~ Break The Silence ~

For those of you that may not be aware, there was recently an excellently written Jennings Daily News editorial titled, The people of Welsh need to make a decision.  Although it is directed to the citizens of Welsh, I believe the message is applicable to ALL of Jeff Davis Parish considering the number of unsolved crimes and, particularly the many unsolved murders plaguing the communities there.

 The following excerpts from the editorial are the ones that stood out most to me and I hope they make a big impact on those of you that read them as well:

 It doesn’t take one person to decide the fate of a town; it takes everyone inside that town.

 If one person has information about any type of crime but refuses to share that information, they are allowing the problems to continue. They are allowing those people who choose to make others’ lives miserable the chance to cause even more chaos. It’s understandable to fear retaliation from those people and their friends and family. But it’s not okay to allow your town to continue crumbling under that fear.

 Your choices affect your town. How you choose to live your life affects the lives of those around you. And if you choose to remain silent with information that could help police get some of the biggest troublemakers off the streets, then you are making the statement that you do not care. Whether fear holds you back or you feel speaking up is not your place, you are still responsible for the fate of your community.

There is no excuse for letting the innocent pay for what could have been prevented all along.

 Eight young Jeff Davis Parish women have been murdered over the course of 4 years and their bodies dumped like they were trash.  To date, those crimes…..as well as several other murders, remain unsolved.  These victims and their families deserve answers and they deserve justice.  The person, or persons, responsible for brutally taking these people’s lives most likely still walks among the residents of Jeff Davis Parish and remains free to KILL AGAIN!!!

I am convinced there are people that have information about these crimes but, for what ever reason, they continue to withhold what could be viable leads and/or evidence that could be the key to solving the cases.  I certainly understand the “fear factor” involved in going to authorities with a lead BUT…..remaining silent does not assure one’s safety either.  It only perpetuates a false sense of security.

To those of you reading here that may have unreported information, tips, leads, or crucial information related to the cases…..or know of someone else that does……I strongly, strongly urge you to break your silence.  It may not be the easiest thing to do but…..it is the RIGHT thing to do!!!


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