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Thought I’d post this here just in case some of you missed these comments left by Kirk on the General Discussion thread:

Kirk Menard
Submitted on February 26th, 2009 at 12:40 PM

Here is a somewhat profile that we’ve received but can’t be confirmed yet:

We are told that he is fairly intelligent,  more average than those of the company he keeps, could have done good in school but gets bored very easily, probably why he would have quit school, dad was not around/abuse him either sexually, mentally or physically, and left him at an early age, had a domineering mother and family was economically challenged, probably a shy, timid kind of guy, from the local area, probably impotent, never got into any real trouble beyond criminal mischief, more than likely white because the black girls were known to frequent whites more than blacks, we were told probably had a 2.0-2.5 GPA in school, had hopes and dreams of going to college but bored too easily, daydreams often, probably a bedwetter until at a minimum age of 14, more than likely clean shaven, may be between the ages of 25-30 and maybe a little older, give or take a few years.

Kirk Menard
Submitted on 2009/02/19 at 7:19am

Our analysis of the case tells us that this is a cross between an organized and disorganized person or persons. Whoever is doing this has had training in the field of forensics, probably worked a lot of homicide scenes, is a researcher, and this is not the information that you will gather from watching CSI.

He/she is someone that knows what they are doing. We do know this…his/her days are numbered because we believe that it’s being narrowed down.

A geographical profiler may have to be brought in since the localities are similar. While we believe that a behavioral analyst is helpful, we believe that the person or persons is so skilled that he/she is playing a “cat and mouse” game with LE that its next to impossible to gather an accurate behavioral analysis.

Also, for those of you interested, on the right side of the page under TOPICS, there is a category labled “Profiles“.  If you haven’t read them yet….take a look…..I found them very interesting.  One is by a Criminal Justice Major and one is an Anonymous submission.


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  1. Kirk, Most SK’s are white. I was re-reading this profile and came up with a thought. It is possible that he is black and had approached Miss Patterson and Miss Brown. If he was turned down his reaction may have been jealousy or anger. Especially if he had an exagerated sense of self-worth. He may have even made a big scene days before their disappearance that others heard.

    I know the profilers generate different facets of their profiles for a reason. They do not just pick facts from a pile and make a profile. I also know the majority of SK’s are white. Just thinking outloud. Maybe it just bothers me because of DTL’s profile. Still kicking things around in my mind….

  2. RR, I think the profile of a white male is probably better. I think you have said you don’t live in the area so from a person who live in the area and who is not familiar with the people but looking at the area.

    It’s for sure the AA’s are afraid someone will take the fall for all. As for the Ernestine and Muggy many think their throats were slit for 1) they knew or someone thought they knew; 2) the slit throats indicate I hate you more.

    The area where the bodies were found are farmland indicating a comfort zone by the person or person with being in that area and not being noticed. Even going toward the shooting range, after one block there is nothing but country.

    The person apparently knows how to cover up scents and can move in both communities easily. The person would have to store the bodies someplace so if the scents stood out whre the house were so close someone would have smelled something. The locals aren’t pointing fingers, if they were someone would have been named by now.

  3. Hey Kirk, Sorry to take so long to get back. I have been on the general thread and forgot this was here. As you know, I do not live in Jennings. I was born in Calcasieu
    parish and mostly raised in Baton Rouge. I have relatives from Jennings, Gueydon, etc. I am familiar with south LA and her people.

    You and I have emailed back and forth for a week or so now. I just assumed you knew that I am the same guy that now lives in Central Florida. Sorry for any false assumptions on my part.

  4. Oops, not Kirk, Ahlou.

  5. my personal opinion is that this person has something to hide and the answer on who he is will lie way before these murders occurred….look deeper into these women’s lives before they were deceased….i also think this person is trying to throw off le in some way because of who he is or who he thinks he is…….i wish i knew more of the hard evidence…..the fact that he dropped one off near a police range is confusing cause reverse thinking would be to automatically assume he is trying to throw off le into thinking someone from out of the area is the culprit not knowing of the nearby shooting range…..i think the killings are a result of other hidden circumstances….K.M. id like to know more if that is even possible…just some hard evidence clues (is this possible for someone who wants to help?)….feel free to contact me if your at all interested in an outside opinion…”more heads” kinda thing…

    although not in le…i work in an environment where i encounter several personalities everyday, all day, some different than others and some alike…..i know lifestyles and how the deviant mind thinks…..

    …the baton rouge serial killings….when le was way off….all i needed was the “shoe” and i broke this guy down to a “tee”….age, income bracket, color, personality, job etc….

  6. I think we learned with Derrick Todd Lee that the racial profiling of serial killers is now moot. They can come in all colours, socio-economic groups and genders. I remember when the Baton Rouge serial killer was about and everyone suspected police, rich white guys, delivery men, and housepainters. When a black man was finally arrested, everyone was so shocked because “the profiles say serial killers are white men”. Those days are over. In this insane world full of angry people anyone can be a serial killer. Trust no one.

  7. those are my words exactly…when they released the shoe…i knew the killer was black….based on the type and price of that shoe…he was older and a little out dated on up to date shoe wear….so i assumed he was in his 30’s mid 30’s….i was correct……anyways….school teacher you are right about everything you mentioned…..

  8. The shoe style…30’s to mid-30’s grown man? When I was teaching high school most of our pregnant girls had not been impregnated by boys their own age but by men in their late 20’s and 30’s. These grown men found it easy to seduce teenagers, whether by “charm’ (huh) or by offer of drugs. Often, the men were married and entertained themselves by seducing girls. The girls we managed to turn around often spoke of older men (20-30) who preferred young girls because they do not have the wisdom of more experienced women. I have for some time suspected the the person killing these young ladies has a drug connection in the community. The girls either knew or needed him/her(?) I see so much anger in young men nowadays. They are so full of what I call “powerless hatred”. They soothe their anger by violent means.

  9. I was reading back through this post and these great comments tonight so I kinda wanted to “bump” it to attention again. Even if you’ve read it before….read it again. I find I always pick up “new things” that I missed the first time I read something.

    Anyway….the reading is above this comment so scroll up.

  10. Not to alarm anyone– but don’t you think if there is in fact a serial killer bearing the traits profiled above, he would be on this blog. . . or at the very least be monitoring it regularly.

  11. How do we know that they aren’t monitoring this website and the newspapers regularly? How do we know they aren’t in jail or prison right now? How do we know that they are even still alive? We don’t.

  12. Why do you keep using the pronoun “they”?

  13. Just a habit because some people think its more than one or a group so just to stampl out confusion I put they.

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