~ Remembrance Memorial ~

Staff from The Advertiser were in Jennings April 6th to document and photograph family and friends of the 8 female murder victims as they gathered in remembrance of their loved ones.   Members of a group named Parents of Murdered Children were also in attendance to offer their support to family members.

The memorial was organized by Paul Nixon (Kodiak Productions), who began work on a documentary about  Jennings, and  the unsolved murders, over a year and a half ago with the hope that continued coverage of the cases would re-ignite interest in them.

There are several wonderful photographs (link is no longer valid due to archiving) of the gathering on The Advertiser’s website and below are a few snippets from the accompanying article written by Amanda McElfresh:

JENNINGS — Solid pink balloons and others reading “You’re Special” floated northward over Jennings on Wednesday evening, covered with messages of hope and longing.  Each balloon represented a young woman whose life was ended in Jefferson Davis Parish by a suspected serial killer who remains on the loose.

Layla Chaisson, cousin of Loretta Chaisson, said she appreciated the opportunity to share memories with other family members.  “The families deserve this,” Layla Chaisson said of the event. “It brings a little more closure for some of us. But as far as them not making any arrests, it’s bull. I think it’s complete and absolute bull.”

Andrew Newman, Kristen Lopez’s father, said he remains faithful that the killer will eventually be captured, despite the lack of any public announcement of new evidence or suspects.

Although most of the families have come to some kind of peace and acceptance that their loved ones are gone, the quest for answers has not ended.”We’re all plagued by the same things,” Jones said. “Although it is not talked about as much, we don’t forget.”


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