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Since there has been zero news coming from the “task force” regarding the murders, I’ve been spending time reading back over some of the news articles covering the case(s).  I would HIGHLY recommend that anyone interested in these cases do that.  It’s amazing what you can pick up the 2nd and 3rd time around.

I’m particularly interested in pointing out this article written by Scott Lewis on December 14, 2008, for the Jennings Daily News.  By the way, Scott, if you’re reading here……grrrreat article……ballsy.  The title is a little misleading (um cough cough um) so I really didn’t give it much attention first time around……BUT…..BIG BUT……the second time around……different story.

Lewis’ editorial is long but worth reading in it’s entirety….and re-read it.  The whole article is a rather eye-opening look into the Jennings area.  There were many observations in the piece that stood out….these are just two of them (red highlighting mine):

WE made our bed. Drug dealers didn’t do this to us. WE asked them to do it to us. WE invited them. WE provided incentives for criminals. WE allowed the corruption in our law enforcement agencies. (Don’t be surprised if we find out that a handful of law enforcement officers are bound up in this serial killing business in someway. I won’t be.)

The last time I was on South Main Street was a year ago, and someone threatened to kill me.
I had gone out to take pictures of Adron Jay’s bar. This was during the time when he was trying to move his lounge down the block to a better building and was facing zoning troubles from the neighborhood. Hurricane Rita had taken a tree and deposited it on Adron’s roof, and I had gone to take pictures of it.
It was about 9:30 a.m., but the drug deals were already flowing just down the block from where I was standing. I got my pictures and chatted with Adron for just a minute.
As I walked back to my car, a random voice called from down the block.
“You come back here again, white boy, and I’ll %#$&*$ kill you.”

I have to admit my curiousity is aroused……greatly……that Lewis would be so bold as to add, in parenthesis, for us not to be surprised that law enforcement was somehow “bound” up in this.  Huh?????   Mr. Lewis….please don’t leave us hanging…..what do you know that would prompt you to write that?  Why did that “random voice” threaten to kill you?  Why the shroud of secrecy over there?