~ Why Would You Contribute To Crime? ~

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve read this editorial, Why would you contribute to crime?” that was in yesterday’s Jennings Daily News. While I applaud them in keeping the reality of the seven deaths out there in any way, shape or form they are able to and, on a somewhat regular basis…..I also take exception to some of the statements, suggestions and insinuations that were alluded to.

I fully understand the crux of the article, I’m not so sure I agree with the comparison of the crimes. It’s not on equal ground to compare one sexual deviant to the murder of four, possibly seven, women. Please don’t misunderstand me….I abhor the abuse of innocent children, whether it be sexual in nature or in any other form. For that matter….I abhor the abuse of any human being or animal.

The point of the editorial is to appeal to people that have knowledge of crimes and urge them to come forward….and I respect that. The article also chastises those that don’t speak up…..basically accusing them of being guilty of the crime as well. Ironically, this ties in with several comments that were recently left on this blog. Specifically the ones by scaredandconfused and brownie’s retort to scared’s comments.

I think most reading here will agree, there is a vast difference in being hesitant to come forward to report a tip that might lead to Christopher Trent being “picked up & arrested” versus “spilling your guts” about who killed seven young women in the past three years. Especially since those seven were possibly killed because of what they knew.

I’m not familiar with Trent’s case but from what I’ve read, he is accused of molesting minors. If someone calls the “tip line” about him….they don’t really have to worry about him coming to murder them if he “suspects” they were the person that had knowledge of his crimes and ratted on him. I will say this very quickly….whoever may be harboring (or protecting) someone with that type of allegation against them should come forward immediately. If he IS innocent…he needs to CLEAR his name and put an end to the running.

Back to the editorial…..YES, there are people “in the community” who know the truth about “the killings”. The problem is…..there’s a catch 22 situation. The fact that there’s seven girls dead doesn’t lighten that load. The rampant rumors of law enforcement and other public figures being involved doesn’t lighten that load (how does one go up against that?). The possibility of being the next victim doesn’t lighten that load. The people that do have knowledge of these murders are so closely tied in themselves they are scared they will be implicated as well.

From what little I’ve seen and read, the families of the victims have “begged” for some attention from law enforcement…..whether it be to provide information to LE or get an update on their loved one’s case. I haven’t read, or seen, anything….media wise…. that suggests the victim’s families have been anything other than cooperative.

Sooooooo….that leaves us with friends, patrons of places the girls hung out at and….random witnesses. Oh, I almost forgot…..it leaves us with the killer(s) as well. Those are most likely the ones that have the “tips” that need to be shared. What incentive do any of these people have to come forward? IF they do come forward….they run the risk of being killed (eventually – sooner or later). I believe “the killer” made that quite clear with the death of Brittney Gary……I’m convinced that was a warning kill……an “if you’re thinking about talking I suggest you don’t kill”.   I imagine that pretty well put the quietus on anyone that was previously considering coming forward.

And let’s finish this off by coupling the above with ……..rumors of someone in law enforcement (or maybe many someones) being involved in these killings are plentiful and rampant in Jeff Davis Parish. What in the heck got that started anyway? IF….and I’ll say it again, IF…..there is ANY substance to those rumors…..HOW can we expect anyone to divulge information about these crimes? I’m suspicious myself at this point…..are the foxes guarding the hen house?

IF there is something larger going on here…..there are legitimate concerns on behalf of potential informants. There have been seven women killed….whoever is doing it means business! The article says call this number, call that number…..JUST REPORT IT. It’s easy to advise someone else what to do…..but, maybe you shouldn’t over-simplify the situation until you’ve been in their shoes.

Here are a few snippets from the referenced article:

Jennings police have spent the last several months looking for Christopher Trent (see page 1 story), working to put him behind bars for carnal knowledge charges. Police believe Trent is in and out of town at various times, and while many people have claimed to see him, none of them have turned this fugitive in.

Anyone who has information about a fugitive and is negligent in sharing it is really just as guilty of the crime as the fugitive is. If you don’t help turn in someone like that, then you’re pretty much responsible his crimes.

The same goes for the seven unsolved homicides in the parish since 2005. There are people in this community who know the truth of those killings, and when they refuse to share information, they’re killers, too.

There is the chance that their refusal to get involved led directly to the other six murders – providing, of course, that they are all related (and don’t get us started on that).  That little snippet in parenthesis is by the editor…..not me.

If you could have stopped a criminal and didn’t, you are directly responsible for any other crimes they commit.

A lot of people in this community refuse to work with law enforcement because they fear some sort of retaliation.

Don’t contribute to crime with silence. Help your community and your neighbors by speaking out, even if it is just anonymously.

One last comment from me on this post……IF by chance someone reading here does have knowledge of these crimes…..I strongly encourage you to report it. If coming through “the front door” scares you……you can always “come through the back door”.