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This post is being initiated as a central location to list potential subject matter for Paul Nixon and the Kodiak Production team to consider as they set out to film a documentary about the mysterious deaths in Jeff Davis Parish.

If you are not comfortable posting your suggestions in a public arena, you can contact Mr. Nixon personally at kodiakproductions at hotmail dot com

11/13/09 Update: Paul sent us this link to view the first 60 seconds of the documentary filmed in Sep 09.


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    A subject that has frequently come up which may, or may not, tie into the deaths of the seven young women as well as several other mysterious deaths/murders. Personally, I would like to see someone pointedly question Sheriff Edwards and District Attorney Cassidy about the rumors surrounding Boudreaux Inn and what supposedly went on there. It would be a great opportunity to openly dispel the stories and rumors…..if that’s indeed what they are. If it NEVER HAPPENED, then go on record and let’s get this folklore and urban legend off the table and out of the mix. If either refuse to answer the question I think we can all safely assume that perhaps there is some truth to “the story”.

    Was it a hotbed of illicit activity….prostitution and drugs? Were female inmates transported there and used for their services? Were six of the seven murdered girls involved? Did an unexpected sting….a surprise bust occur there? Who was responsible for the sting? Was the bust indeed covered up….swept under the rug? Why? Was it perhaps because of the participants that were at Boudreaux Inn at the time? Would it have caused a major scandal? Rumor has it that a high ranking public official was there at the time. Why was he there? Is that where Loretta was killed? If this bust did occur, are there public records available detailing the case?

    • Very good questions, G8ter!
      Add to that, I would like to know why, whenever I bring the Inn up to anyone that was around here during those times and seemed to have knowledge of the bust and what all went on, they suddenly go quiet. I’ve pressed on in my inquires, and more then once have been pulled aside and told “girl, you better leave this alone, you KNOW what happen to those girls. Ain’t nobody gonna tell you nothin.”
      My interest in the Boudreaux Inn started with the finding of Loretta. I was told bits and pieces of the story of the Inn and the bust that day, along with “she’s just the first…there are 6 more to go”. Those words have haunted me since May 20th, 05…


    LE has conveniently labeled the murdered women as being involved in prostitution. Is there any proof of that? Were any of the young women arrested and formally charged with prostitution? If none of them were arrested for prostitution, it would be interesting to know WHY NOT since LE apparently was aware the girls were trading sex for drugs…….why would LE not arrest them? Why would LE turn their heads and look the other way?

  3. I would like to see someone investigate and report on all of these officers that have been accused and charged of crimes and their PROVEN affiliation with corruption, drugs, and prostitution. It is a known fact that the history of Jeff Davis Parish includes much corruption. Lots of these things are on record and I think shed light on an important part of the “allowed” criminal activity here.

    • I’d like to see surprise drug testing on ALL city officials and LE in Jeff Davis Parish by an independent lab and have the results publicized. If it’s good enough for those of us who work at Mc Donald’s or Wal-Mart, then why not those who are in charge of our city’s and our lives????


    The death of Loretta Chaisson appears to be tied to the death of Kenneth “Rat” Trahan. Is it true that Loretta was hiding in the same house Rat was abducted from and later found murdered? Is it true that Rat’s body was found remarkably close to where Muggy Brown’s body was found?

    Interestingly enough, the young man that was arrested and convicted for Trahan’s murder, Raynell K. Dispany, apparently died in a Mississippi prison on July 18, 2006. It would be quite interesting to know the young man’s cause of death. It has been rumored that Dispany was possibly not even the guilty party in Trahan’s death….that there were others involved that were not arrested. Was Dispany set up as the “fall guy”? Was there a cover-up of the truth?

    Since the Rat Trahan case is considered “closed”, I would think the Sheriff and DA would be at liberty to discuss the details with you. It would be interesting to learn the date of Trahan’s murder, the date Dispany was arrested and why LE was so sure he was the one and only suspect, and the date Dispany was shipped off to the Mississippi prison. What also could be interesting is the correlation of those dates to the disappearance/murder dates of Loretta and Ernestine, who were killed a year before Dispany died. I’ve been told Loretta and Ernestine were friends….wonder if there’s any truth to that??


    I think it would be very interesting if you could locate some of the attendees at the party SilenceDogood references here. Wonder if Mr. Benoit would go on record about the incident? Was the license plate number of the “unwelcome” guests turned over to LE? If they were indeed going to Ricky Edwards’ victory party…..surely the Sheriff recalls them and knows exactly who they were…..who invited them?


    Hopefully you will find a spot in your documentary for this little incident (referenced here and here) which I still consider highly unusual and quite suspect even though the state police did clear him of any criminal charges yet, the state ethics board levied a hefty fine on him.

    Who actually blew the whistle on the incident in the first place? How long did the person Warren Gary sold the vehicle to have the vehicle before it was sold again? How did the vehicle end up in California and when did it arrive there? Why did a detective have to go to California to perform forensic testing on the truck? Was forensic testing done on the truck prior to WG purchasing it, while he owned it or after he sold it…..was any testing done on that truck before it left Louisiana? And if not….why?


    We receive almost daily reports about the comings and goings at this particular house. From the sound of it…..these “comings and goings” (translation prostitution/drugs and God knows what else) have been taking placing for quite a long time and yet………no major arrests have taken place there and the place continues to be in operation 24/7/365 from reports we receive here. One of those things that make me go hmmmm…….

  8. LOL…..I took a break from this BUT…..there’s several more topics I could bring up. I suppose the thing that aggravates me the most is the nonchalantness of the sheriff………and the mayor too I guess.

    I’ll concede that I’m possibly overly sensitive BUT….we’re talking 7 girls killed. There are seemingly several OTHER deaths that have taken place in JDP. I’m still trying to figure out why every state agency that’s available hasn’t descended on the area.

    All’s I can say at this point…..it DOES look like something much bigger than the “heads” in JDP are running the place.

  9. Thank you very much for this g8trgirl.

    It’s really interesting for me to see it laid out like this, broken down into bite-sized pieces. There’s a lot to digest here – and plenty to film. As you know, as well as just covering the murders we also want to document the other problems the town and the parish are facing.

    As we’ve researched this story over the past few months and contacted people in Jennings we’ve of course found that there is much more going on than meets the eye. That is the challenge we face – to cover as much as possible, but to do it as well as possible.

    I really welcome all input for this film, with each and every opinion and thought appreciated. We may be the ones holding the camera – but this is as much a documentary that belongs to the people who have been touched by these tragedies.

    Thanks again to every single person who has contacted us or commented on here. The response has been overwhelming and only reaffirms my belief in the project.

    Until next time


  10. I, too, noticed the way she laid it out…great point in each. You Go on a Roll, g8!!! That is easy to see 🙂
    Had to pick on you, g8!

    So,I was thinking a real who’s who in Jennings would also make for another topic of discussion in the way that the above is laid out!!! More work for g8, I suppose!
    It has been a little challenging for me to keep up with who is who since I am no from there and they are sometimes referred to by last names only. Especially when it comes to kin folk, and the LE, for those people, I sometimes have to refer back to other references.

  11. Thanks annonymous!
    Thats just what I was hoping for! PLz ppl, post away! Mr. Nixon will need a good leg to stand on once he gets here!

  12. Brittany-You are missing an article. What about the former police officer that killed Jennings Detective Kenny Guidry, his wife Christine and Jennings Police Officer Burt LeBlanc. I also believe that Burt LeBlanc was related to Frankie and the crew. The person that did the shooting was Phil Karam.

    • I believe the current Jennings Police Chief was also injured during that shooting before he went to Iraq.

      Also, i recall having read heard Loretta and/or Ernestine was in the area. That could be just a rumor but worth exploring.

  13. hadnt been here so i dont know any updates…..however i have found this information i came across in new iberia about a woman being murdered around 4 yrs ago and le never had any leads….she was simpy murdered during the day at her place of business while she was alone….

    here is the kicker that has everyone in new iberia mind boggled……..recently in the last 2/3 weeks the murdered woman’s wallet was found with her id in it by fisherman from a river in lower calcasieu parish…..it has spurred new inetrest in the case…..

    i think the le/fbi shoud compare the murder evidence to the murders here in jennings……jmo

  14. new iberia’s “center st” is “hwy 14” that goes all the way to lake arthur and even further west i think towards calcasieu parish….

  15. Do you guys remember when DATELINE captured LE on videocamera illegally making stops on the highway?

  16. I found this board and found these entries interesting especially 3 and 5. Sounds about like what had been posted on the deleted ‘mouthin’ off’ only much nicer. Maybe this person would post here if he/she knew of this board.


    • Some of the info on this topix board is incorrect. Dallas Cormier and Ted never served time in prison!!! The detective on the case mentioned is very much still with the Jennings PD.

      • Thanks ea, that’s how we correct misinformation. I put stuff out I hear and thanx for correcting or informing.

  17. Actually, Ted Gary did do time in a federal prison, he did 18 months. Dallas Cormier never did any time in prison. Ted still speaks of his time in federal prison. He served time in a minimum security prison from what he and others that were with the administration at that time told us. Basically he was at a country club. Dallas Cormier was convicted and so was Ted and Dallas was placed on probation while Ted was sent to prison. Here is the prison info on Ted Gary, it is located at http://www.bop.gov and just do an inmate search:

    Name Register # Age-Race-Sex Release Date
    1. TED JAMES GARY 07323-035 58-White-M 08-01-1991 RELEASED


    What Jennings business owner admitted to paying one of the victims for regular sexual encounters? At one time he was caught on tape with her.

    What two people in JDP law enforcement have been known to stand in the front yard of a former murder suspect in these cases and smoke pot with the former suspect?

    Fact or fiction?? Inquiring minds would like to know.

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