~ Let’s Stay United ~

Thought I’d respond in regards to a few comments that were made last night and let you know how much your support is appreciated……not only by me but the families of all the victims as well.  I need to forewarn you though……this post is really long!

I would like to thank those of you that posted yesterday evening in support of this blog.  There are several here that have been involved since it’s inception and have remained steadfast in support of it and the victim’s families as well. You have been fiercely loyal in aiding to keep the story of the many unsolved murders in JDP alive even when there was very little news forthcoming.  This blog would have probably been virtually useless if you all hadn’t stuck around and continued to breathe life into it.

cp mentioned about my brother who recently passed away and I wanted to tell you all that during his last few months, before he became heavily drugged and incoherent, he loved to listen to me talk about the JDP cases and wanted to know everything about them.  He even became very familiar with many of the names and would refer to them in our discussions which sometimes would go on for 2-3 hours at a time.  Like my self, and many of you, he felt there was possibly more to these killings than just how it appeared on the surface.  Some of my family members have not been too “keen” about me maintaining this site due to their concerns but, my brother supported me 100% and encouraged me to continue on.

I would like to welcome the many new readers and posters that have been finding their way here and encourage each and everyone of you to continue to visit the blog regularly.  Please don’t be shy about posting either.  It’s always interesting and many times enlightening to hear others opinions and viewpoints regarding these crimes that have been taking place in Jeff Davis Parish for way too long.  “fedup’s” comment:

“As time goes on and more victims have appeared my discomfort with the situation grows”

greatly mirrors my own feelings.

By the way, “fedup”, your comment did not fall upon deaf ears.  I understood exactly what you were saying and the point was well taken.  I trust whole-heartedly that any and all endeavors that are being undertaken in the name of justice for the JDP victims are being done with utmost sincerity and concern.  You mentioned following the cases on Topix for some time now and I can tell you, I and several others here did as well.  We also tried, without much success, to get discussions going on several of the major crime forums.  There were just too many other higher profile cases being discussed and we could not seem to generate enough interest in the JDP situation.

Early on when we first began discussing these cases on one of those forums (which I won’t name) apparently someone in local LE had been monitoring the discussions.  Someone said something the LE person didn’t like and he somehow managed to track that poster down and actually called and threatened them that they had better watch what they were saying!!!  Needless to say……the majority of the locals that were posting QUIT.  So that forum went to hell in a hand basket (whatever that means :D).  Anyway, to make a long story even longer….that’s how I/we ended up here.  Even though there may not have been much going on, at least whatever we’ve been able to get our hands on is here in one spot…….for the world to see, share in and get involved in.

And “fedup”, if you don’t mind being the messenger, please let MeShon and the rest of the growing army she is amassing on the Facebook site know that they have my full support and that I, and others here, will back them in their endeavors just as I know and feel they will back us.  I would tell her myself but, I don’t have a Facebook account set up and honestly have not had time to.  Truthfully, I didn’t even realize the site had been formed until Scott Lewis (Jennings Daily News) mentioned it.  I will be posting a link to the Cease Fire in Jefferson Davis Parish site and encourage all reading here to pay a visit there.

We have to remain united and every single person that gets involved can help make a difference!!!

And, in closing, I’ll leave you with  “mysterious” (Crystal’s mother) words as she summed it up much better than I:

mysterious, on September 3rd, 2009 at 7:20 AM Said:

Everyone wanted more media coverage on this case. Now that they are more involved please don’t chase them away. The more coverage the better. Thank God that it’s finally happening. This sight has been here the longest, and has kept people informed.

It does not matter that they are just starting. I say it is answered prayers. We need to be positive about this. I hope the coverage continues to grow.


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  1. I was wondering about the woman they found in Deridder a couple of weeks ago.Did she have a connection to the other victims?

  2. Check out my post on thread 31 imo, this has become stay united or unconditional support for pi no le is , heck I don’t know how to descrive the feeling or way I see it. I for one do not believe all of le is an enemy on the other hand I see crap happening in le that should not be. This started out so nice but now it is united if you…..

  3. After looking at all the evidence,watching the interviews ,crime scene photo.s.timelines and looking at maps.if he hasnt done it already.this person’s going to kill AGAIN and SOON, end of year is coming up.this person probably already has his next victim targeted.im even going as far to guess this person has made contact with the next victim already.this is opinion of course.but by what im seeing,i feel im not far off base..

    • Yes and the private investigators and the sheriff’s expert Dr. Godwin have noted that and from what I understand they’ve sent that information to the task force. It’s up to them to take the information seriously.

  4. i again feel time is running out for somebody in Jeff Davis parish.The person responsible is a loner,blue collar worker,The women this person kills are for control.they are women that would normally find him unattractive.or not appealing.He has money or drugs,or the promise thereof,so he feels that since they live a less than desireable lifestyle that he has a hand up on them ,once again a control issue.They all share a common bond with one special person,some ultimate goal,someone that is probably unobtainable.So this person looks for women that have similar traits that his ultimate victim has or had.Im of the opinion, that since his last actions were in aug,that the high he got from this act are wearing off and he is starting to feel the need to find another victim,Strictly Opinion,Hopefully he is caught before it happens again….

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