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Today’s edition of the Advertiser published a very informative article, written by Shay Randle, who reports that popular TV show, America’s Most Wanted (AMW) may soon feature coverage on their web site about the mysterious deaths of seven young women in Jeff Davis Parish.

The article also mentions growing interest in the deaths, by citizens and private investigators, as evidenced by blog and web sites initiated on the internet. Sheriff Edwards comments that some of these sites have erroneous information that has not helped much with the progress of the investigation. I’m not sure exactly what “sites” the sheriff is referring to but, since the article did specifically mention this blog, I would like to make a few comments myself.

First….this blog was not created with the intent of solving these crimes nor aiding in the progress of the investigation. It was created as a way to keep to the story of these women’s deaths visible to the public and to possibly prevent the cases from fading back into the unknown. This site was also established with the goal of “housing” what information is available, about the deaths, in a central location and hopefully easily accessible to anyone interested in following the cases.

Secondly, a great deal of effort has been focused on assimilating and presenting information as accurately as possible. If erroneous information is contained in my posts it was certainly not intentional and I whole-heartedly welcome corrections to any of them. Many of my posts are simply my opinion on certain topics. I don’t expect everyone to agree with what I write.

And lastly….although this blog isn’t perfect….at least it managed to materialize. The tip line is of no use so far, the reward money hasn’t enticed an informant yet and…….we’re still waiting on the web site Edwards mentioned back in December 2008!!!


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  1. Mr Edwards wouldn’t give a comment to Jason Brown for The Advocate, guess he had to think about it.

    One would think LE or investigators may just find a different idea from people who are not from the area or who are really just trying to help.

    I’ve been reading this blog and did not find anything erroneous as most are just ideas and opinions. Even rumors most often have a bit of truth if not lots of truth within which could be useful for LE.

    I’ve read other blogs saying about the same and yet this one was the one he named. Could it be hitting a nerve or does he not know that’s what people do now. It’s called information central.

  2. LOL…..you’re right, there are crime blogs all over the internet….guess he just doesn’t like this one. That’s okay though….he’s entitled to his opinion just like the rest of us.

  3. Kirk Menard, on March 12th, 2009 at 12:19 PM Said:

    The sheriff stated in his article that much of this information on websites and blogs are erroneous but what needs to be realized is that people on blogs and websites are “brainstorming” and speaking hypothetically and devising theories of what may have happened. In such a complex investigation, you don’t leave any stone unturned. Personally, I believe in brainstorming and “more heads are better than one” and in fact, members of the task force have meetings everyday and do exactly what everyone on here is doing, brainstorming and coming up with theories and hypothetical situations. Without the public’s input and assistance, this case will not be solved because of lack of manpower and resources. The public has to assist in some way to assist LE with a list of possible suspects and then narrow it down to the most likely suspects. More than likely, they’ve already questioned the suspect (s) but the key word is EVIDENCE. No evidence then no conviction. We need physical evidence as well as scientific evidence and eyewitnesses wouldn’t be bad either. Hypothetically, if there were some witnesses to some of these homicides what is preventing someone from coming forward with that information?

    What are they scared of if they know anything?

  4. Two words sums up the sheriffs comments about this blog and AMW…..

  5. So the Sheriff finds it necessary to state that this site (obviously he’s referring to this one) “has not helped much with the progress of the investigation.”

    First, I haven’t seen anyone on here claiming that this site DID help. Second, how exactly could this site HURT his investigation?

    Could anything be less productive than his investigation? The Jennings-area is sparsely-populated, yet several ladies have been murdered — with no apparent results from the Sheriff in terms of finding the killer. I suppose he’s embarrassed at the lack of progress. Well, he should be.

  6. Hey MR CLEAN…..you took the words right out of my mouth….thanks!!!

  7. http://victimsvoice.ning.com/

    I’d love to have you all join me. Just another avenue for making the public aware of these horrible crimes, and the way they are (not) solved by Louisiana LE. Awareness is key.

  8. I am actually quite pleased with His interview. He may not have said the things I wanted to hear but at least he held an interview. Maybe he is realizing that part of his gig is community relations and he intends to start holding regular press conferences and interviews for updates. These updates would be the same ones that the FBI suggests that he holds. So I applaud Sheriff E. for this.
    Might I suggest that he sits down with the task force and has the FBI participants map out a strategy of what can be spoken of at his next presser without damaging the integrity of the case? Then they could set a date and time for it and alert the media.

  9. In my observation, I’d like to quote what was implied or stated by the sheriff; that the blogs and posts … “have erroneous information that has not helped much with the progress of the investigation.” Well, it seems that there is another entity that shares these qualities … The Sheriff’s Department!!! They seem to reside upon erroneous information and have certainly not helped anyone (outside the killers, perhaps) with the progress of the investigation.

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