~ The Hot Potato Truck ~

I don’t know about the rest of you out there but, I’m interested in revisiting the topic of this “mysterious truck” that seems, on the surface, to have been like a “hot potato” no one has cared to hang on to for very long.

If you take a closer look at what has seemingly transpired with this particular vehicle….one can begin to understand a bit more clearly the rumors that continually circulate about law enforcement being involved in the mysterious deaths of seven young women, the rumors of a cover-up, that evidence has been tainted. I’ll admit….from the outside looking in…..some behaviors and incidents certainly, and understandably, contribute to those rumors. I don’t want to beat a dead horse but……..

I’ll direct your attention here and here and then we’ll break this down.

We have a tenured detective with the JDPSO, employed there since mid-1992. He has held the position of Chief Criminal Investigator since 1997…..so keep in mind….we’re not discussing a “greenhorn” here. Also, let’s not forget the detective was “cleared” by Louisiana State Police of any criminal wrong doing. He was simply slapped with a $10,000 fine by the Louisiana Board of Ethics. This is how the story goes…..

Kristen Gary Lopez was last seen March 8, 2007. On March 18th, her body was discovered in Petijean Canal….10 miles south of Welsh, LA. So….from March 18 we jump to March 20. An incarcerated female negotiates a deal, while locked up mind you….to sell her vehicle to a seasoned law officer, a detective, that apparently has no knowledge he may be purchasing a crime scene. He allegedly has NO IDEA that the vehicle was suspect with regard to the death of Kristen….even though the inmate he negotiates the truck purchase with was being questioned about Kristen’s death AS WELL AS the three previous deaths.

I could possibly “swallow” that he wasn’t aware of the suspicion around the vehicle if he was employed with a large, metropolitan police force…..where it MIGHT be understandable not to be aware of certain things but….but….but…..we’re talking about JDP here!!! Don’t tell me there’s one person walking around that station that doesn’t know what’s going on 24/7.

So now…we jump from March 20 to March 30 when the detective actually purchases the vehicle from the inmate for the odd amount of $8,748.90. We’ve also learned that once the vehicle was purchased and retrieved….it was quickly washed down at a local car wash.

Which brings us to when the detective, on April 20, 2007……less than one month later, chose to sell the vehicle for $15,500. Tidy little proft he made…just over $6700.  So said…he sold it to a state trooper’s ex-wife….no verification on that though.

Interestingly enough…we’ve recently learned that the unwanted “hot potato” truck has found a home in sunny California…….some trucks have all the luck!!!!

Here’s a little synopsis for y’all:

  • 03/08/07 Kristen last seen
  • 03/18/07 Kirsten’s body found
  • 03/20/07 Connie Syler brought in for hot checks…questioned about K. Lopez death and others
  • 03/30/07 Detective purchases Syler’s vehicle
  • 04/20/07 Detective sells vehicle purchased from Syler.
  • vehicle located in California

10 Responses

  1. And they want to charge Jesse Ewing with obstruction of justice, go figure!!!

  2. That’s what I’m talkin’ about!!!!

  3. Seems priorities in this parish are mixed up. Perhaps perform research when Dateline came to this parish and caught the parish on film performing illegal stops. They stopped a grandmother on her way to church, seized all her money and her vehicle on the interstate and put her on a bus. She eventually got it back by hiring an attorney named Perry Sanders from Lake Charles but had to use the seized money to pay the attorney.

    FYI, you might want to put this in a section by itself, just an idea but you have done an excellent job thus far but for attorneys that have taken on the system in Jeff Davis Parish (you can look up their phone numbers on the Louisiana Bar Association, etc.,):

    Perry Sanders (Lake Charles)
    Jill Craft (Baton Rouge)
    Daniel Stanford (Eunice, LA and Lafayette, LA)

  4. Menard, That was in Calcasieu Parish right not Jeff Davis right?

  5. Or was it both?

  6. what type of truck is it?

  7. are you people crazy. anyone can see that an officer of the law is involved in these crimes. I have just started reading all the info i can on these crimes and it is obvious to me that they have a ticking timebomb in their own office and I believe that last little girl that was killed somehow found out about it. who wouldn’t be scared in that town of the police if you lived across the tracks. It’s going to take more out of the area manpower to solve this crime because the sheriff is afraid its one of his own and doesn’t want it to all come out!

    • Hey,does anyone know anything of the D.Barry person who was mentioned a while back other than he is/was a jailer for the sherrif? Just courious.

  8. Passed through Jennings recently, and watched my surroundings. I was driving and husband asked, Why you going so slow? These cops are crazy, and don’t want to have NOTHING to do with them. He replied, they will give you a ticket for going so slow. LOL. I laugh, but it bothers me every time we enter that city. It just don’t feel right.

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