~ Jesse Ewing To Run For JDP Sheriff Position ~

Former Jennings City Police Sergeant, Jesse Ewing, has announced his intent to run for Jeff Davis Parish Sheriff.


He was fired from his job as Jennings Police Sergeant after he turned over criminal evidence to a civilian without permission from his supervisors. Now, Jesse Ewing wants to be sheriff of Jeff Davis Parish.

Ewing admits his history in law enforcement is not only his biggest asset, since  it shows he has experience; it could also be his biggest challenge, as he tries to overcome public perception that he was a dirty cop.

Today, KPLC sat down with Ewing to talk about his campaign. What are his goals for the sheriff’s office? What would he do differently? And does he believe a law enforcement official is involved in the Jeff Davis 8 murders?

The current Sheriff, Ricky Edwards, who has held the position throughout six terms, will end his long run in office on June 30, 2012 and does not intend to run again according to a statement posted on kplctv.com’s website.

I will keep an eye out (and post here) for a follow-up article, and video, detailing Ewing’s response regarding his thoughts about whether he believes a law enforcement official(s) is involved in the murders.  Also, Ewing will be a guest tomorrow night (June 10th) on the blog talk radio show, Behind The Yellow Tape, which will air at 10:00 pm (CDT).  He will discuss his experience in the murder investigation and the controversy surrounding his arrest. Mr. Ewing will also discuss his bid for Sheriff and his plans to bring closure to the cases.  It should be quite an interesting show.


3 Responses

  1. What happened? I notice from one of the documents your charge is that LE entered your residence illegally? Is that correct….is that the charge?

  2. From what I read this case was thrown out? So whats the point?

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