~ A Few Questions ~

A Few Questions For The “Task Force”……..

  • Has the reward fund been established and set up yet? *
  • Has a liaison been appointed for the victim’s families?  I’m still trying to figure out why a liaison is necessary……LE can’t just talk to the families?
    • Just my opinion but if they’re going to have a “liaison”……I’d make sure it’s an attorney if I were them………just sayin.
  • Who is the “head” of the task force?
  • Who is answering the “tip line”?  How many tips have you received?  Why is basically no one calling the tip line…..any ideas?
  • If…..God forbid…..there is an 8th victim….is the “whole” task force going to be on the scene?  How quickly?  Who exactly, will be responsible for the overall management of the crime scene?

And, if any of you readers have questions for the task force…..please feel free to post them.

* UPDATE: Well, well, well…..ask and ye shall receive.  Ironically, this question was answered in today’s edition of the Lafayette Daily Advertiser.  The reward has been set at $35,000.  According to KPLC, the amount will be pro-rated per victim so in other words……$5,000 each.  WAFB also reported on the reward……I had to chuckle though when I read the headline “Huge reward”.  I don’t consider it “huge” by any means BUT, it is a start.