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michael dubois, on October 16th, 2009 at 9:41 AM Said:

to all who read this kirk and i have got the media to start covering our girls today oct. 16 2009 cynthia arceneax from kplc is coming to jennings to try speak with families so she can air a one hour special on the girls for the 28th and also i have a live studio spot with geraldo live sun night anyone who has contact with the families will you ask if they wish to join us to tell their side we need help my e-mail is m.dubois59@yahoo.com we thank you for any help possible


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  1. yes kitkat i will be on gerldo sat night

  2. I have a question…Why are the families and friends of the victims doing the investigations. Where in the hell is the police department?

  3. no i got to say there is some that r really doing there jobs and i seen that so they r not all bad they just have a boss like everyone else does i know they dont like it either

  4. SERIALPSYCHIC…….My other computer has frozen up on me. I have to wait for my son to come home and fix it. I was trying to send you an email on that one because I can’t email on this laptop. As I said before, I am not computer literate. I am learning a lot from you and this blog……Thanks LOL

  5. Is the Dobson person is he the same one that is MR. Dobson for the school board office son if he is from lake arthur than i think it is

  6. omg i just got to watch the part with TC cause i miss it Wed. night if she is not guity than i dont know what guity is. i bet when she watch this herself she is like omg what in the hell did i say and do. i sure hope the LE realize what is going on and pick there sorry behinds up and not let them out this time

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