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Good morning to all:

I’ve received several emails about the http://murderinjdp.49.forumer.com/ forum loading slow or not at all.  I am experiencing the same problem and yes, it is very annoying. I wanted to mass email all of the registered users to advise of the problem but…..alas, wasn’t able to do that from the site either so that’s why I’m posting the info here in hopes that you will think to check the blog.

The particular server our site is on (server #49) is experiencing some “overload” and the owners of forumer.com are aware of the situation and are in the process of trying to get it resolved…….sooner than later hopefully.  Sorry for the inconvenience but we will just have to be patient.

This link http://www.forumer.com/status.php shows server status in case any of you want to keep tabs on it.


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  1. Those of you that are members on the discussion forum please see post regarding server issues with the site.

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