~ Synopsis On BTYT Episode 1 – Godwin & Dittrich ~

I posted a synopsis of the first Behind The Yellow Tape – A Serial Killer In Jennings – Part 1 on the JDP Killer discussion forum and thought I’d repost it here on the blog for those of you that don’t follow the discussion forum or may have not had the opportunity to listen to the show.  I thought the show was great and agree with many that a 1-hour show would be even nicer and allow listeners time to call in.  Parts of the discussion that I found particularly interesting:

From Dr. Godwin (MG):

  • He was contacted by Sheriff Edwards after the 5th murder
  • RE neglected to advise the media/public that Godwin had been consulted about the cases
  • MG advised RE to publicly release that new forensic clues had been discovered and that the killer had made some “serious crime scene mistakes” which were known only to investigators.  For some reason, RE chose not to follow MG’s suggestion
  • RE cut-off contact with Godwin after FBI brought in and would not even respond to MG’s emails
  • Godwin never received payment for his services
  • Godwin has not seen any evidence to suggest possible LE involvement in the murders

Godwin stressed the importance of the case time lines as well as the geographic locations where the women were last seen and where the bodies were ultimately located.  He stated that geographic behaviors can be a “signature” of the killer especially when they are consistent.  His determination is that the area around Hillias Road/Ward Line Road would be the “anchor” location and radiate out a mile or two in every direction from that “anchor” and would signify the area the killer lives in, is comfortable in,  possibly where the murders occurred, etc.  I did my own little map based on the Hillias/Ward Line location with a 3 mile radius…..not sure exactly what radius Godwin uses though.

Geographic profile based on Dr. Godwin's center target area - click map for larger view

As far as time lines….he stated that the victim missing/last seen days of the week (which undoubtedly do have a pattern to them)….primarily Tues/Thur/Sun, could signify days the killer was IN Jennings BUT…..could also signify the days (Mon/Wed/Fri) the killer was NOT in Jennings as well.  I found that point notable as I had personally not considered that angle.

From Stacy Dittrich (SD):

  • Questioned why RE was/is not more aggressively tackling the cases by advising the media/public that Dr. Godwin had been consulted, providing the public with regular/timely updates,  and his hesitancy to label the cases as “serial killings”
  • Hard to fathom 8 different women killed by 8 different killers
  • Even though FBI was called in, many times they themselves may be “local” as well and may not have experience investigating a case(s) of this magnitude
  • When the subject of possible LE involvement was broached, she stated that there had been some “really weird twists” that could cause you to “raise an eyebrow” and that at this point, NOTHING should be ruled out.

The host, Joey Ortega, also briefly mentioned Leonard Crochet’s case and that there was discussion/speculation swirling around about it possibly being related to the 8 murders.  Hopefully he will have the time to delve a bit further into that on future shows and possibly even aid in determining if, in FACT, any of the 8 murdered women were indeed there that night and, specifically which ones, as well as any others that were there that night which are now dead too.


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