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After receiving many emails, I suppose I need to address a situation that recently took place regarding the  disclosure of the IP address and location where a few comments were originating from.  From a personal standpoint, I do occasionally look at IP addresses to determine how widespread interest in the cases is.  I do not have the skills, capability, or equipment to pinpoint exact locations though.

As a lot of you know, recently, newjerseypi traced an IP address that belonged to a public computer, which was owned and operated by the Jeff Davis Parish Sheriff’s Office.  After researching this further and speaking with other investigators, they’ve stated that ethical hackers have that ability and there is specialized equipment to trace IP addresses of public computers only. Public computers are those that are paid for with public funds and the computer is paid for with taxpayer funds and the IP address is registered to a public entity such as the sheriff’s department.

Had the person that goes by the screen name eyetoeye not presented himself/herself in such an “official manner” then the IP address would have never been traced but it was suspected by NJPI that it was a public computer paid for by the taxpayers. An individual IP address cannot be traced except through  a subpoena issued by a court of competent jurisdiction and only if probable cause exists and if a crime has been committed. Even then, your internet service provider will notify you that a subpoena has been issued requesting your name and address from your IP address and you can ask the court to quash the subpoena.  The only reason the IP address was able to be tracked by NJPI is because it was a public computer owned by the public and paid for by the public.

Nobody has to fear being traced or tracked on this site. NJPI, as we have learned, has been retained by an investigative agency to perform work on these unsolved homicides. He will not post on the blog again and stated that he is prohibited from reading the blog because of his confidentiality agreement. So again, posters do not have to fear of being traced via IP address. There is no danger and posting is safe and NJPI guarantees that he was only able to do it because it was a public computer registered to a public entity. He guarantees that everyone is safe and not to worry, nobody is being traced and those that email him are safe as well as he has to maintain a level of confidentiality of all who contact him via electronic communications or telephone.


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  1. Whew!

  2. Lol- k

  3. I am far far far far far away….therefore I am good.

  4. are they looking for a man or woman?
    i wish someone would tell us just who are we looking for—i personallydo not think it is an officer
    but it could be relative to the girls

    becauseof the same familyfor the gary

    • Who knows??

      What is glaringly obvious is that NO alerts have been sent out for women anywhere in the area…………specifically JDP……….to be extraordinarily cautious????

      Does LE know something the public doesn’t??? If you don’t hook, do drugs or live south of the tracks…..go about your business???

      My question is ….. if LE has “this situation” narrowed down so well……why hasn’t the killer been caught?? We’re talking about what area wise?? Six, seven, eight block area and they can’t catch this person(s)??

      • Just read this post, I mean no offense. I think there saying, If you leave them alone, they will get rid of there own kind.

  5. Question — what if the person was using public computers like at a library or college — could those IP addresses be traced?

    Note: I had one previous post about this:

    “Tinker – on August 26th, 2009 at 6:53 PM Said:

    In a Wikipedia entry ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serial_killer )
    regarding serial killers, it states:

    “…They follow their crimes in the media carefully and often take pride in their actions, as if it were all a grand project….”

    I suggest the webmasters of all websites that are specific to the Jennings Serial Killer plant internet traffic counters which are able to detect the identity of visitors to their website.

    They can immediately recognize and store the IP address of the people viewing the website (your website “traffic).
    If this serial killer is like most, he would be visiting this website quite often.

    The counters also identify the town and state the person lives in (and maybe more!)

    This might be one way to track who is living in or near Jennings that is in constant watch of what the media says about the serial killer.

    Here is a link which has this type of counter, and what type of information they display with lots of information about it.


  6. I reckon so!

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