely right. I worked with Task Forces before and not again. The lead detective is the one in jurisdictional charge. Without going into a lot of detail here, Serialpsychic, when the out-of-state female lead detective appeared on America’s Most Wanted with my composite of the killer, his vehicle, and other pertinent information, my Lt. wanted to puke.
      She refused to share any of her state’s forensic info with me and I totally backed off. She finally resigned and ,The Bureau of Investigation of her state, begged me to get reinvolved and refused much to my regret today because in checking the status the14 yr old victim on the Internet, found that the case is still unsolved. I pray for forgiveness from her all the time. I beat myself up with IF ONLY I had gone to that state and worked it by myself. I was so close but yet so far. I even provided a witness who had left the state and returned when I called as asked her to. She was subsequently taken into “protective custody” (what for a joke) by this broad but eventually ran away. She contacted me and let me know where she was because she trusted me. For what it’s worth, she (age 18)and the murdered 14 year-old runaway were prostitutes. The witness’s sister, age 21, had sent her south for her own protection where she probably remains today. I’ve been meaning to send a copy of that file to John Walsh and let him know the truth of the lead local detective’s refusal to share information. That is why we have so many unsolved murder cases.
      Some states are not like that. They appreciate all the help they can get. I don’t believe in glory, I believe in getting results. I still have not contacted the 14 year-old’s family and told them anything. It’s so sad because I have no doubt thatt his case could have been solved. For what it is worth, I have seen the State Bureau of Investigation investigator on TV on one of the true crime shows. He was fantastic to work with. He contacted me after he was assigned to the case and noted that I had contacted the FBI with the abovementioned information and they had not returned my call for six (6) weeks. This, my friend, is a typical case of LINKAGE BLINDNESS.

      • ketchum i was upset last nite lilbib was trying to talk to you and you didnt talk back to her she left you her email im her cousion how can she get in touch with you she can tell u alot lilbit was with her in tx

        • friend do not trust ketchum there are several of us on here that get a bad vibe from this person. Don’t you agree with that many people to have that then there must be something wrong? why would they come on here and ask us questions and be so persistent and demanding of us. Why not talk to Le and if they do not trust them then there is always KM he has been involved in this and I am sure he has plenty of answer to many of ketchum many questions. But if you really want just do a research on the serial killer/killers in this parish and you will find several post ,response, and several aleady profiles done by educated and highly respected people not someone who are asking and trying to play games with people so please do not indulge this person with answers and responses to there questions unless they can show for a fact who they are and prove to all of us that we should trust them any more than we should LE

          • Exactly my point. Anyone can put together a generic profile or go to the library and read on serial killers and profiling and put one together. You’re right, why is she here and not asking KM, LE, NJPI or somebody else that’s involved in this case for answers?

    • Dr. Steven Egger is already looking into the cases of Jeff Davis 8. When he comes up with something it will be very interesting to read what he has. If anyone want you can look him up and see he has very highly credentials,

  235. Hey G8, Also, in the Derrick Todd Lee case the profilers had said the killer was white. DTL’s name was given to the TF by the Zachary LE and a separate woman. They totally discounted him because he was black.

    Witnesses saw DTL standing across the street from Charlotte Murray Pace’s condo. The information was discarded because he was black and the profile said white.

    It was much later in the investigation that they sent a DNA sample to the lab in Tampa that said he was mostly black with some native indian. This lab’s technology was fairly new at the time, but accurate. The TF re-did the profile.

    Dr. Godwin’s geographic profile was a little off. After DTL was captured he re-did it to reflect what it would have been had he known about the GF’s apt. on Gardere lane. Dr. G is a brilliant man and is right a lot of the time. He was wrong in the DTL case due to lack of information to input into his software. In computer data lingo this is known as garbage in, garbage out.

  236. ignite Thank you so much for the quick reply. I know by your posts you’re pretty darn smart, and will get to the bottom of this mystery !!!

    • Serial, thanks for the vote of confidence, but I’m just struggling through this like the rest of us. Wish I were all that smart but I hate to let you down – my IQ is lower than my belt size and I’m kinda skinny. Like all of us here, I simply want justice for these families and I truly want to end the hold that the drug industry and official corruption have on the people of this parish and area. I have no skills other than reviewing old records and talking to people who know things. We all share these same skills. I really believe that if we were all to focus and share information, we will eventually come up with absolute proof of the murders in this parish, but, we must stop focusing only on particular ones. There are others from the past that I am convinced will give us the key needed to unlock the most recent eight. LE has not produced anything for us and I’m convinced that this is no accident. Contrary to what Sheriff Edwards states in his interview, the best thing we have is involvement of private entities that are investigating. These people will succeed where our elected officials are failing us. Someone wrote on a local blog once that the parish seat of JDP was historically born in falsehood, wealth and corruption and that things haven’t changed since. I’m beginning to believe that myself, even as a Jennings native.

  237. Ketchum23 I find your comments to SouthernBell last night unsettling.Their is something about you that I find strange.

    • kitkat I can not agree with you more about the fact that there is something very wrong with this person(ketchum23) I do not know what it is but the gut does not lie. Then you have Nicki saying they know who this person is yeah that does not sound good make you want to for sure stay away from this person(ketchum23).

      • i also received an email from G8 saying beware of ketchum! so please everyone use caution!

  238. heavensrainwillfall Having Dr. Steven Egger review these cases is a big plus. He is really sharp, and maybe he can pick up something that has previously been missed. Thanks for sharing this!!

  239. The profile that you put out have been put out by many.I never post my feelings about anyone on here.But from you I get bad vibes.And I do not know why.

  240. Talking about Ketchum.

  241. Maybe Dr.Eggers could come down here.That would be so awesomeFinally someone with great knowledge.

  242. baffled You thought the Texas lady that was recently found looked very familiar, have you figured out where you might know hwe from???

  243. Baffled Sorry I had a typo it was suppose to say. Have you figured out ehere you might know HER from???. Sorry……

  244. Ketchum23…I know who you are.

    • is she a man r lady if u know ketchum23

      • Okay you guys, Nicki has not come back to post. And not only that as she types it as plain as day “I know who you are.” I would say it isn’t good! Take that and run.

  245. Let’s say SM left Humble, TX about 3pm heading east she would have had to stop for gas at least once. It would take about 4 hours if the trip was direct. She could have arrived in Jennings about 7 or so and it is possible someone would have noticed the car. Maybe someone from I-10 exit along 26 and the side streets may have noticed the car. Maybe in and around any of the local bars may have notice her or the car. Just wondering if she was with someone since the place where she was found is not any easy spot for someone not knowing the area.

    • She may have stopped for gas but I don’t think it was because she was low. Definately something to nibble on, drink, or even use the rest room. Wish the family would come on. That would ease our minds, I think.

  246. I have not caught up from yesterday and maybe it has been asked, but

    Why isn’t the billborad of necole or all in Jennings?

    Does anyone know why it is in Lake Charles? Doesn’t that seem odd. I mean Jennings is at least 40 minutes away give or take a few.

  247. To Nickie Soileau is this Ketchum person reliable?I have strange vibes from this person.

  248. I know OMG am glad I am not the only one with bad vibes about Ketchum.And I also miss NJPI.I enjoyed chatting with him.

  249. same here omg and kitkat and i see we r not the only ones!

  250. Hi concerned and OMG do you think Ketchum is male or female? I think male,I dont know why.I have noticed it has not posted yet.

  251. Hey brownie if your out there,what do you think?

    • Female and I wouldn’t want to give her my e-mail. Just my opinon.

      • I wouldn’t give her/him what ever they are to them either they are some what fishy….I hope and pray that no one gives this person there info.

  252. im not sure i kinda think female but really have no clue

  253. Redranger:

    Dr. Godwin’s did not alter his profile after Lee’s arrest. In fact, Godwin is discussed his findings on MSNBC before Lee was known. Godwin’s main predicted area was least than 1 mile from Lee’s girlfriend’s house, and this was his original predicted location. When new linked murders are added to a list a geographical a profile does change sometimes. See link:

  254. Dr. Godwin’s did not alter his profile after Lee’s arrest. In fact, Godwin is discussed his findings on MSNBC before Lee was known. Godwin’s main predicted area was least than 1 mile from Lee’s girlfriend’s house, and this was his original predicted location. When new linked murders are added to a list a geographical a profile does change sometimes. See link:

  255. For a detailed discussion on the DTL serial murder case and Godwin’s profile read his book Tracker: Hunting Down Serial Killers. Also, DTL’s girlfriend’s apartment was on Port Dr.

  256. ketchum23 why are you not giving your name if you are such a good person and only want to help. Other who have came on here have said who they are and what they do. what do you come with…only your demand for info. yes we to demand info we demand it of LE you are coming to us the public and demanding info. why don’t let us know who you are unless you are le and don’t want anyone to know who you are because you know how people do not care for le and you say nothing to any of these people who are going by there gut and saying that they get bad vibes from you now why not defend yourself??? make us to believe you are worth us listening to and trusting? if you can….

    • sounds like ketchum23 is in Le or something. i always had a bad vibe about him or her for awhile but what can we do

    • hi everyone i will thell u my name it is Earline

  257. Two people stated they saw the billboard in Lake Charles off of McNeese Street. Why would they put it in Lake Charles? Do they think the killer/killer(s) work over there, pass that route a lot, live there? Anyone have an idea?

  258. hey what if the killer is on here and reading all this

    • I really don’t think that the killer is the type to surf the internet. That being said, I may be entirely wrong but I’d be more apt to think that the killer(s) employer, boss, master, director or mentor may be reading all this. I agree with the post that described the person(s) as being very socially low-reaching, is probably drugged out, not well educated and typically a desperate street type with a scared assistant. Either that or he/she is a skilled professional who leaves the impression that the murders are performed by such a person. It’s hard for us to tell with what we are given.

      • I believe we have a what you would call the puppet master…now who is this master that is the question…then who are all the little puppets (that or those) would also love to know. But someone is pulling the strings with all this In my opinion, and where is all this going on? Where are the actual killings going on, because they have never talked about there being alot of blood at any of the sites, and the one’s that had there throat slit well you would think there would be alot of blood but this has never came up, so where could the killer/killers be doing the killing? so many questions and just not enough answer coming in. Sure wish NJPI was able to come back on and talk to us, or maybe KM. Does anyone have any thoughts on any of this? Well I really would not be surprised if the killer/killers was reading all this most killers get off on all the attention from people talking about there killings. Because as a child there mommy never gave them the attention they wanted.

        • The two said to have slit throats I’m wondering if they had already died before their throats were slit. I would suppose there would be much less blood that way, I think but could be wrong. I still feel that was a additional saying I hate you more.

        • southern, you are reading my mind. The puppet master is exactly what I refer to when I mention the importance of concentrating on past murders. I truly believe that the same group has been responsible for many past murders in our area. Considering this, I would not be surprised at all to learn that the murderer(s) has been or will be eliminated to protect the master(s) identity. Anyone who begins to get careless, when doing deeds like this becomes a very big risk for their employer. That person, if he is a mechanic, is very easily replaced (desperate drug addicted killers or professionals are always available) and is in great danger himself, of being erased when they know sensitive information about those who employ them. Information such as who pulls the strings regarding drug dealing, pay-offs, protection, extortion and all the other goodies that go along with Louisiana politics and local or interstate drug marketing and murder for hire. It used to be that no one cared about killings that occurred in a drug and prostitute community. That is what these people have depended upon in the past, that people didn’t care enough to push for justice in cases of “high risk lifestyle” victims. Thank God, this is changing and it seems that the public is beginning to show an interest in human life, because they are humans and not because they have earned the right to be cared about by the more uppity (or simply more fortunate) members of society. It’s about time. I don’t mean to be harsh on the more fortunate ones in society but they are the ones who have contributed to the mindset that we don’t have to care about the less fortunate, less educated, low-income, etc. people when in reality, it is nearly always the case that their own neighbors and the pillars of the community who are running the corruption and who hide their activities through the darkest of methods.

  259. well i wouldnt really be surprised if they were. someone a while back had even came on here and stated that the killer was here but no telling if there was any truth to that or not. but i wouldnt be supirised if the killer came on here.

  260. yes i dont know who is kutchum23 i wish it was on i have a few things to ask i dont know something is not right with it asking all the things on lilbit i had her sister on lastnite but did not ask her are even type her back she is ticked off now and that is my real name to

  261. Ketchum23 I do believe now is the time to tell our “family” of bloggers a little bit about yourself, and what you stand for. Concerned people in our group need some assurances at this point. We all appreciate any, and all, help we get, BUT people are starting to feel like you are posing many questions, yet you are ultra secretive. The point being, can you please address these concerns, and answer the queries ? We were here for you when YOU needed answers, please be here for US, when WE need answers! Thank You!!!

  262. The families of the victims can be gullible and willing to listen to anyone that comes on this site. They want answers and I don’t blame them but they really need to be careful of who they listen to especially when profiles and killers names are given. If the victims families run to police with something said over here by someone they don’t know their credentials then it may make them not believeable to LE. IMO.

  263. IGNITE Beautifully stated theory. I happen to share your views…

  264. ok ketchum23 the floor is yours now what do you do with it? I would take it that with your continuing with the no response to the people on this blog then we should take it that you are fake. We then will all just move on and not accept anything else from you. But understand your window to talk is open but for a short time,we do not have all day and all night to wait on you. Several people commented on your questions and now they get nothing from you so this is your moment to answer the people who are faithful to this blog and want justice for the 8 victim’s . So what do you say?

    • were is katchum34 i hope she get on soon couse i will tell to call me i give my cell not home i need to find out about lilbit

  265. I just knew there was something wrong with that person.Have yall noticed not a word from Ketchum all day.WIERD!!!!!!!!!

    • KITKAT….You did not hear from me earlier because I didn’t go the sleep until 10:00AM this date working on this case. However, I did get one hell of a surprise from some of the bloggers….you included. LOL

  266. Friend,just my opinion but do not give your cell # to Ketchum.In fact do not give it at all except through EMAIL.This Ketchum not trustworthy.

  267. I really think it is very sad that someone would come on here and give a family member hope,when they know damn well they do not have anything.Brittanys little sister came on last night waiting to hear from Ketchum about some new ,news possibly on her sister.Ketchum I do not know who you are but you ought to be ashamed of yourself.Giving that poor little girl false hope.SHAME ON YOU,

    • KITKAT….Thank you for responding. My heart goes out to Brittney’s little sister along with the others. Those of you who had faith in me, Thank you. Even though I have been betrayed by Mr. G8trgirl, I am still going to finish my info today before I go on vacation. Also, please tell Brittney’s little sister to ask her Uncle Butch about me. Those who want to believe me, will and those who don’t, won’t, but it is their loss! Thank you again


  268. G8TRGIRL…..Mr. or Ms. Private Investigator, WHY DID YOU BETRAY MY TRUST? You are the ONLY one I let (via email) know who I am and you stabbed me in the back. You told me that I am not a threat to LE so, tell me, Why was I a threat to you, Mr. Investigator? The people in the community are happy you all are there doing the best you can. If I am such a bad person, WHY DID YOU ASK TO MEET WITH ME? My only regret is that I trusted you and didn’t listen to my own gut that told me that, “it is better to be silent and thought a fool rather than speak and remove all doubt.” I only wanted to help. If you think I am such a “bad person” that needed to be warned against on YOUR blog, then find out why I was chosen to represent the United States in a PBS (Drug)
    Documentary along with three other countries? And, why did you offer to verify my credentials? (which means that you have the source). Since you know who I am ,I also want you know that I don’t back down. I can walk the walk and talk the talk and I will finish today, what I started since, as I told me via email in response to your sabotaging me, that my husband and I will be leaving on vacation for a few weeks and I therefore would be unable to attend the memorial as originally planned. I sincerely hope, Mr. Investigator, that you know the damage you have done to the community and the victims’ families!
    So Long and Good Luck!

    • How did she betray your trust? I haven’t seen or “heard” mention of your identity. I think you’re a crackpot for think she betrayed you. It’s her right to warn others. Just as it’s yours.

  269. as i stated before i received an email from g8trgirl this morning as im sure othersof you did too saying to beware of ketchum. so i definately wouldnt be giving out phone numbers or anything like that.

    • DEAR CONCERNED……I don’t want or need your phone number. As I stated before, I was asked by several Jennings citizenry (a couple of whom I contacted today and told of my betrayal which saddens me because you sound like decent folks). It is your loss. Que Las Tima! I am finishing my information today, as planned, because I am not a quitter and we will be leaving for a few weeks vacation.
      I wish you well…but you didn’t have to be concerned about me!

  270. ketchum why r u refering to g8 as mr.? i was under the impression that g8trgirl is female.

  271. Well Ketchum all I have to say to you is you had that little girl come on last night waiting for some response from you and she got nothing.And then you were very defensive with SouthernBell accusing her of being LE. I got and unusually strange feeling from you from the get go.So ,so long.ASS!!!!!!!

  272. Why are you calling G8tgirl a man. I think your a guy,could be wrong.G8tgirl is a woman.DUH!!!!

    • How do you know? Have you seen her naked? One never really knows, does one?Whether a male or female (I’m leaning towards male because I AM A FEMALE and in my lifetime, males feel threatened by females who know as much or more than they do. Such men think these such females are a threat to them. Also, from his/her emails to me. I would bet my last dollar that she is a HE. Frankly, it really doesn’t matter what its the gender is, the damage has already been done!

      • Well, I would say that post right there proves you are a fake and a lousy profiler . AND you just lost that last dollar LMAO!!!

  273. that what i figured ketchum ur r doing it out of pure disrespect!! well ive lost all respect for u! dont let the door hit u on the way out!

  274. And all of a sudden your leaving to go on vacation and will not be at the memorial,and by the way something tells me you are a male.Your to coniving.

    • Ketchum you should really ask the good lord for forgiveness why should we ask anyone about you why don’t you tell us who you are. Everyone keeps waiting on all this “INFO” you have and nothing you did not go to sleep haha ok and we are to believe that. You have more excuses than answers and I am behind kitkat 100% if anyone did anything wrong it sure is not g8trgirl it is you because g8trgirl has answered question and a very timely manor. she never has left anyone hanging like you have everyone and I sure hope lilbit sister does not listen to a word of what you have to say because you are not reliable but fake. Why do you think that g8trgirl betrayed you ? she is here to protect the ones that she knows who have been on here faithfully and if she did anything then she was like the rest of us and smelled a RAT. SO back off of g8trgirl she is more reliable than you will ever be. I really hope you can sleep at night knowing you gave false hope to people you are just like a bad preacher who send out false hope GOD REALLY BLESS YOUR SOUL I shall pray for you.

      • Thank you for responding. If you read my post earlier, I said that although I have been badmouthed by who you all call G8trgirl, I say that all of you should be thankful that these investigators are there for you. They are doing there best and I applaud them for that. However, what I am saying, is that they did not have to trash me in the meantime. No one more I than hope and pray that the investigators put together the necessary puzzle pieces to solve these murders!But what you all do not understand is that ONLY LE can make that arrest, no matter how much info the investigators give them. They are a tool. I, personally, have a feeling that LE there, already have a darn good idea who the “bad guys” are, but the final decision of if they have enough “probable cause” to effect an arrest is that of the District Attorney and due to the enormity of this case (8 murders) probably the State Atty also. They MUST HAVE ALL OF THEIR DUCKS IN A ROW TO MAKE THE CHARGES STICK!

        • “Excuses are like assholes……….Everyone has one.”

          I didn’t invent that one.

        • I wrote you below but just had to say G8 did not post not one thing about you here and yet you have been posting over and over about G8. As for me I don’t care what sex G8 is if a sex at all what I know is this was a blog that people talked, shared ideas, etc., without dragging each other down. Please stop doing that.

    • YOU AND CONCERNED….ought to pray more. When you find out who I really am, you should feel like a sheep-killing dog! And by the way, conniving is spelled with two N’s. If you are going to talk about me, talk about me properly. Thank you very much.
      I am not going to respond to anymore negative posts, but I am STILL going to finish my info this PM as I have been asked to do, regardless of the G8trgirl.
      By the way, I forgive you two for being so negative. You cannot find answers that way. It is a detriment to the other bloggers, members of the community and the victims’ families so shame on you!

      • do not address weather i need to pray or not! if u have read any of my post from the past u would be aware that i am a woman full of faith! and also i do not need to be singled out by u either my post regarding u were far from being mean. on second thought i really dont feel the need to waste my time defending myself or responding to you. have a nice day and vacation!!

      • Before you start correcting other people’s grammar and spelling you should spell check your own. It’s detrimental. “People in glass houses..”

    • WOW! first of all, in defense of g8trgirl, she does NOT owe her identity to anyone, PERIOD! in the short time that i have been “getting to know” her, she has never treated me with ANYTHING but respect. As much as she may/may not want to attend the memorial, even if she did not have plans, i would not blame her for choosing not to attend. There are some people who are desperately trying to find out her identity for their own personal reasons. she started this blog as a way for people to come and connect and vent and express ideas, opinions, and concerns about the situation at hand. NEVER once did she promise anyone that they would ever know her on a personal level.
      SHE DOESNT OWE ANYONE ON THIS BLOG A DAMN THING!!!!! this is a place where people can come and be anonymous. so if g8 is a woman, a man, a big fat gay QUEEN, it doesnt matter to me nor should it to anyone else. she has never manipulated me into doing anything for her, never conned me out of my own info. If you dont like that, or her, or her wishes to have the privacy she deserves then get the F- OUT!!!!!!!!!

  275. I thought G8tgirl was female,hence the name G8tgirl.Ketchum who are you really?

  276. Guys, I’d like you to listen. I wanna set the record straight for everyone. I’m gonna let Ketchum come forward will a truthful identity. Ketchum knows why I posted what I did earlier and I think ALL of you should trust your gut instincts on this one. Ketchum’s identity will not be revealed by me. Please know that there are at least 2 others that I’m tracking down as we speak who have not truthfully represented themselves. I will notify you all when I am 100% positive. Most of us came here for the same reasons, to unite, to share and compare info, to honor our fallen victims and to try to bring justice, but some that are here are not interested in these things as much as they are to collect information for “other” purposes. Go with your gut and be careful who you trust…especially you, lilbit! We love you 🙂

    • IF, you know who I am then ,I know who you work for. I also want you to know that I DON’T THROW A ROCK AND HIDE MY HAND!
      If you know who I am and have checked me out, then you know my background in these type cases. And in knowing that, I am here to tell you that in all of my lifetime, I HAVE NEVER MET SUCH A GROUP OF UNAPPRECIATIVE, UNTHANKFUL INGRATES! That shoe, thankfully, does not fit all here. They know who they are.

  277. ketchum do u want to call me

    • u see you dont want to talk now u scared

      • friend = if this person does call you what your self and don’t believe what they say… be very careful. as you can see there are way to many people on here that have bad feeling about this person. Why this many people have a bad feeling about this person, well there must be something bad about them. PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL

  278. Damn, whats going on in here. it looks like ive missed something along the way. just who is ketchum and who is g8 now? g8 isnt a girl? im really getting concerned about this forum. the more it goes the more untrusting i get. do any of you get that uneasy feeling in here?

    • Ok, everyone calm down…LOL. I think G8 should be left out of this one. I can attest that, although I do not know g8’s identity, this person is the real deal and has done this community a service. We all can feel that if we trust our insticts. Let’s don’t get “mob mentality” and start taking in after people with our torches and pitchforks. Let’s just all try to go on with our goal, just as we have until now.

      • why she dont want to talk to lilb its family


  279. and where is G8? why aren’t you defending yourself? this is getting really confusing!

    • in the email i received today from G8 she stated that she would be away today and most of Saturday so she would not be able to monitor the blog.

      im sure she is not aware of what is being said yet.

  280. You guys the more you spat back to her the more she will spat period. Let’s get back on the topic of the girls. Come on!

  281. nicki – do you know something you arent telling us? do you know ketchum and g8 real identity and sex?

  282. ok, why isnt anyone talking right now? why is it so quiet in here all of a sudden?

  283. I DO NOT know G8! And why does G8 need to defend themselves…what? because Ketchum said G8 was a traitor?! It was ME that posted the comment, not G8. Seriously people, that’s what people like Ketchum are put on this sight to do…make us turn against each other and become ineffective. Everyone just go have a beer and calm down, k?

    • Thanks Nicki. Now, how about if I come on here from time to time and agitate everyone? Can we go have a beer every time I do that? I’ll be glad to do it A LOT!!! LOL

  284. i dont understand either curvy i must have missed something along the way ive busy all day at work not much chance to read so now im confused!!

  285. So why do ya’ll think they have a sign in lake charles and not Jennings? Really where did this $85,000 come from also? that is more than our own task force is offering

  286. ok nicki, so your saying you dont know g8 identity but you trust this person, right?

  287. I am sorry I went off the handle but this person pissed me off.I hate when someone takes advantage of someone.I just felt sorry for Brittanys little sister.Waiting for a response from Ketchum.Sorry I lost my temper.

  288. I wonder if we could take this $85,00 and our little what is it $35,000 or is it even that much? but anyway take the two and combine them together and make them as one. Would the Governor office you think help put out a reward if we all emailed him and asked him this???

  289. ok, come on ppl!!! what has happened to this blog. over time things have seemed to slowly come undone. we should all be here to console each other and try to find the suspect(s). we should not be on here trying to tear each other appart. this blog is like everything else in life, you need to trust your instincts, but don’t try and get “the mob mentality” that seems to be happening now. if you don’t trust someone so be it, but why does anyone’s sexual identity have to do with anything. i am happy g8 made this blog for everyone to share their thoughts and ideas. i am happy that everyone who shares trust enought to share the info they have. idk i am just upset that everyone is fighting. i have written g8 about this oh maybe a month ago. it seems that things have only gotten worse since i wrote. i just hope that things can get back to the true focus, and no one else is found dead

  290. lets do what Brownie suggested and go back to talking about the girls and the case forget ketchum they just want to get us off track so let’s just ignore and not get off track anymore.

    • I agree, southern. We don’t have to provide personal information and we don’t have to ask for it either. It isn’t of value to the cause. We REALLY don’t have to get angry. We can expect that people will attempt to infiltrate the site in order to find out who is spreading truths about local corruption and cover-ups. We can expect this because they are all about revenge, bullying and abuse of power. The fact that some come onto the site and attempt to manipulate is a sign that they are concerned. That means we are on the right track. Let’s continue to assemble data and communicate effectively. if someone wants to assist, we should let them but not give out personal information. Anyone who wants to do so can give their personal information but I’m wary when someone asks for it. Many of us know each other already but we should expect some to come onto the site to create a list of detractors like the leaders of Communist nations do. Remember, these people are corrupted and have much to hide. they do not take lightly to groups that are figuring them out.

  291. Maybe with all the national media attention someone will come forward and help to put more money up for the reward? anything will help. But I for one am so happy that we are getting the national attention we are now that is so awesome I am so grateful for this.

  292. i do agree with you flower power. why do these ingrates come on here and try to refocus what the forum is intended for? I was the one who said i saw the billboard on mcneese st. in LC yesterday afternoon. i have no idea where the money is coming from for the reward or why the billboard is in LC. Im sure it was put there to get as much attention as possible. alot of people live in LC and go down mcneese st. its a busy street. look how i saw it and wasnt even looking for it. i didnt know it was there.

    • I wonder if they have gotten any response from it being up? Well at least someone is doing something, that we all can be very glad for. I am very happy about this sign and who ever put that money up I can only say THANK YOU. also curvy thanks for sharing the info about the sign 🙂

      • If anyone got the e-mail from g8trgirl look at the clue in the post above this one. Don’t get it? Read your e-mail again.

  293. hey guys i left jennings quite awhile back what is the ph # to the police station i remember when joe semmes had the mouthing off blog, when some of the cops signed on their screen name contained part of that # does anyone know it? thanks! im talking about the old 824 # not an 821#

  294. The Jennings PD # is 824 0423

  295. Sorry I lost my temper but Ketchum made me so angry.I dislike conniving people and people that take advantage of others during a bad situation.Alright I said my peace I am finished with that.

  296. bingo!!

  297. Ok if you got bingo what was the prize?

  298. it would be nice if they had billboards in jennings, crowley, laffy, and houston. i know all this would take a lot of money though. it just seems that that would get someone’s attention.

    • That would be a great idea flower power. At one time someone called the billboard people and asked them to donate one. Maybe that is the place they put it. Who was that do you guys remember?

      • i am looking for it now. i remember reading that a while back, i just can’t find it yet

        • ok i finally found some of the info.
          on thread #26

          g8trgirl, on August 21st, 2009 at 3:32 PM Said:
          I’m wondering if Lamar Advertising (has the large billboards) would consider donating the signs as a public service since this is crime related. I believe I read somewhere they have done that before.

          Firewife, on August 21st, 2009 at 3:40 PM Said:
          I just found their website… I’ll see if I can find out what they have to offer

          Firewife, on August 21st, 2009 at 3:51 PM Said:
          I called , got a generic voice mail…. Sent a lengthy email….

          g8trgirl, on August 23rd, 2009 at 4:21 PM Said:
          Firewife…..just now saw your comment. Please let us know if you find out anything.

          Firewife, on August 24th, 2009 at 9:16 AM Said:
          I heard back from the billboard company this morning…. She said she forwarded my email to the location that can help us…. She said she knows if they can help they will…. I’ll update everyone when I hear from them again….

          but it seems like i remember someone saying they knew someone who owned a billboard company and would get them to donate space. i just can’t find it

  299. just doing some thinking

  300. oh and why didn’t they have the billboard thing on the news? i remember when family’s of other murdered ppl have put up billboards around laffy that they would have an unveiling type thing to make everyone more aware. did this happen and i just missed it or did it never happen in this case?

  301. thanks for the # southern bell!

  302. This is so true flower so true. We would really have to get someone with some money or some kind of backing for that to happen I am afraid but you never know with all this media coverage it can happen

  303. Your welcome almostsure

  304. I think Ketchum got the message, folks!

  305. NOW WE’RE IN BUSINESS!!! This is why I love this place so much! Y’all know what we’re here for and yes, it is FREAKIN annoying and pathetic when certain entities want to destroy us by using our own passion about this situation to try to destroy, but we will always come out on top if we stick together! To Curvy: That is what I’m saying…I don’t know G8, but my faith, my gut, and that little voice in my head says G8 checks out and is here for the right reasons. I am grateful to G8 for allowing us this venue to express ourselves and exchange information with each other. Thank y’all so much for hanging in there! We can make a difference here if we stay tight. I don’t just say that as some empty catch phrase. I really do believe it!

  306. It would be nice if we could get some kind of function setup in town and a percent of the proceeds went toward the reward money or they could set up there own and make some one be the guardian over it well maybe two or three like they had to vote and it had to have a percent to vote yes or only if someone comes up with info that produces in a arrest of someone. I don’t know just thinking out loud lol

  307. I’m thinking the billboard featured other stuff on it besides the JD8. I think it was one of those billboards that flash different stuff on it. All I happen to see was Necole’s pic with the reward lit up in big numbers. So maybe there are different sponsors that advertise on that one billboard.

  308. Well, that is great anyway, no matter who paid for it or donated it. To whoever it is THANKS!

  309. i wonder where the reward money came from? an anonymous donor maybe?
    and why didn’t law enforcement let the public know of this reward or did they?

  310. if someone could find out what co. owns the billboard then they could tell you who sponsored it or if they wanted to remain anonymous.. could be an organization known for doing this sort of thing nationwide…

  311. I bet they didn’t even know about it lol, It takes the public to get anything out. But it is out now

  312. Hmmm, don’t know. That’s the first time I see the billboard and I go down mcneese st.pretty often cuz that’s where we get our hair cut.

  313. TO ALL…I am finishing what I started and after that ,it will be your red wagon. You all can push it or pull it. Either way , you should ask yourselves why others tried so hard to discredit me. Just take a minute and think about it. I STAND BY WHAT I SAY.
    I was unaware that I sounded “demanding” at times as you all said. That is just my natural way.
    THe only other civilian person I told some of this info to was Mr. G8trgirl who immediately proceeded to discredit me. Well so be it………Here Goes:

    I received information from a very very reliable source that a subject that on Monday, November 3, 2008 at between 4-5:00AM, was driving east on W. Nezipique Street and upon crossing Cary Avenue, observed a female being forced into a dark-colored car in front of the VFW building. Said vehicle contained what appeared to be a male and a female. This subject proceeded to Main St., turned right circuling the block and upon returning discovered the vehicle & the girl gone. It wasn’t until several days later that this subject learned that Brittney Gary was missing. This subject was advised to tell the police which I was told that they did. However, after recently learning of this info, an inquiry to LE was made and was told that this info was not received. (THIS IS THE INFO I RELATED TO MR. INVESTIGATOR G8trgirl WHO BETRAYED ME THE NEXT DAY INSTEAD OF APPRECIATING THE INFO. I AM NOT A PAID INVESTIGATOR! My pay is helping catch the “bad guys!”
    MOVING ON…….My take on the matter and why I was asking questions about the northside.
    As earlier posted to me, I was informed that Brittney returned from Texas five (5) days BEFORE she was last seen leaving the Family Dollar Store @ 5:30PM on November 2, 2008. (By my calculation based on the 5-day info, it would be October 29, 2008 indeed less that a week as previously reported. She was last seen walking east on Plaquemine St. and then southbound towards where she was staying on S. Doyle (which someone posted earlier) for which she never arrived. However, for all I know, unless she was ACTUALLY SEEN on S. Doyle, she could have walked south on Andrew St. from the Family Dollar Store! If LE and/or the Menard Investigators canvassed the area, they should know for sure.

    Remember, she knew that the body of her first cousin #3) LOPEZ was discovered in a canal on March 18, 2007. She also knew that #4)WHITNEI DUBOIS was murdered and found on a lonely road on May 12, 2007. Most importantly, she knew that her best friend, #5)MUGGY BROWN who was last seen by her grandmother ,who knew that she was scared and wanted to immediatly leave town, was found brutally murdered with a slit throat & doused in bleach on a rural road @ 4:30am on May 28, 2008, ONLY HOURS AFTER LEAVING HOME! Brittney knew all of this, not to mention Victims #1)CHAISSON and #2)PATTERSON, who worked for her mother at Wendy’s.

    Best friends talk. Do not think for a moment that she and Muggy (obviously before she died) did not compaire notes either by cell phone or in person. Muggy’s death probably hit her very hard and scared the heck out of her.
    NOTE: I am sending this now so I won’t lose it again.

    • Ok now how did g8trgirl deceive you?

    • Let’s talk about the area around the VFW. That would be the building next to the JDNs if I’m correct and it would be not very far from where little Brittney was seen the day before. FGS someone must tell someone or yell it all over if the poor child was alive at that time.

      You know you could be good and helpful but it is not necessary to bring others down making yourself look good. You see earlier you talked about the lady from AMW and now you are at it. I don’t know G8 and do not care if a robot what I know is this bog is needed and worked very well until the last few days.

      • Wrong side of town. VFW is on hwy 90 heading west.

        • Actually there is a building on the side of JDN that says VFW. I’ll go recheck tomorrow but I thought I saw that when getting the paper a few times.

        • Popeye, I’m not the best at directions so I’ll explain the building I’m talking about this way – if I’m in front of JDN at the paper machine to the right there is a driveway then a building. That is the building I thought had a sign saying VFW.

          • It’s the American Legion Hall. I don’t remember the number. There’s a driveway in between them.

      • No that is not the building by the Jeff daily News the VFW is out on 90 heading toward welch the building by the JDN is the American Legion Building

    • “Monday, November 3, 2008 at between 4-5:00AM, was driving east on W. Nezipique Street and upon crossing Cary Avenue, observed a female being forced into a dark-colored car in front of the VFW building”

      Your source and/or you are lying. The vfw is on HWY 90. No where near the location you posted.

      • That’s the one I’m talking about but what does it say in the front of the building and could that be the building the person is talking about? The streets are all very near and the next street over is the National Guard then crossing the tracks is the street(s) last seen. I just want to know more from the writer.

        • It’s the American Legion next to the National Guard Armory and the Jennings Daily News.

      • POPEYE……I am NOT a liar or I am familiar with your streets in Jennings. I looked up the VFW building and found the address to be 1603 Hwy #90. I don’t know. However, I still rely on my source even if I got confused on the directions. My notes say something about the westside corner. Capitol One Bank. Behind bank past Plaqemine Street. This is what my notes read. I called my source this afternoon and left a message to find out what the female was wearing and a description of the car. I will call back to get the exact location of this sighting. When I find out, I will have someone pass the info on to someone trustworthy on the blog AHLOU, how about you? You always made my day.Popeye, Thanks for informing me but please let me know if my note directions are better. I never got a chance see that area for

    • Not only that but Brittany was said to have expressed fear of being killed. I’ve said over and over that friends talk and someone knows something. My thought is that they don’t trust LE enough to tell….

      • Darkstar24 my sister did say a few months b4 she came up missing that she didn’t trust any LE. She lived with me in Houston and that is where she told me this.

        • well i sure hope that u r not listing to anything that anybody says in here that is native about your sister i think they r wrong for doing so if they r i dont read all blogs every day . the only thing i can say is your sister r any of the other girls should of die cause of what they did r did not do. there is a good lord up above that will help and i hope it is soon.

        • I can’t say I blame her for not trusting LE. That is why I wish an outside and seperate investigation would happen….there are just too many suspicions within the local entity.

    • CONTINUING……(lost it again and have to start over)

      Then lo and behold, another victim #6) CRYSTAL ZENO came of missing. I believe I read a report that she was last seen on August 27, 2008 and her body later discovered in a dry canal in an advanced state of decomposition. She was positively identified two months later in November, 2008.
      Brittney Gary would have HEARD of her being missing whether she was in Texas or Jennings! (By my calculations, she was in Texas), but remember she had a cell phone. THis latest missing person ZENO would have “done it” for Brittney (who I said was most likely in Texas). Upon her return, she most likely began to “connect the dots” to the previous killings and ZENO’s disappearance, and probably by a “slip of the tongue” made a statement , who to someone she knew and trusted,who in turn, was the culprit or someone who told someone else that she know too much. Upon realizing her mistake, I believe she became more scared when, at some point, her suspicions became a reality when with her being so young was disappointed that someone she know and trusted was a cold-blooded killer and, unfortunately, became our Victim #7). I am so sorry because I feel that she never had a chance at life. Seeing her face on the news at the time of her disappearance and later, her murder started my adrenalin pumping wanting to get involved. However, I was asked first in May of 2009 to please take a lookand was asked again when Necole was murdered. That is why I had a lot of catching up to do.
      Now, we come to Victim #8) NECOLE GUILLORY who was last seen alive on Sunday, August 26, 2009 getting into a car on North Doyle Street. (Note: It was be interesting to know, from whoever saw this, if the car was dark-colored?) Her decomposed body was discovered on Wednesday, August 19, 2009 on an embankment off of I-10 in Acadia Parish, I think, between mile Exits #72 & #73 (Egan). The killer(s)
      changed his M.O. by location only Was he thumbing his nose up at someone? Necole, too, had also been asphyxiated.


        The female being forced into a car in the wee hours could very well have been Britney
        JARGON “Copping” means to purchase drugs
        “Stroll””means were working girls work
        Victim #3) LOPEZ who was last seen in the Northern
        area was either copping or working
        IF it was Victim #7)BRITTNEY, she was doing the
        as above, or, I would like to think, was walking
        home from visiting someone when she was
        snatched (Her cell phone pings will tell the story)
        Victim #8)NECOLE was most likely working since
        she was seen getting into a car on North Doyle
        Street and perhaps had also copped in that area


          Necole would have changed her “working area” because S. Main Street & Andrew Street were too hot with new people being seen, especially those taking pictures, as evidenced per the Kirk Menard Video of her on June 9, 2009. Well orgainized drug dealers have lookouts too.
          Well, I hope I have helped some of you at least. Please continue to work together putting the pieces together. Remember, every little tidbit helps!
          Good luck, Take Care and God Bless

          P.S. Regarding the body of Ms. Stephanie McKenzie
          who was from Humble, Texas and discovered
          dead in a rural area of Jennings the other day.
          When autopsy and/or toxicology reports come
          back, it would be interesting to know is they
          find high levels of alcohol and narcotics in
          addition to her prescription drugs in her
          Those of you who kept the faith, Thank you and Good Luck to you all.

          • Oh, crap I thought you was going to give a profile. Thanks anyway…it has been interesting.

          • You are just playing guessing games you are not giving any facts just you guessing kectchum you are a nobody that wants to be a somebody go back to your hole that you decided to climb out of stop playing games with people

          • Southernbell, you know you have just come here lately and you are telling me what you said or am I understanding wrong. If so then post it to the person you are referring…I had to think twice because it seems you replied to me but talking to that other person.

      • You have you time line wrong… Necole had already died by the 26th of august… You date dont even match…

        • She doesnt know what she is talking about.. You see she put Necole was last seen on August 26 and body was found on August 19th… Wtf she doesnt know what she is say anymore…

      • CORRECTION………August 26, is a TYPO. It should say August 16, 2009. Thank you for calling that to my attention.

  314. But I don’t know for sure how long the billboard has been there.

  315. Well maybe some more will be put up. If that would happen you know that would be so awesome

  316. Hey remember awhile back someone was talking about billboards and they said something about we could get one the people would donate i guess it was the board but we would have to come up with some of the money for i guess the actual print of what ever we would want on it I wonder if someone didn’t see on the blog about us talking about this and decided to just put one up. However it got there i am very happy about it 🙂

  317. i will keep the pressure on le the are now going around asking about me i think they are trying to retaliate for my tv spots but i wont stop seeking justice and answers i have more things in the works stay tuned

    • Keep up the fine work Michael…..we are all behind you!
      Keep your head up your doing a great job.
      Our thoughts & prayers are with you and all family members of all the victims.
      God Bless You All!!!!

    • We’re behind you, let them ask questions you have a good team behind you and you know that.

  318. last post was by michael dubois

    • MR. DU BOIS. By all means, keep on keeping on! I saw the pain on your face in your interviews and I asked the Comforter to please help you and your family. As I stated before, I really wanted to meet your niece, Whitnei’s daughter and her cousin,Loretta’s son. I saw your niece on an earlier video and she looks so much like my “daughter” that I raised. Thank God she has a loving family to love and take care of her. For this reason, Mr. DuBois, you MUST KEEP FIGHTING FOR JUSTICE to help ease the pain that I know she is suffering too. By the grace of God, we were able to catch and convict my girl’s mother’s killers. I would give anything to be there and give you and her a big hug. Please know and let her know, that she is loved and cared about by so many people.I pray that the s.o.b.’s that did this to Whitnei and broke her daughter’s heart is brought to justice very very soon. Also, I would like to know her name. Thank you and God Bless You and Yours…..

  319. Well Michael keep up the faith and keep up the great work you and your family are doing we are all behind you and your family all the way.

  320. A billboard arriving into Jennings on the interstate with all of the girls photos and maybe a slogan stating help us find a killer.It wouls raise awareness especially people driving from Lafayette to LakeCharles.Alot of traffic.

    • KITKAT I like ur idea about the billboard in Jennings. If people who know information and aren’t saying anything see it everyday it may prick the concious of the guilty and who knows; maybe new info will be brought forward. Good idea

  321. Maybe a fundraiser would help with the cost of the billboard.I can find out how much it would cost and maybe I can do something in Lafayette to raise awareness to this cause.

  322. I just posted this on the JUSTICE for Jefferson Davis page. It is pretty lengthy, but, I think, worth reading. Thx y’all!


    I spent my ENTIRE day trying to unravel the enigma which is, MAIT! It stand for Multi-Agency Investigative Team. This is the task force to which Sheriff Ricky Edwards often refers.

    My objective was to make contact with ALL of the agencies that Sheriff Edwards stated were members of his task force and get names and contact information for those persons, in order to send each one a formal invitation to a public question and answer forum hosted by our group.

    Yes, Sheriff Edwards can tell me that “It’ll never happen”, but if that is the case, then I think we should be able to hear it from each member of the task force, as well as, the department that employs them.

    I set a, seamingly modest, goal for the day. I intended to make contact with 13 different agencies listed by Mr. Edwards.

    1- Acadia Parish Sheriff’s Office
    2- Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office
    3- Jennings Police Dapartment
    4- 15th Judicial District Attorney’s Office
    5- 31st Judicial District Attorney’s Office
    6- Louisiana State Police
    7- Louisiana Department of Probation and Parole
    8- Louisiana Department of Justice
    9- FBI
    10- Southwest Louisiana Crime Lab
    11- Louisiana State Police Crime Lab
    12- FBI Crime Lab
    13- FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit

    I made 32 phone calls. Many of these people (when I could actually reach a REAL human being, that is) played leap frog with me, transferring me from one department to another, until I had forgotten why I called in the first place. I talked to so many voice mail messaging systems that I began telling my children to leave their message after the tone. I connected with a few live human beings that I, obviously, caught off guard, (because they actually answered their phone) and they were VERY RUDE, minus 2. I sent 31 emails to various departments within departments, many of which were returned as an invalid email address. (Seriously, what was I thinking? I only got the email address from THEIR websites or in some cases by THEM personally, I guess I should have expected that!)

    Of these 60 plus contacts, I have received only 3 replies and I have only managed to get 2 ACTUAL names of individuals who are members of our task force! I have broken it down by department so you can see my progress with each one. The results are as follows:

    1- APSO: left a voice mail and sent an email…NO RESPONSE
    2- CPSO: sent an email…NO RESPONSE
    3- Jennings Police Dept.: ALL HAIL Chief Lassiter! He was the first to return my email detailing the member of his department assigned to the task force!
    4- 15th Judicial District Attny: sent an email…NO RESPONSE
    5- 31st Judicial District Attny: Did you know our DA doesn’t even have an email address?! WTH? AnyWho, I left a message for Mr. Cassidy to return my call…guess what?…NO RESPONSE
    6- LA State Police: sent 3 emails to various department heads. I placed a call to Troop D commander, Cpt. Michael Leonards, and nice person number 1. He directed me to the proper contact person, Benny Broussard. I left a voicemail…NO RESPONSE
    7- LA Dept. of Probation and Parole: This was, indeed, an interesting one. I sent 2 emails. One to the director, Eugenie Powers and one to the Regional Director, Phyllis Sheridan. My email to Ms. Powers was returned because her address (as listed on their website) was invalid. Ms. Sheridan, however did reply to my email in order to tell me that her department did have someone assigned to the task force, but the person’s identity was none of our business. She suggested I contact Ricky Edwards. I politely responded that I had already contacted Mr. Edwards and he ping ponged me to her. I also stated that, we, the public had a right to the information I was requesting. No big surprise…NO RESPONSE
    8- Department of Justice – Office of the Attorney General: I would like to know just how these folks could find their own butts if they were armed with a search warrant. There was NO ANSWER on practically every number I dialed. After leaving multiple voicemails, I received a call from them in which I was told that THEY did not know how to get in touch with Mr. Caldwell. This woman did, however, give me the names of a few department heads. After sending 6 emails to various divisions of the Attorney General’s Office and getting 2 of them returned for invalid addresses, I received…NO RESPONSE
    9- FBI: Now, HERE is where it gets good. I researched the FBI website. I made note of some contact numbers and found information regarding their crime lab and their behavioral analysis unit. On the website, it states that the FBI formed a cooperative between their departmental resources (one of which is the behavioral analysis unit) called the National Center for Analysis of Violent Crime (NVAVC). The FBI website states that there is “a NCAVC coordinator in each field office.” I first called the FBI office in Lake Charles. The girl that answered basically refused to give me any info on the agent assigned to our task force. She was unwilling and uninterested in my helping me with any of my requests. I reminded this person also, that the public has a right to receive the information I was requesting and I expected an answer. After pulling a few more teeth, the woman FINALLY gave me the agent’s name, but refused to give me contact info. I hung in there and wrangled a few more rounds, finally convincing her to connect me with the agent’s voicemail. Hoping to “kill two birds with one stone”, I returned to her asking if there was a NCAVC coordinator in their office…her response….HUH? Nevermind. I called the New Orleans FBI Field Office and talked to the duty agent, Andre Jeanfreau, and nice person number 2. Although he had no idea what a NVAVC was nor did he have ANY information on how to reach the FBI’s Crime Lab or Behavioral Analysis Unit, he was still very diligent anddid provide me with the name and number of an agent that oversees interships for the BAU…that was as good as he could do with what he had to work with. Agent Jeanfreau, like myself, was not pleased to find how difficult his agency’s website is to navigate. He ended up Googling the info in oreder to find the other agents number…yes, you did hear me correctly…thank Gog for Google!
    10- Southwest LA Crime Lab: Of course, no one was home there either. I left a voicemail and, as of yet, have received…NO RESPONSE
    11- LA State Police Crime Lab: I placed a call to them and the kindly operatator gave me (in her most country of accents) the names and emaill addresses of the director and assitant director of this department. Success! Something was finally simple! I sent emails to both of the individuals and…THEY WERE BOTH RETURNED!…Email addresses INVALID!
    12- FBI Crime Lab: Forget about it!…It ain’t happening
    13- FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit: Pfffttt!….Whateva! What’s a NVAVC coordinator?

    So, there it is folks! I don’t know what to say, do or think at this point. I’m going to go have a beer, smoke a cigarette as long as my arm and then get back up and hit it all again tomorrow!

    I’ll be sending an email to y’all tomorrow. I want YOUR help and input on our next move for this MONDAY. Thank you all and God bless!

    • Nicki, thank you for your extreme efforts. It sounds like our tax dollars are really hard at work with regard to the public bodies that make up the task force. Now, FBI agent, Andre Jeanfreau, if I understand correctly, actually tried to assist you? Well, he’ll never get anywhere in law enforcement that way. But, who knows, he might one day win the Nobel Peace Prize. Seems any yahoo can do that nowadays. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

    • as far as acadia parish detectives for the sheriffs dept, its a waste of time. Probation officers…..phft …again another waste of time. if you knew my story with them about my son then you would understand just how crooked they are. they make up the law as they go & force you to sign papers when in shock about a situation. if you refuse they threaten you with years in jail for their made up laws. they are just as bad if not worse than jeff davis le. at least with jd le you know going into it that they are crooked.

  323. AHLOU……You have really been a sweetheart and good encouragement. Did you read all three(3) of my long posts? They are separate because I had a problem and had to change computers! Thanks for being you………LOL

    • I may have been whatever because I want to believe you was helping. I am following whatever there is ourt there and hoping no one is playing games. I also find you have a lot of excuses – computer info tells one when writing – save, save, save.

      I totally object to your trying to bring down G8 in the process. I have the greatest respect for the person.

      • I agree ahlou. I have the most respect for g8trgirl and I don’t believe in name calling or back biting. She has done alot and without her none of this would have been possible. Someone that really wants to help doesn’t call names or accuse. Hard to trust a person like that even if their intentions are well meant.

      • AHLOU……I just lost my my post to Popeye again. I wish to heck I know how to save on this laptop earler. You see, this was my first time ever posting or chatting. I only write my church programs and creative cards. Thanks for info. What I was saying to Popeye is I am not a liar nor is the source. I take the blame for the wrong exact location because I don’t know Jennings (although I have learned a lot since working on this case). Maybe you can make sense out of my written notes about the VFW building. Actually, they said the Veteran building. My notes read: corner of Academy & Cary Avenue. W/S corner. Capitol One Bank. Behind bank past Plaquemine Street. I ooked up VFW address @ 1603 Hwy #90 (Railroad Ave).I never got the chance to see the area for myself. I did call the source and left a message that I need more info on the female’s clothing, the car description and I will call back to get the EXACT area. I will have someone pass the info on to someone sincere on this blog. How about you, AHLOU? You always made my day.

  324. Well said ahlou I agree with you 100 percent.To little to late for Ketchum but they sure keep trying.

  325. The name calling and back biting will end NOW !!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! Families are waiting for closure! Time to go FORWARD…. I love you all, we need unity.

  326. I’m taking my girls on a hay ride. Hug your kids, and thank God you have them…

  327. What on earth is yankeepi talking about.Does anyone understand?

  328. Well I say let us all moved forward and after this we do not answer any post that ketchum might post, we just all need to ignore them and stay with what we need to and that for us all to be united and to be here for the families and each other. We are here for one thing and that is justice for the 8 girls and there families. So let keep this in our sight and move forward as of tonight this moment this minute we will not speak of ketchum or any of there post. SO who will start our topic to speak of now ?

  329. Well I hope everyone who goes to the fair tonight tries to stay dry and safe…it is so cool and wet outside so stay safe and warm out there…I hope no one gets sick either, GOD BLESS YOU ALL

  330. ThankYou LilBits sister.It would be a big reminder to everyone thats traveling that Jennings definatley has a big problem.And it would keep the girls memories alive.

  331. Hey M.Silver. You are correct in that the GF’s apt. was on Port, two hundred yards from Gardere lane.

    He did however change his profile after DTL was caught and said he did so to reflect the information about DTL’s GF’s apt. on Port, off Gardere. It was information that was not available to him or anyone else during the investigation. He also said that he did it to show what his profile would have been had he known of her existance.

    I am not implying that he did it to be sneaky, nor am I being critical of him. I did follow it closely since I was raised in BR. I remember he did earlier profiles as well and how they evolved as there were more victims and information.

  332. To whitneis sister,has CNNs Don Lemon been in touch to do anymore coverage?And what do you think of the billboard?Arriving in Jennings on the interstate coming in from Lafayette.Lots of traffic.May make someone come forward.

    • KITKAT I think that we should have a billboard donated instead of paying for one. Haven’t we paid for enough? If there are any kind spirited people in this community who care about the girls and their justice don’t u think the donation of a billboard would be a blessing? This place has grown so cold that I wonder if there is anyone around here like that with a loving and kind heart .

      • There was someone that said something about someone would donate the billboard but that we would have to pay for the actual sign that goes up on there at one time there was talk about seeing if local business would not donate toward this but nothing else came of this maybe we can get back on this Need to go back in the post and see if we can find who was talking about this and maybe we can get them to tell us more about this and If by any chance the person that was talking about this awhile back if you read this can you please tell us again about this. I know it was sometime after Necole body was found so we will have to go back to the post around that time.

      • lets go to places of business and ask for there help to pay for it like the DA office, the sheriff department, city police, and the banks

  333. I don’t think you can call what you posted a ” profile” your own work. Looks to me like you took bits and pieces of different things you read and crammed it together and tried to call it a profile! HEHE! Good try though!

  334. Nicki, this is the same thing I have encountered but not as extensive as yours. Thanks for the affirmation. It is just wondrous that we are in the USA and are fairly internet savvy and we can’t get pass go with our government. There seems to be a lot of p’s and q’s that aren’t directed.

    This is totally frustrating.

    • You’re right, it is VERY frustrating! After a while, I have to find humor in something that has the potential to depress me so badly. That being the case, here is an update:
      About an hour agao, I got another response from Phyllis Sheridan, the Regional Director in the LA Dept. or Probation and Parole. (If you’ll remeber she is the one that basically said it was none of our business) In the email, she asked if I would call her and she provided me with her cell number and her work number. I called her cell number…IT WASN’T HER NUMBER! How can they expect to accomplish the smallest of tasks if they don’t even know their own FREAKIN phone number?! LMAO! It’s just so typical!

      • you will keep getting stuff like that to from probation office. esp if you are dealing with the one in laffy(?). here part of my story with them. my son was on probation and continued to do many wrong things. when we would call for help from them they would get mad at us cause they had to do their job. well to make a long story short my son assualted a teacher at school and they let him off of his probation the very next day. the is your hard earned tax dollars at work ppl. after that is when the big time corruption came into play, but this isn’t the time or place to discuss this. just wanted to show an example of how things are


    How can I be the terrible monster you make me out to be when you commended me earlier (Thread #34 when I joined the blog) for raising a murdered white prostitutes daughter and whose black father was in the penitentiary. Her white grandmother didn’t want her because she was half black and her black grandmother didn’t want her because she was half white. Sadly, racism works both ways! She was seven years old and I had been looking out for her since she was three. Her mother and her new white ..boyfriend had been viciously murdered ( by her “old” boyfriend who was black) by multiple stab wounds and slit throats in this double homicide When she did not have any other relatives who wanted her, who did she turn to. ME…..THE COP, WHO ALONG WITH HER COLLEAGUES, SOLVED THE CRIME and sent the killer and his accomplice, to the pen with life sentences. From this, I learned that victims’ children need counselling because they also fear that their new caregiver will be murdered also.I provided her with counselling . Later, I also counselled other troubled children in my off-duty hours.
    A LT. TOLD ME THAT IF YOUR LE DID NOT USE ME , IT WOULD BE YOUR LOSS. I gave it my best shot and wish you all the luck. For what it is worth, I DID offer my services to your local LE who never responded. Yesterday, I revealed myself to G8trgirl , who was surprised. I told “her”(?) I had planned to attend the memorial service and meet with the victim’s families and children, but, was discouraged from it because of alleged warnings “it” received against “it” and myself. I reponded that I am not a whoosy and can shoot very well. Then, this the next email related that “it” can shoot good too and had also prepared a profile but didn’t put it on the blog. Then this afternoon, I see that “it” warned you all against me. That is so sad. But don’t quit piecing information and working together. Trust g8trgirl. THis investigator and his staff have very good intentions.
    Oh, I forgot to tell you all, I HAVE been to Jennings and walked among you gathering info which was of help to me here before I joined your blog. Too bad that my colleagues were right about the south not wanting any outside help. Que Las Tima!

    P.S. SERIALPSYCHIC seems to be trustworthy, very intelligent and above all, Competent!

    • I know you won’t believe this Ketchum but several of us have met g8trgirl in person and she has been to Jennings, where do you think the pictures came from. Yes she is a girl and she started this site. She is trustworthy, down to earth, and has a good heart. You’ve admitted you’ve lied about never being to Jennings so how can the families believe you now? You stated something about the VFW then you stated about oh by the way, I’ve walked among you gathering information. There are people on here that are alot smarter and brighter than you I can promise you and they can tell when you lie. Maybe you didn’t receive any help on the southside because people could see right through you. If you’re not sincere but you will try to lie your way through to their hearts, they can tell that you are not sincere. There is something going on in the background that only some of the families know about and the DA but nobody else and its being handled diligently and intelligently and when they spoke to some of the families they could tell their sincerity but yours diminished when you admitted you lied. This isn’t the forum for that, name calling, back biting, accusing, and lies. This forum is to help. No its not their loss, its your loss for not being sincere in your efforts.

    • Ketchup, since you had to stoop to referencing “the south” in the demeaning manner that you chose, I really believe that you should remain in “the north” (Chicago) where the standards are so very high. Their butchering organized criminals that reach the senate, the whitehouse, the congress, transportation, law enforcement, the union bosses, industry control, etc. have made a fine art of the very things that we are attempting to fight here. Keep yourself away from the southern lowlifes that you criticize by empty rhetoric. I’ll have you know that geographic discrimination is far worse than racial discrimination, as it includes everyone, no matter their incentives, no matter how they live, what religion they belong to, what race they are, what political party they belong to, what kind of work they do or any other facet of life. Geographic discrimination is the ultimate smallness. By downing southern people, you show an elevated level of ignorance and intolerance. Your colleagues, obviously, are equally discriminatory regarding “the south” according to your statement. Your colleagues are also apparently small minded enough to buy into the Hollywood spoon-feeding regarding the south without considering the factual realities of what actually occurs in northern society. Therefore, thanks but no thanks, not because of geography, but because of our desire to select open minded and intelligent assistance rather than dyed-in-the-wool spin-offs from the palace of underworld organized crime sludge. We know that the criminal influences at work here in Jeff Davis Parish are not confined to locals. We know that the network of criminality goes up beyond our locality. I personally had no input, one way or another regarding your actions or your identity. I became alert to a few items and I fought the urge to speak out. I don’t know who asked for your help but thanks for trying if indeed you tried. Enjoy your retirement. Now, you have unfortunately shown yourself up. If a criminal network can stretch across the world’s oceans, from New York to Las Vegas, from China to Texas, from Miami to Seattle, what makes me think that Jeff Davis Parish corruption isn’t headed up, ultimately in Chicago, where corruption is refined like wine? Please, don’t insult us. We are desperately trying to fight evil forces for the glory of God and we don’t have time for cat and mouse games.

  336. Seriously? That’s ALL you’re going to tell them Ketch? I guess I should have figured you’d “cop” out. (pun intended) Why don’t you give them the whole story and try to leave out that one lie, ok?
    Do you guys think we, simple backwood folk, on this blog aren’t smart enough to smell out the rats? We have news for you and your colleagues (who are a lot closer to home than you claim), we are not the ones you need to be going undercover with. Here’s an idea…go catch a murderer. That is all!, I’M not responding anymore to you.

    • You tell’em Nicki. They believe we’re stupid. I think everyone saw right through that one.

  337. Yeah Ketchum I thought you were going on vacation.Go already.

  338. I know who G8 is and she isn’t a psycho.Some of the other people posting here are questionable. Let’s get back to what is the point….who killed these women from JDP?

    • How about the watcher? Here’s a (not so brief) synopsis of what he might look like. Metaphorically speaking, that is.

      The watcher would be someone who is very much a loner and likely even paranoid. He would likely be intimidated by women. While he wouldn’t be able to look them in the eye and would talk very quietly, he would definitely come across as shy (as opposed to, say, “hiding something”), which in turn would keep them off guard.

      He would also be hypervigilant. Perhaps glancing over his shoulder repeatedly, and flinching if someone came up unexpectedly. Bc of this, he probably buys his groceries online to avoid having to deal with standing in line and having someone standing behind him.

      His house would be shuttered or curtains drawn at all times. He doesn’t want anyone looking in. At the same time, he would be compelled to peer out. Someone like this would literally have pace marks on the floor by the window, bc he’s pacing back and forth, only to intermittently stop to peer out. In this scenario, his focus would def be on the house.

      That’s his world and that’s what he watches.

      To his family and friends, his behavior might seem sort of jekyll and hydish. He would be the mild mannered, shy guy most of the time, but with the right trigger, his darker side would be revealed. Though, not in a way that people would necessarily think he’d get violent. Even so, his overall behavior would be disturbing enough to cause people to back off. To shy away. If asked why, they wouldn’t really be able to explain. Bc of this, he would have few, if any, friends and he wouldn’t do well in a job that involved people interaction. He’d make a great stock room worker if he is working. This type of job would also physically prepare him for lifting dead weight.

      He would very likely have a mental health history. Probably some form of psychosis with paranoid features. Possibly, bipolar with psychotic and ocd features as opposed to schizophrenia. While there have been instances of schizophrenics who go violent, violence is generally not correlated with schizophrenia. Bipolar I, otoh, is. Also, during a manic phase, bipoloars can become extremely psychotic.

      While he may not have a police record, LE may still have encountered him during an outburst, possibly even taken him to a local psych unit for a 72 hour hold. Notably, there are three distinct periods of inactivity. One from may of 2005 to March of 2007, one from May of 2007 to May of 2008, and the last one from November of 2008 to August of 2009. These periods could represent hospitalizations.

      Unlike murders that are done to keep the victim from talking or those done by a sexual sadist, the personal nature and violence of these murders indicate intense rage. So much so that he nearly decapitated one of his victims. The vics may have said something that set him off. Something that he would have taken as a personal affront. Whatever the case, there would have been some sort of trigger. It is unlikely that he would have tried to have sex with them while they were alive. So, the rapes would have been post mortem. Though, such behavior would not actually qualify as necrophilia. It would simply be something he was compelled to do after murdering them… to complete the ritual (not as in religious ritual, rather, an OCD ritual).

      Unlike sexual sadist, he wouldn’t be the type to revisit the scene. The murders and rapes would simply provide him enough relief to return to equilibrium. Hence, the jekyll and hyde effect. Also, unlike sexual sadist, this guy wouldn’t know why he does it. It’s not that he is necessarily gratified, rather, the acts would help to calm him down.

      In other words, this would be someone who exhibited the exact opposite behavior that is outlined in the profile on the TF site. Those close to him might get the impression that he is “unravelling” and then one day, he seems quite calm. In a scenario such as this, that day would coincide with the murders.

      Oh and. You would find the women’s clothing and shoes packed away in his house. Not necessarily as trophies per se. Rather, he just doesn’t quite know what to do with them.

      Importantly, no one would consider this guy dangerous. Even psych evals would not reflect such. Bc the murders would not be about fantasy. Rather, they would be about some sort of deep seated compulsion.

      That said, I remain unconvinced this is the work of a serial killer for a number of reasons. Still, if you are indeed looking for an SK, a scenario such as the above “watcher” can be easily ruled in or out. A subpoena to area psychiatric units with specific parameters might be one way to do so. For example, your parameters might involve admission/release dates that closely correspond with the down time, someone who has been put on a 72 hour hold at least once, someone who has a long history of mental illness, a chronic patient, etc.

      As for other angles?

      You have at least two different sets of people who have been arrested and charged (though, charges were later dropped) with two of the murders (i.e., FR & Connor and Jones & Nixon). Additionally, if the story of Brown’s murder (as described in earlier posts) is true, then you have at least one eye witness, and a third group of killers. Yet, it appears that all three of these groups overlap in one form or the other.

      With this in mind, here are some things that may be worth researching. Consider the three top illegal industries in the world. If you’re looking at some sort of organized crime connection, these murders could be related to one or more of those. The question is, which one(s). To determine this, you could consider what you know about the murder in general. What are the most common type of murders that occur in each area (i.e., columbian neckties, execution type killings, etc)? Now, go back and review what ignite has uncovered. Pls pay special attention to <a href=""thread #32.

      Oh and. Don’t forget about the new jail. From my read, it’s a $10-$12 million dollar project that not only involves a tax hike but that is also partially funded by the federal govt. Otherwise put, if you’re looking at organized crime involving LE types, your new jail will figure into your rumor mill winnowing.

      Now, if you understand where I am going with this, the result may lead you to an internet search. The key of course will be separating the wheat from the chaff. There do however appear to be some rather juicy nuggets of wheat that are ready for the picking, if you catch my drift.

      Speaking of, if you are concerned about corruption within your local LE, I would urge you to go to your governor. Perhaps even use the petition site to gather petitions, so you can approach him with a signed list of people who want him to launch an IA investigation.

      And finally, last but most certainly not least. To the victims’ loved ones, my heart goes out to you and I stand in awe of the way you have come together to fight for justice for these young women.

      • Oh by the way the new jail got turned sown shadow it did not happen. The idea went to the voters and they turned that down. So there will not be a NEW JAIL in Jeff Davis.

        How can you say we do not have a serial Killer?

        And Now our own sheriff has finally said that the murders are now linked….so how can you say that we do not have a serial killer in this Parish?

        A serial killer is a person who murders THREE or MORE people[1][2] over a period of more than 30 days, with a “cooling off” period between each murder, and whose motivation for killing is largely based on psychological gratification.[3][4] Often, a sexual element is involved with the killings. The murders may have been attempted or completed in a similar fashion and the victims may have had something in common, for example occupation, race, appearance, gender, or age group.

        Coinage of the English term serial killer is commonly attributed to former FBI Special Agent Robert Ressler in the 1970s.[5][6] The concept had been described earlier, e.g. by German police inspector Ernst Gennat coining the same term in 1930.[7]

        • Thanks for the clarification about the jail. I now see that the articles I was reading are very old. I can be so brain dead sometimes!

          As for my skepticism regarding the SK angle? When I first became aware of these murders, I was sure they were the work of an SK. However, the two different arrests, along with much of what is being discussed, to include the Sheila Comeaux, Butch Sonnier, & Rat Trahan’s murders, along with the Boudreaux Inn allegations and the 11 names that another poster reported were given to KM? Well, all that I can say is that, if there is a linkage between all of these, it gives the impression that these murders are related to some sort of organized crime endeavor, as opposed to being the result of a lone serial killer preying upon women.

          Nonetheless, I certainly wouldn’t rule out the SK angle.

          Btw, sorry about the broken links.

  339. When you try to click on “the petition Site” up it doesn’t work so this is the info on what to do about a recalling a elected official the question is do you the people on this blog think there will be enough register voters to sign this petition? Please give your opinion on this.

    Read the info and then give your opinion.


    This is what to do about a IA investigation in Louisiana
    there is a form to fill out and send it to the Louisiana State Police Department (Internal Affairs)

    So which do you want a investigation into the corrupt officials in Jeff Davis Parish of Do you want to launch a petition to get a elected official out of office? Let your voice be heard and say what you would like to be done. But something must be done once you get this done I then think these murders will be solved. (My Opinion) But let your voice be heard now

  340. Red Ranger:

    The profile that Godwin did after DTL was arrested had to do with including Lee murders in St.Francisville to see where the predicted area would be in relation to the house that DTL had on U.S. 61 in St.Francisville.

    Godwin’s predicted location near Port St. was his orignal profile discussed on MSNBC and it never changed – that profile just made a lot more sense after Lee’s arrest because of where his girlfriend lived.

  341. Hey M.Silver, It is possible I am mistaken on when the profiles were generated as opposed to when they were released to the public. I base my knowledge on when I as a non-LE individual was able to see them, chronologically.

    I do know that Dr.Godwin is a brilliant guy who has had much success in his field. It is also interesting to me that he somewhat created his own field, then proved time and again that his creation was a useful and accurate tool.

    I wonder if LE has thought to contact him. If so, would they be too arrogant to actually look at the information he was able to generate and uncover?

  342. u know what i do believe K23 is from here and not another state

  343. M. Silver…… may have covered this but did Godwin also do the profile for the Lafayette rapist that was almost dead on?

  344. I remember the Lafayette rapist,I am from Lafayette.You know that it was a police officer.Is this the case your talking about darkstar?

  345. M. Silver Dr. Godwin is a “hero” of mine on so many levels. He is absolutely brilliant, and I wish that the Jeff Davis LE would use his profiles,since he HAS submitted them to LE. By the way he didn’t charge a cent to do all this work. I think the families should be aware that the” best of the best ” is trying to solve this. Where are the profiles??? Where is the MENTION of Dr. Godwin???

  346. Shadow I read, then re-read, your post. You have presented very interesting theories. I will follow up on what you posted, as some ideas you have, I share. Outstanding job!!! I will look forward to your future posts. Thanks!!!

  347. i think the body off that girl is related to the killings here that is just my though so if u look at it the way i do u see what i meen so if there is a cop r FBI reading all this u know it is related to the killing here i do i hope the killer r killers are reading this turn your self in so u can have peace and all the people u killed can rest in peace and u can rest to

    • I sure do hope you undetstand what your are saying cause girl or guy i sure dont. Go back and read what you wrote and you try to understand it and come back and explain it to us



  350. friend Wow !! That is great news! How did you find out?

  351. southernbell, you asked in one post, “SO who will start our topic to speak of now ?” How about Biker groups? The young lady, Stephanie McKenzie, from Humble, TX was enthused by motorcycle clubs. Her vehicle displayed, I believe, a West Coast Choppers logo. Many biker clubs have members that are known professional killers. The FBI is constantly engaged in investigating these groups who operate internationally. They are well known to dominate some facets of the drug smuggling and also drug dealing and illegal weapons industries. They employ their various chapters throughout the country as networks that operate very efficiently by coast to coast references and by moving fugitives, prostitutes, illegal weapons and drugs throughout the nation for a fee and on behalf of organized crime groups. They are like service brokers. They are known to coldly and objectively perform murder for hire from a distance by remaining disconnected and unaffiliated with their victims. They are purely professional and very difficult to keep tabs on. Ms. McKenzie was a mother of three. She was tattooed, according to the postings. I do NOT believe in being judgmental of a person’s lifestyle but, like anyone, I am subject to truthful facts and will not be subject to the “high risk lifestyle” trap that many people hide behind. The fact is, biker chicks (or former biker chicks) with tattoos are more likely to be affiliated with dangerous people and dangerous circumstances than nuns, school teachers and bank tellers. She had a history of depression and obviously had employed a free spirit at some time in her past. But she also had three “young” children. It’s difficult to believe that anyone with children could choose death over any kind of life, even a bad one. Is it possible that some of her associates in the biker world had experiences with this area as a performance spot and a dumping ground because of past jobs performed here? Somehow, she ended up here. Is that really a coincidence? She may have had no relationship with the many past murder victims of Jeff Davis Parish ,but, maybe she was associated with people who did have past affiliations here. I’m just trying to think outside the box and stretch my imagination into a realistic zone.

  352. ignite I Ithink you would make a GREAT detective!! No one has thought about that. aspect yet., Keep on thinking outside the box. I always look forward to reading your posts!!

  353. friend I was sking you how you heard about AMW doing a story on Jeff Davis. Thanks for telling everyone, we apprecite it!!!

  354. on the left hand side off this page at the top look at links then media-national klick it then u will see AMW then klick it there it is let me know if u see it ok im fixing to get off ok

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