~ Wake-Up Call ~

It is becoming clearer as the days pass that the families of the murder victims are coming under additional duress as law enforcement makes pleas to them to refrain from speaking to the media, to refrain from publicly posting their thoughts and feelings, and appealing to them to not add to the already present and growing distrust of local law enforcement.  They are being burdened with the guilt that doing so will only hinder and harm the murder investigations.

I say shame on them, and by them, I mean law enforcement.  Shame on you for making your own problems the problems of the victims’ families.  Shame on you for discouraging them from accepting the outpouring of concern from the public and making them feel guilty about doing so.  Some of these families have shouldered this burden alone for several years now.  They finally have support pouring in, as well as the media’s growing interest and you discourage these people from from accepting it.  You try your hardest to convince them that accepting, or attracting, any attention will harm or interfere with your investigation.  I ask why?  I have yet to learn of ONE of them divulging any detail critical to the investigations.

When there was silence from the families, the community, the media, and basically no one outside of Jeff Davis Parish had ever heard of these murders……was that helping you move forward in your investigation because there was no interference?  That does not appear to be the case…unless I’ve missed something along the way.  You seemed quite content to keep this all “quiet”.

WHY wasn’t a task force formed and outside resources “called in” when it became apparent, and surely it did become apparent, after about the third or fourth victim was killed?  There were obvious connections between the victims.  I have yet to meet, or talk to one person, that could not deduce that quickly.  Law enforcement was well aware there were possible ties between those murders and the others that came before them.  It is difficult to decide if it was sheer incompetence, a “just don’t really give a damn attitude” or, as has been mentioned too many times to count, some type of cover-up.

Surely local law enforcement can understand NOW, why interest has been growing at a steady rate this year and will continue to grow.  Surely you can understand the pessimism that has been levied against you.  Perhaps, this is a wake-up call to each and everyone one of you that are law enforcement officers in Jeff Davis Parish, whether you serve the parish or one of the individual towns.

Perhaps it is a wake-up call to those of you that are charged with leading the various law enforcement departments around the parish.  Perhaps it is a wake-up call to the parish District Attorney as well as the Mayors of each town.  I can only HOPE it is.  The public has your attention now.

I also HOPE that each of you don’t sit around and chuckle and make fun of the effort that has been undertaken by the media both locally and nationally, the increasing public awareness of not only the murders but, the past indiscretions by your employees and your quickness to try to quiet them, understate them….sweep them under the rug.  People are watching you closely now, closer than you’ve ever been watched.  I’m sure you are all quite uncomfortable and not nearly as cozy and smug as you were this time last year.  Your closets have been opened.

Perhaps you should heed the wake-up call and begin to clean house if that is what is necessary.    Perhaps you should look at this as an opportunity to finally demand some semblance of ethics and responsibility from those that you supervise and rank over.  Perhaps you should take a closer, honest look at yourselves and ask if you have REALLY done the best job you could do for your parish and the communities within that parish.  Ask yourselves if you TRULY have the best interest of every single resident in that parish in mind or if it is only for a “select” group.

You are amid a wake-up call……you are now under the “microscope”…….your ethics and competence are being questioned and rightly so.  The crime is out of control in your parish.  The excuse that there are drugs, prostitution, murders, shootings, robberies EVERYWHERE does not float…..it does not hold water.  On the surface, yes, that is true.  When you pull back the curtains though, the sheer rate of crime in your parish relative to it’s size and population seems to be greatly out of proportion.  When one adds to an already troubled parish the indiscretions of the ones that are supposed to uphold the law as well as the knowledge and integrity to do so…..it only compounds the problem.

When the residents, as well as general public and media, learn of a Police Chief’s firearms being stolen from their vehicle which was unlocked and unsecured…..it lowers public confidence.  When we learn of a Police Chief living in public housing they were fully aware they were not eligible for…..the public loses confidence.  When we learn of an officer appointed to a murder task force stealing evidence….the public loses confidence.  When we learn of a lead detective purchasing crime scene evidence….the public loses confidence.  When we hear about officers and city officials allegedly involved in illegal sexcapades….the public loses confidence.  When we learn that officials allow a serial killer(s) to continue to kill too many times before they call in outside assistance…..the public loses confidence.

It’s a wake-up call……Jeff Davis Parish officials……..heed it……don’t run from it.  Stop the excuses, the damage control and do what you were elected to do.  The people of that parish deserve better and each and everyone of you know it!

“Suspicion solves crimes……not taking a positive attitude”.
~ SuziQ  (Websleuths) ~


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    Bout time someone puts it up for all to see!

    • How did the March go today? Did it go on? What was the law enforcement’s reaction? I was thinking it was going to be Satuday, so I missed it. The families are in my prayers. I saw where again Sheriff said that he does not want to call this a Serial Killer. If not then he needs to give us a real reason why this cannot be one. I would like to rest at ease. These are just my thoughts on this person: he likes living on the edge, he is mocking the Sheriff by dumping them right under his nose, he thinks the deputies are not bright enough to figure this out, he is probably someone who does other things in the parish like tear up roads by doing donuts in the gravel roads, he isn’t against these women but these are the one’s that would force the Sheriff to spend Department money on when in reality he wouldn’t want to, can’t use other women in the parish because then they really would hunt him down, right now he doesn’t want to be found right away cause he is playing the Sheriff for a fool.

  2. Well said G8, I applaud you, I can only hope the officials of Jeff Davis Parish take this wake up call and WAKE UP. Thank You G8 for everything you have done

  3. Joining the applauds. Extremely well put G8, thanks for putting most of our thoughts into words.

    Gotta go back to Standing and Cheering with Dis-cuss-ted and southernbell.

  4. Well that was incredible! SO proud of this communtiy and how it is rallying around these victims and their families. We must not stop fighting for their justice.
    So proud of the leaders of the forums and blogs. Please be at the march at founders park to show your support.

  5. G8 YOU ARE MY HERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. WOW! G8 alL i can say is WOW! HELL YES!!!!

  7. Whoooooo-hhhhhooooooooo! You GO GIRL!!! That’s what I’m talking about!!! I KNOW THATS RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you g8, you’re my new hero!!!!

  8. You hit the nail on the head. Thanks so much and Amen!

  9. Great job!!! Awesome! WOOHOO! YEAH!!

  10. Yes great job. RE hates this blog with a passion. I say KEEP IT GOING. Anyone else?

  11. Outstanding.I hope G8t was not disheartened last night when a family member came on and was not in support of the march on friday.That I still dont understand .If it was my sister I would feel grateful that so many care.I hope G8t wrote this after her last post last night.If she did it means she got her second wind.Do not give up G8t what you are doing is a great service ,to the victims,their families and the people of Jennings.

  12. Thank YOU for the compassion and love you have shown the families and the respect and devotion to justice you show to the victims!!!

  13. Tell it like it is,girl. We have never heard so much out of LE as we are hearing now. This blog is making them very nervous. I say keep it going and stay on their butts!!!!!

  14. I have read comments on this blog several time and often thought about posting my own thoughts…always decided against it. After watching the documentary last night, I heard some things that I had never heard before…like the family member who said (I think it was the 4th victim) “I guess I’m next” was the comment made to them by the victim. And the last victim telling her mother that she would not be alive much longer. I don’t understand this. I have three grown daughters, thank God that they never got involved with the dark side of life, but if one of them would have and came to me with those kind of statements I would not have sat by with my hands in my pockets and did nothing. If they did not trust the Jeff Davis Sheriff Department…then seek help somewhere else. Go to another state if you have to, but my God, why did they not do something.
    Also, there is a valuable lesson to be learned here. While I don’t think any of these women should have been suffered at the hands of a murderous, brutal killer, let’s remember that there are consequences to our actions. Be it good or bad, for every decision we make in life, there is a price to be paid. Unfortunately, these young women did not make good choices and it cost them not only thier lives, but the lives of their children, parents and indirectly the lives of every person in Jennings are now affected by their decisions.
    I hope I do not offend anyone…my sole intention is to get people to stop and think about the decisions they make in life.
    I hope the killer is brought to justice soon. I hope that the people surrounding any other young women involved in this circle will step up to the plate and protect their family member.

  15. ok is the LE saying that any body that goes across the tracks r drug heads and deserve what they get. cause to me that is what i am getting out of all this . if u go down south main u r a drug head and u r a no body. how sad is that.

  16. ok some one help me out here. how do they know these girls had drugs and alco. in them if there bodys was to decompose. i just dont understand this at all o and for as FR and TC omg i can not believe that got on TV high as a kite. and for MIKE omg u r brave to go down south main and do what u do very pround of u and KM. keep up the good work.

  17. G8TRGIRL………What a well written piece! You are my She-Ro!!!!!!

  18. *clapping* that was amazing and i am making sure to post a link so that i can get as many people as possible to read it too! {wow} *blown away*

  19. Hey G8,
    I just found this. Remind me to never make you mad.
    I hope your words make a difference in the life of at least one good LEO who is contemplating crossing the evil line.

  20. Great comments. Prayer is the one thing that you left out. Also it is the most important thing. Trust God to see this city thru this situation. Gos is a great God and if we cast our care on him he will take care of the end results. I believe that, do you recieve that?

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