(Update 3/4/12:  Episode can be viewed here)

The JDP 8 unsolved female murders will be featured on Investigation Discovery’s new series, Dark Minds on Wednesday, February 29th, 10pm (check local listing for correct time zone).  The episode is titled BRUTAL BAYOU and below is the synopsis of the upcoming program:

Jennings, Louisiana is the largest city in Jefferson Davis Parish, about halfway between Houston and New Orleans. Around 11,000 people call this quiet rural town home, and nearly a third of the population lives below the poverty line. Continue reading


~ Reminder ~

Quick reminder…..the Behind The Yellow Tape broadcast airs tomorrow night at 10pm (CDT).  Be sure to tune in!!!

~ Unexpected Surprise (5/6/11 update)~

I received an unexpected surprise when I logged on to my facebook account this afternoon!  It was an invite to a new blog radio show called Behind The Yellow Tape.  The reason I was particularly surprised, and now excited, is because the pilot broadcast will be an overview and discussion about the eight unsolved female murders in Jeff Davis Parish.  Special guest will be psychological and geographic profiler, Dr. Maurice Godwin.  Listeners are invited to call in with questions for Dr. Godwin. Continue reading

~ Documentarian Returns To Jennings ~

Article in The Advertiser about Paul Nixon’s return to Jennings:

Documentarian returns to Jennings (link no longer valid due to archiving)
Written by Amanda McElfresh
March 26, 2011

Despite the wealth of information, Nixon said he felt he needed more interviews and coverage of the town of Jennings, thus prompting the return trip.

“I’m also intrigued by the fact that the cases seem to have gone very, very cold, and we’d like to find out if apparent quiet surrounding the homicides means that people are starting to move on with their lives, or if the town is still emotionally raw underneath it all,” Nixon said via email.

In addition to filming, Nixon also hopes to organize some type of memorial or remembrance event for victims Loretta Chaisson, Ernestine Patterson, Kristen Lopez, Whitnei Dubois, “Muggy” Brown, Crystal Zeno, Brittney Gary and Guillory.

More at the link.

~ Kodiak Productions Returning To Jennings ~

I’m very excited to let you know Paul Nixon, of Kodiak Productions, will be returning to the Jennings area on Tuesday, March 29th to conduct additional interviews and filming for the documentary he has been hard at work on. He will be in the area through Thursday, April 7th.

Paul has a wonderful idea in mind, which is to have a day of “remembrance” for the 8 murdered women. There are no plans for a “formal ceremony” and the invitation is open to family, friends, past school mates, work colleagues and those who are just concerned citizens. All who would like to participate in this wonderful memorial, and day of reminiscing, are encouraged to bring along photos, videos, favorite items belonging to the girls, and any memories/anecdotes you might have of them to share with others and for the documentary. Continue reading

~ Happy Mother’s Day ~

Continue reading

~ Discussion Forum ~

Good morning to all:

I’ve received several emails about the http://murderinjdp.49.forumer.com/ forum loading slow or not at all.  I am experiencing the same problem and yes, it is very annoying. I wanted to mass email all of the registered users to advise of the problem but…..alas, wasn’t able to do that from the site either so that’s why I’m posting the info here in hopes that you will think to check the blog.

The particular server our site is on (server #49) is experiencing some “overload” and the owners of forumer.com are aware of the situation and are in the process of trying to get it resolved…….sooner than later hopefully.  Sorry for the inconvenience but we will just have to be patient.

This link http://www.forumer.com/status.php shows server status in case any of you want to keep tabs on it.

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