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  1. Please continue posting comments and general discussion here. Thanks.

    • Mike Dubois posted on Oct.23 that the day before he had spoken to a task force member,then the next day he got a call from Geraldo’s producer cancelling the interview, reason given was it would interfear with their investigation. IMO– Someone other than MD spoke to some one concerning the interview!

      • I agree. Does anyone know the absolute facts of his arrest? MD is very streetwise. He knew they woud do anything to discredit him. A custodial arrest is conducted BEFORE an arrestee is taken in for processing. The only way he could have had a pill in his possession AFTER being taken in is with a cavity search which is illegal. It can only be done at a hospital by a doctor. That same TF member was giving him the blues. And furhermore, if the Task Force was seen at 2:30AM driving around Jennings, whoopdeedoo, that is called “high visibility” to keep the community satisfied.

    • Hi G8TRGIRL……I will email you tomorrow. Keep up the good work!

  2. What happened to Christi’s page, and where did she go. Just curious What happened???

  3. Morning all.

  4. Good Morning, I hope everyone has a nice day….I am off to town for a bit.

  5. SERIALPSYCHIC…go to email. Thanx

  6. Ketchum Got your email….Yes, We are treally on to something!!

  7. It is very quiet today.Has anyone heard about the woman missing from the BreauxBridge area.Her first cousin works with my husband.I asked him last night and he said he did not hear anything.I know she went on a date last Thursday with someone she met online.As of Monday she was still missing,they said she had 2 children that she would never leave.

  8. Have yall heard is she has been found?

  9. I Emailed Nancy Grace again today and asked that they please give these 8 women attention.Have not heard back.Pisses me off.Although I could be edgy just waiting for the Dr. to call.They are pissing me off to.OK I guess I am just pissed off today I guess its better than being pissed on.

  10. I wonder what kind of shoes these women were last wearing?I wonder if they were unique or identifiable.I wonder if their family members would know?What did the killer do with the shoes?Maybe kept them or sent them to Goodwill.Or maybe gave them to a girlfriend.I know this is a long reach but some people wear shoes that are unique to them.

  11. Is anyone here?

  12. I think it is just us…

  13. Evening, I would imagine the shoes went in a dumpster somewhere.

    Sorry to hear you are having a bad day KitKat.

  14. I would bet the perp was afraid the shoes would have trace evidence on them that could lead LE to a particular place or vehicle. This perp knows a good bit about covering evidence.

    After, my brother’s arrest, LE let me have his belongings, and I could not believe they had not kept his shoes because they could have been tested, as well as his car for the same dirt/sand that was found at the river where the victim was.

    For I had also told them he had his car worked on, and theyalso, could have used the repairs against him had they looked into it- but they did not.

    I found out much more than LE after the fact.

    I really do encourage anyone that believes it may be one of their family members doing the crime to turn them in. People know if their family is suspicious, when it comes to hurting other people, it is not acceptable, and the perp (who most likely) has family still needs to be stopped. It is not an easy thing to do, but it can save your own soul from death and keep you from being an accessory to murder. If anyone here reads that thinks they have a member of your family doing these crimes, please do what is right in the eyes of God, and the LAW- and have them checked out –you can make the call anonymously, but please confide in LE. If you don’t trust local LE, go to the Attorney Generall, he is a very good, upright man, and has many investigators that will help, and they can keep you anonymous if that would make it easier. You could save a life by doing so.

    I truly appeal to the family of this person. Please act on behalf of innocent victims and the public. Reach down in your heart and seek the peace you are looking for by doing the right thing.

  15. I don’t mean to go against what many believe as far as Fankee Richard goes, but in my opinion- he may be a violent person that acts out by beating on others, but he does not seem to be smart enough to be covering his tracks as well as this perp is doing.

    This perp is calculating, very calculating- most likely manipulating too. I say that because he obviously has planned each one of the murders- took time to get organized for the actual crime. I don’t think he ever committed one of the murders on the spur of the moment. He planned them.

    He, most likely, disappears without good reason at times– not just for the acts we know of. He most likely has a very evil side to him that can be seen in his eyes-has a controlling personality, is over opinionated, very intelligent and does not like others to tell him what to do or disagree with him- yet does not just fly off the handle. He likely does not batter others because he finds his release in the actual murder. And he definately likes playing a game with LE when it comes to intelligence. He is getting a kick out of outsmarting others.

    Just thinking out loud–I could be so wrong I know!

    • Observer-You may be right,but one thing for sure Frankie & Tracee know a lot more than they are saying!

      • i agree with you ea568- this person(s) had everything to do with this circle b/c there are too many common threads with these girls, some related, best friends etc… and the couple of girls that feared for their lives, this was someone they knew and feared…

      • I do agree that FR and TC do know more than they are stating–most defiantely. And I still question if it is hush killings which would make it a much more broad picture with many people involved, and possibly murder for hire by others. If it is ‘murder for hire’ hush killings, then I would even consider someone from Texas. Who???? Don’t know. It does appear someone the girls knew at minimum whoever may have lured them. Also, like the girl that got away from an attempted abduction- perps are known to use a knife to threaten a person while forcing them into a car….and perps learn in prison that it is beneficial to kill a vicitm so they don’t talk. This is one reason I believe non violent offenders should not be housed with violent offenders…they only become better criminals.

        Perps know also that girls who do crack and/or walk the streets are easy victims that DA’s consider them uncreditible witnesses. These things they learn in jail.

        And it could very well be someone that lost a loved one to drugs and is trying to get even with society. Quite a bit of info keeps bringing us back to possible Hush Killings–that is why we need the Justice Department’s involvement.

        I really pray this case is solved soon. I don’t see why they do not take a large round of DNA from people like they did with Derrick Todd Lee’s investigation- including members of LE.

    • does anyone think that it could be someone that lost a love one from drugs or some kill a love one over drugs and this is he way of paying people that do drugs back i hope yall understand what i am trying to say

  16. I agree with you Observer.

  17. FR does not seem smart enough to be doing this,I never really thought it was him,yes he is slimy but a SK I just do not know.If another girl is murdered I think they need to look at someone else.And I think thats what they are doing.8 women is alot ,if they really had there sights on him,I think they would have found something on one of the victims that belonged to him.

    • kitkat- fr does not seem smart enough to do the planning, but he seems dumb enough to do the footwork…

      • did the task force every get the film from KPLC to watch all of FR and TC interveiw. and i agree with yall both has to had something to do with if not all some of the girls there was to many things they said in there interview and i know not everything we hear on the streeets r true but when u here it from so many people that know the two of them it makes u wonder

        • If the Task Force asked for the film- they got it. All it would have taken was a judge’s signature, and surely that was done. I would expect that they also asked for film from Kodiak…..except it would be a different case being they are out of the country, but I also believe Kodiak would have cooperated in his quest for justice.

          KPLC would have been foolish not to cooperate- that would be too bad of publicity.

          • Observer…..KPLC has refused to turn over the unaired footage. I believe they got the subpoena quashed.

            The DA will likely be unable to gain possession of the the footage due to protection (freedom of the press) under the Constitution. Guess the DA thought he’d take his best shot though.

            Allowing release of footage like that could definitely hinder KPLC’s future newsgathering efforts and could discourage sources from speaking with reporters. Ultimately, it could also hinder LE as well because it could inhibit people from coming forward with information to the media which LE sometimes depends on.
            “Suspicion solves crimes……not taking a positive attitude”.
            ~ SuziQ (Websleuths) ~

          • I see, and stand corrected……Good points you make that I did not realize. Thanks for clarifying!!!

  18. If its not FR,TC or anyone else from that crowd then I say they definatley have a full fledged SK on their hands.That is so scary because he is like a shark in the water ,you dont see him coming until its to late.And from the looks of that special that was on TV it looks like these girls are still walking the streets.

  19. well it could be someone who maybe works offshore..what do they work 7 and 7 or 14 and 7..and sometime even longer..

  20. I just talked to Christi and she said she is no longer allowed to post!!! What’s going on here??

  21. Just so you know…Christi asked for her blog to be taken down BECAUSE her young daughter is getting UNKIND feedback. She is still proceeding with the case on a more private level in respect to her daughter who has been thru so much……

  22. SP why cant she post?

  23. Someone working offshore would make alot of sense.They could get away after the crime.In the middle of the ocean.

  24. Christi said she TRIED to post and was REFUSED. She said she e mailed G8, biy never got a reply… Could the new rules have kicked in? I feel sorry for Christi she really depended on our group for support. She is really feeling abandoned now….

    • what new rules i never read anything about rules omg i guest i need to go back and read again

      • g8trgirl, on November 9th, 2009 at 8:45 PM Said:

        Just an FYI:

        I and many others that read here are getting annoyed at the following and it is seriously degrading the blog……..please take note:

        • Flaming of other posters will not be tolerated. If you have an issue with someone’s comment do one of two things…… me and we’ll discuss it or just ignore the comment.

        • Typing your whole post in CAPS is rude… the web world, it is considered yelling. Use caps only for emphasizing certain points……..not your whole post.

        • There is an Off-Topic blog that was made especially for OFF-TOPIC COMMENTS. Please use it. THIS blog is for discussing the murders in JDP. I also have no aversion to discussing the other unsolved murders in the parish. It’s not to discuss the weather, poems, your favorite drinks, how you’re feeling today, did you get my email, etc.

        • If you are leaving and never coming back then do that… doesn’t have to be announced to everyone.

        • This is NOT a general chit-chat blog. I would rather it go silent than have to wade through a bunch of idle chatter.

        I am going to start deleting off-topic comments and what I consider “flame” posts. If I have to moderate too many of your comments I will ban you from posting at all.

        Sorry to be so harsh and I’m not singling out anyone in particular……..but, the nonsense needs to stop. If you have nothing productive to add then just read.

  25. Yes, where is Christi? I was wondering the same thing. I do miss hearing from her and wonder how she is doing.

  26. Also I was wondering where Mr. Arnold Benoit is lately. We haven’t heard anything from him for a little while.

  27. I read your post G8.

  28. ok was philp krama i hope i got his name right was he still around when rat got kill does anyone know. i am trying to think of all Le from way back than.

    • I think Phil Karam was already in prison by then.

      • ok than who else was on the Le when Rat die i have 20 kids and married and can not think right off hand

        • Police or sheriff?

          • sheriff ok was danny semmes still working i think he was for the sheriff department in nagotes.(i know i did not spell it right) but i can not think of any one else at this time i will do some reserch well try too anyway and see if i can find what i am looking for

          • Not sure about Sheriff’s dept. Terry Guillory might’ve been on then. Ricky, of course. I don’t know many others, at least not off the top of my head.

      • rat was killed in 97′ phil committed the murders in 2000

        • it has been that long Rat die and yes phil did get lock up in 2000 or 2001 i was pg. and working at Fina when he kill Kenny and his wife and leblanc

        • Good thing I typed “think”. My memory’s not the best.

        • ok was Phil close to anyone that is still in LE maybe i dont know i am just thinging out loud

  29. SP – So was Christi kicked off the blog? Gosh I sure hope not.

  30. i am not saying that danny has anything to do with the victims i really dont think he could do that kind of stuff. i know at one time i thought maybe but know he is not that kind of person i know he needs to do his job better than what he is doing to get the drugs dealers off the street

  31. curvycat yes, I believe so…..

  32. i am out of here for the night i will bust my brain thinking and looking for my answer and will get back to yall in the (am) thank yall for the info.

  33. I Tell It Like It Is.. you have 20 kids? OMG, I hope some are nieces and nephews.

    • lol no cp i dont have 20 kids i have 7 and one grandbaby but sometimes it sounds like i have 20 kids here and that it just with 3 left at home. lol

  34. Oh SP, I will surely miss her. Hmmmm, just too many rules. Could it be she was considered too controversial for the forum? Poor thing she sure had a lot going on in her life, but we all have our problems. Its gotten where that I hate to mention any little thing personal on here. I don’t know anymore!

  35. curvy I don’t know any specifics about what happened, only that it is sad…..

  36. I would bet that there is good reason behind it. G8 has always run a first class blog. Along with the responsibility there is also credibility.Which is first and foremost.G8 has encouraged conversation until it became bickering and then more rules were set. No one wants to set rules but if it becomes out of hand there is nothing left but to do this.

    Stay encouraged that the JDP 8 will be rectified and justice applied. Too many people are aware and too many people won’t let it drop.

    Every effort is appreciated but not every effort will yield results. So, think out of the box on this. Rationalize, actions,words,and mere acquaintances. Then call the task force.There are plenty people equipped to handle the knowledge.

    I don’t believe this is a giant cover up but the work of a serial killer.

  37. CP – How can you be sure that it is the work of a serial killer and not a cover up? It all seems to point to the world of drugs and prostitution. What kind of serial killer are we talking about? One that is targeting prostitutes and/or druggies just to prove he/she can and get away with it? I do not believe these women were so bad that they had to be killed just for their “so-called high-risk” lifestyles. Nope, I believe this serial killer/killers is killing these girls to shut them up in a cover-up type thing. Of course that is just my opinion!

    • Much evidence and the fact that some knew of impending danger continues to bring us back to that very consideration which ahs not been ruled out.

    • Curvy–I agree,these women had the same life styles and basically had the same “friends” most likely FR & TC and also had connections to the house on Andrew St. I tend to believe they were being silenced for some reason.I find it strange that B Gary had only returned to Jennings a few days when she went missing, someone knew she was back in town. Again this is only my opinion.

      • do yall think the kill britt. gary cause of her mom is her mom the one that goes back and forth to the house on andrew st. may be it was the mom they wanted instead.

  38. People do need to be aware that it very well may be a serial killer which puts everyone at risk of abduction…only someone already walking the streets makes for an easier target.

    Until someone finds out different, everyone should consider it unsafe to be on the streets, especially at night and walking alone. This does make people vulnerable. And trust no one until this case is solved.

  39. Please correct me if I am wrong..but didn’t someone say there was going to be another victim by Christmas??

    • SP…….a profiler that was consulted by KM theorized another killing could take place in July (Necole was Aug) and possibly another killing in October.

  40. CP – well this is really my first time on this type of forum and I thought a forum was for speaking openly and giving one’s opinions. So when first coming here I didn’t realize that forums were full of so many rules. My only other experience with forums is for my blackberry curve cell phone (that’s how I got my name CURVYCAT) on theme forums and there is a few rules but that type of forum is so different from this one. Well anyway I’ve made my point but I will still miss Christi. Ya gotta admit she could be pretty “colorful” at times. LOL

  41. There are pockets all over the US for this kind of serial killings. Granted, it represents a smaller percentage than drive by shootings or domestic abuse but it happens.

    This guy in Ohio was practicing this for a long time. 11 murders. This is the exact MO going on in North Carolina.

    It represents vulnerability by the victims. It maintains that predators are all over and one shouldn’t think their small town would be exempt.

    Politics aside, they have a huge burden on their hands. It isn;t going away. The Green River killer took many years.

    None of this is easy.I am trying to be objective and can’t say with surety that other murders were not associated with cover up but I am focused on the murders at hand.

  42. Predators do prey on easy targets which are girls walking alone- esp at night. Believe me, I know.

    It does not make the girl bad at all- it just makes the crime even worse because the victims were already down on their luck with no defense at all.
    The majority of us do not put our selves at risk like girls that are going through rough times and making negative decisions, thereby letting their guard down. Predators seek those that are weak. It is what they do.

    Our streets should be safe, but that is just not real in this world anymore. One day I saw a very young child selling lemonade on a very busy street. Her young friend went to fetch more lemonade and her mom was no where’s to be seen. TO me- it made me sick. I wanted so bad to go explain a few things to her mom, but that was not my place. Anyone could have snatched this child up, and all she was doing was selling lemonade.

  43. SP – yes I had heard that too since the killer averages a couple a years and last year 2 victims towards the end of the year. So I suppose the odds have it pointed that way again! If I was TC I’d be hiding. But then again she says now she doesn’t know anything so I guess she isn’t a threat to anyone anymore, lol!

  44. I am still wondering about their shoes?What happened to them?Maybe he kept them as a trophy?And if any of the girls were married and had wedding rings,I wonder if their jewelry was still on?

  45. Also way back in September a person in the medical profession told me about a list out there with 11 girls (victims) names on it. So that really sounds like it is a premediatated type thing with planned killings. I’d hardly believe that is the work of a random serial killer not from this area. It seems like it is someone local who knows these girls and mixed up in their social lives somehow or someway. Of course this is just my opinion and I could be wrong, lol!

  46. Did anyone hear about the lady from BreauxBridge that was missing since last Thursday,I wonder if they found her?Does anyone know?

  47. If a woman is found murdered from the Jennings area in the next few months then if I was LE I certainly look at someone other than FR.He cant be that stupid to kill someone else with the police watching him.

  48. CurvyCat what 11 girls are you talking about?

    • if there is a list of 11 girls which i dont beleive there is when was this list find was it before some of these girls die are after the 8.

  49. This was the first time today I had about the woman from Breaux Bridge that is missing. That is so sad, especially for her family not knowing what happened to her. I had heard she had an online date. At first I also wondered about online dating with these JDP8 victims. But now I just know what to think. Also did anyone hear what has become of Mike? Did he bail out or is he still in jail. I am just concerned and asking.

  50. I know the lady from BreauxBridge had a date with a guy she met online.The last time anyone saw her was when she dropped her children off to her mothers last Thursday.They found the guy but he said he dropped her off at her car and watched her drive away.Sounds suspicious to me.

  51. Kitkat – I do not know who was on the list only that supposedly there was a list with 11 girls names on it and it was related somehow to the serial killings. I think maybe some of the murdered girls names were on it. But I am not sure of that and I do not know the particulars. Talking just casually I was asked by this person if I had heard all the talk going around about a list with 11 girls names on it? She did not go into detail and I didn’t ask anymore about it. It was just mentioned casually in passing. And I believe it was just a rumor maybe since nothing more has been heard or said about it.

  52. Kitkat – hmmmm, I wonder where the online date was from? Was he local? I think it sounds very suspicious too. If I was single and looking to date I sure would be weary about meeting someone online these days.

  53. Well it looks like its winding down on here so I’ll say goodnite and catch ya’ll later. Nite all!

  54. curvycat Sweet dreams!!!

  55. Ketchum23, You definitely do not know who I am. I am numerous different people, the contributions of whom are edited and entered by one common and completely objective writer. Yes, whoever you’d like to think I am would indeed be number one in YOUR book. That is precisely why we enter data in this manner – LOL.

    • My Bad!!!!! I meant no harm. I love your posts and meant it as a compliment
      But……..if you are numerous different people, I still say I think I know who ONE of you are! No harm meant, I assure you. LOL

      • It should make absolutely no difference who anyone on this site is, unless one has a motive, so, why make it an issue? You are far too interested in identifying posters. We know for certain that corrupted LE has spent more time and energy on “getting” detractors than they have spent on solving crimes. Anyone who cares about solving crime should focus on solving crime. That can best be done by focusing upon —– solving crime. There are people on the inside who are beginning to rat on the those involved in local crime. If there is any justice (for a change) in JDP, some prominent citizens and pillars of the community will fall.

  56. SERIALPSYCHIC……Are you on?

  57. Good Morning everyone!

  58. gm

  59. Mornin SP!!!

  60. I have always found it interesting that all but 2 of the victims had children. I don’t know exactly why, but from the beginning this stuck in my mind…..Has anyone else wondered about this???

  61. i also have been wondering about the whole sk idea also . i watch id tv quite a bit and have seen that 90% of all sk’s tend to prey upon prostitutes or people involved in drugs . they say it is because these “types” of people tend to stay gone for quite a time on binges and this makes it easier for the sk to do what he does because no one will be looking for these girls right away . there was one serial killer on one of the specials that had killed several women and after months went by without their bodies being found he started calling into police so that they would find them even told them were to go and how many more there were. Serial killers want the notorioty for what they have done , that may be the reason these girls bodies were not hidden that well , he wanted them to be found. He is having a blast watching all this and thinking no one has a clue, and with le being the way they are sure it would and has been easy to make everyone look at them and not the sk. JMO but i do not think these were hit or hush killings either. Even if say these girls knew something , if they were ordered a hit it wouldn’t have taken them this long to get rid of them. these girls were very available as for as being on the streets daily , if someone wanted to hush them it could have been done by now. Most hit’s happen quickly and they do not care to take steps of precaution , most are shot at close range or their throats may be slit. But to actually take the time this person has with these girls strangling most (which is very intimate) looking into there eyes — this person is a sick SOB who took joy in doing what he did , and joy in watching as each body was discovered and le still having no clue. No he will do this again , he has everyone thinking that it is over and these were hush killings he has everyone absolutely unaware and I pray that he screws up this time !

  62. yall neva think bout wat its doing to d family of d ppl yall are accusing (frankie Richard) his kids have to go thru soo much stuff at skool. cuz of ppl writing things about hem. lyke dhis

  63. personally, i think fr and tc ‘s interviews were probably more damaging to his kids at school then what is being talked about here.

  64. well his kids are steady getting picked on. because of wat is getting said. them kids have a life. think about it this way. wat if yur kids cum home frum skool n said my best friends parents dont want me hanging with them cuz they think my dads d killer??

  65. I can guarantee you i wouldn’t want my kids hanging around not because of talk of him being a serial killer but because he openly admits to being a crack head . Don’t you think he is damaging his kids by saying this on live tv? For the life of me I don’t see how OCS wouldn’t go in and get those kids out of there just because of that .

  66. wondering- i have to agree, frankie got on there and admitted he has been doing crack for 20 years like he deserved some sort of medal for that, then expressed how he slept with most of the girls, another merit in his sick mind, but yet this person wants to say we did this to his kids… and lets not forget what tracee bragged about doing for her fix.. when these 2 yay-hoos are doing this wonderful stuff they arent even consciously thinking they have kids.. but they will be held accountable for their actions when they are standing before GOD just as we all will..

  67. it is true they did it to them self they got on TV and look like fulls i feel for the kids i really do it is not there fault the parents are like they are and kids picking on them they should be punish for it i would punish mine for picking on any kid i dont raise my kids to do that

  68. I think the person(s) who killed Shelia, left witnesses and that was the reason for one of the girl’s deaths. I think there were people in the car when she was pulled thru the window. The Killer(s) had to make sure that when the “witnesses” got high, they didn’t talk about what happened… They may have thought that the ‘WITNESS’ was scared and told her friends, so they had to go too. Shelia’s case is tied into the other murders, and it is ironic that shelia was “wired” and the LE could hear everything going on, and didn’t step in to help. WHY? Where are the tapes? OOPS….they disappeared….maybe as a convenience for a certainLE official? HMMMM.

    • SERIALPSYCHIC. …..Good thinking,but, did you substract the ages of the victims from when Shelia was beaten (1999). Some of the girls would have been too young to be with her at that time of morning.
      Just a thought……..LOL

      • Exactly!

        And, almosture, I’m not saying the guys that died/murdered under very suspicious circumstances are not somehow, someway connected…..Shelia as well. I’m just trying to look at this from the more recent deaths, which are females, and narrow down it down from there. These are the ones we seem to have at least a little more info on. I wish someone local (JDP) would pay a visit to the library and find that picture that was in the paper (JDN) that keeps being brought up though. It was Leonard Crochet and his obit was dated 4/23/05 so the picture was likely around that time.

        • What picture G8? When was that?

          • ahlou, it was a picture that was taken at a shooting crime scene that occurred in Jennings (Leonard Crochet) that was published in the JDN and supposedly, many of the girls that have been murdered were in that photo. There is some discussion about it here. If you read the comments though, Firewife remembered the photo but mentioned it was either late at night or early morning and the photo was not that clear.

          • ahlou and g8- i remember the pic very well and i noticed them right away!! even with my old eyes i recognized them if either of you could get a copy im telling you, you would see them i can remember kristen was in the yard standing or sitting to the left..and i might be wrong but loretta was there also, this took place just less than a month before her body was found.

          • g8 and almost, I will ask a friend to check now that I have a timeframe.

  69. to get back to topic alot of people seem to think that the girls knew their victim because they all had connections and knew one another . But don’t you think that if you went in town right now and stop someone on the streets in these areas (that move in the same cirrcles) that they would tell you yeah I knew her or yeah we used to hang togther or that is my auntie’s sister , i mean really it is just a small town and if he is targeting girls in these crowds that’s what he is gonna find if goes down these streets.

    • well wondering- lets see, there was the shooting of Leonard Crochet- front page of the paper had a big pic of the house where it took place lots of the girls were in the front yard.. bird dog was there, who was later murdered in his home, then, his house is burned down to the ground.. and the list goes on and on…

  70. SP- im totally with you on that, as much as all this has people thinking this was a serial killer doing this for self-gratification, we still have to consider the facts that link all the murders.. and i refuse to believe that this is not one BIG FAT COVERUP!!!

  71. On Shiela’s case the le officer she was working with is the one who knows what really happened , but for so much time to have pasts between the deaths I can say that if they were afraid any of these girls would talk they would have shut them up long ago . Rat’s killing was a hit, he was a narc. Loretta was killed because of what she saw with his death. Sheila was at the wrong place at the wrong time , because we all know there were lots of crooked cops back then , who were helping in the drug business. And I honestly believe that Ernestine was killed by two or three black men because of what people have said about teo black guys going around to druggies in Welsh asking to borrow a truck to dump something (hearsay). The rest of these girls were at the hands of a sicko. I agree our law enforcement and upper authorities are not all good guys but I still feel that we have a sk on our hands , and people need to be wary . Just my opinions .

    • Rat’s killing was a hit, he was a narc.

      First time I’ve heard Rat was a “narc”. So you’re saying he was an informant? We’ve heard Shelia was, and so far LE has not come out and publicly denied that. Whitnei possibly was and I’ve also heard a few of the girls had agreed to turn state’s evidence in exchange for lesser charges they had pending against them. If there’s an ounce of truth to any of this I have to wonder how these people’s cover was blown so easily and quickly and they ended up dead.

      • i had heard that rat was going thru rehab counseling and he did say a little more than he should have, but then someone stated on here that he smoked some crack that raynell left in his car after he borrowed it and he was supposed to pay him back for it and could not, but with anything like this you will hear several stories…so idk.

      • Kenneth “Rat” Trahan earned his moniker (spelling?) by being a narc.

  72. Ilovemike, Well well well, I find it interesting you think Frankie’s kids are suffering because he has been ACCUSED of being a murderer. What about the fact he said he has been/ is a CRACKHEAD?? What about the fact that he said he had SEX with all the girls but Brittney? What about the fact that he has a CRIMINAL RECORD?? What about the fact that he was in jail for rapr charges? Enen WITHOUT being accused if Murder, parents have PLENTY of reasons to shield their children from such a person. You can point fingers at the blog, BUT Frankie disgraced his family all on his own. He can’t blame the public for keeping their kids away from his influence!!! IF YOU CAN’t DO THE TIME DON’T Do THE CRIME… Plain and simple….

    • Wait, you mean publicly admitting I’m a crackhead and have been smoking it for 20 years will make my kids suffer in school/social settings? That’s outrageous.

  73. okay let’s go with the theory that all these murders are connected . what is it these girls knew that they wouldn’t have squealed about while they were high ? i mean don’t you think more people would know something? Or do you think that this could be a high official that is being protected, and people are scared to talk because of this ? If so as everyone has been asking why hasn’t anyone else stepped in . There are lost of good people out there who I know would surely contact someone above these guys or am I living in a dream world. LOL

  74. wondering Let’s say you are a drug addict, and prostitute your self for a fix, Chances are you may have been arrested before, for something. You don’t TRUST any LEand you happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and you witness a murder. If the murderer (who you know) says if you tell anyone you’ll be DEAD, are you going to LE? you may tell some of your friends and try to find a way to get out of this mess. Let’s just suppose one of them mentions what you’ve said….Then they and the person/people they told are involved too…. This could very well have happened….

  75. sp I lived the lifestyle some of these girls lived when i was much younger. I never prostituted myself for drugs thankfully I had friends who had money and were willing to share their habits. I knew Loretta from parties I attended and she was very good friends with a guy I knew. I was fortunate to have a good family who were emotionally and financially able to see me through those times , but when all this started happening My mom and I said to one another “it could have been me” had I not changed my life style. I would leave home for sometimes a week at a time staying with whomever let me and stayed drunk and high . I myself was a talking fool when I was high or drunk and that is why I said I would have told anybody, because there were times I got plastered and voiced my opinion about one well known Narcotics cop . I straightened up though and worked in the public for many years my job title brought me into contact with both law enforcement and other officials and they either didn’t remember me from my old lifestyle or they chose to ignore it because now I was to their standards . i also got to meet lots of these girls while working in the public , didn’t know any personally but Whitney stood out to me , there was something about her eyes , she had a beautiful soul, you know how people say the eye’s are the windows to your soul? So I guess as being where they were once I wished that their lives had gone as mine did , this is horrible ,they did have potential . If someone as lost as I once was can be where I am today then so could they have !!

  76. Everyone of thes beautiful women had so much potential. If only they had the chance to reach the potential they were capable of. What a tragedy!!!

  77. WHAT IF ! iI just thought of another scenario!! What if the girls didn’t witness something necessarily — what if they are being taken drugged and shoved alcohol down them (alcohol asphxyiation) so that they will talk!! Maybe someone has something say from Sheila’s beating that would link someone to the drug world , say the theory is right that one of these girls could have been in the vehicle that they pulled Sheila out of and she gave that person something just before or left it there , what if this person or people or trying to find that and by getting these girls high or drunk in the hopes of making them sing , then when they don’t because they don’t know obviously it either goes to far by alcohol asphxsiation or if that doesn’t do it they have to resort to other means such as the two with slit throats ???????

  78. wondering Outstanding!!! It’s this kind of “brainstorming” that is going to get this case solved. Keep those great theories coming. You never know when one of them will solve these cases….

  79. I just wanted to keep you all in the loop regarding our documentary on Jennings and the unsolved homicides.

    We’re currently in the midst of editing what we shot back in September, but for now I wanted to share with you the very, very first footage….click on the link below and see the first 60 seconds.

    It’s not necessarily exactly how it will be at the end, but I’m happy for you all to see it at this early stage and to hopefully get a sense of anticipation for the rest of it!

    Until next time

    • Paul…..thanks for sharing that clip. Awesome!!!! The background music really adds to the mystery I find. Chomping at the bit to see the finished product.

  80. Ok I can see this about all the girls they knew something and they wanted to see what. So what could a 17 year old know and remember Brittney and her mom they had not been in town for long before Brittney was killed. So what could have made them come back? I understand they were doing well over in TX. Brittney was off drugs her mom was working. So what could have made them come back to Drug city Jennings?

  81. I mean that could explain vc showing up at Sheila’s side everytime she woke up , they may have not wanted to shut her up they may have wanted to know what she knew or what she had. I don’t think they expected her to die like that . Then there was an end they thought but maybe someone did say something to the affect of Sheila told me about this and it is hidden and then that person let it slip and then they had to start all this and still they have no real answers it’s all on hearsay , as is always in this little town . Most of the rumors that fly I have learned or more times true than not . I have been reading this blog since it was started; about a month ago I posted once . Today I felt the need to post alot — I have been reading and frankly no one is talking like they used to they aren’t brainstorming as much — people are getting uninterested, just as the public gets when things seem quiet . But I tell you guys it is always quietest before the storm !!! Please keep this blog alive , keep searching for justice , because like in the past as things go they will just be pushed aside like all the unsolved cases in jeff davis Parish and forgotten , that is what le and others are wishing for !!!!

  82. What DID make them come back?? Does anyone know??

  83. Great Job Paul, can’t wait to see the finish product. also would like to say THANK YOU for all you have done!!! 🙂

  84. As for Brittney it may have not been what she knew maybe it is what her mother knew . tg has been around this alot longer it could have been easier to just get rid of her but then again why not take what is closest to her to scare her ??? Just thinking out loud !

    • I could see that, but then we all see TG walking the street and always coming and going at the andrew st. house. She does not seem to be scared of anything. He action do not show fear, but then I guess when you are all up on drugs it is hard to show fear. I would think keeping TG out there would be just as bad you never know when she would get high and talk. LE has talked to her several times I would think the killer/killers would be afraid she would talk to them what would stop her from talking now her youngest daughter has been killed. So many questions just not enough answers.

    • I’ve considered that possibly Brittney’s murder was a message to Theresa. Although, it may not have been what her mother knew but what her best friend Muggy may have known seems to be the more likely scenario. If someone was truly worried about what Theresa might know…..why scare her? Why not just take her out and be done with it? If the killer(s) fear was Theresa’s possible knowledge of something and that she might “spill the beans”…….that fear would still surely exist.

      I continue to find it interesting “who is not being killed”. No big secret some of the names that have been freely tossed around here, mainly TG, TC and HC. Surely between those three there would be a possible wealth of knowledge and yet, for some reason, they don’t seem to be a concern of whoever is behind these murders. I think you could even throw Frankie’s mom into the mix as well…….surely that woman knows some stuff.

      • oh im sure she does and she probably will never tell..after all we are talking about her family and believe me she will protect of never thought id of seen the day when she would sell drugs and let them sell drugs out of her house..its a shame..and yes tracee and frankie they know..and thats why they are still living IMO because they do know…think of it this way…maybe the killer is suppling their habit and giving them money and they are making money for him..but so far they have not done anything to jeopardize him…but after the tv interview they may find themself in a world of crap more then we know..lord i hope that all made sence…

      • not only the mom but sister also she is smack in the middle of it all and why is billy still lock up i still dont understand that part

      • the reason why i say that about the sister cause one day i ran into the sister and the mom and they were bragging about how sister girls could use switch blade knives if they needed to protect themself from FR and both mom and sister pull there knife out to show me what they look like

  85. wondering You have some great ideas! Keep posting!!!

  86. Kodiak Paul you have done a beautiful job. I can’t wait until we can all see the finished film. Thanks for the preview!!!

  87. Paul, thanks for giving us a look Thank you and the whole group!!!!!!!

  88. Went up to the link Possibly Related Case read a about Rat noticed he was murdered in 1997, Shelia in 1999 followere by Loretta in 2005. There was eight years between Rat and Loretta and six years between Shelia and Loretta.
    Question is if Shelia was to keep her quiet about Rat why did it take 8 years for someone to worry enough to kill her. There was 2 years between Rat and Shelia. Then 6 years between Shelia and Loretta.

    From 2005 to 2009 there were at least eight murdered within four years. Seems something else happened or there are more murders between.

    • Not Shelia keep quiet about Rat that should have been Loretta.

    • Loretta Chaisson didn’t talk about what she’d seen right away. She was quite scared and held the secret for a while, then, it wasn’t certain whom she had told. The possibility has been kicked around that some “extras” were killed, simply for the sake of making it appear that there was no pattern or cause. I prefer to think that whoever was really to blame for Rat Trahan’s death was not so important that so many would have been killed just to protect that identity. If the information had been that sensitive, they would have simply killed the original killer to keep him quiet regarding his employer. We have to remember the old saying, “there is no honor among thieves.” These people will sacrifice one another. In spite of all the talk about brotherhoods, loyalty, family and blood honor, if they had honor, they wouldn’t betray humankind with organized crime in the first place. They sure as Hell will turn on a co-conspirator to save their own hide. We know for certain that some have gone to prison to protect others, but, that’s only when they are either well paid for their time or, when they have to choose between prison or death or the death of a family member. Loretta did, after all, begin to talk to her circle of friends and she was the first of this group, followed by many of her associates, associates that she may have confided in. The key is, learn who would have been implicated in each of the old cases, beginning years before Rat Trahan and Loretta Chaisson. We know that this same group remains operable and holds all the answers to our questions.

  89. I’ve teetered back and forth on several possible theories and still don’t have a solid one that I can stick with for long.

    One thing that does stay consistently on my mind though is that when I lean toward these being “hush” killings (and primarily I’m speaking just about the 8 recent female murders right now) I have to ask myself why are there no males being killed? Surely it’s not just females that are privy to certain knowledge in that drug underworld in the area.

    Even if you look at this from a possible “cover-up” angle intertwined with the murders I still think the question of why there are no males being killed is relevant.
    “Suspicion solves crimes……not taking a positive attitude”.
    ~ SuziQ (Websleuths) ~

  90. Had not thought about the ‘no males’ aspect. Could it be the males involved are a very small group and are being covered due to status, occupation, money, usefullness, etc.

  91. what about birddog? then the house was set on fire, i know someone stated it was a robbery, but it could have been made to look that way… i heard that he was supposed to turn over state evidence on someone… idk.. then there were the other guys that were murdered harold pitre from elton was one also..theres several deaths in the parish that could have been passed off as just an overdose,, some of these could have been connected

    • Norman Clement. Found at the Boudreaux in. Died around hurricane Rita. Guy was 32 maybe? He knew Loretta, Diane, Theresa, maybe others.

      • Popeye… you know why he was at BI during the hurricane? I’m assuming he was into the “Jennings drug scene”……is that true? Any idea what his “official” COD was? Is his family in Jennings? Do they have “suspicions” about his death?

        • Norman used to smoke weed. He did pills too. I’m not trying to smear his name or memory. I wasn’t living in Jennings when he died. I didn’t find out until my wife and I ate at a restaurant much later. A mutual friend started to hint about something then went closed lip. We were in a public area. I used to hang around with folks from Gallup street, Mckinley, West Jefferson, etc. Norman was one of many. I don’t know what his COD was. He was recently divorced if I remember right. His family’s from Jennings/Hathaway. I think his sister go into the crack scene, but I’m not 100% on that. Her and her husband went through a real rough patch (hard drugs).

        • “I’m assuming he was into the “Jennings drug scene”……is that true?”


      • I meant to type Connie, but if you knew one, you knew the other.

  92. Something else that sticks out to me is from the recent task force press conference. They remained steadfast not labeling these killings as “serial killings”…….they chose the words “serial murders” which they are linking to a “common offender”. It’s an interesting choice of words.

    Based on information I have, I had seriously considered that at least the first few killings may not have been “linked” even though the victims were known to run in the same circles. I had come to realize, as some have stated here before, that based on the size of Jennings, it was not out of the question and, the odds were high, that any female that was abducted there would likely have been a friend/acquaintance/relative of past and future victims. I was surprised when it was stated at the press conference they were leaning towards a common offender.

    It was also interesting and, should probably be remembered by all of us, that they stated they didn’t know if the offender was even a resident of the parish, or the state for that matter. You have to ask yourself why they would say that. If they had strong reason to believe the perp was local, or at least in a nearby parish, there would have been no reason what-so-ever to mention the possibility that the perp could be an “out of stater”. Sounds to me like they have cause to feel that way otherwise the possible residence/location of a perp would not have been brought up period.
    “Suspicion solves crimes……not taking a positive attitude”.
    ~ SuziQ (Websleuths) ~

    • G8…….I really hate to use the words drugs/prostitutes which, understandably, upsets MYSTERIOUS and probably other victims’ families, but in answer to your question, IMO re: males excluded as victims is because in major cities, young men involvd in prostitution are called “fruit hustlers” and are a random prey on serial Killers, i. e., Larry Eiler, Jeffrey Dahmer, etc. Jennings is a small town, by comparison, and most likely would Not have young men actively “stutting their stuff” like the female that was observed doing so on the kPLV Special. They would be more in the closet and not necessarily
      openly connected to a drug ring. Also, females are more easily controlled by their men and/or drug dealer. Just my opinion.

  93. g8- yes you are right- & what comes to mind for me is the goings on at the victory party at arnold benoit’s house..??????? and lets factor in the girl from humble that was found dead not too long ago.. if tracee was in fact with her, were they transporting something? if so for who?

    • Uh huh!!! We go around in circles with this but oddly enough……those 3 men at that victory party seem to keep creeping back into the picture or, maybe I should just say we “think” it could be the same 3. Honestly, when I first heard about that victory party incident I sure didn’t think we’d still be discussing it this many months down the road.

      • G8……On a Thread or so back, you posted me that the person who saw a female being forced into a car in front of the National Guard Building on May 3, 2008 @ 4-4:30AM should contact LE right away or something to that effect. Well, Mr. Man is ill right now but I was assured that he DID report it as soon as he heard that Brittany Gary was missing. If and when he gets better, I will find out who he reported it to. It still bothers me because I remember when I saw it first on TV, local LE said that the “case is being treated as a missing. And there is no reason to believe that it is connected to the six previous murders.” After that, her mother TG was interviewed and Brit’s family formed a search party.

        Does anyone here on the blog remember a dark-colored car that you may have seen a man AND a woman in it back in November, 2008? Please put on your thinking caps!!!

        • G8_ You must mean NOV.3 2008 I believe that is the time B Gary went Gary is hanging around Andrew St house the past few days,something I will NEVER understand.

        • G8TRGIRL & SERIALPSYCHIC….Thank you every so much for catching my error on the date. I IT WAS NOVEMBER 3, 2008 NOT May 3, 2008. Sorry for the screw up but Thankx SP for catching it!!!

          AULOU…Please don’t fault me for making another mistake.l am human, LOL

    • I thought the victory party was at the American Legion Hall. Next to the National Guard Armory.

    • Okay, I am thinking that all the girls may have known of a dealer that comes from out-of-town (maybe Texas), knows he is a supplier to a popular place (Andrew House) and as he is coming and going, he lures them into his car……they feel safe and lucky that the Big Guy- top dog (supplier) is asking for their company ( maybe will get drugs from him, they think they can trust him…go with him and — boom- end up dead- dumped and the perp goes back to the town he came from…just brainstorming with you all!

      • OBSERVER… Good brainstorming, but we must remember and keep in mind, earlier posts.In you scenario, what is the major coverup if the Bog Guy-top doay comes from out of town? Nope…let’s remember Shelia Comeaux. Why was she beaten up and left for dead? I thought she was wired by LE, and in her shall we say condition,went to the wrong dope house and was beaten for it? In order for a cover-up this big, Mr. Big is truly Mr. Big. Consider everything negative that has happened with questionable results.
        That would be nice for G8 to do since she is up on all of it, starting with Loretta Chaisson witnessing Rat’s kidnapping that led to murder.If G8 would start this list, posters can add tidbits to it and maybe get a big picture, from 1993 (Trahan) to Necole in 2009.

        • Don’t know wht Trahan you show in 1993 the one on the Possibly Related already on this blog it was in 1997.

        • The type of murders took on different mo’s in 2005…this could very well be unrelated to the crimes dating back to 1997-99, and that is how the Task force is looking at them.

          Previous murders were mostly beatings…totallly different than these

  94. someone out there has all the answers to our questions so if you are reading this at least let us know if we are getting warm…

  95. ALMOST SURE……..God knows that I don’t have all of the answers, but I do know that several of the posters are very very very warm and very close! Some things I can’t put on this post, but I will say that IF we could find out SOME information on the condition of the bodies and/or Hallelujah! an autopsy report, most of the answers will come to light. Remember, I said before, the Bible says, “What is done in the dark will come to the light, one day.”

    I do not believe that nothing of evidential value was found on any of the bodies. If LE would just “throw us bone”, it would help put the missing pieces to the overall puzzle that we are all working on.

    Does the State of Louisiana have a Medical
    Association that Shelia Comeaux’s daughter to contact to get a copy of her mother’s autopsy report;? It has been 10 years, for goodness sake. Perhaps, I have the name wrong but I mean the peope that one reports doctors to.

    • There has been some evidence although “some” of it seems to have been lost or “misplaced” 😦 which for the life of me I cannot understand. How hard is it to keep track of evidence in an area that small…….we’re not talking about a huge metroplex.

      • g8- once again i agree, when something so essential is mishandled i cant help but think it is intentional, like the evidence that was damaged when the sewage backed up in the evidence room during the storm, what did they do when they stored it? did they just toss it over onto a stack of boxes? i hardly think so…

    • There seems to be some type of “selective” process as to which families do and do not get autopsy reports. The criteria, and who decides, is confusing. I think another piece of information that would be critical is the toxicology reports. Do ANY of the families have that info??

      The only families I know of that were given the option of body viewing were Crystal’s and I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say the “authorities” well knew her family was not going to want to view the remains after it took 2 months to even positively identify her…..that was pretty much a given. Brittney was a minor so the family could NOT be kept from viewing her. My understanding is that the rest of the families were not even given the option………if I’m incorrect, someone please correct this.

      I still have major issues with the fact that Muggy Brown’s family wasn’t allowed to view her body. I still ask why??? I wish she hadn’t been cremated though. There may come a point in time that some, if not all, of those bodies would need to be exhumed for more in depth investigation.

      Correction to this post: Muggy was not cremated… was Ernestine Patterson that was cremated.
      “Suspicion solves crimes……not taking a positive attitude”.
      ~ SuziQ (Websleuths) ~

      • True G8, but the toxicology reports go to the Medical Examiner usually after he autopsy is prepared. My point here is this, even if due to decomposition of bodies, the M.E. will just put Undetermined as of
        C.O.D Stevie Wonder could see that the Manner of Death is Homicide! (We know that it couldn’t be Accidental, Suicide or Natural)! IF ONLY, I could read the other anatomical findings, it would give us a huge clue plue the T.S.D. (Time Since Death is so very important because we can determine when she died compared to when she was found).

        I wonder how many of you caught FR’s screw up in his interview? He told on himself and I would bet my
        check that that is whey LE wanted to confiscate the tape from KPLC. Any thoughts…..did yall catch it”?

        • ketch- i noticed all sorts of flashing lights going off when he talked which one are you referring to?

          • ALMOST SURE……you always bring a smile to my face and I really need it today. There is a death in my family today and I must stay busy now to occupy my mind. Life to too short so we must solve this case as soon as we can to bring closure to the victims’ families.

            FR screwed up in the KPLC Special when he said that Whitney Dubois had been to his house (that would have been the night of May 10th or very earlly after 12Mid.May 11th) and her body was “found a
            couple of hours later!” THAT’ A LIE!!!!

            It was reported that Whitnei was last seen on Thursday, May 10, 2007 in the middle of the night after spending an hour at her Grandmother’s house on Gallup Street. She left here and went one street over to FR’s house on McKinley Street and allegedly stayed briefly and left walking.

            Whitnei’s NUDE body was found on Duhon & Bobby road on Saturday, May 12, 2007 @ 7:30AM.
            There were no viibl signs o trauma but her body WAS DECOMPOSING and positive identification was made by fingerprints.

            Now..#1) Where were her clothes? She certainly didn’t his house naked, that is alive, anyway. But a man in a car with a woman in the passenger seat could explain womens’ clothes if visible on back seat. Who knows what was in the trunk? Whtnei maybe? hmmmmmm

            2) We know that a dark colored vehicle’s trunk can reach 100degrees if parked in sun, even in cold weather. I have said all along that these victims are taken somewhere to decompose and brought back to the dumping areas. Do yall have any junk yards anywhere far out with abandoned cars? Whatever…..
            Whitnei’s body would NOT have decomposed that badly in a couple of hours. No no.

            #3) If Whitnei was not decomposing fast enough, the killer(s) would have poured bleach on her too as they
            did MUGGY BROWN who was found semi-nude, NOT DECOMPOSING, but with a slit throat and bleach doused on her to try to eliminate DNA. I hop and pray that if what I have heard about her and being a good fighter, I pray to God that she had under her fingernails. See, an autopsy would tell that because fingernails (on victims who have any) are cut at the morgue just for that reason. Her death also tells us that it was sudden and tells me she was probably attacked from behind.(Let’s say in a car on passenger side, Killer grabs her by her hair, pulls her head back and slits he throat). Again, we need info on her death
            to determine if she bled out? Or, were there any other stab wounds to a vital organ perpetrated before the slit throat to cause instant death. We need info!

        • Confiscate to use or loose?

      • G8….Was Muggy cremated? I thought I saw the ashes of Elizabeth Patterson. Muggy’s grandmother said that her little boy put the white vase on her gave and said this is for you Muggy. We they both cremated?

        Also, has anyone heard from Brittany Jones? Is she alright?

        • ALMOSTSURE…….I forgot to add that I bet that is why the LE wanted to confiscate the KPLC tape of the Special interviews. TC ‘s body’s languaget and her mouth told on herself also.

          • it is a shame the KPLC will not let the task force have that tape. that tape could solve all of this

          • ketchum- sorry for answering so late i was on the phone and you know what? when fr said that it did strike a nerve with me b/c i remember there was a margin of time that she was last seen and when her body was discovered.. so you are correct… i hope that there is someway they can get the video footage, and soon… i was wondering if anyone else had noticed that! ketch, im sorry that you are suffering a loss, and im glad that i can make you smile now and then.. im a clown by nature.. lol!

        • It was Ernestine that was cremated…….not Muggy.

    • ketchum- here is some info for you:

      Louisiana State Medical Society | 6767 Perkins Road, Suite 100 | Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70808
      800.375.9508 | 225.763.8500 | 225.763.6122 (Fax) |

      • ALMOST SURE……Thank you so much. Now is can find out if she has or will contact them or if she would like me to do it, to please let me know. She as next of kin would have all of the particulars, especially the hospital dates, treating Doctors, and most of important, death certificate and/or autopsy signatures of who did what.

        Thanx again. Her case is unreal. She should write a book and make a TV movie because no one would believe her if she told them the facts. I still can’t believe it!

        • Yep……gotta agree on that!!! I’m glad that case has gotten resurrected because everything about it “smells”. I know the FBI, that’s supposedly involved on “some level” in these cases aren’t necessarily focusing on Shelia’s case right now BUT, I do hope that it has caught the eye of some astute investigator that is curious enough to look into it ;).

  96. ok when did FR get arrested for rape and does anyone know who it was? was it one of the 8 girls well the ones after he got out of jail for rape. i can not beleive that lost all evidence on FR every thing he has every done he should of been lock up years. my son got a loud music ticket and the judge wanted to lock him up for 15 days but put him on a year probation for a loud music ticket i like to have past out then the judge told him that .

  97. SERIALPSYCHIC……Where are you????? We need you input here. lol

  98. Does anybody know who FR took the $3700.00 from that got “lost” from evidence?

  99. Good evening everyone. I cannot understand for the life of me why a murdered victim’s body would be allowed to be cremated. There goes all the evidence and maybe even more important evidence they may have missed the first time.

  100. Also what did I miss that FR said to incriminate himself other that his drug abuse and sleeping with with the girls? That filthy piece of slim!

  101. Yea I know it is cheaper but I do not think it should ever be allowed when the deceased is a murdered victim cuz then there is asolutely no more body left and there goes any possible additional clues altogether. And how many bodies have been exhumed for criminal cases? Of course, just my opinion.

    • It is cheaper but not that much cheaper really and the paperwork involved is astronomical with a cremation……I learned that from dealing with my brother’s death (beforehand). Of course that was in Texas so things may be different in LA.

      I’m like you though curvy………cremating someone that died under very suspicious circumstances, and in Muggy’s case, murder, should have different, and strict laws governing it.

  102. The state would go broke paying for burials, I think.

    • what about the money that the families of victims can receive from the fund that someone was speaking of last week, i think it was christi that was saying something about that. surely there is some available for burial.. not sure just almostsure.

  103. ITELLITLIKEITIS………..In response to your post above about the KPLC tape, I don’t believe giving the tape to LE would ‘solve” the case(s). However, that tape COULD be used by LE to contradict FR & TC’s earlier’ statements made by them during questioning about the missing/murders back in 2005, 2007, 2008, and
    possible 2009 for Necole G. Coupled with some evidence that I feel they have but are not telling, along with any contradictions publicly made recently, they could have enough go to the Grand Jury and get a True Bill. That may be a reason KPLC won’t release the tape if they had an agreement with the ones interviewed not to do so.

    • I sure do wonder if LE tape recorded the questioning of FR and TC, amongst others in the past. Here in Baton Rouge they do. And I still don’t see why the FBI cannot and does not make them fill out written questionaires as they did with many people in my brothers case.

      • It could be because they were suspects. Just thinking.

        I do want to know, though, how the FBI is allowing these cases to be handled like this since this has been going on long before November 2008. I have never ever seen any case handled this way, ever

        As things stand now, I could not in good conscience encourage anyone to go to LE if they had solid pertinent information. In all of the Threads and posts that I have read, I have not seen anyone name a Law Enforcement Officer that is trusted. I know that there must be some trustworthy people in the Task Force, but what can they do if they haven’t seen the writing on the wall yet and if they do, have not done anything to put the community at ease. Additionally, the word CI
        has been used so frequently and the CIs(who were victims, I’m told) have been murdered! So, who would someone with pertinent information go to and feel safe for themselves and their families. Unless, yall make me feel otherwise, I don’t trust anyone but myself and LE outside of La. lol…….How about Pres. Obama, Jesse Jackson et al. lol

        • What does Obama or Jackson have to do with Jennings, Louisiana and the murders. What about Jindal? After all he is the governor of Louisiana and so far said not a word. We must start local before we go to the president and by all means a person who is not in government unless you are talking JJ Jr.

  104. to everyone- i have to say that i am enjoying the blog this evening, we have heard from lots of our regular folks (still missing a few) and the great minds are at work!! so lets keep active, because it got a little scary there for awhile i was afraid that too many people were losing interest..

  105. ea568…do you ever see out of state license plates on vehicles visiting the Andrew St house or other houses in the area that have questionable activity?

    • Observer_ I believe most of the plates are La. only very rarely some TX plates. What I’m told this is the only house on the block with questionable activities.Andrew St.residents are decent law abiding citizens and do not socialize with anyone at this house,but they all know what goes on there and hope that someday this problem will be solved!

      • OBSERVER……..You can bet your sweet bippy that KM is running checks on all vehicles there. That is his job. And may be still taking pix!

      • Hello all, this is my first post on the site, so I will keep it brief.

        ea568, I’m assuming from what I read above that you are near the particular house on Andrew St.? If so, have you ever thought about putting a webcam in a window facing the house, and maybe having a live feed available to whomever wants to view it? I’d even be willing to donate a used webcam to hook up.
        I’m wondering if its possible to hook up a better lense, possible one with a zoom to a webcam to increase its capabilities?
        If that’s not possible, I know of a good website, that has alot of web capable cameras which have lenses that can be zoomed in. I’d be willing to pitch in money to help buy a camera if theres even a possibility of catching the killer.

  106. Posted above but- placing here in case you all don’t back up to see it!!!

    After reading—you all got me thinking that all the girls may have known of a dealer that comes from out-of-town (maybe Texas), knows he is a supplier to a popular place (Andrew House) and as he is coming and going, he lures them into his car……they feel safe and lucky that the Big Guy- top dog (supplier) is asking for their company ( maybe will get drugs from him or them) they think they can trust him…go with him and — boom- end up dead- dumped locally and the perp goes back to the town he came from…

    ..not sure of reasons or motives unless the Texas men have a point to make and are possibly toying with RE for some unknown reason.

    • I think you make some awesome points……..I still have to keep asking though…….why are no men being murdered?? Surely it’s not because the men in Jennings/JDP are to be feared…..especially the druggies/dealers…..are they they that bad?

      There has been some great discussion here today and some of it has gotten my wheels turning…………but, I still can’t help but ask why the girls are being murdered and not the guys??? If the killings are 100% drug related I would think at some point there would be some male murders. The killings don’t “appear” from what’s been released, to be “sexual” in nature,

      • True they don’t appear that way and I think Kirk noted before they were not sexual, but why nude, half clothed on many occasions if there was no sexual involvement? We don’t really know if sex was involved or not being no release of autopsies.

        • Another good point and that’s why I like hearing other people’s input. I think if there was semen left inside these girls LE would have already traced that (as far as they could anyway). I think there may not be semen though which leaves a few possibilities……..the crimes were not actually sexual in nature only staged to appear that way (remove lower clothing), they WERE sexually motivated crimes but the perp is impotent OR, the crimes were sexual in nature but, committed by a female so no semen would be involved.
          “Suspicion solves crimes……not taking a positive attitude”.
          ~ SuziQ (Websleuths) ~

          • Now that’s something I’ve wondered about why or if there is semen couldn’t that be traced.

          • Sorry to be so blunt but rape is not just vaginal…it can also be oral in nature.

          • There was NO identifiable semen, nor DNA left on victim in my brother’s case. One DNA sample was found in the car which was used against my brother, but none on the victim. Not under fingernails,

            There was a sample that was NOT identifiable on cervix. That was it.

          • Semen can be traced- it has DNA in it

          • Observer, I agree which is why I think there should have been swabs of oral, anal, and vaginal.

          • G8…….I don’t mean to be vulgar or unkind, but, you all MUST keep in mind the KPLC Special. It was said on it that on S. Main that I call “the stroll”, a prostitute will do just about anything for $20.00. Remember……

            Girls working for that small amount of $ are called “strawberries.” This means that they will give a blow-job, for even less. Also, for semen to be in their vagina, working girls always says that that takes too long and asks for more money. If the johns asked for
            “around the world”, that would cost above $100.00 and they would go to a motel. However, real prostitutes who work for pimps don’t usually get real high because it cuts back on the $, so in Jennings, at was said in the Special, johns “can get just about anything for $ or drugs, also re-listen to TC and her ability to go to the B.Inn.

      • Maybe they are not only drug related, and are sexual motivated by a sexually sadistic antisocial psychopathic lying s.o.b. like many other cases involving serial killers which is also true for pimps, smugglers and big time drug lords.

        Girls are weaker, more easily targeted and males do not seem to be the ones walking the streets at night placing themselves at risk….I have never heard of anyone mention males walking the streets like we keep hearing about the women.

      • G8 ……….Wasn’t “Rat” Trahan a male and possibly some others whose names I do not recall whose murders and/or deaths are either suspicious or unsolved?

        • Butch Sonnier was 2/93, Harold Pitre 3/94, Trahan 97, Harvey Burleigh 7/07 and Derrick Jackson 12/08. There is a large gap between the male murders…..1997 to 2007.

        • Rat was shot in the head and case was solved……Loretta witnessed his abduction in 1997.

          It could be coincidental that she saw the abduction of Rat from a residence.

          MO is previous cases is totally different than the 8 murders that are related

          • observer- they considered the case to be solved because dispany was charged with the murder, however it has been said that there were 3 involved in the murder. raynell was about 17 yrs old at the time if im correct..

          • They’re “unsolved” except Rat’s murder. There has been a great deal of discussion/suspicion though that Raynell Dipsany was not the only person involved in Rat’s murder. He was just the only one that got convicted. He did plead no contest to the charges against him. It gets a little strange and questionable because Dispany did end up dying (7/06) while in prison in MS.

          • OBSERVER……..I read that Loretta was in the same house as Rat when he was kidnapped. It is also interesting to note that he was beaten, his body put in a vehicle trunk and taken to a secluded spot on Racca Road (not to far from where Muggy Brown was dumped) and he was shot in the head. His body was decomposed when discovered. With the exception of the weapon (gun) being used (I think I read that it was a .32 cal. AKA: Saturday Night Special) which is the best weapon for murder because the bullet bounces around in the body causing more damage. It was the gun of choice for Mafia hit men. They arrested a guy for the murder who was killed in prison but what and why were the other two men who was with him, not arrested. Does anyone know who they are and are they still there? Weren’t they black guys?

  107. Maybe Re has been putting a stop to ongoing drug activity we are unaware of and the dealers don’t like it- suppliers. Was a Judge or anyone particular removed from office around 2005 when these 8 murders began….did suppliers (cartel) loose their helpful sources and are upset about RE or other LE not helping them keep the supplies rolling?

  108. Well I guess that could be true Popeye, but I’m only talking against cremation with a death caused by possible murder.

  109. Someone alluded to this several posts back and I’ve mentioned it before myself……….I could maybe “buy” that Frankie and company could get away with a few of these murders and not get “fingered” enough for prosecution but 8 of them……….I’m just not sold on that possibility. Those people are way too screwed up on a regular basis to pull this many murders off without leaving evidence. Or else, LE is beyond stupid.

    If you look at their interviews…… they really look like folks that first of all wanna kill someone, then hide the body for a little while and then go find a place to dispose of it??? To me, they just looked like people that wanted to “be into their high”, maybe go eat a little afterward then, tear their azz to the nearest bed. I know it sounds like a marijuana high type thing but still……..that’s the impression they left me with.
    “Suspicion solves crimes……not taking a positive attitude”.
    ~ SuziQ (Websleuths) ~

    • I agree with you on that….This is someone that commits crimes in secret when others are least suspecting of their whereabouts.

    • G8……..I have a question that I have never brought up before. I was told this by someone who lives on S. Main Street. Are there some black guys there that “beat up” people? Just thinking……Some young so-called gang wannabees/dope pushers call themselves “Enforcers”. for The Man (their boss). I know for a fact, that some will not hesitate to follow orders to kill.
      (FYI.. these guys can range from 17-40)
      Does that fit anyone in Jennings to yall’s knowledge?

      • G8…….Also, remember that if LE finds one hair on any of the victims that s not hers, they can determine if is Negroid or Caucasian!” See why we really need some information to really come to good conclusions.
        IF ONLY………

        G8……Can you tell me, to your knowledge, if any family member has been told anything at all. By the way, I had been told awhile back by my man-of-the-cloth that the families had NOT been allowed to view their loved one’s body. RE denied that to me. Question: If the familly is paying for the burial, is it La law that they cannot see the body at the funeral home that is being paid. Believe me, you, they and all of the devils in hell could not have stopped me! In the case of Crystal, God rest her soul, I would think that her body was mostly skeletal, but some toxicology could have been taken if any skin was left and COD was most likely asphyxiation if no marks were on the bones. Now, that would be a case for cremation. I had no idea that Muggy was cremated? Was she interred afterwards as her grandmother indicated on the special? Also, I’m nosy, why did E.PATTERSON’s parents say that they have not seen her four children since her death. Her sister did had a crematory box in her hand, and I can see why she was cremated. She would have been so bloated that her body could bust open and her insides liquefied.

        • Ketch……..i erred seriously, it wasn’t Muggy that was cremated, it was Ernestine. Apologize about that error, just went back and re-watched the KPLC special.

  110. i remember when FR came on here to cover his ass- brittany jones asked him if he was such a good friend of her family, why did her grandmother suspect him right up until her death, and she also made mention that he threatened whitnei every day for a while does anyone remember that?

  111. I remember that almostsure, I also remember somewhere that he was said to have beat one of the other the dead young ladies. I will look it up tomorrow

  112. i dont for one minute believe he is the mastermind behind all of this.. but there is someone in charge that is giving specific orders to have this carried out.. complete with instructions, and it is more than one doing this each time following instructions.. i think..

    • ALMOSTSURE…….Isn’t that called a puppet? lol

    • Great possibility, and it may be important to look at these cases as unrelated to the past cases… order to figure out if it is the work of a lone serial killer. The past crimes are important and deserve all due respect regarding the fact that they are unsolved.

      These eight murders have already been related to each other by hte Task Force, and have been related to one perp. They could have someone dictating to them or it could actually be a serial killer acting alone.

      If it is related to murders that reach back to 1999—-then one should consider what changed between 99 and 05 that would make a cover up necessary or piss someone off to the point of taking lives.

  113. ea568- if you are still here, is there a vehicle that stays at the andrew st. house on a regular basis? that maybe leaves for a day or two at a time? to me that would be the merchandizer so to speak, the one that makes runs for the goods..

    • Almostsure–From info I hear there are many different vehicles that come there some stay overnite and others seem to make pick-ups. Some days it’s very quiet,guess when there are no deliveries.

      • ea568- im just wondering who the gopher of the operation is, the one that goes possibly to texas to get the bulk of it. if they could catch this person he/she would probably do alot of singing and lots of info would come to light as ketch put it.. anyone caught with a large amount would face a severe sentencing unless they were willing to talk…

        • If it is big enough and the main man is powerful enough, the traffiicker would be bonded out and killed.
          Why? Because they don’t want to lose their drugs AND risk the mule being turned over to DEA who do not play. They would kill a dead brick to keep from being exposed. I hope none of you really believe that the traffic stops made on I-10 that reveal large quantities of dope is due to an ordinary traffic violation! State police and/or DEA already have descriptions of the vehicles transporting large quantities of drugs after being told by a snitch who does not want to do federal time. They, then, use BS reasons for probable cause to search the vehicle. Therefore, perhaps, and I am just thinking, the mules from Jennings to Texas would not be carrying large quantitites but the man may be using several runners who look ordinary in non-descript vehicles to go back and forth to Houston. That’s just my take.

          • I agree, being the large number of major bust recently in BR and LIV of travelors..that is exactly right….they were tipped off.

            Just this week, two women from TX were busted–pulled over for following too close, yet they had 144 lbs of marijuana in vehicle.

            I don’t put it past the cartel to give up a few small dogs in order to get the big ones where they wnat them either.!

  114. When was the Dateline special on past corruption?

  115. all of a sudden, i cant keep my eyes open…lol goodnite to all *+*+*+

  116. almostsure No one will ever HAVE to sing….They are being protected….

  117. QUESTION…….Can Anyone please tell me how one (1) assigned narcotics officer be effective to curtail and/or stop drug operations. Even a small ones. If you all recall, I know that I saw a drug deal go down on the KPLC Special. They are so blatant. They have no fear of 5-0, po-po, narcs, heat or whatever you want to call it, in Jennings! Quite frankly, if penny-ante wannabees watched the special and saw how lax LE is in Jennings, with the dope trade there, Jennings will have an increase of people moving there.

    I still don’t see how one officer can handle a town. First of all, doesn’t he have a partner. Do they do search warrants in Jennings for suspected dope
    houses such as what I have heard about the Andrews house. With little or no laws prohibiting such goings on, there will always be a problem. If and when any drug arrests are made, how is it processed and placed into evidence.Have dope-sniffing dogs ever been used there? I sincerely do not mean to put the town of Jennings down in any way, I am only saying that with such laxity in the law, it is no wonder that these murders have gone unsolved for so long.
    I repeat, I am in no way, putting Jennings down. There are some beautiful homes and churches there with some very nice people who are concerned. I have learned a lot since I began to get involved and wish I could do more. I would give anything to be able to interview TC and FR. and to work the streets on S. Main. Ketchum shut up! Okay. See I’m talking to myself. lol

    • Ketchum, I agree with you,one narcotic officer can not do much alone. Maybe what we need here is another task force for drug busts like many nieghboring parishes have.The police chief and mayor need to address this problem,which they are aware of and have been aware of for some time now.


    • There are many laws, it is a question of how the sheriif chooses to enforce the laws and which ones he sees as important. Also, the DA has the finala choice in deciding who to charge and for what.

      EBR and LIV are making bust left and right….on a contionous basis, unlike JDP

      • I agree the DA has the last word on following up with charges. Wonder what he is waiting on to charge P Guillory in connection with the missing evidence/money from the drug bust on McKinley back in June??

        • I thought Paula move to texas didnt someone post that awhile back. and Wendall Miller was he judge till early last year and late 2007

  118. good morning ketch! i know back in the early 90’s there was a canine being used, i cant remember the officers name, jim something that worked with that dog there was a ford bronco or some sort of utility vehicle that was the canine unit…but i havent heard didley squat about any canines in quite sometime..and yes there is a question regarding only one narcotics officer and that question is WHY?? it would not be difficult to hire more to exterminate the drug population. but are they willing?

    • There was an officer with a name like Kawalski that used to handle the K-9, from what I’m told. This was during the general time that evidence couldn’t seem to stay in the evidence room and while the huge marijuana seizures were going on. According to trustees from that period, shoe boxes were stuffed with newspaper and were incinerated in place of the kilo bails of pot while we had weed being sold on the streets like there was no tomorrow. They say that during this time, there were representatives in each town in JDP doing their job to assure that no town dominated the drug trade. that’s just a good example of American marketing skills. I read some time back, and several people agree, that at one time, there was a war going on between the Jennings City PD and the Sheriff’s office, involving who would dominate the cocaine market. It is said that Shelia Comeaux and others got caught up in this fight and that this was the cause of much of our current controversy.

  119. speaking of KaNine dogs i sean one at at Joes pizza place last week. and why not write down licience plate numbers and turn it in to the state police so they can watch for them at state line on there way back that is just my opinion

  120. Last night Popeye asked when was Wendell Miller removed found the exact date. Don’t know why the question was asked but sure hope Popeye tell why.

    The Opinions handed down on the 26th day of January, 2007, are as follows:
    (long read so I’m posting the link

    Interesting read on Corruption Watchdog

  121. ahlou, it was I brainstorming about –when the cartel may have had an abrupt change in their activities by a change in who was in control, who was removed from office, and such that the cartel could no longer have the access to the area like thay did before…..being there is a large timeline between past murders which had different MO’s and the current murders 2005 forward which have been related to one another.

    What (who) changed before 2005. Thinking if this perp is from out of town, or cartel related…..what changed that could have sparked someone to act out by killing so many people.

    ie, did a cartel mamber get pissed off because RE or their past connections were interrupted and they may be striking out at RE or LE because of that…

    What changed in 2004-5?

    • You asked if a Judge had been removed. Wendell Miller fits the bill, he was the Judge.

    • “Popeye, on November 13th, 2009 at 10:22 PM Said:

      “Observer, on November 13th, 2009 at 8:44 PM Said:

      Maybe Re has been putting a stop to ongoing drug activity we are unaware of and the dealers don’t like it- suppliers. Was a Judge or anyone particular removed from office around 2005 when these 8 murders began…””

    • Sorry I had the wrong person Observer. You sure was doing some good brainstorming, lol now I’m wondering as well.

  122. That is also why I asked when was the Dateline special on JFD….just brainstorming

  123. Good morning to all, I have a busy day…will check i periodically!!! I hope you all get out and enjoy some of this beautiful sunshine 🙂

  124. FYI As Mike Dubois was being bailed out, he was abruptly denied. The powers that be, said that instead he was going to be shipped to Jennings. He had received DEATH THREATS and because people were calling all the TV stations and reporters, he is now at Cameron. As a footnote, the prescription bottles found in Mike’s car are in Mike’s name, and used for pain from cancer. I don’t know anything else, but I thought you would like to know this update.

    • I find it curious that Dubois is guilty of the same exact thing that Bill Riley was guilty of, but, one exception is that Riley was a local attorney and his problem was purposely kept as quiet as possible by the “official” community. Dubois had been vocal about the incompetence of local LE and remarkably, his arrest details were dictated to the local TV news people without the critical fact that he was a cancer patient. I know nothing about Mr. Dubois except that he was apparently devoted to finding information relating to the most recent eight unsolved murders. Therefore, he has become the enemy of those who are at the head of law enforcement. My biggest regret is that he was so visible and represented the victims to some extent. His arrest has, however unfairly, been injurious to the very cause that he was trying to address.

    • why would they move him to cameron and who is the sheriff there is he close to RE i know the sheriff from cameron has land behind my house i want to say his name is sonnier sarver or something like that. i find that funny they he would be move there and not another parish. and who is threating mike. i swear people today

      • I Tell It– The sherrif of Cameron Parish is Theos Duhon I think he lives in the Grand Lake/Sweetlake area, was once a deputy for Calcasieu parish. Don’t know what all this is about with MD but it sure seems suspious. And who in the hell would threaten his life????

        • This is getting real scary and crazy why would anyone want to kill a man for wanting answers about who killed his sister and the others. SS said threats that means more than one or more than one person. Why is Cameron more safe for him than Evangeline is another wonder.

          • Yes, Theos Duhon was a Calcasieu Parish deputy years ago. he was a narcotics officer during the time that Ham Reed was sheriff. They say that Sheriff Reed was at the head of quite a little drug empire. He was known to bust small timers and street level users on a regular frequency so the people kept electing him but the really big dealers NEVER EVER got arrested or even exposed (sound familiar?). People say that Duhon proved that he was as corrupt as they come during that time and so, he has earned the right to be sheriff of Cameron Parish where drugs arrive in huge quantities regularly. Well, you know how people talk – Who ever heard of a Louisiana sheriff being corrupted?

  125. Ignite, I respect and admire you. You are intelligent and express views in an investigative manner. You research your posts and present your findings in a professional manner without bias. I always look forward to your posts! Thank you for taking the time to ferret out the information you present!!!

    • Very well said, SP! Ignite is dy-no-mite!!! lol

    • Thanks Serial – I simply ask around. I’m not involved with any of the folks on the street and have never met any of the ones in the news. That’s what makes me so frustrated. As removed as I am from the crowd, I am able to learn things, relevant things, just by asking around and being observant. Why can’t LE do this and why aren’t each and every taxpayer doing this? I can’t understand why people haven’t been aware of the depth of corruption in this parish for a long long time. It’s as though people are just waking up to the obvious. It’s true that more than one person posts under this name, but, we share information and the sources are very available to everyone. I can’t believe that people are still saying that LE should be told this or should be shown that. They are either engaged in an enormous cover-up or they are incredibly and unbelievably incompetent on the local, parish, state and federal levels. I refuse to believe that there is a real effort being made to solve the crime in JDP or else we would not have accumulated fifteen or so unsolved murders over the years along with a drug epidemic to beat any city per capita.

  126. if they are trying to hide mike why would they tell anyone where they are bring him..thats does not make any since to me

    • does not make any since to me either i just hope nothing happens to Mike there

    • Just a thought…They may see it as Mike being in a place where other locals cannot be, and if anyone strange shows up there it would be more easily recognized than here…here being where locals come and go regularly… I think I said that right.

      The Cameron Sheriff should not have other Jennings people there whom may be a threat to Mike- and it keeps Mike away from others in the Jennings, JDP jail that may be upset with him.

  127. SP, are u still there? About this newest update on Mike and his move to Cameron Parish, are your sources reliable?

  128. Also is ignite the one who has confessed to being more than one person posting with that same name or who was that? I thought that was sooooo odd!

  129. Also what about Cease Fire or J4JD? Has anyone heard lately from Nicki or Michelle? It seems like things have gotten so very quiet all the way around. Too quiet and so odd, hmmmm…

  130. Yes ignite has good answers but I guess three brains are better than one, lol. When I reply on this forum I have to depend on my very own little pea brain! lol

  131. Thanks Popeye. That’s what I thought.

  132. curvy- yes things have been eerily quiet.. but it was good to see everyone on this blog last nite as far as the ot

  133. i dont know what the hell just happened but i was saying as far as the others, idk has anyone been on j4jd lately?

  134. I was not able to be online for very long yesterday but I did get caught up on reading back on the blog today and yes I agree there was some excellent brainstorming going on on here last night. That’s more what the blog use to be all about!

  135. No, I never go to Cease fire or J4JD anymore. I do not hear from any of them and wondered if anyone else did?

  136. I left Nicki’s group the day she accused me of emailing her under Popeye on Facebook.

  137. Going back to Mike, I still can’t imagine that they moved him to Cameron Parish and I’m really wondering about those death threats? We haven’t heard from Brittany Jones lately have we? I, for one would just like to hear that he is ok, no matter of his guilt or innocense concerning the charges against him. I always like to think the best of people and give them some benefit of doubt.

  138. i feel the same way curvy if we could just get more details because at this point it is not making much sense!!! he was abruptly denied bail, this is too damn suspicious.. is this some sort of warning to anyone that speaks out.. thats bullshit.. wow when they want to discredit, they have no mercy!!!!

  139. SP – do you know how many Rx bottles he had?

  140. why was a bond set if they would deny it?

  141. i dont know if anyone has posted this already and i missed it but this is what i found

    Michael Keith Dubois, 49, 812 State St., Jennings, was charged November 10, with prohibited acts (doctor shopping), possession with intent to distribute alprazolom and possession with intent to distribute tramodel. Bond was set at $25,000.

  142. Wow Popeye, I didn’t realize you have left j4jd. It seemed after the march everyone just lost interest, I don’t know.

  143. I left j4jd too. I found that Nicki exaggerates too much and she starts things and never finishes them.

  144. yeah popeye- i agree you, you took alot of flack for nothing!!!

  145. but anyway we wont go to far into that one, lol we still love you 🙂

  146. i wonder what is going on that is deverting everyones attention away from the blog tonite, something good on tv? i dont know why but my cursor keeps jumping around and typing into the wrong place and its really annoying…

    • Need new batteries? Try cleaning the four small pads under the mouse. If it’s a wireless optical, change the battery or clean the surface you’re using as a mouse pad.

      • you may need to open bottom and clean the handles were the ball sits on the inside – if not optical!!!
        They get full of dirt on the inside> use alcohol.

      • sorry had to serve dinner but im back now, i just bought this laptop, and the last one was doing the same thing every now and then, could be the way i rest my wrists as i type idk thanks for the info

  147. curvycat Mike is a Cameron. He is safe for the time being. He still doesn’t know why bail was abruptly denied.

    • sounds like mike needs a good lawyer there is no way in hell the can not let him out on bail if they posted bail on him and to be move maybe someone in the other jail threated him i dont know but something is not right and i hope britt. finds out

  148. I have tried to email Christi several times with no reply and getting worried about her. Does anyone know what has happened?

  149. the following was posted on the j4jd page (not by me)

    “mike got what was coming to him. he was not set up by law endorcement nor is he receiving death threats. he was on probation and that put a hold on him..”

    • i thought i read they were not going to refoke his probation cause he had cancer i know i read that

      • Sometimes people get medical leave while on probation…Is Mike in remission and or getting chemo currently?

        I feel for his family, they have a lot of tragedy in their lives right now.

    • where is this J4JD page at i never seen this or heard of this before

    • well i can just about imagine who put that on there..

      • i read it and it is the Beard woman man she is mean or rude and i know her and her husband and she looks like she could be a big B

      • There is a picture of the person and she used her very own name.

        • Sonya Beard is the first cousin to Whitney .And I have gotten to know her and her family. So far everything she has told to me has been truthful. Their family is grieving just like all other family members, so please address her with some respect. Who would know a family member better than family.

  150. Evening, everyone. I too would like to here how Brittany and her family are doing. Also, I am still praying for Christi and her family. Good to hear Mike is well and safe. Very special prayers are needed for everyone about now.

    It was good brainstorming last night. I want to help people remember it could very well be a lone killer on the loose…so please continue to seek safe envioronments, and don’t walk the streets alone.

    It could be the most popular guy in town committing these crimes. Please Be Safe.

  151. Well this situation with Mike is all so screwy sounding. And I miss not hearing from Christi. She was in contact with him and updated us. I still don’t understand why she is no longer on the blog! That’s screwy too as far as I’m concerned.

  152. I agree observer. We have no idea who the unsub is and until he/she/they are caught and off the streets, absolutely no one is safe. That is why I cannot understand how women in the parish still walk the streets at all hours of the day and night. You’d think after 8 victims, they’d stay indoors at night and safe behind lock doors. And its like we are always just waiting for the killer to strike again and hear about another victim anytime now, as odds would have it.

  153. Ahlou – just curious but are you a member of j4jd or cease fire? I had thought a while back of leaving both but had not definetly made up my to actually do so. I really thought both could have done something good for the parish and these girls. But now these groups seem to be at a stalemate with nothing happening with either one.

    • No I am not a member of either. At first I criticized cease the fire then I thought it was a great idea (still do) but then if you read back on this site you will see what happened. Ater which J4JD was started and I didn’t feel I wanted to join that one either. As you know on back threads it sealed my desire. I do go see from time to time but now there is not much on either one. That the reason I believe G8 take control of this blog from time to time and good she does.

  154. Curvy, just thought about it these are the kinds of converstions G8 asked us to use the Off-topic boards for.

    G8, I apologize and would you move or let it go this time. I will do my part in being more respectful of whatyou asked.

  155. I just got off the phone with Christi, she said tell everyone “HI”, and that she is doing fine and misses y’all. She will be posting more on Monday.

  156. I think G8 knows more about the inner workings than we do. And, for that we should respect her wishes.

    Observer, thank you for recognizing what I have thought for a long time, It is easy to start pinning things on every local drug dealer but the truth is…it is far more complicated. If it was a local drug dealer than LE would be glad to pin that on him and be done with it. A local drug dealer could spout anything they wanted to only to be discredited at trial.So it is a win win for LE.

    But that is not what is happening.

    IMO, LE knows it isn’t a local.Jennings is off I 10 and many people travel that corridor. It doesn’t take two seconds to see the local roads and rural roads.

    I do say that some people in Jennings know more but aren’t talking or are talking crap.

  157. Sp – christi will be back posting on here?

  158. cp, read ignite, on November 14th, 2009 at 12:05 PM especially the last two sentences. I sure hope he/she is correct.

    Popeye, are you the same POpeye that posted earlier today?

  159. what do yall think about sending the link from kplc with FR and TC making a ass out of them self to other news people like cnn and AMW and who ever else than maybe they would help hopefully AMW would

  160. Your welcome cp…since you all know I have a brother on death row, I think you might understand that I have a point of view from a lifelong first hand experience…..before stating much I would like to say that when confined my brother has a great discipline record, has excelled at being a cook, top of class in woodworking, is kind compassionate…a very wonderful person….with that said—-he has problems.
    After visiting with him and seeing all your recent post…the good brainstorming before I came into the conversation yesterday….I realized it could have been someone so like my bother committing those crimes….there are 81 death row inmates, all in there for murder. I don’t think many are drug killings..not at all. There are people that have two sides. A side that is very evil, sly, cunning, manipulating…controlling, yet trusting side. Thinking in terms of knowing a person that is this way……see, I have never seen this side of my brother show. I saw him be anfry for a moment and was a little bothered. You can see it in their eyes. I have heard of all my brothers problems, but never saw it. I love him dearly and the guards that get to know him love him to death also. You would like him.

    But his crimes were to pick up a woman on the side of the road- that was walking, most likely a drug addict, but one walking alone at night. Threatening her with a knife, he took her to a place and force oral sex on her, if not more….and I recently learned he asked one victim to tell him one reason he should not kill her, – this one he did not….she had a good answer…she was intering the guard within a week or so, and swore not to tell….He dropped her off at her doorstep. The next one he left by a building with a cut…..I ran across her because her path was the same road I lived on…she said what had happened, adn I stayed around long enough to make darn sure she we called 911 and reported the crime. In my mind, God would have never put me in that position unless my brother needed to be stopped. She did not want to have to go through the ropes of having to report it, but I insisted.
    The last victim was his stepchild who was home alone all night one night and was left dead in bushes by a local river. As Drs. have stated, “his crimes are crimes of opportunity.”
    At the same time, he was on the prowl, and given the chance they do learn where to look.

    These eight victims may have been killed by a rapist, or serial killer. His last victim had no identifiable DNA on her. When perp covers forensic evidence with bleach, acid, places in water…they are just more educated or experienced in how to cover thier tracks than the last serial killer did. The FBI thought my brother was on his way to becoming a serial killer. This person may have some unknown rape victims from girls that have not reported the crimes.

    You could have a very unsuspecting serial killer, and need to be made aware. I am and will not fault the victims–we have rights to walk safe streets, but Don’t give perps the opportunity.

    • OBSERVER…..I’m sorry. You talk like your brother killed more than his step-daughter. I thought he was a 3X sex offender who killed his 12 y.o. step-daughter and that your family was getting death threats from her mother that the system ignored, as you stated in an earlier Thread. I remember thinking at the time, that since he refused an appeal that he felt remorseful for his actions and was scheduled to be executed in January of 2010. My prayers are with you and your family.

      • No he did not kill more than his step daughter, but I just learned that he very well could have and had considered it before with one of the victims…I did not know that before. and thank you, we really do need prayers at this time, especially mom, for she is prone to depression.

  161. Not trying to be long winded, I can’t understand why the media via LE is not doing more to keep the public alerted to be aware He/Sheis still out there..and not to walk alone. This has been a major complaint before and it still should be.

    Not everyone reads the blogs to stay updated.

  162. I just think if I explain it the way it really has been in my eyes, telling you all how kind this person can be while prowling the next…maybe it will help get more eyes to understand -there could very well be only one unknown person to fear. Maybe it will save one person or get that one person that suspects a relative to ask LE for help and turn the person in.

    Such a very loveable brother and life long friend of mine has a side I have never seen with my own eyes- Be Aware……..they may drive a lot too!

  163. I want to acknowledge your pain Observer. Not that it helps but know it is well intended.

    The fact of a serial killer is fear causing and the facts of this serial killer is spotty.No one knows what to look for as there is no description.

    There has to be a lure. Could it be that “you dropped some money”? Thinking of Brittany as being the youngest and most vulnerable. Don’t know. Obviously, the lost puppy lure wouldn’t work.

  164. the knife could be a lure- being a threat…like the girl that got away from the attempted abduction….the blue truck with a check mark stripe on the side of hie vehicle….what ever happened to him?

  165. Popeye, if you look at the kplctv video the tall, think young lady walking the street talks about it. You see she is not deemed whatever so it gets pushed under the rug. I think something happened.

  166. Perp sees victim, stops close to them, jumps out car, pulls the knife out, orders victim to get in the car….this one already prepared to cover their tracks…..
    most likely having a place to go commit crime, later dumping victim….this sounds simple, and it very well could be that simple…it is what my brother did -to be honest…..somthing that simple is possible..not stating I am correct….saying this is what some perps do.

    I fear their striking again just to show they can.

  167. ALMOST SURE……Are you on?

  168. Hi Ketch!

  169. running to my office to get my cigs brb!

  170. ketch- are you back with us?

  171. Ignite I didn’t know that more than one person posts under “Ignite” BUT I have noticed some people post under 2 different names but they forget when you give the same email address, you will get the same AVATAR. Go figure……

  172. ALMOST SURE…..& good morning all. I am definitely not a morning person, but back pain woke me up. Don’t know if I can make it to church even. Anyway, sorrry I missed you last night. I have a What if qustion for everyone for input:

    I am still harping on the BRITTANY GARY case and I’ve been thinking about what someone who posted earlier said about it. What If…………….
    The witness I told everyone about ,who saw a female being forced by a male, into a dark-colored car containing a female on Nov. 3 @ 4-4:30AM in front of the National Guard Building WAS Brittany. Remember that her mother TG reported her missing later that day when she didn’t return home from the Family Dollar to buy cell phone minutes; and local LE was on news saying it was being treated as a missing person case and there was no reason to think in was related to the other six murders. Thereafter, Brit’s mother TG appeared on news, almost hysterical begging for information and related that her daughter knew all of the six murder victims, contrary to what RE had said on the news. Now, What if……… was Brittany who was grabbed and someone who had her called her mother & told her that they had her daughter! Remember. both of them had just returned to Jennings from Texas, less than a week before. What if either TG left owing $ or had ripped off something, but my guess is that Brittany knew something that her best friend Muggy had told her before her death & she mentioned something to her mother upon returning to Jennings when she told her mother,”you don’t know who to trust anymore, even your friends” (words to that effect). TG got on the news and pleaded for help and her family (led by her Uncle Butch Gary) formed a search party and found her decomposted body on November 15, 2008, in an area that was supposedly previously searched by LE with negative results. Therefore, her body was dumped there later. (An autopsy report would let us know the TSD (time since death) meaning when she was killed vs. the dumping. She was asphyxiated but I will never believe that she willingly drank enough alcohol (more than .35-.40) plus drugs to kill her as reported like the others “high level of alchol & drugs!”
    If you all recall, after the body was found, local LE said on the news that Brittany was the only victim that was reported missing! Under her sad, unfortunate past and circumstances, why would TG be so adamant and hysterical about her daughter’s fate the nexxt day when she didn’t return home? Unless……….maybe……
    she got a phone call, was contacted maybe or was threatened perhaps……I don’t know. I am just throwing this What If out there, in view of the fact that some posters say that TG is still being seen at the Andrews St. location. Any ideas?………..
    Oh, and by the way, RE wouldn’t tell me if he found her cell phone, etc. Her mother could have told LE the phone # and they could have checked the pings for location of calls.
    Does anyone remember what color car Necole Guillory was last seen getting into on August 16, 2009 on N. Doyle Street? Plus, remember the June 2009 video shows her entering the Andrews St. location…………coincidently where TG frequents.Hmmm

    • They have video surveillance of Brittany leaving family dollar. That was way after 4:00 a.m.

      • popeye- didnt the video have the date of nov. 2? i can look back to make sure, and that was the last time she was seen.. it was also said that (hearsay) the reason tg took bg to texas was to get her away from danger. im wondering how true this is.. also how long were they in texas? i had heard 4 mos. does anyone know? and what made them feel safe enough to come back when they did? my mind is on a coffee high!! and by the way ketch- i dont consider it harping, i consider it focusing… you are doing great!!!

        • “Remember that her mother TG reported her missing later that day when she didn’t return home from the Family Dollar to buy cell phone minutes;” From ketch’s post

      • POPEYE…….You mistook what I said. Brittany was last seen via surveillance camera, leaving the Family Dollor Store in the evening on SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 2, 2008 where she bought minutes for her cell phone.

        I said the witness saw what he saw the wee hours of 4-4:30AM of NOVEMBER 3, 2008 and she was reported missing later the same day. Check the video!

        I was informed by a very VERY reliable source, that the witness reported the incident to the police AFTER he learned that Brittany Gary was missing., but never heard back from them..This info you can “take to the bank!”

        • That’s not what you typed though.
          ” Remember that her mother TG reported her missing later that day when she didn’t return home from the Family Dollar to buy cell phone minutes;”

          • MR. POPEYE…. Please slowly read what I typed in the beginning. I told of the witness possible sighting in the wee hours 4-4:30AM of NOVEMBER 3. 2008> I then said that her mother TG reported her missing later tht day when she failed to return home. Mr. Popeye, she failed to return home from Familhy Dollare @ 5:30PM on Sunday, November 2, 2008 and her mother reported her missing less than 24 hours later on November 3, 2008. Thank you. LOL

          • Don’t take that tone with me. I read what you typed.

    • KET–Don’t know about the car that picked up Necole,do know that an elderly man driving a GMC truck used to spend time on Andrew picking her up and dropping her off at that house especially in the days before she was murdered. I also heard that he was questioned and cleared by LE. As for B.Gary she was seen at the house acouple of days before she went missing. I believe her murder holds the key to solving all of this.

      • I have said it all along. Just my opinion only.

      • Do you know the reason why this “person of interest” in the GMC truck was questioned and released? I wonder what his alibi was and if he was the one who reported having last seen her getting into a car on N. Doyle on August 16, 2009. In my opinion only, IF he is the one who reported this, his mouth is not a prayer book and maybe she got into HIS vehicle (a truck)! In homicide cases, all avenues must be explored. Whatever the case, I hope Necole’s family was informed of this by LE.

        • KET_ The questioning of the elderly man is something I heard through the “grapevine” do not have first hand knowledge of that. Do know that many people knew of the connection between Necole and the Andrew St. house and this truck passing by some days several times a day especially in the days before she went missing.I’m thinking he was cleared by LE because he is seen often driving around town and occassionaly passing on Andrew.

    • They did ping Brittney phone, she did give LE the number, several family members and friends called her cell over and over until the voice mail was to full. If someone saw Brittney after she left from the Family Dollar store how are the sure it was Brittney?? If you look at the surveillance tape the time Brittney walked out of the store was 11/02/2008 @ 18:22:46 (6:22:46PM) @ that time it is pretty dark around here. So how can they be for sure it was her? Why do you ask would TG plead for help to find her daughter? Well I would imagine like any mother that is what you would do plead for your daughter. RE only stated at first they were saying this is just a missing person case because at that time they had no cause to say other wise. You also ask why would TG be so hysterical well I would imagine because they still had not found her daughter and she was pretty upset with knowing the fact that her daughter had known all the others girls, and well just the fact that her daughter had not been found any mother would be in that state.

      • Whole hearted agree with everything you said. Thanks for posting that.

      • LILBIRDY…….You are absolutely right! I never SAID it was Brittney. I have always referred to that incident in the wee hours of November 3, 2008 as the witness seeing “A FEMALE beng forced into a car containing a female. My naming Brittney has always beena What If question I am only trying to throw out ideas for everyone’s input. We do not have time for pettiness and of trying to mix up what I say. If you check back on ALL of he past posts that I have made regarding this incident, you will see exactly what I said and I Stand by that. As a parent who has also lost a child, my loss and pain only makes me try harder to help other mothers who “now walk in my shoes!” Before he died, my child was very proud of my trying to help others by any means necessary. And until each and every one of the victim’s familly tells me to go piss up a rope, I will continue to help in any way that I can.

        • P.S. It is puns like that , that makes one want to stop posting here because of the negativity that comes out on here. I really thought we have been having good brainstorming the last few nights, but I am not in the mood for BS. I just had a death in my family and I am trying to keep my mind busy because as I said before, life is too short, our victims’ lives were too short. I thought that we could all work together on this problem, but I do no have time for any foolishness.
          Furthermore, if I thought that there is LE that I could really trust & work with, and was privy to some small facts of the case, I could work with some family members and I bet this case could be solved sooner or of course, they try to kill me too because of what is in my head. If anyone has anything negative to say to
          me, bring it to me on the other blog that G8 kindly set up.

  173. if b.gary left the dollar store that evening, after purchasing minutes for phone. maybe she was going to a friends house and wanted the minutes to call her mom.. then it would be possible that she was somewhere, that she did not feel comfortable for the night and waited to leave in the wee hours, and whoever she felt threatened by, woke up and noticed her gone, went around looking for her, found her walking and forced her into the car.. i know this sounds farfetched but very possible..

    • Yes, ALMOST SURE, all thing are possible, but, I tend to believe that she had perhaps gone to the house where one can “cop” or “get high” that was on a Carey Avenue or vicinity thereof that an earlier poster told us about. If you recall the surveillance video of our girl at the Family Dollar Store, she paid the clerk and received $ back, so she did have some cash. Perhaps she did go to that address in area and was walking or hitching a ride home when she was snatched. I really do NOT want to think that she was “working”, although I have been told that she had been “in the Life.” I just don’t want to think that, but like I said, all things are possible. JMO

      • P.S…….I would have to assume that the Andrews house that everyone refers to is also a “smoke house.” In my world, that means that they can either cop there and/or crash there from being high.

        • Also, in my world, a smoke house is where LE busts, not to find many drugs there, but to find enough dopers in there to catch them either dirty or not, but can turn tum into snitches. A cop knows that a very small amount of drugs is not worth the long processing of paperwork (depending on the small quantity) Or, you’re not suppose to, but to allow the doper to keep what small amount he or she has on them for information.
          A good cop knows that a smoke house is where you find all of the “players” in the drug world…….EXCEPT the supplier, The Main Man or Mr. Big. God forbid, if one of the snitches tell a cop who Mr. Big really is , there can be gross repercussions. I think I’d better leave this alone…lol

  174. yeah ketch- i tend to believe that just about anything goes on there at that house, like i said 2 weekends ago i had to make a trip to jennings, so i drove by that house, the young black guy was leaning against the tree, he was facing the street, there was a short white girl with dark hair carrying something in her arms, i drove by very slowly, staring at the both of them to see if i could get a reaction out of them, he said something to the girl, she turned around and looked at me, shrugged her shoulders and proceeded into the house… im thinking he asked her if she knew who i was, and if i wanted some stuff, or was i snooping, hell yes i was snooping!!!

    • Good for you! He could have been selling or he could have been a “lookout for 5-0” since that is a hot spot. Some lookouts are paid in drugs instead of cash.

  175. SERIAL PSYCHIC…….Where are you? Oops, maybe you are where I am supposed to be. Going to church!

  176. hey ketch- this house on cary ave. whereabouts is it?

    • Don’t know exactly right now but it is north in academy area i believe. I have to look back thru my notes. A poster on an earlier Thread gave that information when I kept asking about N. Doyle. I’ll get back to you.

      • In fact, I THINK the poster said that Crystal had been there before too. I will have to check my notes.

  177. I got word this morning that (friend off friends) was getting threating calls herself and even told her they new where she leave. Her and Mike were friends also. just thought i would let yall know

  178. O one more thing now this is just hear say that FR is this Asshole one here

    • itilii- thanks for the tip, but naw, fr’s grammar aint that good!!

    • See how people assume things. my name is not FR. I just dont like people who think they know and they have never lived a day in their lives on the streets. Alot of the stuff people discuss on here is common knowledge to people who live on the southside. Which i have long since moved from. How can a person who has never lived here or never lived the life that these girls lived possibly know except for what they hear and repeat. There now i have xplained myself. And i knew that just because of my screen name someone would say something. Thats exactly why people are scared to voice their opinions. There are too many busybodys with nothing to do but gossip. Thats why nothing gets accomplished.

      • WELL NOW- wouldnt that be the pot calling the kettle black!! you are assuming that no one on this blog lives on the southside, how stupid, many people here do in fact live on the southside, but not necessarily on the streets, im hoping that you mean hanging around on the streets, being streetwise, etc…i notice that you only want to post something when you seem to be pissed off, and about your screen name you just mentioned that you knew someone would say something, which tells me you were picking for shit when you chose the name..sooooo.. if you are so miserable maybe you need to stay off of the blog….
        we do not need to be sidetracked by someone who really does not seem to give a damn about our purpose here..
        and if your main goal is to argue with someone let me just tell that im the one that can really DOT YOUR I’S and CROSS YOUR T’s but lucky for you i dont find it necessary to waste time on ignorant people…


          • ok i am home now and i am the one that posted i thought u could be FR but from the sound of it u do sound just like him. i will not reply again to u cause this is not the place for it so with that u can just move other to other things


          • no asshole you havent come close to pushing my buttons, and why are you yelling?????? if you have important input that would benefit this blog, then by all means go for it. but you always seem to want to argue. why???????? what is your position anyway? are your concerns with good intentions? or are you here monitoring whats being said so you can dissect peoples thoughts and opinions… we dont have to split hairs on here. everyone is entitled to their views.
            no one told us that we had to have ASSHOLE CLEARANCE before we give our input… 🙂

  179. has anyone heard from baffled? is she okay? why hasnt she been on here? is someone trying to shut her up too? baffled if you are reading this, please respond!!!!

  180. MYSTERIOUS………I REALLY need to talk to you!!!!

  181. i have some outside work to do but will take break in an hr or 2 will catch up then

  182. After Shelia’s death Loretta C. and Van Comeaux leave for TEXAS
    The three black men at Arnold Benoit’s political party are from
    Brittany G. and her mom come to Jennings after being in
    Tracee knows the Girl who died , and may have been catching a ride to or from
    The girl who was found “as a possible suicide” in the field was from…..
    Coincidence.?…………. .

    • In searching some archives, One glaring case jumps out. I re-submit the following facts regarding only one of the many Texas connections: The case of Mr. Terry Touchet and another fellow from Acadia Parish was adjudicated by W. Miller and was one case that solidified a relationship between a Texas drug dealer and the JDP authorities. A few facts from that case: Touchet, a local pot head, was given a 100 year sentence for having one bag of pot in his possession. He was to make the news and take the heat so that the Texas dealer could get away with a slap on the wrist while he sent marijuana east in huge quantities. The Texas man that was known to be a major warehouser of drugs was given only a (very small) fine to pay. The other individual, from Acadia Parish was given some jail time but we don’t recall how much. Judge Miller was heard to state, “we have to help Bennet [LaPointe] win this case; it’s his first big one.” I remember the newspaper articles about this case. If one wasn’t looking into this, it appeared, from Joe Public’s posture that this was about some local drug dealer getting caught. It actually wasn’t about that at all. After reading more, some of us began to see a deeper story. During that period, numerous Texas drug dealers were implicated but were never convicted or even accused. An occasional mule was stopped and brought to trial but their suppliers were NEVER brought under real charges, although they showed up on several occasions to bail out their carriers and to have “meetings” with local officials. There had developed a very real relationship between Texas drug kings and particular people in our parish. These relationships are not static. They continue as the names change. The drugs must keep arriving, in spite of the changes in politics, officials, the end of the Contra Revolution, bad weather, swine flu, etc. There is too much money (and power) at stake to allow it to stop. Texas has it’s place on the border and has served as a drug gateway for generations. I hope we aren’t fooling ourselves into thinking that Texas and the drug industry hasn’t been an enormous factor all along in JDP murders. Florida and Texas are, because of geography and politics, major elements in the drug importation business. Cameron Parish, New Orleans, Mobile, etc. are the same. It’s not complicated. Just look at a map, look at the highway structure and think of air and boat traffic – duuh? Texas affiliations are an enormous key in the JDP murders, both recent and before the most recent eight. When you have people stopping Texas vehicles and quietly searching them, bringing their families, financiers and associates into town, you eventually make some very strong connections.

      • Ignite-If you care to tell- who was JDP sherrif at the time of all this corruption?

      • During that period, numerous Texas drug dealers were implicated but were never convicted or even accused.

        Help me out with the “law” here……..even if LA authorities “knew/know” about these higher tiered dealers from TX can they technically bring charges against them if they don’t personally cross the state line? I realize they can report their suspicions to TX authorities but after that….isn’t it out of LA authorities hands? Of course that’s assuming LA authorities would report it even.

        Something else, and this is where it gets “muddy” for me………I’m trying to understand “why” people involved in a large scale drug operation would kill (or have killed) the women that have been murdered in JDP. It doesn’t make sense to me. These women, from what we know, didn’t seem like they knew, or had access to, the type of knowledge that would make it imperative to kill them. As far as we know, none of them were major drug runners or were associated with major drug runners/rings.

        In my feeble mind…….the only thing I can deduce right now is that there is possibly higher echelon drug running going on in the parish and the fear is that while the murders are being investigated this may be revealed……not that this is “directly” related.
        “Suspicion solves crimes……not taking a positive attitude”.
        ~ SuziQ (Websleuths) ~

  183. Good Morning Ketch and ALL

  184. Ketch You are not the only one who thinks Brittany’s murder holds the “key” here’s a little except that supports your theory:

    The Gary Family Connection — It would seem that the Garys have a connection to all of the victims. Though I read this actual statement in a few places, I have only found a few definite connections:

    * Kristen Gary Lopez was the latest victim, Brittany Gary’s, first cousin
    * LaConia “Muggy” Brown was the latest victim, Brittany Gary’s, best friend
    * Ernestine Patterson was an employee at Wendy’s, where she worked under Teresa Gary – Brittany Gary’s mother

    Teresa Gary has said that all of the victims were connected to her family “in some way”, and that the Garys knew all of them.

  185. This was taken from the digitopus link:

    Brittany Ann Gary – The 17 year-old was described by her mother, Teresa Gary, as “a quiet but goofy girl who was easy to talk to and could get along with anyone”. The Gary family had “left to find a new life” in Texas and had stayed with relatives in Lufkin and Houston. Whatever they were looking for they must not have found, for they returned to Jennings, Louisiana less than a week before Brittany went missing. Brittany – who knew the other victims – was “scared” and, as she told her mother, mistrustful of people she might once have considered friends. A walking trip to a local Family Dollar Store on November 2 to purchase minutes for her cell phone was the last anyone heard from Brittany. Her body was found November 15, 2008 in a patch of high grass ½ mile S of LA 1126 on Keystone Road.

  186. Popeye Are you talking to me?

  187. My copy and paste skills are bad…. But I didn’t think it was THAT bad, Popeye…….

  188. No sp, I rarely talk to you. That was for Ketchum. I am one who didn’t miss her/him.

  189. hey ketch are you there?

  190. i went back and read alot more trying to find well Friends Off Friends or girls where she posted and was threating the killer on here i remember her saying something like come meet me and see who is gonna die something in those words does anyone else remember that i was just wondering if the Killer or Killers do get on here and read maybe that why she got threating phone calls

    • How did they know who she is and most importantly, how did they get her phone number?

      Only someone, higher up, can get personal info from your ISP, isn’t it?…….Just wondering

    • It would be very interesting to know the details of the Threatening calls.

  191. SERIALPHYSIC & ALMOST SURE……I’m back. I fell asleep.

  192. ALMOSTSURE……In going over some notes from 10/9/09, I see that I am mistaken about Baffeled posting info about the Cary Avenue address, it was UNBIASED who related that KRISTEN LOPEZ, (Brittney’s cousin) had been seen a block away from Clara Street. I have to go back to the Thread to see who, if anyone, responded. I really think that Baffeled did. Anyway, my notes say that Cary Avenue, Clara Street, N. Doyle & the National Guard Building are all in the same vicinity.

    My notes also indicate my take on her murder, at that time, that I find interesting at this time.


    How far is that Beaudreau Inn (as spoken of by FR in the KPLC Special from the abovementioned loctions:
    Clara St., Cary Avenue, N. Doyle & the NG Bldg?
    Just thinking……..

    • the boudreaux inn is just north of i-10 near the interstate park, the vicinity of these streets are about 1- 1.5 miles south of i-10

  194. yes all those locations are pretty near each other, however , unbiased was referring to WEST clara which is south of the tracks…

    • speaking of west clara st. does dam what it is her debbie something. she is another one that goes to jail alot and gets out with nothing happen to her either does anyone know who i am talking about. i am thinking about everything under the sun and reading alot of the blogs from the start.

      • Comeaux.

        • ok jmo she leaves the life also she use to hang around with FR i dont know if she still does but it is just my thought what do people think about her if yall know her

          • throughout all of this, i have wondered about debbie comeaux myself, i bet she knows something…. she is laying low..

    • My Bad…….I was referring or trying to, anyway, the motel that FR talked about on the KPLC special where he said that Kristen, et al had visited him in his room there.

  195. OFGS they did not say anything about the Beaudreau (sp) Inn.

  196. Afternoon, I am wondering exactly what danger TG knew of, and felt she had to leave state to get away from danger. Again, what made it safe for them to return?

    If my daughter told me she was scared, I sure would have had a long talk with her.

    Rumor use to have it TG was going to hang out and find out whatever she could about the murders. It seems she has become part of the crowd, rather than sticking to her guns as for as self-detecting.

    Certainly, the FBI has thoroughly questioned TG.

    Did TG ever hang around the wrong crowd before they left and went to Texas, anyone know?

  197. Could the closed down Boudreaux inn be the place crimes are being committed or is it watched for trespassers regularly?

    • There’s a lot of traffic right there. It’d be hard not to notice coming and goings.

    • THE boudreaux inn property is up for sale according to the Jennings Daily News. Maybe someone will buy it and relocate all the drug business to the north side LOL.

      • That wouldn’t work out. The more affluent people don’t want the drugs north of the tracks.

    • well is there not a test of some kind to check for blood in the carpet fibers in those rooms just asking

  198. ALMOST SURE…..I found some info on Thread #35 by Unbiased who said that he house was aon Craig St.
    In response to her, YOU posted that FR frequente that house. (Octt 8 @8:49PM. I am not computer literate so I am going to try to paste that info here. Wish me luck!!!

    • good luck ketch- and i think i remember that i said that he was often in the yard smiling at everyone as they pass by… it was true!

    • unbiased, on October 8th, 2009 at 6:52 PM Said:
      KETCHUM: U want speculation? I have some for you! You asked if she knew someone from n doyle to main st near nezpique area- I don’t know. But I know on WEST nezpique on the corner of craig there was a yellow crack/whore house for a long time. Many of these girls were seen there at some time or another. I know I personally saw Kristen there (victim 3) several times- as a matter of fact kristen was last seen only a block away from that hellhole (corner of clara and craig). To answer number 3- if I were to speculate- I’d say she coulda been at the yellow house that nite……

      • ALMOST SURE….Now I’m going to post your reply. I just figured out how. lol

        • almostsure, on October 8th, 2009 at 8:49 PM Said:
          yes and that location was frequented by FR lots of times his ass would get outa jail and be standing in front of that house just a smiling at the folks passing on the street..

  199. Ketchum You have a great ability to put all the clues together. It is so good to have you back sleuthing. Keep up the great work!!!

    • Thank You SERIALPSYCHIC…….But, oops, didn’t I mean the Budget Inn instead of Beaudreau Inn?!

  200. that house is on n. craig st and w. nezpique, there was a neighborhood petition passed and they were forced out of that house, so i dont understand why the same cannot be done with the andrew st house…???

  201. IGNITE……With all due respect to you and your infinite knowledge posted here, I would like to repost a post that you posted in Thread #35 also, which my intent is to only help all of us put some pieces together, if at all possible. In going back to that Thread, I saw for the first time that Britney’s mother Teresa has sent me a post which I did not see until today. If she sees any of my posts, I want her to realize that I only mean to help, not to harm anyone. Mr Ignite, here is what you posted then. I will comment my why, afterwards. Thanks.

    • ignite, on October 7th, 2009 at 4:52 PM Said:
      I remember Silence Dogood’s posts here and elsewhere. A friend of mine has a load of postings saved from this site and others. I also understand that there was more than one Silence Dogood posting on different sites and at different times. My friend lets me read the old posts and he has been looking at the data regularly to try and assemble facts on police and official corruption. Here’s some of the stuff from those files: F. Richard is supposed to have been affiliated with the people north of Lafayette who own at least one strip club there, near the old horse track. One was called the galloping jugs that served as a front for prostitution. F. Richard is related by marriage to Mike Conner, who used to be the Lake Arthur Chief Of Police. He and Conner grew up together. Richard was given the management of a strip club near Lake Arthur as part of repayment for jobs performed for the folks who have strip clubs and prostitutes in Lafayette and who had money to launder. Mike Conner used to keep in close contact with Richard when the strip club was in JDP. Richard had a nephew of M. Conner living with him during that time. Conner had tried once to kill his father and was put in a home or resort with some priests as a very young man where one post says he was indoctrinated into unpriestly practices. I think that this is just conjecture although Conner was known to live with an openly gay judge while having very regular visits to gay clubs in Lafayette, New Orleans and Houston. The judge was known to associate with the same group of people that Richard used to hang out with, the people with the strip clubs and also with some of that same type from Houston. Also, Ted Gary, who was another very very very close associate of Conner and F.Richard were known to visit the strip club owners from Lafayette. I don’t know any of the truth to these stories but they were spoken and written about quite a bit in the past and F. Richard’s name always came up in relation to the Lafayette bunch, to Mike Conner and to Ted Gary who served time for his involvement with cocaine evidence taken from the JDP Sheriff’s Office. Many people other than the Do Good wrote about these things, so, it was probably pretty well known. Also, Mr. T. Scoper, from Lake Arthur, who was a prime suspect in the Butch Sonnier murder (still unsolved and cocaine related), was a relative of Conner, who gave plenty of assistance and support to Scoper before he was granted immunity from a murder conviction by the local JDP authorities. Scoper has a sister who also shot and killed someone and was never prosecuted. The murder charge was dismissed on a technicality. It seems that knowing something about one person, such as F. Richard is not valuable until you compare the network of relationships and events involving several others. It creates a lineage to other people, events and officials. The name of the person who financed the strip club in JDP is on one of the posts of this site but it isn’t available at present. F. Richard’s father was supposed to have been a manager of a small trucking office on Hwy. 90 west of Jennings many years ago. It was leased by ACME Trucking. I don’t know the significance but that was in a post also.

      • The only reason I bring this up now is that when I read the name of Sonnier (Richard “Butch”), I wonder if he was related the the Sonniers who T. Gary and Brittney Gary stayed with on S. Doyle Street upon their return to Jennings in 2008. Just asking………….

  202. butch sonnier was african-american, and shelby sonnier(owner of the can place) is caucasian..

    • ALMOSTSURE…..Well cut off my legs and call me Thanks for the info. I did not know that Butch Sonnier was black. Who is Shelby Sonnier, the owner of a can place? It was my understanding that TG & BG stayed with someone who owns or runs a bicycle place. Are they the same?

  203. Good Morning everyone.I was readind last nights posts ,something from Ketchum caught my eye,The Galloping Jugs was a strip club near the race track in the 70,I thought it was owned by Blackie Dugas.

    • Thank you, Kit, but that info should be credited to IGNITE who posted that on Thread #35 that I thought would be helpful to us now. LOL

  204. He was from Lafayette.

  205. Quit acting like your name….

  206. Okay kinda scary , don’t know if this has anything to do with anything . This is about neighbors of a friend . In the town of welsh , there was a black officer who was fired from the department because he was harrassing women , he then left town and supposedly left his home to his nephew. This nephew we have heard is a “big time” drug dealer . Fancy cars come and go all the time from there. Some even with Texas plates. Then police from Texas come late one night and with the help of welsh police dept. raid this house . However no one was put in jail they all ran into the fields and came back several hours later with no cops to pick them up — then nothing ever happened again . ODD! So the comings and goings resumed . The house next to these people went up for sherriff’s auction and these guys bought it . They have no tresspassing signs posted everywhere and a pit bull lives in this house although no people do ! Several months back my friend commented that there wasn’t much activity there lately , and he heard that the nephew(drug dealer) had recently purchased another house in Crowley . (Acadia Parish!!) Since all this he says there is an 18 wheeler parked at the unoccupied house with no trailer , an ACME 18 wheeler. The truck leaves every now and then . This is all hearsay but it is kinda odd with the above posts mentioning the acme co. and all .

  207. I just heard from “Baffled” she wants everyone to know she’s fine, but her computer has been down. She will be blogging again real soon!!!

  208. SP- thanks for the good news..

  209. TO ALL POSTERS…….I have an idea! Lets each of us post their individual theory of what happened to all or any of our victims. I thinki that by doing that, each of us might have a missing “piece of the puzzle”, and as a whole, we can all brainstorm together and may be able to put more pieces together. Even posting your “What Ifs” would be welcome and we can all respond with pros or cons until we agree to some or all of the ideas. What do ypu all think?
    This is just a suggestion………Who knows. We may come upon somehing concrete.

    • Ketch……I don’t really have a “theory” yet. The list of potential suspects, to me, is long and the circumstances around each abduction, and subsequent murder, is questionable. What IS standing out to me right now is the “careful” wording the task force used in their recent press conference. They stayed away from the serial killer label and if I’m not mistaken, didn’t even use the “serial murder” term. The terminology they did choose to use though was “common offender”. I got the impression they were all confident with that terminology. So……..let’s look at the breakdown of that:

      • belonging equally to, or shared alike by, two or more or all in question: common property; common interests
      • joint; united: a common defense

      • to violate or transgress (a criminal, religious, or moral law)
      • to hurt or cause pain to
      • to err in conduct; commit a sin, crime, or fault

      Offend(er)….self explanatory. The “common” part is where it gets interesting. I interpret that to mean there is more than one person involved.

      Y’all can take this and analyze it…….probably a great topic for discussion.
      “Suspicion solves crimes……not taking a positive attitude”.
      ~ SuziQ (Websleuths) ~

  210. Ketchum, What a great idea! I’m going to start thinking about that right now!!!

  211. i’ll try that too ketch! what a great idea!!!

    • SP & ALMOST SURE……As a suggestion, start with any one of the victims that you want to and by all means, do NOT post anything that you feel could put you or your family in harm’s way!
      Lets not anyone take offense to anothers “picking your idea apart” without reason. That is what brainstorming together is all about. In my world, it is called a RDT (Round Table Discussion) and is done with respect.

      Okay…….Let’s do it Crimefighters!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

  212. Hi G8/everyone
    Just to let you all know that I’ve posted a second teaser for our documentary online – this one includes soundbites to introduce several of the characters who will appear. I’d really appreciate all feedback (good or bad), so please have a look at the link below and let me know what you think. The file is a little heavier than the first one, so let it all load up first before watching or it may stutter depending on your connection! Hope you like it.

    • that was really good koiak can not wait to see the whole thing when will it be done

      • Thanks for the feedback ITILII
        We’re going as fast as we can. But we want to make sure we do a good enough job to make us and everyone else proud. I’ll keep you all up to date with our progress and post little bits here and there as we go.

  213. TO JENNINGS POSTERS…….Can you tell me who is the absolute “Top Banana” in your town?

    I have lived in only two cities and one town in my entire life, and the top banana in all is the Mayor.

    • Ket–IMO-Top Dog in Jennings is one of two people the sherrif and or the DA, only an opinion.

      • EA568……Thank you. In most cities, the District Attorney or States Attorney has a Special Investigator
        who works for him or her. Is this the case in Jennings? If so, who is it, does anyone know?

  214. Here’s my SIMPLE take these murders: they are all drug related. They were committed by MORE than 1 person. There are some LE officials and “high ups” who are involved. All of the girls KNEW their murderers. These are NOT thrill killings, they are all connected. The bottom line is “Follow the money”…This is the short explanation. I have loooong drawn out theories on each murder but that would take too much space. So I’ll throw out bits and pieces as we go……

  215. The Documentary is going to be awesome. Can anyone tell me whose rememberance cross is that in the beginning, and who is the lady in the striped shirt that was talking?

    • barbarba krazter

    • Thanks Ketchum. It’s Crystal’s beautiful cross. And as ITILII rightly points out – that was Barbara showing us how to defend yourself on the street…..

    • The cross is Crystals, her youngest sister made it in Ag at the high school. She suprised me with it one day, it represents how loved Crystal was and how much she will forever be in our hearts.

  216. Paul, I can’t wait to see the whole film. It is wonderful!!! When will you have the finished product? You should be very proud of the quality and respect you have given to such a heartbreaking story. Thank you……

  217. hey, how is everyone? just reading back, trying to catch up!

  218. Christi Welcome back!!!

  219. ALMOST SURE…….Where are you? Are you composing your theory? lol

    • sorry ketch- cookin supper ive got a couple of hungry fellas that want to watch monday nite fb, and they cant focus on the t.v. unless they’re chewin lol

  220. Does anyone know if the city Jennings Police Department works/cooperates with the Jennings Sheriff’s Office? Although, the city LE would be an agency in the Task Force, I guess I am asking, do the two agencies get along and would they share ALL information about the eight murders?

  221. ketchum, the city and the sheriffs office are thick as thieves, so to speak, but they do have their normal little clashes and differences among each other.

  222. welcome back christi we missed you!

    • almostsure,serialpsychic,ketchum i have missed all of you too and hope that everyone understands my position on my case, due to some issues my daughter and i have recently discussed, we have decided to deal with our situation in a private manner, but in no way does that mean that i will stop helping in whatever way that i can in reguards to these ladies and the injustices and coverups that have been going on for years so anyone who thinks that i can help, feel free to ask because i will only respect my daughters privacyas to the details of what happened, no one else in my story deserves any respect from me and will never get it! this does not mean that i will stop speaking of the obvious ineptnes, injustice or just plain corrution in my case and many others. thank you again and glad to be back!

      • C32……….Please read back and catch up from Nov. 13th and see if you can add anything to any of it.
        Thanks and again, welcome back! LOL

  223. k23, yes maam!lol

  224. SERIALPSYCHIC…….Snap your fingers and that will tell you just how long your theory is!!! lol I was expecting more. Please pick out a victim (that sounds horrible) and post your theory so we all can put in our Ps and Qs. It is surprising how every little tidbit helps and perhaps reveal answers to things someone else may be seeking. Thanks, my buddy and

    CHRISTI32……Please do the same after you have caught up with the posting. Thank you so much!!! lol

    I would like to say that if I was investigating these cases and, after seeing the KPCL Special, I would
    subpoena all of the Budget Inn’s files for 2005, 2007, 2008 and August of 2009 and check the dates around the time EACH victim was last seen. I would check these occupant’s names against ALL of the
    “[persons of interest!” I know that this would be time-consuming and very tedious, but I would still do it!
    I sincerely hope that LE did it or is doing it. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know what should be done to get these murders solved!!

    (I have put in my two cents so I will shut up now).

  225. come on ketch, you can toss in a few nichols and dimes too.

  226. nickels lol

  227. ketch- i would need time to put together my theory b/c it requires my thinking skills to be quite sharp….:)

  228. In respect to all the people who have confided highly confidential details to me I will try to compile as many details I can.,without breaking trusts. We could start with Shelia Comeaux,and Rat Trahan, as his murder was a prelude to the murder of Loretta Lewis Or if anyone wants to proceed in another direction I’m open for suggestions. Maybe we might want to start with Brittany,since she seems to hold the key……Or???

    By the Way Ketch that was a BRILLIANT suggestion about checking the check in logs for the Budget Inn around the times of the girls disappearances. That would explain possibly where they were and WHO with….OUTSTANDING…DO NOT SHUT UP NOW!!!!

  229. ketch and sp– im getting on and off the computer, so i dont know if anyone told you guys that the first man that talked on that piece of film by kodiak, is terry duhon, the mayor of jennings,, then RE whom im sure you recognized but im not sure who the detective was in the store that was talking then in his vehicle, can someone clear that up? 🙂

  230. my opinion is that every single le officer that has worked for the city of jennings for the last 10 years or so needs to be swabbed, blood samples and whatever else is avaliable!!! then they need to ask the community for voluntary testing for all who are willing! there are people being tested as we speak that are close to these victims and these cases,but there are people with alot more suspicion surrouding these cases that have yet to be tested!! if anyone was to refuse or just not want to give their dna,would that not give them a smaller pool of people to be looking at as far as not voluntarily giving their dna, then the question would be why not?

  231. Christi, I happen to agree with you about LE voluntarily taking a DNA test. At the very least Van Comeaux and the officer “PATROLLING” out in the middle of the country in the wee hours of the morning who “JUST HAPPENED” upon Muggy’s warm body. And that’s just for “starters” on my list of LE. Great idea Christi, gee I missed you!!! I’m so glad you are back!!

  232. does anyone know exactly when raynell dispany was found guilty of rat’s murder? i know that he was in jail prior to that on drug charges..

  233. KETCH Where are You?? You are the “BRAINIAC” …We need your input. Come out, come out ,wherever you are…..

  234. as far as picking a victim, hard to do for me but i for one want to start with the humble, texas ladybecause there is not anyone that can convince me that her death was not connected to the others,this lady did not overdose on her way here and conveniently pick the same area that two other victims were found to die, she was brought here ,was with someone from here or was set up to meet someone which she was completely unaware of what was going to happen to her! now this is a theory and something that really bothers me so here it goes, van has been in texas for the last several years,van has a securtiy buisness in beaumont, van has been known to deal drugs through cis, addicts and dealers, van which i know for a fact has been involved with sexual encounters with prostitutes/ drug addicts,van has mocked these same prostitues in jail with me at the time with vulgarity and complete disrespect, van has been a part of many corrupt cases,van has recently returned to jennings, van has intimidated witnesses, van was suspected of being a part of why shelias death occured, if loretta and tracy were in the car that sheila was pulled out of and she was a ci for van then i think it would be safe to say that he also knew loretta and tc ,they didnt see nothing or know nothing??????????

    • Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle! Kiss my grits!!!!

      That is some brainstorming. This is several pieces of a puzzle with connections at that! You go girl, but be careful!

  235. well yall had a very long day and need my beauty sleep, lol but rest assured, i will be back tomorrow if GOD says the same. night yall!

  236. Christi You are 100% correct about Van Comeaux. This and other stories make him very DANGEROUS…

  237. Mysterious I’m happy to see you here.

  238. NIght Christi

  239. Mysterious Who were you talking to?

    • ketchum

      • MYSTERIOUS……I am so happy that you are back on here. I really really need to talk to you! You have been constantly in my prayers.

        • MYSTERIOUS……..SERIALPSYCHIC emailed me that you were looking for me. I immediately looked for your post and I have still NOT found it! When I saw my name under your post of 9:12PM, I was puzzled and kept looking for you. In fact, I have been waiting to hear back from you since my post at 9:46PM. It is going on midnight now and I have a doctor’s appt. tomorrow and will get back on when I return. As I have posted to you before, I really need to talk to you.
          Take care and God Bless!……….LOL

  240. Just a lil figuring on my end…. LC- too much info on previous murders and/or had another episode and someone got scared. Ppl don’t know, but when she wasn’t smoking, she would take meds. for seizures.
    KG- helped in a robery of FR and paid dearly.
    Muggy- that should be answered by Lawrence Nixon.
    BG- this poor girl left for a reason. Maybe too much info shortly after she retuns…
    It was brought up before that several of these girls were in the house that Birddog lived in when the man got shot by (I believe) his P.O.
    Someone please tell me how is it that TC is still just fine? Don’t misunderstand, I don’t wish anything bad on anyone, but how the hell is she still alive if she isn’t involved?
    NG- was it because maybe it became a habit or someone figured that it wouldn’t matter if there was one more.
    Either way I don’t know that i stated anything someone hasn’t discussed.
    A lil update on my mother. I was contacted by a member of a task force tonight. They want to talk and maybe let me give them info on what i know/ was to

  241. *oops* told. I was also asked to talk about what happened to these other victums. Don’t believe I can too much help, but I am willing to help any way I can. Didn’t run inthe same circles with any of them.

    • SHELIA’S DAUGHTER…….Glad to see you back on the blog. #1 Who is Birddog” and #2 How are you coming with getting autopsy/medical records from 1999? If you haven’t received anything in all of this time, have you contacted the Medical Board or an explanation?

  242. This Van C. sounds like a dangerous criminal.But, what is the evidence? Here say, doesn’t count last time I looked. I see a lot of that with no evidence to back up claims of knowledge.

    When we speak of theories we speak of that, not naming people with no basis. There is such a thing called defamation. You better be prepared to put your allegations in proper perspective or you can be sued. Frankly, some of the allegations I have seen are very much in the eye of the beholder vs. any reality.

    My main concern is G8 who provided a forum. She should never be held accountable for other people’s views.

    • Well, Well, Well, Mr. CP….As a LE officer, you should know that there are no grounds on this blod for defamation of character since those here are speculating and brainstorming ideas around.; Only an LE officer needs concrete inrefutable evidence that would stand up in court, and that decision comes from he arresting detective and approved by the DA.
      As far as this Van Comeau character is concerned, LE would know if he is a “dangerous criminal” or not. You know as well as I do that “hearsay” evidence is NOT admissible in court, so in my opinion, you are trying to intimidate some of the posters here that don’t know the law! So, if you ask me, which you didn’t, I still say that no one on here has openly accused anyone of murder. Other than this being G8’s forum, you know that she cannot be sued for people’s ideas being discussed. This IS a free country. Thank you and have a nice day!

      • Actually Ketchum23, hearsay is admitted in certain instances and depends on a case by case basis. Here is what the law states about hearsay exceptions:

        In Holt v. United States, 218 U. S. 245, this Court had to decide whether an indictment should be quashed because supported in part by incompetent evidence. Aside from the incompetent evidence, “there was very little evidence against the accused.” The Court refused to hold that such an indictment should be quashed, pointing out that “[t]he abuses of criminal practice would be enhanced if indictments could be upset on such a ground.” 218 U.S. at 218 U. S. 248. The same thing is true where, as here, all the evidence before the grand jury was in the nature of “hearsay.” If indictments were to be held open to challenge on the ground that there was inadequate or incompetent evidence before the grand jury, the resulting delay would be great indeed. The result of such a rule would be that, before trial on the merits, a defendant could always insist on a kind of preliminary trial to determine the competency and adequacy of the evidence before the grand jury. This is not required by the Fifth Amendment. An indictment returned by a legally constituted and unbiased grand jury, [Footnote 7] like an information drawn by the prosecutor, if valid on its face, is enough to call for trial of the charge on the merits. The Fifth Amendment requires nothing more.

        Rule 801:

        (c) Hearsay.

        * “Hearsay” is a statement, other than one made by the declarant while testifying at the trial or hearing, offered in evidence to prove the truth of the matter asserted.

        (d) Statements which are not hearsay.

        * A statement is not hearsay if–
        o (1) Prior statement by witness. The declarant testifies at the trial or hearing and is subject to cross-examination concerning the statement, and the statement is (A) inconsistent with the declarant’s testimony, and was given under oath subject to the penalty of perjury at a trial, hearing, or other proceeding, or in a deposition, or (B) consistent with the declarant’s testimony and is offered to rebut an express or implied charge against the declarant of recent fabrication or improper influence or motive, or (C) one of identification of a person made after perceiving the person; or
        o (2) Admission by party-opponent. The statement is offered against a party and is (A) the party’s own statement, in either an individual or a representative capacity or (B) a statement of which the party has manifested an adoption or belief in its truth, or (C) a statement by a person authorized by the party to make a statement concerning the subject, or (D) a statement by the party’s agent or servant concerning a matter within the scope of the agency or employment, made during the existence of the relationship, or (E) a statement by a coconspirator of a party during the course and in furtherance of the conspiracy.

        Rule 802. Hearsay Rule

        Hearsay is not admissible except as provided by these rules or by other rules prescribed by the Supreme Court pursuant to statutory authority or by Act of Congress.
        Rule 803. Hearsay Exceptions; Availability of Declarant Immaterial

        The following are not excluded by the hearsay rule, even though the declarant is available as a witness:

        1. Present sense impression. A statement describing or explaining an event or condition made while the declarant was perceiving the event or condition, or immediately thereafter.
        2. Excited utterance. A statement relating to a startling event or condition made while the declarant was under the stress of excitement caused by the event or condition.
        3. Then existing mental, emotional, or physical condition. A statement of the declarant’s then existing state of mind, emotion, sensation, or physical condition (such as intent, plan, motive, design, mental feeling, pain, and bodily health), but not including a statement of memory or belief to prove the fact remembered or believed unless it relates to the execution, revocation, identification, or terms of declarant’s will.
        4. Statements for purposes of medical diagnosis or treatment. Statements made for purposes of medical diagnosis or treatment and describing medical history, or past or present symptoms, pain, or sensations, or the inception or general character of the cause or external source thereof insofar as reasonably pertinent to diagnosis or treatment.
        5. Recorded recollection. A memorandum or record concerning a matter about which a witness once had knowledge but now has insufficient recollection to enable the witness to testify fully and accurately, shown to have been made or adopted by the witness when the matter was fresh in the witness’ memory and to reflect that knowledge correctly. If admitted, the memorandum or record may be read into evidence but may not itself be received as an exhibit unless offered by an adverse party.
        6. Records of regularly conducted activity. A memorandum, report, record, or data compilation, in any form, of acts, events, conditions, opinions, or diagnoses, made at or near the time by, or from information transmitted by, a person with knowledge, if kept in the course of a regularly conducted business activity, and if it was the regular practice of that business activity to make the memorandum, report, record or data compilation, all as shown by the testimony of the custodian or other qualified witness, or by certification that complies with Rule 902(11), Rule 902(12), or a statute permitting certification, unless the source of information or the method or circumstances of preparation indicate lack of trustworthiness. The term ‘‘business’’ as used in this paragraph includes business, institution, association, profession, occupation, and calling of every kind, whether or not conducted for profit.
        7. Absence of entry in records kept in accordance with the provisions of paragraph (6). Evidence that a matter is not included in the memoranda reports, records, or data compilations, in any form, kept in accordance with the provisions of paragraph (6), to prove the nonoccurrence or nonexistence of the matter, if the matter was of a kind of which a memorandum, report, record, or data compilation was regularly made and preserved, unless the sources of information or other circumstances indicate lack of trustworthiness.
        8. Public records and reports. Records, reports, statements, or data compilations, in any form, of public offices or agencies, setting forth (A) the activities of the office or agency, or (B) matters observed pursuant to duty imposed by law as to which matters there was a duty to report, excluding, however, in criminal cases matters observed by police officers and other law enforcement personnel, or (C) in civil actions and proceedings and against the Government in criminal cases, factual findings resulting from an investigation made pursuant to authority granted by law, unless the sources of information or other circumstances indicate lack of trustworthiness.
        9. Records of vital statistics. Records or data compilations, in any form, of births, fetal deaths, deaths, or marriages, if the report thereof was made to a public office pursuant to requirements of law.
        10. Absence of public record or entry. To prove the absence of a record, report, statement, or data compilation, in any form, or the nonoccurrence or nonexistence of a matter of which a record, report, statement, or data compilation, in any form, was regularly made and preserved by a public office or agency, evidence in the form of a certification in accordance with rule 902, or testimony, that diligent search failed to disclose the record, report, statement, or data compilation, or entry.
        11. Records of religious organizations. Statements of births, marriages, divorces, deaths, legitimacy, ancestry, relationship by blood or marriage, or other similar facts of personal or family history, contained in a regularly kept record of a religious organization.
        12. Marriage, baptismal, and similar certificates. Statements of fact contained in a certificate that the maker performed a marriage or other ceremony or administered a sacrament, made by a clergyman, public official, or other person authorized by the rules or practices of a religious organization or by law to perform the act certified, and purporting to have been issued at the time of the act or within a reasonable time thereafter.
        13. Family records. Statements of fact concerning personal or family history contained in family Bibles, genealogies, charts, engravings on rings, inscriptions on family portraits, engravings on urns, crypts, or tombstones, or the like.
        14. Records of documents affecting an interest in property. The record of a document purporting to establish or affect an interest in property, as proof of the content of the original recorded document and its execution and delivery by each person by whom it purports to have been executed, if the record is a record of a public office and an applicable statute authorizes the recording of documents of that kind in that office.
        15. Statements in documents affecting an interest in property. A statement contained in a document purporting to establish or affect an interest in property if the matter stated was relevant to the purpose of the document, unless dealings with the property since the document was made have been inconsistent with the truth of the statement or the purport of the document.
        16. Statements in ancient documents. Statements in a document in existence twenty years or more the authenticity of which is established.
        17. Market reports, commercial publications. Market quotations, tabulations, lists, directories, or other published compilations, generally used and relied upon by the public or by persons in particular occupations.
        18. Learned treatises. To the extent called to the attention of an expert witness upon cross-examination or relied upon by the expert witness in direct examination, statements contained in published treatises, periodicals, or pamphlets on a subject of history, medicine, or other science or art, established as a reliable authority by the testimony or admission of the witness or by other expert testimony or by judicial notice. If admitted, the statements may be read into evidence but may not be received as exhibits.
        19. Reputation concerning personal or family history. Reputation among members of a person’s family by blood, adoption, or marriage, or among a person’s associates, or in the community, concerning a person’s birth, adoption, marriage, divorce, death, legitimacy, relationship by blood, adoption, or marriage, ancestry, or other similar fact of personal or family history.
        20. Reputation concerning boundaries or general history. Reputation in a community, arising before the controversy, as to boundaries of or customs affecting lands in the community, and reputation as to events of general history important to the community or State or nation in which located.
        21. Reputation as to character. Reputation of a person’s character among associates or in the community.
        22. Judgment of previous conviction. Evidence of a final judgment, entered after a trial or upon a plea of guilty (but not upon a plea of nolo contendere), adjudging a person guilty of a crime punishable by death or imprisonment in excess of one year, to prove any fact essential to sustain the judgment, but not including, when offered by the Government in a criminal prosecution for purposes other than impeachment, judgments against persons other than the accused. The pendency of an appeal may be shown but does not affect admissibility.
        23. Judgment as to personal, family, or general history, or boundaries. Judgments as proof of matters of personal, family or general history, or boundaries, essential to the judgment, if the same would be provable by evidence of reputation.
        24. [Transferred to Rule 807]

        Rule 804. Hearsay Exceptions; Declarant Unavailable

        1. Definition of unavailability. “Unavailability as a witness” includes situations in which the declarant–
        1. is exempted by ruling of the court on the ground of privilege from testifying concerning the subject matter of the declarant’s statement; or
        2. persists in refusing to testify concerning the subject matter of the declarant’s statement despite an order of the court to do so; or
        3. testifies to a lack of memory of the subject matter of the declarant’s statement; or
        4. is unable to be present or to testify at the hearing because of death or then existing physical or mental illness or infirmity; or
        5. is absent from the hearing and the proponent of a statement has been unable to procure the declarant’s attendance (or in the case of a hearsay exception under subdivision (b)(2), (3), or (4), the declarant’s attendance or testimony) by process or other reasonable means.
        A declarant is not unavailable as a witness if exemption, refusal, claim of lack of memory, inability, or absence is due to the procurement or wrongdoing of the proponent of a statement for the purpose of preventing the witness from attending or testifying.
        2. Hearsay exceptions. The following are not excluded by the hearsay rule if the declarant is unavailable as a witness:
        1. Former testimony. Testimony given as a witness at another hearing of the same or a different proceeding, or in a deposition taken in compliance with law in the course of the same or another proceeding, if the party against whom the testimony is now offered, or, in a civil action or proceeding, a predecessor in interest, had an opportunity and similar motive to develop the testimony by direct, cross, or redirect examination.
        2. Statement under belief of impending death. In a prosecution for homicide or in a civil action or proceeding, a statement made by a declarant while believing that the declarant’s death was imminent, concerning the cause or circumstances of what the declarant believed to be impending death.
        3. Statement against interest. A statement which was at the time of its making so far contrary to the declarant’s pecuniary or proprietary interest, or so far tended to subject the declarant to civil or criminal liability, or to render invalid a claim by the declarant against another, that a reasonable person in the declarant’s position would not have made the statement unless believing it to be true. A statement tending to expose the declarant to criminal liability and offered to exculpate the accused is not admissible unless corroborating circumstances clearly indicate the trustworthiness of the statement.
        4. Statement of personal or family history. (A) A statement concerning the declarant’s own birth, adoption, marriage, divorce, legitimacy, relationship by blood, adoption, or marriage, ancestry, or other similar fact of personal or family history, even though declarant had no means of acquiring personal knowledge of the matter stated; or (B) a statement concerning the foregoing matters, and death also, of another person, if the declarant was related to the other by blood, adoption, or marriage or was so intimately associated with the other’s family as to be likely to have accurate information concerning the matter declared.
        5. [Transferred to Rule 807]
        6. Forfeiture by wrongdoing. A statement offered against a party that has engaged or acquiesced in wrongdoing that was intended to, and did, procure the unavailability of the declarant as a witness.

        Rule 805. Hearsay Within Hearsay

        Hearsay included within hearsay is not excluded under the hearsay rule if each part of the combined statements conforms with an exception to the hearsay rule provided in these rules.
        Rule 806. Attacking and Supporting Credibility of Declarant

        When a hearsay statement, or a statement defined in Rule 801(d)(2)(C), (D), or (E), has been admitted in evidence, the credibility of the declarant may be attacked, and if attacked may be supported, by any evidence which would be admissible for those purposes if declarant had testified as a witness. Evidence of a statement or conduct by the declarant at any time, inconsistent with the declarant’s hearsay statement, is not subject to any requirement that the declarant may have been afforded an opportunity to deny or explain. If the party against whom a hearsay statement has been admitted calls the declarant as a witness, the party is entitled to examine the declarant on the statement as if under cross-examination.

        Rule 807. Residual Exception

        A statement not specifically covered by Rule 803 or 804 but having equivalent circumstantial guarantees of trustworthiness, is not excluded by the hearsay rule, if the court determines that (A) the statement is offered as evidence of a material fact; (B) the statement is more probative on the point for which it is offered than any other evidence which the proponent can procure through reasonable efforts; and (C) the general purposes of these rules and the interests of justice will best be served by admission of the statement into evidence. However, a statement may not be admitted under this exception unless the proponent of it makes known to the adverse party sufficiently in advance of the trial or hearing to provide the adverse party with a fair opportunity to prepare to meet it, the proponent’s intention to offer the statement and the particulars of it, including the name and address of the declarant.

        • MR. BLOGGER LE……I do NOT need a lesson on law. If evidence could not be provided for any of the “persons of interest” who were either questioned, detained, or arrested for any of these eight murders, I doubt very seriously that LE can produce enough viable evidence to charge anyone here, posting on this blog, for defamation of character. The abovermentioned statute, I assume, is for civil law. I KNOW criminal law. Thank you very much anyway!

          • Actually, this is criminal law. Thank you very much. Hearsay in criminal or civil law does have exceptions and they have convicted people on light circumstantial evidence in the past. Read the case on Darlie Routier and find out.

          • why is it as soon as i came back, after all the names that i have seen mentioned on this blog, cp decides to call me on it and says that it could be considered defamation,hmmmmmmm takes a genious to figure that one out le !

    • cp, you can be as negative as you want, it matters to me little, and if you think that i did not anticipate this comming from you and others on this blog, think again, anyone who knows van knows that i am not just giving my views so if you continue to attack me and my views, without cause then you will be the one who looks ignorant in the end so grow up and as far as legal matters, you let me worry about that,but thank you for your concern!GOD BLESS!

  243. Mysterious If you e mail me I will put you in touch with Ketchum. She wants to talk to you.

  244. I must say this blog is on the upswing well off its lows and some of the recent posts prompted me to read again the summary of the tragic death of Brittney Gary in which G8 ( I presume) writes:

    “When Brittney Gary went missing, the Garys had returned to Jennings less than a week earlier after living with family in Houston and Lufkin, Texas for four months. They had moved to Texas with hopes of securing a better life. According to her mother, Brittney had done drugs in the past but was clean while living in Texas and that her daughter had never engaged in prostitution. After returning to Louisiana, Brittney was trying to distance herself from her old friends.”

    Based on those facts, it does not take much imagination to believe the Brittney Gary found one or more persons in Texas ( more likely outside the family circle) with whom she shared her fears and hopes, and if thorough interviews of those new friends and acquaintances did not produce leads suggesting she either knew the killer or knew people who knew him, then it is unlikely of there being a connection direct or indirect between her and the killer before she went missing.

    I have to wonder though how thoroughly law enforcement has been able interview the Texas connections when one would quite reasonably expect most evidence to be local. However, I do believe that people tend to open up to new acquaintences when talking about others who are far away, and so I hope law enforcement in time and given the resources has left or will leave no stone unturned in interviewing those with whom Britney Gary interacted in Texas.

    • SLEUTHING888……Good thinking, but in all due respect, I disagree. What Brittney, thought she knew while in Texas, II really don’t think she would have discussed with anyone………..exccept her mother, maybe.

  245. sleuthing888 Britany Gary’s best friend was Muggy Brown, who was also a victim. Sometimes when girls are “best friends” they tend to confide in each other and tell secrets and discuss problems. This is what I think happened with Brittany and Muggy. I think that poor Brittany knew too much, and she died because of that. She had a cell phone that she used to keep in touch with her friends, and I also believe that she kept in touch with friends from Jennings when she was in Texas. She knew what was happening in Jennings all the time she was in Texas. When she returned to Jennings her fate was sealed…..This is what I believe happened…..

  246. Popeye who is Logan Nichols?

  247. I agree that Brittney Gary may very well have kept up with some old friends by cellphone, but the information in the summary states that when she returned to Jennings she tried distancing herself from old friends. That suggests there were one or more positive influences that she met in Texas. Who? What was said? It is human nature to guard our words more carefully when concerned that what we say may reach the ears of one we wouuld not want to know, and likewise we tend to relax and speak more freely when it is safe to assume what we say will not be repeated. The distance from Houston and Lufkin to Jennings is far enough for Brittney to have relaxed and spoken more freely. I see your point, Ketchum and SP, that the death of Muggy Brown might have caused her to keep her guard up, but four months is a long time to keep quiet when placed in a safer environment. I am not convinced there is any connection between her and the killer, but if there is, someone in Texas, I would maintain, knows it, but may not know the significance of the information.

  248. I’ve re-uploaded the second teaser, taking out the spelling error (thanks for pointing that out G8!) and adding a couple of shots.

    Here’s the new link, use this one from now on:

    Please check it out (and leave a comment: good or bad). Thanks to all for your ongoing support. More to come soon.

    For those interested, here’s a chronological list of who’s who in the teaser:

    Terry Duhon (Mayor)
    Kirk Menard
    Ricky Edwards (Sheriff)
    Theresa & Velvet Gary
    Brittany Jones, Taylor Dubois & Beyonce Dubois
    Frankie Richard
    Danny Semmes
    Jessica Daniels (Ernastine’s sister)

    • KODIAK……Excellent! From what I have seen so far, I can hardly wait to see the finished product!

    • Paul, thanks for the “cast” list……..I was wondering who the fellow in the store with the gun on his hip was 😀

  249. kodiak, you guys are doing a great job, I cant wait to see the documentary! Do you have a general idea of when it will be available? Your continuous commitment to these victims and the town of jennings is amazing to me! My admiration of you and your crews can not even be put into words! May God Bless You in everything that you do!!!!

  250. good moring everyone hope you all have a great day. it is so nice and cool out today i will be spending time out side.

  251. MYSTERIOUS…..
    Thank you so much for responding. I am not a morning person but I have a doctors appt. today. I will email you as soon as I get back this afternoon. I cannot email on my laptop. I have to go to another room to the other computer. LOL

  252. was v.comeaux the last one in sheila comeaux’s room before she died ? I have heard this .

    • WONDERING…….I’m going to be facetious and say that based on all that i have read about this Van Comeaux, I have given him a new name,
      “The Untouchable” lol

    • Van Comeaux WAS NOT the last one in Mom’s room. My grnadmother was there when she passed. She was not alone.

      • THANK YOU!!! I know you’ve stated that SEVERAL times. Check your notes before posting people!

  253. Also if anyone knows Joe Semmes , Danny’s brother I think that if he has not already blogged here someone needs to invite him . Joe had a blog called “Mouthing Off” that was about corruption in Jeff Davis Parish and he seemed to know quite a lot about various people and things that have happened both past and present . Where are you Joe ?

  254. TO JENNINGS POSTERS…….I have a question after viewing several sites, the KPLC Special and now KODIAK’S documentary tidbit, Does your sheriff ever wear a uniform? I live in Calcasieu Parish and have NEVER seen Sheriff Mancuso out of uniform whether in person or on TV. I also noticed that he appeared to be in an unmarked vehicle. Is that his personal car?
    I am only asking because if he saw a crime being committed or a blatant traffic offender in his town, why would he be cruising in plainclothes & unmarked vehicle like detectives or undercover units instead of a marked car and uniform for “high visibility” for the cititzens of Jennings to see? Just Asking…….no harm intended.

  255. Hi Everyone…..Good morning! As you know, I am not a morning person but have a doctor’s appt. In the meanwhile, I want to leave this with you all to chew on & perhaps can answer for me.
    In looking at KODIAK’S documentary link, why does FR say that he has taken “5 DNAs”? I am curious because a convicted offender takes only one DNA profile that is entered into C.O.D.I.S. (which is a local, state & national database of DNA profiles taken from convicted offenders & matching crime scene evidence.
    FYI…Other tools are: A.F.I.S.= Automatic Fingerprint
    Identification System
    N.C.I.S. = National Crime Information System used for
    background checks
    I hope LE have used these tools for EACH victim and not just since the seventh victim (BRITTNEY GARY) when the Task Force was started!

    • I just had a brainstorm. Maybe FR meant that LE took a DNA swab after five of the murders! That too strikes me as odd because after Kristen’s murder, I would think that LE would have checked his DNA which could have been on her OR his room, since he said that she stolen things from him at the Budget Inn Motel, but, OH! That’s right! Her body was thrown in a canal, wasn’t it to eliminate any fingerprints or DNA.
      Have to go now to get ready. Will get back this afternoon. Thanks all LOL

  256. To anyone’s knowledge, has any of the “persons of interest” in these murders have been taken before the Grand Jury?

    • I answered my own question when I re-watched the KPLC Special where it was said that in 2006 two men (Jones & Nixon) were arrested and indicted for #2) ELIZABTEH PATTERSON’S death and charges were dismissed due to lack of evidence and unreliable witnesses. (Indictments/True Bill is done by Grand Juries). Just wondering…..who was the unreliable witness who probably recanted? hmmmmmmjust wondering if it was TC.

  257. Last but not least….SHELIA’S DAUGHTER…..Did you notify the La.State Medical Society for help in obtaining your mother’s autopsy/medical records that was suggested to you earlier?

  258. G8 or anyone who can help ? Did Leonard Crochet get shot at Birddog’s house ? Is the the photo that yall were discussing on here earlier in the post?
    Who was Leonard shot by ?
    Would sure like to see that photo.

  259. this is a RUMOR….idk if there is any truth to it at all, but im getting phone calls asking if ive heard there was an arrest made in the murders. Has anyone else heard this?

    • Just heard on KPLC noon news Mike Dubois is in JDP jail on probation hold.

      • This story concerning Mike Dubois is maybe what started the RUMOR,which has nothing to do with an arrest for the murders!

  260. very concerned- leonard was shot by his p.o. i think that it could have been dusty doucet, i might be wrong about the name, someone else may know that.. also the situation went like this, the p.o. officer and other LE went in the house which had several people in it.. when leonard was awakened he came out of the bedroom wearing shorts with an elastic waistband, half asleep he was pulling up his shorts and reached around the backside of his shorts to do so, supposedly LE thought he was reaching for a weapon so they opened fire on him… the pic on the front page of the jdn.. shows him on the stretcher being loaded into the ambulance and lots of people outside.. now the part about why he was shot was told to me by i cant remember who, but the story has stayed with me, because i knew leonard and all of his family

    • thanks for all the info almostsure…tragic story. Wonder if he’s still a p.o. officer,or if he had any charges filed on him?

  261. ok does anyone know that FR has his two older sons working as starte troppers one in baton rouge and the other in laf. i just find this out this morning

  262. Lorreta C. was found 5/20/05 a month after Leonard C. obit was in news paper 4/23/05 & Earnestine was found 6/18/05.
    Did the girls see or hear something the day shooting took place? Hmmm makes me wonder. And how many are still alive that were in that house at the time the shooting took place?Or were they even there? Just thinking out loud.

  263. i want to say that loretta was at the house when the shooting occurred.. i did not know ernestine so therefore i do not know if she was there by looking at the jdn pic…

  264. Did Harvey L. Burleigh (Birddog) know something he shouldn’t have also?Is this why he was stabbed to death in his home on ? Did they have any suspects in his death? I read that they had not found the knife used , have not read anything about any leads at all to his death.
    Then his home burning down to the ground some time later sure seems suspicious to me.IMO

  265. very concerned- it seems very suspicious to me also!

    • was leonard a violent offender? i don’t mean to make anyone look bad or anything just wondering why they pulled weapons out and shot him? unless he was known to carry?

      • VERY CONCERNED & ALMOST SURE…..Now I’m hearing of another death there, this Birddog! My Word!! Can you please enlighten me on that. Jeez-O-Man, Jennings can almost compete for the tiltle of Murder Capital! When, why & who was Birddog? A.S., do you still have the JDN picture that you mention and out of curiosity, since a knife was used, was a he black man?

        • Harvey L. Burleigh(Birddog) is one of the unsolved murders in JDP. He was stabbed to death in his home.
          he is caucasian. there are other details on past threads.
          He was present when Leonard Crochet was shot as were others.

          • Thanks for the info. Does anyone know if any of the victims or aforementioned “persons of interest” were there at the time of the shooting whenever it was?
            Just curious…………..

      • not that i know of…

  266. ketchum i am here if you need to talk to me.

  267. Well, it seems that nobody is on here tonight, so I will shut up!

    • hey ketch- im here just came back from having supper, yes as i stated there were several people at that house when the shooting took place… the front page of the jdn had a pic and some of the girls that were later murdered were there and this shooting happened a month before loretta was murdered..

  268. yes ketch- im working on it but it is difficult to put into words without naming names..

  269. ketch is there a way i can email you direct?

    • ALMOSTSURE…….I am sorry. I don’t know what is wrong with my email today. I can’t receive anything.
      Will get back to you tomorrow. Okay? Plus I will now have time to get some more ideas to throw your way, Crimefighter. I’m trying to get them together so I’m going to rest up now. Goodnight & God Bless.

  270. Almostsure Please email me at and I will give you Ketchum’s e mail address…

  271. Ketch- with the case not being closedan autopsy can’t be released. Our family did recieve copies of the death certificate, which did state the cause of death. I have stated this before, but it may have been on related cases. As far as the medical records I have not obtained all of them. Lafayette General is not even sure if they still have the records.

  272. Almostsure are you on ??

  273. yes sp..

  274. just got here lol

  275. ALMOSTSURE & ANYONE ELSE ON HERE…..FYI, my computers have been sabotaged!!! I have not received any emails since 9:36PM yesterday and no
    blogs or responses to me since Nov. 18@1:02AM from Shelia’s daughter! I know that LE has the capabilities to get ISP confidential info, blut why single me out? I, however, have a lot of What Ifs to throw out today but I am being monitored. I guess I will have to use someone else’s computer! Whoever wants to discourage me, I want them to know that God is my Leader who is guiding me. The eight victims deserve a lot of care & I truly believe that in their reading this Website, they have found many answers to help them……I know that I have!

  276. well aint that something? my computer is moving slower than cold molasses going up hill today. hmmmmm!! wonder if that is the reason why hardly anyone has been on here today.. maybe they cant get on…

  277. I thought it was only MY computer acting up…..geez

  278. hey everyone, how yall doing?

  279. Hey Christi!!!

  280. sp whats been happening on here?

  281. Yes,Christie YOU are a GENIUS! and you are also right….

  282. sp,check your email

  283. Christis Just checked…You will will from me….

  284. hi ketchum, are you here?

  285. I haven’t had problems sending/receiving emails. I don’t announce when/where/who I’m sending them to on a blog though.

  286. OK those of you who seem to be having this one on one little chat with each other really need to either set up your own little wordpress page so that you can chat among each other or go to yahoo I’m or some other I’m and talk among your self. Hey here are some suggestion for your wordpress…..jdprumorrus.wordpress or maybe want2bpirus.wordpress jdpchatterbox.wordpress I believe G8 has already several times asked that people who want to talk among there self please do it on the off topic section or take it some where else this BLOG is for the 8 GIRLS and THAT is ALL we are to TALK about. She has asked and asked soon she will make it where no one will be able to post until she has approved there post or worse she will just close down the blog all together…so please respect her and all the other people and take the chatter box some where else

    Thanks so very much

  287. angel4one, what are you talking about? thats all we have been talking about! please explaine what chatter are you referring too???

  288. angel4one- sometimes it gets quiet in here, and we dont have much to go on, therefore we are striking up conversation to keep the blog alive, once we are blogging then we bring up topics that lead into some pretty good brainstorming…by the way we dont see you here too often…

  289. angel4one Don’t be critical. We are trying our best to brainstorm and help solve these murders. Where are your “bright suggestions”?? You should be ashamed of yourself for such pettiness when 8 girls and their families are grieving…and we are constantly working for answers!!!

    • Whoa. Did you read G8’s post? Don’t belittle folks, it’s unbecoming.

      “• There is an Off-Topic blog that was made especially for OFF-TOPIC COMMENTS. Please use it. THIS blog is for discussing the murders in JDP. I also have no aversion to discussing the other unsolved murders in the parish. It’s not to discuss the weather, poems, your favorite drinks, how you’re feeling today, did you get my email, etc.

      • If you are leaving and never coming back then do that… doesn’t have to be announced to everyone.

      • This is NOT a general chit-chat blog. I would rather it go silent than have to wade through a bunch of idle chatter.

      I am going to start deleting off-topic comments and what I consider “flame” posts. If I have to moderate too many of your comments I will ban you from posting at all.”

  290. almostsure i agree with you 100%,i think we are doing a great job and i will not be bossed around or dictated on what i can and cant say!

    • “• There is an Off-Topic blog that was made especially for OFF-TOPIC COMMENTS. Please use it. THIS blog is for discussing the murders in JDP. I also have no aversion to discussing the other unsolved murders in the parish. It’s not to discuss the weather, poems, your favorite drinks, how you’re feeling today, did you get my email, etc.

      • If you are leaving and never coming back then do that… doesn’t have to be announced to everyone.

      • This is NOT a general chit-chat blog. I would rather it go silent than have to wade through a bunch of idle chatter.

      I am going to start deleting off-topic comments and what I consider “flame” posts. If I have to moderate too many of your comments I will ban you from posting at all.”

  291. and i feel the same way, im not sure what a41 is referring to but unless G8 tells us we are not following the rules then, i think we are doing fine.. 🙂

    • “• There is an Off-Topic blog that was made especially for OFF-TOPIC COMMENTS. Please use it. THIS blog is for discussing the murders in JDP. I also have no aversion to discussing the other unsolved murders in the parish. It’s not to discuss the weather, poems, your favorite drinks, how you’re feeling today, did you get my email, etc.

      • If you are leaving and never coming back then do that… doesn’t have to be announced to everyone.

      • This is NOT a general chit-chat blog. I would rather it go silent than have to wade through a bunch of idle chatter.

      I am going to start deleting off-topic comments and what I consider “flame” posts. If I have to moderate too many of your comments I will ban you from posting at all.”

      From november 9th.

  292. sp, i agree with you too, some people only post when they want to tell other people what to do,if your going to tell us what to do or not to do, at least put your input in when we do talk about these cases.

  293. Ok….the talk about your email…and the talk about what is wrong with your computer’s….and all they hey, I am going to cook and how are you and what ya up to chatter if you go back and LOOK you will see that it was ohhhh about 10 to 12 post and then Shelia’s Daughter made a post which went toward the case and then before that it was 20 or more post I got tired of counting. If you need to talk about your computer and email not working and people that does happen so stop with the BS about it being SO and your computer is being sabotage. Really why would they go after any of you what would they gain from any of you…..Nothing not a thing. Stop watching TV and coming on the blog. Really all you have to do if you want to talk to each other is go to make a ID and you can talk all day to each other and hey you can even send files to each other that way. so please stop with the talking among yourself on the blog this is not a Instant message blog. Oh what are you all serious so brain storm is talking about how your email does not work and your computer is getting sabotage oh come on please people I wish this blog would go back to how it was in the start when G8 first started it now that was BRAINSTORMING what you all are doing no that is elementary talk on a play ground. Really go back and see how people talked in the beginning of this blog to now.

    • Thank you! It get’s very tiresome maneuvering through post after post of idle chatter as G8 called it. That is not brainstorming. I have been reading this blog for many, many months and have noticed recently that for every 1 thought provoking comment there seem to be 20 empty, useless comments. I know some may not care for what you wrote but personally, I have to agree with you.

    • a41- that sounds real sweet and all, but to tell you the truth, i dont get to watch much tv, my busy work schedule does not permit, so any free time i have i spend it on this blog, and i wish i had the time to be on a playground, yes, someone mentioned their computer was giving them problems, so i responded that mine was also… so what?… if we are asking someone to go to the off topic page, you know you will follow!! besides, dont you think you are taking up alot of space going into your gripes about the way we blog?
      that seems to be the few times that we hear from you..
      and if you feel you need to be the moderator here, you may want to check with g8 first….

  294. ALMOST SURE…Yes, I am here. MY medication put me to sleep, but I am ok now. What I want to say, is that the KODIAK documentary link and the KPLC Special holds a wealth of information for me.However, I would like to know a few things if anyone knows:
    Who is the older man with gray/white hair & beard, on the Special who spoke so positive and highly ofFR?

    Who is that cute little boy on the bed with that cute little boy?

    What kind of car does the recycleer Sonnier drive?

    IF, the dark spot with the red circle around it ,on a gravel road, was the spot that MUGGY BROWN’S body
    had lain, then that tells me that Muggy was dead BEFORE her throat was slit. She was probably strangled from behind (because of her fighting reputation), killed, thrown from a vehicle, her throat slit and bleach doused on her body!! This would explain why she DIDN’T bleed out and WHAT IF, she had been at someone’s house OR motel room where bleach is kept to do laundry and it was taken to the dump spot to eliminate a lot of blood inside somewhere, but the minimal amount shown in that circle shows some bleeding. I know that blood on concrete returns as a spot when rain or dampness comes around. You all, look at the Special again. It is shown in the middle of TC’s interview.
    I will make further comments later after I get some feedback. By the way, what was Angel4one talking about? Does anyone know? What did I miss?

    • ketch- the man w/gray hair and beard, they reported him as bobby foreman.. a close friend of FR.

  295. If you find this chatter so offensive you can go to yahoo. I’m not leaving until these murders get solved. We have made so much headway and we will continue to do so with or without your help. Like I said before this is petty. Let it drop and get on to the important issues. Mainly the solving of these horrific crimes. That’s all I’m saying about this.

  296. well, i certainly dont chat on here, but if you have a better way of brainstorming, then lets do that now, i would like to hear what you think of these cases so we can brainstorm and you can be involved and show us how to graduate from elementary, which i think was a rather extremity on your part because i think that everybody on here cares about these cases and i know for a fact they are trying to find answers! but, iam ready to brainstorm your way respectfully so show me the right way,please!

  297. little chit chat to keep this blog is what has ran many people off of this blog. Ummm and I do believe G8 did state to only talk about the CASE the GIRLS and not little chit chat. She has said this so many times. What does she have to do to get you people to understand this really what??? and oh by the way I have been on this blog from the start back when we had some real talk about the case. Some real BRAINSTORMING….back then you never heard of anyone talking about there email not working or there computer getting sabotage. Oh and Popeye thanks i was just thinking about that post and that was the post that G8 posted. So if you read it then you will see that you are not following what G8 has stated so there those are her rules so either follow or go make your own wordpress page would you like me to do it for you??? really it is not that hard to do, simple follow the directions. You people are almost as bad as dare I even say the name….but yes i will only if you were on this blog for awhile will you understand this name and the crap this person did on this blog and that is eyezonly yes i am comparing them to her

    • wait a damn minute- one minute you are telling us to not threaten to leave just do so.. then the next you tell us how we will be made to leave, i for one am not going anywhere, i never threatened to leave and if i decide to leave i will without announcing it, im a big girl that wears big girl pants.. so chill out.. and quit taking up so much time with YOUR idle chitchat!!!

      • count to 10 people

      • almostsure i think you had every right to express yourself the way you did, i for one applaud you, we may get a little off track sometimes, but i think it is obvious who is here to talk about theories,ideas, and even brainstorm, it is also obvious who is trying to be bossy,rude,instigating and so on,i wonder if they even realize that there long drawn out posts of telling other people what they can and cant say is taking more room and time away from these cases than the so called chit chat that they want stopped!

  298. Thoughts on body being found on the road that leads to the shooting range, known by cops and range used by cops.

    I’m interested to see what some of you think. I think it was deliberate and symbolic.


    • darkstar24, your right there is a reason that that body was left there and imo it may have how the killer could very well be a member le,their is just to much of a coincidence, i think that the killer has used that road many,many times for him to be comfortable enough to a body there???? does anyone else see this or is it just me?

    • Oh, I agree it was deliberate as well as “in your face”. The perp wanted her found very quickly and I believe wanted to “raise a few eyebrows” based on the location she was left at. Was that location chosen as a means to project suspicion towards an LE officer being involved? I believe slitting her throat was an effort to increase the shock value and heinousness of the murder. I think using the bleach was the perp(s) method of demonstrating (at least in their own mind) to LE that the perp is savvy when it comes to covering evidence and that it won’t be an easy task to capture them. Basically an “I’m smarter than you” action.

      One more thing I wanted to add……..I also find it interesting that the killer(s) was dormant, as far as we know anyway, for almost exactly one year. Whitnei was killed in May 07 and interestingly enough, the killer chose not to strike again until May the following year. Wonder if there is some significance with the month of May…..Loretta was killed in that month as well.
      “Suspicion solves crimes……not taking a positive attitude”.
      ~ SuziQ (Websleuths) ~

    • DARKSTAR24……Don’t you find it odd that Racca Road is where “Rat” Trahan’s body was also disposed of? Also, does anyone know if his accuser, Raynel Dispany, was black or white?

      I have compared the MOs of the killer(s) of ELIZABETH PATTERSON to MUGGY BROWN. In the PATTERSON case, actually she could have been
      strangled first also, but was disposed in water which could be for different reasons. I’m just saying that the “weapons of choice” was a knife in both cases.
      In Muggy’s case, I believe that she was killed (strangled) too close to Jennings proper and had to be quickly disposed whereas, PATTERSON could have been in a more rural area and the canal was close by to dispose of her and any DNA. I find it also interesting that two were arrested, and released because of lack of evidence and unreliable witnesses,
      Isn’t it also odd that TC recanted her accussation of FR and his niece being involved in Whitnei’s death, so they were also released? Any ideas anyone?

  299. Darkstar My question is what would LE be doing out that far in the country in the wee hours of the morning finding a still warm body???

  300. sorry, too many typos

  301. do the police have a reason to be out there at that time of morning or do they do anything at this range on the regular?????

    • Didn’t I read on an earlier website somewhere that he knew Muggy very well and she had ridden with him before as a “ride along?” I remember that it puzzled me because only a commanding officer can approve any ride-alongs because of insurance reasons in case something happens in that squad car. Are the Jennings police rules quite different from other jurisdictions?

    • Of course I don’t really know but, I wouldn’t think that would be an area that’s routinely patrolled that time of night unless perhaps it was an area that had frequent suspicious activity, parties, etc. although I doubt it.

      Supposedly, LE got a “tip” that Muggy’s body was out there and that’s why the officer went there. Also, in answer to Ketch’s question, again, “supposedly” Muggy had been known to ride with that particular officer.

      If there is any truth to both suppositions, it certainly makes me wonder if her particular murder was intentionally done in such a manner as to “throw” suspicion towards LE being directly involved.
      “Suspicion solves crimes……not taking a positive attitude”.
      ~ SuziQ (Websleuths) ~

      • G8….Can you or anyone on here verify that that WAS the spot where Muggy was dumped as seen on the KPLC Special? As you know, the only other body dumped on a gravel road was WHITNEI and she was decomposing.

        • Yes, that was the area. They may not have been on the exact spot. You can look at the pics I have posted on Muggy’s site and also there is a very small picture here on KPLC’s website. Notice there’s not really much blood on the ground. This has been mentioned before but still interesting, in that article link Johnny Lassiter states “they believe they know where Ms. Brown was killed”.

        • If you’ll look at the body location site photos I have posted for Whitnei, Muggy, Crystal, and Brittney you’ll notice the roads they were left on or just off of all look the same. Don’t know that it means anything but for some reason that has been stuck in my mind the past several days.

      • g8- that is something that has stuck with me, LE received a tip about the body, they are equipped to know where all incoming calls come from right? and this would have been a small time-frame.. did they question the person that tipped them off? and how did they know the body was there? this is the sort of thing that doesnt set well with me about LE.. are we supposed to believe that LE just acted on the tip, without questioning it… how was the tip received, via a phone call or in person?

        • Maybe they pressed #67, which would show as a unknown caller. Maybe they know who tipped them off and just trying to keep it a secret to protect the tipper that is. IDK

          • brownie- i see what you are saying, but then doesnt that tell that there would be a witness, who would know who committed the crime? so what are they waiting for? if it would have come from someone that they would consider an uncredible witness, then why did they act on it and look for the body? just a burning question in my mind… hope it makes sense.. and as far as #67 goes, there is a feature that overrides that.. wouldnt make much sense to not have it..

          • Yes, but I thought I read the person who witnessed Brittney Gary getting in a vehicle has came back and stated they didn’t know anything or something to that. LE has been threatening so many people like the Dubois’, Menard, this blog, etc…Why? Most on this blog can answer with a theory. My theory is someone if not many in LE has a hand in it one way or another. I’m sorry, but just because Terry Guillory was related to Necole, my opinion still would not leave him out. Not sure on his brother though. Terry Guillory has too many unanswered things he has done. Rather he was trying to act big showing his stuff well, be ready to be talked about. This is all my opinion.

          • brownie- im thinking along the same lines as you, the problem is when we have these questions, who do we go to? KM mentioned on here that all that was needed for the FBI to do an investigation on LE was suspicion. there has been way plenty of that!! so why have they not done that?

  302. Ketch It seems that some people intimidate easier than others.

  303. Who are you talking abour when you refer to the officer she rode along with???

    • I don’t rightly know. i think I remember someone wrote his name. I think the last name is Janice or something like that. I would have to weed thru tons of paperwork from when I started getting involved and researching the murders. Maybe someone on here knows.l think they said hye was a city cop.

  304. I do remember someone saying Muggy did “ride along” with a cop……Why ???

    • I haven’t the foggiest legitmate idea? My mind is telling me that she could have been his C.I. Now, wouldn’t that be a bag of chips? lol I really don’t know. That is only my guesstimate.

    • SERIALPSYCHIC……..I have another tidbit of information, but I need to confirm it tomorrow when I get back from the doctor’s office before I can throw it out to everybody to think on. All in all so far, we seem to be “cooking with gas!” lol

  305. DARKSTAR…….Are you still on? I appreciate your input.. All of these little tidbits is helping me tie things to Brittney (in a strange sort of way).

  306. Ketch I have a question for you about the car that someone said they saw Brittney getting into the day she went missing. If they saw her getting into that car by force or what have you…how are they sure it was her? Because if you look on the picture of the tape that family dollar has of Brittney leaving there store that day (which is on Brittney page that G8 made under photo) it show the time 18:22 which is (6:22PM) that area they saw her getting into the car is a dark area to begin with and at that time it is very dark. Please let us know how you connect Brittney to all this I really would love to know.

    • ANGEL4ONE…..I will say it again. I have NEVER said that it WAS Brittney that was seen. I have only said the On November 2, 2008, B. was seen on surveillance tape leaving the Family Dollar Store that PM. I said that I was told that a witness went to the police AFTER he heard that BG was missing on that date Nov. 2, and reported to them that he had seen a FEMALE being forced into a dark-colored car, containing a female, by a male in front of the National Guard Building at 4-5:00AM on NOVEMBER 3, 2008.
      I have said on my What Ifs. that was Brittney in my opinion only because I remembe when it was on TV that she was missing and the Sheriff said her missing was being handled as a missing person case and that there was no reason to think that it was connected to the six other murders. The witness had said that they went around the block to try to get a license number but the car was gone. Based only on what I, and I alone have put together, I still think it was Brittney and I’m deeply saddened that noone checked that tip out at the time. It was by intention, before I was so rudely treated, to go to that exact location at that exact time to see for myself, the street and/or business lighting, who may be on the street at that time, and try to see what the traffic is like, is it a “stroll” for working girls, or how close the nearest drug/smokehouse is That is how I work. I wanted to see what the female saw and/or what the killer saw. I put my mind in their minds. That has always been the way that I worked, and because I feel that Brittney was so young and never had a chance, I was and am determined to help bring justice to her and the other victims and their families. Again, I reiterate, I am the one who thinks it was BG. The witness only reported seeing a female. I still stand on my belief and I still feel that Brittney’s murder is the key to solving all of this.

      • One how do you know that no one for sure check out this tip? So where do you think Brittney was all that time if this car was seen forcing a young girl into it at 4 – 5 am on the 3rd. In your opion where do you think she was all that time? What do you mean by Brittney never had a chance? Please tell why do you think Brittney is the key??

  307. G8 Did it mention in the article WHERE she was murdered?

  308. G8trgirl- I know this may be asking too much, but this site has gone on for so long now that it is not practical to keep all the information ( and misinformation) straight in one’s head. It might enhance the quality of the conversation if all the past blogs were reviewed, divided for purposes of archives into three or more categories such as 1) the murders 2) Jeff Davis environment and 3) Remember the victims, and some the chit chat simply deleted. In that way, anyone that wanted to access more quickly past posts could do so and further these discussions rather than reinventing the wheel. What do you say?

    • G8……Please explain to stupid me what Sleuthing888 wants you to do. Is there a problem with our posts? I have found some of them most informative. Again, pleease explain, Thanks……….LOL

      • To possibly move the comments into more topic specific categories but that isn’t possible……well, I guess it could be but with over 12,000 comments it would take forever………months probably. I wish it could be done and I understand what sleuthing is suggesting.

    • sleuthing………it is a fabulous idea but unfortunately, the way WordPress is set up, there is not really anyway to move the comments into topic specific categories. Not to mention there’s over 12,000 comments……you’re talking mega-work. WordPress also doesn’t have a feature where visitor’s can search through comments……..only the Admin has that capability.

      I have toyed off and on with starting a discussion board and have actually spent time trying to understand the structure and how to set one up but it is no easy task either. Even if I can get over the learning curve hump with a discussion board forum…….it would still be a monumental task trying to move all the comments from here to there and get them in topic specific locations.

      • G8trgirl– I understand how difficult it would be to edit to that extent. Your do so much already. Here is a more modest proposal. If we could simply delete the temporal comments that may be nice enough at the time said, but are really outdated, and the comments that are not focused on murders or the victims or the community. Separate the chaff from the wheat.

        • G8, was reading and coulding agree with sleuthing888 more. I’d think this thread could work about that suggestion. We have had at least 40 threads without such due to respect and topic. I’m not going to say much but sleuthing888 proposal seems an answer. The pencil (telling for lack of a better word) whiping is not conducive. We did better for a very long time.

          My off topic cp – you are in my thoughts and prayers here.

        • I decided to really make a push and get a “dedicated” discussion forum set up. Here’s the link Ya’ll pay a visit and see what you think. It’s gonna probably be a little rough getting it going good but I think we can do this. I’ve got several topics started already and y’all can add topics as you see fit. We can also start moving over relevant comments/info from here to that forum. A big benefit from that set-up will be that y’all can peform a “search” on a particular subject or poster, you can private message/email each other, and the forums will be topic specific.

          I do still intend to keep the blog active especially as a reference and will likely continue to run my mouth with “Posts” occasionally. I do think that since discussion is so heavy about the murders/crimes in JDP that a “discussion board” would be more appropriate than a “blog”.

          You will need to register at the other site but it’s no biggy. Do it and start feeling your way around. You will also be able to edit your own posts and put smileys, images, etc. in them.

  309. I had forgotten about the ride along tidbit.

    Regarding the site on the way to the range…I thought of a couple of things.
    1. FORMER LE …angry at LE for getting fired, treated
    2. Informant—someone who knows the body will
    by found fairly quickly regardless of time but because
    of the location being traveled.

    If it was an actual member of LE…………it would be risky and stupid. Just my gut feeling.

    3. Someone who has a hatred for LE and knows their

    Another thing…G8 hit on this and I have been thinking this.

    Look at who has NOT BEEN KILLED.

  310. i have been thinking about that myself..if i was a killer and i saw frankie and tracee on tv saying and acting the way they do,i think i would be just a little i keep thinking that they have a bunch on this person or maybe they are doing such a fine job….but i still think they know and i think maybe had hands on..JMO….i know yall think i am always saying stuff about them and i am because they all knew them they all ran in the same circles and everbody saw and heard what they said on we know but what i cant figure out is why do the police do not know…they should be hounding them and watching them..again JMO…i think both of them are hiding behind their moms apron strings and its time for them to get out and at least tell the truth if they had nothing to do with it…

  311. We are all here just brainstorming right? This just came to me and I want to share it. Everybody knows FR’s mother Jeannette is the one who drives to ten buck two to get drugs and comes back to sale them. Didn’t one say that the D.A. got caught with Cocaine in FL, but it was all dropped? Well, Jeannette supplies the drugs, the D.A.(or someone else high up) covers Jeannette’s tracks when needed as well as FR. FR supplies the girls. The girls all know who is at stake. Maybe each girl decided they were going to change their life and said hey I want out. That is when the perp attacks. Just a thought.

    • If I may ask, how old is fr mother? If she is known to do this, in my opinion it goes much higher than the sheriff.

  312. Brownie, yep we are brainstorming………

    Never heard about the Florida thing.

    But it would definitely appear that there is some form of organized cover for drug trafficking.

    We all seem to think that the suppliers come from Texas, perhaps Houston area. So someone has to go get it…..makes me think that one should be on the lookout for patterns of car rentals and routines of being gone (out of town) with no real reason for being out of town…

    They probably have a system and heads just look the other way. So whoever knows the ins and outs of this routine or system……..know who “looks the other way”. Could be a dangerous thing……

    And I’m just throwing thoughts out there…….

    I used to think that these murders were just to shut people up but now I’ve come to believe that there is an additional element to it. ……….enjoyment. Power trip.

    Also…I don’t know a lot about the two suspects released…Jones?Nixon?………what are the ties, if any, to the FR crew? Are they close? Do we think it is unrelated?

    • dark star- funny you bring that up about car rental, somewhere on an earlier post, someone mentioned seeing someone at Enterprise, does anyone remember that one?

      • Yeah I do remember someone saying that!

        Someone was spotted at the rental place……they live on one of the “active” streets.

  313. brownie- you could really be on to something, ive thought about them wanting out also.. big possibility! only problem was by the time they wanted out they already knew too much. by this time they already shared what they knew to a friend and that someway leaked out to the wrong people..

  314. brownie,hey how are you good i hope! i wonder if the da has been asked to give his dna????you would think that anyone in jennings, no matter who ,if they were involved in any kind of drugs in anyway, they would be looked at automatically!

  315. I agree focusing on who has not been killed might give a new perspective, and we all know who they are. On another note, I stopped thinking LE is involved when Necole was killed. She had two family members in LE.

    I don’t post pretty much of the time, but I have been here and read every comment. Everyone is so on the ball that I never have much to add.

  316. Can anyone tell me what FR’s fathers name is?

  317. his name was irvin richard

  318. since everyone figured TC would be next maybe when she recanted her story it bought her immunity? she very adamant on the special that she knew nothing, sounds to me like someone threatened her to keep quiet or she would be next

  319. concerned 2 i think you are right!

  320. If Tracee was smart……..she would write down everything in great detail with dates and names–make at least 3 copies–put one in a safe deposit box and give the others to trusted removed individuals (maybe lawyer in another town) with directions to open it in the event of her death………

    That’s what I would do if I were her.

  321. Like Menard said it will take the public to solve these cases, but it will take the Government to come in and re-assure the public things are safe. I hope the Government already has an undercover operation going on and are just waiting to collect all the information as they can and then come in and bust those at fault. That is when the people will come forward stating what they have seen etc… Until then don’t expect too much. But, I do expect IF Governor Jindal decides to run for President in 2012, that is when it will be solved, WHY?, because this will be a burn on his part, especially since it has already made national news several times and not to mention that Governor Jindal’s plan was to try his best to stop corruption in Louisiana. This town has taken 8 lives that the national coverage knows, but more lives to those who live around the town of Jennings or read this blog. So, I truly believe if the Government is not here yet, they will not be long. This is my opinion.

    • Sorry, Menard said “It will take the public to solve” I should have stopped my sentence there. Menard did not say it will take the Government to come in.

    • Louisiana Politics I don’t think there is another state in the USA that can match how bad ours is. LOL.

    • i wish i could have the faith in the government that you have… i just wish they would not wait, something needs to be done now, to save lives…

      • Well, in something like this, it will take time to gather information. They just can’t come in visibly and investigate. I would think. The ones who are involved would run. They have to secretly investigate to prove them wrong. Operation J-Town! LOL.

        • i guess you are right, hopefully there is a sting going on as we speak… lol on the operation J-town!!

  322. does anyone know if mike jaunice and mandy janice are married? i am just wondering? just talked with some one from jennings who lives the lifestyle and just trying to verify info before i say what else i have learned!

  323. sorry dont know the correct spelling of jaunice????

  324. i was just told by a lady that happens to be from jennings and knew all the victims that mike j use to go where she was at and buy drugs on several occasions and that he does smoke crack, and dealt with muggy on a regular basis and that danny s. was always comming to pick up miss necole on a regular basis as well, this is just hearsay but my gut feeling tells me that this is good info,i just wanted to tell yall and get yall thoughts

  325. christi- hmmmmmmm! very interesting!!

  326. i wonder if these officers would take a drug test, hair test would be a graet way to prove that this indeed is rumors. if i was an officer and my name was associaetd in anyway with drugs or murder, i would be asking for a test to clear my name,thats for sure!

    • According to Frankie he has had many DNA testing done on him.Wonder if any of the many people who come and go at Andrew St. have been tested.Also if that house has been checked for evidence since many of the victims supposedly were known to hang out there.

  327. i thought RE said that the officers have already been tested to clear themselves,, correct me if im wrong..

  328. Interesting Christi.

    Remember in the tv special….they asked about officers submitting samples for DNA. KPLC must have heard that some did because I doubt they would have pulled that question out of the air….they seemed to know the answer ahead of time.

    • I seriously don’t think an officer was around the killings at the time, I think they just make the calls. Again, just my opinion.

    • KPLC Noon news-A Jeff Davis judge has ordered channel 7 to immediately turn over all video concerning the special on the murders in JDP.This is also posted on channel 7 website.

    • on the special, re stated that the members of the task force have been tested, not jpd and sheriffs office and das office????????

      • Hey Christi, glad you back……it should be a law for all of LE to have DNA profiles entered before being employed.

  329. You what is funny? Geraldo couldn’t come in but KPLC could. Don’t you guys think it was easier and less publicity to get KPLC to turn over the tapes than it would have been Geraldo? I think JDSO knew something would come of this

  330. great point brownie!!

  331. LE never even asked for the tapes until it was mentioned on here. If they were really smart they would have gotten with KPLC before filming and gave them a particular list of questions to ask some people!!! Now, yes brownie- your correct.

    Hopefully KPLC has already made copies to keep, and g8 previously stated great reasons why KPLC may fight for the cause keeping reporters confidential discussions just that.

    If the gov’t wants one set of film, they should get all film from years ago also, including their own interrogations to compare, along with written questionnaires.

    Anyone who gets close to knowing too much info should know that even the Attorney Generals office can get inside any computer they wish to get into, and do. So beaware,,,,,,it does happen, and they do this often fighting porno rings. the AG has a new division for internet crimes. I would imagine the FBI does also.

    Being LE has been so relaxed toward FR and TC, not sure they will act if they find anything of interest. Something I doubt at this point. At least we do know they are working. Bless all those that have been working so hard to learn of that one thing that could crack this case wide open. Keep up the good work.

  332. I wonder if they are trying to get Kodiak’s film also…..Kodiak—start making copies now. I hope that is the first thing you did upon returning home, and I think it would be an act of CONGRESS to get Kodiak’s films. I also think Kodiak would have already informed LE if they had anything derrogatory because Kodiak cares about Justice. Much respect is due him for the efforts he has made to help Jennings get attention they well deserve.

  333. brittany,can you get a hold of me ASAP!!!!!!!!!

  334. It would be interesting to see if the D.A. would give up some DNA… BTW….Happy Birthday Christi…21 (again)….

  335. sp,almost used caps,dont want to commit that crimelol thankyou again but i doubt the da will give his dna, especially knowing he got busted in florida on cocaine charges,he is just not going to do it but it would be quite a shock to me but if i was the da theni would do it to clear my name!

  336. The only reason a person would not give DNA is if they had something to hide…

  337. sp the lady that i mentioned earlier also stated that she use to be around fr alot and said he was a sweet guy and that she dont beleive that he could be capable of murder,so then i asked her what she thought about tc,if she could be involved and there was an obvious hesitation to answer and then a facial expression likeshe did not feel the same way about her!

  338. sp you know,my email is now acting strange,first i could not get it with my password after several times of trying,then three hours later,worked like a charm, i wonder if my email is next in line?

  339. Either the investigators are doing there jobs investigating or the perp is computer saavy and getting nervous!!!

    I had similar problems upon my brothers investigations…one time I was actually obtaining evidence online- and out of absolutely no where…my computer was completely shut off. I did start over and get what I was looking for, but the timing was impecable. Attorneys continually reminded me to watch for bugs, and to only talk on land lines.

    I would not doubt for one minute emails are being checked especially because many of you all often email each other speaking about it online making others aware that there is talk ‘under the table,’ so to speak.

  340. It has been established that it goes to the D. A.s office. How much higher it may go is anyone’s guess.

  341. observer yeah, iagree, we have kinda put it out there, but i for one dont have anything ti hide, if they can find any info that will help these cases get solved, that would be excellent, but at the same time you cant help but wonder if it could be someone checking up on the info,someone might have on them, and that is a thought that has crossed my mind!

    • I am like you–had nothing to hide, so what did I care……and do know that all prison communications are monitored also. It goes straight to the DA.

      It could be the PI’s doing research also!!!

  342. Someone mentioned FR’s close friend Bobby Foreman. He is said to own a lot of property in the country. Is any of HIS property close to the dump sites,or have lumber storage facilities? …….just curious……….

  343. My husband ALWAYS removes his shoes after he works in his shop so he won’t track in sawdust……I wonder if there could have been sawdust residue in / on any one else’s shoes??

  344. i am curious about something to, does fr have a brother named billy???

  345. almostsure,thanks i have learned he was questioned by le too,anyone know why???

  346. anyone still up?

  347. well if you think about it if the LE would take all the drug dealers off the streets then LE would be broke themselves!! havin family members that have been through the system i’ve learned a few things about how corrupt LE is….just think when they do catch a drug dealer and sieze everything they take a lil portion out before turning it in to evedience….wheather its money or drugs how do u think the same high known drug dealers have been doin the same thing for years and never been caught!!! is it because they are paying certain LE to keep them on there side??? LE does not make that much money!! and to see how good some of the LE is living just make me wonder!!!

  348. I would like to urge those of you interested in continuing to discuss the JDP cases to start making your way to and getting familiar with the set-up. A few people have already made the move. You will need to register there to be able to read and post. I will be locking the comments section here very shortly.

    Also, feel free to start copying/pasting comments you feel are important/informational from here to the new forum for reference. If you copy someone else’s comment, be sure to give credit to that poster. Also, please make sure the comment is posted under the appropriate topic…….if one doesn’t exist yet you can start a new one.

  349. Morning, does that mean you will end all postings, and that will be the new place for all discussions?

    It appears it may be easier for you- needing less maintenance. That is a good idea, for I you have worked hard for a very long time at keeping up and expanding your blog doing an excellant job!

  350. there was another murder last night kenny harmon was found on hwy. 1126 in back of welsh

  351. don’t know if there is any relation to these other cases just thought i would let you all know

  352. well i guess its not so much of what did he do as what did he know?

  353. Who was he? does anyone know and where was he from?

    • I received an email from a relative of Butch Sonnier’s and this young man that was shot is related to the relative…….trying to find out if the young man was related to Butch as well.

      • yes he was that was butch sonnier’s cousin as well as the victim mason sonnier that was shot in the arm when derek jackson was killed (mason sonnier is butch sonnier’s brother)

  354. he was from welsh

  355. he was shot and found in a ditch about 2:30a.m. on hwy 1126 in a ditch outside of welsh

    • okay, this makes 2 victims found dead in their vehicles, one shot to death, the other overdose..just thinking


    there were two shootings last night

  357. Hi Eveyone…..I’m only on for a moment now. Have to go back today for more tests today, but just a cursory look-see at yesterday’s posts. Thanki youy SERIAL PSYCHIC for identifying the grayhaired man from the Special. I was told that he owns forty, yes 40 Acres of property south of Crowley. I don’t know where Crowley is or how close it is to Jennings without referring to a map, but I wonder two things: #1) is it a rural area where noone would notice a fire and is it secluded enough where, let’s say, that a body could be taken there before or after an asphyxiation and left for a period of time to decompose and removed later to the Jennings area ,in the still of the night. I AM NOT ACCUSING ANYONE, this is just one of my Wha Ifs!

    I got a call that night from a friend who is said that she had seen on KPLC News that they are turning over the tapes of the Special to LE. All I can say, is.
    They must be reading our blog because after certain things were pointed out HERE that they acted. IMO, only, if that was not the case, they would have reviewed the special BEFORE it was aired, since LE took part in it!!! AFter saying that, Stevie Wonder could see the FR screwed up with his remarks about the timeframe about WHITNEY (as I pointed out earlier), AND, IF TC was the “witness who became unreliable in the PATTERSON case which caused the two arrestees to be released in 2006 for her murder and also the “witness who recanted her accusation of FR and HC being involved in KRISTEN ‘s murder, well now, that Special along with earlier statements made by TC and FR which differ from what they said on the Special (IMO) is enough probable cause for a Grand Jury!
    You guys are brainstorming really well but I have to leave again now for a short while so chew on this until I get back for some more What Ifs…….lol

  358. Hi to all, I posted once a month or so ago but read the blog daily. I grew up in Jennings and now live in a large suburb of Chicago. It never ceases to amaze me the number of murders for a town the size of Jennings! Now I just read that there was another murder last night…..mind boggling. Just wanted to let everyone know that you all are doing a great job of brainstorming. I wish I could help with that but not having lived in Jennings for a LONG time I really can’t say that I have any real insight into what the hell is going on. I am about finished reading “just takin orders” by Clyde Vidrine. Somebody else had posted about reading the book. It goes into the corruption surrounding Edwin Edwards. Growing up I didn’t fully realize the amount of corruption but in my early 20’s I learned of more & more bizarre things, espcially concerning LE. If there were 8 + how many other murders in Arlington Heights (the city I live in) I can assure you that at least some if not all of them would be solved. There are just too many missing pieces, surely there must have been SOME sort of evidence left at some of the crime scenes or on the victims bodies. Well, just wanted to put my opinion in – take care and God bless.

  359. Ketch, I re-watched the special to get the name of “the white haired guy” that vouched for FR. I thought he might be an interesting “character”. I don’t know where Crowley is, but 40 acres are a lot of acres…..

  360. While I have a moment, I would like to extend my condolences to the family of last nights two victims. My heart has gone out to you all all day. I am sorry for your loss, and will keep you in my prayers. God Bless YOu All.

  361. Is anyone here? Are we moving?

    • DARKSTAR…..I’m here and just asked the same thing at 6:42PM. I was hoping I could put my 2 cents in before G8 closes this blog. What do you think is going on?

  362. Yes, I believe we are moving. The other site is has a great organization. It may take getting some use to, but excellant for its investigative qualities. I think when we get a chance it would do good to help gather (copy and paste) this blog’s info to the other site so it will not overwhelm just one person 🙂

    Maybe we could each start at the beginning pages of this blog, so we can see where others may have left off per victim by the last dates added…..

    Hope that came across properly!

  363. Crowley is five minutes east of where Nicoles body was found.

  364. G8…..Hi, I am just recuperating from my MRI testing today. Is it true that you are closing down this blog? If so, can I still off my theory of the J8 murders? What do you advise. Thanks a lot

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