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Wanted to let you all know that I’m leaving bright and very early in the morning for vacation and will return home the evening of July 5th.  Unfortunately, I’m under strict orders to leave my beloved laptop at home so I won’t have access to the blog while I’m gone.  Even though I’ll be going through serious withdrawals I suppose it’s a good thing since I’m waaaaaaaaaaaaaay over-packed as it is LOL.

I was going to make a new comment thread before I left but since there are not that many comments on #23 I’ll just leave y’all with that.  The thread may get a bit lengthy but I know everyone can make the best of it.  Just so you’ll know, any comment that contains more than three links in it will get hung up in “pending approval” queue.

One thing I do everyday is browse the local media to see if there is any new coverage on these cases.  The links are listed on the left side of the page under MEDIA LOCAL.  If any of you have the time to check those links out daily and post updates that would be great.  Also, if there is any new coverage……could you please send the links to my email at jeffdavissecrets@gmail.com so I can update the NEWS section when I return.  I would appreciate that so much.

Hope everyone has a great week!!!  Thank you all for your continued support and interest in these cases.



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  1. Have a great time! I’m looking to get away for the weekend myself!

  2. I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaack………LOL 😀

  3. And We are so gladdddddddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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