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You’ll notice a new section on the left of the page titled ASSOC. BLOGS.

With the recent increase in comments and discussion, information is emerging in those comments that, in my opinion, should be “housed” in a location that is easier to access rather than searching through many, many posts.

Often times, posters may leave comments that contain potentially relevant or beneficial information to the overall background of the JDP murders.  And, there are some comments that are just worthy of extra consideration.  As the discussion threads grow longer those certain comments can easily get overlooked by regular readers of the blog and completely missed by the new readers that are joining us everyday.  There are comments (ideas) I believe merit visibility, and for lack of a better way to structure them into the primary jdpkiller blog…….the other option was to house them in what I refer to as companion (or associated) blogs.

I will continue to add information to the new blogs as warranted so be sure to peruse them often.

And last but not least….thank you to the readers that have recently provided many additions to the Contact lists and Reference material.

Thank you for taking interest in the murders in Jeff Davis Parish and your continued readership.


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  1. In concern for my family & myself I will not use my name. My thoughts on this topic is overwhelming. Where these girls come from, or the life they lived is not a reason for them to die. Why are there not any suspects yet? In all but 2 cases the same female was seen with them in their last days. She goes all the way back to the Shelia Comeaux beating, murder. Why is she still walking the streets (the police know who I am talking about) and probably most of yall too. My next question is this when a man was killed a few yrs ago it took all of 2 days to find evidence to find his killer was this because his children worked for the sheriff dept? Maybe I am looking at this in the wrong way but I just don’t understand how big cities can find a killer & we can’t. I am so pissed I have children & I fear when they leave the house. We need JUSTICE for these girls & their families.

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