News (2/26/14)

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05/21/05 Body Of Woman Found In JDP Identified (KLFY)

04/22/06 Jennings Man Pleads Not Guilty Charges (KLFY)

04/13/07 Body Found In Jeff Davis May Be Linked To Other Murders (KLFY)

05/13/07 JD Officials Working To ID Woman’s Body (KPLC)

05/15/07 Two Arrests In Murder Of Kristen Gary Lopez (KPLC)

05/15/07 Dead Women Share Troubled Past (KPLC)

05/15/07 Fourth Body Found In Jeff Davis Identified (KLFY)

05/15/07 Arrests Made In Jeff Davis Murder (KLFY)

05/16/07 Two Arrested In Murder Of Kristen Gary Lopez (KPLC)

05/24/07 Another Arrest Linked To Death Of Jennings Woman (KPLC)

05/27/07 Another Suspect Arrested In Murder Case (KLFY)

12/27/07 Officer Arrested:  His Side Of The Story (KPLC)

05/29/08 Jennings Body Identified (KPLC)

05/30/08 They Shouldn’t Have Done My Sister Like This (KPLC)

06/04/08 Jeff Davis Murder Investigation Continues (KLFY)

06/04/08 Family Says Without Answers Will Be More Bodies (KPLC)

09/12/08 Woman’s Body Found In Local Canal (KPLC)

11/05/08 Crackdown On Crime – Bodies Found In JDP(KPLC)

11/05/08 Jennings Mother Fears Worst In Daughter’s Disappearance (KPLC)

11/06/08 Does JD Parish Have A Serial Killer? (KPLC)

11/07/08 Death Of Teen Being Treated As Homicide (KLFY)

11/08/08 New Developments In Unsolved Jennings Murders (KPLC)

11/09/08 Editorial By Scott Lewis – Six (JDN)

11/10/08 Authorities Search For Missing Teen In Area With Six Unsolved Murders (WAFB)

11/10/08 Identity Of Jennings Body Released (KLFY)

11/10/08 Surveillance Shows Teens Last Moments (KPLC)

11/15/08 Body Discovered Believed To Be Missing Teen (KPLC)

11/17/08 Body Identified As Missing Teen (KLFY)

11/17/08 Jennings Teen Identified As 7th Victim (KPLC)

11/17/08 Latest Body Found ID’d As Brittney Gary (KPLC)

11/18/08 Don’t Be Another Victim in JD Parish (KPLC)

11/20/08 Investigation Into Jennings Death Continues (KLFY)

11/22/08 Celebrating The Life Of Brittney Gary (KPLC)

11/23/08 Brittney Ann Gary (KPLC)

11/24/08 Brittney Gary Laid To Rest (KLFY)

11/25/08 The Cuts Of The Sword (JDN)

11/25/08 New Leads In Brittney Gary Murder (KLFY)

12/19/08 Are We Drinking The Sand? (JDN)

01/06/09 Former FBI Agent Weighs In On Jeff Davis Case-Part 1 (KPLC)

01/07/09 Former FBI Agent Weighs In On Jeff Davis Case-Part 2 (KPLC)

01/08/09 Memorial March For LaConia Brown (JDN)

01/29/09 Reward Money In Jeff Davis Murders (KPLC)

02/11/09 Why Would You Contribute To Crime? (JDN)

03/12/09 Jeff Davis Seven On AMW (KPLC)

04/14/09 No Solid Leads In JD Murders (same article as below….easier to read) (Times SWLA)

04/16/09 Still No Solid Leads In The JD Serial Murders (Pages 5-6) (Times SWLA)

04/29/09 Jennings Murder Update (KLFY)

07/26/09 Film To Document Jeff Davis Parish Murders (KPLC)

08/19/09 Body Found In Acadia Parish (LDA)

08/19/09 A Body Is Found In Acadia Parish Off I-10 (KPLC)

08/20/09 Body Found In Acadia Parish (KPLC)

08/20/09 Victim Number 8 (KLFY)

08/21/09 Necole Guillory Death Inflames Community Concerns (KPLC)

08/22/09 8th Jeff Davis Victim Laid To Rest (KPLC)

08/24/09 Victim’s Mother Speaks Out (KLFY)

08/26/09 Investigator Ties Jeff Davis Killings To One Street (KATC)

08/26/09 Jeff Davis Victims Said To Frequent South Main Street In Jennings (KPLC)

08/28/09 Jeff Davis Victim Caught On Surveillance Video (KATC)

09/01/09 Jeff Davis Victim #8 On Surveillance Video (KPLC)

09/03/09 Victims’ Friends Speak Out About Jeff Davis Deaths (KPLC)

09/05/09 Documenting The Jeff Davis Eight (KPLC)

09/21/09 Jeff Davis Parish Investigating 13 Unsolved Murders (KPLC)

09/22/09 Jeff Davis Death:  Brother Breaks Silence (KATC)

09/29/09 Jeff Davis Victims In National Spotlight (KPLC)

09/29/09 Authorities Acting On Edge Of Caution (KPLC)

10/07/09 Jeff Davis Murders Update (KLFY)

10/07/09 Jennings Task Force Comprised Of Many Agencies (KATC)

10/14/09 Police Set Up Web Site To Help Catch A Serial Killer (CNN)

10/15/09 Jeff Davis Eight Vigil (KPLC)

10/16/09 Vigil Planned For Unsolved Murders (KLFY)

10/19/09 Vigil Held For Jeff Davis Victims (KLFY)

10/20/09 Geraldo Live To Cover Jeff Davis Deaths (KATC)

10/20/09 No Progress In Jennings Murders (KLFY)

10/26/09 Jeff Davis Sheriff Says Task Force Making Progress (KPLC)

10/28/09 Jeff Davis Parish Update (KATC)

10/28/09 Jeff Davis Task Force Holds News Conference (KPLC)

10/30/09 Friends And Family March In Jeff Davis (LDA)

10/30/09 Jeff Davis 8 Protest (KLFY)

10/30/09 Families Of Jeff Davis Women March For Justice (KPLC)

11/18/09 The Killing Fields (The Independent) Cached Copy-Scroll Down Page For Article (note:  article loads slow)

11/19/09 KPLC Refuses To Turn Over Video Recordings (KPLC)

12/01/09 Behind The Badge And Under The Gun (The Independent) Cached Copy-Scroll Down Page For Article (note:  article loads slow)

12/828/09 Jeff Davis Officer DNA Swabbing (KLFY)

12/28/09 In Hunt for Louisiana Serial Killer, Jefferson Davis Parish Police Forced To Give DNA Samples (

01/01/10 8 Deaths In A Small Town, And Much Unease (

03/04/10 Louisiana Police Hunt Elusive Serial Killer (aolnews)

04/20/10 Cold Case Cards (KLFY)

04/20/10 Cold Case Card Deck Issued In LA Prisons (KPLC)

07/07/10 Killings Remain Unsolved (KLFY)

07/14/10 State Police Turning Jennings Around (KATC)

08/19/10 Jeff Davis 8: One Year Since Last Body Found (KPLC)

08/20/11 Two Years Since Eighth Victims (KPLC)

10/31/11 Jeff Davis 8: A Killer Among Us? (KLFY)

02/12/12 New Info In Muggy Brown Case (JDN)

02/20/12 BRUTAL BAYOU(Investigation Discovery)

01/30/14 Jennings 8:  Unsolved Murders Haunt Town, Police (WWLTV)

01/30/14 Who Really Murdered the Jeff Davis 8? (Ethan Brown)

02/18/14 My Investigation Into the Jeff Davis 8 Murders (Ethan Brown)

02/18/14 The Jefferson Davis 8 Documents (Ethan Brown)

02/25/14 Did the Jeff Davis 8 Inspire True Detective? (New York Observer)

02/26/14 ‘True Detective,’ The Jeff Davis 8, And The 5 Horsemen Theory (uproxx)