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tabernacle2lakearthurchristcamp A Community United in Prayer service and candle light vigil, in memory of the eight slain victims, has been organized by the mother of Crystal Benoit Zeno. Mrs. Benoit has kindly extended an invitation to everyone one in the parish to attend; especially family members of the victims. She has respectfully requested NO MEDIA coverage as this will be a prayer service rather than a publicity event.

DATE:  October 17, 2009

TIME:  6:00 PM – 7:30 PM

LOCATION:  Lake Arthur Christian Camp – Lake Arthur, LA

GUEST SPEAKER:  Pastor Clifton LeJeune

MUSIC:  Coalition Choir


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  1. I’m an Associate Pastor and a lady in my church ask
    me to go to this and read then pray for the familys.
    I would like to pray that this would be a place to start
    a revival. Please read Romans 8:28. My prayer is that God would touch everyone in this place with His Holy Spirit. thank yo Lord for what your going to do.

  2. thank you Robert we need all the prays we can get right now. and yes a revival sounds great right about now. so again thank u for stopping by.

  3. i see there is another ummmmm well i am not the one that knows anything about chris dont know him at all i guest i should change my name now that someone came in and toke my name lol

  4. Was Victime #1 Loretta Chaisson stabbed and thrown in a ditch as was mentioned in Thread 26 about a little boy (possibly her son) singing a song? If not, what was her cause of death?

  5. no they found her by a churce r a funaral home i heard

  6. sorry yes the did i yhougt i read sheaja sorry yes found on the side in a ditch

  7. these are family members and loved ones.
    wheres the justice?
    my unkle was one of them killed !!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I hate having a killer on the loose.
    this is hard on every one.
    me and my unkle was close.
    I want justice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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