~ Kodiak Productions Documentary (Update) ~

A cheerful hello to you all and Happy New Year as well!!!

It’s gotten to be so long between posts I sometimes forget how some of the editing features here work.  I sincerely apologize for not writing more often but, as those you that follow the cases closely are aware, there have been no recent updates about the murders.

I do have something exciting to update you on though.  Paul Nixon (Kodiak Productions) and I were recently able to reconnect after having lost touch for a period of time.  He assured me that he is still following the cases and, like many of us, regrets there has been no resolution thus far.  The GOOD NEWS is, the planned documentary detailing the murders is in the final editing stage.

According to Paul, it has been a “tough job” piecing together the narrative and the editing has been a long process.  He feels like they’ve achieved the “balance” they were striving for in the movie and estimates about another month for final completion.  I anticipate that the documentary will reveal a highly informative, very riveting and thought provoking look into these murders, the town of Jennings, and the mystery that seems to surround them.

I remember, quite clearly, when Paul first contacted me.  I was literally shocked that someone in another COUNTRY had “gotten wind” of the ongoing murders in the virtually unknown town of Jennings in the virtually unknown Louisiana parish of Jeff Davis……much less that he was interested in doing a documentary about them!!!  True to his word though…..he DID actually physically find his way to the area and did what he set out to do.  Ironically…..though his trip had been planned well in advance and widely reported in the local media as well here on the blog, he arrived in Jennings right on the heels of the 8th murder which I’m sure shocked him just as much as it did the whole community.

Paul, if you happen to be reading this…..I cannot thank you enough for your ongoing interest and dedication to what will be a substantial contribution, memorial and remembrance to the memory of the many women whose murders remain unsolved in Jeff Davis Parish.

Jennings, LA: A Documentary
Jennings, LA: A Documentary – Teaser 2

Jennings, LA: A Documentary – The Mother


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