~ A Parish Resident’s View ~

I live here in this parish. I moved into it with fresh eyes.

I have sat back and watched as first one girl, then two and so on were found. I saw how first the officers, then the press, and the towns folks all had the same thing to say….”girls who lived high risk lifestyles”. Like they deserved no less than to be dropped off like yesterday’s trash. It infuriated me from the beginning. We are all guilty of some type of “high risk lifestyle” or ill advised actions at sometime or another. That does NOT mean anyone deserves to be murdered!

I watched with open jawed amazement as Ricky Edwards opened his mouth and made the statement that “serial killing is not against the law, murder is”. I have talked to family members who have been warned to back off. Keep quiet. Do not talk to anyone; not even the PI that was hired by the families. I have watched as one after another of our Law ‘Enforcement’ have fallen from grace and done one illegal thing after another. One bad apple does not spoil the bunch…but it sure seems as if the whole bunch is smelling really bad!

The really sad thing about this whole situation is, unless someone else is murdered, people around here give up. They are hopeless, and except for a few things, we go back to status quo. It is best forgotten, and as in days of old, what is not talked about does not exist. Except to those who have suffered the loss. For the families, each anniversary is a new hole in their heart. It is another year of no answers, no closure, and for them, the fear still exists as the close friends of their loved ones continue to die.

On the public side, to those not in this vipers nest, it is like running around a round room looking for a square corner. To the outside, things seem simple, you call in a tip, the law takes it and does something about it. The public is updated with news of the headway of the fabulous law’s progress and a killer is caught…simple. It does not work that way in JDP. I can assure you of that. “Silence is golden”….and through silence the law gains control of the people and the murders are forgotten. It has worked that way for years….ask the people around here, they will tell you. Watch, and you will see for yourselves. Until a little girl named Brittney was murdered…

She may not have been on this earth for very long, but her murder changed a lot of things. She did that much for us. While the law was out telling people that she ran away, we all around here knew different. Her mother and friends knew different. Suddenly, these murders were taken seriously. The press, the law, and the internet were alive with news, updates and discussion. This blog was formed so that they would not ever again be forgotten.

Suddenly people who had remained silent under the pressure of the law and public opinion found their voices. News from the press and Law was few and far between, but updates from people came fast and furious. We were finally being INFORMED. And though some of it was opinion, some was fact, and some was conjecture, there were voices. We in this parish were not alone. It has come with a price. I know several myself who were warned by “certain someones” to not post. Finally, dirty laundry of sneaky goings on became public knowledge. Old dirt and foul police work is no longer hidden. The press may hush, but the blog and forum continue.

We, in this parish, for the most part, are dirt poor. The families of the murdered have their hands full with just day-to-day living, without their daughters/mothers/sisters. Had most of the family’s had money, something would have been done long before now. Money talks, we all know that. Interest would have never stopped. Coast-to-coast media would have been all over this parish. I’m sure law suits would have been filed, and with each law suit, more media. Instead, it has been an uphill struggle all the way. One foot in front of the other.

I’m sure most of you who read this blog, and the discussion forum, have noticed that ideas are posted and it’s not too long after that, suddenly that idea becomes reality…take for an example the billboards. The follow-up press. The documentaries. Hmmm… so we are doing good here and making headway.

As hard and heart wrenching as it is for the families, friends, us living in the parish to rehash the same thing over and over, it is a necessity. We HAVE to keep speaking out!!! For I am afraid, that with silence…we give consent. Consent for these crimes, these murders, to continue as they have for so very long. Does this end up being our children’s and our grandchildren’s inheritance instead of the peace and safety they so richly deserve?



ADMIN NOTE:  Thanks to livinginfearinjdp for submitting the above post for publication.


37 Responses

  1. Phone records and residency records will find the culprit. Maybe even e-mails if they had access to computers. If there is no common phone number that means the suspect is someone the girls communicated with in person or through someone else or the suspect changed his number frequently or used different phones. Also look at who was new to the area or fresh out of jail or prison? Who had drugs alcohol and money and a place to lounge? Did they check area hotel records? Could they see any vehicles outside the family dollar of the last victim? Who lived on that street the last victim was walkin up and down? What was she doing on that street? How far was it from her house? Could it have been a half way point? I think if you can answer all these questions you can find the killer. The killer was probably already caught and released due to conflicting witness accounts, and a lack of physical evidence…

  2. Yep. Too much crooked shit going down. The police in Jennings are not trying to capture anyone. There can only be so many coincidences. I guess the 10,000 dollar fine for ethics violations is the only consolation prize the families get. Tampering with and losing and destroying evidence. Whoever is guilty is almost surely getting off on a technicality…or already has.


  3. I can tell you that the killer is keeping a closer eye on this than people think. I believe he comes on this page just see how famous he is, leads that may be coming across this site, and it also helps him know what mistakes he has made. Second, if he was ever taken to jail and fingerprinted for any reason he is in the system. I KNOW THEY HAVE CHECKED THIS WITH THE LITTLE EVIDENCE THEY HAVE. He knows this is a big problem for the law and that is why he keeps his eyes and ears out for info.

    • I happen to agree that the “killers” do read on the blog. I have thought that from the beginning.

  4. Who do your speak with then? If you have what you might think is a great lead and have witnessed somthing? I have already tried the state police? I was told it was researched? I also think that me & my husband were approached by one of the men we witnessed performing a certain act? And that was reported to the state police? But I was not even asked for the information and was cut off short on the phone call. Dismissed if you willTthey might would actually have this man on a video recording if they would just listen to what happen? I would think every lead is important at this point?

    • You need to go to the top right hand side of this site where it says CONTACT ME. Get a log in and remember my username. I may be able to help u out. I am very willing to make sure u are heard out. The forum has changed and YOU would like to meet these people b/c what u have witnessed may be a piece of the puzzle that they are missing. Please join us look for Mallory and we can PM each other too u don’t have to blog where everyone can see what u have to say. Come join us I would like to help u.

    • P.S. I replied to your email but it was sent back to me as undeliverable???

    • scream loudly to the UNITED STATES JUSTICE DEPARTMENT and ERIC HOLDER. When enough people are voicing concerns and fears about the same persons and officials they have to believe something is going on.

    • P.S…….Please come and join us on the Forum, PM me
      if you feel uncomfortable in posting. Your information is very important and by not reaching out with it , perhaps, only helps the killers. We, on the Forum, brainstorm together in an effort to bring justice to the victims and their families. I hope you join us.
      Thank you and God Bless!

    • Of course the man dismissed you. I wouldn’t expect anything more from any of them. They are a clan who has worked together for years,, some go hunting , fishing, watching football, eating dinner at each others house. they are close and if they aren’t all involved, then most are. that’s why evidence has turned up ‘missing’. besides who wants their best friend and fellow co-workers to go down for a crime like that? They probably discuss it over dinner and a glass of cheat wine.

  5. i went meet a guy i chated with off of a phone chat line thing an the guy searched me down to make sure that i was’ny wired nor a cop or anything he also told me that he needed to confess something to me an he told me that it was him and his uncle that was killing these women in Jeff Davis , he drove a 4 door blue car he told me that he was there when the 17 year old was killed. This guy who lied to me bout everything that he said about himself over the phone said that his uncle is a cop but he would not give me the name of his uncle. This guy lead me to an apartment in Lafayette where there was nothing in his bedroom but females cloths and shoes all over the floor, there was’nt even a single picture on wall in this bedroom not even a bed just females items thrown all over the floor. i was extremly scared for my life because the guy told me that the first person he killed was an uncle of his some years ago by drugs everyone told me that i should go to the cops with all this information but i have no proof of anything i do know that the guy is mix race looking and he’s from jennings but other then that i don’t know much more bout him he wanted me to go for a ride with him to shreveport but i refused because he had this look in his eyes like he wanted to kill me or something . this all happened just last week and he kept telling me that he wish all the nightmares woud go away becauuse he keep seeing all these victims faces he also told me that there are more victims that are linked to these victims then what others may think. he trvels alot so he is hardly around i mean what do i do? what if this guy is lieing but yet he was half way crieing when he was confessing all this to me. this guy said the cops said that his uncle was’nt murder but he told me that he did kill his uncle and others he was very crepy and he kept telling me you know iif i wnt i can kill you right now he then begged me for some sex i only let him have sex with me so he could let go go after we had sex it’s was like he snaped and i grabbed my bag and ran to my car and left he called me 3 times while i was on the road and telling me to go back and to turn around i kept telling him no as ispeed away on to the high ways he said that he was right behind me but i did’nt see him as i was driving i think that he was afraid that i was going to go to the cops but i have no proof of anything other then what he looks like, what he was driving and what he told me. this is not my computer so if you all reply i wont be able to read it but i just had to tell you all what happened last week to me an i came across this guy off of a chat line call live link. the thing that stick in my mind is the last call he made to me as i fled was when he said you need to be more careful who you meet on these chatline stuff i said why is that and he said becuse he’s a murder ! got to go

    • If you happen to read here again please contact me at jeffdavissecrets @ gmail dot com. If what you wrote is true I’m sure there is a way LE can easily identify who this man is.

  6. To Jenny that posted here earlier……please contact me at jeffdavissecrets @ gmail dot com.

  7. This is for Jenny, please come forward with your info that you have disclosed to us. As a mother of one of the victims, this info is very crucial, and needs to be in the right hands. There are statements you have made that no one else has disclosed before. Please, you can contact me at 774-0267 if you do not want to go to authorities yourself. I will keep your identity quiet and safe. As a mother grieving for her child, I pray that you come forward with this info.

  8. i fear for my life so i can not share any more infor.

    • Honey, we all fear for our lives here, and for our sisters/daughters/friends lives. there are people here that you can trust, and will turn it over to the RIGHT people to stop this insanity that has taken over the parish. they will help. if you have info, these people need it NOW….before the next victim is murdered and another child is left alone.

    • I’m wondering why you posted the information in the first place jenny???

      Why don’t you post on the discussion forum where you have to use a “legitimate” email address to register? There’s not much any of us can do if you are not going to provide further details about your supposed encounter.

      Surely you know the location of the apartment you went to. You must have the man’s name, phone number, email address…..that’s assuming your story is true. I’m also assuming you must not be VERY AFRAID if you haven’t gone to law enforcement already.

      Until you prove otherwise, at this point I consider your story just that…….a story. I’m very easy to get in touch with if you’d like to discuss this further…..otherwise, stop trying to upset people…..especially family members of the victims.

      • I agree with g8 to the fullest. I understand how fear can be a factor in ur situation but u should understand how important it is that fear is not a factor at this point in time. Thats what they want. Be afraid so u dont open ur mouth. How many more women have to die before its ur sister or daughter. Dont u think everyone is afraid at one point if they have to be out late due to a graveyard shift or another situation similar to that. It’s a risk to leave ur front step every day but people do it. The way u feel angers me very much because ur fear could never amount to the fear my sister and those other women had as they fought for their lives. I think ur playing games and i refuse to play with u. Y would u tell some of ur story but not all? And why do u wait til now to come forward with ur info? Please enlighten me……….

  9. well please dont feel scared just pm someone like sp or g8 or ketch please you may holdv the key to all our ansewrs an so our girls can be at peace an if you dont trust someone then this will never get solved so please tell someone an if anything email me at s_benoit08@yahoo.com an i will give you my number an we can talk please

  10. So you fear for your life. What about the lives of others? What about the children left without their mothers.What about those whom could be murdered in the future. Your scared and have aevery right to be. But isn’t what our beautiful daughter stated before their deaths that they were scared and wouldn’t be here much longer.He will find you. Why live in fear and risk yourselve of some one elses murder?The wold is a big place and their or places where no one will know where you are.If this is the truth what you are stating than the deaths of our daughters and the lives of future victims are and for ever will be on your consience.

  11. Jenni, If you really need to talk to someone not in law enforcement, and who is NOT local fell free to email me at rettalee@rocketmail.com. If you really fear for your life I can hook you up with real people who CAN protect you. Ball’s in your court,we WILL help you….

  12. Sorry people, this site is not secure and has already messed up my e-mail stuff? I have already spoken to two different law agency’s and I guess what we witnessed just wasn’t beneficial? I’m truly sorry to anyone who this information upset! Please know that my heart and prayers go out to all of the family’s that are involved! I have left word with both parties that if they need to they can contact me for more information?

  13. I have a question for the one who name is Mallory?
    I tried to connect to you privatly and that is when this site messed up for me? This is the first time that I have been able to get back on it?

    Just wandering?

  14. Well folks, I just tryed the new contact site again…. and it still didn’t let me in? I bet it messes all of my computer up again?

  15. P.S. I don’t think your comment upset anyone and I’m sorry you’ve had trouble getting back on the site…..not sure what the problem was. Just in case you don’t notice it…..I did respond back to you via a PM on the discussion forum.

  16. Hello everyone. I am just joining this blog . These horrific violent crimes have had me home early for a long time now. I, like many women in this community are being very perceptive. Yet, it is hard living every day scared. It changes your routine that you have established throughout life and makes you question your trust in others. Those of us who have made reports of suspicious activity have stopped. Its been tooo long since a woman has been reported missing and it is a matter of time before we are once again TERRIFIED! What I do not understand is that the areas where these women lived is hardly EVER patroled. No investment in the improvement of the homes in the area by the local government to detur criminal activity EITHER. There are precautions the city could be taking. AND THEY ARE NOT DOING IT!! If the women are connected by drug use why are there no arrests of signifigance for narcotics being made. My area of town crawls at night with ellicit criminal behavior…. and again no police tobe found. I hope we can get the local departments involved totally restructured when it is time to vote. No more lame duck mayors, police cheifs, or officers people. PLEASE get out and hit the polls when it is time. Help the women living in fear of when the sun goes down. I am begging you.

    • Hi siren…….

      Didn’t want you to think you were being ignored…..most of us following the JDP murders have moved our discussion to a forum which is located here http://murderinjdp.49.forumer.com/index.php?noportal=1 if you are interested in joining us.

      Excellent post you made and you definitely bring up several good points as well as questions I think most residents in the area continue to ask as well.

      It’s very disheartening, not to mention scary, that people have to try to continue on with their day-to-day lives with that “big black cloud” of uncertainty that looms over the area. Your fear is not unfounded and I feel for you. The residents do want, and deserve, answers and they do want this killer(s) off the streets.

      We’d love to have you join us at the discussion forum…..it’s always good to have locals willing to offer their perspectives on the situation.

    • Hi Siren,
      Please come join us on the new forum. This one is no longer as active as in the past we are over at the other one. G8 told you how to do so below.

      There is a great need for new people and ideas…..and keeping the murders out in the public.

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  18. An outstanding share! I’ve just forwarded this onto a co-worker who has been doing a little research on this. And he in fact bought me breakfast because I found it for him… lol. So allow me to reword this…. Thank YOU for the meal!! But yeah, thanks for spending the time to discuss this matter here on your internet site.

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