~ Kodiak Productions Returning To Jennings ~

I’m very excited to let you know Paul Nixon, of Kodiak Productions, will be returning to the Jennings area on Tuesday, March 29th to conduct additional interviews and filming for the documentary he has been hard at work on. He will be in the area through Thursday, April 7th.

Paul has a wonderful idea in mind, which is to have a day of “remembrance” for the 8 murdered women. There are no plans for a “formal ceremony” and the invitation is open to family, friends, past school mates, work colleagues and those who are just concerned citizens. All who would like to participate in this wonderful memorial, and day of reminiscing, are encouraged to bring along photos, videos, favorite items belonging to the girls, and any memories/anecdotes you might have of them to share with others and for the documentary.

An exact date/time/location has not been established yet but will be posted here, the discussion forum and I will post it on my Facebook as soon as it is determined. Also, Paul is open to suggestions for a good location to conduct the “remembrance” gathering so if any of you locals have ideas…….please feel free to submit them here.

Also, while he is in town…..we will make a coordinated effort to keep everyone posted on his plans and his movements/whereabouts. Those of you that are in contact with family/friends, etc. of the 8 women please take the time to let them know about Paul’s upcoming visit and plans for the “remembrance” gathering/filming. This is an opportunity to bring the Jennings 8 back into the forefront even if just for one day or one week. The girls don’t have a voice any longer and it is up to the rest of us to be their voice!!!


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  1. Hey my name is jessie, and i was wondering if you might have might be able to help me. I have followed this story for along time, and i hope and pray that someone is brought to justice for this. I’m baffled at the amount of time that has passed and still nothing. I knew one of the girls a very long time ago and it breaks my heart. But i have something that i wouls like to talk to mr. paul abot now. If theirs anyway you could give me a email address or give him mine, i would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for everything your doing involving this. These girls need a voice, so that their story can be told until the person responsible is brought to justice.

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