~ Who Killed the Jeff Davis 8? ~

Who Killed the Jeff Davis 8?

Article by:  Author and Investigative Journalist, Ethan Brown

A serial killer has allegedly been preying on Louisiana prostitutes. But a new investigation reveals a far scarier theory.

Over the past two years, I have obtained and reviewed hundreds of pages of task force witness interviews, the homicide case files on several of the victims, the Jeff Davis Parish sheriff’s office’s and Jeff Davis Parish district attorney’s files on all of the victims, federal and state court records, and the complete personnel files of the cops and sheriff’s deputies at the center of the case. I have interviewed friends and family of all of eight victims, as well as some of the possible suspects.

The details of the Jeff Davis 8 case can be murky; the connections between victims, suspects, and police tangled. My investigation, however, casts serious doubt on the theory that the Jeff Davis 8 is the work of a serial killer.

One fact is clear: local law enforcement is far too steeped in misconduct and corruption—and this extends to the task force, which is dominated by detectives and deputies from the sheriff’s office—to run an investigation with the integrity that the murdered women and their families deserve after nearly a decade in which no one has been brought to justice.

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~ JDP Violent Crimes Synopsis ~

This is a cross-post from the jdpkiller discussion forum .  You have to be a member to read there but, out of the kindness of my heart, I am posting it here as well.  Long time commenter and retired Chicago PD Officer, Ketchum, compiled this chronological time line and synopsis from her own investigation as well as from various media sources.  Her synopsis is alarming not only in length but content as well.  I don’t know what the rest of you will think, but…..the list boggles my mind.  I find the amount and types of crimes and arrests excessive and many seem ‘violent’.  The fact that so many remain unsolved is unsettling.  Get comfy cause it’s a looooooong read!!!

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~ Unexpected Surprise (5/6/11 update)~

I received an unexpected surprise when I logged on to my facebook account this afternoon!  It was an invite to a new blog radio show called Behind The Yellow Tape.  The reason I was particularly surprised, and now excited, is because the pilot broadcast will be an overview and discussion about the eight unsolved female murders in Jeff Davis Parish.  Special guest will be psychological and geographic profiler, Dr. Maurice Godwin.  Listeners are invited to call in with questions for Dr. Godwin. Continue reading

~ Documentarian Returns To Jennings ~

Article in The Advertiser about Paul Nixon’s return to Jennings:

Documentarian returns to Jennings (link no longer valid due to archiving)
Written by Amanda McElfresh
March 26, 2011

Despite the wealth of information, Nixon said he felt he needed more interviews and coverage of the town of Jennings, thus prompting the return trip.

“I’m also intrigued by the fact that the cases seem to have gone very, very cold, and we’d like to find out if apparent quiet surrounding the homicides means that people are starting to move on with their lives, or if the town is still emotionally raw underneath it all,” Nixon said via email.

In addition to filming, Nixon also hopes to organize some type of memorial or remembrance event for victims Loretta Chaisson, Ernestine Patterson, Kristen Lopez, Whitnei Dubois, “Muggy” Brown, Crystal Zeno, Brittney Gary and Guillory.

More at the link.

~ Month Of May ~

I haven’t posted anything of substance in quite a while and can’t really guarantee this post will contain any “substance”.  It’s not because I haven’t wanted to…..it’s just because there’s been absolutely nothing new to discuss.

Discussions about the murders do continue on the Murder In Jeff Davis Parish forum but all we can really do is continually re-hash what little we do know and…..we’re not even sure how much of that is accurate.  We also continue to voice our “opinions” and toss around our own theories.  Is it all for naught I often wonder?  Do any of you remember when the last “press conference” took place about these murders? Continue reading

~ It Took Seven Bodies ~

Re-reading through the news articles again….another worth the read. It’s from Dec 08 (Jennings Daily News)….author unknown on this article….written by a “staff writer”. I don’t blame them….I’d stay anonymous too the way this case(s) is playing out right now. A few “stand-outs” from the article: Continue reading

~ Warren Gary – Jeff Davis Parish Sheriff Detective ~

I am unable to specifically link back to the following information. It was taken from some posts at Websleuths and the poster did reference to an article(s) from American Press, Doris Marcle, November 27, 2007

Warren Gary, a veteran detective with the Jeff Davis Parish Sheriff’s Office, was the subject of a seven month investigation by Louisiana State Police. The case involves Detective Gary purchasing a vehicle that may have been involved in the death of Kristen Lopez, the 3rd victim in a series of mysterious female deaths in the parish. Gary allegedly had no prior knowledge that the vehicle may have been a “crime scene”. Continue reading