Wanted to let you all know that several recent photos of the locations where the victims were found have been uploaded to the site.  The photos are located on each individual young lady’s blog page.  Hopefully the pictures will provide you with a better perspective of the surroundings in those particular areas.

I had several other photographs as well but learned the locations were not quite accurate.  I do plan to return to JDP in the near future as soon as I am confident the body location sites for the other four young ladies are correct.

Here is the link to the photographs that have been uploaded so far:


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  1. Mysterious-From what I understand, Shay’s body was found in a dry creek further south as explained to me by one of the detectives. However, I’m sure g8trgirl observed the cross and assumed that must have been where the body was found. If you head further South, there is a dry creek with a small bridge and then a wet creek with a small bridge. Heading south, the dry creek is first and then the wet creek is next. That was my understanding but I believe the cross is why g8trgirl believe that was the location where Shay was found.

  2. The location is right before a telephone , one of those gray things that stands about 3 feet high, approxmately about 25 feet north of it there is a large creole post about 3 feet high, she was found on the side of the canal near the road not in .

  3. It is past the bridges.

  4. Yes I know exactly where you are speaking of. Well g8trgirl I guess you’re in for another road trip to Jennings lol.

    • Look like 🙂 but I don’t mind at all. It was very interesting to explore the area and I was able to gain a better perspective as to the locations the girls were taken to. It’s quite different viewing the area physically versus looking at a map.

  5. So, we’ve at least tied a murder site, generallly, to Rat Trahan’s murder or at least the dumping of his body. Let’s see what other threads relate and connect the most recent seven murders to the many many unsolved murders from the past … murders that some would like us all to forget about. In all honesty, I do believe these seven are connected to others from the past. The apparent M.O. can be changed to complicate the scenes but the cause remains constant.

  6. Silence, I must admit I was rather shocked to learn how close together Muggy and Trahan’s bodies were dumped. Certainly one of those situations that make you go hmmm. It would be very difficult for me to NOT think there is some connection involved.

    Regarding the other mysterious deaths in JDP, are you able to provide names (not nicks), dates, locations and details surrounding the others. It would be interesting to have that info posted on the blog so myself and others can review similarities and possibly determine if there are in fact common threads running through ALL of the deaths.

  7. I didn’t realize you all were not able to see the body site location photos full-sized. A big thank you to the readers that brought it to my attention. The problem has been resolved and you should be able to to view them full sized now. Sorry about that.

  8. Not to sure..if any of the following is related but with little research thus far on my part..I have found numerous missing people dating back to the 80’s from the surrounding parishes…I have studied many serial killers over there years not professionaly but it’s a past time of mine to understand the troubled minds of some and see what makes them tick..and this is a very strange case…meanig normaly serial killers stick within a comfort zone..and either kill at random or if it’s women they target pick up working girls..Not ones from the same area who all are either related or know one another…sounds to me like this story is alot bigger than anyone thinks…this may be just the tip of the ice berg…As best I can see or understand from the info on these cases which is very limited these appear to be covering someones track cases or just a craze local not likely….No serial killer yet has followed this type of killings…My heart goes out to all the familys..I’m turely deeply sorry your family had to experience the acts of a monster taking your loved one..But myself and hundreds of other serial killer buffs have the case now…The Killer will be found soon enough…I’m just really amazed by the shear number of people still missing in surrounding parishes, to me that is a red flag in it self….To the best of my knowledge there has never been a real serial killer that doubled as a cop..but there a first time for everything…

  9. not sure if someone started a myspace for the gary or gray not sure what the last name was sorry to her family for not remembering but an interesting fact is she has a myspace says located in heaven. lousiana..and was loged on 10-10-2009

  10. yea she does do have problen with thatshe is my couson

  11. a detective no, cop, no pi..never just a buff with these type of cases..not to say i’m right in any manner..just offering my opion and observation..

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