~ “Jeff Davis Murder Search Alive On The Web” ~

While I’m dishing out “thank you’s” to Paul I’d also like to pass one out to our local media, Amanda McElfresh…..reporter for Lafayette’s Daily Advertiser!!!

Due to lack of update information about the JDP murder cases….there has been very little for the media to report on other than running repetitive stories.  It gets difficult keeping the murders “visible” and “public” media wise and no one knows that better than me.  I’m pretty impressed that Ms. McElfresh found a different perspective in getting the story back out there (link no longer valid due to archiving) and REMINDING people that there is a prolific killer(s) still running loose in the area.

The article is focused on websites that host discussion about the murders.  I wish I could post the whole article here because it won’t be on The Daily Advertiser’s website long so save it to your personal files if you want to have a copy of it.  It was hard choosing what few quotes I can post within acceptable copyright guidelines because the whole article was great but I’ll take a shot at it:

Jefferson Davis Parish Sheriff Ricky Edwards confirmed that investigators keep an eye on message boards, blogs and online sites to see if any tips can be gleaned from the postings.”We follow up on everything that’s out there. We stay informed and do everything we can to bring justice for these victims,” Edwards said. “We do monitor everything — news reports, blogs, anything that is out there.”

“It’s been a bumpy road but I like where we all seem to be at now,” the Murder in Jeff Davis forum administrator posted earlier this week. “There was NEVER any doubt where everyone’s heart, soul and good intentions were, though. I’m just happy there’s at least a few people still around at all.”

Our very own  “livinginfearinjdp” was also quoted in the article referencing an article posted on the blog:

“I’m sure most of you who read this blog, and the discussion forum, have noticed that ideas are posted and it’s not too long after that, suddenly that idea becomes reality,” someone with the screen name “livinginfearinjdp”posted on the JDP Killer blog last May.”

THANK YOU again Amanda for breathing a little life into the seemingly forgotten unsolved murders in JDP!!!  I look forward to your future coverage.