Kirk Menard
, on April 2nd, 2009 at 3:18 PM Said:

We know that somebody somewhere has information.  We don’t know what they are scared of but I can and will guarantee this…if anyone has any information whatsoever and wants to turn it in and it is viable information, we will place armed guards to protect the witness 24 hours a day until the person/persons are arrested.

There is also a chance that if a person does come forward, we can appeal to the governor to place the person in a witness protection program enforced by the Louisiana State Police and/or the State Attorney General’s Office.  Local LE cannot offer protection because of lack of manpower.

So if someone has information come forward and we’ll do what it takes to protect the informant.


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  1. Often it is the women who managed to escape who are able to get the courage to come forward and speak up about their encounter with the assailant — it is they who help authorities identify and convict the criminal.

    If you are such a woman who is withholding information about a past near-miss encounter with the suspect, please help to prevent others from becoming future victims of this predator.


  3. Jenny. Help The Families And to Let our Girls Rest in Peace.

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