~ Blog Update – Please Read ~

Due to the significant amount of discussion that has taken place on the blog over the past few months I made the decision to establish the Murder In Jeff Davis Parish discussion board at http://murderinjdp.49.forumer.com.

I believe that type of forum will be better suited for our comments and discussions and will offer benefits not afforded in a blog setting.  Discussions can take place in a more topic-oriented manner which will allow readers to locate comments pertinent to a particular subject far easier than what has been the case on the blog.  The discussion forum will also allow members the ability to “search” as well.  Also, members will be able to interact easier as there is a PM (private messaging) and emailing function available.  Members will also be able to start “threads/topics” in any of the available forums which have been set-up.  You will need to register an account at the new forum to be able to read and/or post there.

I will continue to maintain the jdpkiller WordPress blog, as it is a great reference source, and keep it up-to-date with any current events.  I will also continue to write “posts” from time-to-time and will allow topic specific comments on the posts.  I would also like to extend an invitation to any of you that would be interested in writing articles for publication on the blog.  If you are interested please contact me and I will give you authorship privileges.  I’m sure readers would enjoy reading posts from someone other than just myself.

After this evening,  I will be locking the current General Discussion thread and will not be posting future General Discussion threads.  The Discussion threads on the Off-Topic blog will also be locked prohibiting further comments there as well.  There is a “chit-chat” forum set-up on the new discussion board.

I realize the new forum will take a little getting used to but, in the end, I think it is going to be a change for the better in the long run.

See you on the new forum!!!