~ Former Jennings Police Chief Accused Of Stealing From Evidence Room (Updated) ~

Johnny Lassiter

Recent updates:

11/14/13 Former Jennings police chief pleads guilty to malfeasance in office (American Press)

A former Jennings police chief pleaded guilty Thursday in district court to two counts of malfeasance stemming from the theft of drugs and money from the Police Department’s evidence room.

Lassiter was arrested in January after a state police audit found that drugs and money were missing from the Police Department’s evidence room.

District Attorney Michael Cassidy said $4,000 in cash, more than 1,800 pills, marijuana and codeine were missing from the evidence room.

“Only two people had keys to the evidence room — Mr. Lassiter and Chief Todd D’Albor.

Lassiter admitted taking the pills and tampering with evidence, Cassidy said.  His actions may have affected nearly 72 criminal cases, he said.

9/18/13 Court date reset for former Jennings police chief (American Press)

Johnny Lassiter, 52, was to appear Monday in 31st Judicial Court, but the trial was reset for 10:30 a.m. Nov. 14. Lassiter remains in an out-of-parish rehab facility undergoing treatment, District Attorney Michael Cassidy said.

He was arrested in January on theft and malfeasance charges after an audit of the department’s evidence room found that several items, including drugs, were missing.

Lassiter pleaded guilty to theft over $1,500, malfeasance in office and obstruction of justice charges in March. A charge of injuring public records has been dismissed.

He resigned as a police officer on Jan. 8, just three days before his arrest.


Former Jennings Police Chief, Johnny Lassiter, has been arrested and is being held on a $100,00 bond at the Calcasieu Parish Correctional Center “for safety reasons”.

News Release – Region
Troop D
January 11, 2013

Former Jennings Police Officer Arrested

Jennings – Earlier this month, the Louisiana State Police Bureau of Investigations assisted the Jennings Police Department with an audit of their evidence room. Our assistance was requested in order to have an independent agency present in order to ensure the integrity of the process after discrepancies were discovered by the Jennings Police Department.

During the processing of the evidence, it was determined that items were missing. A joint criminal investigation conducted by State Police and Jennings Police Department investigators revealed that 52-year-old Johnny Lassiter had taken items from the evidence room.

Lassiter had been employed as a police officer by the Jennings Police Department until his resignation on Tuesday, January 8, 2013.

On January 11, 2013, Troopers arrested Lassiter for theft over $1,500, malfeasance in office, obstruction of justice, and injuring public records. Lassiter was booked into the Jefferson Davis Parish Jail then transferred to the Calcasieu Parish Correctional Center for safety reasons.

Lassiter is being held on a $100,000 bond. The investigation is continuing.









~ JDP Violent Crimes Synopsis ~

This is a cross-post from the jdpkiller discussion forum .  You have to be a member to read there but, out of the kindness of my heart, I am posting it here as well.  Long time commenter and retired Chicago PD Officer, Ketchum, compiled this chronological time line and synopsis from her own investigation as well as from various media sources.  Her synopsis is alarming not only in length but content as well.  I don’t know what the rest of you will think, but…..the list boggles my mind.  I find the amount and types of crimes and arrests excessive and many seem ‘violent’.  The fact that so many remain unsolved is unsettling.  Get comfy cause it’s a looooooong read!!!

Continue reading

~ A Serial Killer in Jennings, LA – Part 2 ~

Behind The Yellow Tape – A Serial Killer in Jennings, LA – Part 2

Guests Kirk Menard & Stacy Dittrich
Host Joey Ortega
Thu, Jun 2, 2011

Recap of the show:

Kirk got involved in the cases approximately a few weeks before 7th victim Brittney Gary went missing. He was hired by 3 family members, is still active in the investigation and handles all 3 cases collectively. He was hired to do what family members felt Sheriff Edwards and his task force would not, or could not do, which is find and catch the killer(s). Asked by Joey if he was convinced these are serial killer cases, Kirk stated that he believes so based on the geographic profile and where the bodies were located. He believes there are one…..or a few…..of the same common offenders responsible.

Kirk explained that initially, LE thought he was was doing more harm than good to the investigation because he was a 3rd party and was not privy to any “inside” information. He clarified he was hired by family members for information gathering purposes only. His task was, and still is, to gather information “on the streets” from people that are skeptical or hesitant about contacting LE Continue reading

~ Jesse Ewing To Run For JDP Sheriff Position ~

Former Jennings City Police Sergeant, Jesse Ewing, has announced his intent to run for Jeff Davis Parish Sheriff.


He was fired from his job as Jennings Police Sergeant after he turned over criminal evidence to a civilian without permission from his supervisors. Now, Jesse Ewing wants to be sheriff of Jeff Davis Parish.

Ewing admits his history in law enforcement is not only his biggest asset, since  it shows he has experience; it could also be his biggest challenge, as he tries to overcome public perception that he was a dirty cop. Continue reading

~ Kirk Menard – Private Investigator ~

Kirk Menard is a private investigator in Jennings, LA. He is the president of Menard’s Investigative Services.

Kirk Menard

Apparently, his first involvement with the mysterious Jeff Davis Parish deaths began back in December 2007 when his friend, Jennings police officer Jesse Ewing, passed on confidential inmate interview information to him. Menard ultimately forwarded that information on to the Louisiana Attorney General’s office and the FBI. Continue reading

~ Warren Gary – Jeff Davis Parish Sheriff Detective ~

I am unable to specifically link back to the following information. It was taken from some posts at Websleuths and the poster did reference to an article(s) from American Press, Doris Marcle, November 27, 2007

Warren Gary, a veteran detective with the Jeff Davis Parish Sheriff’s Office, was the subject of a seven month investigation by Louisiana State Police. The case involves Detective Gary purchasing a vehicle that may have been involved in the death of Kristen Lopez, the 3rd victim in a series of mysterious female deaths in the parish. Gary allegedly had no prior knowledge that the vehicle may have been a “crime scene”. Continue reading

~ Jesse Ewing – Jennings PD ~


Jesse Ewing

Louisiana State Police arrested Jennings Police Officer, Jesse Ewing, on December 19, 2007 on the following charges:

L.R.S. 14:130.1 Obstruction of Justice

L.R.S. 14:134    Malfeasance in Office

L.R.S. 14:134.1 Malfeasance in Office, Sexual Conduct Prohibited

Ewing was a veteran officer with the JPD. He was accused of obstruction of justice and malfeasance in office. The investigation centered around the mysterious deaths of four Jeff Davis Parish women. Ewing turned over privileged information in an ongoing investigation to a civilian, private investigator. He was also accused of improper sexual conduct with an inmate.

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