~ Broken Oaths ~

After reading a very well thought out commentary left on the blog by Mr. Kirk Menard, I asked his permission to bring it a little closer to the forefront and allow me to place it in it’s own dedicated post.

Mr. Menard’s insight leads us into the sometimes controversial topic of dishonesty, questionable ethics and, at times, ineptness of those that are sworn to protect us and insure that justice is served.

Please take a moment to read what I hope has been aptly titled, Broken Oaths:

This post is by no means reflected on JDP LE but is in response to some postings I’ve read on websleuths.com.

It’s very difficult, if not impossible, for me to rationalize those that are sworn to uphold the law and placed in a position of trust to betray the public confidence. After all, our State motto is Union, Justice and Confidence.

What makes LE ignore the oaths they take to uphold the law? I have a few opinions as I’m sure a lot of you do. Greed, Power, Money, Influence, and what else can we think of? The fear of embarrassment, pressure from their superiors? I once heard it said on national television by the Governor of Texas “we have no innocent people in jail” now you tell me, is that a rational statement?

Lately, as the poster on WS stated: Google LE and you might learn more than what you bargained for. Judges, LE officers, firemen, they are all one’s that have fallen from grace. Keep in mind, not all LE are bad. You do have some that love the job and will not do anything wrong. However, you have many that are overzealous during an arrest that they (LE) does not stop to think if they have enough evidence to make the charge stick. So, they are told by their superiors or some other higher authority, make this charge stick, no matter what you have to do…and in order to prevent LE or the judicial system from appearing foolish, a mirage of evidence appears, maybe even planted and the officer uses his imagination and perjures himself/herself on the stand and you obtain a conviction. You’ve just saved LE from looking foolish and convicted, probably, an innocent person.

These cases, while some may be isolated, are more prevalent than we think. I often wonder, how many innocent people are in jail, how many innocent people have been executed, how many innocent people have been framed.

I was reading a US Supreme Court Precedent where a woman was on trial, plead guilty and was sentenced. She appealed her case. Keep in mind that you cannot appeal when you plead guilty. However, in Louisiana, there is what is known as a Crosby plea where you can reserve your right to appeal even after you plead guilty. Her attorney stated before the justices that she had a choice…go to trial and get the maximum, that was the threat issued to her by the assistant district attorney or plead guilty and receive probation and a suspended sentence. The maximum sentence in her case would have been 15 years. Didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out. Sometimes the judicial system can put people against the wall and they have no choice but to perjure themselves and admit to a crime or crimes they didn’t commit. Her attorney stated on record before the justices that many times people plead guilty to crimes they didn’t commit because of fear of harsher sentences and I have to agree with him.

I remember the case of Mary Beth Dolan from Lake Arthur, Louisiana. She was accused of killing her roommate at USL. She maintained her innocence. It took 28 days before the preliminary examination cleared her or didn’t have enough evidence that she committed the crime. The DA in Lafayette persisted that they had the right person that committed the crime. The headlines in the newspaper stated very vividly KILLER CAUGHT. This was just an arrest, what happened to innocent until proven guilty. The DA was wrong. Mary Beth Dolan had nothing to do with the crime. How do I know? Because a person in Missouri confessed to the crime prior to his death. This fact was establish and proven that he was responsible for the roommates death.

Often times, the media portrays someone guilty before they know all the facts. If you want to research a good story, go to www.darlieroutier.org and read her story. There is even a book out called “Media Tried, Justice Denied” and this woman was convicted based on a silly string incident. She is now on death row in Texas.

There is a difference between controversial judgments and just plain incompetence, then there’s covering up crimes that digs deeper into the criminal aspect of things.

I do know this…if I am ever arrested, I will go to trial and take my chances before a jury before I put my trust in a judge and LE. We are told not to commit perjury…but when you are innocent and forced to plead guilty to a crime you didn’t commit with threats of harsher sentences, what is that? Shouldn’t that be perjury committed by the state or at the very least, intimidation of a witness.

You are the jury. You decide by local LE in JDP. I am not speaking about them because every jurisdiction has their problems with LE. You are the jury of local LE. You judge them, they work for you and it’s your tax dollars at work. Remember, speech is golden when used right but it can also be deadly if you keep quiet. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again…”if the system fails even one of us then it fails us all.”

Thank you,