~ The Killing Fields ~ (updated)

I need to have my butt kicked for not remembering this article was coming out…..sincere apologies to it’s excellent author, Nathan Stubbs.

The Killing Fields
A special report on the search for a serial killer in Jeff Davis Parish.
By Nathan Stubbs
Wednesday, November 18, 2009

In this extremely well written and informative article, Nathan delves into the background of Private Investigator, Kirk Menard, who he aptly describes as The Watchman, as well as the controversy surrounding Menard’s involvement in the outer fringes of the murder investigations.

We also learn that a distraught Barbara Guillory (Necole’s mother) found out her daughter’s remains had been identified AFTER the Acadia Parish Coroner’s Office had already released the info to the media and that her daughter was last seen getting into a red truck at Tina’s Lounge. In one of their last conversations, Necole told her mom, “I’m not going to see my 27th birthday.”

Those are just a few snippets from Nathan’s article which I highly encourage you all to read. I really appreciate him writing the piece (which is the first in a series) and keeping the JDP situation in the public eye. I think he divulged some interesting information and definitely a few things I suspect everyone is going to be interested in discussing.

(The link to this article is also posted under the News tab for future reference)

UPDATE: Second part of the series is now available

Behind The Badge And Under The Gun
Part 2 of The Killing Fields, a special report on the unsolved serial Murders in Jeff Davis Parish
By Nathan Stubbs
Tuesday, December 1, 2009


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  1. They want to DNA test the officers that are involved in this case,Don’t limit it just to the ones involved, test every cop in the JPD and the JDSO. to rule out all of the cops as far as the DNA goes.

    • I am so confused. Now, I have just been given this issue by a friend that lives in your neck of the woods, realize that I am an outside from Alaska, still something is truly fishy. DNA should have been taken from the get go. After trying to research these cases all I see is a bunch of good old boys covering their butts I am sorry to say and truly not being rude or disrespectful..

      • Good to see you! Welcome to the “old” blog………any help is greatly appreciated……(sis) 🙂

      • No one should judge the officers in this case. I can assure you these officers work this case 24/7. And when I say 24/7. They eat and sleep with this case on their minds at all times. I know it is realy frustrating that no one has been caught but wouln’t you like to have the person. My family went through this same situation 20 years ago and it took 5 years and a mess up on the part of the killers in order to catch them. SO YES I KNOW HOW IT FEELS!!!

  2. I just started following this story, I am wondering if these murders are linked with the N.C. murders? They seem to be of same make up. I like how finally they are DNA testing the Cops.What I do not like is this may be someone that has the ability to travel and comes and goes.I became inform of this news while looking for Cameron,LA I am planning a trip to LA in the late summer of 2010.I be came concerned about others and started reading everything I could find.I started a prayer group and I ‘ll let others know.Sincerely, Someone who cares.

  3. sure wish people would post back here the other way just confuse me dont know what is going on

  4. does anyone know if Mike is still lock up or what will happen to him

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