~ In Remembrance ~

Sometimes it seems like time flies.  Here we are in the month of May 09 already.  Mother’s Day is quickly approaching………this Sunday, May 10th.  Many of us will be scurrying to purchase gifts for our mothers and making plans to be with them, but……there are a few who’s mother’s aren’t around to receive those gifts or enjoy plans made.  All that can be offered up to them are memories, I love you’s and possibly a visit to a mother’s grave.

There are mothers that will be saddened, yet again, because their daughters are not here to celebrate that special day with them.  And children, dare they ask again…..”where’s my mom”?

The month of May holds sad memories for some in Jeff Davis Parish.  This month marks anniversary dates for 3 of the 7 murdered women in JDP.  Three of the women were last seen, murdered and their missmymombodies found in the month of May:

~ Loretta Chaisson Lewis ~ (May 20, 2005)

~ Whitnei Dubois ~ (May 12, 2007)

~ LaConia “Muggy” Brown ~ (May 29, 2008)

Please take time throughout this month to remember ALL of the young women that have met untimely deaths in JDP.  Remember the children that have been left behind with no mothers and also remember the mothers that have lost their daughters to these incomprehensible deaths.  They all need our support.

I am not one to wish bad karma upon anyone but……I know, without a doubt, there are several involved in these deaths that have children of their own.  There are several directly responsible for these deaths whose own mothers are still alive.  What goes around comes back around ten-fold.  While you elude capture at this moment…….you won’t remain free forever.  Enjoy what time you have left with your children and your mothers……time these murdered women are not able to spend with their families.