~ A Serial Killer in Jennings, LA – Part 2 ~

Behind The Yellow Tape – A Serial Killer in Jennings, LA – Part 2

Guests Kirk Menard & Stacy Dittrich
Host Joey Ortega
Thu, Jun 2, 2011

Recap of the show:

Kirk got involved in the cases approximately a few weeks before 7th victim Brittney Gary went missing. He was hired by 3 family members, is still active in the investigation and handles all 3 cases collectively. He was hired to do what family members felt Sheriff Edwards and his task force would not, or could not do, which is find and catch the killer(s). Asked by Joey if he was convinced these are serial killer cases, Kirk stated that he believes so based on the geographic profile and where the bodies were located. He believes there are one…..or a few…..of the same common offenders responsible.

Kirk explained that initially, LE thought he was was doing more harm than good to the investigation because he was a 3rd party and was not privy to any “inside” information. He clarified he was hired by family members for information gathering purposes only. His task was, and still is, to gather information “on the streets” from people that are skeptical or hesitant about contacting LE and allows an alternate avenue to pass on information about the cases. Kirk is now, he feels, on a more amicable working basis with LE as a result of gaining credibility from the information he has provided, and continues to provide them.

For a number of reasons, Kirk volunteered to LE a DNA sample, time cards, invoices, etc. in an effort to have himself cleared of any suspicion surrounding the cases. He wanted the families that hired him to feel comfortable and, to ease the public’s mind especially in light of previous incidents involving LE…..specifically, Warren Gary and Paula Guillory. He also didn’t want questions raised when he was spotted out on the streets late at night or in the wee hours of the morning with a video camera.

Kirk was also aware of an issue regarding his own past that might come up and wanted to avoid that becoming a distraction in the cases. His daughter was “lured” to a house, by Muggy Brown, and was raped by a male that was there. This was during a time after the first few murders had already occurred but prior to Muggy’s death. His daughter was not the only female that had happened to…..many others had been “lured” as well and not just by Muggy. His daughter filed charges and the male responsible for the rape, and Muggy, were both arrested. Muggy was offered a “deal” in exchange for her testimony against the rapist. Kirk’s daughter, fearing for her safety after being threatened by the male that raped her, eventually dropped the charges. That male is currently incarcerated on other unrelated charges.

Another topic that was broached was speculation that perhaps…..the killer had a “bone to pick” with Kirk as Ms. Dittrich phrased it. Not only because of the incident involving his daughter but, also because of widely publicized video surveillance footage of 8th victim, Necole Guillory, he had filmed a couple of months prior to her death. In addition, her body was found on an interstate overpass embankment…..a good distance away from the other “cluster” of bodies but, in close proximity to the office location of Kirk’s private investigation agency. He was also “high profile” in the media during that same time frame.

Menard’s response to the speculation…..”it was coincidental”. His daughter dropped the rape charge. His Egan, LA office had only been opened a short time and as far as he is aware, very few people had knowledge of it. He had not “singled out” Necole for surveillance. He was in the surveillance area based on a tip that all of the murdered women had been seen going in and out of a particular house in Jennings.

Ms. Dittrich, who stated although she “had not reviewed any of the case files or evidence”, said it was “clear to her” there was a certain “social circle” frequenting the house….it was a location law enforcement should narrow their focus on, and….. was likely where the murders had generated from”. She asked if a search warrant had ever been obtained for the house and Kirk answered that as far as he’s been able to ascertain….the answer is “no”.

Not to undermine local law enforcement, or the task force…..Ms. Dittrich could not understand why they would not get an affidavit from Kirk’s “source” in addition to a search warrant and search the house under suspicion. She said “it’s absolutely mind blowing to me”. To her…..it’s a “no brainer”. You have a witness that’s seen the murdered women in and out of that specific location. Kirk videos one of them at that location shortly before she’s killed. In Ms. Dittrich’s words….. “there’s GOT to be a connection”.

Joey tells Ms. Dittrich, and listeners…..”now you’re beginning to see why a lot of people have a lot of questions”. She says “it’s a fascinating case”. He says “there’s a lot of questions to be answered”. He advises that on the next upcoming show….there will be discussion about the incident involving an officer charged with compromising evidence that may have been part of one of the cases. That officer was eventually taken off the street and put in charge of the evidence room!!!