~ Please Beware (Updated) ~

First of all, let me apologize to all of you for the nonsense that seems to be upon us once again.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a great deal of control over what is taking place and admit I have no idea why this woman Eyez, whose real name is Janice West, continues to harrass myself and the jdpkiller blog.

IF you do read at her blog, there is a comment there (which is no longer accessible) that I ASSURE YOU is not mine.  Here is the screenshot link to EyezLies.  Ctrl + will enlarge the screen so it’s easier to read.

I DID NOT write that nor any other comment on that blog on June 26th.  I have only commented on her site I believe three times and two of those were QUITE some time ago.  I saved a copy of the most recent comment I sent to her:

Comment to Eyez 6/24/09 on her blog:

“like some are saying that the killers is trying to get to me and another certain blog site creator!”

Eyez…….I assume that other blog creator would be me.  This is the first time I’ve heard that someone may possibly be after me.  Needless to say, your statement concerns me a great deal.  While I’m sure both of our blogs annoy the crap out of LE I’ve never been under the impression someone is out to “get” me.

Do you mean it’s someone wanting to get the blog shut down or worse than that?  Can you give me an idea of what you’ve been hearing, who you’ve heard it from, who did that person(s) hear it from, was it recently??  Is it just idle gossip??  Has someone sent you written correspondence about this that you could share with me?

I take this very seriously and what you said concerns me.  Any insight you can provide would be greatly appreciated.  I want to be able to defend myself but I need to know what/who I’m dealing with…….know what I mean?

As you can see…….what she posted as being from me and what I actually wrote…..not even close!  She used my nickname and email address and wrote that comment herself. I will demonstrate for you and show you that it can be done.  Take a look at this……looks like Eyez wrote it and that it’s from her but it’s not…..I wrote that.

Several months ago a subpoena was served on the owner of WordPress regarding Janice West’s blog and she was contacted about it.  Apparently she took it seriously………for a little while anyway.  It appears as though she has conveniently forgotten about that now.  Perhaps it’s time once again for additional legal action.

I believe you all are aware of what my intent has been all along regarding this blog and that I take the JDP crimes very, very seriously.  I’ve tried to shield the family members that read and post here from Janice West’s nonsense and to maintain a reputable site.  This woman is causing a great deal of commotion and confusion, AGAIN, and my main concern is that she is going to be the cause of not only her site being banned and closed down but our jdpkiller blog as well.

I have to wonder if perhaps that is what her goal actually is ….. not concern for the victims, their families or justice.  By Janice making that false comment on her blog, under my name , just shows me how dishonest and totally unscrupulous she truly is………….Pastor my ass!!!!

P.S.  Janice, don’t bother deleting the “false comment” you posted on your blog using my name…..I have screenshots of it.

UPDATE:  Here’s another quote from EyezLies blog:

If I was no good I would post up you and your brother picture up on here , G8… WHOES REAL NAME IS ( Sarah )…. naw I won’t say her full name…LOL!

EyezLies PLEASE DO post my picture, my full name and hell….list my home address roflmao!!!!  This should get quite interesting.  There are several people here on the blog that know my full name (trust me, it’s not Sarah) and have met me in person.  What cha wanna bet she doesn’t do it?????? roflmao roflmao roflmao.  Can’t wait to see the pictures…….post them EYEZ LIES you have my permission.   Can’t wait to see what my full name is either.

Additionally, she states on her blog there wasn’t a subpoena issued against her blog site and WordPress……I have a copy and WILL post a link to it.  I’m awaiting confirmation as to whether I can legally post it or not.

Sorry people to put you through this.  I would like to expose this woman though.


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  1. You can actually tell from the spelling that it wasn’t you that wrote it.

  2. Those comments on her site are just bizarre. I can soooo tell that you didn’t write that.

  3. Ya know what? IF someone had posted that to on my site, I would D**N sure leave it up…..BUT if I falsified a post..and signed someone else’s name on it, (and got called out on it) I would be taking it down in a heartbeat…which is what happened.
    So, mystery solved

  4. God Bless you g8, and all the great work you have done to keep the site going. Calling her bluff was a smart move. We can actually tell your intelligent heartfelt intentions are good. You continualy make that clear- as does your avid supporters. There is not even a comparison to be had 🙂

    I think the families can tell the difference as well- I truly admire your true intentions, actions, and loyalty to the victims and families.

    Glad that mystery solved itself.

  5. She is using my name now to pretend its me asking her questions and its not me. I am not posting what she says I am posting on her site. My posts to her are much more uglier. I am posting about her lies and deceit.

    In one area she put that I inquired if she was a pi and I did not ask that question and never would ask her something like that. Correct me if I’m wrong but pi’s in Louisiana have to be licensed by the State. I went to a website and looked up her name and it wasn’t in there. You can go to http://www.lsbpie.com and her name isn’t listed and I read a little about the law and its illegal to claim you’re a pi when your not. I wish she would stop using people’s names. She is typing up posts herself and answering them herself, that’s what kind of fake and fraud she is.

    • I certainly am not going to discourage anyone from visiting her site. I would say err on the side of caution if you’re going to post a comment there though. Once she has your name and email address, she can manipulate the wording……I already posted an example of how that is possible.

      All I can say at this point is maintain documentation of whatever comments you do make on that site. My understanding is that WordPress does maintain an extensive history of all posts and comments as well as any editing that occurs with posts and comments and that history cannot be altered by the blog owner…..in other words it’s “tamper” proof.

      If you want, email me the original time and date of your comments as well as the original content of your comments. I will be “out-of-pocket” next week but do fully intend to pursue this problem as soon as I return.

      These cases are complicated enough without this side-show that’s crept in…..again. I simply do not want her posting (or ADVERTISING her site) on this blog…..that’s all…….it’s simple. I don’t bother her and I don’t want her bothering me……or anyone else here.

  6. I would advise people to not go to her site. Although it seems loaded with mis-truths there could be a way to hack your personal info. Not worth the risk if you ask me.

  7. I agree cp, I would discourage anyone from posting on her site or even visiting her site. She now has another posting with my name that I didn’t post on her site. I’d be willing to bet that nobody really posts on her site but its her own self that uses others’ names to pretend that she has visitors to her site. The numbers she speaks about could be her own computeer visiting her own site. She really thinks that we are all idiots.

    She also left a post about me on her main page about me asking if she was a pi. Well, for one, I never left a post asking if she was a pi and for two she admitted that she used my name when she said “you lied on me too” so its always somebody elses fault except hers. She is never to blame for anything.

    This morning I did call my attorney and he told me that if she is using other peoples’ identities and pretending it is that person then that is a form of identity theft. I didn’t know that. My attorney told me that several people have been arrested for using My Space identities that were their’s.

  8. I am so sorry a person has decided to create drama online when there is more than enough to go around JDP right now. What a truly hateful women to cause so much grief to the families and friends who have lost someone they love, to have to endure this insipid, childish woman.

    Sometimes people do serve as a cautionary example of what not to be, or what not to do. Janice West is that person, you would pity her under normal circumstances but her behavior at this time is vile, and she should be treated as such.

    Again, I am truly sorry her need for attention at this time is causing you any more suffering than you already have to endure in JDP.


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