~ Month Of May ~

I haven’t posted anything of substance in quite a while and can’t really guarantee this post will contain any “substance”.  It’s not because I haven’t wanted to…..it’s just because there’s been absolutely nothing new to discuss.

Discussions about the murders do continue on the Murder In Jeff Davis Parish forum but all we can really do is continually re-hash what little we do know and…..we’re not even sure how much of that is accurate.  We also continue to voice our “opinions” and toss around our own theories.  Is it all for naught I often wonder?  Do any of you remember when the last “press conference” took place about these murders?

It’s very difficult for me to forget the “Month Of May“.  I’ve often wondered what significance it holds for the killer(s)??? Three of eight victims were last seen, and found, in May. Very noticeably, the month of May, 2006 is missing.  Is that significant in any way?

  • Loretta was last seen May 17, 2005 (five years ago) and her body was found May 20, 2005
  • Whitnei was last seen May 10, 2007 (three years ago) and her body was found May 12, 2007
  • Muggy was last seen May 27, 2008 (two years ago) and her body was found May 29, 2008

I’ve read nothing that leads me to believe LE is any closer to solving these crimes now than they were five years ago.  Eight families remain without closure.  The JDP communities don’t have closure either.  I ask myself if that’s okay with parish residents?

It’s no big secret that I stay on the “hunt” for any info about these murders.  In all my internet searches……I don’t come across much discussion about them other than what was on this blog and what is posted on the discussion forum. There aren’t many people discussing though……is this a “mute” topic in the parish?  Off limits for discussion?  I’d like an answer.  I’d like to know “if it would be in my best interest to just drop IT“.

I care…..a lot.  It doesn’t matter how much I care though…..I don’t live in JDP.  I don’t have voting privileges there…..I don’t know anyone that has “parish influence”.  If the residents of JDP turn their heads and refuse to keep these murders a topic of discussion and do all that each and everyone can do to keep the pressure on authorities….then us “outsiders” may be shit-outta-luck!!!

My thoughts…..as always, are with the family members of all eight women.  I can never put myself in your shoes but I try to retain hope that all of you will some day experience justice for the loss of your loved one….you deserve answers!!!


3 Responses

  1. I agree. There is nothing out there anymore, except the same old stuff we have already seen and heard. I don’t live there either, so voicing my opinion really doesn’t matter to that parish. But I can’t discuss on the forum either because I have been inactivated. But I do look for things over the internet and such from time to time. I feel very sorry for the families and pray for justice for these ladies!!

  2. I am working for Kirk now and I have some questions about this case. Will you call me at 817-773-5463?

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