~ A Sister’s Struggle ~

Post by Brittany Jones (Whitnei Dubois’ sister)
February 23, 2009

Ya know, sometimes when I’m really down and thinkin a lot about my sister, I come to sites like these to see how so many people are taking their time to help and show concern for my sister. It actually helps me, but you know it’s a sad thing to have to lose a loved one, am I right? Ok, you know what’s even worse? Havin to “google” her name to find someone else who actually cares?

The impact that all of this has had on my life, you all will never know. I have changed as a person, probably for the worse, I have been broken down and broken down others around me, and I have lost myself as a person.

You see, she was not only my sister but my lifelong best friend. I envied her and loved her and she was my other half. She was a beautiful woman who was called to heaven too soon. I dont care what ANYONE may ever think of her, because she was loved dearly and now missed even more!

I never understood what people meant when I’d hear them say on tv “i need closure”, but boy I sure understand the meaning now. We have run into dead end after dead end and there is never much light shed for us (the victims’ families). I have fought for my sister endlessly, as most of you may know, through newspaper, media, internet, etc. AMW was a breath of fresh air for me. I couldn’t have been happier. Then to hear them say the sheriff refused was a slap in the face! That was not his decision to make, it was ours the families, speaking on behalf of our dead loved ones!!!! Dead end after dead end but i wasn’t surprised!

You see, for those of you who are aware, help from them comes very few and far between! Contact from them didn’t exist after my sister was found. There wasn’t much to tell I guess? WRONG!!!! They told us about things that are denied now. They had evidence that they are “unaware” of now. It’s passed through so many hands before it’s gotten to where it is now that everything has been tampered with. How can we be so sure that this newly founded task force has seen EVERY single piece of evidence from 7 murder cases from the last 3 years? Trust me, it hasn’t!!

I am absolutely disgusted on how my sister has been described by LE and the sheriff. Let’s not start throwing descriptions out there, OINK! OINK! My sister is described as having lived a high risk lifestyle and trading sex for drugs…well guess what? No evidence or statements said that my sister did!!!

My sister had recently developed a drug problem and went down the wrong path with an old boyfriend. Before, she was just like you and I, Mr. Edwards. It could happen to any one of your kids and you would have to face this also. It doesn’t just happen to us on “this side of the tracks”. Drugs and problems have no division in any town. It’s a plague that has no cure!

I want to thank all of you for dedicating your time to helping out here! You guys will never know how much you have helped me.

Scaredandconfused, you were mainly the reason I first decided to post. I was so desperate that I thought posting on here would cause you to try to contact me out of desperation for your help, but unusually, you did not try to. I would think that I was important enough? If you are truly around to help then I would have no choice but to thank you, but you have to decide whether you need a blog to release your feelings or a number to call to report what you feel so strongly about. If it’s for attention, please!!! These 7 women have enough trouble getting the attention they deserve, don’t try to steal the show!!!!

A special thank you to Mr. Kirk Menard, because of him I believe that one day we will find out what happened thanks to him, his team, and the victims’ families. We WILL DO THIS! Kirk and his team have worked endlessly and have made us very comfortable. There are people on my side I have now discovered!

To those of you eavesdropping on conversations, reading our blogs, blocking around our homes, and whatever other illegal activities, (and I do stress ILLEGAL) I DONT GIVE A DAMN AND I NEVER DID! YOU SEE, US “LOWER CLASS PEOPLE ON THIS SIDE OF TOWN” DON’T KNOW HOW TO SPEAK SO WELL B/C WE DIDNT GRADUATE OR GO TO COLLEGE, SO WE JUST SAY WHATEVER THE HELL WE FEEL AND WE HAVE NO PROBLEM DOING SO!!!!!!!!!!


This post is located on Whitnei’s site as well.


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  1. Brittany, I am really sorry for your loss of your sister. Your love for her will surely keep the joy of her presence in you and your family’s life alive and the memories of her alive and shining. Surely, if she was here, she would be doing the same for you. Being a sibling comes with a life long love and bond between us and our siblings. It is obvious these ladies were all beautiful people. We all have troubles at some point in our lives- but it makes us no less of a person- usually a stronger one as we continue to grow and get through our troubles. For anyone to count someone as lessor than themselves- is an injustice to Christ.

    To the victims families- please continue to keep your loving, fond memories of these victims alive. Remember the good times as the Lord would expect you to do. That is your honor, and let no one take it from you.

    God Bless you, your family, and all of those involved with seeking justice for these ladies.- Amen.

  2. On the other end of the scale— you know, you can find out a lot of interesting stuff sitting around the court house talking to strangers going in and out of the court room struggling with the system themselves.
    During a trial here in another LA parish ( JDP is not the only corrupt parish in LA- believe me) I heard rumors of our local sheriff doing cocaine, having his own personal stripper, affairs with other locals- this was from his own family, evidence gathered from a case that no one had- as in a jailhouse letter about accused murderer writing letters to girls in prison specifically about the crime and relocating the body of the victim- which LE always questioned if body was moved.

    I know what it is like for law not to care about victims on the wrong side of the tracks—-after five days of the mother and stepdad of victim going talk to sheriff detectives about a missing twelve year old- the law would do nothing- nothing. Had she been rich- like Jon Benet Ramsey sure we would have had attention.
    Finally, knowing the dad was a convicted sex offender on parole—and the mother was of questionable stature….I had no choice but to go to sheriff office and explain to them,” to do thier job.” The detectives were on thier way home that day when I got there, and by the time I left (attitude and all) they were on thier way to further investigate. The next morning the local sheriff had his helicopters and local media taking pictures of him NOW helping to investigate this yyoung girl missing for the sixth day now the twelve year old victim finally gets LE to do something. Then, you never saw the sheriff’s face again.

    Rather than calling the FBI- the FBI just decided to offer thier help in the case…Thank God because the locals did not care enough to talk to anyone….5 more days into thier investigation- the FBI still cannot solve the case- and return to me for help due to my brother being the main suspect….threatening to involve me, my family, clients and husband’s employer in case if I did not help them………….which they ended up giving me no choice after two days of threats made toward me- them insisting they could not solve case without me, etc. So I ended up helping- pleading with my brother to give up the whereabouts of victim had he any info- to let the victim have a proper burial just as FBI stated for me to do, promising to help fight his battles in court- just to tell if he knew where the victim was- he led them to her body right after they left my house…the FBI profilers from Quantico came back to my house and left two business cards ..one states…”Thank you for your assistance,” and the other “Thanks and condolences..” The entire trial was obsurd- and to this day we do not know if my brother is covering for his ex-wife due to the death threat letters she wrote- telling him to plead guilty, shut up, stick to the plan, remember thier agreement, or else she would kill his family members- me, my mother, his daughter, my sister, and others….the letters were explicit….everyone knows she wrote them- yet no one investigated the letters. They obviously did not check the computers she had access to..and have let her get away with 15-18 federal crimes. My brother is seeking immediate execution- with absolutely no appeals…still I can’t help but wonder if this woman is getting away with murder twice over. There were all kinds of witnesses with info on case withheld at court- all the above info and the death threat letters, and the DA got on only the evidence they wanted on the stand,forget the truth….. yet all of these people- LE and citizens alike were sworn in to tell the truth, the WHOLE truth and nothing but the truth so help me God………this was a lie. Sworn into a lie. The oath is a lie.

    When it went to court, hardly none of the truth was told- all of this was misconstrued- they left out important details like I just told above…concluding the FBI did not use me that day- yet they admitted that very hour at my house that they could not do thier job without me to my face in my home while one agent stomped her feet on my wooden floors..and I did not get to testify about this incident or one with the threats just so the DA’s office could get the court result they wanted. (Don’t get me wrong- my brother should pay for the crimes he committed and I turned him in once before.)

    What did happen to the oaths these people took. Why could they not do thier own job? Is this how they do thier jobs—-yes, it is. The LE is protected by the law when committing perjury, lying, withholding evidence, no processing cases or criminals if they choose not to, etc…..The Justice system sucks.

    Even Bobby Jindal during the 2004 governor’s race acknowledged that “everyone knows we have a corrupt judicial dept,,” and still they (the juducial dept) does not have to submit to the ethical codes all other state departments have to submit to.

    Please prepare yourself for the day this goes to court because the truth is not always told, evidence is left out, and it becomes humiliating for the victims all over again. The system is disgusting. One day- these cases shall go to court, and you relive it over and over again. Please start preparing yourself, and don’t be afraid to speak to the media–that ain’t present now- but will be all over the case one it is at trial….Just get prepared. Things you know should happen in your gut- evidence needed to be submitted- won’t be and you will be shocked at the presentation of only some details and how much gets left out. This can be very traumatizing for the families and witnesses- which LE is not concerned about.

    Personally, I am ashamed for the JDP Sheriff whom has done so little to provide the public with any updates on this case in Jennings. All family members should keep pressure on the Sheriff, his office and the task force demanding answers daily.

    Has LE gotten thier own website up yet?
    Did the Task Force ever go out and have people fill out a questionaire about having any knowledge of the crime/ info to report…..especially the victims families?

    The sheriff has really failed the public here- one victim is too many….and if thier is someone out there that thinks thier loved one is involved…..a family member or friend….just think of the victims who deserved to live, Find it within yourself and report the person to the police. Please call and stop any more attacks or even deaths from occurring. Do the right thing by the victim- not the criminal: you just might save a life.

  3. g8trgirl, please look at jenningstopix.com by JRB. You may want to put that on here.

  4. Please join our letter campaign on March 30, for ALL of the forgotten Louisiana victims. I know exactly how you feel. My mom has been a victim of the lack of Louisiana law enforcement for over a quarter of a century. Please be a voice for the murdered & missing in that state.




  5. Thank you seeker……I visit your site often.

    And you’re right, someone has to speak for victims….which include family members as they are victims as well.

    I will add a link here to make everyone aware of the letter campaign.

    Thanks again for stopping by!!

  6. I have drafted my own list of LA’s unsolved missing/murdered , and I must say, as sick as I am about my mom & and your sister, this is staggering. Please let everyone know about the letter campaign and be a voice to the voiceless. I believe it will TAKE ALL OF US to get the attention of the authorities in LA. If there is anyway I can help, just ask. God Bless & and; Good Luck!

    1956, Audrey Moate, St. John the Baptist Parish
    1996, Lurline H DeWitt, De Soto Parish
    1997, Syble Brumley, De Soto Parish
    Constance Anderson, De Soto Parish
    Deshanna Gray, De Soto Parish
    Alicia Strathers, Livingston Parish
    1992, Wilda Mae Benoit, Cameron Parish
    1987, Vicki Carriere, Jefferson Parish
    1991, James Cary Smith, Jefferson Parish
    1993, Walter Lee Brown, Jefferson Parish
    Heather Renee’ Skarina
    Cory Rubio, Shreveport
    Loretta Lynn Chaisson, Jennings, LA.
    Ernestine Marie Daniel Patterson, Jennings, LA.
    Kristen Gary Lopez, Jennings, LA.
    Whinei Dubois, Jennings LA
    Laconia Shontel Brown, Jennings, LA.
    Crystal Shay Benoit Zeno, Jennings, LA.
    Hannah Griffith, Red River Parish
    Brittney Gary, Jennings, LA
    Misty Lynn Guillory
    Babette Alberti Philips, Jefferson Parish
    1988, Judy Ann Gary, 1986, St. Martin’s Parish
    1988, Rebecca Pauline Gary,Baton Rouge, LA.
    1983, Faye Aline Self, Red River Parish (My MOM)
    1983, Wanda Faye Hudson, Red River Parish(MOM’s NEIGHBOR)
    1980, Katherine Hays, Red River Parish
    1984, Perry Casen, Red River Parish
    1984, Corey Gilbert, Jefferson Parish
    1995, Johnny Babino, Jefferson Parish
    1998, Sandra Yvonne Strickland, Jefferson Parish
    1986, Londa Young, Calcasieu Parish
    1996, Anthony J. Cavet, E Baton Rouge Parish
    1991, Flora Tobin, Jefferson Parish
    1993, Tina Ledet, Jefferson Parish
    1996, Virginia Hollingsworth, Jefferson Parish
    1991, Rolando Schweikert, Jefferson Parish
    1992, Clarence Ruffin, Jefferson Parish
    1982, Emino Nakamura Murray, Jefferson Parish
    1991, Kathleen Robinson, Jefferson Parish
    1992, Joyce Kennedy, Jefferson Parish
    1999, Yasuko Guillory, Jefferson Parish
    2008, Joseph Shelton Jacob, Marksville
    2007, Candice Phillips, Lafayette
    2006, Clint Devon Nelson, Bossier
    2004, Amber Michwich Loftin, Shreveport
    1994, Kayla Mayberry, Shreveport
    1992, Kelly Dae Wilson, Gilmer, TX (West of Shreveport)
    2001, Gina Green, Baton Rouge
    2002, Murray Pace, Baton Rouge
    2002, Pam Kinamore
    2002, Dena Colomb
    1990, Averie Evans,12 years old, Natchitioches (confession by Phillip DSalle) to my knowledge her body has not been found.
    1986, Bambi Luann Brantley, Leesville, LA
    1980, William D Newman, St. Tammany Parish
    1989, Angela Pitz Smith, East Baton Rouge Parish
    1995, Edna Hoffman Freeman, Madison Parish
    1993, Nelda Louise Hardwick, Calcasieu Parish
    1988, Manuel Vargas, Jefferson Parish
    1987, Rodney Steward, Jefferson Parish
    1986, Shriram Lele, Jefferson Parish
    1998, Pearl A Allen, 83 years old, LaSalle,

  7. It is STAGGERING when you see them all listed together!!!!

  8. Please whatever you do don’t let this destroy your life Brittany, work through the pain, but if you go down the wrong path both of your lives will be taken, don’t let this monster or monsters do that to you. Please find a way to realize that life has meaning and if you choose you can live for both you and your sister. Make sure you make a life for yourself that does you both proud, be strong and don’t let anyone rob you of your right to be happy and have a good fulfilling life. Now you can lead the way for others, it will require strength but I feel you can do this, don’t let this tragedy destroy you and your family.

    Good luck and God be with you always.

  9. this was my blood sister. I miss her more than ever lately. I never got a chance to say goodbye. I hadnt seen her in over 15yrs.When I got tha call Ilost it and ended up going ta prison. Let me find out who killed her and ill find my way ta KILL EM. FUCK what ANYONE says about Whitney she was a great person. I miss you sis! Thanks Britt

    • Hi cody…..glad you found your way to this site and that you also took the time to comment. Hopefully you’ve had the chance to see that there are a lot of people very disheartened about what happened to your sister and very much want her killer found and prosecuted.

      Whitnei left behind a very, very beautiful little daughter and I truly hope that if you haven’t had the opportunity yet to meet her that you will soon. The first time I met her she gave me a great big hug and just melted my heart…..she is so precious. I also hope that you and Taylor have a strong bond and can support each other through this tragedy even though you have a great physical distance between you. I lost a sibling last year…..not under violent circumstances but it was still devastating none the less and I don’t think I’ll ever really get over it. I miss my brother very much…..siblings have a unique bond.

      Another site was set up last year in addition to this blog and there is ongoing discussion about the murders of all 8 women. We’d love to have you join us there sometime if you feel up to it.

  10. Brittany, I totally understand how you feel! My sister, Brandy Dyson, was murdered in Lake charles in 2005. It is the hardest thing i ever had to endure! Like your sister, the media trashed my sister! all they kept talking about was that she got arrrestedbefore oh WELL! It makes no sense that they do this, it tears up the grieving family!

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