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  2. ok, so someone tell me.. I don’t remember hearing anything about this Shelia girl.. was it on the news? when did this happen? And I agree someone needs to look at this Shelia girls situation better..

  3. Oh, ok.. thanks

  4. I Saw on the news on channel 10… and this is my best friends cousin!!!



    • it should be on the news at 5.. they had a pic at noon.. should show it again at 5 or 6!!

    • Authorities in Acadia Parish are asking for help in locating a missing 13-year-old girl.

      Alaynie Floyd,13, was last seen at her residence on Aster Road near Crowley around 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, according to Acadia Parish Sheriff Wayne Melancon.

      Floyd was wearing a short sleeve pink shirt with blue jeans. She is described as being 5’2” tall, weighing approximately 140 pounds, with dark brown hair and blue eyes.

      Anyone knowing her whereabouts is asked to contact the Acadia Parish Sheriff’s Office at 788-8700.

    • Here’s a link to her myspace

      She may have run away because from the looks of her myspace page she didn’t seem very happy.

      Last login was 9/27/09 Mood: I don’t care
      i still feel irritated aggervated frusrated …………do u want me to go on

      Sad situation……hope they find her soon.

    • Alaynie is home safe and sound. Her mother is my best friend, Rhonda is dying from cancer and
      Alaynie is having a horrible time dealing. This wasn’t the first time she ran away and they aren’t sure how to keep her in. She called her sister and the sister went got her followed by her father.

  5. Do you have a link for that g8? For some reason I cant see the picture. I looked on the news websights and couldnt find it

  6. i read what she wrote about herself on her myspace omg she really does not sound to happy and that she might have just ran away from home. i sure hope she is okay and will return home soon sounds like her mom needs her

  7. great!!! that is really good news.

  8. Shelia Comeaux trusted that someone had her back that night….who ever she trusted was not there when she needed help.
    Then the chief of police Johnny L. says in the interview that Shelia would not answer questions …that after she recovered she would not cooperate.That ‘s why the case is still open.
    Well that is a crook of sh**. She was scared to death to talk….she was scared of them….them hummmmm.The one’s that were suposed to protect her…help her! The one’s that she was helping ….the one’s that just turned their backs on her & left her to take that beating.
    It burns my a** sitting and thinking about these cases…How can someone live with themselves. I couldn’t.

    • I wonder if Van Comeaux was investigated? I mean questioned. I read on discussion 33 that he was the one sending her in.

  9. Someone had mentioned LaCombe Boys that were beaten & tied to train tracks. Does anyone know what year this happened & what were the names of these boys? Any details would be nice ?

    • I had not hear of it either but I remember a thread or so back someone told who did it and said the person is still ignorant (that being my word).

  10. Hey there. G8, or for anyone who knows, what is the address of this website? I found it by googling it and then I bookmarked it. I’m trying to send it to someone else. Thanks!


  12. I’m writing a story on why citizens do not trust LE, FBI, OCS or other state workers. Here’s some excerpts from a case that I was reviewing for print. Has anyone else faced a similar situation:

    “The State knew from the outset that there was a catastrophic barrier to it being able to enlist Ms. Hair’s cooperation. That barrier is her distrust of OCS, which is reasonable based on the information she had. Her son, Mark, told her shortly after he came into her custody that he had been sexually abused in the police station and other places and was forced to participate in satanic rituals in his former foster home. He named individuals from OCS and police departments as participants in the abuse. Ms. Hair acknowledged that, at first, she thought maybe he was exaggerating, but felt that she should, at least, report the information. She did. Jefferson Davis law enforcement brought in Mr. Brooks Fleig, a former law enforcement chaplain and a satanic ritual expert. He testified at the termination hearing that he investigated Mark’s story and found that it was credible. In fact, he stated that indictments were forthcoming, but, suddenly, he was told to go home. Ms. Hair was not provided with any further information.”

    “However, instead of mending the gorge, the State deepened it. State workers admitted that they never addressed Ms. Hair’s concerns. One conceded that they did not even keep her informed of E.H.’s progress in school, or otherwise, because Ms. Hair had not cooperated with the agency. She explained that her policy was to cease cooperation with a parent if the parent did not cooperate totally with her. Further, the State compelled her to visit with her children in the police station, where Mark claimed that he had been molested, 7 even though Ms. Hair requested that they be allowed to visit in a more “children friendly” and neutral location, like McDonald’s. This was, obviously, a very reasonable and caring request made by a mother who wanted to protect her children against further distress or harm. She was trying to cooperate with the State. However, instead of demonstrating respect and compassion for her concerns and trying to work with her to reunify the family, OCS refused to make the slightest concession. Instead, throughout, the State insisted on trying to bang a round peg into a square hole, and when it failed, it gave up the reunification goal and blamed the failure on Ms. Hair’s lack of cooperation, even though it did not abide by its own responsibilities under the plan. It represented on the plan and to the court that it had complied with its obligation under the plan and that, only, Ms. Hair had not complied at all. The record reveals that is not accurate.”

    “The first premise was that Ms. Hair was paranoid and delusional because he did not believe her and he believed Mark. This approach was defective for the reasons Dr. Anderson pointed out. Further, when determining whether someone is delusional, the issue is not whether that person’s belief is true. The issue is whether the belief has a rational basis. Ms. Hair’s beliefs, regarding sexual and satanic abuses, while perhaps not in our world of experience, did have a rational basis. A former law enforcement chaplain and satanic ritual expert – an independent third party brought in by law enforcement – investigated and validated them to the point that indictments were to be forthcoming. Chaplain Fleig has not been pronounced to- be paranoid and delusional. Further, as Dr. Anderson noted, Dr. Middleton’s findings seem to support Chaplain Fleig’s findings. Additionally, if Dr. Post had gone beneath the surface of Ms. Hair’s stories,” he would have learned that there was also physical evidence to support some of the other events and that all of them had emanated from Mark, whom he had no problem believing. Ms. Hair had simply reiterated Mark’s account of his abuse and the FBI’s surveillance and persecution. Physical evidence includes Ms. Hair’s $ 10,000.00, plus, telephone bills. They speak for themselves. They reveal multiple incidents of calls made from her house, on the same line, at the same time. That would cause anyone pause. To this day, it remains a mystery. Other unexplained physical evidence involves the vandalism of her car and home during her absence.”

    “Ms. Hair claims that the FBI bugged her phone, causing her to incur telephone bills in excess of $10,000.00 during the spring of 1995. This allegation appears to be irrational, even delusional. However, the fact is that those telephone bills are filed into the record. Oddly, their details reveal superimposed long distance calls; that is, multiple calls which were made at the same time from the same telephone line. The trial court, although admitting that it “could not prove it,” stated that it believed that Mark had made all of the telephone calls. Irrespective of how the billings were incurred, the fact remains that they exist and that any reasonable person, under the same circumstances, could become suspicious, specifically, in light of the enormous amount and evidence of superimposed calls. It seems impossible that, normally, two calls could be made on the same line, at the same time. Again, this has never been rebuffed nor has it been explained how it happened or could have happened.”

    All of the other problems, which Ms. Hair claimed to be a result of FBI harassment, were reported to her by Mark. She said that, instead of immediately believing Mark she always searched for an alternative reasonable explanation. Unrebutted facts in the record reflect that Ms. Hair’s car, as well as the windows of the apartment complex in which she resided, were vandalized. Every occurrence arose while she was absent, and Mark explained them as FBI persecution.

    Additionally, Mark told his mother [**56] that FBI agents paid other children at school to beat him up and harass him, that he had proof that Cowboy was an FBI agent, and that when he was in Cowboys’ bedroom, he could hear events occurring in her apartment [Pg 21] from Cowboy’s computer. Apparently, he reported an incident to her which had happened in her apartment at a time when he was not present and could not possibly, otherwise, have known had occurred.

    “When analyzing these facts, it is striking that none of the alleged FBI harassment concerned Ms. Hair directly or any other member of her family, except Mark. And, as mentioned above, a thought, though untrue, does not rise to the level of a delusion if it has a factual basis. In this case, Dr. Post found Ms. Hair to be delusional, yet he based his opinion on his disbelief that any of these mentioned facts occurred. His disbelief is clearly and undoubtedly erroneous from the face of the record and the physical evidence.”

    “The system has failed Ms. Hair and her children, miserably. We should make it right. An AFFIRMATION is an invitation for more of the same in future cases.”

  13. Flower power, are u from crow town? I have a daughter from there. where is that street located where the girl lives? I can’t think of where its at in crowley.

  14. I’ve lived in JDP all my life and I don’t remember that about the LaCombe boys. Was that drug related too?

    • I know it was mentioned on here, not many details. not sure if it was drug related or not.
      was it ignite that talked about the LaCombe boys or SilenceDogood? not sure. gonna look back to see.

      • i have been in jdp all my life and never heard anything about lacombe boys on train track or anyone else for that matter. and i am old enough to remember that. lol


          • I’m not certain when the LaCombe murder took place, but it did happen. Dallas Cormier was the Sheriff then and the murder was ruled an accident or possible suicide by JDSO.

          • i think the racist killing was the Istre brothers.

  15. Ok. Got it. Thanks for the address!

  16. IMO, poor Sheila Comeaux was “done in”! And her case is definetly right up there with the other 8 girls, cuz her death was way too suspicious sounding.

  17. When an informant is wired it is a all taped and monitored. Sheila Comeaux did not have to talk to them in the hospital, they would have the whole thing on tape. The reason it is monitored is so that if the informant gets in a bind, LE can swoop in with their team and save them. The tape should still be in an evidence locker. The tape would have the ability to tell exactly what happened to Sheila Comeaux.

    • well yall should no what happens to evidence dont yall

    • My understanding is that she had no “wire” on her when she was found. The recent article in JDN covering her case had no mention of her being wired. Actually, it didn’t seem like the JDN was told much about Shelia’s case really (correct me if I’m wrong).

      So………….we don’t really know if there is truth to this or not. Unfortunately, since the case is still classified as an “open” case the public (or the media) will not get much info.

      Personally….I’d like to know if it is true that she was “wired” on LE’s behalf in exchange for a plea deal.

      • She was wired to help LE as a plea bargain. If everything is recorded Red Ranger, please tell them to do something, becaus I wold like to know where that tape is. Was it ever set to record? When someone is into something they’re not supposed to be then why would they get the help they deserve? Not all people think alike. In my opinion, all like is important. I WOULD LIKE TO CLARIFY FO ANYONE WHO ISN’T SURE I KNOW FOR A FACT THAT SHE MOM WAS AN INFORMANT.

  18. thats the problem red ranger seem to me that sheilas case should have done been solved with the tape or shall i say where is the tape

  19. A person by the name of Denis Davis wrote a letter to the Editor which was posted today….very interesting.

    Will justice be served? She talks of the incident that happened last month concerning some young black males and an older white male.

    The paper had said the older (19 year old) gave a gun to the 12 year old so he could shoot the 16 year old. It turned out the two were related.

    Reading the letter the 12 year old had never been in trouble and was well liked. The judge and lawyer had only good reports concering the 12 year old.

    Now the 19 year old who she refers to as older white male at the time was charged with giving a handgun to a child. Got out on $100 bond which was supposed to be $100,000.

    As I read it she says this issue involves one of the Richard’s children. She talks about the detective who lost evidence so that the charges against the Richards were dropped….and now the Richard relative gets nothing while the others received sentences.

    • I can’t belive this.

      • I didn’t make it up it’s in Letters to the Editor today. I did not even quote what I’ve heard the 19 year older said when he gave the gun to the 12 year older.

        • no i don’t mean i don’t belive you, it’s just unbeliveable that this keeps happening like this.

          • ok, thanks, I was worried. I was dumbfounded when I read the letter. I had seen the article and had heard of the relatives as well as the 19 year giving the gun but I was shocked when I read so far he seems to have a free pass. Beyond that he is a family member of the Richards. Are we now looking at what will be happening next generation with that ‘always escape’ family or what.

          • I wonder when the last time JPD or JDSO were audited?

    • That is just crazy…. I’m sure the detective lost lots of evidence. I think she should be in jail.

    • FR son that leaves on mckinly street is not that old. and his other 2 r way older than 19 and dont leave no where around here. now on the other hand there is Robbie Connie step son that is there and he is around that age, robbie is frankie brother, and there is tabby daughter that is around that age also. but i sure thought that it was a 17 year old that gave the 12 the gun but who knows anymore what is true or not true. if the LE is the one giving the report to the newspaper than i take that with a grain of salt.

  20. Not sure Popeye, but I thought I remember there was an audit not so many months ago and they passed. IMO more than an audit is needed to put all the puzzles together.

  21. I read the article. The Richard child that was also involved in the incident was Frankie Richard’s son.



    When will Ricky decide what exactly we are gonna call “IT”?



  23. I saw that and thought now at the very leat he said “a common” wonder why in the heck doesn’t he just go on and say serial killer so there can be help brought in.

    You and your family must keep the heat on it’s working!!!!!!

  24. the white male subject involved in the shooting, was 17 years old, he was booked into the city jail and his mother had to put up 12% of 100,000 dollars. he wasn’t released on 100 dollar bond, his mother put up property.
    the shiela comeaux case, was a tragic incident but she wasn’t wired. if she had been wired the medical technicians would have found a wire on her. there was no mention of this taking place.
    just like the story of chris klumpp these incidents are based on rumors and assumptions. i watched as people posted that the story of chris klumpp was a “fact” because someone heard it from a trooper’s mother. i havn’t seen anymore posts here concerning the “fact” that this was all a rumor. i think checking “facts” may be a good idea in the future before someone’s reputation gets ruined over rumors.

    • Well “said”.

    • Hey Yardman,

      In regards to Sheila Comeaux, You say it did not happen because the medical technicians did not mention it? I think the medical technicians would never mention it due to HIPPA laws. They would be very careful about saying anything in regards to a patient they were treating. It is also possible that her attacker(s) removed the wire long before any medical attention was given.

      In regards to the rumor about Mr. Klumpp, the person you are referring to has apologized for stating what they felt to be a fact from a good source. I have read this person’s posts for a long time and consider them at least in the top 5 here in local knowledge. I also believe protocal for the board was followed by stating where the rumor came from, allowing all to know that the source, while seemingly credible, was not infallible.

      I am one that appreciates all of the local knowledge provided by some very very observant posters with long memories. You may end up falling into that category. I look forward to seeing you post more on the things you know about. You obviously have some inside sources and insights.

    • Yardman, you seem in the know and I’m glad you informed us “both subjects will get fair and equitable punishment”. I have a question is he the person who wrote the poems on talked about on threads 30 and 31 I think it was. I do know it was Billy Conner Jr., that wrote at least three poems but were quickly removed. Brittany Jones captured at least one of the poems. So since you know maybe you will tell if that is the person or not.

      One more question if he is 17 as you say where the heck did he get the gun? Where did he get the gun? Who is the legal owner? Is the gun owner in any legal problem? Why was nothing stated about the gun owner even if he is 19, like legal registered or not?

    • Shelia wasn’t found with a wire on her because they took it when the beat her and raped her ok?

  25. I’m only commenting on the 19/17 year older. I suppose you should notify the JDN they had information wrong, it said 19. In any case why the heck would a 19 or 17 year older give a 12 year older a gun to shoot anyone? I personally don’t care how much was put up he should have received a punishment as did the younger black males. I will not back away from that.


  26. the 17 year old male is out on bond, this doesn’t mean he won’t be punished, he still will have to stand trial for his crime. a hundred thousand dollar bond is quite high and appropriate for the crime. the 12 year old is a juvenile he was given hearings in court and the district judge decided to hold him in detention considering the violent nature of the offense. both subjects will get fair and equitable punishment

  27. van comeaux was also lead detective on mycase and hewas as crooked as can be and for anyone who knows michael and charles grice sr and charles the son bewarae because thesepeople appearto be okay but believe there are nothing about them that is okay and from the violence that my children hav e endured by them any one of them could be capable of murding these women. they all would have some ties to these ladies have been v linked with prostitutes who use drugs and are also extremely violent and have been for many years toward all women. I have tried to gently and trying not to seem like what happened to me with these people, is my motivation forv trying to get people to listen but that didnt work so here i am again seeing if anyone is listening to me when i say these people are and could be capable of these crimes. there one thing i know for sure, violence and power escalate in these animals and if they believe they are or can get away with it they will. these arer the kind of people capable of crimes like this, these people are way beyond anyones worse nightmare!

    • hi christi i hear what you are sayin baby it sounds like you know somethin i was reading your post in the pass threads an it sound like they dont want you here why did they bring you to the parish line an make you walk i think i would hire an out of town att an what did they ever do to the person are persons that raped your little girl.

  28. yardman, on September 30th, 2009 at 9:37 PM Said:
    the shiela comeaux case, was a tragic incident but she wasn’t wired. if she had been wired the medical technicians would have found a wire on her. there was no mention of this taking place.

    I appreciate your feedback on this but is it not possible who ever was responsible for attacking her removed the wire? I doubt it was surgically implanted on her?

    I don’t mean to appear combative but I’m truly interested in being able to learn as many FACTS as possible about this case as well as the others preceding the deaths of the 8 girls.

  29. that would be possible but it also would mean that evidence she was wearing a wire would have been present, such as tape marks.
    not only this but i find it difficult to believe that le officers monitoring this wire would have let her be beaten savagely while they listen and then let some criminal steal a 5,000 dollar wire.

    • might not have been just some criminal stealing the 5,000 dollar wire. might have been one of their own.

    • Do the people investigating these crimes really have the training and experience to be able to determine whether there were tape marks on her? I’m not asking facetiously…..I’d like to know the answer to that question.

    • Yardman, you seem to have alot of law enforcement knowledge. Are you involved in law enforcement?

    • There are several unsolved murders in JDP….particularly in Jennings…..they all seem to have “drug related” undertones to them. Is it really possible that people heavily under the influence of drugs are able to pull off this many murders….even if they’re not related to each other directly……without leaving any clues, no trace evidence and LE is not able to even locate the initial crime scenes? Not one so far. Are the druggies outsmarting LE??

      I’m struggling to understand this. Hardcore druggies have outsmarted LE. EVEN IF there are 8 different killers for each of the 8 girls……..every single one of the 8 killers have been able to elude LE……wth??

    • Just Curious….So if the coroner is so terribly ill, who did the autopsies on these victims, was it the same person on all, and aren’t autopsies supposed to be witnessed by other professionals, or are the rules different for JDP.

      No way she was beat so bad, a CI, and no evidence. That is bull. They had to know where the beatings took place, and LE had to have some knowledge of who to investigate for drugs- both posees- before even putting a Ci out there, especially wired. A Ci would not get beaten to death under these circumstances and LE have no leads. This makes no sense at all. NONE.

      IF LE- in any shape or form are allowing CI’s to be taken out regularly–no clues – no leads….they too need to be interogated, investigated, and turned upside down from the inside out. The Attorney General should be asking them to answer for every single action taken in every single investigation they have done for the last five years minimum….leaving no stone unturned, along with making them provide proof and justification for each of their actions. No other way around it.

      Our parish can be just as crooked as JDP and it is a shame they don’t have to answer to someone, forget the FBI–they are not internal police- if you will. An audit does not cover everything that needs to be uncovered in JPD.

      So yardman- are you saying you have knowledge that no tape marks were found on her meaning you have read the file!!!!!!!!!! Autopsy in complete???

      What makes you state a wire is worth $5000. That is rather extreme for wires with a michrophone.

      I don’t believe for one second that most forensics are still out to labs, and not in the hands of the sheriff………..this is a poor excuse to not have to report to the public.

      • The JDP coronor is not a physician, he cannot do an autopsy. He was elected into the position. Coronors do not have to be medical doctors. Not all physicians do autopsies. The coronor of Acadia parish is Dr. Mark Dawson, but he did not do the last victims autopsy. The coronor of Calcasieu parish performed her autopsy. I do not know if he did the others as well.

      • The coroner does not do autopsies, that is a pathologist. The coroner only pronounces dead and puts together reports.

    • As far as tape marks being found so long after they might not have been there. The JALH was not so kind as to do the rape kit. With all your aobjections to everything being said you must have something to do with LE. I am not taking my frustration out on you Yardman you obviously don’t have the answers because if you did then someone would be behind bars.

  30. I was a high risk life style drug addict in jennings for a long time and i can say that word was on the streets from several different sources although could be just rumors but because we all know jennings, I doubt it very seriously but Sheila, bless her soul, was an informant and was sent to get these drug dealers for the cops by setting them up by buying drugs, from my understanding there were two diffrerent groups of dealers that night one that was selling dope for vanand his posse and the other was some dealers that weretaking buisness away from van, his posse and hisdealers so Shelia was sent to set these guys up to sell her drugs so the police couldv bust them and therefore they woulndnt be stealings van and his posses buisness, but from what iwas told sheila targeted the wrong dealers and wasbeat to death by thewrong targeted dealersv which would have been conveniently seliing drugs for van and his posse and I either thought that van wanted her gone after she realize what wasgoing on or this was the intention from the start or vans dealers could have done it thinking orv knowing thashe was vans informant and that they thought for some reason van waswanting to get back at them forsome money or dope or something that they might have owed him. let me be clear, this is only street talk i have heard throughout the years, so just putting it out there for anyone who wants to read it.

    • Mmmmm…..i’m thinking back to a media interview i just saw a couple of weeks ago……the police chief was basically blaming the victim as the reason her case was never solved……because she wouldn’t talk. The woman was beaten within a fraction of her life and the police chief points out that the case was not able to be solved because Shelia was not cooperative and wouldn’t speak up. The woman’s skull was busted up badly. So was it Shelia’s fault chief??? Is that what you were implying?? The fact that the woman was obviously scared never factored in to the investigation right?? Just blame Shelia that her case was unsolvable by you “crack” LE folks there?? Lassiter….did you at any point give the woman the benefit of the doubt and investigate her case in earnest…….did you personally try or did you just sit on your ass and believe what everyone told you??

      This is O/T but I sometimes wonder where the DA is with all this crap. Is he blind? Is there one man with a damn backbone over there??

      • michael is no better than the rest of them and his time is comming to , see i personally thought maybe going to mike would maybe make a difference in my case and he blamed me as well and and this is a fact that michael cassidy said quote, unquote I am my own worst enemy, lets say this is true then if you or your posse are reading this. I hope you dont believe that i am dumb enough to beleive that that gives you the rightnotto do your job, or ignore my calls or hang up in my face or have evidence against a child rapit andv sitv backandv dontv go test the person responsible when you said on our recorded calls in the last several months that in light of this matter that you would go test these people who are probably going vto rape another child since you are still not doing your job and other people maynot be aware but i am .

      • Backbone, g8? Backbone? HA! Don’t look to this parish’s leadership for backbone. Now, if you’re looking for cocaine, pot, ecstasy, a beating, a killing, a cover-up, extortion, conspiracy, obstruction, incompetence, injustice, etc., we can help you out, but, backbone? That ain’t how we roll.

    • Thanks for being bold enough to share your street talk- surely, there is some truth in there somewhere. There usually is. Hope you are using a fake name for your protection.

      If there is truth to LE making these girls CI’s, and them being killed as a result. This could open up the parish to some major wrongful death lawsuits which could get supheonea’s for quite a bit of information out to others to review. Also, could be appealed to higher courts when JDP courts refused to allow access to info. It would also explain Edwards actions or lack therefo- his hush hush attitude. If I were an immediate family member of any of the girls, and it is a fact they were informants, I would start a wrongful death lawsuit in a heartbeat. Of course gettin outside representation.

      Has anyone spoken to the area public defenders that may have represented or spoken with these girls at the time af any arrest. They may have confidential info that may be useful. Ask everyone…..other people in jail….you hear a lot in jail. LE should have people planted in these areas if they want the truth to be found.

      • has anyone talk to the women that was in jail and that talk to jesse ewing i say someone needs to do that maybe the PI

        • even people in area jails that may have spent time in JPD or Jennings jail..past and present. I know there has been several strange deaths occur in LIV parish prison and I firmly believe with all my heart- the jailhouse death my brother witnessed— that he lied to the detectives about what he saw and heard because he had to remain there for a time after the fact. The guard nicknamed ‘Angola’ would know exactly what I am talking about. Funny, how Angola later thanked my brother……..The other witness has very conflicting stories of factual evidence…of guards being involved—my brother told them- he saw and heard nothing which would have been impossible.

          Sorry to drag on- this brings to mind lots of jail deaths I have witnessed through my brother’s eyes over the years. Charles Claiborne was one mentally handicapped, handcuffed and shackled at LA State Prison that was kicked, beaten, bleed to death of stomache bleeding—found dead the next morning after my brother had all but cried to me about the beating he witnessed by the guards the night before. I wrote many letters, pulled autopsy- only two guards were disciplined- not charged. This was when Fed. Judge Polozola was over the Prison. I wrote him too.
          Le will cover for one another…never doubt that.

      • well records could have been supoened but records also have a way of disappearing and then they deny everything and no public defender will go against the powers that be, they have to work in this parish.

  31. ive never mentioned this till now, but i went thru a situation where i had to go to LE for help but that was to no avail. my youngest daughter was still in high school at the time and she had befriended an idiot that was a couple of years older than her and this person had brainwashed her and was trying to steer her in the wrong direction, when i stepped in and made a move to rid this filth from my daughters life, the idiot met my daughter at the high school guidance councilors office
    and they fabricated a lie to say that i was physically abusing my daughter.( i never spanked my daughter but probably should have) anyway this opened an investigation thru CPS gaylor brown came a knockin, i dont blame him after all this was his job. anyway luckily i had just the day before typed up a letter requesting that this idiot stay away from my daughter, i made 4 copies, 1 to submit to the police dept, 1 to the SO, 1 for the DA. and 1 to mail to the idiot. so when gaylor arrived and hit me with the news that an investigation was being done i showed him a copy of
    the letter, that was in fact dated one day before the report was made to the school, luckily he was a rational thinking gentleman and he saw the situation for what it was but he did let me know that he did have to continue with the investigation. he contacted my daughters dad and asked him if he knew of any abuse going on in my household, and he said “do you think im crazy? if there was abuse going on, dont you think i would have taken her from there myself? her mom feeds her, puts nice clothes on her back, gives her a nice place to live and sends her to school. what else can i ask for?” now we didnt always see eye to eye but i was greatful for him making that point because at the time the rumor was being spread around and even some of my friends were believing this garbage so i felt very helpless. when i took the letter to PD. the stupid ass that was working the desk laughed in my face..but i was ready to raise 9 kinds of hell so at least i was able to speak to the juvenile officer, who initially seemed caring but after speaking to my daughter and the idiot, also obviously decided i was crazy.. (lesson- if you stand up for yourself and raise hell, people sometimes have a tendancy to view you that way)
    anyway the case didnt hold water and it was soon closed. THANK GOD but this battle went on for quite some time, because when my daughter reached the age of 17 she was throwing a fit to move out of my house and in with the idiots family and by the way they were all idiots. at that point i called LE for assistance
    and mike janice and jesse ewing showed up, jesse saw the distress i was in, so he tried to talk her into staying. but mike told her that she was at the age where she could leave but i did not have to let her move back in if it didnt work out, im sure he was trying to help but this little tidbit of info only gave her a ticket to freedom. so yep, she moved to idiotville. well thank god there was an angel working as dispatcher at the PD by the name of priscilla wise and she called me and informed me that i could go and get my daughter out of that house, she sent ferrol leblanc who was another angel of mercy, he met me at idiotville and we brought my daughter home. but again that was only for a little while so the battle continued.. well the end of the story is that i gave everything to god and left it there so my story had a happy ending my daughter eventually came to her senses and cut the ties with the idiots. that ordeal really took a toll on my health and state of mind but im good today because i got the hell out of jeff davis parish and my daughter lives with me once again.. i know this is nowhere near as bad as some folks stories because mine has a happy ending but the point is where is all the help when you need it?

  32. I agree, the age of seventeen is a tough one. A terrible age because you are still responsible for anything your child does, yet they have some freedoms —here in LIV, if a kid runs away three times, LE will not make them come home. LE should know how manipulating a teenager can be, and the parent should get the benefit of the doubt- not the kid when there is not history of abuse, bruises, etc. I am like you almost- my God is bigger than all of them put together- Amen.

    If your kid has ever ran away, and one day shows up missing——12 years old or not—they will not issue an amber alert either.

    Curious- how much has your wise decision to get you and your daughter out of JDP played a role in your successful outcome? For that says a lot!!!

  33. well i feel it played a major role. however i do miss the smalltown charm that jennings had at one time, and ive made several visits there because i still have family there but ever since the recent murders have taken place, there seems to be a dark cloud hanging over the town. i keep everyone there in my prayers because i know that GOD will take care of this, he will not forsake anyone that goes to him for guidance this day of prayer that will take place in lake arthur will have an amazing impact. im hoping to attend that event:)

  34. I may know a little that can help with A few concerns that I saw on the site. Whether Shelia Comeaux was wired or not at the time of her beating; we should ask Tommy Chaisson, Welsh police chief and Van Comeaux. There were definitely numerous reports of Van Comeaux dealing drugs through a network of people, especially in Jennings. I can’t say these things were accurate but they are talked about freely by lots of local people. Even the places where he made exchanges was reported to the Jennings PD and PDP SO but no action was taken at all. After Ms. Comeaux came out of the coma, she did attempt to talk but in each case, when she requested to talk, instead of a true, objective investigator, Van Comeaux was called to “meet” with Ms. Comeaux. Each time he showed up, he simply had to glare at Ms. Comeaux and she cowered in fear. She was soon brought to a Lafayette hospital for a simple skin grafting procedure where she died after having lunch. She was immediately brought to Lake Charles and the Lake Charles coroner was called out of a meeting, I believe in Shreveport, by Ricky Edwards, to complete the autopsy immediately. The coroner left is meeting and did the autopsy by the next morning. These facts were posted for all to see years ago on another site and they are apparently widely accepted by the Comeaux family. The information was saved and showed to me by someone who is collecting data on all of this corruption garbage. This is said to be the same coroner who has signed off on several if not all of the most recent eight female murder victims in JDP. I wouldn’t expect anything from that coroner’s reports that may implicate officials in a crime, such as tape marks. The same coroner signed off on the death of a Mr. Simon in Lake Arthur. He is believed to have been beaten to death by police before a story, three hours later was allegedly fabricated about his having hanged himself, a hanging that resulted in severe facial bruising, broken ribs and possibly broken legs. This is all alleged while Mike Conner, a martial arts “expert” was chief of police and during a time when that same police department was being sued for allowing the beating of a local kid by a JDP deputy while in the town police department office. I am told that the same deputy soon beat another kid, again, in front of witnesses and the sheriff kept him on the staff. I’m told that these things were all posted either here on this site or on another local site for several years, so, it isn’t really news to many people. I was only recently made aware of these things simply by asking and I became really interested in the obvious level of corruption in our parish. I am not even an investigator of any kind but find these things out easily. It is quite surprising how easily I can get information that apparently, state and federal investigators cannot obtain in their “efforts” to battle corruption.

    • omg i did not know that about the lake arthur police how sad. well sounds like to me it is pass time for people to come in and take over the Sheriff, City, and Lake Arthur police and soon i hope. but with ricky edwards having any say so i want happen. i wonder what the mayor has to say about all of this. think maybe CNN could ask him. they would be great

      • You’re right, it is very sad.That Lake Arthur Chief Of Police is one of the ones shown on the NBC Dateline program that featured JDP’s corruption when he was a deputy. They described him as leaving the SO to become a police chief. He is implicated in all kinds of crap going back for many many years as a deputy and a live-in “body guard, escort” (whatever these people call it) to an old local judge. I remember when he was being talked about but never had dealings with him. People tell me that he moved out of the area but Lake Arthur has one of his relatives, a woman – niece or sister? in the chief’s spot. One individual showed me old postings from another site that used to be up in the area. He saved a whole bunch from a site called Mouth Off or Mouthing Off. That site had several people commenting and revealing interesting data and some emotional opinions on local corruption and illegal activities by officials. We have such a stink in this parish that it’s difficult to imagine. I really wish there was a way to appeal to the voters of Jeff Davis Parish to open their eyes and vote out the scum. Of course, we’d have to change them out at each election because we’d likely get another corrupted deadbeat. But, if we change-out frequently enough, we can minimize their digging in deeply before being voted out. The longer they stay in, the deeper their relationships (and back-scratching debts) become.

        • do u know the web site r can u get it so we can read up on all that. sounds pretty fishy to me

        • Mike Conner’s niece or sister is the Chief of Police, you got to be kidding me. How do these pepole keep getting elected into office?!?!?!?!?
          What is going on? awe come on it’s unbeliveable that the same family is voted in….when the one before was so crooked.And was so proud of it to go television with the dateline.And he was still elected.

          • It should be required that citizens take an IQ test before being allowed to vote. Employers test for drug use before allowing people to work, so, our voter registration should include an IQ test before allowing the extraordinarily stupid to elect from the same tainted gene pool year after year, not only on a local but on a federal level as well. We are voting ourselves into ruination in this country.

    • does Mr.Simon family knows all this did they take action on the lake arthur pd do u know

      • Where is the site? I would like to know more.

        • Electing them out? LOL, yeah. Giles been there for how long now? 30 years maybe? The community has nothing good to say, BUT he is still in office. Not that he has had anything to do with this stuff, I want to make that clear. You know why the same ole same ole people still there? Because at one time or another the majority of the community was helped out by the official in office or before he was in office. Like someone said earlier he/her help me scratch my back, and now we need to help him/her scratch thiers. I mean you really don’t have too much to choose from anyway.

          In My Opinion Only, and I can say it, because I was actually there, Terry Guillory as a Police Officer was nothing but a prick. He would stand in the parking lot of the Lakeside Flowers and wave at all the young girls and talk with all the young boys. Trying to be cool. Him and the boys were just using each other. Terry wanted the young girls and the boys wanted cover up for when they got in deep shit. He just thought his shit didn’t stink. Today, I bet one wouldn’t even waste their time if they seen him now.

          Now, Eric Turner was a good Police Officer. You know what, I’m not even African American. I’m totally WHITE. That is the one who could have done good. His father was a very nice man and so was his mother. But no, nobody wants the nice straight guys in office.

          Maybe, everybody will learn come next election for all the communities in that area….They diffinately need a Change for the Better.

          • yes but who will run for office, everyone here can not be trusted so who do we vote in.

    • Let me clarify, Shelia did not die after lunch. She died in the morning. My grandmother sat with her from the time she had surgery till the time she died.

      • I haven’t gotten the autopsy report yet. Waiting fror the lady at the CPCO to come back monday. There is no gaurantee that they will release it to me. That was made clear this morning.

      • I noticed her time of death was listed as 8:01 am on 3/17/99. Had she had surgery that morning she died? I know it had been mentioned the surgery she had was a skin graft….is that correct? Was it a lengthy, complicated surgery or was it supposed to be a fairly routine procedure? Had she undergone previous surgeries as a result of the attack on her? Do you know what the physicians told your grandmother your mom’s cause of death was? Had your mom been in fairly good health prior to the surgery?

        Also, you stated on another post you knew for a fact your mom was an informant and I’m not doubting you what-so-ever; did she convey that to family members/friends? I’m curious how you know.

        I know I’m asking a lot of questions….just interested in learning all that we possibly can about your mom’s case.

  35. The man I spoke to said that the family had located someone who could afford to finance the expensive exhumation of the body for an investigation because the widow (with children) could not afford it after her husband died. According to what I was told, the person who was going to finance it was threatened (including his children) by officials and told NOT to finance the process, or else. Also, the coroner was notified and immediately called the widow. The coroner was very very concerned about anny investigation. He told the widow that he had made some mistakes in the autopsy and that the report was intended for another body, not her husbands!!! The guy I spoke to said that the widow had already signed off on her right to file a civil suit but was not aware that there can still be criminal charges filed at any time against all involved parties. I believe the widow is still in the area, from what he tells me. It’s hard to understand how much information is out there and no one seems to be concerned enough to simply go out and ask like I’m doing. I realize that I now have time because I’m retired but these are people that I didn’t even know and I’m still able to learn a whole bunch of real concerning information. That’s why I said earlier that it’s hard to understand why professional state and federal investigators can’t learn way more and get action. There’s obviously high level cover ups of at least some of these crimes. How many incidents like this are out there that we haven’t heard of yet?

    • i know someone that work for the lake arthur police for a few years he is not there anymore but i will go visit him today when he gets off of work and see what he can tell me. i love his job but he quit and i never ask why but i will today.

    • yes my family still lives in lake arthur, and we still wish the truth of what happened that day 10 years ago would come out. no our family will never beleive my brother would have hunged himself. the so called autopsy that was done by lake charles was falsefied from the beginning. the young ladies families should have had a indepedent autopsy done if possible. my sister in law has hit a road block from all law inforcement depts from day one. i have faith that one day someone will come foward and tell what really happen, i will always search for the truth. this is not the only time my family was treated badly by the le and district attr. 3 years ago my oldest brother kelvin mark simon was shot by his stepson in his own house. he was caught with gun in hand and still was plea bargin down to get a sentence of 17 years. why do so many cases not being prosecuted to the max. why did r klummp get 23 years for what she did to her mother. mrs hay could not have even defending herself against her daughter. le is guilty of misconduct from the top of the totem pole and to the bottom. when will it end, not soon enough im afraid. i feel a great lost for all these families, but remember you are not alone. yes the young people may have had problems with drugs and everything that goes along with it, but no one deserve to die like that. our le system needs a big change.

    • Steven was my brother and we still to this day wondering how he died. Everyday is a nightmare for my family. We will always wonder what happened that day 10yrs. ago. We cannot say that he was murdered or beaten, all we can say is that the autopsy told us he commited suicide. But we do know that the autopsy also said he did not have any scars on his body but we know that he had a number of scars on him. We also know that we could see cuts and bruises on him that were not on the report. Something we were told is that when the coroner put suicide on the dc, Ricky Edwards had to close the case.
      As far as the LE, I cannot thank the ones that investigated Mark’s death enough, they did a good job, it is the DA that we have a problem with. He had a killer caught with the gun in his hand and he decided to do a plea bargin with him and than Judge Simon gave him 20yrs. Let me tell you the reason we were told we had to accept the plea is because of Mark’s past. My brother was a boss at Swaco for 17yrs. He had so many people at his funeral that his boss asked the employees to go in shifts so we could fit all the people in the building. We had flowers from Canada, Europe, Texas, Etc. but the Da had the nerve to use his past as an excuse to do a plea. I thought it was just us he would do that to but I was shocked again when he did a plea with a L.A. man that killed his wife and than recently when he did a plea with Roseann Klumpp. This woman killed her mother and buried her in Texas. Until we get a new da no one will get any justice in Jeff Davis Parish. To the families of the girl’s that were killed please know that you are always in our prayers and close to our hearts, you are not alone with this. I just hope that this all can come to an end so and that the da does what he is suppose to when it does.

      • well we need to get another DA in here to do his job looks and sounds like the one we have is not that great

  36. i wonder what the mayor (red giles) thinks about his police force maybe he needs to talk to cnn also

  37. Did the girls have any DNA under their fingernails?Has that been released?

    • they wouldn’t release that kind of information.

      • If there had been any DNA, I’d bet that there was no more after the autopsy. People watch too much TV. If the coroner is corrupted and is part of a conspiracy, he will not reveal the beating of a man said to have hanged himself in jail, he will not reveal tape marks on a beating victim that was supposed to be in police care, he will not reveal cause of death if it implicates a killer of women with knowledge of drug dealing officials. Not to say that the Calcasieu coroner is a part of a conspiracy but there are many situations, back to back that implicate some very serious inconsistencies in the coroner’s reporting when it comes to Jeff Davis Parish crime by murder.

    • Seems like at one point they would have becuase I don’t see all these girls not fighting back. Don’t think it would still be there when they were found seems lijke they aren’t making very many mistakes, but one can wish.

      • dont give up some one will come and say something girl and then they all can rest in peace i knew your mom we went to shhool together i know its been a long time for her so stay strong to shelias daughter god bless you all

  38. If any of you get HBO ON DEMAND they have a very interesting special right now.Its called Dr.Baden Medical Examiner.Its about a serial killer who murdered 6 women in NewJersey.It shows how they caught the killer.Very interesting but very graphic.I do not recommend this for the victims families to watch.All of the women that were murdered had similar carpet fibers on them.Thats how they caught him,blue carpet fibers.If any of you can watch this,do.The cases of these women in N.J. are very similar to those in Jennings.Its really chilling to watch.But NewJersey did catch their killer.

  39. Actually its called Autopsy 9.

    • I’ve watched previous ones that have aired.will be on the look out for this one, so i can check it out . Thanks for letting us know about it.

  40. I highly recommend it to your LE maybe they can get some tips on how to catch a killer.

  41. G8TRGIRL watch this hbo special if you can.

  42. hello where is everybody?

  43. Hey kitkat. I’m just trying to read back posts for today and absorb all that was said.

  44. Hey curvycat watch that special if you can.Its very insightful on how to catch a serial killer.

  45. A while back there was some stuff that went on at the Phelps Correctional Center and I’m not talking about the law suit going on Of a bad facility. It was more like a worker helped a person escape, something to do with papers maybe, or something to that story. Anyone know about it?

  46. I used to live in Jennings – about 10 or so years ago and my husbands family is still there, so I have been following this for a while. I hated all the corrupt people in positions of authority because they all feel as though they are above the law.

    It seems as though the folks that have been murdered have all been from/frequented one particular area of town, and because of that, no one is really jumping through hoops to get this solved. I wonder what would happen if one of the victims was from another part of town – the more affluent side? I never want to hear of anyone getting hurt/kidnapped/murdered, but it just made me wonder how much money would have been spent to gather leads/information/hire professionals/etc if the person was from the “North” side of town. How fast would other agencies be called in? How many interviews would be given to get the word out to everyone?

    Everyone that has been victimized had a family. They were someone’s child, someone’s sister/aunt/cousin. Some had children of their own. They had lives and whether or not the decisions they made leading up to their reasons to be on a certain side of town were something we would pick for ourselves and/or them, they were real people. They were not disposable just because they (speculatively) had an addiction. Each one had a story to tell and this story has been prematurely cut short. We will never know what kind of impact they may have had on others…

  47. Serial Killer Law & Legal Definition

    Serial killer is a term describing a type of killer who kills a number of people over a long period of time. They are generally male and motivated by a variety of psychological urges, primarily power. {The United States Bureau of Justice Statistics defines a serial killing as:”[involving] the killing of several victims in three or more separate events.” } They are distinguished from spree killers in that they have rest periods between killings.
    Serial killers have been shown to have certain traits early on that may be warning signs, including:

    • Fire starting, invariably just for the thrill of destroying things
    • Cruelty to Animals. Most children can be cruel to animals, such as pulling the legs off of spiders, but future serial killers often kill larger animals, like dogs and cats, and frequently for their solitary enjoyment rather than to impress peers
    • Bed wetting beyond the age when children normally grow out of such behavior

  48. It has been said on many occasions that the families have not received an autopsy report, cause of death, nor have they been able to view their loved ones. Would it be possible for an outside medical examiner and/or coroner to view these reports to help determine the “cause of death” for the victims that the death was undetermined and were not “officially” ruled homicide? How difficult would this be?

    • i would not be surprise if those reports were not mess with, like everything else in the town, evidence ends up missing, ummmmmm so i would not trust the reports at all unless they dig them up and start over again with someone out side of the parish or better yet out of state. i hope that does not sound so mean or nasty.

  49. The family of Brittney Gary was able to view her body this was because she was a minor.

  50. Autopsy report? I’m curious if something may have been overlooked on some of the cases.

    • Do you or anyone know if by Louisiana Law, an autopsy report can be purchased as a matter of public record or by family?

  51. All family members should have received a Death Certificate which lists the primary and secondary causes of death. It is within their rights to have a second autopsy performed but they will have to pay for it. In some cases I have followed it was around 3000.00 dollars for a second family directed autopsy.

    I don’t know what it would cost to have the original autopsy reviewed but I imagine a medical examiner would like to do his/her own autopsy for absolute results. Too much room for error reviewing another medical examiners’ opinion.

    • Death Certificates issued to family members in homicide cases will relate that cause of death due to gunshot, stabbing, bludgeoning, etc. and manner of death: homicide. When said report lists cause of death: Undetermined, it is because the medical examiner cannot find trauma to the remains. In these cases, with the exception of Patterson and Brown with slit throats (which is obvious), the others most likely died from a form of homicidal asphyxia IF THE HYOID BONE IN THE NECK is in tact. Depending on the amount of decompositon, of which there are again, several types, the M.E. may not be able to find petechiae (pinpoint red spots (hemorrhages) in the eye.

  52. Using information under the “Timeline” link on this website:
    Loretta Chaisson-No official cause of death is ever determined.
    Kristen Gary Lopez-No official cause of death is determined.
    Whitnei Dubois-Cause of death never determined.
    Necole Guillory-Nothing mentioned.
    An outside source may be able to shed new light on some of the “unknowns.”

  53. Thanks CP. One more question: Does the family have to have a lawyer to have access?

  54. Ok, I know the word “lawyer” is a “costly” word. Would a lawyer be able to obtain information legally for the victim’s families. Possibly guide them in a direction to obtain the truth about their loved ones?

  55. Hope, you are asking some interesting questions. Here’s hoping you will get an answer I know there are great minds here.

    I have wondered how long would there be any bodily fluids within the body that could be useful?

  56. With all the corruption, mishandling of evidence, and pure disregard for following proper procedure with each and every one of these homicides. Seeking an attorney to insure the rights of each of families and the victims seems necessary. Maybe that would get SOMEONES attention!

    • just maybe a lawyer for out of state would be reading all this and just want to help out and not charge anything or maybe not so much. it is just a thought

  57. Your ideas are great Hope but many of the people involved (families) are not wealthy so if you know of an attorney who would help I know they would appreciate.

  58. Will do!

  59. That would be so great if you could/would do so. I for one and I know most of us would be so grateful.

  60. Hope, one more thing I worked with a lad who had a license plate IHAPMA. We wondered what it meant for a good while turns out is was I Have A Positive Mental Attitude. I know you are now her but somehow I read you with that PMA.

  61. It’s always nice to know that there are others with IHAPMA!

  62. Most big law firms have a pro bono section that deals with cases that would never receive justice if someone didn’t help.Unfortunately, I am just moving back to Louisiana and am having trouble navigating. I do have a close friend who is an attorney and will ask him tomorrow which firms do criminal investigative work pro bono. I imagine it will be from Baton Rouge or New Orleans as the small towns can’t afford this.

    The no cause of death bothers me a great deal. There is usually a cause of death…i.e. asphixiation, blunt force trauma,gun shot wounds, cutting, but cause of death undetermined in several cases doesn’t float. This has nothing to do with the investigation but rather a keeping from the families and public cause of death. The manner of death is homicide. How was this done without cause?

    • Maybe they’re sooooooooooooooooooo dumb, they couldn’t figure out how they died? Highly unlikely, just burns me up too.

  63. CP and Poyeye: “We’re all on the same page.”

  64. In my opinion, I can’t believe an attorney has not bit on this already. I would think that the bodies would have to be dug back up and an autopsy be redone. Simply because of the corruption going on. The victim’s families may have to pay for it in the beginning, but if something different in any way comes out with the autopsy, I would push real hard for the Sheriff Department to pay. Yes, it will probably be the community to actually pay for it in higher taxes, but EVERYBODY may really start thinking twice of who they put in there in the future for every office seat. This is just me pondering!

    • i agree with u brownie but u know what it is worth the money atlest i think it is

  65. Mainly the lack of a cause of death is due to decomposition.

    • what i would like like to know is how do they find out they all have drug and alachol in there system if there body is to decompose. that is strange to me.

      • I was wondering the same thing there tell it like it is.
        Seems real strange to me. That they could get one and not the other.

      • They could not tell if drugs were present in Crystals case.

      • From toxicology taken from any soft tissue that might have remained on bones. However, there are different types of homicidal asphyxia, and I would like to know which is applicable to each victim. i. e.,victim given drugs and alcohol FORCED down her throat can cause asphyxia. If the blood alcohol level exceeds .040, victim is unable to fight back or do anything. I believe that two people are doing this together. They are keeping the bodies somewhere for decomposition to set in and it would be difficult for one person to carry “dead weight”. Whoever it is, they have forensic knowledge of not only how to expedite decomposition, but how to dispose of the victim,s belongings and leave no evidence. Also, I would like to know where the killer(s) were one year & 9 months before Kristen Lopez’s murder and one year and 17 days before Muggy Brown was killed. Was he in jail?
        Or, out of town?

        • CORRECTION; Max. blood alcohol level exceeds 0.40 in forcible massive injection can cause “gag asphyia.”

  66. Health
    Mystery Deaths Plague CoronersBy Jeanna Bryner, LiveScience Staff Writer

    While the coroners’ sleuthing can typically hone in on a cause of death by the show’s end, real medical examiners across the country are puzzled by a certain number of cases that cross their examination tables.

    Now scientists are starting to get a handle on some of the trends. About 3 percent of all bodies autopsied in the United States get classified as “undetermined cause of death,” said Gregory Davis, a forensic pathologist at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and a Jefferson County, Alabama, coroner and medical examiner. Davis led a panel discussion featuring forensic pathologists who spoke here this week at a meeting of the American Physiological Society (APS).

    “Undetermined is a one-word way of saying, ‘I’ve done everything I know to do and I can’t figure out the cause of death,’” Davis said.

    But recently, intensive medical probing is pointing to three types of explanations for the deaths, explanations that can resolve at least a small subset of the mysteries—drugs, police restraint techniques and something to do with sleeping babies.

    Drug deaths

    Davis and his colleagues, who carried out a study of deaths in Jefferson County in Birmingham, found that people who died of an undetermined cause were four times more likely to have a history of drug abuse when compared to the control group. The study is detailed in the March 2005 issue of the Journal of Forensic Science. “There’s something about using drugs, even if you can’t find the drugs in your system, that makes you susceptible to sudden death,” he said

    “Several times a year, a case will come in to our office, and it’ll be a young person, and somehow or another I’ll know the person had a history of using drugs,” Davis told LiveScience.

    A few years ago, Davis examined the body of a medical student who had come to town to take a medical-exam review class. The guy was found dead in the bathroom of his hotel room.

    The student’s friends told Davis, “He partied harder than any other guy in our class. We know he took stuff to stay awake and stuff for fun, and there’s no telling what you’re going to find in his system.”

    But Davis found no traces of drugs, and the autopsy didn’t turn up any clues that would suggest a cause of the lethal collapse—another undetermined death.

    Drug genetics

    The interaction of drugs as well as an individual’s ability to metabolize different drugs are lines of research that Davis thinks show promise in explaining the drug-related mystery cases.

    Recent research has shown that mutations to a gene dubbed CYP2D6 could cause some individuals to break down drugs either much slower or quicker than the “normal population.” Those with the gene variant that causes sluggish metabolism can accumulate five-times more of a drug in their systems than doctors would expect. That could make a non-lethal dose of say methadone or the pain drug OxyContin deadly. Up to 60 percent of methadone deaths may be linked to such a genetic mutation, according to one recent study.

    “I’m not naïve enough to think people would stop using cocaine if you told them they were genetically unfit to do so. But nevertheless it would help us in trying to understand why some people die and others do not,” Davis said.

  67. Thanks sleuthing. If I read this data correctly, of the most recent eight deaths from our parish, four have no cause of death determined, So, if there can be as high as a twelve percent ratio in drug users, we are still over FOUR TIMES the average. Now, that sounds fishy !!!

  68. Anyway 4 of the women did not have a viable cause of death,its still homocide.They certainly did not disrobe themselves and decided to just lay around in a drainage ditch til they died.Come on. Who exactly is running this show?These women had to have some sort of DNA left behind,especially if they were sexually assaulted.A vaginal swab would have to come up with something.Under their nails.Maybe the girls found in water,I could see where that maybe harder to detect because of decompisition,but the last girl Necole they had to find something on her.Some kind of trace evidence.I hope they did a thorough job.

    • kitkat – I really don’t think that the coroner is going to release anything detrimental to any official entity. It seems obvious to me that the coroner has been an enormous part of the problem in numerous cases. Some of the posts point out facts like four of the last eight victims have had no cause of death determined. The Calcasieu coroner is too competent to make oversights or mistakes like this. They must be purposeful omissions. Many believe that even if there was DNA left behind, we would never hear about it if LE wishes it to remain secret. The coroner is in control of the most sensitive evidence and it is obviously not getting any notice.

  69. yardman, if you are still reading here… the post below, you mentioned a name I haven’t heard of before….Harold Pete. Can you provide more information, dates, etc. regarding his murder? Thanks.

    yardman, on September 17th, 2009 at 7:55 PM Said:
    AHLOU is right, murder is not new to jeff davis parish… but unsolved murders are…. since 1992 jeff davis parish has 13 unsolved homicides to date. butch sonnier, harold pete, shiela comeaux, harvey burleigh, and derrick jackson in addition to the eight murdered women.

    • harold pitre was a filling station owner from elton, he was known to carry large amounts of cash on him, he was on his way home from his station one night when he got to the front door of his residence he was shot several times, killing him. his money was missing. no one was ever arrested but a person of interest died sometime later, i can’t remember what he died from though.

      • Was he associated with drugs, or the drug crowd? Even though the case remains unsolved it doesn’t seem to fall under the same veil of suspicion to me as the other murders… least on the surface anyway.

  70. Does anyone know who found Butch Sonnier’s body?

  71. What about suspects in the death of Harvey “Birddog”Burleigh?Was anyone ever questioned or suspected?
    I think I knew him. Did he have a hurt arm or crippled hand?or something like that?

  72. Was it LE that found Shelia? I think someone said it but don’t know for sure? Any one know?

  73. What would happen if Governor Jindal gets a certified letter? Do you guys think he reads it or does someone else? What would be a good address? I don’t guess anyone has his home address huh?

    • I mean I have e-mailed the office and you get this computer generated shit where, thank you Ms. Jane Doe etc……..blah blah blah. I want HIM to read what I send. I really want to know what is his opinion on this crap going on.

    • im sure there is a listing of an address for the governer’s mansion right ?

  74. ok i just have to say this i think is someone would bring tracie chassion and who ever the other girl was that was lock up together and just keep asking them ? over and over again i think tracie would break know one can not say that girl no nothing she knows awhole lot and just scare

  75. What ever happened to NJPI?

  76. he signed a confidentiality agreement so he can no longer post on the blog due to legal reasons. rest assured he is working on the case though

  77. I have a friend of mine that works for the Lafayette police Dept.He is a detective.I am going to ask him what he thinks about all this.He really is a good guy.

  78. Only to get a fresh perspective.

  79. FR’s mom is she originally from Jennings? Is LeBlanc her married name or her madien name?

    • maiden name

      • huh,wonder if she is kin to some Leblanc’s in the Gueydan, Riceville area?


      • But if anyone knows Bobby they should know that is nothing like the rest of that family. He is a good kind hearty person

        • A vietnam vet (POW if I remember right) and a very good pool shooter.

          • i never seen him shoot pool before and i have work in all bars in jennings and never seen him shoot

          • I’ve seen him shoot pool at Craig’s. He used to shoot at Lil Henry’s before too. ue IF I remember right, I saw him at the Blue Jay before it closed.

          • omg do u know how long it has been sence i heard that name blue jay omg i use to work there for a man name nelson.

          • I shot pool there a few times. They were trying to get the tournaments going agian to bring business in.

          • Jim was the name of the guy that owned it last if I remember right.

          • i shoot in pool torm. there and also at the pit stop i think was the name on north cutting lewis ran that and yes i work there also and at the pub on hwy 26

          • yes he was ..and , i tell it like it is ,you were pretty good with a stick been a long time maybe when i come down to visit we can do it the midway still opened..yes bobby was a vietnam vet and no hes not like her..but just to say they have been here their whole lives

          • no when mavis die t-tom close the door for good this time i think it made it into a house for one of his kids but dont quote me on that part

  80. I wonder if Harvey “Birddog” Burleigh hung around with F.R. or any of the family? The news paper article says nothing about drugs being involved. Does anyone know who found him? Who was living with him?Does he have family in the area?

    • a girl named jackie was living with him she went to waj mart that night she said an when she cgot back from the store she tried going threw the front door he was laid in the floor she couldnt open the door so she went around the back an she found him thats what i was told by her i think he was robbed

    • Birddog was a known associate of FR.
      Also Harvey was a long time user of drugs

  81. very concern in gueydan i dont think he had family here .i know that some friends of his found him.i think two weeks later birddogs trailer was set on fire .

    • According to JDN article he was found around midnight (7/25/07) by a family member. His residence caught on fire around midnight (9/3/07).

    • Thats what i was thinking either didn’t have any family Or no family that lived here. Can’t recall which. I wonder which friends found him?

    • he was living on jefferson street in jennings in a house an yes it was burnt down wiyh no elec or gas so go figure

  82. Maybe if everyone emailed him, wrote him a letter with the subject being the same and do it all on the same day like they are doing on facebook just maybe he would respond hey it is worth a shot what do you think???

    • if we can not get threw in a email to our governor maybe one of the TV channels can do it for us or CNN

  83. Letting everyone know that the Community United in Prayer on the 17th of October is coming near. Flyers will be going out on Monday.
    Their also will be knew shirts for sale at after the service. Price range between 10 to 15 dollars a shirt depending on sizes. They are royal blue with silver writing, on the front A Community United in Prayer, and one the back In loving memory of a list of the victims.

  84. I really would like to here from other family members, those whom I have not been able to contact for a list of their sizes for shirts, and also if they have any pictures they would like to put on the memorial table being set up during the prayer service.
    Also a parent or close relative to light their relatives candle before the service.YOU can reach me at

  85. here is a website that is good to have

  86. Has anyone tried to contact the Governor’s Assistant and ask him if the GOVERNOR would SPEAK at the Memorial??? It’s amazing what a politican will do for “good press.” Are any TV stations sending reporters? I think it would be a great idea to ask the La. SENATOR to attend also. If they decline to come, this can be brought up at a later time when CNN or Network TV finally show up. They have to acknowledge these ladies existed and the horrible way they died.

  87. I have been to two lawyers offices today. One was closed before I got there at 2 and the other had clients. I will keep trying.

  88. mysterious Sorry, you are right about the prayer service not being the place for politicians, and media. I am so sorry. My ony intention, no matter how poorly put, is to bring the victims and their precious families some closure. I am so sorry if I have, in any way offended anyone.

    • i think it is a good idea but have the media speak to people , family members before or afterwards it is over with and yes have some one from politicians there to pray with us and for the family i am sorry but it think it is a very good idea

      • Everyone in the community is invited. I will go to the newspapper on Monday after the service and speak with them. And I invite other families to do this also if they wish. They are invited to attend the service Just no interveiwing or pictures.

  89. ok i email the governors office i hope everyone else did also we need help these familys need answers

  90. People were discussing the coroner’s office earlier and some people wondered if any detrimental information is being kept in secret. This is because it seems that information is not getting out from the coroner’s office. Only today, I learned something interesting from a local man. Several years ago, a young Lake Arthur man named John Conner died from an overdose of oxycontin, a very powerful, addictive and deadly narcotic pain reliever. Several young people were at the house when he died. As it turns out and according to witnesses, the drug was given to the young victim by the nephew and godchild of the district attorney, Michael Cassidy. The provider of the drug is said to be the son of the DA’s brother, Tim. The young man took the drug and passed out. He overdosed and never woke up. Now, speaking of conspiracy and of the Calcasieu coroner’s office, and of “cause of death could not be determined” crappola in the most recent serial murders, The father of the victim was threatened by deputies that if he (the father) pursued any complaint for his son’s murder, the father would be charged by the DA with accessory to his own son’s death. The young witnesses at the house that night were each told by deputies that if they repeated the fact of who gave the drug to the victim, that they would be charged with accessory to murder. They were told to be quiet and not repeat the truth to anyone, ever. This intimidation scared the young folks into never speaking of the incident. The body was examined by the Calcasieu Parish coroner and NO CAUSE OF DEATH COULD BE DETERMINED. If these are not true facts, I can only say that they were presented to me as true facts today, so, I felt I had to get on this board and speak up. Because of this and other situations like this, we can safely assume that no information coming out of that coroner’s office, nor the DA’s office, nor the sheriff’s office can be taken as fact. We can also be confident that any conspiracy by officials to cover up murder is indeed being assisted by officials from outside this parish, namely, by this coroner’s office. It’s obvious that there’s a cover up regarding the unsolved murders in this parish (not eight, not thirteen but many many more than that). So, let’s not expect to hear about DNA evidence provided by the coroner’s examinations. Let’s not expect to hear of accurate physical conditions after a man is reported to have been hanged but was actually possible beaten to death in the Lake Arthur jail. Let’s not wait for some evidence, expertly gathered by the task force. We should face the fact that there are many powerful people who are apparently conspiring in criminal cover-ups and we don’t know how high the conspirator’s offices rise. Of course, we have to keep on plugging away at our officials and representative, but, we have to realize that this isn’t Hollywood or TV where the coroner will save the day with a fiber or a speck of blood or semen. I believe that it is more likely that any such specks will be hidden and forgotten – on purpose. Remember, these victims’ families are usually not able to afford to exhume bodies for forensic examination and to dispute allegations made by officials. I do believe that if the governor really meant what he said regarding fighting corruption in Louisiana, there is ample evidence (probable cause) to have this body exhumed if only the witnesses can be questioned before they too mysteriously die.

  91. hey all i think the cops are more in to the robbier off casssidy this and forgot off all the girles in jennings

  92. huh?

  93. Ok and why do you think that LE is more into the robbery of the drug store and that they forgot about the girl’s in Jennings????

    • i just fill that way dont they do u think

    • i wse to live here i know what the girl said im with her all the way its more to this i think i do belive she is right on the drug store

    • i was in town paying my bill a cop was down the road and i seen a drug deal i know he seen it to so that is why the cops dont do shit in my eyes look at rickies wife she hit a boy on a bike she didnt get no time in jail she payed them 10.000 to them so the cops tale care off there own the hell with us

      • i remember that so well on the look out. R Edwards wife killed the little boy.From my understandings she was drinking a mix drink and yes they paided these people off.they were very poor people

        • omg i remember that, that happen by the swimming pool and she got away with it omg now that is mess up

          • yes she killed a little boy and got away with it if is was one off up we be in jail for hitting a person u know she should have went to jail they still a person like us soi i think they should take her to jail to even if it was a long time ago we have all the same things so why she didnt go to jail couse her husben is the sheriff that shouldnt matter she is just like us they no better then us so they need to look in to that lady reacard to see and send her to jail and see what rickie would say about his wife in jail


    • its my thoughs thats all i know jennings to good how they work

    • that is how they work look at rickies wife she killed a little boy and got out off if why she didnt go to jail she was drunk so they need to give her some time in jail if it were u u be locked up not a cops wife no way not good

  94. its just a filling nothing more

  95. well i fixing to be leaving jennings today i hope you all can find out some good news i will keep reading the blog when i get back to orgen were i moved it is nice up there i will keep jennings in my paryes so stay safe and god bless all off jennings i will miss it but work come first god bless

  96. i hope they get the person r people that are doing this to all off the killing not just the girles but all off the killings

  97. giry you have a good trip home talk to you soon i gonna miss you love you and you take care call me when you get home u take care off the kids

    • I am new to this site and would like to commend all of you (espcially g8trgirl) for the good job you are doing and being for informative! However, I have a question.I may have read it on Thread #26, I don’t recall, but someone wrote that an Officer Mike Janise found Muggy Brown”s body (which I read elsewhere was still warm), after he received a “tip” as to her location. How did he receive said “tip” if she was NOT reported missing! It is my understanding that she was found at 4:30AM and had left her home at 1:30AM. You should also note that one does NOT drive around with bleach in their vehicles………..which tells me that her particular murder was premeditated.Who did she see or talk to at the bar she was at @ 12Mid that caused her foreboding demeanor that her grandmother says she had. Additionally, with the reputation that i have heard that she had as a fighter, there had to be two people and she was caught unawares!

  98. u see how did he know he must have been there so i think it is some cops doing the killings and they have a person working to do there dirty jobs i seen a unmark cop car through some trash on the side off the road friday going i 10 evangline exit so yhey need to be turned in to


      • just go ahead and try that citizen’s arrest shit on a cop and see how far your going to get.
        the police department is just like lawyers and doctors-they take care of their own.
        the only way to fight the corruption is to have someone from the inside turn on the rest. without that nothing will ever stick period.

      • yes girl we would have got a ticket and maybe go to jail and that is why i say the are in all the killing they have some dirty cop

  99. i did call city

  100. If any of us would ever be stupid enough to drive drunk and kill a child do you think we would just WALK away without ever doing jail time???? It seems that the people upholding the laws, live by a different set of laws……

    • why would a parent take money and not have this woman arrested for killing her child i just dont understand that there is no amount of money that i would take for someone taking my childs life. sounds like the parests of this child is just as guited sorry dont want to make any one mad but that is how i feel about it

  101. he was a twin i think they were on the bike together i believe they where a little slow not say it in a mean way i think the other one works at walmart doin the buggies i believe the one that got killed was on the handle bars

    • how sad and to think she got away with it omg who in there right mine would let that happen just makes me sick to my stomach

  102. I saw today in the field where 26 meets 1126 (the S curve going to lake arthur from jennings) there were some people in the field with a big camera. Wonder what that was about…? It was around 5 pm.

    • did u see a tv station veh. any where around or what kind of veh. were there

      • No- from what I could tell it was just regular private vehicles- like a truck and two cars. And 6 or 7 people standing in the field. And someone had what looked like a large camera. I was driving around the curve and it was a little rainy so I couldn’t see that good. And I SOOO wanted to turn around a go back- but I didn’t want to violate anyones privacy.

    • Is that anywhere near the canal where Victim #2, Ms. Patterson was discovered?

    • Is that anywhere near the canal where Victim #2 Ms. Patterson was found?

  103. hopefully unbiased there .thier looking for evidence

    • u think they would of find evidence a long time ago but we all know what happen with all the evidence went down the drain along with Mrs. edwards hitting and killing a boy ummmmmm so i am gonna watch the news at 10 too see if there is anything on

  104. i remember years ago people used to go into the field right there and take pics of the wild flowers but theres probably none there this time of year..

  105. whatever became of the cop that kill 2 cops and one of there wifes and does anyone know what that was all about i thing one of them was kenny guidry and a leblanc i was told when it happen that it was over some pills does anyone know

    • Bert Leblanc was killed responding to the 911 call. Phil Karam killed Kenny Guidry, Kenny’s wife. and Bert. I don’t know what it was over. I never asked.

      • Kenny’s wife was on meds for cancer. Phil was addicted to pain killers and asked her for some. She told him no and he shot her. Then he killed Kenny. I guess 911 was called by Kenny’s wife because she did not die right away and that is when Burt showed up and Phil killed him.

        I think that Phil got a life sentence.

  106. i wonder if it was a news team that is national. they wouldn’t have marked news vans necessarily.

    just a thought

  107. Although I rarely comment I am an active reader of this blog. I am in full support of finding justice for the victims and their families. I do not always agree with everything that is said, but recognize that this is a place for readers to express their thoughts. Recently, this blog has become less interesting to me because it seems to have taken on a different tone. It very much seems to be a “lets bash Ricky Edwards and LE” site. I do not think LE has done everything perfectly. I think many things could have been handled differently. However, I realize we do not have all the facts. I choose to believe they are not all the terrible evil people they are being made out to be. i do think LE and Edwards are working to solve this case. I would not want to stand in their shoes. I have many questions and concerns about the way this case is handled. I grew up in Jennings and have had many encounters with Ricky Edwards. I do not think he is a perfect person or sherriff. I do not think he is the villan he is made out to be. I have heard these cases have taken a toll on him. I have heard he is working very hard to solve this case. I think a major part of the problem is a lack of communication. I think he has a major PR problem on his hands. Maybe if the public knew a little more they would not feel as though this case is meaningless to LE. I remember when Diane Edwards hit the little boy. It was so disturbing for me to read how she got away with it. This was a terrible accident. She was not drinking. She tried to stop, the child rode out in front of her. If you have ever met Ms. Edwards, you would realize how wrong you are. She is a kind christian woman. She loves children. She is a mother to nine children. She lives with the fact that a child was killed by her vehicle and there was nothing she could do to prevent it. Sometimes unavoidable accidents do happen, and there are tragic endings. Knowing the kind of person she is, I do not think a day goes by she doesn’t remember that horrible day. PLEASE do not try to hurt a person just to further trash her husbands reputation. I realize we are not working with a perfect system and there are probably blind eyes turned and some bad apples in the LE bunch. Not everything is a cover-up. There is no need to spread false rumors just to stir up emotions. I think the topic that this site was intended for stirs up enough emotions.

    • There’s not much good about all this…..nothing as a matter of fact. It is a situation that has, and is, taking a toll on people….a lot of people.

      I heard about Mrs. Edwards’ accident…..I’ve never once thought there was any kind of cover up with that. I’ve really never heard anyone even suggest that is was more than a tragic, tragic accident. I can’t even put myself in her shoes and hope I never have to. It’s something I’m sure she’ll never really get over.

      As far as Ricky…..I don’t know. I WANT to have faith and trust him and believe in him and his team but, they gotta notta!!!! Nothing!!!! Eight girls are dead…..they were all murdered…..say it Ricky!!!! Is there a serial killer??? You have all the info ….we don’t. The public has a damned right to know if there IS a serial killer or if this is 2 or 3 druggies that are just outsmarting LE.

      Ricky and the task force have to know something. I wouldn’t worry too much about tipping off the killer……not tipping him off hasn’t worked either so…..tell us. Is there ANY evidence….do you have ANY clues….ANY suspects….ANY ideas who’s killing these women?????

    • Your comments are good and well- intended, but, I ask you, “Have you walked in any of the victim’s or their children’s shoes?” If you have not, you will NEVER know how they feel. The Not-Knowing anything of what’s going on by means of investigation must be absolutely horrifying! The pain of losing a child cannot even be described…….it hurts so bad. So
      again, if you haven’t walked in their shoes, be a little more understanding of their frustration and of the community’s fear, anger and concern. You sound like a nice person and you mean well but I just don’t think you understand that they are pissed of!f


    • skeptic, I agree with you on several points that you make. I also must add that we (meaning you, I and everyone else) do not know how “Christian” anyone truly is based upon their public appearance. Their Christian devotion is known only to one and that one is Christ. I do notice that your entire post is made up of opinion and I fully respect that. Without opinions, we are no more than animal life forms. Unlike you, I have not had personal encounters with Mr. Edwards, but, I would rather base my own observations upon observation of facts. Public record tells us many things. Mr. Edwards, I believe, is in full control of the sheriff’s office. he is aware of every deed that his deputies perform, good and bad. This is unlike the prior sheriff’s administration in which the sheriff had little awareness of the activities taking place in the parish. I am speaking of the drug dealing, drug smuggling, extortion, illegal profile stops on I-10, cash and drugs taken from drivers, etc. – so many wrongs were committed that Sheriff Cormier was not made aware of. However, these things are still going on and I truly believe that Mr. Edwards is fully aware. When deputies threaten witnesses to be quiet or go to jail, he is aware. when deputies beat a minor to get a confession, he is aware. When a deputy frequents a known drug and prostitution den, he is aware. When NBC’s Dateline features the JDP Sheriff Office for it’s corruption, he was aware of it and in denial. When a deputy steals evidence and mishandles the most important case in JDP history causing a murder suspect to be released days before an additional murder, he is aware. When a deputy beats a minor to obtain a bogus confession or simply because the deputy is angry, he is aware. I could go on but I believe I have made my point. Mr. Edwards has allowed horrendous events to take place with his full knowledge and participation. It may seem like a “bash Ricky” party, but, maybe that’s because there is so much to bash and so little to support in this administration. Ricky Edwards has truly become an embarrassment to us all, based purely upon what we know and not even considering opinions or hysteria. .

    • ok if ricky edwards family was threated by someone after the first 2 girls were kill why didnt he get help from someone. i think if someone threated me or my family for any reason at all i would be on top of that not letting the killer or killers keep running our parish i think that is a crock of crap. my opimion

  108. Why doesn’t your sheriff accept any “outside” help? One would think that he would be anxious and happy to get all of the help (tips & clues), he can get. Who cares which agency catches the “bad guy(s)?”….As long as they get got!!!!! The families need some kind of periodical update from LE. The pain they are enduring is excruciating. The loss of a child is unbearable as it is, but to lose one to violence is worst! I pray that the Lord sends the Comforter to them and the victims’ children who I know are suffering. I hope the families are getting counselling for these children. I know what they are going thru because I adopted a mulatto child whose white mother was viciously murdered in the manner Nicole Brown Simpson (multiple stab wounds & slit throat near decapitation. Her white grandmother didn’t want her because she was half black and her black grandmother didn’t want her because she was half white.

    • i think the fu– ass and do something but the not to wored about the ones who buy them not the dealers i know i seen one go down yesterday a cop right there by sonnies auto place were i pay me elc bill i think i will go to the pond shop to pay it now so i dont have to run when they run to my caR I RAN STOP SIGN TO GET AWAY FROM THEM I DONT CARE WHAT THE COPS SAY I GONNA DO IT ALL THE TIME IF I HAVE TO GO DOWN THERE IF THEY STOP ME I WILL TELL THEM U NEED TO GET THE PEOPLE WHO RAIN TO MY CAR AND NOT ME THE BLACK BOYS

      • Could you retype that? I’ve re-read this three times and don’t understand most of it.


        Post edited by G8trgirl on October 4, 2009 @ 11:18 AM

    • i think its very sad that both grandmothers turned their back on this child because their blood runs through this childs veins. no matter what color, she is beautiful and a part of them. thats their loss. and how sad that she lost her mom that way. thank GOD she has you!!
      and people cant help feeling the way they do about the sherriff and both LE depts. this isnt anything new, these feelings did not just develope overnight. for years
      there has been so many events that not all but alot of the officers have abused their authority. they do things that are unethical and flaunt it. when someone inside their dept. tries to do the right thing, they are shown the door. but when there is corruption there is alot of energy involved covering things up, when there should be a clean up. i always liked ricky edwards because when i would meet up with him, he was always kind and courteous. but my faith in him has dimenished lately. i feel like everyone else, if this thing has gotten bigger than what they can handle they DO need to give it to a bigger agency.. and the refusal to do so is exactly where the distrust comes in. would doing so expose alot of trash? of course it would. imo i think he is holding out to finish his term then be done with it. but the victims families need LE on their side NOW..
      what is stopping him? does he feel threatened? what about the mayor? he heads the PD. also why havent we heard anything about greg marcantel, he has to know something. he seemed to get out while the flame was getting big..lots of police officers left the force (and left town i might add) you know most of the people south of town that had run ins with LE talked about the b.s. going on, but did anyone listen? hell no. but i do infact remember when the kids of the prominent figures got into turmoil, they got the executive treatment and everything was cleaned up nice and tidy..that was a heck of alot of backscratching going on with the tax payers money (people south of the tracks pay taxes too.) what about the elderly that still reside south of town? they need protection!!! but sadly enough they can look out their window and witness a drug deal going down.. then they feel uneasy about going outdoors. thats not fair! not everyone can afford to build a big beautiful home north of town as their escape..

      • “i think its very sad that both grandmothers turned their back on this child because their blood runs through this childs veins. no matter what color, she is beautiful and a part of them. thats their loss. and how sad that she lost her mom that way. thank GOD she has you!!”


  109. What can LE do?
    I suggest the following, please feel free to add comments:

    Inform the public of facts about the cases. Keeping the public informed is a vital part to make them feel something is being done, progress is being made and that the community as a whole is safe.

    Be more willing to speak and share information with the victim’s families. This shows compassion and concern for the the families that have lost a mother, a daughter, a sister.

    Go back and interview witnesses-someone knows something, it takes time but the truth is there.

    Accept outside assistance.

    Think outside the box-or at least recognize that someone in LE may know more then they are saying. Ask questions.

    LE should trust their gut instincts-LE must have some clue as to who or whom is responsible for the murders.

    LE should not be scared to act on instinct-Put pressure on those you know are involved.

    LE should keep their house clean-Stop doing damage control on the back end and be pro-active. No one in LE should ever put themselves in a position that would question their integrity.

    Review evidence then review it again.

    Call in experts such as outside medical examiners, decomposition experts, profilers, and behavior experts who have knowledge of crimes like the ones that have been committed.

    Send detectives out to speak with the community.

    Follow up on small leads, it may turn into valuable information.

    Start from the beginning, Again. Common motives, common causes of death, common reasons for these deaths. Look for links. Who knew the victims?

    We all have a common goal. Jennings never expected to have such horrible crimes happen in their community. Let’s make sure it ends sooner than later.

    • HOPE……You are absolutely right. We are on the same page (If you know what I mean and can read between the lines). I tried but met with negative results.

  110. hope- that was very well put, all of that should have been done from the get-go.. lets just hope they are reading and paying attention.. if they have knowledge of someone that is involved?, which im leaning towards saying they do. i dont understand how they can be willing to go down with these they not have a heart and mind to know when enough is enough? it sort of makes you wonder what type of future they are building for their own children. but that can take backseat sometimes when politics and greed get in the way..

  111. What can everyone in Jeff Davis Parish do? Register to Vote. It’s not hard, it’s your right!

    300 State St.
    Jennings, LA 70546-5361
    (337) 824-0834


    Address Change
    Name Change
    Party Change

    Circle One: PA MV RG SDA SS
    Received by: ___________________________________________

    MAIL TO:





    USE THIS FORM TO: 1) register to vote 2) change your address 3) request a name change 4) change party affiliation
    TO REGISTER TO VOTE AND BE ELIGIBLE TO VOTE YOU MUST: 1) be a United States citizen 2) be at least 17 years old to register but must be 18 years old to vote 3) not be under an
    order of imprisonment for conviction of a felony 4) not be under a judgment of full interdiction or limited interdiction where your right to vote has been suspended 5) reside in the stateand
    parish in which you seek to register and vote.
    INSTRUCTIONS FOR COMPLETING THIS FORM: All information except your signature should be printed clearly in ink, preferably black, or typed. Fill in all boxes that apply to you.
    Box 1: Indicate whether you are a citizen of the United States of America. Indicate whether you will be 18 years of age on or before election day.
    Box 2: Provide full name. Do not use initials for middle or maiden name.
    Box 3: ‘Residence Address’ means the address where you live and are registering to vote. If you claim a homestead exemption, you must list the address of that residence. Do not
    use a post office box for your ‘Residence Address’. If you use a rural route and box number, draw a map in the space labeled ‘Give Location.’ Write in the names of the crossroads
    (streets) nearest to where you live. Draw an X to show where you live. Use a dot to show any schools, churches, stores or landmarks near where you live and write the name of the
    landmark. Complete ‘Mailing Address’ only if it is different from the ‘Residence Address’.
    Box 4: Provide your age.
    Boxes 6 & 16: You must provide your Louisiana driver’s license number, if issued. If not issued, you must provide at least the last four digits of your social security number, if
    issued. The full social security number may be provided on a voluntary basis. If neither a social security number nor a Louisiana driver’s license number has been issued, and this form
    is submitted by mail, and you are registering to vote for the first time, in order to avoid additional identification requirements for first time voters, attach either a) a copy of a current and
    valid photo identification or b) a copy of a current utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck, or other government document that shows your name and address.
    Boxes 8, 11 & 12: The items ‘race/ethnic origin’, ‘daytime phone’ and ‘home phone’ are not required but are helpful.
    Box 9: If you do not complete this item, your party affiliation will be listed as ‘none’. If you are not affiliated with a political party, please circle ‘none’. The recognized political parties
    are Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Green and Reform or you may specify any other party affiliation.
    Box 17: If you are using this form to request a change of name, you must print the name to be changed here.
    Box 19: Date and sign the card with your signature or mark.
    If returned by mail, either complete the ‘Mail to:’ box found on the reverse side or place in an envelope, using the address of the appropriate registrar of voters found on the reverse
    side. If you have not been issued a social security number or Louisiana driver’s license number, you must mail it in an envelope so that you can include the required documentation
    with your application. Your application or envelope must be postmarked 30 days prior to the first election in which you seek to vote based on the residence listed on this application.
    NOTE: 1. If you decline to register to vote, this fact will remain confidential and will be used only for voter registration purposes. If you register to vote, the office where your
    application was submitted will remain confidential and will be used only for voter registration purposes. 2. Your social security number will also remain confidential and is intended to
    be used for voter registration purposes only.
    QUESTIONS? Call your Parish Registrar of Voters OR call the Department of State at 1-800-825-3805 or (225) 922-0900.


    COMP REG # _____________________________ Reg Type _________ Wd / Dist _________ Pct _______ In ______ Out _______
    1 Are you a citizen of the United States of America? YES NO Will you be 18 years of age on or before election day? YES NO
    If you checked ‘no’ in response to either of these questions, do not complete this form.




    YES # ________________________________________________

    OTHER: _____________________________________________
    OTHER (SPECIFY) _________________________
    ( )
    ( ) ADDRESS

    16 * SOCIAL SECURITY # (CIRCLE ONE) 17 FORMER REGISTERED NAME, IF APPLICABLE 18 Will you require assistance at the polls? (CIRCLE ONE)
    YES # ______________________________________
    AFFIRMATION: I do hereby solemnly swear or affirm that I am a United States citizen, that I am at least 17 years old, that I am not currently under an order of imprisonment for
    conviction of a felony, that I am not currently under a judgment of full interdiction or limited interdiction where my right to vote has been suspended, that I am a bona fide resident of
    this state and parish, and that the facts given by me on this application are true to the best of my knowledge and belief. If I have provided false information, I may be subject to a
    fine of not more than $1,000 ($2,500 for subsequent offense) or imprisonment for not more than 1 year (5 years for subsequent offense), or both. Any false statement may
    constitute perjury.

    DATE: ____________________________ / __________ / _________________

    * Last 4 digits of the social security number required if no LA driver’s license issued; social security number is intended to be used for voter registration purposes only;
    full # OPTIONAL. ** OPTIONAL LR-1M (REV.10/05) R.S. 18:104 FORM #0110

    • Thank you, Hope … It is our right. More importantly, it is our duty and our responsibility to vote. Vote well, vote wisely and vote often.


  112. Sorry, I should have sent it in a PDF or link! Point made.

    • HOPE…….I appreciate your solution, but, I see that you and I are not on the same page and you did not read between the lines as I did after reading your first suggestion for the community.

  113. Repost: Email message sent to members of JUSTICE for Jefferson Davis…reminder of tomorrow’s email campaign.

    Hey guys! Tomorrow is the big day! We’ll be resuming contact with the national media and reclaiming our community!

    Our focus is AMERICA’S MOST WANTED.

    They don’t have a standard email so, the link above is the way in which we will contact them on Monday October 5th.

    A couple of points to remember when sending your message:
    1- At the top of the message PLEASE type RE: Jefferson Davis Parish, LA Serial Murders.
    2- In your message, make sure you tell them that these crimes have already been featured on CNN.
    3- (optional) Make a point that we’d like them to actually come to Jennings to cover this story in-depth.

    They also have a tip line that can be reached by calling 1-800-CRIME-TV. You will be connected with a live operator, but I don’t know if they will take our plea for coverage in this way. If you do call, I encourage you to still send an email message to them in case the calls and emails are received at different locations that don’t communicate with each other.

    Also, one of our members, Donna Fruge Stockstill made a comment via the board that I would like to address. She asked if we had heard rumors about a suspect being in custody. I stand firm in the belief that this is OUR community! I believe that we have a right to KNOW any and all updates in this case and any other case of violent crime in our parish. So, although we will have Mondays in the future where you are asked to contact our local authorities, this does not mean that you cannot take it upon yourselves to call, write or fax them requesting this information on any day of the week! There is an extensive list of contact info (labeled CONTACTS) on the discussion board. I say go for it! Great job Donna! If we continue to diligently remind our officials who foots the bill here, we can only get the results we’ve strived for!

    *Feel free to send me an email letting me know who you contacted and when…only if your schedule permits. This will allow us to get an idea of how much impact we’re making*


  114. still missing him, Everyone who writes on here feels your pain. We are all so very sorry for your loss. Nothing appears as it has been said to be. I can understand how you have doubts as to the cause of your brother’s death. We are all waiting for the truth to be told. Then, and only then. will the departed find peace. Please don’t lose faith, God does hear our prayers!

  115. Haven’t heard anything about Andrew Street lately could it be true what I heard…the elderly owner went there and said ok enough is enough. I’ve heard the place is quiet because the place is empty. Am I right or wrong? Just asking.

  116. It looked empty yesterday around 5:00 pm. It didn’t have window shades or blinds.

    • Hey the Andrew st. house is definitely OCCUPIED by the same crew manyback door coming and going and some action on the street . Everything i s done in the rear of the house since the front door seems to be non-functioning.What with the drug store break in lots of customers lately. Also a white female has been hanging out there for a while nowand occassionally a visit by T. Gary & friend. Yes it still goes on!!!

      • ea568 – Is this the white girl that has like dark brown hair that is pulled up it seems the other day she had like blue colored shorts on, she was sitting out front smoking a cigarette. I also the other night passed by and saw a tan colored truck parked on the side of the house but it was to dark to see the plate on it, they also had some light in a room that was on the right side of the house. I have also noticed more activity at the Andrew st house. Wish we knew who and all that are in and out of there and what is going on in there. Why do these girls go in there with what has all been said about that house and it’s possible connection with the murders….I guess the need and crave for drugs is very powerful I will sure keep all these girls in my prayers

        • southernbell Yes that is the girl who hangs out there, have heard that she stands out in the street on occassion, maybe soliciting? It is so sad that this is still going on after so many murders.Pray that she stays safe.

    • Wonder why those who kept everyone informed didn’t inform that…not even a mention of moving…why. I’m shocked and disappointed about the lack of news here after all this has been a hotspot for reporting….but it took me who was not sure just heard some rumors.

      OTOH, who knows what is the new/next neighborhood. Guess they could move into a certain neighorhood not very far and there will be no reports.

  117. Ok, so my source must have been correct. Now wondering where did they all go.

    • They are still doing business as usual . If you pass by at the right time you may see the HOH and the white girl walking up and down the street.

      • He dirty, she skinny and dirty…just repeating what I’ve heard. Didn’t know where they went only they were at Super several times now.

  118. ea, at the least seems they are trying to make the elderly owner think it’s empty. Wow, thanks.

    • the owner should board up windows and doors i know it want keep them out but she could have someone go in there with her everyday to make sure nothing is in there

  119. I agree ITILII, on the other hand the owner is his mother. I don’t know but thinking she is just hearing after all the tv info. I’m wondering if they are doing the same old same old who is it done if ther are no binds or shades.

    • What is the Andrews Street address. Is it the 2-story white house near Baker St.?

    • ahlou– the blinds at this house are always CLOSED an also the doors guess he don’t want anyone to see what goes on there. Have heard this has been going on for several years now.

  120. so let me see if i got this right the house is for this old lady and it is her son that is staying there. well if that is true than he is not going anywhere

    • You understood exactly right. It is the son living there. I don’t play games so I will say the owner is a previous school teacher who had great hopes for her three sons.

      • well we raise our kids to be better than we r but once they turn of age and whatever that turn out to be it is not our fault and it toke me along time to beleive it but i no now it is not the parents fault. bless her heart

        • I never said it was her fault that she took a long time to believe. I remember her from the past and she is nothing but a wonderful person in my opinion.

  121. I do not think my above post came across as I intended. I was responding to the specific comments about the accident involving Ms. Edwards. I was only saying I do not think it is right to try to make it sound as though there was more to that accident than there was. I felt like Diane Edwards was being attacked because of her relationship to RE. I felt like it was hurtful and untrue. There are plenty of reasons to question RE and LE. There is no need to try to make it seem as though there was corruption and a cover-up involved in this incident. I had no intention of minimizing the families frustration and grief. I am very sorry if that is how it came across. I was not trying to defend LE in the way this case is being handled. I stated that I too had many questions and concerns. The families and citizens of JDP deserve answers and more info. They have a right to be frustrated. I think G8 has done a wonderful job with this site, and I respect the work she is doing. I think we should stand together and demand answers and more from our LE. I think we as a concerned community have a better chance of getting our voices heard by a higher authority or media outlet if we remained focused on the real crimes occurring in JDP and these unsolved murders. I do have faith that there are some good men and women in LE and we will eventually get the answers we as a community so desperatly need. I can only pray that LE has more info. and leads then thay are saying. My heart goes out to the families of these victims and I pray that they find the strength and courage necessary to get them through this difficult time.

    • skeptic, I know nothing of when the accident happened but will say as a mother I don’t for one minute think Mrs. Edwards did or would have killed anyone on porpose.

      Losing a child when you or people question is hard but I know firsthand about murder of my child so in reading about the accident I for one took it as such. I’m just talking for me but I agree with you about Mrs. Edwards.

      I also feel Mr. Edwards lost several unexplained opportunities for assistance.

      • Ahlou, I do feel like we should get an explanation for the missed opportunities. I cannot understand why we do not have more help. I will be the first to admit I have a lack of knowledge on the way the system works and what is and is not available. I think LE should take any and all help from outside agencies. I think it is a sign of strength when you are willing to ask for help when needed. I do not expect them to have the experience to solve these crimes and gather forensic evidence. There is no shame in saying you are in over your head, I would not fault them for not knowing. However, If it is true that there is a way for FBI to be more involved (than this task force) and LE is slapping away help, then ther is definant blame and fault.

      • AHLOU……..I agree with you too and my prayers are with you also if you have lost a child.

        • Not IF, he was murdered shot many time in the back, it was over a woman. IF you say I live and beg IF I could have my sone back every day of my life. IF you say there was no IF when I laid him in the ground. There was no IF from then to now. There will never be and end to WHEN. Please do not disrespect me I take people as they post. IF in my book is my so is so darn dead and IF I could have him back I would turn back the hands of time in a minute.

          • Ketchum, I was so upset I wrote so when I was saying son, son, son and I wrote sone as well. I meant SON, my SON. When I look at the people who signed as visitors one of the first names I see is Dallas Comier. I do not know him but have read about him all I know is the people have told me he loved seeing my son hit baseballs out of the park. There is no IF in my sorrow. It is a reality.

    • Point well taken. Thanks for responding!

    • skeptic, I agree that Mrs. Edwards would never do something like that on purpose, but, I recall that the rumor mill was hot with accusations of a “day late” alcohol test and of a history of fast, careless driving all over town. On purpose – no way in the world. But, a cover-up of an unfortunate accident due to carelessness? Who knows? It wouldn’t be the first time in this parish. I agree that Ms. Edwards would never choose to do this but I would believe in a minute that Ricky would do what he could for public image since that is his biggest concern.

  122. Please stop screaming Ketchum your response was understood even with the screaming. No heartburn,

    • AHLOU………#1) I don’t “scream” nor do I understand your response to me @ 9:54PM about heartburn. But let me tell you that if you mean brokenhearted, I understand that because, you see, I DID NOT know that you lost a son. I LOST MINE TOO!!!! I feel the pain everyday and that is why, with God’s help, I try to help mothers who “walk in my shoes.” I yope LE caught the offender. I hope that we may meet someday and you will understand me better. You and yours are in my prayers.

      • AHLOU……I forgot to tell you that you misunderstood my original comment and that MY SON WAS THE LIGHT OF MY LIFE AND AS HE WAS DYING HE SAID TO ME,”WHEN A CHILD IS BORN, MOTHER IS THE FIRST PERSON THAT CHILD SEES, AND WHEN HE LEAVES THIS WORLD, MOTHER IS THE LAST PERSON THAT SON WANTS TO SEE. MY LEAVING WILL HURT YOU THE MOST BECAUSE YOU BROUGHT ME INTO THIS WORLD, BUT WE WILL BE TOGETHER AGAIN.” I feel blessed to have had him in my life and I too would trade a lifetime to turn back the hands of the clock, IF I could!!

        • CAPITAL letters is considered yelling. Capital letters is not considered yelling.

        • Ketchum23, I apologize for misunderstanding. I tell you when a child go before a parent it is so hurtful. It’s twice a hurtful ache when some sob takes that life. I totally agree with you IF I could turn back the hands of time as well. Thank you for your post.

  123. G8trgirl……Perhaps you can help me. As I stated earlier, I am new to this Blog and commended you, etc. I need to know as much information as I can get about the victims, i.e., was there any mention of sexual assault.? Just because a female body is found unclothed does not necessarily mean sex occurred.
    Also, is it true that Muggy Brown had on a white bloodstained top that had turned pink from the bleach? Did Brittany Gary have an “open casket” funeral? Didn’t the TV newscast video of Necole
    Guillory when her body was found show that she was last seen on NORTH Doyle near Academy? Do you have the temperatures of the dates each victim was discovered? What was the ACTUAL decomposition of Ms. Zeno that caused no identification for two months? If the canal was dry, did they find skeletal remains or was there any water to cause bloating?Why did Teresa Gary state “that her daughter had been known to use drugs in the past, but to her knowledge, she had never worked as a prostitutie”. This is contrary to what info I have. I heard (hearsay) that she is the one who turned her out! How did the family/searchers know to find Brittany’s body in high weeds on Keystone? If the body was not too decomposed, then where had she been (held) for thirteen days? And, if it was too decomposed and had been dumped there for the thirteen days, did LE Task Force send for an entomologist to study the ground under the body or for that matter, any of the bodies that were not found in water?
    Do you advise me to review any of your earlier posts to find some of the answers to my query? Believe me. I welcome any help you all can give me. Oh, incidently, what do you all think of Kirk Menard?

  124. Ketchum23, It would good of you to go back and read all the old post they have some very good information and would answer all your many questions. To the questions of Brittney Gary NO, her casket was not OPEN, The family of TG did not know to go look in that spot that spot had already been looked at before they were just looking every where even if they had looked before they would have looked every where 2 or 3 times they were searching for her and they all had hope that they would find her alive, but the sad things is as we all know they didn’t and she is the youngest victim (By the way please don’t post hear say that is how rumors start we on this blog put FACTS) We all would love to know where Brittney body was before she was found, this would be something of key evidence. WE have no idea if they task force sent for a entomologist. But again please read earlier post most of the questions you have asked are and have already been asked and have been answered.
    As for Kirk Menard, he is a highly intelligent Private Investigator who has helped in this case so much, the people in this town feel more comfortable in talking with him than LE and that is fine because any and all information he turns over to LE. He is out there on the street watching the streets at night so that makes several people feel some what safe. Because of Kirk Menard we have a video of Necole going into the house on Andrew street. I believe if it was not for Kirk then we would not be to the point we are now. I for one am very glad that Kirk is on this case with the many other Private Investigators that are also working on this case.




      • Well then, Ketchum, we’re stuck like chuck because the community won’t communicate with LE and LE won’t communicate with most of the families, and they certainly won’t cooperate with Kirk Menard. The community has been passing on information to Kirk Menard that passes it on the LE but if they don’t follow up on anything then its hopeless.

        Glad you care about the community but LE doesn’t do what their supposed to do, not in the slightest bit. The only way to bring out the truth is in the media and hope someone higher up catches on,

        • LOUIGIRL……I feel that you are a family member of one of the victim’s. If you are, you, along with the others, have my deepest sympathy. I say been answered on earlier posts, only LE have the answers to most of them. I sincerely hope you are a member and can answer the North Doyle question for Necole G. for me. It is very important! Additionally, although, the multi-agency task force in Jennings is comprised of many agencies, i.e. FBI, local police dept., District Atty’s office, La Bureau of Investigation and God knows who else, the lead detective of a jurisdiction is in charge, and it your case, the Sheriff’s Office is the head “honcho.” I can only hope that there is communication between his office and Kirk Menard who would be passing info along to the applicable families. Again, I ask, when Necole’s body was found, it was on the news and after she was identified, the news showed a video of the street on which she was last SEEN. WAS IT NORTHDOYLE?

          Can anyone tell me if she had an open casket at her funeral?

    • Southernbell, you explained the ins and outs to Ketchum 23 about not posting rumors just facts. I have a question of you – Are you a family member of Ms. Guillory? Reason being you stated as a fact “Because of Kirk Menard we have a video of Necole going into the house on Andrew street.” Did you see a video not shown on tv?

      The video shown on tv did not show her going into a house it showed her walking in front of a house across the street from the hous talked about. There is a big difference from going into and walking in front. Just trying to figure rumor/fact/personal mindset.

      • The video of Necole was walking up and down Andrew Street not going into the house. I do think that we all know which house was being referred to.

        • We may all know what house but there is a big difference between going into and walking across the street in front of. I was talking to Southernbell but so be it – how would you or anyone else know she actually went into that house that day. If we are posting facts that’s a fact it did not show her going into any house.

          • i agree i seen the video alot and never once did it show her going into any house just walking around playing with her hair. and that is a fact

          • I Tell It Like It Is, thanks. Back on a thread someone said TG lived in the house she was walking in front of so who knows but she was not going into any house.

          • i thought it was the owner of the house son that was staying in house and if that is true and there is no water or ele. cant the city do something about that i would think so

          • I Tell It Like It Is, I don’t know about electricity but don’t think you are allowed no water. Yes, the son is the one who lives there.

      • Ahlou–The video of Necole does indeed show her walking on the East side of Andrew,at the very end of the video she is walking past a house with lattice on the carport not to be confused with the house across the street, as she walks there is a tree blocking the view but if you are familar with the neighborhood you can see she is approching the front door of the house in question.I think Menard was right on the money.Also there are several residents who saw Necole going in and out of that house for many months before she was murdered not only her but many more women were and are still going there. Just thought I would clear that up.Thanks

  125. Woke up and saw clip on BR- WAFB channel 9 news about the Justice for JDP, showing pic of all eight victims, with MS Beniot speaking.

  126. Sorry, that was Nicki Soileau speaking

  127. can u put the link for that on here so i can see that news plz

  128. Group pushes for “America’s Most Wanted” to cover Jeff Davis Eight

    • SOUTHERN BELL AND BAFFELED….I don’t want to discourage you about America’s Most Wanted TV, but, if there procedure has not changed and they come to Jennings, they will profile the murders. The lead detective on the case will go to New York where the phone lines are set up to receive incoming information about featured cases. In this case, the eight murders, of which , unfortunately, is the Sheriff'”s case. However, there are instances where they send their investigators to interview subjects, but again, the sheriff (LE) has the jurisdiction for these murders. Additionally, cases become the FBI’s jurisdiction when state lines have been crossed although their special forensic services can be used if requested. I, personally, would try to contact someone from a documentary-type show, such as, 48 Hours or Nancy Grace which would definitely bring exposure of the facts of unanswered questions to the families and I would express that the small community with eight unsolved murders is in fear and want answers.

  129. ok is send a reguest to AMW for help i hope there is alot more to do so.

  130. i just sent my e-mail to amw everyone please do the same an god bless everyone

  131. I DID TO


    • I feel the same way start with the LE and and also talk to jessie ewing and see what was told to him by the two girls that were lock up and i feel they will get something done faster that way. by the way has anyone seen tracie chassion any where

  133. i think its pass time for that to happen

  134. yes that is what they need to do and yea i think u know who i am baffeled@i tell it like it is i im live in jennings to haffled u live in larther

  135. she is in hiding the last i heard she is scared out off her ass she knows but wont tell

  136. do u all see jessie ewing around i dont

  137. has anyone got a amail back from AMW i did was not much but i least i know that got it and hopefully there is alot more that they get

  138. i would let tracy use my phone to call the FBI im sure she knows eho is doing the killing

    • well i dont quote me again on this but i was told last week that tracee told someone that she had to finish on girl off or they would of kill her but u know how rumors r i hate to repeat this but i think it is very interest to know

  139. no i have no idea who you are an yes i moved to lake arthur

  140. yes i got an e-mail back to

  141. i didnt i think i will call the FBI myself

  142. i think i will call the FBI myself

  143. i know u

  144. those emails are probably computer generated to confirm receipt of your email so hooray!! thats great!!

  145. i think ur bg sa not gonna spell it ok

  146. jesse lives on the coroner of gallup street

  147. ok thanks i went to school with him hes the only one i would trust

  148. otlo who are you do you know me

  149. I just got back from the T-shirt place. The shirts are royal blue with white lettering. The front reads A Community United in Prayer, with praying hands. The back is a silver cross with the girls names circle around the cross. I will be selling them at the Prayer service on the 17 of Oct. .
    I haven”t gotten any response from family members on pictures. I would like to have a memorial table set up for the girls.
    I pray that all the families of our beautiful girls will attend the prayer service. Doing this has been on my heart since the death of the second victim. At the time I did”t know I would also be praying for my own daughter as well. We have not all been able to meet with each other. After the prayer service I invite the family to have coffee and refreshments in the dinning hall. God bless everyone.

    • alot of these family members might not have computers to know what is going on do u know how to get in touch with them by phone or something

    • ok what will the money be use for if we buy these shirts.

      • Their is no over charge on the shirts. The cost is what I will be paying for them. This is not a fund raiser of any kind. I do not have phone numbers of family members, but I am trying to get them.

        • well give your email and if any of us get in contact with any of the family memebers we can email you and let you know instead of doing it on here

        • Mysterious, I am necoles cousin. I adopted one of her kids. I grew up by ya’ll when I was younger.. If you need anything email me.. i dont live in Louisiana anymore but I will try to help where I can….

    • Hi mysterious ~

      If you have the artwork (layout) on the shirts I would be more than happy to post it here on the site.

      It saddened me to hear that this prayer service was something you had wanted to organize for a while not knowing your daughter would eventually become a victim. I plan to attend the service and hope to be able to meet you as well as other family members of the other girls. I hope many, many from the community are making plans to attend as well. Please never forget my thoughts and prayers are always with you.

  150. ok i just got on for the first time. and i read alot this morning. i seen something about it on the news in tenn. and decided to read up on it. jennings sounds like a black hole in the state and people need help from what i understand the LE is not anygood can someone get out side help and sounds like it needs to be done now. i hope AMW goes in and solves yall problem.

    • we r trying to get outside help.its like trying to fight a war by yourself.i dont understand why we cannot get answers.thats why it seems like LE is covering something up.

  151. Heads up. I just was informed that the candle light vigil that CADA was putting on tomorrow has been canceled due to the weather. It will be reschedued. They will let me know when and I can let all of you know.

  152. i know a few off the girls family i can i help

  153. my email is

    • Letting everyone know that I was able to contact most of the families. The only one I have not been in contact with is Earnestine and Muggys.

  154. hi on the look out now i know who u are

    • For those who don’t see it, try clicking on the button to your left marked “Back to Main Page” and it will come up as one of the many stories.

  155. i just called the FBI and told the a lot they comming to do some good work

    • What are they coming to do? are they coming to take over the case all the way? because the FBI has been involved, so what are they going to do any different since they have been involved??



  158. What is amp?

  159. i just wanted people to know my daughter came home from school today and ask me if i heard what was going around school today. she said that come this weekend well the (fair) that 2 more girls will be find and that someone will get shot at the fair. Now this is going around school tell me what is going on in these kids head now r they gonna want to go to the fair no cause they r all scare

  160. I pick up my little girl everyday from school and there is a few of us that talks about the murders.I was told today that paula guillory is moving to texas.My thought was is she moving because she knows to much or is the heat coming bown on her.Did anybody hear anything.Now this is what was told to me at the school today so please dont get mad at me.I just wanted to share this with all of you.

    • ahhh and what part of texas will that be…

    • Everyone needs to leave Terrie and Paula Guillory alone… If Paula would deciede to move to Texas it would be because she has family there… She never said she was moving… Ya’ll need to quit with the gosping.. Ya’ll are they one that spread rumors and cause rumors… Ya’ll need to think of peoples kids before ya’ll talk shit… Do ya’ll not think of what problems ya’ll cause for thode kids… Ya’ll need to grow up and quit acting like ya’ll are still in school saying did you here this about this person… So damn childish… Some of ya’ll just know how to piss me off and alot of other people off…

      • LOL…….I have “news” for you…..the “talk” about Terrie and his ex-wife Paula was circulating LONG….very LONG….before this blog came into existence. And honestly….I feel VERY SORRY for their children….about the talk they are subjected to but that’s not this blog’s fault. Don’t be so quick to blame everyone else and not the source those “so called rumors” eminate from. So what are you saying??? Everyone talking in that whole parish there is lying? Everyone is lying except them?

        And PS….i’m sorry you get pissed off because I know exactly how you feel. A LOT of things in JDP piss me off.

        • Well it sure is funny how the people that are talking shit on Terrie and Paula are the ones that goes to them for help for everything…. But you know what let ya’ll keep talking shit… Ya’ll will see in the long run… I will be sure glad with this shit is all done and they can laugh in ya’ll face…Fuck this stupid shit…

          • If Paula is innocent she needs to step forward….just like Jesse Ewing and Nina Ravey did!!!

            She will have plenty of backing if she wants to step forward and tell the world she was set up!!!!

      • AND……let me add this since you PISSED ME OFF….

        I DID NOT make up the story in the media about Paula stealing evidence……..that is DOCUMENTED dear. There is apparently still an investigation going on. She lost her job over it. It’s NOT A RUMOR!!!!

        You can dance around this all you want but she LOST HER JOB OVER IT!!!! The allegations appear serious. They didn’t originate here. They came out of the JDPSO. If you want to be pissed at someone be pissed at Ricky Edwards I guess.

  161. how in the hell can she move out of state when she stole evidence to let people out of jail that goes to show u how our system works.

    • you are right i tell it like it is.The LE system is broke because thats how LE works.LE works with there eyes closed ears plugged and mouth shut.

      • I’m afraid that LE is operating totallly witheyes open, ears listening and while communicating very well. If Ms. Guillory is moving to Texas, I would bet that there’s a reason that we do not understand, legally. Indeed, she did let a prime murder suspect out of jail only days before another murder. What she did was a crime, even if it were done out of pure stupidity (which is also very possible). My question is, why was she not prosecuted? I always thought that stealing money was a crime, no matter who you stole it from. Also, not processing the numerous cases that were found on her desk can be prosecuted. I wish someone would ask our DA, Mike Cassidy about that. Also, I wish someone would ask our sheriff about that. the sheriff is charged with the duty of arresting this woman. By not doing so, he is admitting that he allows known criminals to go free. The same is true for Mr. Cassidy. Now, the question is, what level of crime do these guys allow in our parish beyond what Ms. Guillory has done? We’ve already established that they allow crime. Where does it stop.

        • I suppose she’s still innocent until proven guilty…..that’s the American way. Have any formal charges been levied against her yet? Is the investigation still underway? How long does it take? Is it a situation that’s more complicated than LE cares to inform the public of? I’m not really a big fan of the “veil of secrecy” I find taking place over there. Is LE trying to protect the public from something?

          • g8 you are right when i needed to talk i went to terry and no one else i dont think they in to that i dont belive i trust him alot

        • Is there proof she stole the stuff… Do you know facts or are you just spreading rumors??????

          • You know I don’t spread rumors!! I’ve NEVER said she stole anything. If LE for some reason feels she is highly supsect….which I’m assuming they do……..then I am VERY ANXIOUS to see the charges against her. It shouldn’t be a big secret. AND…..if Paula is in fact innocent…….I hope she fights this tooth and nail. If she needs backing and can convince me she’s innocent….I’ll support her from now on!!!!!

          • I wasnt being ugly on this post… i was just asking is this a fact or hear say…

          • I am also so sick of people talking about my family…. And hurting my nieces and nephews… This shit has to stop cause I promis alot of people dont want me to start with what i hear….

    • sad thing is people can move anywhere they want to and unless they are convicted of something there is nothing we can do…sad sad

  162. Please, can someone tell me what amp means? I see it in many of the posts and for the life of me I just can’t figure it out. Thanks guys!

    • serial- they may have intended to say amw= america’s most wanted idk i looked for amp and did not see it, only guessing!!

  163. It’s ample.
    1 : generous or more than adequate in size, scope, or capacity

  164. I have a couple of things to send to Maurice Godwin. Wonder how I get them to him?? Two email addresses I had for him before are no longer valid??

  165. g8, I reach him at his e-mail which is: Dr Maurice Godwin at Hope this is helpful.

    • 😦 I tried that one but my messages got kicked back. Maybe there are too many attachments….I don’t know.

      • G8TRGIRL…..Will you be at the memorial on Oct. 17th?

        • Yes.

          • I would love to meet you to personally commend you on the fine job you are doing. If you will be active there, I’ll ry to figure out who you are.

        • were is it gonna be at ii have kin people that got killed to i want to be there

          • Memorial/Candelight Vigil @6-730PM at Lake Arthur Christian Camp in Lake Arthur on October 17, 2009. Guest Speaker Pastor Clifton LeJeune and is organized by mother of Crystal Benoit Zeno (Victim #6)

  166. cousinofnecole, on October 6th, 2009 at 12:39 AM Said:
    I am also so sick of people talking about my family…. And hurting my nieces and nephews… This shit has to stop cause I promis alot of people dont want me to start with what i hear….

    I’d love to hear it…….I’m all ears. Seriously. Email me if you don’t want it out here publicly.

  167. Does anyone know the EXACT DATE that Brittany Gary returned to Jennings from her 4-month stay in Texas? All data that I have read relates that “it was less than a week” and I was told, adamantly I might add, that that is NOT true. It is very very important that I know the exact date of her return.
    Thanking you all in advance.

  168. COUSINOFNECOLE…..Let’s be constructive and informative here (especially for your nieces and nephews). Can YOU answer my previous question?

    When Necole Guillory was last seen on August 16, 2009 getting into a car (as previously reported and videoed on the news), wasn’t it on North Doyle?

  169. i just got a test saying a girl in hospital she got hurt running from a man anyone no about it

  170. i heard about it not sure of details

  171. well when did this happen i havent heard any thing

  172. Haven’t heard the news this morning but I sure wish they’d cancel the stupid parish fair, especially with a serial killer on the loose!

    • i am with u hope it is rain out and omg how mean r we to say that my kids will be upset o well let it pour hard

  173. And as for Necole’s cousin, why are you such in an uproar? Most of us on here just want the killer/killers caught and justice for the girls. YES, sometimes rumors get spread but most of the time they’ve been started for a legitimate reason. I agree with G8. The stuff about paula didn’t get started here. So go figure…

    • but with paula it was in the news paper she got fired for stealing evidence what more do u want necole cousin. so i feel she should not be able to leave state if she does well that is just one more thing that is mess up in our LE and DA office

  174. i just past the fair grounds all the rides are there

  175. Ugh, the Parish Fair…what a perfect place for the serial killer to nab another poor unsuspecting victim. I’m gonna say that I hope it rains out too for the good of the people in this parish!


    • STOP YELLING. It’s rude.

    • “Ketchum23, on October 6th, 2009 at 2:46 AM Said:

      COUSINOFNECOLE…..Let’s be constructive and informative here (especially for your nieces and nephews). Can YOU answer my previous question?

      When Necole Guillory was last seen on August 16, 2009 getting into a car (as previously reported and videoed on the news), wasn’t it on North Doyle?”

      Are you referring to this post where you were addressing cousin of necole? You didn’t ask anyone else.

    • All I remember hearing is that she was last seen getting into a vehicle on Doyle………..I don’t believe it was ever stated whether it was north or south Doyle. Either way….Doyle isn’t that long of a street.

      • G8trgirl……Thank you for responding……intelligently! I remember seeing a TV newcast video that showed the street name of where she was reported as being last seen. I recall it said, N.Doyle. I am trying to find which newscast showed abovementioned video. When I come to the Memorial and IF I can figure out who you are, I will explain the importance of my inquiry. Thanks and keep up the good work!

        • Around the 2 minute mark in this video the reporter states Necole was last seen getting into a car on Doyle Street. Don’t know if this is the particular video you were asking about or not.

  177. What newcast? I just got here. Sorry don’t know what ur talking about.if our good parish leaders had any damn sense they would have cancelled the parish fair this year with what’s all going on.guess they need the revenue it brings in more than they’re worried about the parish safety.

  178. Word of the day ” SLANDER” ! Do any of you know what that means??????

    • This is just my opinion, and every last word is my opinion. I’m wondering that you are related to necole on the Terry Guillory side. Just HOW are you related? Care to share?

      • Terrie Guillory Baby sister…. Is that a problem?????

      • You know what, it doesn’t matter! The whole point here is JUSTICE for everyone, rather is it the 8 victims, the previous unsolved murders, or recent murders. The point is WHY is LE covering it up by not completely reporting things to the families or doing a complete report in general, records are not complete, or just not doing a damn thing about it. I know, she knows it, he knows it, and you flippin know. WHY? Can you answer? Because obviously we can tell you have a chip on your shoulder or someone is brain washing you.

    • I like “libel” also. Sue the newspapers.

    • COUSINOFNECOLE……You sound so hostile and bitter and God knows you have every right to be, BUT, NOT to those who post here. You should be bitter towards the killer(s), not those who are trying to help. It sounds like you are paranoid. Perhaps, you need counseling and I am no doctor. Actions and angry posts speak louder than words. Have a nice day!

    • And I forgot to ask, Do YOU know what libel means?
      Just because folks are born in Louisiana where people think we’re complete baffoons, doesn’t mean everyone’s an idiot.

  179. To me it just sounds like she woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning! Please let’s not be so hostile in here and remember what we’re all here for folks!

  180. And furthermore what’s all this talk about libel and slander? If I recall right freedom of speech is a constitutional right, but threatening someone just because they speak up isn’t!

    • I was just pointing out that libel is written. She typed slander and asked if we knew what it meant. Obviously she doesn’t. Libel is the term that would apply here.

  181. So people please let’s all act like adults in here. Remember, no children allowed. Enough about that. I received an email from nicki soileaux thanking me for contacting AMW yesterday as we were asked to do. She asked me for permission to use my letter in a story for the newspaper. Anyone else heard from her?

  182. This is just an observation from a woman living quite a few miles away in Colorado. I began reading this blog and I found out several things. If anything ever happened to one of my loved ones and nothing was being done, I want ALL OF YOU on my side. You are doing everything in your power to find the truth. Some people will find fault (some always do) buy you never give up. You show loving compassion for the families, and you are not here for YOUR glory. On the contrary, you blog with no identity. You are here for all the right reasons,with huge hearts! To the people who are criticizing “STOP IT NOW!!” If you are not part of the answer you’re part of the problem…..

  183. And to Mysterious if your still around here this morning, I think what your doing with the prayer vigil is wonderful. Oh course loosing a child, your daughter last year had to be one of the hardest things a parent could ever go through. Just please know you and the other families have lots of support and GOD will get you through this. My prayers are with you all.

  184. I am so dissapointed. This is the email reply I received from AMW this morning. So much for doing anything to help us! – Dear Viewer:

    Thank you for writing to America’s Most Wanted. You can find updates on the Unknown Jennings, La. Body Dumper case on our website at:

    AMW does its best to apprehend criminals, locate missing children and solve even the toughest crimes. Our show provides the information, but it’s viewers like you who do the real job.

    Please stay tuned for our next show on Saturday, October 10, 2009 at 9PM EST.

    Thanks for your continued support and interest in America’s Most Wanted.

    Operator 8522

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