(Update 3/4/12:  Episode can be viewed here)

The JDP 8 unsolved female murders will be featured on Investigation Discovery’s new series, Dark Minds on Wednesday, February 29th, 10pm (check local listing for correct time zone).  The episode is titled BRUTAL BAYOU and below is the synopsis of the upcoming program:

Jennings, Louisiana is the largest city in Jefferson Davis Parish, about halfway between Houston and New Orleans. Around 11,000 people call this quiet rural town home, and nearly a third of the population lives below the poverty line.

Now, they’ve got more to worry about than just keeping food on the table… Locals think a serial killer is on the loose, and it’s got everyone on edge.

Between 2006 and 2009, 8 girls were killed and dumped on the lonely backroads of the Parish. Girls from the wrong side of the tracks… the badlands of drugs and poverty.

Whoever killed them is still out there, meaning that any day, another innocent girl could join the ranks of The Brutal Bayou murders.

The victims share two things — they were all high when they died, and many of them hung out at a party house on the seamy south side of town. But they’re different races, and they were killed in different sadistic ways. Are police sure it’s a serial killer?

It’s hard to say. Townspeople are suspicious of the cops, accusing them of corruption, dirty tactics and trickery, so in the absence of an arrest, rumors and conspiracies rule the day. It’s a case as murky as a Louisiana bayou…

Born and bred Yankee M. William Phelps is a fish out of water in the Deep South, but as he works to break the Cajun code of silence and dig up new information, he finds himself backed into a corner…

So he turns to master profiler John Kelly and his secret weapon, convicted murderer “13”… because without the Dark Mind of a serial killer, The Brutal Bayou murders may just sink into a swamp of rumor and conjecture.

The program will re-air on March 1st (1:00 am) and March 3rd (12:00 pm).


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