~ America’s Most Not Wanted ?? ~ (Updated 3/13/09)

It has recently been revealed by sources here, and other forums on the internet, that a family member of one the victims contacted America’s Most Wanted (AMW) about airing a segment detailing the murders/deaths in Jeff Davis Parish.  The family member was advised by an AMW representative that they had already contacted JDP Sheriff Ricky Edwards due to a large influx of letters, emails and phone calls they had received urging AMW to cover the case.  The AMW spokesperson told the family member that the sheriff basically told them he wasn’t interested, had the situation under control and there was no need for NATIONAL COVERAGE of the case!!!

Private Investigator, Kirk Menard feels differently though…..stating that AMW is successful with their tip line.  He has suggested, and I agree with him, that it may be time for the public to step up and let Mr. Edwards know that we’re disappointed about him not allowing AMW to come into the picture.  I personally would love to hear Edwards’ reasoning behind the decision.  As Kirk stated, the sheriff is a public official and he works for the public so you have every right to voice your concerns to him.

For those that are interested, here is the sheriff’s contact information:

  • email address is sheriff@jeffdavis.net
  • mailing address is P O Box 863, Jennings, LA 70546
  • phone number is 337-824-3850

Kirk also suggests forwarding copies of emails and letters to AMW as well.  If anyone wants the name and phone number of the AMW representative that spoke with sheriff Edward’s, Kirk can provide you with that information.

UPDATE March 4, 2009According to Doris Maricle, Lake Charles American Press:

JENNINGS — The unsolved deaths of seven women in Jeff Davis Parish could soon be getting some national exposure.

Jenna Naranjo, a producer for the Fox program “America’s Most Wanted,” said Tuesday that she is working with Sheriff Ricky Edwards to get information on the cases on the show’s Web site.

Edwards said he has been in contact with Naranjo as recent as this week and has given her information on the unsolved deaths.

Thank you Doris for covering the story and thank you Sheriff for a change of heart.

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  1. Called KATC and KPLC, hope it helps.

  2. brownie…..thanks for your help with this!!

  3. Welcome

  4. Well stated g8tgirl. By the way, I appreciate, as well as my clients appreciate your dedication to this case and they told me to tell you so.

    One agency is not going to solve this case without the public’s assistance. There’s strength in numbers and as a parish, we can get alot done and I believe that this case has been unsolved for way way too long. I share my clients fear that if prompt action isn’t taken, it won’t be long before more victims may appear (God forbid). I try to encourage the people that have information to come forward. If not to me, if not to the sheriff or the tipline or other law enforcement agency, bring the information to someone you trust, anyone and let them call in the tip or speak to someone, be it a priest, preacher, doctor, anyone that can get the message across.

  5. Here’s a link to the failings of the criminal justice system. One of my biggest fears is that LE catches someone for the unsolved homicides and either its not the person or persons responsible or its only someone partially responsible.


  6. When is that election for Sheriff anyway?

  7. A long way away brownie, like 3 more years.

  8. I’ve said it many times before…a puppy in a drain pipe gets more attention then 7 women murdered in JDP. And why is that? Why the blanket of silence? And now we have that answer. The sheriff.
    Now for the next question…Most law enforcement from other unsolved crimes beg for help from AMW…
    Yet Sheriff Edwards turns the help offered down.
    So why would a small, poor parish like Jeff Davis turn down help from AMW? Certainly the parish could use the unlimited resources and man power offered by AMW, not to mention the skills I’m sure the show has by now, after such a long history of catching these types of criminals. Makes me wonder if, in accepting outside help that doesn’t have to answer to him, would that bruise Ricky Edwards ego? Or is there something or someone(s) that he is afraid will be discovered and he is protecting?

  9. Good question!!

  10. When I called KPLC tv they didn’t sound interested at all, which is normally the case with them. They cover what THEY want to cover. When I called KATC tv she sounded really interested. She even stayed on the phone while I talked her through both the your website and websleuths site. She was very interested in both of these sites, or atleast seem to be. Before getting off, I asked; do you think you can help these people? She said; they had a meeting at 2:00 that day and she will definately bring this up to discuss. I was like, this is true, WHY can’t you guys say something at least to get the word out? Most of these residents don’t even know that the Sheriff refused to cooperate. She said, well, we don’t want to go in there and piss the Sheriff off, because then he would put a halt to everything. I just agreed with her and got off. I kept asking my self ; piss the Sheriff off huh? Sometimes I wonder if that community even has a chance, but then again, I’m glad the family was able to hire Mr. Menard. Without him, I don’t think ANYBODY had much of a chance.

  11. Update for “America’s Most Not Wanted??” Post:

    From Lake Charles American Press http://www.americanpress.com/lc/blogs/wpnewssum/?p=5128#comment-260

    Jenna Naranjo, a producer for the Fox program “America’s Most Wanted,” said Tuesday that she is working with Sheriff Ricky Edwards to get information on the cases on the show’s Web site.

    Edwards said he has been in contact with Naranjo as recent as this week and has given her information on the unsolved deaths.

  12. Learned of your blog from an article on the Baton Rouge paper’s site today. Wow! The Sheriff there is obviously an idiot. I guess he’s worried that he’ll look incompetent if a segment airs…..not surprising that some local official is apparently more worried about his public image – than in receiving possible help from nationwide publicity.


  13. Hi Mr. Clean!!! Glad you visited….stick around, there are some interesting discussions and comments being tossed around.

    Many were surprised by Sheriff Edwards’ hesitancy to allow AMW to draw attention to the mysterious deaths. Prior to the last victim’s disappearance, and subsequent death, there was very little media coverage even locally.

    Supposedly the Sheriff reconsidered AMW’s offer so we shall see what materializes.

  14. Thanks for the note, G8TRGIRL. I’m glad to hear that the Sheriff may be changing his stance. I read in the article (in the Baton Rouge paper) that the Sheriff is obviously aware of your site here and so I thought I’d throw some criticism his way.

    I’ve lived around the state and I’ve seen a lot of situations in these small towns where people (here, the Sheriff) don’t want outsiders coming in….even when it could do nothing but help his chances of solving this case.

    My prayers go out to the victims and their families and friends. I’ve been irritated by the media’s fixation on “high-risk lifestyle(s)”….In this day and time, simply living in this country puts one in a high-risk lifestyle….with the way crime has become more-and-more rampant.

    Take Care.

  15. I suppose the Sheriff’s “no comment” was the politically correct response about the blog. I don’t need his opinion as to whether this site is of any use; or whether he likes it or not, or is impressed. I’m sure he rolled his eyes when he was questioned about it. I imagine it’s a pain in his azz actually.

    It’s a sad day when egos become so large, and being politically correct takes precedent over human lives. And, you hit the nail on the head about the “labels” that have been assigned to these girls….there’s a better way to describe this case. A way that might generate concern…..or, a way that insinuates these were people that were to blame for their own deaths. Grrrrr…..

    I think there has been a rather cavalier attitude taken with this case….from the bottom to the top!!!! The more no one with any authority in this state refuses to sit up, take notice and DO SOMETHING, the more suspicious I become.

  16. well i think that AMW should do something, but i read online that some people r suppose to be coming to jeff davis parish they r wanting to film something with the families about the murders i sure hope that they catch this person or persons, with it being that many victims the F.B.I should get involved take over the case sinse the sheriff cant handle it, i mean less face it, small towns it’s hard to get help, u hear about new york, etc but what about Louisisana small town serial killer. i just found this web site this morning and glad i found it, God bless the victims and there families.

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