~Ethan Brown – The Jefferson Davis 8 Documents ~

The Jefferson Davis 8 Documents

From 2005 to 2009, eight women—all mired in the local sex and drug trade—were murdered in southwestern Louisiana. A federal-state-and-local taskforce has pursued a theory that this is the handiwork of a serial killer, and all the killings remain unsolved. But Ethan Brown’smulti-year investigation has raised serious doubts about such a theory and about the conduct and possible involvement of local law enforcement. Here are some of his case files.

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~ Ethan Brown – The Jefferson Davis 8 Documents ~

By:  Ethan Brown in The Jeff Davis 8 Killings

My Investigation Into the Jeff Davis 8 Murders

A look at the documents that informed the story

Through numerous records requests under Louisiana’s Public Records Act to the Louisiana State Police, the Jefferson Davis Parish District Attorney’s Office, the Jefferson Davis Parish Sheriff’s Office and the Jennings Police Department, I received thousands of pages of records ranging Sheriff’s Office incident reports and personnel files to District Attorney case files. Excerpts are now available here.

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~ Unexpected Surprise (5/6/11 update)~

I received an unexpected surprise when I logged on to my facebook account this afternoon!  It was an invite to a new blog radio show called Behind The Yellow Tape.  The reason I was particularly surprised, and now excited, is because the pilot broadcast will be an overview and discussion about the eight unsolved female murders in Jeff Davis Parish.  Special guest will be psychological and geographic profiler, Dr. Maurice Godwin.  Listeners are invited to call in with questions for Dr. Godwin. Continue reading

~ Kodiak Productions Documentary (Update) ~

A cheerful hello to you all and Happy New Year as well!!!

It’s gotten to be so long between posts I sometimes forget how some of the editing features here work.  I sincerely apologize for not writing more often but, as those you that follow the cases closely are aware, there have been no recent updates about the murders.

I do have something exciting to update you on though.  Paul Nixon (Kodiak Productions) and I were recently able to reconnect after having lost touch for a period of time.  He assured me that he is still following the cases and, like many of us, regrets there has been no resolution thus far.  The GOOD NEWS is, the planned documentary detailing the murders is in the final editing stage. Continue reading

~ Month Of May ~

I haven’t posted anything of substance in quite a while and can’t really guarantee this post will contain any “substance”.  It’s not because I haven’t wanted to…..it’s just because there’s been absolutely nothing new to discuss.

Discussions about the murders do continue on the Murder In Jeff Davis Parish forum but all we can really do is continually re-hash what little we do know and…..we’re not even sure how much of that is accurate.  We also continue to voice our “opinions” and toss around our own theories.  Is it all for naught I often wonder?  Do any of you remember when the last “press conference” took place about these murders? Continue reading

~ It Took Seven Bodies ~

Re-reading through the news articles again….another worth the read. It’s from Dec 08 (Jennings Daily News)….author unknown on this article….written by a “staff writer”. I don’t blame them….I’d stay anonymous too the way this case(s) is playing out right now. A few “stand-outs” from the article: Continue reading

~ Tip Line Not Helping Yet ~

Unfortunately, the tip line devoted to developing leads into the deaths of seven women found in Jefferson Davis Parish over the past 3 1/2 has only gotten 25 calls so far and it was basically information LE already had.  One of the calls was regarding an out-of-state case. Continue reading