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  1. Please continue posting comments and general discussion here. Thanks.

  2. it wont let me post

  3. i can post

  4. why u can not post

  5. Thank you, serial. Maybe some day, in another life, in a land far far away, I might become a detective. It would take an entire lifetime to learn and I’m way too old to start now – LOL!!!

  6. did you all find were i seen AMW was playing tonite

  7. Hello everyone! I just want to say thank you all for the encouraging, soft, comforting words I’ve read throughout this blog. It is quite accomidating to come to this site and see the heart felt things you all have to say about our families members that have passed in such a crutial way. THANK U G8TRGIRL for giving us this place. I know I’ve said it a thousand times and I feel like I need to say it a thousand more times! My heart feels so warm when I come here and see that people have not forgotten. It’s a blessing that they are remembered not by the way they died but by the beautiful people they were when they were with us. Please forgive me for lashing out and expressing myself with strong emotions that may offend any of you. At times I become overwhelmed from my thoughts and feelings. I was raised to conduct myself like a young respectable woman and if I did offend any of you, I apologise. You all have been nothing but nice and understanding. God bless!

    • What time does AMW come on and what time please? My cousin told me but I forgot.

    • girl you have every right to have strong dont have to be sorry!! just know that we are all praying for you and the other girls families..god bless you for coming on here and talking about something so hard for you…

    • No apologies necessary. Those of us who are not family members can only imagine the pain you feel. And we are so sorry you have to feel it!

      I hope AMW does a lengthy segment on this tonight.

    • Lil Bit’s sister I am glad you are able to come here and share. Having someone to share with is so heartwarming.
      I am Crystal’s mom, I am wondering if you and your mom will be attending the visual and prayer service on the 17th?
      I would like to have pictures of Brittney for the memorial table, If yes I could meet with you and share about the prayer service.
      I pray that all the families can come, it will be a beautiful service.
      I do not know how to get in touch with your family. And would also like to invite your family to meet with the other families in the dinning hall afterwards.

  8. I cant find where AMW says its going to feature these murders tonight?

  9. i seen it on here in the left hand side off the top off the page it is media-national klick on it and u will see AMW klick on it

  10. hey friend. why dont you post the link instead of sending people searching for something they wont find?



  12. i still dont see anything about AMW saying anything about jennings tonight call me stupid but i have click on everything and nothing

  13. just watch and see what will be on it

  14. their not featuring these murders tonight. go to their sight and click on “this weeks show”.

  15. all i seen was them updating from 7 girls to 8 girls..nothing about it being on the show tonight

  16. i did that i was just wonder what friends see that we dont


  18. i know what i read and seen and AMW is not airing anything about jennings tonight sorry friend but they are not


  20. no why

  21. friend sees nothing. just how rumors get started. someone assumes something and makes an ass out of you and me.




  25. ok enough about AMW just watch it if you want to but we know what we are reading and it is not gonna be about Jennings so please stop already

  26. friend, it says Sat. @ 8:00 on every one of their pages. I’m just trying to explain to you thats all. If you go to their home page and scroll down a little you will see ” this weeks show ” thats what will be featured tonight.

  27. I am packed up and ready to go on vacation that I had postponed until after the Memorial. As some of you said, you would not answer my posts, that’s okay too but I still want to clarify things with a few of you.

    I chose to move to the south because, not to mention, to get away from below zero weather, but because of all of my years of travel, I found that southerns are the most friendly and mannerable I have ever met. The children and adults show so much respect with Mr. or Miss so-and-so, and, yes maam, no maam, etc. I, in no way, intended to insult any of you by referring to the south. I love it down here or else I wouldn’t have stayed here.

    When I said that I was asked by some Jennings residents to get involved, I’ll say this. You all just don’t realize how concerned ALL of Jennings residents are. I was asked by what you all refer to as “the other side of town”, North of Interstate #10. They care just as much as you all.

    To NICKI SOLIEAU……The only way you could have known my identity was from G8trgirl because she is the only one who knew. To both of you, I say…..Keep up the good work! If you check my earlier posts, as of Thread #34 when I joined, you will read that I have always commended G8. Nicki, as I said before, I can figure out who you work for. Keep up your good work too. You spend a lot if time and energy making the connections that you do. You and G8 work very well together. I wish you well. Keep it up!

    TO BRITTNEY GARY’S SISTER…….I do not nor have I ever met her Uncle Butch Gary. The only reason I contacted him was to let him know what I was going to post re: Brittney. Additonally.having raised a murdered prostitute’s mullato daughter, as I previously posted,
    her mother did not have insurance and I couldn’t bear the thought of her mother being buried in Potter’s Field. That is why I paid for the burial. Because of love for the child! Therefore, when I saw on the news that Brittney’s Uncle Butch Gary was asking for donations for her burial, I understood and send a $ donation. I also wanted to meet ERNESTINE PATTERSON’S family because I was informed that after Brittney’s funeral, several pastors offered spiritual guidance for the victims’ families and her father was the only one who showed up. Incidently, one of people who asked me to get involved is a Jennings “man of the cloth.” (who is now very disappointed because he also monitors this blog).

    TO SERIALPSYCHIC…..Thank you for your positive thinking. It was my intention (before the Memorial), to ride-along with the female-forced-in-the-car informant travelling the same route at the same time (4-5:00AM).That is how I work. I want to see what the victim sees and therefore, what the killer(s) see. Thanks to John Douglas, and Homicide Seminars, I have been successful in the past. But now, that plan has been shot to hell! That was the best information that I received since getting involved. Remember, some people don’t want to get involved but thank God for this person who trusted me. Our Brittney was killed last year, so I thank God for this info at this time. I was told that local LE didn’t have it. I really don’t know for sure. But I’ll bet that you all didn’t.I I have said over & over. She is the key. I will keep my word and let someone know when I hear from that informant and ask for a description of the female, car, and a better location. ( I would have gotten all of this in meeting with them one-on-one).

    TO MR. MICHAEL DU BOIS…….You are the kind of victim’s family member that I have worked with (mostly off duty) in the past. Seeing the pain on a family member’s faces, such as yours, always gave me the strength from God that I needed to help. I have NEVER accepted a dime for any work that I did off-duty on my own. I wish I could have met with you to discuss my theory of your sister Whitnei’s murder.
    Unfortunately. I cannot put in on the blog. Excuse my language, but her murder and the circumstance surrounding it, really pisses me off! So, continue to represent her, the other families, and especially her daughter, who reminds me so much of my girl that I wish I can do something nice for her. Although I personally won’t be posting anymore, please send a post to SerialPsychic and let he or she know where I can send her something. Good Luck, Michael. May God watch over you and keep you safe and strong!

    So Long, everybody, I’m out of here. Good Luck!


    • Please stop already please we all went to there page ok so stop I will watch AMW tonight and if it is about jennings i will be the first to say i am sorry

  29. ok been gone for 30 min. and we r still talking about amw. omg

  30. Ketchum just does not give up.

  31. Ketchum does not give up.

  32. Strange I did not write that twice.

  33. there is a show about the gainsville ripper playing on “INVDSC” right now. I believe it is investigative discovery channel. Channel 103 on Cox Cable Lafayette.

  34. Yeah, I was just wondering which “man of the cloth” Ketchum was referring to and if it was a catholic priest. Hmmmm, guess I won’t know now, lol.

  35. We’re still ignoring him right, LOL again!!!

  36. Curvy Cat I would not believe Ketchum.Did you read Nickis last post last night.She really discredits Ketchum.And I would think Nickie would be more reliable.

  37. WHAT???

    • “KITKAT, on October 10th, 2009 at 8:06 PM Said:

      Curvy Cat I would not believe Ketchum.Did you read Nickis last post last night.She really discredits Ketchum.And I would think Nickie would be more reliable.
      Reply ”

      Hope that helps.

  38. OK………..what is Ketchum’s motive? I don’t understand.

  39. Ketchum23 Have a safe vacation. God Bless you and your family and all of the people on this bog who have tirelessly searched for justice to be served.

  40. Ketchum talks like a serial killer. That’s interesting. He/she talks like he knows a whole lot about the murders and then purposedly throws us off by throwing us a little wrong information every now and then, so we doubt he knows what he’s talking about. Hmmmm, did anyone else catch that? Or am I just being too paranoid again? LOL

    • Keep this in mind and by no means am I taking up for Ketchum, Lord knows I would never do that but to catch a serial killer you do have to think like one and know what makes them tick.

  41. Psychic – do you think ketchum is on the up and up? And I’m just getting the wrong vibes then? I consider myself no genius by no means but fairly intelligent and a good judge of character. I worked for the news media at one time and learned how to see right threw folks, both good and bad. there is just something I felt way before anything was said about Ketchum. I thought it could have just been my imagination. I never responded to anything that Ketchum said at first, until his/her character was questioned…just cuz I was leery to. So I just don’t know what to think now!

  42. Ok, well I said my peace about ketchum now that he/she is supposely on vacation. I do hate to talk about someone when they aren’t around to defend themselves, LOL! Hmmmm…that’s usually not my style. That’s not how I do things. Hope everyone is having a good nite. The cooler temps feel great. We’re watching the LSU and Florida game. Gooooo Tigers!!!

  43. Observer, on October 8th, 2009 at 9:45 PM Said:
    These days, anyone that watches a lot of TV- crime shows, forensics and such- could figure out that water, bleach and acid get rid of evidence. Anyone that had a particular interest in science or the medical field. THings like that can be found on the internet also.

    Why do you think they are actually- told- how to get rid of evidence? Do you think they are just not that intelligent- so they have to be told or that they are being instructed so many are involved?

    Ketchum23, on October 8th, 2009 at 10:46 PM Said:
    OBSERVER…….Do you really think that a killer would search the internet on how to get rid of vicims at yearly intervals. I would like to know where to start. Where would you look? How to get right of evidence? I am not trying to be facetious, I really don’t know. I only go by information, evidence and common sense. Do you think that such info from the Internet can be put to play in reality of eight (8) murders and still not be caught?
    Thanx for responding though.

  44. curvycat I try not to judge the motives of Ketchum23’s soul. I leave that to God. If she came to this blog with the intentions of doing good she will be blessed. If, however she came here under false pretenses then a higher power will punish her far harder than any of us could ever dream of. Life is too short to fret very long about this matter. I feel that we are driven to find the answers that may save someone’s life in the future. There are really wonderful people on this blog, I prefer spending my time uplifting them in this horrible time. You are a fine person curvycat as well as the other bloggers, and we just have to go forward and not look back.

  45. Given that above reference—the problem I had with Ketchum is that he/she would not answer questions about their remarks, and quite often turned other peoples- not just my remarks, but several around to mean something that was not said.

    Southerbelle had previously asked what Ketchum had to offer, and that was turned around to state that southerbelle said Ketchum had nothing to offer!

    I can’t see an officer, nor professional allowing emotions to take control of them. That is not professional at all. I am not a professional, but know that with the law- it is black or white, NOT emotional
    and they would have hung up- went away- not lashed back out.

    This is why I have questions about Ketchum, and I, too, thought Ketchum appeared very suspiscious in character.

  46. I know one can find how to create any bomb you want on the internet, how to cook crack recipes as I have heard by others (I don’t search for these things, and I see no reason if one was dtermined enough- they find out how to hide evidence in many different ways. Never did I state what Ketchum turned my words around to say!!!

  47. “They could find out”—I meant

  48. Sorry for the long reply. I go to bed at nite and dream about these beautiful girls who were robbed of their lives. I worry about their families and my soul aches for their loss. I read and re-read all the information, and blogs, looking for that one thing I may have missed. I am worried sick that these killers are not finished killing. We are dealing with monsters without any kind of conscious’ I don’t think they will quit until they are caught, or dead. Personally, I’m voting for the latter.

  49. hey folks- i just got home not long ago and missed amw did i miss anything about jennings on there?
    please let me know thanks!

  50. Personally, I think the perp is educated in covering evidence either by job experience, watching too many crime shows, or personal experience. I am not convinced the perp is ‘extremely’ intelligent, nor ‘well read’ at this point. And I do think it could be more than one person involved- good possiblility, not for sure.

    • The perp is not that intelligent just lack of experience by LE in catching the SOB. The zodiac isn’t that intelligent but what he did was pissed off LE to the point of them losing their focus by taunting them and they forgot what they were looking for and their direction.

  51. Sorry, almost, I can’t answer! I was too busy catching up, and let the time slip by. I was out most the day myself.

  52. I agree psychic that the murderer/murderers are still out there planning their next killing, we just don’t know when. What I can’t understand (as a mother and grandmother of girls) is why these girls that are still out there doing drugs and prostituting aren’t taking this more seriously. They are still out there doing the same things that got the other girls in trouble and killed. What is it going to take to make them come to their senses?

    • the sad thing about that and the answer to that would be the drug..the drugs,, now a day are bad..they are hooked from what i understand from the first time they try them..the addiction is stronger then the worry of being the next one..and probably the killer has kooled his beans with so much going on about all of this right now..i try to read every day twice a day..i missed AMW tonight because i was at prayer meeting for our revival at church..all of you on im my prayers..THE GIRLS ON THE STREETS ARE IN MY PRAYERS..and yall law inforcement are in my prayers..

  53. i know that when i left this afternoon, there was alot of discussion on here. just curious

  54. Well the perp certainly can’t be a dummy and knows how to cover his/her tracks quite well. Look how they haven’t been caught yet. They’ve managed to outfox LE thus far, 8 times. So I think this speaks a lot about the killers intelligence unless he’s/she’s been lucky 8 times and that’s highly unlikely.

  55. No AMW did not feature anything about the Jennings murders.

    “Friend” was just misinterpreting what the AMW site said I think.

  56. I don’t mean they are ignorate, nor uneducated, just not ‘Highly’ intelligent….IMO. I could be wrong. They could be extremely intelligent. I think they are most daring, uncontrollable, still there, possibly contemplating another crime. They have shown they like to pick events at times to act, didn’t they act right before Kodiak came down, and when they were going to open the firing range, or am I mistaken. I think they like to show off, and want the attention on themselves, especially here lately.

    I still find it rather odd for the lady to have been found in her car deceased in Jennings close to where the other victims were found.

  57. curvycat Some of these girls figure that it just can’t happen to them. The 8 girls, were smart,so why would they get into cars? It had to be someone they knew, or a person of authority telling them to get in or they were forced into the car. I think I got off the question here. Your remark was why would they still be doing the same stuff and what would it take to make them stop? Either they feel really safe, or, they are willing to take a chance, or, they’ve been told by someone they are safe…I don’t know what it will take to make them stop though…


  58. JUST A QUICK QUESTION??? has there been a bunch of bleach sold to one person during all of this..surely someone when they heard the word bleach on tv or something ,,would have turned that a store worker of someone/

    • I don’t think it would take a great deal of bleach and if they were smart they would have purchased it at different times and at different stores.

      • esp if it was liquid pool chlorine. its is a lot stronger than reg bleach. it could be bought at any pool store

  59. The thing about bleach is anybody can buy it and say they could be cleaning their house and such. We did that this summer and I don’t think it caused any alarm at the dollar store we purchased it from.

  60. I’m with you observer, this whole thing about a TX woman coming here and killing herself where she was found sounds totally suspicious to me. Again, I believe we are just not being told everthing by LE!

    • I can’t wait to see what LE is going to pull out of the hat for this girl.MAY SHE REST IN PEACE.(The Texas girl)

      • Don’t hold your breath on the Texas girl’s story. Consider that the girl was brought to the Calcasieu Parish Coroner. This is the same coroner that has “done things” with regard to the other most recent eight and to Shelia Comeaux, Steven Simon and how many others over the years. We simply may never know. When you have each step of the process covered the way that our system has covered-up events, it’s extremely difficult to get the truth. It seems that everyone from the dog catcher to the congress are like a pasture full of cats covering s*** every time a murder, suicide, theft, etc., takes place. Maybe the coroner will accidentally send a report on the wrong body like he stated he did in the Simon case. That’s the guy that allegedly hanged himself in the Lake Arthur jail moments after his family met and spoke with him while he was getting dresses for travel. His “hanging” produced severe facial bruising, broken nose? Cuts, broken ribs, broken leg, etc., ligature marks that don’t match a hanging. Wow, all that from hanging from a towel? Shelia Comeaux’s murder was another Calcasieu Coroner deal. The coroner was asked to fly in and do an emergency autopsy through the night after Ms. Comeaux died VERY suspiciously after trying to name the attackers that left her for dead with her brains hanging out and after she attempted to talk about her involvement in being a CI (a narc, blackmailed by police) in the local drug business. I wouldn’t trust or believe anything that comes out of that coroner’s office. The Dr. is suspected of taking his orders from people that we don’t want giving orders. Why should we buy any story that the coroner, the SO, the governor’s office, the FBI or the state police will produce regarding this Texas woman? They have each deceived the public in the past. Ask around and listen to what people will tell you. Ask people who know and were involved, not the hypnotized influential yuppies and housewives that R. Edwards buddies up to and pacifies with his lies. The entire LE network seems to protect everyone involved in crime and will do anything to hide the truth from the citizens. Who represents us?

        • observer- one thing i was told by LE here is that when someone is reported missing in texas, the TEXAS RANGERS get involved. when the body is found out of state, then the rangers request an autopsy to be done in texas, in this case, HARRIS COUNTY.. so lets all pray that we get the right answers:)

          • Hopefully, the Harris County Coroner provides some concrete truths. Harris County (Houston) is extremely corrupted. Houston is a major pivot point in the drug distribution industry. The likelihood of a “connection” between officials in JDP and Harris County is very high. All we have to do is look at past drug cases prosecuted in JDP when drug carrying travelers have been pulled over in JDP. In the Terry Touchet case, the big Houston distributor was made to pay a small fine (on record. Who knows what was paid off record) while the local pot head handyman was given 100 years in prison because he had a bag of marijuana at his house. Yes, I’m suspicious, but, that’s based upon pure and simple facts and not on hysteria. Yes, I am mistrusting of officials, but, that’s because I’ve kept in touch and have gone out asking questions of those truly involved. No, I don’t believe what officials say, whether in print or in interviews, but, that’s because they’ve been caught in so many blatant lies. Our folly has been that we have assumed for years that because a local guy is elected to an office, he automatically becomes trustworthy, simply because we expect it. In reality, when a person is elected, he will be approached with every sort of temptation and pressure imaginable by people with extreme power and influence. A nice guy is nothing more than a nice guy. This doesn’t make him wise or internally strong and it certainly doesn’t give him integrity. Sheriff Cormier was a good example. He was a very approachable man who tried to stay in touch with the community. While he was shaking hands and kissing babies, his office staff, deputies, detectives and everyone in other public offices conspired in the most corrupted activities imaginable, right under Cormier’s nose. I honestly don’t think he knew a smidgen of what was going on in JDP’s corrupt operations. In retrospect, I believe that the current sheriff took over and accepted the momentum with full knowledge and participation. He fired everyone except the most corrupted and began operating with a new group of loyals in place. JDP already had the Houston connection in place. I don’t believe that it’s not still in good health.

  61. that is weird to me too..of all places in louisiana she picks jennings..but there again could she have been there for drugs..did she know the girls..or does she know anyone there now..or is it a freak thing.?? but i have to say this i went to my myspace and i checked all of my family and friends who live there myspace profile…i was looking to see if any of them had a picture of her and i did not see any..just freaked me out because im thinking she knows someone there..lord i hope that made complete sense !!


    • same to you




  63. i need to ask i though the city cops were not to go past the jennings @evanbeline exit i was going to jennings and a city was comming from crowley how can he go there in a city cop car

  64. Many times if they are going to pick up or drop off prisoners like in Basile Correctional Facility they can go past the city limits. I’ve seen them take the police cars to Angola before and they radio in and let every know they are leaving radio range.

  65. Not sure, but there are times they may have to serve warrants, visit other LE offices, transfer inmates and such. Also, some may live out of town and drive to work.

    We have lots of BR City police that live here in Livingston Parish, and commute to work in their police units, including one of my cousins.

    • Yes, there are many legitimate reasons that local police can travel outside their jurisdiction in their units.

  66. i was just asking

  67. how are u all doing it is raining herin jennings

    • Thinking about building a boat and collecting animals in pairs.

    • beautiful weather here..50 degrees all could stay like this far as im concerned but everything would mold including me after a while..guess i should be glad when the sun comes back out huh?

  68. Good Morning, It’s raining here in Gueydan also.

  69. Morning, almost afternoon now. Been raining here in Denham Springs too! Looks like it may be clearing up for a few.

    Bless you all, and I hope all have a quiet, peaceful day.

  70. A big thank you to Brittany for allowing us the opportunity to glimpse into Whitnei’s younger years through photographs

  71. Brittany Beautiful pictures of Whitnei… Thanks you so much for sharing those with us. It is so sad…….

  72. Brittany you had a beautiful sister I hope she is resting in peace.

  73. Serial Psychic if your their I wanted to ask you something?Dont these murders remind you of Gary Ridgeway?Remember how long it took Seattle to catch him.

  74. Hello Serial Psychic are you there?

  75. I dnow you were not asking me but they do remind me of Gary Ridgeway. He turned out to be a fairly regular guy, married, picking up prostitutes. He was quiet and hid this secret life.

  76. sorry for the typo…meant I know….

  77. Yes darkstar thanks for answering.I just finished reading the book GreenRiverKiller.The thing that reminds me of him is that he had initially started dumping the girls in water Hence the name GreenRiver.Then after 3 bodies he started dumping them on land.Eerily similar.

  78. Yes darkstar thanks for answering.I just finished reading the book GreenRiverKiller.He originally started dumping bodies in water then on land.Just like our boy here in Jennings.Eerily similar.

  79. I did not type that in twice.I do not know why my laptop is doing this.Second time today.Sorry.

  80. kitkat was there a delay on your pc or are we being haunted?

  81. KITKAT Sorry it took awhile to get back to you. I have been doing a little research.. I am in a dark place right now,narrowing into the mind of killers. If I had commited these murders I would NOT want any INVESTIGATING AGENCY that would dig and never stop digging. So what would be a huge threat to me??? In walks the “Texas Lady” … Well those RANGERS DON’T GET EASILY INTIMIDATED DO THEY?? So I have been researching WHO to get involved in the TEXAS RANGERS. We have had no luck with these locals.. so let’s get help from another source. These guys WILLl investigate without prejudice, they are our “OUTSIDE” bulldogs. I think the murder of “Texas” was connected, and because she was found here (JDP) they can find a connection, I’m hoping. I have got their address TRLEA
    7309 Ravenswood Road
    Granbury, Texas 76409

    Their email is

    Sr. Captain Antonio Leal
    Lt. Kevin Pullen
    Noe Diaz
    Crayton Mc Gee
    Adolphus Presley UCIT
    Jason Taylor

    Houston is Company A There are 6 companies for the Texas Rangers locations. I hope if you want, you’ll write or e mail or call them, and tell them ALL ABOUT our murders and the circumstances we feel we are up against HERE>>> By the way their Administrative Assistants names are: Franchon Carmichael & Lynn Mc Queen.
    Please, folks don’t be shy if you think I have really flipped my lid let me know…. I’m just tryin’ to be part of the solution, and not part of the problem…….

  82. P.S. I’ll bet LE are peeing their pants after my last suggestion! LOL

    • Serial, No, you haven’t flipped your lid. I believe that any effort at getting outside observation of our situation is a good effort. Only God knows how little help (and how much hindrance) we’ve gotten internally from our LE. I do, however, kind of resent the image you invoked of R. Edwards and J. Lassiter peeing their pants. That’s a disturbing and unsettling image. LOL !

    • you just think its raining outside! That wasn’t rain on the ground.. Its pee! Lol!

  83. i tried their ofc this am. not open but will try tomorrow am.. i even called the humble PD was told to contact the FBI lol!!

  84. Oh I hope we are not being haunted.Its probaly my haunted house.Yes serial Psychic some Texas Rangers are exactly what we need.Those Texas boys are not easily intimidated.That girl from Texas dying over here may have been a godsend in some twisted way.

  85. Hey Serial Psychic what about the Gary Ridgeway angle.Dont you find that killings are similar?

    • ok.. I see that they are very simular as well.. Add that to the list, is anyone obsessed with the movie they put on lifetime a while back.. I’m sure family or friends can notice if they have seen someone watching it over and over..reading the book, and such.. Maybe they use that instead as a guide of some sort.. I for one have not read the book, but they do say that books are worded better than movies.. Do they talk of each murder in an informative way??? Am I babbleing or making since?

  86. KITKAT Yes I do!

  87. KITKAT Gary Ridgeway said he always tried to put his victims at ease even tho he KNEW he was going to kill them. In an interview he said this was his job in life. It has been over 26 years ago. He had no soul and made his murders a pleasurable endeavor. He was NEVER sorry. The thing I have learned about these killers, is that it gets easier every time, and the ONLY thing they are sorry about is getting CAUGHT…….

  88. I saw his interview with Dave Reichart and Gary Ridgeway definatley had souless eyes.45 women,that was a true monster.Now getting back to the murders in Jennings,I still believe these cops just have no idea what they are messing with.Granted the LE their is apparentley corrupt,but I think this is a rogue killer.Maybe lives out in the country alone,gives him privacy to deal with his victims.Just my opinion.

  89. KITKAT The victims were held somewhere, so there has to be somewhere LOCAL. The areas where the bodies were found, lead you to believe that a LOCAL person, or someone VERY familiar with Jennings had something to do with this. This was not the work of just one person ( I think ). Just the transporting of the bodies and the disposal them make me think more than one person. I look at this like a big onion. It has so many layers, you have to get thru. Drugs, some prostitution, local corruption, drug trafficking thru Jennings and La Fayette, the drug houses where the girls went, the fact that all the girls knew each other, and on and on and on…….

  90. I suppose so.It could be a wicked attraction,perhaps Hannah conner and this F.R. that the locals talk about.I do agree with you S.P. I am going to abbreviate you its easier.I do agree that it is a local.But it would have to be someone that knows the country area as well.The area these girls were dumped at is very isolated.Between Jennings and Lake Arthue it is nothing but farmland for miles.Houses evert so often.A very strong man could easily do this on his own.Just my opinion.

  91. And another thing S.P. where did all the blood go.The girls with slit throats,I dont think there was a blood pool around them.Unless it was done after death.

    • Even if their throats were slit after death they still would have bled out. They were dumped after they bled to death. The bleach was likely used in the clean up.

  92. Ignite Thanks for the humor. We need a little laughter every once in a while!!

  93. KITKAT I have been wondering about the “blood”, too. l think there is a place not very far where the girls were taken. Find the place, find the evidence….

    • i thought the same thing but did not want to say anything..their had to be a place close by..and yea FR and hanna know that area like the back of their hands..but then again so do a lot of people..something i have been thinging about..i have seen frankie so mad that i was scared of him and i would not go anywhere with him..but then at the same time i have seen him be so sweet just like candy and then hed go home and beat the crap out of donna his i have sen both sides..thing about frankie when i was there when he was mad he was mad all over but when he got over it he was glad donna got out of that mixed up crap

  94. Do we happen to have any MORTICIANS on this blog??? THey could answer a whole bunch of questions we have wondered about, and THEY would know about blood before and after death… Just thinking again….

    • Let’s not forget the large blue plastic drum that was implicated in previous deaths, I believe in the first of the eight women – Loretta Chaisson. A body can be stored while soaking in a chemical in a barrel. What ever became of the plastic barrel anyway? It had something to do with having been in the truck that Warren Gary bought to let the murder suspect bond out. Any container would work. The bathtub idea is a good one. It could be anywhere; not just indoors.

  95. Perhaps a bathtub,maybe the bathtub in the crack house they are always frequenting.But I thought someone said no electricity or water.I just do not know.SerialPsychic I am going to abbreviate your name.So when you see S.P. its you.Is that O.K.?

  96. BY the way if we’re really thinking outside the box… wouldn’t a mortuary be a great place to store bodies??? See what happens when you get me started? My “killer” instincts rear their ugly heads. I spent way to many years with those guys….

    • i have a question??when they busted jenettes house and they serched it did they search the camper in the back..??

  97. By the way are there any “slaughter houses” for cows or other animals any where near where the bodies were found?? I am thinking what better places than these??. No suspicions… Even if you found blood you wouldn’t think twice….

  98. One of my neighbors is a mortician.I would ask him but he gives me the creeps.

  99. ok just got a phone call saying there was a shooting between walmart and murphy anyone know anything about it one person went to hospital dont know how bad it is

    • hey call me as soon as you find out…didnt one of the kids come home and tell you they were talking about it in school..oh my goodness..

  100. a shooting on west division also

  101. Umms friend do you know if they investigated Hannah.And where is she now?

    • they picked up hannah the same time they picked up her uncle frankie and they let them both go..the last time i talked to hanna she was moving to lafayette..that was right after her mom died

    • last i heard from hannah is was staying in church point

    • last i heard hannah was in texas and herd she was expecting

  102. SerialP.that is exactly why I think it someone who lives out in the country and probaly alone.And i am not from this area and do not know if their is a mear market near by.But think about it that is alot of blood.

  103. wow im calling mamma right now

  104. Meant meat.

  105. Umms friend was that this year.That she moved to Lafayette.

  106. About how old is Hannah?

  107. no a couple years ago..she seemed to have straighten out some after her mom died but then like i said i have not talked to her in a while…i am really surprised that they have never repicked either frankie hannah or tracee again to question again

    • They’re probably surprised too 😉

      If the feds are fully ingratiated on these cases as Edwards leads us to believe……..then I’m sure, if they haven’t already, will be thoroughly questioning those three again.

      I also hope the feds question Warren Gary, Connie Siler, Jesse Ewing, Nina Ravey and the person that supposedly witnessed Muggy’s murder. And don’t misinterpret me……..I’m not insinuating Jesse or Nina have ANYTHING to do with the murders……it’s because they were victims of serious discrediting and paid a very heavy price that could play a crucial part some where along the line.

  108. I have been reading this blog for a while now. Has anyone thought about the old Strohe’s slaughter house located on farm supply road. A good place to get rid of blood and bleach a body down. It is also located central to where some of the bodies were found.Just giving you all something to think about and chew on.

  109. Very interesting Lifesaver.Do you think the cops checked this out?

  110. Hey Lifesaver is that the road that the Texas woman was found?

  111. ok i have been reading alot about this frankie, hannah, and this tracee person. if they were pick up for these murders what was the reason why they were let out, and how long were they lock up and were there anymore killing why they were lock up . and when frankie was lock up this last time with his mom and family was there anymore killings than. if not than i agree they should be pick back up and question by some one other than yall LE.

  112. any news on the shooting in jennings today

  113. I doubt it. I don’t think they are smart enough. We would have to take them by the hand and show them.

  114. Well their you go SerialP. there is a slaughter house.Now what would it take to get LE out their and do some evidence collecting.

    • i forgot all about that place i use to buy my meat there is that place still open, i think they move it to hwy. 90 between ronoke and welsh

  115. KITKAT The human body only has 10 pints of blood. That’s really not all that much blood. IT just LOOKS like a ton of blood when you see murder pictures. It figures out to be just a little over a gallon.

  116. lifesaver The building doesn’t HAVE to be open now. As a matter of fact wouldn’t it be better to have a VACANT building that everyone has forgotten about to use for this type of “murdering”? No one would even check a building that is no longer in use…. The murderers would be able to take their time and even hold on to the bodies until they felt it was safe to get rid of them…..

  117. Something that stands out to me, and has from the get go since I first learned about these murders, is the fact that WHOEVER is responsible for them, does not seem comfortable traveling too far away to dispose of the bodies. This person(s) has a comfort zone they don’t want to venture out of.

    Now, with Necole, they did at least get her out of JDP but I think that was in desperation…..they probably felt the other areas south of Jennings were too risky and weren’t sure how heavily that area was being watched. That theory can also be applied to the other suspicious murders in the parish as well if you think about it.

    Something keeps this person from traveling very far with the bodies.

  118. Well SerialP. ,if the throat was slit the jugular would make them bleed out.So the murder definatley had to have happened elsewhere.I say LE needs to go and check out that abandoned slaughter house.Like you said what better place .But will they.I would think that place would be one big clue.

  119. g8tgirl what do you think about the abandoned slaughter house?

  120. g8 have u heard anything about the shooting today. i find it strange cause if yall remember i posted that my daughter came home from school and said there was gonna be 2 dead girls for the fair weekend well one was find and there was gonna be a shooting also than the killer or killers were gonna turn themselves in. i sure hope there is not another body or anyone got kill in the shooting i know the one at wal mart they went to hospial but i have no news on that and the one on west division dont know if anyone got hurt or kill either. i am very concern


  122. cops at mans house by dailey old grocery store and has the drive threw bar rope off right now. and that is on west division

  123. SerialPsychic ,I wonder when they were doing the autopsy if they found any unusual fibers on the girls like maybe hay from perhaps and old barn maybe in their hair?

  124. I know LE reads these posts. Rickie Edwards said so in his interview with Nikki. All depends on WHO pushes to investigate the slaughterhouse Maybe, someone will discourage this for whatever reasons……And who says that any evidence will be used or will it be somehow destroyed in the process. I should remember that LE read this, and maybe be more selective in what I post. I do have an e mail account if anyone wants to talk privately including the killers if they have something they want/need to tell me….

    • well i hate to say this but who to say they r not on there way now. maybe they r to busy now with the to shooting in town to read this but when they do they will be on there way to the slaught house

  125. Another thing to consider……..I think this all could “trace” back to Shelia Comeaux. Whoever beat her within an inch of her life got a big surprise when they learned she did in fact survive. This person(s) cut it close with her. I think they learned from that and in the future…..the other victims down the road were held somewhere until the perp(s) could “be sure” the girl was dead and THEN discarded them. May be why they went to greater lengths using chemicals to cover up evidence as well.

    • i just heard a jaler at so is doing the killing i dont know how true it is but that is going around in the jail he a white man living with a black crach head lady u know him

      • *waring what you are about to read is hearsay(rumor)* This was also mentioned to me about a certain jailer being the killer. His name is Berry or Perry and is married to what has been called “the biggest crack whore in Jennings”.
        Also that this jailer put 11,000 miles on the truck T. Gary bought from that POI. While the truck was in the impound yard.

        Another thing unrelated to above was that Crystal’s body was hard to identify not only from the decomposition but that her hands and feet were missing. Also most of her teeth had been knocked out of her mouth. Her identity was finally made from a partial dental and DNA match.

    • g8 is there a way u can get my email i need to talk to u

    • g8, that is an exceptional observation. I agree that when Shelia Comeaux survived her intended murder, there were people REALLY peeing their pants and wondering what to do before she spilled the beans. Contrary to Mr. Lassiter’s statement, Ms. Comeaux made several requests to name her attackers but each time she made the attempt, one particular Jennings officer was sent and it is said that she was so frightened of him, she clammed up by nothing more than his arrival to the Welsh Hospital. She may have told someone in private – who knows?

  126. SerialPsychic I have a question for you that does not pertain to the murders.I know you said you were from COLARADO and my husband and I are taking a bike trip to Montana in May.We will be traveling through CO. to get thetre.Tell me is it still snowing at that time of year?It would be MidMay.

  127. KITKAT Our chances of ever finding out if there were hay or other fibers on the bodies are next to none. When “SPECIAL HAND PICKED CORONERS” are brought in on a case what do you think?????

  128. KITKAT You will have a wonderful time in Colorado. I can’t promise there will not be any snow, BUT chances are that there won’t be any.

    • ok where r the cloths that they had on cant the family get that and have someone go over it with a find tooth comb i would think they could

      • I doubt clothing that remained on some of the girls was returned to the families. That would be considered vital evidence and is HOPEFULLY in a secure location.

  129. Oh good am glad to hear was worried about going through snow on the back of a harley.I cannot wait to go I bet it is beautiful.Probaly will not want to come back to Louisiana.

  130. hey does anyone know the jaler at so he a white man hes with a crack head girl some ome in jail told me they talking and it is him doing the killing i dont know how true it is

    • Who knows!!! Add it to the never ending list of suspects.

    • I know who you are talking about… That has been said a long time ago… But I am not naming names cause I am not going to be like other on here and spread rumors….

  131. Friend of the girls Where does this “jailer” live? In the city? Out of town somewhere? It would be interesting to know….

  132. KITKAT A harley?? You are living my dream!!!

  133. this is not the first time i here off him

  134. ignite So where are you. We’ve missed your input.

  135. Not my dream SerialP. my husbands dream.I am terrified motorcycles scare the crap out of me.But we are going with other people it is a scouted trip so I said what the hell.Say a prayer for me.We will be leaving LA. and going through Texas,OK,CO,and then Wyoming.I think it will be fun.I hope.I better stop talking vacation G8t going to kick me off.

    • Not hardly ;)………I’m jealous LOL. You’re brave though…..I can’t think of one thing my husband could do to entice me to get on the back of a motorcycle with him…….roflmao. He scares me in a car on a clear dry day on flat land.

  136. friend of the girls Who are you talking to?

  137. Don’t know if anyone really cares (other than LE lol) but we hit record viewing for one day the other day. On Thursday, 10/8….there were over 4,200 views on this site. Curious or not, people ARE interested in these cases. Thank you all for your support!!!!

  138. G* You have done an outstanding job putting this blog together, EVERYONE THANKS YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS!! If it were not for you this blog would have never been started. Thank you for your unending search for the truth!!!

  139. That was suppose to say G8 sorry….

  140. Yes G8t I had to laugh on that one because my husband scares me driving on a clear day on flat land but it is not bravery it will be our 25th wedding anniversary and I promised.BUMMER

    • DO NOT let him leave Colorado unless he takes you to Garden of the Gods in Colorada Springs. It is just beautiful….one of the seven wonders.

  141. And thank you also for this web site I think it is insightful and somehow gives the victims a voice.Good job.

  142. KITKAT Well Biker Mama have an adventurous 25th. Just remember you never see Harley’s parked outside a Psychiatrist’s office. That has to say something!!

  143. We were just at the Garden of the Gods yesterday, and it is BEAUTIFUL…..

    • When I worked in Colorado and Greeley I would just go and take in the beauty of the area.

  144. I meant in ‘The Spring’ as it’s called.

  145. I tell it like it is did you hear anything else about the shooting.

  146. What about the shooting today? Any news?

  147. Darn if someone would not have gotten Brownie upset a few threads ago she would have told us somemthing by now.

  148. Good evening everyone! G8 – would you plez address the matter of Ketchum calling you a “MR”. What was that all about? I am just wondering…

    • I hope G8 does not address, that would give creditability (sp)to nonesense. You have a person come on once then cause BS and BS. G8 don’t respond. I hope you are a robot lol.

  149. I was called and told there was a shooting on west division.Thats right by FR house.

  150. Good evening everyone. I don’t know what happened to my previous post but I’m typing it once again. I asked G8 why did Ketchum address her as “MR.” and what was that all about. I hate to bring up Ketchum but that bothered me!

  151. Ok my last two messages I’ve typed are not showing up in the forum. What’s with that?

  152. Ok for the 3rd and final time, I asked G8 what’s up with Ketchim calling her “MR.”? I am still curious about that!

    • I can’t answer that because I don’t know the answer! I will say I think the whole situation got out of control……quick. I’m not happy about it.

      We have two choices here though….we can either get side-tracked by the BS or we can stay focused on these girls that were MURDERED. Don’t get side-tracked.

  153. And about the old Strohe’s, we pass it on the way to our sons house. That place is so eerie at night. I could see how someone could kill someone there and no one would suspect it. Surely law enforcement would have already checked it out, don’t you think? Hmmmm, than maybe not!

    • Remember when that STELLY guy shot Mouton an Deanna Barilleaux.Well when Deanna’s mother came down from Florida she wanted to go to the site where Deanna was found .When Deanna’s mother,brother an sister got to the site Deanna’s brother was walking around and happen to step on his dead sisters sun glasses .If LE would have searched the area like they was suppose to search it .they would have found the sun glasses .Deanna’s mother called me and told me this herself.

  154. Hey Ahlou, Do you know anyone from Greeley that is from Jennings?

    Brownie, Come back. Thanks in advance. 😉

    • No I don’t know anyone from Greeley that is from Jennings I worked with ‘The Trucks’ at the site.

  155. What was Brownie upset about? I must have missed something!

  156. Not too long ago I saw something in the news about a place in
    JDP where LE had discovered drums of chemicals in a building like a barn.
    At the time I wondered if it was related to the murders.
    Chemicals could be used to hide evidence.
    A barn would be in the country.

    • Anyway you can track the article to be posted here!

      Thanks for posting.

      Brownie, we do miss you.
      Good to heare from you too, Red Ranger 🙂

  157. Yea, pleeeezzz come back!

  158. Yea well chemicals like acid would surely get destroy of a body.

    • costic from a rig would make a body decompose really fast. add some lime into it and there wouldn’t be any smell

  159. down in crow town You have made a very good observation!! This could possibly be the answer. We just have to keep thinking out of the box.

  160. Been trying to get this posted for a while now—4th time!

    If the perp lives too far out, how would they be so good at knowing who, what , where, when and how to pick these girls up…would it be he just drove by coincidently, or could it be the big time drug dealer is a psycho that lives on the outskirts, …girls would go with him easily???

    I don’t get why we never heard more about the truck from the failed kidnapping suspect.
    The one with the check mark.

    What murder was the white truck used for?

  161. WOW, g8, over 4000 post in a day. Bet a lot of Texans are reading now!

    You do have a lot of good information here. As any of you all think of places that need to be checked, is anybody sending the info the LE/Task Force, PI’s to be checked? I would think they read blog and learn for themselves, but a lot of the PI’s have agreed not to read or post.

    • If they are not on a retainer related to these cases……….they can read and post if they want.

  162. Serial, you mentioned slaughter houses and started a good discussion and also sparked my curiosity. I just spoke to a couple of friends and searched something out. There is an old slaughter house right near the S-curve south of Jennings. A man from Welsh was married to the daughter of the owners, as I am told. He is an Ardoin. He was also (maybe the same woman) married to a woman named Linda Bonin who was murdered over a drug deal in Crowley recently. I understand that this Ardoin guy has been seen around the crack areas from time to time. Just a thought. i don’t mean to implicate anyone innocent but we have to explore. Two strong elements points to this fellow, an EX who was killed over drugs and an EX who’s family owned a slaughter house just south of Jennings (not to mention his own crack familiarity).

    • Was it around hwy 102? I thought there was one near that area when I was growing up.

    • ignite, I think you got your story wrong about the ardoin guy. The ardoin guy was never married to anyone who owend a slaughter house. he was not married to linda bonin and he does not do crack.

      • Yep you are way off ignite, They have the guys that murdered Linda Bonin and Ardoin wasn’t married to her they just dated and had a kid together long ago. That I know of he was never associated with the slaughter house off of hwy. 1126. I think it was the Dupre’s that used to have the slaughter house. Besides I don’t think Ardoin smokes crack I think he just smokes weed. I think friend of the girls has been the closest one so far in the post about the jailer. He lives in the country, has ties with LE, lives around the area where most of the bodies were found and he knows the backroads. Also if you had a body decomposing somewhere until you are ready to dump them would you keep the body in town somewhere where someone would smell and get curious?

        • Well, I’d say the source was off but not “WAY OFF” – LOL. Wasn’t married but lived together and had a child with her? Smokes weed but not crack? That’s mighty darned close if you ask me. Maybe the source smoked crack with him – JUST KIDDING !!! I don’t know the guy and am going off of someone else’s info. I agree with you regarding the jailer for a couple of reasons. Mainly, the fact that LE has been almost obvious in their attempts to cover up and avoid really pursuing the cases. Also, the fact of the chief detective and the vehicle purchase simply doesn’t fly, especially the way Edwards defended him and tried to throw the public opinion by saying there was nothing unusual or wrong in it. None of the SO actions add up. We can’t forget the rapes and prostitution in the parish jail either. What about the deputy who committed suicide over a rape? We really need to put the SO under close scrutiny.

        • Lol smokes weed but not crack now that is funny. That is one of my favorite quotes. Need to send that to America’s Funniest videos lol.

      • Well, like I said, I would hate to implicate an innocent person. I spoke to my old friend some more and he affirms that. He said that the fellow lived with the Bonin woman but he swears that he recalls this guy was married to the daughter of the owners of that old slaughter house but also says it was fifteen years ago or more. He doesn’t remember their name, so, please don’t bet any money on his memory. Fifteen years? Man, if I could remember details that far back, I’d be OK myself. He also says that this Ardoin fellow may not be into drugs anymore and that this was several years ago that he was very much into them, especially crack, while he was with the Bonin woman. I don’t even know where the Ardoin is from. He told me that the guy is now a regular worker, he thinks maybe a welder, and may have cleaned up his act. I hope the same for anyone who ever was into drugs. I’ve lived in Jennings for many many years and don’t even know who owned that old slaughter house or if it’s still there. I really believe that they were meat processors instead of a true slaughter house. It’s just been too long to recall and I never dealt with them.

        • Mrs ardoin was married to a smith from jennings. 25+ years ago. what does mrs ardoin and his use of drugs have to do with any of this.

          • who are u getting your info from?

          • Oh, i don’t know, countless drug related murders going on for many years, an ex live-in killed in a drug related incident, people in hysteria over cover-ups and wondering when the next murder will take place. I’m only imagining this is what sparked the gentleman to bring up this person. I thought the matter was finished. If we get testy and defend everyone who is brought up, each and every person spoken of will have someone defending them. Even the killer, if caught will have supporters who swear that he/she is innocent. It always works that way. Oh, yea, I’m going to say where my information comes from, like everyone on this site does. Everyone is a suspect if they are affiliated with drugs, drug users, etc. That’s what it has to do with it. It has to do with everyone’s drug use. I was the first to point out that it can be sensitive to implicate an innocent person but also that we have to explore because we don’t know who’s innocent. Please, just let it be unless you want to draw more attention to this person. I don’t know him or his ex women but someone certainly feels he was involved with the wrong crowd or he wouldn’t have been brought up. Did Ms. Smith’s family have a slaughter house? The source was trying to be helpful but also said that this guy may have cleaned up and that his info is very old. Let it go. Jeeez!

  163. ignite Like I said, YOU need to be a detective or better yet, a PI wonder if Kirk and New Jersey are looking for new partners?? Anyway that is a brilliant observation. Talk aboutt connections. It’s worth a look into…..

  164. well there a lot of talk on this site with a bunch of wild thouhts but the truth will soon come thanks to all those who support our cause the best is yet to come we are working on more storys for the medias i spoke with cnn again we will be putting more out soon also with kplc we are trying to a better angle to use im in contact with all off media agencies i want things to be right when we do them i will not rest till we get justice

    • We are all with you and yours. Keep it up.

    • Thanks Mr. Dubois keep it up you are the voice for all the victims and their families and many people support what you are doing!

    • Michael, I just wish we could all be more helpful. I know we’re shooting in the dark by repeating every sort of truth and near-truth that comes up. Numerous people are throwing out ideas and we’ve offended some people, maybe some innocents, no doubt. But, we must keep the attention on this parish and on the many souls who have perished in the past twenty years or so. The most recent eight murders have been like the last straw for those of us who want a better life for all in our community. We have to rid the area of drugs and of all the evil that goes with it. We can’t defend any part of it or anyone who supports it. No one knows like you know, after your family’s suffering. Please keep on pushing and thanks from all of us for what you are pursuing. God be with you. We should all try to do his work and be his instruments on Earth.

  165. Wishing you Godspeed in all your endeavors Michael!

  166. I need a HUGE favor, y’all. I’m trying to collect as much info on the case as I can. There is a serial killer expert that would like to review the case. He’s not the same one that Ms. Ramirez referred to on the J4JD group page. He saw the CNN coverage and was very interested! He asked me to collect as much as I could for him. If y’all have police reports, newspaper articles, pictures, legal documents, medical documents, maps, background info on any prior suspects, VERIFIED details of any kind, please, please, please forward them to me so that I can get them to him. Thanks in advance! 🙂

  167. Nicki S. Thank you for PUSHING this case out to the media. Every bit of help we can get is so appreciated. Let the truth be known!!!

  168. Niki, I have a question hopefully it is not insulting. I just went to your blog and didn’t see you askiing there. My question why would you ask here before posting on your very own blog? I feel you re trying but why don’t you ask the same of your group?

    • Ahlou: No, it’s not insulting. I already sent an FB email message to all of the groups members. If you are a member, you may just have not received it yet, but you should soon. Thanks!

  169. G8 – I apologize. I did not mean to ruffle your feathers. I am not trying to get sidetracked here. I just thought the issue was brought up and deserved an answer. However, no problem as I said!

    • Why an answer is deserved? Why do you or anyone care male/female/robot? G8 never asked us our sex. I think this is ‘none of your/my busines’. Let’s focus on informtion about the killer. OTOH if G8 was a male so what, if G8 is a female so what!!!!!!! All we should be dealing with is THE KILLER/S. I personally don’t give a rats behind about all the rest. Please give it a rest.

    • No…..that’s fine. And you’re right….an answer was likely in order and I didn’t really give a good one but it’s an issue that isn’t relevant when it’s all said and done.

  170. As for getting sidetracked, we seem to do that a lot in here.

    • Actually, no, you sidetracked the discussion. Look around you and only you seemed concerned about the sex of the person. No one else seemed to have given a rats behind. Now can we discuss the killer or killers.

  171. Wow! Ahlou, do you need a hug tonight…LOL!

    • I’ll take a hug any time, thank you. So now tell me why isn’t your post on your blog. I’m not be ugly just wondering why post here and not there. Sorry if I said something wrong,

      • I decided to send it in an email message to the group rather than post it on the group page. Since it is not a blog, often times people won’t visit the page on a regular basis. By emailing the request, I have a better chance at reaching all of the members. Does this answer the question?

  172. What is your problem ahlou?

  173. Unfortunately, I’m questioning how we will ever have progress made on this case with LE shooting us and themselves in the foot every time we’re presented with a golden opportunity. After corresponding with Mr. Menard, it is my understanding that he cannot release any of the information he has because LE could charge him with obstruction. So, again, I suppose we are forced to become our own experts and do the job that LE is not. Unless we can come up with a large amount of creditable information on our own, for this expert to review, then we will not be able to get his help. And, as we all known, LE will not welcome him or work with him. UGH! I am so stressed!

  174. As far as ahlou…I gracefully answered your question with detail AND proper grammer. If I can be of further service, please feel free to email me. Thx!

  175. all i asked was one question of g8. unfortunately i had to try over and over and the same question ended up posting three times cuz I’m having the usual problems with this crazy forum. sometimes things post and sometimes they dont. sometimes they post way up where they’re not suppose to, like out of order. now whats the problem?

  176. sorry you are feeling so stressed tonight nicki. i wasn’t, but im sure feeling stressed now too!

  177. Nicki S. Not to worry Darlin’ We bloggers are a group to be reckoned with. People will come forward with everything this profiler needs. I can tell you right now they are going thru their stuff looking for verifiable stuff to send you. And I should know “i’m verifiable” myself LOL That was my feeble attempt at humor or maybe just feeble humor. THE TRUTH WILL BE KNOWN!!!

  178. psychic – we sure could use a little humor in here right now!

  179. hmmmm, edgy folks! hey michael, glad to hear that there is more to come. and also glad to hear that cnn is keeping on top of things. things are looking up!!!

  180. Curvycat, You have always worked so very hard on this blog. We NEED you and Ahlou, and ignite and all the others. Sometimes we are a testy bunch of bloggers, but when it comes down to it, the one thing we have in common is that we care. So please curvy remember that we, are all we have.. Right or wrong, we have this kinda love for each other. So you and Nicki and Brownie remember we will always be here for you!! God Bless us all….

  181. thanks pyschic for the kinds words. i am a really nice person and im sorry for upsetting anyone with the question i asked…now enough said about that. whats the deal with Brownie? is Brownie ok?

  182. In case anyone missed it, here’s a link to another fine mess the JDP SO got us into when Ms. Paula Guillory screwed up and let Frankie out of jail:

  183. ignite That was a very interesting video clip. Did they ever follow up on this story?? They said that they took samples of the chemical, what was it?? Was this story buried under red tape??

    • Serial, there were numerous chemicals. See below:

      List of chemicals found:

      260 Chlorine (various sizes)
      50 Cyanogen chloride (various sizes)
      10 Cyanogen (various sizes)
      140-250 Arsenic Pentafluoride (various sizes)
      4 Hydrogen cyanide (various sizes)
      50-125 unknown gases (various sizes)
      2 durms of Sodium Cyanide
      2 drums of Cyandogen Chloride Salt
      4-6 drums of Liquid Salt/Acid from HCN unit

      According to, many of these chemicals are infamous for being used as chemical weapons during WWI & II as either tear gas or blood agents. Most are extremely toxic and also unstable if heated and fatal if inhaled or absorbed through the skin. They can also contaminate water sources and sewers.

  184. curvycat I believe that Brownie was offended and has slowed down his/her blogging. I hope he/she is o.k. otherwise.

  185. ignite Why does the phrase “pending investigation” keep on poppin’ up, when it comes to LE ???

    • I believe that they use the term, “pending investigation” in place of saying, “you gullible people please stay busy and forget about this so that we can resume our corruption and criminal conspiracy.” But, who knows. It could mean something completely different.

  186. ignite Sorry but that was TOO F ing funny for words!!!

  187. ignite Did you say FATAL if inhaled?? That could really stop someome dead in their tracks couldn’t it? I wonder if inhaling that stuff would ever show up in an autopsy???

  188. I really don’t like that part about water sources and sewers. Hearing that kinda makes me itch, ya-know? I don’t think that your average killer would know how to use this stuff, but, if it’s a professional, who knows? There are all kinds of weirdos out there and they usually have time on their hands to study the weirdness. I would be more likely to believe that someone bought a few gallons of bleach and other common chemicals after getting advice from someone in the medical or forensic field. Even oilfield hands have all heard about using caustic soda to eliminate bodies. I’ve heard it from friends in the oil and gas business. It’s one of the old stories around the oil patch and is probably true.

    • I remember having to use an “out-house” at my great-grandparents house for years. There was a white powder that was thrown on the sewerage… did a great job of masking the smell. Would that white powder likely be caustic soda?


  189. Oil drilling:

    Sodium hydroxide is used as an additive in drilling mud to increase alkalinity. This serves two functions. Firstly raising alkalinity in bentonite mud systems increases the mud viscosity. A secondary function of raising alkalinity is to neutralise any acid gas (such as hydrogen sulphide and carbon dioxide) which may be encountered in the geological formation as drilling progresses.

    Tissue digestion
    This is a process that was used with farm animals at one time. This process involves the placing of a carcass into a sealed chamber, which then puts the carcass in a mixture of sodium hydroxide and water, which breaks chemical bonds keeping the body intact. This eventually turns the body into a coffee-like liquid, and the only solid that remains are bone hulls, which could be crushed between one’s fingertips. It is also of note that sodium hydroxide is frequently used in the process of decomposing roadkill dumped in landfills by animal disposal contractors[citation needed].

    Sodium hydroxide has also been used by criminals to dispose of their victims’ bodies[9]

  190. Lol you guys are funny. Ahlou wants to quit the site at least once a week, one person admits someone smokes weed but not crack, you have LE coming on acting like someone else from Chicago, my side is hurting from laughing so much.

  191. Well, I agree with no way, it aint Ozzy and Harriet out here.

  192. Does anyone know who owns the warehouse where the chemicals were found? What about the land the warehouse was on? I think it was said; supposedly no one knows how it got there? I didn’t click on the link above, but I do recall when this came public.

    Did anyone hear how long the girl from Texas was dead for?

    • Hey brownie glad to have you back.From my understandings the girl had not been there long how long I dont know.

  193. Well, the newspaper lady found her Wednesday. I went to Roanoke Tuesday evening and I seen a SO patroling the gravel roads. That was Tuesday evening so I was just wondering. If they are patrolling that area, forsure they are doing the same in the area where she was found. I know they said it is not related, but hey you never know I am just pondering.

  194. Brownie We missed you! Good to see you back!!

    • Thanks! After reading Friday all the mess going on and knowing G8tr wasn’t coming back til saturday, I decided to hang it up for the weekend.

  195. Good morning everyone.well I was thinking of quittin again last nite too. It got darn right hostile in here, lol!

    • Yes it did get a little rough but remember were all here doing the same thing.Trying to get to the bottom of the murders.People seem to forget that no one is perfect.

  196. Question- what does UAP stand for?

    I too would woder who owned the land…good question Brownie. Hope you are doing well.

    • Who owned it and how long have they owned it? If they bought it, who they bought it from? When that came out, lots of people wondered how in the world would something like that get in our area and nobody knows how it got there?

      I mean, when is the light bulb going to go off in the governor or whomever’s head before someone major comes in and investigates these very strange occurences?

      • I totally agree with the fact that too many officials are turning a blind eye towards their towns and territories, and I am sorry but it is not gonna go well for them in the long run. Thanks to those blogging- the truth about the neglect they have shown, choose to show, and continue to show is being made well known to others.

        Look how it affected the nationwide PI’s when they started looking into everything. They’re hearts went out- not just to KM, but to the victims and families. Amen.

        Seems Governor Bobby Jindal would be doing more, giving more funds and holding a whip behind some of these investigators on his (our) payroll. He can go to churches for his own publicity, but he cannot extend a shoulder to the families. Meaning, make the task force give better updates to the public, get the best of the best to supervise these investigations, etc. Shame on him.

        When referring to the Governor- we should post his full name, so when his name is googled, the blog will show up!!!

        • observer-great technique (the google thing) and yes he too needs to get down to the brass tacks and not just focus on public showings. but then again, dont they(officials) love the publicity fronts (smoke screen)

    • UAP Midsouth was bought out by CPS. Crop Production Services.

  197. Does anyone remember Drew Peterson who is suspected of killing his third and fourth wife, stacey Peterson? It was suspected that he put her in a blue drum with acid and then disposed of the container. That case is still ongoing and her body has never been found!

  198. I agree Brownie, it got pretty messy on here over the weekend. Hopefully everyone will wake up on the right side of the bed this morning.

  199. It sure is eerie to have these chemicals found so close to the murders. LE never said if it was regular bleach that was poured over victims, nor what kind of acid used.

    • ok but im really am confused any acid type thing would burn the i ask again were they burnt

      • one body was said to ave acid used to cover evidence if I remember correctly, while a couple of others were doused with bleach.

  200. Ok, let me expand a little more on the subject lol.

    Lol you guys are funny. Ahlou wants to quit the site at least once a week, one person admits someone smokes weed but not crack, you have LE coming on acting like someone else from Chicago, my side is hurting from laughing so much.

    Then you have Brownie MIA, g8trgirl on vacation, ignite and some oilfield worker arguing about who smokes crack and who smokes weed and who was married to who, Ketchum23 wants people to trust them and says they’ve never been to Jennings but then turns around and says that they’ve been questioning people in Jennings, then you have curvycat that does want to get in arguments but seems to get in arguments anyway without realizing she is, then you have friend of the girls giving tips to FR and company that they are doing the killings and they are probably in Mexico or a country that does not allow extradition lol, then you have serialpsychic praying for everyone and Lord knows we need it, then you have Nicki Soileau that can’t get a break from the sheriff or any public official and the sheriff just again shows his egotistical ways, lmao then you have ummm’s friend deadset on blaming FR and company, wonder who ummm is? Anyways, then you have flower power that takes a break in between super mario brothers and posts on the site about chemicals, then last but certainly not least you have a girl that, they would have us believe, drove all the way from Humble, Texas to overdose on pills about a mile or less from where the first body was discovered and in the same proximity as the other some of the other victims.

    I mean think about it, its down right hiliarious to a serious situation. My side is hurting from laughing. “Oh well she smokes weed but not crack” lmao, then you have “well she lived with someone but was not married to him”, then with ahlou threatening to quit the site once a week and we all begging her to stay, now she is rubbing off on curvycat cause she is getting the idea to quit the site, I mean read…its hilarious when you think about it. Oh and let’s not forget the rumor that our beloved coroner passed away, I mean the man wasn’t even at the funeral home yet and everyone had him buried. Oh and one other thing. What about the “fact” that they caught the killer Chris Klumpp and someone was deadset that it was him lmao and come to find out it wasn’t, I go to bed at night laughing about this, its funny in some respects but in others its a serious situation with the girls. Only in Louisiana.


      • Lol its still hiliarious and not the murders DUMBASS the comments and personalties of some of the people on here. take an aspirin and call me in the morning lol.


          • LOL!!!

          • Oh by the way, where is umm lol. Oh and just for the record I’m just teasing and I was not asking who you were it was a rethoerical question.

          • Oh and by the way where is umm lol. You know I’m just teasing and for the record I was not asking who you were it was a rhetorical question lol.

    • no way, what you say is true and I must agree that it would be funny if it were not so totally serious. The fact is, it is very very serious. This is why I use the word “hysteria” so often. In situations like this, hysteria takes over and robs us of logic and focus. What I do not agree with is the statement that this is “only in Louisiana” and referrals to “the first victim.” I honestly believe that we MUST stop thinking in terms of only these eight women. This situation began many many years ago in JDP. I believe what no way is recommending, outside of pointing out the obvious multifaceted input on the site, is that we become more organized and focused. I totally agree. Sharing information is one thing but repeating hysterical data (the killer’s gonna be at the fair, someone’s gonna get shot tomorrow, a UFO landed on the courthouse) is not necessarily valuable. But, how do we know? We have to be logical. The problem is, how do we know that a rumor being repeated among school children isn’t true? Far fetched? Maybe people who “only” smoke weed should never be under suspicion as I’m sure the killer(s) “only” smokes crack and no weed smoker has ever killed. Many things are understandably outside the confines of logic, but, so is murdering young women and having roadblocks to investigations put in place by law enforcement. I’d rather sift through a lot of non-valuable data than to disregard something that turned out to be the illogical key to solving these horrible murders. Until then, we have to consider everyone to be a suspect and everything said to be potentially valuable. What if a killer actually had shot someone at the fair? Otherwise, we become like the sheriff who decides that certain witnesses are or are not credible, based upon however he woke up that morning. I don’t know of any other way except to consider everyone’s information credible till it proves otherwise.

    • no way– uh hmm! so you have mentioned a couple times that your sides are hurting from laughing so much does this mean that your gun and holster are in the way? GO BACK TO WORK and quit laughing at everyone here!! shame shame shame shame on you!

    • While you are sitting there laughing at what is going on…God’s watching you. You apparently think that all of this is a laughing matter…you are basically showing that you don’t have a heart. Umms friend speaks nothing but the truth…it dont matter who they are..they are a concerned person who is keeping up with what is going on for the saftey of not only their family, but others as well. They don’t have to keep you in their prayers, but they are..why…because they don’t want anything to happen to anybody. You are going to have to answer for your little laughs, just like everyone else is going to answer for their life. I don’t know you and you don’t know me…and we are going to keep it that way…but I can tell you one thing…..I sure won’t be laughin at what is going on….I have family in louisiana and I sure don’t want to find out that one of them had come up missing…….If you feel like all of this is a laughing need to fall on your knees before God and ask forgiveness because none of this is……PRAYER CHANGES EVERYTHING!!! maybe you should try it….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • See what I mean, the different personalities…its funny can’t help it.

        • sounds like u dont have anything to do but get on here and think everything is funny well it is not we r trying to help out the familys that lost a love one . so if u r gonna just laugh here than i think u r in the wrong room.

          • thank you….im only 17. It’s really sad that a 17 year old has more respect for the dead and the families who have to put up with the tragedies than a grown person……i agree that “no way” doesnt have anything better to do then laugh at everything…..that is freakin sad…….thank you again for being a concerned friend than an ignorant laughing box…..I pray that my family that lives in down there is safe…….PRAYER CHANGES EVERYTHING!!!!

        • Well go ahead and laugh, but you better watch what God does with that……HE don’t play with stupid people who wanna laugh at serious situations.Would you still think it was funny if it was one of your family members laying on the side of the road dead?..i think not!!!!! I i dont know who you are, but God does and i sure will be praying for you!!!!! like i said prayer changes everything…….now i am going to do like umms friend and go take an aspirin and I am going to keep praying for you.

        • look “no way”, I think you need to find a good church with good Christian people in it so you can hear what God has to say.
          “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”
          that means even you….yes someone who laughs at the things that are going on….im not a preacher, but i am a child of God and i say that you need to spend a little more time on your knees with him and a little less time on the computer laughing…….

          • Lol yall keep talking about me that’s funny lol and for the record I’m not laughing at the dead girls I’m laughing at the different personalities on here. See another funny one, nobody can read I said I was not laughing at the seriousness of the bodies but the different personalities. I love the one that said “she doesn’t smoke crack she smokes weed”

          • I AM SORRY!

        • no way, I understand your purpose and I understand why and what you are laughing at. I know that you meant no harm or disrespect. We have to keep in mind that some people have a hard time separating the reality of death and of finding humor in everyday life while dealing with harsh reality. Personally, I think that APPROPRIATE humor widens the scope of our awareness, even during trying circumstances. A light spirit and a light heart has an open awareness and becomes a better person. One must be as a child to enter the kingdom.

  201. Didn’t someone say on here that it was marine bleach?

  202. Good Morning everyone ,Hi SerialP. I was looking through the past threads this morning and something caught my eye.On thread #25 the day Necole was found someone posted with the name of DevilHimself.Read it if you can and tell me what you think.There is something about the way he hesitates and the way he said something about the body being to fresh.CREEPY

    • KITKAT: please copy and paste to my email. If you’re too busy, I’ll try to locate it later. I’d love to see it. Also,

      G8: Is there a way to find all posts from a particular user? I’d like to see how many times that user has posted, dates and times, and the content. That’s actually a screen name (or a variation of a name and/or reference) I’ve seen before in my case research.

      Oh and FYI to the KILLERr: You are pathetic. We all know you’r e overcompensating for your total lack of physical manhood. Stop picking on people when they’re chemically challenged. You wanna dance?…I’m free.

      Ha! Gotta love technology, huh?!

  203. Before I got on the discussion board I was looking at the pictures of F.R. ,Hannah and Tracee.Not to be critical of anyones apperance but that F.R. is one creepy looking guy.Reminds me of Charles Manson.

  204. g8 you have pics of Frankie Richard & Charles Manson side by side somewhere on here. Do you know which thread it is on? I can’t seem to find them again.
    It is errie how much they look alike. Your right kitkat very creepy looking.

  205. No very concerned in gueydan I was looking under the arrest column and saw F.R. for the first time,and I was just saying from my own personal opinion that he does remind me of Charles Manson.

  206. Hi Nicki this was on thread # 25.He posted only once that I can see .His screen name TheDevilHimself.It was the day Necole was found.

  207. Very Concerned in G. this is how I found F.R. picture.I clicked on to Ernestine Daniels and then clicked on to arrests.Then you can see pictures of F.R.,Hannah Conner and TraceeChaisson.

  208. Oh my goodness G8t I just clicked on to what you put on.Honestly I had not seen that before.I just really thought he looked like C.M. But looking at them side by side,that is just crazy.They could be twins.

  209. And if F.R. and CHARLIE are anything alike.You know Charles Manson had others do his dirty work for him.Very Interesting wouldnt you say.

    • Please, let’s not start to presume that the appearance of a person determines him or her to be a killer or not. If that were the case, Mick Jagger and most of his band should be picked up right away!!!

  210. well i just read the blog from yesterday an i was reading about the slaughter houses sure is funny the other day i was at a friends house an i was telling her about every thing going on an how when the killer are killers get caught everyone would be surpised an she told me that they picked up tiny an quetioned him an as i was reading this morning an the slaughter houses came up his family owned a slaughter house it was duprees i know this because when i was growing up thats where we would bring our catlle an pigs to be butchered but its been closed for years an it does look eery its located in jennings off cuttng at the caution light just thought i would let everyone know about that one it wasnt mentioned till at the end an someone said it was a packing place no it was a slaughter house i rember well cause i helped load cattle at our home to bring there i think mr. dupree died of cancer years ago im not sure an dont want to offend noone but when it was being talked about it raised a ? in my head good point to whoever thought of that one keep up the good work an about these chemicals what the hell how does something like that get in a barn an noone has a clue on how it got there i think the governor needs to be contacted for sure now for this is getting more dangerous for the community not that the murders arent still the main topic an i want to see justice prevail cause this sick sob took a family member from us an also someone that was like a daughter to me an friends of the rest but i think this is very fishy an raises a BIG RED FLAG

    • Baffeled, who is ‘tiny’? When was ‘tiny’ picked up for questioning?

      • they called him big tiny dupree thats all ive ever heard him called an im not sure the date when they picked him up fro questioning thats what i was told

    • South cutting, also known as hwy 102. I asked about that one last night.

  211. I am not a forensic anthropologist so this question is gonna seem pretty dumb. BUT.. Some of the victims were found in advanced forms of decomposition, and wouldn’t you have to have them in a bag or container of some kind in order to move them. The limbs would be extremely fragile as well as the body itself, that probably has burst open due to the gasses expanding. I am getting to the issue “Where’s the body bag, container or whatever??? Did LE ever mention anything like this?? I don’t want to get more graphic, but just think about this for a second…..

    • good point!

    • There was talk of a large, blue, plastic barrel that was, I believe, taken out of the truck that Warren Gay bought from the suspect before cleaning it out and destroying critical evidence (I just had to throw that in). Plastics of this sort are impervious to most industrial chemicals. Actually, that’s what they’re packed in for storage and market. A body could be held indefinitely while soaking in any solution and then be dumped later. This would allow a body to be kept in a relatively small area, easily hidden and not emitting odors. Bleach and water combination, lime/water, acids, alkaline mixtures are all possibilities but a large plastic drum would be very practical.

  212. I am thinking like the killer this morning and what would really shake me up? Certainly not local LE, But , the TEXAS RANGERS would, and even more so DEA. Yup, they WILL follow up if enough people complain about DRUG RELATED MURDERS!!! I think we need to FLOOD their office with calls from us (bloggers) and the family members. What do think guys? We’re having problems getting thru the front door so let’s go to the back door. A couple HUNDRED phone calls should do the trick.

  213. Oh come on Ignite I think Mick Jagger is rather handsome.

  214. If I was the murderer and had to leave ( to go to work, go to Wal Mart etc.) I sure as hell would have dogs. Big dogs! Probably rotties or pitbulls like at a junk yard. They would keep people away while I had to do things, or be somewhere……They could also act to keep victims from escaping. This would give the murderers time to establish an alibi or such…..

  215. quiettype We all handle grief in different ways. When this blog gets so horrific sometimes we will sneak a little laugh in. This is not because we are disrespectful, it is because if we didn’t have a distraction the terror would tear us apart. I’m sorry you feel the need to judge our actions without finding out WHY . You are also in my prayers, as well as my fellow bloggers and the families of these ladies…….

    • very intelligent comment serialp and just for the record my first cousin is a victim but if I don’t laugh I will cry so very good character assessment.

      • well i apologize “no way” an i am sorry to hear that……i guess i was being judgemental….and i do apologize…..i am just very concerned…..i missed read what you said……see that is just me being a human……i am sorry and i hope you forgive me…and you are still in my prayers

        • Thanks I didn’t take it personally just trying a little humor to liven things up to keep from thinking about it.

      • no way i have cousins to 3 off them

  216. thequiet type “JUDGE NOT LEST YE BE JUDGED”!

    • i didnt think it was her being judgemental..i think she spoke the truth ..finding humor in something being said is one thing..but i didnt myself,,read no ways blog that way..but needless to say DONE..

    • i see that now……i am sorry….i am not a perfect christian..i do fall short……i did apologize……..once again i am sorry…i am just very concerned……..

  217. Negative criticism never serves a purpose. Constructive criticism does. We are not perfect people, only dedicated and caring folks. If you can’t be part of the solution, then you are part of the problem…..

  218. Hi Serialp.GoodAfternoon,I think the reason the bodies were so decomposed is not only because some victims were left in water,but this is farmland.If farmers are not messing around in their fields and depending on the time of year I would think after planting season a body could sit out there for quite awhile.Especially in sugarcane fields.

  219. And they have already started cutting cane.I dont know if their finished but if they are,WHEW nobody found.When you look out at that tall cane especially now I always look out when we are driving around fields and cannot help but wpnder is their a body in there that they have not found yet.I know it sounds morbid but thats what i think of when drivind through the country or desolate areas,and i am sure i am not the only one that feels this way.Until he is caught you cannot help but look into those fields and wonder.

  220. but who ever is doing this is keeping the bodies somewhere until he dumps them because with britney she was missing for a little while before she was found and was found badly decomposed. and her body was freshly placed in the location she was found because that spot had already been searched and she wasnt there. so where ever she was kept had to be harsh conditions to make her body decompose that fast.

    makes me wonder if the killer might have dumped her somewheres else and the spot was too good of a hiding place and she wasnt getting found so maybe he moved her to the other spot so she would get found. just a thought.

  221. I am confused by this post but not creeped out..

    devilhimsf, on August 20th, 2009 at 12:58 PM Said:

    Would really like to share more about the latest death but will wait for….. ” case is still too fresh to say much right now “, lets just say someone always knows more then what they are saying! My prayers are with all the victims family.

    Notice the quotes…..will wait for what???????? Would be too fresh to say what???? Fresh being recent………..what would being fresh prevent anyone from saying? Any thoughts?

    Sounds to me that this poster knows an insider that knows a little something, maybe someone who runs in that circle…

  222. Police looking for missing (Lake Charles) man after finding bloody house

  223. OMG, I clinked on the linked and the resemblance between FR and CM is amazing. Looks like they could have been kin to each other. Just finished my contact to AMW for Justice for Jeff Davis. I hope everyone else finds the time to contact them today.

    • i wonder what frankie would say if he seen that web site i think he would laugh myself he laugh at everything dont have a care in the world hell he might be order him some to wear

    • curvycat
      FR is indeed an intimidating character, but thankfully he’s lost the long hair and beard these days – we sat down to interview him for a couple of hours recently, something I certainly wouldn’t have had the courage to do if he still looked like Manson!.

      • roflmao 😀

      • Kodiak,
        any news on previews of the documentary?

        • ktpo
          we’re editing like crazy right now. will hopefully have some teasers to share with you guys soon. it will be a long and winding road to get this film finished, but we’re committed to the cause and working as hard as we can.

  224. concerned – ok, let me get this straight. The place where brittney was found had been previously searched and her body was not there the first time it was searched? So the killer would have had to go back there after it was searched and placed her body there. Oh my goodness…they sure like taking risk of getting caught.

    • So someone familiar with the search pattern knew that spot had already been searched possibly??

      • sounds like it to me, sounds like a inside job for sure at least my opinion

    • i was told that that area had been searched before and nothing was there by the ones who did the searching they were on horse back so yeah i think thats pretty risky of the” Dumper”

  225. The quiettype We would welcome any input you have. Everyone is needed in order to solve these murders.

  226. Just a bit of trivia you might like to know. Charles Manson is living at Corcoran State Prison in California. He is an office clerk (or he was last time I heard) He makes 12 cents an hour and is known to get a hold of a telephone outside line to still threaten people. I never met him, altho many friends know him personally and he’s still psycho. So much for trivia…

  227. Thats what I thought Darkstar thats why I pointed it out.I had asked serialpstchic what she thought but she did not respond back to me.Its the way he hesitates or it could just be his screen name.I mean the DevilHimself is pretty dark and eyecatching.

  228. KITKAT devilhimself may be toying with us. He leaves himself wide open and then proceeds to have God bless us…just doesn’t set right with me….just the name he chose gets your attention and that’s exactly the attention he was hoping for. I REALLY look forward for the devilhimself to post again. I would LOVE to talk to you devil, dear…….

  229. SerialPsychic you actually know people that have met Charles Manson.Tell me this had you met Ted Bundy?

  230. KITKAT I did not personally know Ted Bundy. Unfortunately I only had the opportunity to meet the killers incarcerated in California where I lived before coming to Colorado 6 months ago. But we had our fair share, and I knew many many killers on a first name basis for about a decade. This was day in and day out, so you can image what I have heard….

  231. SerialPsychic where are you?

  232. KITKAT Do you mean my physical location?

  233. Serial P.I must say I am quite intrigued.How fascinating.Did you ever get to talk to the Manson women?And do you know Ann Rule?

  234. No SerialP.I am sorry I posted to quickly as soon as i submitted you posted my answer.

  235. KITKAT I will never work in a women’s prison! Those women are too violent and super sneaky…LOL So the answer to your question is a big no,,,just can’t trust those babes, they’ll shank you for a lipstick….

  236. SerialPsychic do you think that those Texas Rangers that we were talking about yesterday will really come down to investigate the Texas lady death.I think they could really shake up LE in Jennings.What do you think?

  237. THE Texas Rangers WOULD investigate as would the DEA. IF these agencies got a hundred phone calls or e mails, you bet they would take notice. Texas and Louisiana or huge drug corridors and it would certainly get the attention of the right people who would ACTUALLY investigate.

  238. Hey everyone…..thought I’d add something new and different to the blog……Live Chat. Besides posting comments, it would give you an opportunity to talk in real time with each other. I believe you can actually private message on there as well. We can give it a test run and see how everyone likes it and if anyone uses it.

    I set it up on the right side of the page and right under TOPICS. There is a little tiny box under the chat area that has an arrow in it……if you click on that the chatbox will pop out and will become larger. To be able to chat, you will need to sign up for an account which is real quick and easy. If you do sign up, please use the same name you normally post under here.

    We’ll give it a run and see what happens.

    ALSO……would you be interested in me setting up an “OFF TOPIC” thread for discussions/comments that are not really related to the murders??

    Would like to get some feedback to see what you all think about the Live Chat and an Off Topic thread.

    P.S. someone hurry up and sign up so we can test it out LOL

  239. lol, im signing up now

  240. Funny, when I signed up “brownie” was already taken and so I took “brownie1” and it listed me as a 24 female and I didn’t even enter either. Weird

  241. Hey guys, do any of y’all wanna commit some time to investigating a few things? I mean REALLY investigate. Y’all have come up with some really brilliant ideas as of late…ideas that really have some meat to them and, I think, could get this case somewhere.

  242. tv 10 is gonna be taling about jennings in a few

  243. a man got shot in jennings

    • The man who was shot in Jennings according channel 10 was attempting to buy drugs on S. Main ( No surprise)

      • So it was a druggie shooting another druggie? I missed the news report.

        • G8–also on KLFY website the story of an attemped abduction in Jennings which ended at police station.No arrest in either crime. I guess in Jennings we are on our own!!!!

  244. g8 it wont let password wont go

  245. G8t I think that sounds wonderful.Now I can talk up SerialPsychic about Colorado.

  246. Nickie I can help you with that .My email adress is am home all day and live in Lafayette.

  247. g8 i like the live chat….think it was a great idea.

  248. G8t I signed up but do not understand.I am a computer illiterate.HELP

  249. I would love an off topic thread.I love talking to all of you.Its like having new friends.

  250. Where did everyone go?

  251. I am going to cry I cannot get in the chat room.Help

  252. Obscure I think there all in the chat room.I cannot get in.

  253. G8t can you please help me

  254. Lol, I can’t even find the chat room!

  255. I think everyones busy in the chat rooms.

    • look on the side of the blog at the right…should be able to get to it from there ?

  256. curvycat go to the right side of the page under the part that says topics is the chat room it says jdp blog click on it. It will take you a place where you can sign up. Fill the form, and then you are signed up. There will be a box ay the end of the blog. Write your comments then press enter on your computer. I will be right here if you need help. It’s not hard when you know how to do it.

  257. KITKAT You did it. You’re on the blog. To write comments just go to the box at the bottom and write, then press enter on your computer. I’ll be right here if you get stuck….

  258. “Very Concerned in G. this is how I found F.R. picture.I clicked on to Ernestine Daniels and then clicked on to arrests.Then you can see pictures of F.R.,Hannah Conner and TraceeChaisson.”
    Where is this link?

  259. I can’t get into the chat room either.

  260. Popeye On the right side of the page under topics is LIVE CHAT click on here. Then you can go to the sign up page. Just fill it out with the user name you’ve been using on the blog. After you fill it out press free trial and you’re set up. It will take you to the blog page, at the bottom in the square you can write your comments THEN hit the ENTER button on your computer to send it. It sounds complicated but I will be right here to help you. Serial

  261. SerialPsychic help what am I doind wrong I can not get in.I donot understand.

  262. Now- it is funny!!!!! Catching up tonight was funny…lmao……..anyway, still looks like a little progress made..Nikki is assigning jobs. Excellant.
    I know many will be interested. See you all later…maybe in the caht room…hmmmmmmmm.

  263. Been there, tried that.

  264. KITKAT have you filled in the sign in page yet?

  265. Yes.But I do not understand how to get in.Not computer savvy.and my son will not help me.

  266. I am in the chatroom is anyone still having trouble getting in

  267. fill out the form and then see if that works,I will check back let me know

  268. KITKAT you are on the blog. you just need to press the live chat thing. Then you will see a bunch if people blogging. Go to the bottom box and make your comments and press enter on your computer.

  269. Popeye you still here

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  273. I can log into the website. It shows my picture too.

  274. Hi there, just go here first:

    If you don’t have an acct, you’ll need to create one.

    Once you’ve logged in, put this address in your address bar:

    That will give u a full sized chat window and you should be all set

  275. can you change your pic so it doesnt show you

  276. the chat has killed the blog lol

    • you are right. I like the blog better so we can go back and read it. Can’t do that with the chat room.

      • i was very afraid that was going to happen. in theory a good idea, but not so much in practice

  277. Blogging about the chat is killing the blog.

    • I agree I don’t do chat rooms and the blog is better cause you can go back and reference some information.

      • Yeah….I can see it killed the posting here. I was kind of more hoping to use it as a place to maybe discuss off topic stuff and if people wanted a little more social interaction amongst themselves. We’ll have to see how that works out. I don’t want the blog to go stale for sure.

        • How about moving all the chat related comments to your off topic thread? Just a thought.

          • Shadow ~

            I think my ideas were great in theory but in reality not practical. The live chat is neat, and kind of fun, but I’m getting quite a bit of negative feedback on it. Also, I’m not so sure the Off Topic thread idea will work either……I’m afraid it’s just going to confuse everyone. As soon as the chat is clear of people I will be removing it from the blog and I think I’ll delete the OT thread. I need to remember a couple of things a wise person told me…….keep it simple and don’t fix it if it ain’t broke :).

        • i forgot my password to get in chat do i start over or is there a way to get it

      • ea……how’s the traffic situation at the Andrews St. house?

  278. From the Proclamation of the Six Woes\
    Luke 10:46, Jesus replied,”And you experts in the law, woe to you, because you load people down with burdens they can hardly carry, and you yourselves will not lift one finger to help them.”

  279. We won’t let the Blog go stale…..


  281. I Tell It like it is…..

    yesterday you asked where you could find the pic’s of charles manson and FR side by side.. this is the link to the site..

  282. I agree.. like they say, don’t judge a book by its cover.. but dang, the cover looks the same, or very simular.. if you know what i mean. I have known the family for years, and I have seen them be the sweetest of sweet… but someone from the family would tell me of FR beating his girlfriend, or getting really mad, and in fights.. I have never seen it first hand of that.. but I guess it is true how you say.. there are two sides to every story, i guess just some stories are two sided, with the same person.. nice one second, mean the next..

    • Let me say this though.. I do think they look alike, but i agree with someone who posted up at the top.. It does remind me of the green river killings.. I have only seen the movie, I have not read the book, but I have heard about it.. my thought is what if it is a mixture of both.. what if there is someone pulling the strings.. how did someone say that earlier on.. puppet master… but take the other info from the green river killings.. they could be some type of copy cat.. and copy someone who they know got away with it for many many years.. Sorry.. babbling again..

  283. babble on….you make sense…that crossed my mind…the perp could be a copycat…in a very vulnerable town

  284. Has anyone seen or heard of mexicans going to the andrew st. home?

  285. OMG, something new here. I hate being negative really trying to give postive thoughts but all I can think of LE and killer/s probably love the new chat. There is no longer visible reference or feedback. I doubt there will ever be 4,200 in the chat area. As for hoping Texas Rangers, DEA, etc., easily see what is said they would have to be logged on…jmho.

    • You’re right ahlou. I stayed awake til 4 this morning tossing the idea around and decided in the best interest of the blog to delete the chat. So much for me and my bright ideas :).

      • Know what g8, after I saw it I thought this is not what made your blog what it is but YOU are in charge :-)) I would be a good idea but we need to see and reread sometimes. BTW, just a caution from a older timer – I hope YOU and only YOU stay in charge it.

      • O the chat could of been use for fun G8 and we would still post on blog

  286. hello you two. how you been

    • Hi Brownie, been just fine – was out fishing. Glad seeing you.

      Hi Ea, I agree have not heard of any Mexicans going there. I don’t even know if I buy into that Mexican story with the first two women.

  287. Yes, but I think the TX woman is not related for sure.

  288. So Brownie, you think it is just a oddity. I would think if that is the case she must have known something about the murders and found out the areas. It’s very, very strange.

    • Ahlou–I think the Texas woman had to be associated with someone in the Jennings area,otherwise why would she stop in Jeff Davis just to commit suicide? We will most likely never know the truth.Very strange.

    • The thought had crossed my mind that possibly she had heard about murders in JDP and specifically chose the area… wasn’t that far of a drive. I don’t know if y’all saw this comment her brother-in-law left at the Houston Fox News site but apparently she had threatened and tried to kill herself in the past.

      • I think it was symbolic and she chose that place.

        Symbolic of what…don’t know but she knew someone or something. Gut says not random……

  289. Ahlou, maybe the one who said it will come on here and say it. I much rather that, than me tell you who told me. I think g8 is shutting the chat down.

    • LOL, although Iunderstand what you are saying and can’t blame you I’m sorry the give and take got lost.

      I used to like reading what was said when I was off but others probably like it so I’ll just be quite.

  290. Jennings, Church of Christ, 1812 N. Cutting, will be having a ‘Call to Action/Call to Arms’ prayer.Thursday October 15 at 7:00P.M.. JC Bailey – Minister, or 337-324-2527.

  291. Ahhhhh HOME! So, what are we talking about?

  292. is there any abandon farm houses south of Jennings?

  293. Are we still using the live chay room?

  294. No we not.

  295. And I guess we wont have the off topic thread either?

  296. Thank God,I meant for the live chat.

  297. I don’t know about abandoned farm houses. I was hoping some of y’all might know.

    • nicki u got the email i just sent u what place u talking off i just found out but i didnt here on what street it was on

  298. One thing I notice when I ride my motorcycle is that I am able to smell everything in the area as I pass through. There are so many smells you do not notice if you are in a car.

    The smell of decomp is very strong. If these girls were being kept somewhere for a few days before they were dumped, anyone going by on a M/C would be able to tell what it is, if downwind. We do know that some were dumped almost immediately.

    If another girl goes missing, anyone with a M/C should ride around and see if they smell anything suspicious.

  299. Depressed today my cat Alice got hit by a car.Just finished burying her.

  300. Very good point Red! I will do that, but pray I don’t have to.

    KITKAT: I am so sorry! I’m a dog person and one of ours was hit on July 4th…we were devastated….i know how you feel.

  301. There is a 2story white farmhouse between Lake Arthur and Jennings.Back in the eighties my husband and I used to go to Lake Arthur for the annual Regatta.When we would leave we would go to his friends house.Actually it was his friends grandfathers home.Its still there.Its off of the road surrounded by crops and I think its empty.The grandfather lives in Jennings.He is very old,if he is still alive he would be in his nineties.And they are Conners.

  302. im sorry kit

  303. they took the chat room off

  304. I know my husbands friend lives in CA. now.Alot of children in that family very well to do.I think one of the daughters is keeping it up.Its beautiful.I think it was built in the early 1900s.

  305. Thank you she was not supposed to be outside.I just had her fixed.She would sit next to me when I would chat on here.

  306. No sheila I live in Lafayette.The only time we would go to the farmhouse was for tha annual Lake Arthur Regatta.And then his friend moved to CA.So we have not been there for probaly 20 years.

  307. Well, if the daughter is keeping it up then it’s probably not accessible to the killer.

  308. it’s me very concerned from gueydan…changed the name

  309. to join at my other name was to long it wouldn’t take that one… here’s my new one

  310. is gueydanmom someone else or is that you?

  311. What? I’m easily confused… 😉

  312. No probaly not it was to pretty to be abandoned.Sorry

  313. nLemon if you ever get to read it do so.There is one called River man and The other The Green River Killer.He started dumping bodies in water,then changed and started dumping them on land.That man was truly a monster.25 years to catch him.And DNA was what finally brought hin to justice.And paint flecks.All of the women had strange paint flecks on them.Turns out it was a certain kind of paint used on eighteen wheelers Enron paint.And guess where he worked.Kenworth factory in Seattle.He was a painter of big trucks.Thats how the cops sealed the deal.

    • I think I am going to read it.. it is just really hard to read anything with little ones running around.. lol.. thanks for the book titles.. do you know if walmart would carry them? Just thinking of all of these murders makes me sick to my stomach and scared to even go outside, and my lifestyle is not anywhere close to the ones the girls lived.. I have an erie feeling that when they do get who is doing this, it will shock everyone, for the simple fact that it will be solved.. but at the same time will be like a I told you so moment.. God Bless these girls families.. and these girls.. no one should have to die in that mannor..

  314. I’m about to post some things for consideration, but first I need y’alls help:

    I read somewhere…i think in the blog about the profiler telling KM or LE there would be another killing by December and then they found Necole…I think it was Necole and I think it was this year…someone please confirm…G8? Anyone?

    • The profiler told Kirk shortly after he accept the cases for the families back in Oct 2008 about another murder before the holidays and a few days later ,first part of Nov. that is when Brittany Gary went missing.I believe that is correct maybe someone else could verify that info .

    • The profiler said look for another murder around July……..Necole was killed in August. Also stated there could be another around October this year.

  315. well i am sitting here eating and wonder where do we go next

  316. OMG! I just typed the longest thing and didn’t save it…tried to post it and it went bye bye…gotta start over…Aaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!

  317. hmmm….I hate that….

  318. KITKAT I’m so sorry to hear about your cat. I am so attached to my animals (2dogs and 2 cats). i know how you feel, I had to put down my other dogs 17 and 15 years old, due to advanced cancer.

  319. To everyone I have gotten pictures and in touch with all families except Earnestines. Brittany’s family has not got in touch with me even after I emailed velvet the sister and sent word to Terressa about the visual. Muggy’s family has not gotten back in touch with me also.
    I hope and pray that everyone will please respond. I have been working really hard on the prayer service and want it to be special for the families. God knows we need some comfort in all the termoil this has brought into our lives. Myself just knowing that someone cares means allot to me.
    Hoping to here from the rest of the families.

  320. mysterious Thank you for all your hard work putting this together. Everyone appreciates all you have done.

  321. The shirt will be ready starting tomorrow so if anyone in the area wants a shirt before this weekend please let me know.

  322. The cost with tax is 10 dollars sizes small to large and a dollar for each size larger.
    example xlarge 11 dollars
    xxlarge 12 dollars
    xxxlarge 13 dollars
    and so on.

  323. Let me share a theory. It has holes has any theory but it is, I think, worth some thought.

    Let’s assume for a minute that the killer/killers wanted to ensure that the bodies were found in a timely manner and of course, wanted to avoid detection themselves. What if the dumping of the bodies were timed and purposeful all with in a “golden window” of opportunity.

    Consider this:

    Agricultural crops in this area:

    Sugar Cane: Planted approx. latter part of Sept. Grown for 1 year and harvested approx. end of Nov. or first of Dec.

    Soybeans: Planted approx. late spring to early summer and harvested late Oct. to early Nov.

    Rice: Planted approx. mid March. 1st crop usually harvested approx. late Aug. or early Sept…under good conditions.

    Now look at the timing of the timing the bodies were discovered…MINUS Necole (I’ll get to her afterward):

    #1- May 20- around Soybean planting
    #2- June 18- when the first round of insecticide/herbicide would be applied to soybeans or, if weather conditions weren’t acceptable, they may have just started with planting.
    #3- March 18- just in time for rice planting
    #4- May12- Soybean planting
    #5- May 27- Soybean planting
    #6- Sept. 11- just prior to planting of sugar cane and USUALLY when 1st crop rice harvest has just finished.
    #7- Nov. 15- just in time for sugar cane harvest.

    THEN, there is Necole. Why was Necole dumped on the side of I-10? Here is a possible explanation?

    If the killer was planning the dumping to coincide with the Agricultural activity, he would know that:
    1- Aug. 16 (when Necole was found) would fall smack dab in the middle of 1st crop rice harvest. When rice is harvested there is activity in and around the fields/drier/ag related facilities at all hours of the night! The killer/killers may have missed their “golden window” of opportunity to dump her and felt it would be too risky to try in that place at that time.

    (except harvest in some areas was pushed back a bit this year due to rain, so the killer is probably not a farmer and did not realize that)

    2- It was well publicized that Kodiak was here doing a documentary. As we all know, when the cameras come out LE starts buzzing all over the place. Where would Kodiak be? He’d be visiting the frequented areas and the dumpsites with cameras, therefor, where would LE be? Where the cameras were making the regular dumping grounds too hot!

    ***During this time, the community would be more aware and following the camera crews around like humans always do. So, all eyes would have been on their comfortable spot and I-10 may have seemed a safer option and yet one in which the body would still be discovered in a timely manner.

    Something to consider……….

    • very good theory! Way to go!

    • The only thing with that Nicki LE was not really around with Paul. If anyone was with them it was Kirk or Brittany. One reason that we have stated on here is that fact that the other dumping spots were always being watched by someone Le, Kirk or someone else but those area’s are always being watched they are Hot area’s just becaause people watch those spots. Some are just people being curious.

  324. and with necole he may have been aware that the grass along the interstate was getting ready to be mowed and chose to dump her in the tall grass since he would have missed his opportunity

  325. Thank you Serial Psychic I was very close to her.She was such a sweetheart.They say you are not suppose to grieve over animals but I cant help it.

  326. omg yall have good points. good job ladys

  327. I still think and it is a gut feeling,that this person lives out somewhere alone.In the country so he can do as he pleases.As creepy looking as F.R. is ,I am just not going with that angle.I had a gut feelind about Ketchum early on and I have a gut feeling now.

    • is there anyway to find out who this Ketchum is. and as for FR i still say he has something to do with all of it and he is not the only one either

      • I have been in touch with ketchum and she did provide a background reference to me, which she did not HAVE to do. I just contacted the reference but have not received a response yet. She assures me that she is here for the same reason we all are…….nothing more, nothing less. She would also like to continue commenting here and at this point……..I certainly have no problem with that and would hope that everyone will move past the unfortunate incidents that occurred several days ago. We never know who may be able to aid in developing new leads and offering suggestions some of us may not have considered before. It’s okay to disagree with others opinions because we each have one Lord knows. Let’s all try to keep an open mind with this.

  328. by the way im still the same “concerned” as before i made a wordpress account and “concerned” wasnt avaliable

  329. i agree kitkat i think that is also who kinda lives secluded and prolly has a second vehicle that pretty much stays parked except for when its being used to transport bodies. prolly keeps in a shed most of the time. i mean how many people around here have old cars and trucks parked in there yard? alot!

  330. Nicki You have really hit on something here. I think your theory is right on the mark. GREAT JOB!!!

  331. well seems my original name works ….so i’m sticking with it. sorry to go back and forth…..just trying to learn how to work this. LOL

  332. Let’s try to find things to support and negate this theory.

    One to support may be:
    If there were another killing and there is truth to this theory then it’s they would have to dump it within the next month to coincide with soybean harvest and/ or sugar cane harvest and 2nd crop rice harvest. After that, they’d have to wait till mid March, just before rice planting for another “golden window”

    To negate it:
    We would have to know the crop that was planted and/or harvested in the fields near where each victim was found and the activity regarding that crop would have to coincide with the date dumped/found

    Also, we would have to know which crop’s activity was out of the norm due to weather conditions that particular year.

    Not to mention, to EITHER support or negate. We’d have to know which of the persons (with past suspected involvement) found which bodies.

    I seem to remember that some members of that crowd found one or more of the bodies. In that case, did they have to dispatch someone to “discover the body” themselves because of missing their “golden window” in terms of crop activity /weather conditions?

    For example: if rice (or another crop) harvest was pushed back one year b/c of too much rain and they realized that after the body was dumped and thought it wouldn’t likely be found when they wanted…they send one of their people out to “stumble across it.”

    There are a lot of variables!…I’m diizy…LOL!

    • NICKI…..I agree with the most important part of your theory…..Why did the killer(s) change their M.O.(modus operandi)? Because as you said, people on guard, taking pictures, etc., cameramen around and most importantly, surveillance is out there in the “unsual spots”! The killer is local and knows the area well. That is why he threw LE off by dumping NECOLE at a different location, but, I was told that the body was in very bad condition (decomposition).
      Nicki…..Your agricultural background is very important to me, at least since I have no knowledge of rural or farmland areas. Does a rice field dry up, i.e., I had been told back in May that Brittney’s body was found in a rice field, but from the crime scene photos that I studies that G8trgirl posted, the high weeds seem like dry ground. I thought rice grew in lots of water. Please excuse my ignorance, I’m only familiar with inner-city stuff! Also, can you please tell me the temperatures or approximate temperatures at the time of each murder (before Necole). Thanx

  333. Has anyone heard anymore info from Shelia Comeaux’s daughter? Wonder if she was able to get the coroners report or not?

  334. She has not yet but she is still trying. Although, I fear she will not have it until the killer is found.

  335. Nicki Sorry you’re dizzy, but it is still a brilliant theory…

  336. LOL! Thanks SP…I needed that.

    I have this “various” insight because I am a jack of all trades, but unfortunately, a master of none…lol!

    -I have a bachelor’s degree in agriculture
    -I was also a medic during that time
    -out of college I worked as in the middle of state politics as you can get
    -and, i was a victim of a violent crime

    so, there you have it…the faces of me…lol!

  337. And what about 06,no murders.Were any of the people that the girls hung around,gone or possibly incarcerated.Anyone know?It was actually almost a year and a half before the next murder.

  338. i don’t know, but it SEEMS as if LE would have checked that first…not that they would’ve actually told us anyway 😉

  339. Nicki You have a fine group of “life experiences” to draw from. I am so very sorry to hear that you were a victim of a violent crime. You have so much empathy for the families and victims!

  340. I was looking at body timelines and phases of the moon back to 05.I know it sounds crazy but you never know.I looked at new moons and full moons around the time of the girls death but it did not pan out.

  341. Nickie I also had a very bad ,life experience.When I was 16.I think thats what draws me to stuff like this.My father killed himself,and I found him.Ever since then it seems nothing shocks me anymore.Its like my shock absorbers are gone.Its been 29 years and I can sympathize with the victims family.It gets easier but then it doesnt,I guess because it is an unsettlind death.Its not like they had a car accident or died of sickness,not that it is not sad.Murder,or suicide ,I know one is not like the other because I know who took my loved one away,himself.

  342. I should not have submitted that I am sorry.

    • Please don’t feel sorry for sharing your experience. It is what makes us who we are, and often times makes us stronger and more compassionate toward others. I am sorry for your loss, and i can’t imagine having to go through that. It must of been most difficult.

  343. just a thought… what happenend to the car that one of the girls was last seen getting in? Who witnessed it and did they not report what type of car? Did LE investigate? Also, the person in the blue truck that tried to pick someone up? What happened to the investigation into that truck, and what kind of personal ID did the girl give. They should have sketch artists, more “experts” involved.

    • I agree!!! There was a decent description of the blue truck but the description of the man was too vague. The most recent abduction attempt a week and a half ago, the only description was that it was a Dodge truck…..what color, age? It’s very difficult for the public to offer assistance when there is very, very little to go on.

      • Question… What ever happend with the blue truck that Kirk saw down that rd.. it was on the news.. the one that turned its lights off and halled *$$..

  344. KITKAT Thank you so much for sharing some of the most horrific times of your life. We love you little KIT… You have gone thru so much, like Nicki has. Yet you guys are the most giving and compassionate people around. YOU ARE MY HERO’S !!!

  345. I don’t know if I’d ever be brave enough to share my experience…and I do consider it bravery. I am proud that you shared it with us KIT. I am honored to be here with all of you. SP is right…you are loved here.

  346. Keep in mind, on the moon phase thing, that it usually applies to killers who motivation/gratification are rooted in the sexual or psychological aspect. These killings seem to be more drug related and/or power trip. Although, you could be right…i dunno 🙂

    • the moon thing could play out also.. think about it.. i know when it is a full moon, my kids are extra extra hyper, and in bad moods.. it seems like every full moon it is the same thing

      • Necole disappeared and was found in between a half moon phase and a full moon. Aug 13th was half moon thru Aug 20th full moon. I have read before though that criminal activity does seem to increase during a full moon. Don’t know how accurate that is though……..I think the criminals just stay active no matter what phase the moon is in.

        • Threw this together on moon phases and last seen dates

        • G8……Not just criminals, etc., but police are busier than ever during the full moon!
          KIT KAT…Some horrific instances in one’s life will never be forgotten. I can still the llok of horror on the face of my friend and former classmate, who was raped and murdered (strangled to death), on her way home from work when we lived in California. My father who was a taylor/cleaners owner near the area, identified her body because she & I looked alike . At that time, years ago, bodies were taken to the morgue where they were NOT cleaned up first before positive identification like what is done today. Today, some is done by video. Back then, because I was friends with her & her husband (she already had kids and was pregnant again). he & his family asked me to go to the morgue with them. She had long black beautiful hair that was matted and blood in her nose, but worst of all, the look on her face that even the funeral director couldn’t change still haunts me today because LE didn’t actively look for her killer and came to my house (when they found out that followed her route home and canvassed the neighborhood for answers and called them with tips and clues) and told me to sit my a a__s
          down because I could be talking to the killer! It was
          after that ,that I really started studying murders and have a crime library today! So, bless you Nicki and KitKat, I do understand.

  347. G8TRGIRL……….Thank you for your current email absolving me. I have by laptop with me on vacation and wanted to respond to you on your blog also. Please make the contact I gave you to verify who and what I am to put you and the other bloggers at ease.
    PLEASE DO NOT GIVE UP THIS BLOG. YOU AND NICKI ARE AN ASSET AND DO GOOD WORK WHICH I KNOW IS TIME CONSUMING. I HAD SET UP A MURDER BOARD. Thanks also for letting me know that LOL means Laugh Out Loud. As I said, I feel stupid because thought it meant Lots Of Love and used in here in that context!!!! I have only read a few of the latest posts, so if what I have to see is repetitious, I’m sorry. First, Nicki, that is a fantastic supposition about Necole and the other bodies! You all are getting there! SERIALPSYCHIC…as you know, as a rule, serial killers kill at random, i.e., Bundy, Hillside, Freeway, Eiler, Gacy, Rolling, Ridgeway, etc. The Jennings are NOT at random! The victims’ knew their killer(s) AND SO DO YOU! That is why he/they go to the extreme in getting rid of their bodies AFTER they have decomposed. He thinks that no forensic evidence can be found, but he/they are so wrong. I truly believe that local LE/Task Force have a very viable suspect but is waiting for CONCRETE evidence to ensure a conviction per the District Attorney.
    Back in the 1970/1980s, there were pimps who had girls working for them and taking their money. Cocaine was always considered a “rich man’s high” until crack was introduced in the late eighties (1989, etc.). Then we got what is known as “soda-pop pimps” who are crackheads and their girls are too. After the crack, along came an abundance of pills and meth. So, most of the “girls” nowadays “date” for the drugs. The abovementioned known serial killers were bonafide killers who killed to kill. Some lured young gay men, i.e.,Gacy,Eiler killed 15 yr old Danny Bridges, cut him up, I have the photo.) His parents drank themselves to death afterwards). some were “tricks”who picked up the prostitutes (Ridgeway, etc..and others looked just as normal as you and me i.e., Bundy, Hillside,etc..My mother worked side by side with one of the Freeway Killers at Hughes Aircraft in Calif. He use to walk her &other ladies to their cars for safety reasons (LOL) when they workd overtime building space shuttles & airplanes. She almost fainted when she saw him and his friend on the news after being arrested for luring young men, killing them and putting them in plastic trash bags and throwing them on the side of the freeways
    THINK;;;;;;Muggy Brown left her grandmother’s house around l:30AM, AFTER she voiced her fear to her and wanted to pack up and get out of town. She HAD TO HAVE TALKED TO OR MET WITH SOMEONE SHE TRUSTED VERY WELL to go their house or get into a car with. She was caught unawares or put up one hell of a fight.. She was killed spontaneously and that is why her body was taken to a very rural area and doused with bleach. I pray to God that her body has some forensic evidence on it. I don’t know why, but I also feel that she may not have been killed there on Racca Road. I would like to know the EXACT cause of death because the slit throat could have been After the Fact, i.e., asphyxiated from behind and then a slit throat
    and dumped on road which would cause miminal blood loss. The bleach was an effort to obliterate evidence. Only LE, the pathologist, and the funeral director knows the conditions for sure. I wish I could see the autopsy report to see these things for sure.
    You All…….Keep up the good work.

    KITKAT: So sorry about your cat! I lost my cat Precious two months ago and I still hurt…..but I feed all of the outdoor cats nearby. I have two dogs left now, but when my doberman died. I had her cremated and put in urn. I love animals. I’ve seen so much of what man does to man that I’m a sucker for all strays.

    • P.S. I forgot to say that Muggy’s body was found a fews HOURS later which explains the spontaneity of her murder.

    • You know…….it’s interesting you mention that Muggy was possibly asphyxiated first and THEN her throat cut. I’ve many times considered that a possibility especially in light of the last two victims dying of asphyxiation. The perp may have had excessive rage towards Muggy possibly because she did put up a hell of a fight. Question for anyone that might know……would the amount of blood vary depending on whether her throat was slit prior to death or slit after death?

      • Shadow ~ I just realized my last question would be a good one for your forensic pathologist friend. Shadow mentioned last evening that a friend/assoc that is a FP may get on the blog and try to answer questions we may have. If that can be arranged I can start a thread for questions you’d like answered and simplify the process. Put your thinking caps on.

      • not much in the small amount of time before she was found. the theory is plausible and make a lot of sence but that is the only hole i can poke in it.

      • G8TRGIRL…..It does make a difference. If death preceded the slit throat, depending on how soon, there would be minmal blood. That is why I posted on Thread #35, I think, that her body condition is very important. My daughter’s mother was stabbed about 18 times and her throat cut from ear to ear (I could look down it at the morgue), but there was NOT a lot of blood at the crime scene. Her boyfriend was stabbed about 26 times and his throad cut also, but not as severe. both bodies on the couch but with minimal blood. That is because they died quickly. In the case of Nicole Brown Simpson, (I also have her autopsy report in addition to the above), and she was stabbed numerous times, placed on her stomach, Killer (who we all know) put his foot on her back, pulled her head back by the hair and cut her throat, almost decapitating her. That is why there was sooooooo much blood because she nor Ron Goldman died quickly. In my two cases above, the killer & his accomplice, drant Tequilla with the victims until they became highly intoxicated. I know both victims very very well and they could fight like hell, sober. Their murders were premeditated.

  348. Ketchum23 Welcome back, the more the merrier!! I’ll be looking forward to reading your posts.

    • SP……Thank you so very much. All input, no matter how inconsequential you may think it is, IS VERY VERY important for all go put their thinking caps on!
      Would love to hear more from you! We seem to have something in common.

  349. i just went to town andrew st no one on it but i took lake arther av and i look at side streets jefferson st was bad

    • shelia– the only bad house is the brown one near the health unit and all vehicle and people go in through the rear door and most drug deals are done in the rear or north side of the house. Have heard it has been low profile lately.

      • i dont go that way i jus went ride yoday and no caes or nothin was on jefferson st was full i seen it from lake arther av i dont go there i got to pigg wal-mart and pay my bill i went to s auta parts to pay my elc not no more and the ran to my cr i said nomore i will go to pond shop now

  350. nicki i just sent u a mail

  351. having trouble viewing pics on Body Location Site Photos. It keeps giving me 403 Acess Denied
    This file requires authorization :
    You must both be a user of this blog as well as be currently logged into

    • Thanks for letting me know!! I didn’t realize they weren’t viewable cause I could see them LOL. When I logged out and went to look though….you’re right. I’ll get that fixed.

      • thanks g8

        • Got them viewable again…….whew LOL 😀

        • G8TRGIRL……..Please let everyone know that as I said I am not from jennings and got that info WRONG on the directions because I am not familiar with the areas. All I have are the maps that you have graciously provided for us. The subject I was referring to before said it was IN FRONT OF THE NATIONAL GUARD BUILDING! I don’t know what street that is on but the general area was right, Right? Additionally, subject said that it was too dark to describe what the female was wearing or get a license plate. That is why they went around the block.. Just saw a male struggling with a female.

          • I’ll have to agree on that. I’m not from the area either (although live nearby) and it can be difficult trying to get exact building locations and geographics correct when you’re not actually physically there. We have to rely on the locals to help us pin that down occasionally. Additionally, when you are getting details from another source…..they may not always be accurate in their descriptions.

  352. well it a day im getting off going do what i have to get mom ready for bed and my better hafe then me good nite all

  353. Nicki-I know you said that LE or Ricky would not tell you a thing but did you try talking to KM? He had some investigators in the past that came on here like NJPI and those guys knew what they were talking about. Just wondering if KM would talk to you since LE won’t.

  354. Thought I’d give y’all a “heads up”…..I’m going to be starting a new Gen Discussion thread here shortly in case you want to reply to any of the comments on this thread (which has gotten very long). I’ll close this one for comments at 8:30 pm.

  355. KM and company have, indeed, done some amazing things on the case. Unfortunately, he is bound by law the keep any information, uncovered in his investigation, confidential. This is the case for all PI’s and he could be vulnerable to prosecution for obstruction of justice, among other things, if he revealed information to the general public. But, great thinking angelheart!

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