~ Unexpected Surprise (5/6/11 update)~

I received an unexpected surprise when I logged on to my facebook account this afternoon!  It was an invite to a new blog radio show called Behind The Yellow Tape.  The reason I was particularly surprised, and now excited, is because the pilot broadcast will be an overview and discussion about the eight unsolved female murders in Jeff Davis Parish.  Special guest will be psychological and geographic profiler, Dr. Maurice Godwin.  Listeners are invited to call in with questions for Dr. Godwin.

Here are the links so you can check out the show info yourself:

A Serial Killer in Jennings, Louisiana – Part 1 blog radio broadcast will air Friday, May 27, 2011 from 8:00pm – 8:30pm.  I’m kind of assuming that’s Central Daylight Time…..need to get a confirmation on that.  In case you are unable to tune in on May 27th, the episode will be archived on the Blog Talk Radio link above for future reference.

I’m looking forward to the show and listening to the discussion and hope many of you will tune in as well.

*** UPDATE:  The show will air at 8:00pm Pacific Daylight Time.***

Another Update (5/6/11) – An additional guest on the show will be Stacy Dittrichan award-winning 17-year law enforcement officer, author, media consultant, and former detective specializing in sex crimes. With past training by a former FBI Behavioral Specialist, Stacy is certified through the National Institute of Truth Verification as an examiner (CVSA- lie detector). I

I’m loving this more by the minute!!!


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  1. Interesting. As a Zodiac Killer buff I will keep checking in. Here in Baltimore, home of the misdemeanor homicide, we are all still trying to figure out the Phylicia Barnes case.

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