~ JDP Violent Crimes Synopsis ~

This is a cross-post from the jdpkiller discussion forum .  You have to be a member to read there but, out of the kindness of my heart, I am posting it here as well.  Long time commenter and retired Chicago PD Officer, Ketchum, compiled this chronological time line and synopsis from her own investigation as well as from various media sources.  Her synopsis is alarming not only in length but content as well.  I don’t know what the rest of you will think, but…..the list boggles my mind.  I find the amount and types of crimes and arrests excessive and many seem ‘violent’.  The fact that so many remain unsolved is unsettling.  Get comfy cause it’s a looooooong read!!!


I have put this together as best I can as an Overview of what has taken place in the Jennings area over the years. Some of the shooting deaths were “HITS” (as I was informed), but I have not indicated which ones. A few of the dates may be off a bit by a day or two which I don’t know how to underline. During the missing years, I have no knowledge of incidents which there were, most likely, occurrences! It is impossible for me to have ALL occurrences, but I have done my best!


Feb. 9, 1993 RICHARD “BUTCH” SONNIER M/B/20 Brains beaten out with a baseball bat, mutilated and thrown in a bayou. Killers: Terry Scoper & T. LaBauve not convicted. DNA 10 years later ruled not conclusive


Mar. 8, 1994 HAROLD PITRE M/W/57 Robbed & shot multiple times as he arrived home.


Mar. 1997 KENNETH “RAT” TRAHAN M/W/39 Abducted by 3-M/Bs from his home, beaten, shot to death & placed in his car trunk. Found 6 weeks later on E. Racca Road. One arrest/conviction: Raynell Dispany M/B/20 , killed in a Mississippi prison 7/18/06.


Feb. 14, 1998 SHELIA COMEAUX F/W/35 Law enforcement wired snitch. Brains beat out on S. Main Street by 3-M/Bs allegedly on orders for her going to the wrong drug house. (Loretta Chaisson & Tracee Chaisson named as pulling her from the vehicle to be beaten.)

Aug. 28, 1998 CHARLES GRICE & MICHAEL GRICE are accused of raping CHARLES’ 5-year-old step-daughter and and physically abusing her mother. (He is the Bio-father of the victim’s two half-brothers). Lead Investigator VAN COMEAUX never filed charges against the brothers, even after rape test (DNA) revealed a public hair removed from child’s vagina revealed it belonged to the GRICE family. NO ARREST/CHARGES WERE EVER MADE!! Mother of victim was subsequently “run out of town” and told never to return when she kept making attempts to get charges filed with the D.A. Cassidy, etc.


Mar. 19, 1999 SHELIA COMEAUX F/W/35 Dies from complications from the above mentioned beating.


Apr. 20, 2005 LEONARD CROCHET M/W Killed (shotgun) @ 610 Gallup by authorities, THEY say in a raid.

May 17, 2005 LORETTA CHAISSON LEWIS F/W/28 Last seen alive.

May 20, 2005 LORETTA CHAISSON LEWIS Body found in the East Fork of he Grand Marais Canal.

Jun. 17, 2005 ERNESTINE DANIELS PATTERSON F/B/29 Body found with throat slashed, floating in a drainage canal roughly six miles from where her close friend LORETTA CHAISSON LEWIS was found.

Jul. 2005 LAWRENCE NIXON arrested for the murder of Victim #2 ERNESTINE MARIE DANIELS PATTERSON.

Aug. 29, 2005 HURRICANE KATRINA. BYRON “CHAD” JONES fleas to New Orleans prior to this date and evacuates to S.C. soon after this date.

Sep. 2005 NORMAN CLEMENT M/W Dies of drug overdose @ Boudreaux Inn after being robbed after receiving a $6,000 settlement.

Oct. 13, 2005 Body of male black found in a ditch on Blanchard Road near Roanoke.

Dec. 2005 LAWRENCE NIXON M/B & MUGGY BROWN F/B arrested for the rape/conspiracy of KIRK MENARD’S minor daughter.

Dec. 22, 2005 LELIA MARTIN ZENO F/W/30 Dies in mysterious automobile accident @ Roanoke off-ramp alleged maxed in drugs with car full of Xmas presents for her three young children. In family of RAY ZENO the husband of Victim #6 CRYSTAL SHAY BENOIT ZENO & a good friend of TRACEE CHAISSON & several of the other girls.


Jan. 19, 2006 BYRON “CHAD”JONES M/B Apprehended in S.C. for the murder of Victim #2 ERNESTINE DANIELS PATTERSON

Jul. 18, 2006  RAYNELL DISPANY killed in a Mississippi prison.  Dispany was serving time for killing KENNETH “RAT” TRAHAN in March 1997.


Mar. 5, 2007 Victim #3 KRISTEN GARY LOPEZ F/W/21 was last seen alive. She was seen a block away from Clara Street as per a witness.

Mar. 18, 2007 KRISTEN GARY LOPEZ body found in the Petitjean Canal just off La Hwy 99, 10 miles south of Welsh.

Mar. 2007 TRACEE CHAISSON arrested & charged with Accessory After the Fact because she knew where KRISTEN’S body was when she took the victim’s mother to file a Missing Person Report. (She walked free)

May 10, 2007 WHITNEI DUBOIS F/W/26 Last seen by her mother late that night. Mother discovered her own medication (pills) missing. Whitnei went to the home of FRANKIE RICHARD on McKinley Street.

May 12, 2007 WHITNEI DUBOIS naked body discovered @ 7:30AM near intersection of Earl Duhon & Bobby Road in Jennings.

May 14, 2007 FRANKIE RICHARD M/W Arrested in connection with the murder of KRISTEN GARY LOPEZ and in connection with a rape that occurred May 14, 2007.

May 15, 2007 HANNAH CONNOR F/W Arrested in connection with the murder of KRISTIN GARY LOPEZ.

May 16, 2007 LAWRENCE NIXON M/B & BRYON “CHAD” JONES M/B await trial in the death of Victim #2 ERNESTINE DANIELS PATTERSON (murdered in 2005). JONES incarcerated since Jan. 19, 2006.

May 27, 2007 WARREN GARY, Jeff Davis LE, buys a pickup truck from arrestee/inmate, CONNIE SILER, whose vehicle is suspected to have transported the dead body of Victim #3 KRISTEN GARY LOPEZ to the dump site at Pettijean Canal, just off of La Hwy 99, 10 miles south of Welsh. WARREN GARY sold said vehicle for a profit and had it cleaned and thoroughly washed. Connie was released (passing bad check if memory serves me) & moved to California. When confronted with this information, Sheriff Ricky Edwards said the vehicle was forensically tested in California and met with negative results. (WHAT THE HECK DID HE EXPECT?)

July 25, 2007 HARVEY “BIRDDOG” BURLEIGH M/W/51 Murdered by multiple stab wounds at his home on Jefferson St. His killer, known as “VIPER”, killed himself later in Texas after fleeing to Mexico after this murder. Jennings residents never informed of this information via media, etc. (so I was told).

Jul. 30, 2007 Attempted murder on S. Main Street.

Oct. 9, 2007 Female (former inmate in JDSO) & husband sued LE MARK IVORY M/B, Sheriff Ricky Edwards, Terrie Guillory, & Mike Cassidy for having been raped while in custody after Hurricane Rita in 2005. After DNA results obviously revealed truth to the claim, MARK IVORY shot & killed himself. Nurse Practitioner NINA RAVEY, who turned in the rape report, was given a hard time and was later arrested for Falsifying Medical Documents (?) In my opinion, from what I read, she was railroaded!


Unknown 2008 BILLY CONNOR Jr./Sr.(?) Either Jr. (Nephew of FRANKIE RICHARD) or Sr. (Brother of FRANKIE RICHARD) was observed several times (sometimes a few times a week) crying at the graves of KRISTEN LOPEZ & WHITNEI DUBOIS. (IMO, based on what all I have read about Connor, Sr. who had been arrested & questioned in connection with at least one of the unsolved homicides and later released, and the following poem written by Billy, Jr., I would say it was Billy Jr. having remorse for knowledge of the two (2) murders, IMO, involving his Uncle Frankie:

POEM BY BILLY DWAYNE CONNOR, JR……….”WHEN DEATH CREEPS” You’ll never know you can die fast or slow, All you can do is eeek and there our life will go, When death creeps, you’ll never know you could be in the rain, sleet or snow. All you can do is eeek and there your life will go. When death creeps, you’ll never know, you could be at home or walking down the street with friends or all alone. All you can do is eeek and there your life will go. When death creeps, you’ll never know so don’t be scared, just be prepared ’cause you never know when death will creep…….upon you!

MY TAKE ON THIS: IMO, very macabre! but psychologically helps the author’s remorse by subconsciously writing warnings to victims. IMO, having knowledge of murder by a loved family member can be devastating to a relative.

May 6, 2008 News release of City Council’s approval to use the City’s Shooting Range on E. Racca Road for training, etc.

May 26, 2008 LACONIA SHONTEL “MUGGY” BROWN F/B/23 was last seen alive by her family when she left her grandmother’s house with NEWTON SINEGAL @ 11PM.

May 29, 2008 “MUGGY” BROWN’S decomposed body found by Jennings Police Officer, MIKE JANISE, at 2:00AM on the side of gravel road on E. Racca Road near City’s Shooting Range. She had multiple head stab wounds and slashed throat. (IMO, there are too many discrepancies on this case, which I will write about later. I have studied very, very closely and have a problem with reported facts!)

Aug. 14, 2008 LAWRENCE K. NIXON M/B Arrested for Possession of Stolen Property.

Aug. 29, 2008 CRYSTAL “SHAY” BENOIT ZENO F/W/24 Last seen alive using the phone to call LE at the Phillips 66 gas station in Jennings. It is said that she tried several time to tell LE who was killing the other girls and was also beaten by 3-M/Bs, I was told, for doing so.

Sep. 11, 2008 CRYSTAL “SHAY” BENOIT ZENO’S badly decomposed body was discovered by a hunter on the side of a dry canal in the woods off Lacour Road. NOTE: I was told over a year later that there was a witness who saw 3-M/Bs leave those woods and get into a vehicle parked there. This info was passed along to a CHRIS MYERS of the D.A.’s office and NO REPORT was to be found, so I was told by victim’s relative.

Oct. 29-31, 2008 BRITTNEY ANN GARY F/W/17 Returns to Jennings from Texas with her mother, TERESA GARY, sister & brother. She was also the best friend of Victim #5 MUGGY BROWN who was found murdered the previous May. Sometime after the murder of Victim #4 WHITNEI DUBOIS in 2007 AND her leaving for Texas to live, BRITTNEY was known to have gone to the home of the victim’s sister, stood in the yard and yelled, “You know UNCLE FRANKIE killed your sister!”

Nov. 2, 2008 BRITTNEY ANN GARY was last seen by her mother & other people @ the 610 Andrews Street house when she returned a lent jacket to its owner. She left and went to the Family Dollar Store, across the street from the Phillips 66 gas station, to purchase minutes for her cell phone. Surveillance tape at the FDS reveals her leaving the store headed in the direction of the gas station. IRONICALLY, ALL of the surveillance tapes at Phillips 66 WERE CONVENIENTLY NOT WORKING THAT SUNDAY! Yeah right!

Nov. 3, 2008 TERESA GARY, mother of Brittney, files a Missing Persons Report and thereafter, Sheriff Ricky Edwards pooh poohs the idea that there may be a connection to the previous murders even after the mother related that she & Brittney knew the murdered girls. Sheriff Edwards then stated to the media that the victims led a high-risk lifestyle of prostitution and drugs and did not form a Search Party to look for the missing teen. A Search Party was, therefore, organized by Brittney’s Uncle BUTCH GARY and they searched for days, as he related to me, primarily in the areas where the previous victims had been found.

Nov. 8/9, 2008 KIRK MENARD & ASSOCIATE were on preventive patrol on Lacour Road in the wee hours and observed what they believed to be a dark colored pick-up truck. The truck’s lights were turned off and the driver immediately sped away after seeing Kirk’s vehicle. If memory serves me right, a police car was also in the area on, or near, Racca Road.

Nov. 15, 2008 BRITTNEY ANN GARY’S decomposed body is discovered, by a member of the BUTCH GARY SEARCH PARTY, in high weeds off of Keystone Road. Based on the description of her body as told to me, I say that her body had most likely been cleansed in bleach and kept in a cooler for several days before being dumped at this location. This is based on my knowledge of decomposition/putrefaction and the importance of entomology. THAT is why I say the truck that KIRK MENARD observed a week before had Brittney’s body in it with the intention of dumping her where the Search Party had ALREADY searched but were frightened away. Therefore, they chose a dumping location in the opposite direction. I would bet all that I own that I am right!!!

Nov. 27, 2008 (Thanksgiving Day) JAMES ANDERSON M/B citizen of Silverwood was shot and killed by AKEEN BROWN (cousin of MUGGY BROWN) who was shooting at a known drug dealer and missed near CAPS.

Dec. 10, 2008 DERRICK JACKSON M/B/25 (of Welsh if memory serves me again) was shot and killed at a convenience store in the 400 block of S. Main Street in Jennings. His friend MASON SONNIER was shot in the arm during the same incident.

Dec. 10, 2008 MASON SONNIER M/B/20 (brother of “BUTCH” SONNIER M/B/20 viciously, brutally murdered in 1993 in Lake Arthur) was shot in the arm while with his friend, DERRICK JACKSON, who was shot & killed at a convenience store in Jennings.


Feb. 9, 2009 Warrant executed at 710 Gallup Street turned up $10,000.00 cash.

Apr. 2009 WARREN GARY (law enforcement) observed at the home of HANNAH & BILLY CONNOR by a witness.

Apr. 1-7, 2009 LE seen by witness at crack-house located at 610 Andrews Street and twice in the last few days of May. NOTE: I was told by a few girls who frequented there that that is where they felt “safe!”

Apr.15, 2009 FRANKIE RICHARD released from custody in Domestic Dispute.

May 2, 2009 Search Warrant executed at 710 Gallup Street where 682 Ecstasy pills, $561.00 in cash, approx. $3,000.00 worth of marijuana & $500.00 worth of crack cocaine was recovered.

I will relate what was told to me not long ago, which as a retired LE myself would not be funny and would piss off arresting LE, but I couldn’t help LMAO the way it was told to me! While sitting at the kitchen table counting and going over their bounty, cops came busting in thru the front door; “they” grabbed what they could and hauled ass out the back door leaving their stash on the table and got away. I was told that the bust was printed in the newspapers, but the money confiscated was short because they had left more than what was reported. One of the dealers was so proud of what they did that made the newspapers that he cut the article out and put it on the wall at this house where it hung with pride!! BTW, they no longer live in Jennings!

May 5, 2009 PAULA GUILLORY,, Task Force member, seen talking to Teresa Gary, mother of victim BRITTNEY GARY, on the corner of Andrew & Baker Streets according to witness.

May 11, 2009 FRANKIE RICHARD observed at 610 Andrew Street, known crack-house.

May 15, 2009 Acadia Police Dept. seen at 610 Andrew Street @ approximately 3:00AM.

May 19, 2009 LE seen at 610 Andrew Street twice. TERESA GARY (mother of Brittney Gary) seen entering back door of this residence.

May 20, 2009 FRANKIE RICHARD seen leaving JDPSO. JDPSO activity observed at 610 Andrew Street.

May 21, 2009 GREGORY BENOIT arrested which led to the arrest of FRANKIE RICHARD M/W/53, his sister TABITHA CROCHET F/W/39, BILLY CONNOR (? brother or nephew), and his mother, JEANETTE LEBLANC F/W/73.

May 21, 2009 PAULA GUILLORY, Task Force member, seen at FRANKIE RICHARD’S house at 9:30AM.

May 23, 2009 MICHAEL ROMERO allegedly committed suicide on his beloved sister’s birthday creating doubt by sister and victim’s mother. The mother related how very upset she was to find DANNY SEMMES at the scene because he had allegedly harassed her son unforgivingly for years since his high school days. After receiving a large settlement years ago, victim became a lost soul and hooked on drugs.

May 26, 2009 Law enforcement seen at 610 Andrew Street.

May 28, 2009 LE swarmed FRANKIE RICHARD’S house which included a search of the trailer in the backyard owned by his brother, BILLY CONNOR, SR.

Jun. 1-7, 2009 JEANETTE LEBLANC, (mother); FRANKIE RICHARD (son); & TABITHA CROCHET (daughter) arrested for burglary.

Jul. 8, 2009 TABITHA CROCHET released from jail – burglary charges dropped due to lack of evidence.*

Aug. 4, 2009 A 12-year-old boy shot his 16-year-old cousin in the abdomen with a gun given to him by a 17-year-old who is a relative of FRANKIE RICHARD.

Aug. 7, 2009 JEANETTE LEBLANC released from jail – burglary charges dropped due to lack of evidence.*

Aug. 11, 2009 FRANKIE RICHARD released from jail – burglary charges dropped due to lack of evidence.*

Aug. 13, 2009* PAULA GUILLORY, Task Force member, fired for Missing Evidence related to the FRANKIE RICHARD & FAMILY ARRESTS! MY TAKE: A disgrace to the badge and the citizens she took an oath to serve and protect!

Aug. 13-14, 2009 SHERIFF RICKY EDWARDS observed several times backed into a cane field on Lacour Road talking to a known drug dealer who was said to be FRANKIE RICHARD.

Aug. 16, 2009 NECOLE GUILLORY F/W/26 last seen (Sunday) in Jennings.

Aug. 17, 2009 Alleged attempted abduction on Craig Street in Jennings. Vehicle described as light blue truck with pinstripe.

Aug. 19, 2009 NECOLE GUILLORY reported missing @1:30PM. Her partially nude (wearing a white blouse only), badly decomposed body, was discovered @2:30PM by workers weed-eating grass on an I-10 EMBANKMENT near Egan in Acadia Parish between milepost #73 and #74.

Aug. 19, 2009 Law enforcment observed at 610 Andrew Street where they took away one person for questioning & returned and took Teresa Gary (mother of victim Brittney Gary) in also for the purpose of questioning.

Aug. 20, 2009 The body of NECOLE GUILLORY was positively identified (NOT by family, mostly fingerprints). Family complained that they never saw her body. I WILL POST ON HER FORUM SITE HERE, LATER, SOMETHING THAT I KNOW BUT HAVE NOT REVEALED YET.

Aug. 26, 2009 TERESA GARY & associates observed at 610 Andrew Street.

Aug. 31, 2009 TERESA GARY & associates observed again at 610 Andrew Street.

Aug. 2009  I recall it was said that FRANKIE RICHARD had a key to the office space where the assigned so-called Task Force/FBI met. Task Force included PAULA GUILLORY, who was fired for stealing evidence which allowed RICHARD to walk free from charges against him!

Sep. 4, 2009 TERESA GARY seen at 610 Andrew Street according to witness.

Sep. 14, 2009 LE canvassed S. Main Street. (Canvass = go door-to-door)

Sep. 23, 2009 LE seen at 610 Andrew Street around 10:15PM.

Oct. 11, 2009 STEPHANIE MCKENZIE F/W/33 travels all the way from Humble, Texas to commit suicide (pills) south of Roanoke on a rural road on a path thru thick bushes which is NOT visible from the road per property owner.

Oct. 11, 2009 A local man was robbed of $20.00 and sustained a single gunshot wound to his arm and neck, but survived. This occurred at Spencer & S. Main Streets in Jennings.

Oct. 14, 2009 JERMAINE PATTUM (M/B/18) and JORDAN PROVOST (M/B/17) arrested for the above referenced shooting.

Nov. 19, 2009 KENNETH WAYNE HARMON M/B/24 of Welsh, found shot to death around 11:00PM with a bullet wound to his chest and partially pinned beneath his truck. Vehicle was still running and in reverse with the lights on when he was discovered.

Nov. 19, 2009 DEANDRE SOULARIE arrived at hospital around 10:30PM with a bullet wound to his buttocks & related that a masked assailant tried to rob him on Peterson Street in Jennings as he was walking to his residence on Joe Louis Street.

Nov. 23, 2009 SIERRA BOUZIGARD (F/M/19) Was found murdered in Moss Bluff with blunt force trauma to her beautiful face and head area. She was from the Moss Bluff/Lake Charles area, however, it was recently told to me that she also frequented Welsh and did drugs there.

Dec. 7, 2009 Shirley Drive, Jennings, a male was shot in his leg and claims his gun was tangled in bed sheets and accidentally went off.

Week of Dec. 7, 2009 There were two (2) incidents: #1) a man was shot in his hand & #2) a man was stabbed in his neck.

Dec. 14, 2009 Shots fired in 400 block of King Street near the home of ALAN WEST (M/B/34). No injuries reported.

Dec. 27, 2009 INDORNA MALVEAUX M/B/19 & GARRICK NEIL M/B/33 were sitting in the front seat of a vehicle parked in front of a residence when an unknown assailant (SO THEY SAY, I was told who it was), approached their vehicle, tried to gain entry but the doors were locked. The assailant then fired through the driver’s side window with a shotgun, striking both subjects in the front seat, seriously injuring MALVEAUX. A 16-YEAR-OLD M/B sitting in the backseat was NOT injured. When I spoke with one of the subjects much later (2010) I could see he still had fear. I warned him to be very careful and to trust no one but himself.

Dec. 27, 2009 BRANDON WILRIDGE M/B Shot @7:35PM on S. Main Street but made his way to a bar for help. Injury was not life-threatening.

Dec. 28, 2009 MALCOLM LYONS M/B/22 turned himself in the the above mentioned shooting.

NOTE: I do not know which of the unnamed victims related that “the shooter jumped out of a tree and shot me!


Jan. 4, 2010 Stray bullets land in the South Main Street home of LANETHER WATSON.

Jan. 6, 2010 ALAN WEST M/B/34 was shot and killed in his driveway @431 King Street with a high-powered weapon (said to have perhaps been a block away near/in a cemetery). HE WAS SHOT AT TWO WEEKS PRIOR BUT REFUSED TO GIVE INFORMATION TO LE. Female with WEST at the time heard the shot but did not see anyone, she was uninjured. West escaped a Dec. 14, 2009 shooting, as well, but no suspects were ever identified in that incident. I received information that this was a “HIT”. Additionally, I was told that the order came from Houston and was contracted out to someone who would not do it because he liked the guy and his family, so someone else took the job!

Feb. 8, 2010 MARCINA ALEXANDER F/B/39 Shot in lower back (butt) around 3:00AM. Assailant approached vehicle on foot. Injury not life-threatening. I heard it was a potential drug rip-off. NOTE: Victim is cousin to shooting victim “KENNY-BOO”, killed Feb. 24, 2010

Feb. 11, 2010 JONATHAN MOUTON M/B/23 arrested & charged with the shooting of ALEXANDER. He is also a convicted Felon illegally in possession of a firearm.

Feb. 23, 2010 A 14-YEAR-OLD M/B boy was shot @5:00AM and seriously injured (on life support) @ Markwood Apts.on Granger & Louise Streets in Jennings. KENNETH M. PATTUM M/B/20 of Jennings charged with Attempted Second Degree Murder.

Feb. 24, 2010 Police responded to a traffic accident assignment @ West Street near Smith Street in Jennings. Upon arrival, they found KENNETH PELICAN M/B/31-a.k.a. “KENNY BOO” shot to death inside his vehicle, seated on the driver’s side. He may have accelerated vehicle after being shot and ran off the road. NOTE: His cousin, MARCINA ALEXANDER, was shot on February 8, 2010. Again, I was told that this, too, was a “Hit” along with another one to be in Crowley).

Jun. 2010 An 11-YEAR-OLD F/W female was raped in Jennings by RICHARD VITAL M/W (a.k.a. “Doc”). I was told he also had sex with the same 12-year-old girl TRACEE CHAISSON later went to jail for setting her up to be raped.**

Jun. 2010 BYRON “CHAD” JONES M/B, who was NOT CONVICTED for the murder of Victim #2 ERNESTINE DANIELS PATTERSON killed in 2005, was arrested for it in January of 2006, wantonly and viciously cut the face of a female white girl in Lake Arthur. He was sentenced to ten (10) years in jail. IMO, authorities were ashamed that they let that psychopath walk free and conveniently lost evidence which may have led to a conviction of him and his accomplice, LAWRENCE K. NIXON, (a.k.a. “Nump”) who was, at one-time the pride of Jennings for his football playing until he got strung out on drugs. Could that have also been an underlying reason that LE did not seek convictions for the ghastly egregious murder of 84lb ERNESTINE DANIELS? I hear he is in jail now for what? Theft? That is also disgraceful and a slap in the face to the victim, her family and the citizens of JDP. IMO! Shame Shame on the system. There is obviously no justice for the Have-Nots in that town which, IMO, is a sin and a shame!

Jul. 31/Aug. 1, 2010 JAYCE RYAN DUPUIS M/W/21 Saturday night of the 31st, Jayce picked up his friend, DUSTIN MEAUX from Tina’s Bar and the two went to Shop-Rite in Jennings after picking up beer from Jayce’s house. They then went from Shop-Rite on to the Wal-Mart parking lot where DUSTIN MEAUX later related that Jayce wrecked his cousin’s truck and fled to the Jaenke Bridge on Hwy 97 and drove the truck into the Bayou. Searchers searched land & water and met with negative results (all based on the word of DUSTIN MEAUX) who went back to Jennings after being picked up by “friends”. (Remember this) IMO, JAYCE NEVER LEFT JENNINGS!!!!!!!

Aug. 5, 2010 After five days of searching the Bayou, JAYCE’S decomposed body (hot weather) was found by searchers under the railroad trestle near his home (after his mother found his wallet). News articles related LE was treating this as a Homicide pending Autopsy Reports. However, they later determined that it was Suicide! MY TAKE: LIAR, LIAR, PANTS ON FIRE!!! There was an LE investigator who constantly harassed this young man and who his mother had removed from the investigation. He also is the one who took DUSTIN MEAUX’S word as a Prayer Book!! Two weeks before he died, Jayce told his mother that he had found out something that could get her killed if he told her. He did say, however, “there are cops involved in killing those girls and his life is already in danger”. PLEASE READ HIS FORUM ON HERE. NOTE: I did receive information not too long ago of who was PAID to kill JAYCE and who paid him and that he was killed at VooDoo Man’s house which, a couple of days AFTER Jayce’s body was found, caught on fire!

Sep. 23, 2010 ROCKY DOMINGUE M/W/44 Another alleged suicide. However, after JAYCE DUPUIS’ death, he confronted Jayce’s mother in the Shop-Rite parking lot and related that he KNEW that Jayce DID NOT COMMIT SUICIDE because a friend of his SAW DUSTIN MEAUX driving that pickup truck and purposely wreck it in the Wal-Mart lot and he was trying to get this person to come forward. He (Domingue) also said that if he winds up dead with a gun in his hand, he did NOT kill himself!!! BTW: He and JAYCE were related by marriage! PLEASE READ JAYCE’S SITE HERE ALSO.

Oct. 10, 2010 RUSSELL CARRIERE M/W/43 This is an alleged Suicide that authorities expect us to believe he laid down on the railroad tracks down the street from the Phillipps 66 gas station and killed himself!! What in insult to one’s intelligence especially under the previous circumstances! AGAIN, PLEASE READ CARRIERE thread here on this forum. AND, again, the names of who really killed him are known. Also, remember, HE is the one who witnessed the 3-M/Bs coming out of the woods on Lacour Road where Victim #6 CRYSTAL SHAY BENOIT was later found. After his death, I was told he DID recognize them!! Therefore, sadly because he too was a lost soul on drugs, IMO, he kept quiet at a cost until they got tired of supplying him! Just my opinion!

Oct., 2010 WILLARD BROWN M/B/25-a.k.a. “Duke” & BRANDON GUIDRY M/B/27-a.k.a.”CopCop” were arrested for rape of a 12-year-old girl. BROWN, a cousin of the late Victim #5 MUGGY BROWN, lived in the home of the girl. Brown got four (4) years in a plea deal and Guidry got (3) years. IMO, I know they were offered more time which they refused and I would guess it could be because I was told by a very, very reliable source that this 12-year-old looks to be 25-30 years old and has been having sex for over a year with others!

Nov. 8, 2010 TRACEE CHAISSON F/W/35 of Jennings; RICKY HALEY M/B/50 of Roanoke & GARY JACKSON M/B/44 also of Roanoke were arrested after a 14-year-old girl from Jennings was reported missing by her grandmother who knew who the girl had left home with CHAISSON. CHAISSON & HALEY were each charged with: illegal use of a controlled substance in the presence of a juvenile & contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile. HALEY was issued a citation for Carnal Knowledge of a Juvenile.

TRACEE AND MUGGY BROWN both were in a “Ring” where they would bring girls/women to meet men in exchange for drugs. There were times when the men would have sex with the females, against their will whichis RAPE. In my book, they were “Female Pimps”. In Chicago, females who had pimps and procured other girls to their “stable” were called the Pimp’s wife-in-law. She ran the show and bailed the prostitutes out when they went to jail. However, they were the real deal and organized. In Jennings, these women procured young girls in exchange for drugs which is totally different. Those in Jennings have “protection”, hence, how TRACEE and MUGGY could beat the raps! I do know that MUGGY wanted to quit the ring after she and 3-M/Bs were arrested for Rape and she for Conspiracy for the rape of KIRK MENARD’S daughter (16) back in 2005. Like I said from the beginning: there is a Chain-of-Command with two (2) money-making factions there in Jennings; the Prostitution Ring and the Drug Ring and they inter-connect to each other under one umbrella!!!


Feb. 5, 2011 BRITTNEY OLIVER F/W/21 of Mermentau died from Respiratory Failure after using a drug known as “wets”. It seems that this young girl had it going for herself, i.e. her own apartment, job, etc. I was told she had just gotten paid and was expecting her income tax check soon when she died. I was told she had broken up with her boyfriend and had hooked up with some male blacks from Jennings who panicked when she couldn’t breathe and they called 911. They then fled the apartment and met the ambulance coming and they were fleeing back to Jennings just like rats who abandon ship! IMO, perhaps if someone had stayed there, they could have told the EMT what she had done and maybe saved her life. This is something we will never know. It just saddens me that she got caught up with the wrong crowd who were with her for all of the wrong reasons! Was told the boyfriend she broke up with was LORENZO HORNE, but I really don’t know. I would think it is possible because IMO, he was a clean-cut young man from Welsh (who died much too soon) and she took up with male druggies from Jennings after a breakup!

Mar. 31 – Apr. 1, 2011 DAVID “BOWLEGS” DESHOTEL M/W/29 was shot in the leg by CARVEL O’BRIEN, JR. M/B/28 of Houston, TX after a drug deal that went bad. I heard a $200.00 rip-off.

Jun. 23, 2011 WENDELL KING M/B from Houston, TX in Welsh visiting his mother when he was shot eight (8) times by unknown assailants. I was told on the QT that he was in town to do a drug-related “hit” and was “hit” himself while on his mother’s porch with his girlfriend, a married female, from Jennings, who I’m told set him up! I don’t know about the set-up: that part was not from my reliable source like the hit info.

Jul. 8, 2011 DAVID “BOWLEGS” DESHOTEL M/W/29 was killed in his home after being shot several times by an assailant. PLEASE READ HIS SITE here where I posted what I was told about his death. I will say this, also, YES, I was told it was also a “hit” but, IMO, it goes to show you that wannabes cannot “run with the big boys!!! They REALLY don’t care about taking a life. Deshotel’s crew, the “Asshole Gang” cannot compete with these guys. There is way too much money at stake, therefore, these young wannabes need to learn that “FAT MEAT IS GREASY!!!” Stick with your misdemeanor drugs if you must. Why leave broken hearts behind?


This is FINALLY the end of the Synopsis however, after this very exhausting task, I looked thru one of my original notebooks and found odds and ends that should have been included. The above mentioned Synopsis was painstakingly done by putting bits and pieces together from data, etc. and putting them in chronological order without the benefit of all of my notes! Some of which, like I said, have been forwarded to Chicago colleagues. The murders of our girls is in memory in my head. I have several other comments, IMO, of importance to make on individual persons and/or incidents that I feel needs to be told. This I will post as a Commentary To The Synopsis.


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  1. Kudos, on such a remarkable chronological list of events! Having moved away from Louisiana, I had not heard anything about the Jeff Davis Parish Serial Killer in a few years; until a friend told me, “You know there’s still a serial killer loose in Jennings.”, yesterday. I was elated to have found in the midst of chaos and corruption there are still a few compassionate individuals left.
    Your blog answered every question I was asking and trying to find answers to regarding the murders. I was also told of another F/W found in Acadia Parish that is speculated, but not confirmed, to have perished with the same MO. The Rapides Parish investigators believe that the number of total victims is higher and the area spreads from Lake Charles to Lafayette.
    After reading your blog, it seems that this “ring’s” surface area is actually quite a bit larger than at first anticipated, extending all the way to Houston, TX. Large cities (as you know being from Chicago) tend to take the rap for corruption within the system, but it’s small cities that pose the greatest danger to their own citizens due to the corruption.
    Once again, KUDOS.

    • I live in New Olreans, by the sound of it, the police in Jennings are worst than the NOPD. But I really don’t think in New Orleans,la. Rapist of children would off scott-free! I can not believe that the citzens in this area would stand for this. I hope some of the good hard working people have guns. Sometimes someone needs a bullet inthe head.

      • Apparently, he/she only targets those on the wrong side of the tracks (for now). There was segment on Dark Minds (Investigation Discovery) that covered this story a couple of weeks back. Be it because there was less than an hour to cover everything or gag order… it wasn’t near as informative as this blog.

  2. In 2010 I became really close friends with a woman I worked with. We used to have long talks at night about her life in her hometown of Jennings. She actually was in a relationship with Teresa for many years and would cry on my shoulder about a young girl she had grown close to named Brittney. I was new to Louisiana and had never heard of this Jennings murder spree at the time. She would tell me all kinda of things and about this girls death, and how Teresa knew exactly who is behind it all. I assume due to her own fear of safety or her addiction to these drugs which my friend also spoke about she will remain quiet until her time eventually runs out. I came across the blog today because in an odd case of someone attacking my friend all during this time of the murders she was trying to escape and accidentally hit one of her attackers in her vehicle. Years after the incident and many cases of this poor woman breaking down on my porch she is serving time while her attackers are out still. I have been so engulfed in this blog and reading all the work y’all have put on in the past and it sickens and frightens me knowing my friend was caught up in this too. Her stories and reading all of this now haunts me. So I started digging. Many things dont add up still and I pray for the sake of everyone who lost someone or still may this new sheriff will do this parish some justice…

    May God be with you all….

    • The New J.D.P Sheriff Ivy Woods Is An Capable And Experienced Law Enforcement Officer Who I Am Confident Will Leave No Stone Unturned In an Honest Effort to Solve These Murders. God Bless And Be With The Families Of These Unfortunate Women And Other Victims Of Violent Crimes In J.D.P

    • I’m scared myself , I’m from the same area an it gets deeep…there is no one that can help .. we’re poor.. they got the bank.

  3. Sounds like a great big circle of crime and corruption. Sounds to me like LE may be involved with the crimes. Can’t the Feds do anything?

    • MB…you’re asking a question many of us have been asking for several years now ;-)!!!

    • Not As Long As Eric Holder And Obama Are In Power

    • Don’t count on the feds for anything in this case. They made their token appearance and will likely not be back. After all, we have a U.S. attorney general who has supplied weapons to drug cartels (a declared enemy of the U.S.) and the feds can’t seem to charge him with treason, so, don’t hold your breath on prosecutions involving the highest level of corruption known in the U.S., that being the cocaine trade. Corruption of this magnitude doesn’t go unprosecuted unless there are really big players involved. The kind of players that the feds don’t ever seem to arrest.

  4. I know who committed these murders and I went to police. They keep trying to shut me up. I keep talking because I have a feeling if I stop I would be the next victim. I can’t find anybody to help me or protect me. I’ve called the FBI and the state police, they told me I must go through the local authorities.

    • Now I’m curious… Bc everyone has there own suspects…… Name Grace?

      • Yes a name would be nice I just recently started reading up on all this and I’m like wow. They can’t make me believe out of 8 woman no DNA AT ALL WASN’T FOUND WHATEVER IS ALL I CAN SAY.

    • If you know who it is go to the new sheriff are call in anonymously, these families need closure and these girls need to be at rest and you have that power. If your scared let me know I’m not from there I’ll call and I’ll tell

      • Problem with all that is, even if it gets through, once it reaches just 1 of the people involved there, the paperwork will disappear… All the “witnesses” are drug addicts or end up gone.
        Need someone really high up that REALLY cares! Maybe internal affairs

        • One of the person named in this was my brother Norman Clement he didn’t die if an over dose his paper work came back as undetermined death I pray every night an day they find out what happen to him an who killed him Noone will understand the pain we live with its one thing to lose a family member but it another thing to know he was fine an nothing wrong with him to get a call an know he was dead ” my life is not the same without my brother I miss him so much an all I want is answer to what happened to him an who

        • Let me know I’m as high up as you can get. It will be handled without any Jeff davis parish or city cops I’m ready to put all the corrupt behind bars.

    • Is it Chris Wilson or Charles Jr

  5. whoever is posting all this stuff thinks they know everything i thought this page was supposed to be about the girls not other things and bow for one was not even part of the asshole gang

    • Well a lot of the ppl mentioned in this page have been killed with no answers an i believe it’s time the family’s get the answers they deserve so we can put our love one to rest an also have ease of mind unless you been threw this you will never ever understand the pain we live with everyday

      • umm bow was my uncle so i do know the pain but i will not stand for them literally trashing him i mean he is gone so why trash talk him and most of the girls were related to me so i know the feeling but they werent bad people and neither was he

  6. I think now that Sheriff Ivy Woods is in Office we will see alot of changes and he will get lots of help to find out about these girls murders Praying For you Sheriff Ivy ❤

    • It’s not going to happen they think they will until they get in office and realize they get shit down and told to keep quit.

  7. umm bow was my uncle so i do know the pain but i will not stand for them literally trashing him i mean he is gone so why trash talk him

  8. and most of the girls were related to me so i know the feeling but they werent bad people and neither was he

  9. David deshotel was my brother an whoever is giving yu information thinking they know what happen needs to get knowledge about it because he wasnt shot in the leg behind $200 an he wasnt in a gang or killed behind drugs so please before yu speak on something yu have no clue about dont!

    • No disrespect,beings that I’m 90% sure I know 2 people here, but This page is about the killer and the “cover up” behind all of it, let’s just say, I knew some of the girls too, plus quite a few people mention. And I won’t post my opinion and start an arguement over something I know to be true. But I really do wish someone higher actually cared enough to come and bust all these people involved!!!!
      Because no matter how these people lived, no one deserves what they got!

  10. Okay all of yall talking bad about my uncle bowlegs can go get a life like for real! For one he wasn’t shot over 200 he was shot over a stupid hoe of a female who LIED on him!! And really can’t hang with big dogs?? Obviously your really stupid bc the simple fact EVERYONE bleeds the same. And gang of “ASSHOLES” bullcrap that’s not a gang that’s just them clowning far from a gang.and whoever wrote this should really quit their job bc they’re not good at it you got your whooooole little story fucked up!! And if ANYONE finds this offensive well OH WELL IDGAF!!

  11. And yall call this a police department??? Bullshit!! So many busts have been made and half the things theyve busted people for hasn’t even been shown in court you know why?? Bc all the pills weed dope etc…that people have been busted for all these years goes to these crooked ass “cops” they take it and they use it for they’re pleasure so they can get a buzz!! This isn’t a goddamn pd its a bunch of crooked ass fake people who use their badge as an advantage bc I can count many “cops” that have had sex with alot of these in yall words “prostitutes” there’s no doubt in my mind that they had something to do with the murders so stop trying to fool anyone bc your NOT!!

    • I’m just saying I’m glade this post came out this person isn’t talking down on these victims she is putting it as it was told to here she is the one who isn’t scared to say what she knows are heard my opinion i believe she is trying to help all the victims family to get answers to what really happened to our love ones ” I’m glade someone is finally speaking out on this an maybe ppl who know something will have trust in this person to tell them what they know an at same time know they will be OK an not the next victim ” I have faith an I’m willing to let the bad out to get answers to what happened to my brother that night ” a perfect young man with a wife an two kids someone took his life an for what I heard a few things an a few reason why his life was taking I hear things all the time about what ppl think took place that night I know ppl who see me an tell me I know what happened to your brother but I’m scared for my life can you image living with knowing that a young man are woman was murder an you know what took place an why ‘ I don’t think I could sleep at night knowing that ” but again this is not a game this is real ppl killing ppl to keep them from talking do I don’t blame anyone for not saying if they know something an i hold not hate to them either I just want answer we as a family deserve that my brothers kids deserve to know the truth an not lies about there dad ” I just want answers for him so he can be a peace an rest “I’m not on here talking about anyone family I’m talking about mine an what we want ” an that is answers

  12. hate to bust some ppl bubbles but you can’t always believe what you hear nor see. I know for a fact one person wasn’t involved but his name seems to keep coming up. ppl aren’t perfect and some have addictions but not all are killers. the lives cut short were b/c of knowing too much. so would you really expect someone to say something knowing they could be next; I don’t. I know we need closure but sometimes we have to leave things up to God. VENGENCE IS MINE SAITH THE LORD I WILL REPAY. it’s sad not knowing who or should I say whom they are that are doing this. but I trust God will deal with each and everyone of them. WHAT IS DONE IN THE DARK SHALL COME TO LIGHT. Praying for peace, comfort, joy, and hope for all those whom lost someone; may this soon be all over and TO GOD BE THE GLORY

  13. well i know one thing ..my friend was married to frankie richard and on more than 1 occassion he beat her so bad she was in the hospital..threatened to kill her NUMEROUS TIMES!!! choked her til she passed out..etc.etc..i say they have the killer just covering it up…

  14. Well i also know Frankies ex wife.and i know he told her many times he would kill and get away with it.He almost killed her many times.When she left him he stalked and harrassed her for years.Law enforcement never did anything.He always got off easy.

  15. I have a question? Can anyone tell me what room number Norman was found dead.

  16. This is pieced together so well. So many questions!! So many key players.

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