~ It Took Seven Bodies ~

Re-reading through the news articles again….another worth the read. It’s from Dec 08 (Jennings Daily News)….author unknown on this article….written by a “staff writer”. I don’t blame them….I’d stay anonymous too the way this case(s) is playing out right now. A few “stand-outs” from the article:

It took seven bodies to get a task force.
It took seven bodies to get the FBI to come to town and look at crime scenes.
It took seven bodies to get a tip hotline.
It took seven bodies for the families to break their silence publicly.

We don’t know if we should feel happy or disgusted. We want to be grateful that we’re seeing a visible effort from law enforcement – something we can sink our teeth into – but few people we’ve spoken to can figure out why we had to wait so long to see it.

The truth is that Thursday’s press conference didn’t reveal much.

We don’t know if there is one killer or seven. We seem to know less now than when we woke up on Thursday.

In our discussions with other journalists over the last three years, they have mirrored our confusion over facts. Some media outlets are told more than others. If you go back and read stories over various media outlets through the years, the story of the murders is like a patchwork………

I have to really highlight the last quote…..WHY the discrepancies in the details given to the media? Red flag to me. If your (LE) facts are “straight”…..there should be no discrepancy…..right? The media apparently has been comparing “notes”……surely they’re not all hearing things wrong……they’re not all confused for no reason are they? Why can’t law enforcement give the journalists some straight answers?