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Throughout the General Discussion threads, Kirk Menard has offered many suggestions, and sound advice, related to contacting the media and public officials, as well as other avenues concerned citizens can pursue. I felt it was important to merge that information into one, comprehensive post that can be used for future reference as well as for new readers just joining us. Links to his original comments are provided at the end of the post.

  • Call in tips. If not comfortable contacting law enforcement, or the tip line, contact Kirk directly. He has assured us all tips are followed up on by his investigators. You can also contact another trusted source such as a priest, pastor, doctor….anyone you feel comfortable with that can forward the information to the proper authorities.
  • Attend city council meetings and make your voice heard. The mayor and city council are responsible for providing a safe place to work, live and play. How many feel safe? How many are satisfied with police response?

  • Phone, write or email the District Attorney, Sheriff and Mayor to inquire about progress with the case. You can also express disappointment that regular updates are not provided to the media or citizens. You can also stress for additional outside resources to be brought in to aid in the investigation. These guidelines also apply when contacting higher ranking officials outside of the parish. If you are unsure or hesitant to contact them, remember, they work for you and are paid by you.

  • Contact the media, both local and national. Urge them to, at least periodically, follow the case and request updates from those in charge of the investigation. Remember, the higher public interest is in a particular case or story, the greater the probability of receiving media attention.

  • Contact friends, family and associates and encourage them to become actively interested. Remember, there IS power in numbers.

While it is important to remain persistent and diligent, please remember to be diplomatic when contacting officials and media. Clearly state your intent and avoid exaggerations…..just simply tell the truth and express your concerns.

Also, keep in mind, that while this case is frustrating and has gone unsolved too long….it is important not to STRESS FOR AN ARREST. A big fear, as Kirk and others have stated, is that law enforcement, under public pressure, could arrest someone simply to pacify the public. The person(s) arrested may not actually be the one(s) responsible for the crime so it can be dangerous to place pressure for an arrest just for the sake of an arrest.

Remember your First Amendment right!!! It is the right to freedom of speech and freedom of expression. It is a fundamental right that cannot be taken away from you. Used wisely and intelligently, it can be a very powerful force to obtain results.


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  1. I know a Crowley fellow who spent 30 years of his life behind bars for a murder that he didn’t commit. He was convicted because of politics, when the DA didn’t release the evidence which would have blown their case against him, perhaps because it would have pointed the finger at a well known family of local/political power. The murdered victim was a teenaged boy who was gay, a drug user, and a prostitute. He was found in a field right outside (South)Crowley, from what I’ve been told. Sound familiar, just a little? Could the killer have been in their teens or 20’s then, and now, continuing to do their work only a parish away? Could they have been here all along? There may be no connection, but because Tommy has served the time, there’s no one left looking for answers. I also knew Susan, the murder victim who was found off of Hwy 1111. Same MO as the JDP victims, half-naked, drug user who traded sex for drugs…Maybe her Kennedy connections weren’t enough for the younger generation of LE to look into it…or maybe they knew all along and felt her death wasn’t worth their time…doesn’t seem like much is, (worth their time) these days.
    Thank you for staying on top of the stories. You’re doing a wonderful job. I just wanted to throw these two out to you, in case you could find a connection.

    • I’ve heard about that story a long time ago. Wasn’t there a website that explained the story?

  2. I also knew Susan, the murder victim who was found off of Hwy 1111. Same MO as the JDP victims, half-naked, drug user who traded sex for drugs…

    When did this happen? Can you provide her last name?

  3. The person responsible for the 2003 death of a Crowley woman is still on the loose.

    The Acadia Parish Sheriff’s Office is continuing its investigation into the murder of 42-year-old Susan Kennedy Jackson.

    Her body was discovered under the Bayou Wikoff Bridge, located on Highway 1111.

    If you have any information on this case, please call the Acadia CrimeStoppers tips line at 789-TIPS.

    • Thanks for that info!! Geez….couldn’t find anything on the internet about this. I noticed she was married, I assume her spouse was ruled out as a suspect or POI….either of you know?

  4. I don’t know, I did not know her personally, I don’t think she was originally from here.

    I found this blog a day or two before Necole was found, i have been looking for something on Susan to post, this is all I have found. It’s from TV 10 in 2006.

    • That’s a heck of a coincidence!! I made a file for Susan in my notes…..sounds like a case that may be worth looking into a little further; especially with the latest girl being found in Acadia parish. Let me know if you run across further details about it.

  5. Not sure about the (presumably ex) husband. I don’t recall ever meeting him, or even knowing his name. I will try to get more info on this for you guys.

  6. Im very good friends with tommys daughter and i also am dating and have a son with susans son. I met susan before she was murdered and i would really appreciate it if you did not talk about her nor pass information on about her. Their are people who are close to the victim and for them to read things like this only hurts them so i ask that you all respect that please.

  7. yeh so am i. Clearly cajun butterfy nor anyone else on here knew neither one of them. And beings you didnt, she wasnt with her husband anymore. You are lucky i dont know who you are bc id beat your ass for writing shit u clearly dont know about at all!

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