~ Art Imitating Life?? ~

Ethan’s article is definitely making the rounds and has generated a great deal of interest to other journalists.  Below are links to two recent articles that discuss possible parallels with the new HBO series True Detective (which I have not watched yet).

From the New York Observer:  Did the Jeff Davis 8 Inspire True Detective?

The similarities between this high-profile case and the otherwise overly-complicated weirdness of True Detective is no coincidence. Creator and sole writer Nic Pizzolatto grew up 30 minutes away from Jennings in Lake Charles, LA, where the cases were covered extensively by local media.

From uproxx.com:  ‘True Detective,’ The Jeff Davis 8, And The 5 Horsemen Theory

Earlier this month, Medium published a very lengthy, fascinating, and engrossing piece by Ethan Brown on the Jeff Davis 8, the unsolved murders from 1995 to 2010 of 8 women from Jeff Davis Parish, crimes that have long been connected to a serial killer. Before the piece, there was some suggestion that Nic Pizzolatto had perhaps gotten inspiration for True Detective from the Jeff Davis 8, and as a huge twist emerged in the narrative of the real-life case, the connection it has to True Detective has picked up more steam.


~ A Few Questions ~

A Few Questions For The “Task Force”……..

  • Has the reward fund been established and set up yet? *
  • Has a liaison been appointed for the victim’s families?  I’m still trying to figure out why a liaison is necessary……LE can’t just talk to the families?
    • Just my opinion but if they’re going to have a “liaison”……I’d make sure it’s an attorney if I were them………just sayin. Continue reading

~ Tip Line Not Helping Yet ~

Unfortunately, the tip line devoted to developing leads into the deaths of seven women found in Jefferson Davis Parish over the past 3 1/2 has only gotten 25 calls so far and it was basically information LE already had.  One of the calls was regarding an out-of-state case. Continue reading

~ Task Force ~

On December 18, 2008, Jeff Davis Parish Sheriff Ricky Edwards

Sheriff Ricky Edwards

Sheriff Ricky Edwards

announced the formation of a task force dedicated to the investigation of seven mysterious female deaths in the parish over the past three and a half years. The Louisiana Legislature Joint Budget Committee earmarked $250,000 to fund the effort. The funds will be given to the Louisiana State Police. Continue reading