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I am posting these photos on the main blog page and they will also be accessible on Necole’s blog page once I get it up and running.  Can’t say they’re the greatest but hopefully it will give you at least some sort of visual as to where she was found.  Just from being in the area, my opinion is that the perp pulled over on Interstate 10 and rolled her down the embankment.  The area along Plant Road is fenced except for one small area that has an opening in it and, although not impossible to do, I feel it would have been cumbersome and time consuming to try to get her (and themselves) through the opening and drag her to where she was found.

The following photographs were taken from Plant Road (in Egan) facing toward the westbound lane on Interstate 10.  The decision was made to photograph from that area rather than stopping on the shoulder of the interstate due to safety concerns and to avoid the appearance of suspicious behavior since the area was a relatively fresh crime scene area.  It was not possible to determine the exact spot where body was lying so these pictures will only serve to give a general idea of the area.

This is a screenshot from KPLC video that shows where the crime scene tape was placed which will give you a better gauge for the pictures above as to the approximate location of Necole’s body on the embankment which had rolled about 150 feet down.


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  1. about the skid marks i can say that there are plenty of kids burning tired and riding 4 wheelers down there. skid marks are nothing out of the ordinary on that road.

    • Thanks for that info concerned.

      • hey i just noticed that she may be gone. I AM not sure if this is the same necole but if you could let me know if she use to work for walmart in lake charles. I use to be a friend of hers and she use to give me rides to work. I really hope this isn’t her but the pics look the same. If you could let me know I would appreciate it….Thanks… and sorry to everyone.

  2. ok lookin up the mile marders on the google maps it would be the ramp to get on I10 this plant road does not have a ramp to get on or off the I10 u would have to go west further down I10 which is egan exit and that is just plain wild that someone would have pulled along I10 and rolled the body out there is to many cars and trucks passing by, and it was during the day but it was raining too so it’s possible that they could have just there luck no one seem them doing it, maybe the state department needs to put cameras on every over pass there is on I10 on both sides but u know they not gonna do that even though they have web cams at different stop lights

  3. even though she was found during the day doesnt mean she was put there during the day. im sure she was prolly dumped during the night before sometime. with the grasss being long no one would have noticed it. wich would explain why the grass mowers found her.

  4. I had posted this on the General Discussion thread but thought I’d post it here as well.

    I was looking at this KPLC screenshot (http://tinypic.com/r/73lzic/3) and just noticed how flat the ground is right off the paved shoulder. The perp would have had to get her past the flat part to get her to a point where they could try to roll her down the embankment.

    I’m not so sure one big push would have caused her to roll to where her body was found. Even though the grass was recently cut it is still very thick. Doesn’t seem like a body would just freely roll down the embankment. I think whoever did this either drug her to that spot or had to roll her several times to get her there. Am I making sense? That would mean this person(s) was out of the vehicle for more than just a few quick seconds.

    Also, to me, it looks like she is lying perpendicular to I-10 rather than parallel. Maybe it’s just the angle of the shot.

    • Did it ever occur maybe she was murdered somewhere in the area was there maybe a sight nearby that was trampled that means they would not have to roll her down the hill and if they was on a four wheeler it could be look to see how long the tire marks was and if there is a break and another set right behind could be there was a cart and that is why nobody questioned this thinking it was just a worker four wheeler with a cart or mower with a cart and cover.

      • I think she was definitely killed somewhere else. LE has admitted that for many, many months now…..they have no clue where the “initial” crime scenes were….where the girls were killed. THAT would be the place to grab some evidence. Evidently, whoever it is behind this “appears” to have some degree of knowledge when it comes to masking evidence……down to the nth degree apparently.

  5. the other website is saying she was 5’7 i think and 160 lbs wich is larger compared to the others besides crystal. wich being dead weight would have been difficult to drag or carry for one person

    • But what if that person had some adrinalin in him/her. I mean, what drug is out there that gives you hype? Extacy (not sure on spelling) was in when I was in school.

  6. Posted this on General Discussion because KM’s website was listed so I visited the site. Thinking it should have been here.

    Went to the website, something struck me. The last body was found at the Egan exit, Kirt’s main office is Egan. Was the killer saying something by placing the body in Egan where he/she may/did know that is where the PI’s office is located? Is there a message there? This really got me wondering.

  7. Explained by KM on discussion thread.

  8. It was not found AT the egan exit. It was between 73 and 74, although the reporters said between 72 & 73, and I believe I even heard between 71 & 72, the first day. I pass on this stretch of I 10 every day, twice a day . I’ve looked at the milemarkers trying to figure how they thought it was 72 & 73, and can’t see how they missed it.

  9. And for those who aren’t from the area, about the “truck stop”…I believe he is talking about the Lion’s Den, which is a… marital aide… store, if you know what I mean.

  10. clear something up here for me…..was there more than (1) 4 wheeler at this site?if so or if not so,,,,has any LEO`s tried to locate or spot them ?And was this body on the road side or across the fence?

    btw… this person is getting a RUSH out of all the people looking for him,that`s the message he`s sending ya`l over there by dumping the body so close to Kirk`s office..he`s proabley watching everthing going on about him there in that area,this means he proabley lives in the viewing area…..tata…


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  13. The police were at Dugas’ house (Andrew St)last night around 10:00pm. I wonder what was going on?

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